This major unresolved legal sleeper story tells about the scandalous School Board meetings held in 1985 as they relate to the illicit lay-off (for whistle blowing) of former senior West Vancouver teacher, Roger Callow. The rights and interest of all Canadians as well as employees are now negatively impacted by the shenanigans of Canada's judges in this case. Read on.


REFERENCE: Employee's Case (Canada) www.capitalnet.com/~callow (OLD SITE)


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MESSAGE: In Justice Southin's stated opinion in 1986 when she quashed the arbitration in the illicit lay-off of senior teacher Roger Callow, she concluded from School Board records (the 'Waldo' refused to me for my examination) that 'nowhere did the School District demonstrate a need to lay off a teacher in June of 1985'. Then why, it needs be asked, have an interminable list of court hearings involving over 30 judges including the Supreme Court of Canada denied my access to those records which are also in the hands of the Union and who, after 16 years, deserted this case denying, as they did, the right of myself to conduct my own court enquiries? Recently, my attempts to get hold of those records by filing a conspiracy charge (where no-one questions my status to act) have been recently muzzled by Justice Williamson under the 'vexatious proceedings' heading in March of 2003 in a charge laid by the Employer and Union wherein he refused to accede to my request to produce those pertinent documents to me and which are already on file with the court. Legal Counsel for the Board and Union claim that it is not the purpose of the current court to examine these blatantly  false claims they would pass off in their factums as fact ...kangaroo justice by any other name....The appeal of that decision is set for January  9, 2004; a date demanding a command performance for the Canadian media who continue to duck out of their responsibilities in this matter. (Few lawyers even realize that the sweetheart deal is now a sanctioned reality in Canadian law due to nefarious judgments in this case.Unions, for example, may desert a member's cause without the fear of legal retribution.) Further, rogue employers may now evade their financial obligations by hiding terminations behind illicit lay-offs.


WHAT'S IN WALDO? I submit that former Superintendent, Ed Carlin, was told that if he did not dismiss Callow, his own career was on the line. The newly created 'Bill 35', a piece of Nazi-like legislation proclaimed by the Union as the 'battle of all teachers' but in fact used against only one teacher, was to be the mechanism. Unknown to Carlin, the School District made a pact with the Union in which, in exchange for not blacklisting the School District and 'throwing the case'; the School Board would sacrifice Carlin (left one year later without any prospects in public education). Enter J.S. Clyne Q.C. who represented School Boards in the province including a successful action in a very highly publicized dismissal of a senior teacher for so-called incompetence in West Vancouver in 1978 which also involved Carlin as well as Principal Jim Carter who was Deputy Minister of Education in Victoria in 1985 at the time of the passing of the anti-employee Bill 35. The major hurdle for Clyne - after gerrymandering the appointment of the arbitrator - was calling off the press who were conspicuous by their absence from any of the 11 arbitration hearings as the venue of this high profile case was continually moved about the city. (See 'media' in the above web site.)


So that is the story the Canadian judiciary are about to impale themselves on in their attempt to cover-up as this is the first case in Canadian jurisprudence wherein the court has failed to act (rules of inherent jurisdiction) in this unresolved matter leaving myself as the targeted person without any legal decision. In so many words what the court would deny at the front door  was to be achieved through the back door...but, to the court's chagrin, at the expense of making the Canadian justice system into a laughing stock in that through systematic injustice, the law of the land has now been effectively replaced by the rule of the judges. In other words, the Employee's Case will not disappear; it will merely be up to another forum to do what the judges of this country were appointed but failed to do. And over that debacle, there is no recovery for Parliamentary Canada. Truly it may be said that the West Vancouver School Trustee tail has wagged the Canadian judicial dog!


And how did Justice Williamson rule in 2004?  Why I was merely being  frivolous & vexatious = end of trial = end of Justice System. 'You have exhausted all remedy under the law' my Ottawa lawyer who departed in disgust.


Dean Koontz (2004) (novelist) Roger, and I thought U.S. Courts were a mess.