TO: Deputy Minister of Transport-Medical  Julio      FROM: Roger Callow - suspended driver's                                                                                                                                                                                           license for 2-1/2 months

Oct. 28-2019

FROM: Ontario Ministry of Transport            TO: Roger Callow, W  with return letter sent by fax         

Medical Review Division                                2001-1285 Cahill Drive          

22 Wellesley St. W. Box 589                           Ottawa, On K1V 9A7

Toronto, ON M7A 1N3                                    t/f: 613-521-1739

f. 416-235-3400                                              e-mail:

                                                                        cc College of Surgeons and Physicians ethics division

Oct. 21, 2019 letter from Transport (received Oct. 24); a second letter confirms Oct. 31 as the suspension effective date.


1) The above letter from the Ministry of Transport (Oct. 21 date) reads in part:

Please use this Number 001111960 when you call or write this office    Dear Sir:

The ministry has received a report(s) (my underlining R.C.) indicating that you have a condition that affects your ability to drive safely. Your reported condition(s) is (are):

Cognitive impairment /  Psychiatric Condition

After considering all relevant facts available (my underlining R.C.) the Register of Motor Vehicles has decided to suspend your driving privilege under: Section 47(1) of the Highway Traffic Act....


MESSAGE: (Jan. 22-2020)

1) As I have never received any response from you as to why you used the term psychiatric when even though the medical Doctor concerned, Dr. Jahagirdar (Dr.J.) of Towngate Family Medicine claims she did not use the term. Put bluntly, there was no need to use the term psychiatric which has even our American cousins up in arms with this pejorative term which hamstrings all 'car cultures' in the world. Many people cannot work without a driver's license. The term cognitive disorder achieves the same effect without the deleterious problems giving rise to the use of the term 'psychiatric'. Further, what if this matter fell into the hands of organized crime?  Your background should be checked out in that regard.

2) The first request is that your unsubstantiated term 'psychiatric' be replaced with the term 'cognitive' which already exists on the suspension. In that regard, I was given a complete test on Boxing Day when I was seized from my apartment by police including an MRI and 3 separate doctors which cleared me of any major medical problems. I have asked Hospital CEO Jack Kitts to provide me with my medical record on that account to be forwarded to you.

3) The above 'Act of Commission', I attribute to Rob Ford, Ontario Premier whose ouster from all politics is not made on a partisan basis; rather, it is for instituting 'Acts of Commission' reminiscent of the worst practices in Nazi Germany. The U.S. is invited to exert all possible pressure on seeing to his resignation even if Ontario citizens must pay the economic price.

4) A copy of this letter also goes to the Psychiatric Society as well as MPP's Susan Horwath NDP and Kathleen Wynne Liberal to immediately have provincial legislation banning the use of 'psychiatric' in the Ministry of Transport-Medical.

5) Copies of this letter are going to Ottawa Councillors to push Mayor Jim Watson-Police Chief Sloly to seize the remaining 5% of my medical file which Dr. J. will not return to me thus thwarting any attempt on my part to obtain a new doctor. She claims not to have used the term 'psychiatric' but without that correspondence focusing around Oct. 15-2019 shortly before the driver license suspension, we do not know for sure. My experience with her has been one of suggesting that a case could be made against her as an inveterate liar. Producing the necessary disclosure from both sides would clear up some of these matters as others are involved in this conspiracy; notably family members. The Transport Ministry looms large in that latter respect. Ottawa Councillors may very well consider finding Ottawa a new police chief.


Yours truly,



Roger Callow  victim of DOUG FORD machinations in a conspiracy without equal


cc Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders / Toronto Mayor John Tory / Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson plus Councillors  / Dr. Kitts CEO General Hospital


JAN. 19-2020


TO: Toronto Chief of Police                     FROM: Roger Callow plaintiff in a number of ON cases

ATTN: Mark Saunders                               1285 Cahill Dr. #2001 Ottawa, ON K1V 9A7

40 College St. Tor. M5G 2J3                    t. 613-521-1739  e-mail: rcallow770@

t. 416-808-2222  f. 416-808-7102       web: 2020 which has been

privacy: 416-808-7102                            posted for one week now. SEE RECENT 7 plus 'Sub-titles'

                                                                                                                           cc Public Protest Placards

e-mail:  sent by e-mail  2 pages


cc Dr. Kitts CEO of Ottawa Hospitals / Mayors Jim Watson & John Tory / Ottawa Police Chief P. Sloly / U.S. Democratic Party



1) The web site above relates how the Ontario Premier has taken the ultimate democracy-destruction  step by creating Acts of Commission so beloved of Hitlerite Germany where a knock on the door by the police to haul some poor Jew to his 'final destination' was common.


2) On boxing Day, the police broke into my residence with an 'illicit' Order from a Justice of the Peace (a Doug Ford man) and hauled me off to the mental ward at the Ottawa hospital for 9 days(it was to be 16 days)which is forever tainted with this, their first official 'political prisoner'


 3) From that there is no return. While the police had the right to seize me, the order read to be taken to a physician whom, inside of one hour, would have conducted the basic assessment. As it was I was given a battery of medical tests by 3 doctors bumping other patients in need of this care e.g. MRI which I passed and now ask Dr. Kitts to supply me with that medical record to challenge the Ministry suspension of my Driver's License. No Report Dr. Kitts? PLACARD:  DONORS / WITHHOLD 2020 DONATIONS DUE TO MASSIVE HOSPITAL SCAM

Also, I ask that he leave explicit instructions that I am not to be admitted to any Ottawa hospital without my explicit request.


4) Further, I have asked Mayor Watson to cost this boondoggle and publicly proclaim that no-on in Ottawa will be given similar treatment as experienced by me in one of Doug Ford's 'Act of Commission': PLACARD: OUST DOUG FORD FROM ALL POLITICS is a non-partisan plea


5) The point being made above is that all this nonsense could have been avoided if Mayor Watson-Police Chief Sloly had collected the remainder of my medical file (which belongs to me) from Towngate Family Medicine's, Dr. Jahagirdar (Dr. J.), who admittedly requested my driver's suspension in a second 'Act of Commission' due to correspondence which she will not divulge received by her on or about Oct. 15 which prompted her to request the suspension in an alleged conspiracy with the Ministry of Transport-Medical under Deputy Minister Alulio (another Doug Ford connection) plus unknown family members but which sons Christopher Callow (Ottawa) and Greg Callow (Guelph) loom large. The suspension immediately followed to take effect Nov. 01; the date that I dismissed Dr. J.  For 2-1/2 months now, I cannot reclaim my license. Watson-Sloly can still act in retrieving my complete medical file from her. Read on.


6) By using the word psychiatric without being specific under the Highways Act, Julio made this provision virtually impossible to test. He is backed by a Postmedia/CBC boycott on this story of the century. It should be noted here that I have recently been estranged from my wife and family whom, I submit, are seeking to seize my assets on psychiatric grounds. It should be noted here that I have never been ordered to see a psychiatrist and my driving record with Allstate is impeccable. My Optometrist did not note any cognitive shortcoming in my June 2019 test and my eyesight was not in question vis a vis my ability to drive.


7) Recently I posted my will on my web site leaving everything to the National Geographic Endowment Fund. The family get nothing.


8) It is clear that Julio of the Transport Ministry is a rogue operator under the thumb of Doug Ford. If the government can find a willing Doctor such as Dr. J., they have immense power over hapless victims through the permanent suspension of their driver's license. I unsuccessfully called on President Trump to forestall this stunt of which the U.S. is most vulnerable as we live in a 'car culture' where, if this stunt goes unchecked, the world would become revolutionized. 


9) In Trump's place, I now call on the U.S. Democrats to: a) see to the publication in a U.S. magazine, a Pulitzer Prize winning magazine story b) to enlist a U.S. law firm dealing with Ontario interests to push a legal connection to lay charges in this case. That would entail one hour to gain the necessary disclosure from the Transport Ministry-Medical and Dr. J. To date, over 50 legal firms in Ottawa and Toronto have shied away from this colossal clusterfuck. In brief, the U.S. must stand up considering that Canada is their northern military flank and do for Canada what Canadians will not do for themselves. Associations which I have contacted such as the Psychiatric Association do not respond. The College of Physicians and Surgeons - ethics division merely prevaricates as opposed to immediately suspending Dr. J.


10) In brief, Canada and Canadians have earned the right to wear a collective yellow stripe down their backside. No-one can 'make a country great' under these circumstances.


11) I have not included the background of a legal labour case which Doug Ford has been sitting on for 1-1/2 years with no court date assigned which is the motivator for him in his 'Acts of Commission' (SEE web site: DOUG FORD)


12) Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders is asked to seize my Transport  Ministry file #001111960 on my behalf as that body ignores my requests.


Yours truly,


Roger Callow


P.S. As I have been hacked recently, snail mail is best. I don't trust to prevaricating phone calls as evidenced by Dr. J. (SEE web site)