(and, if you can do it, get Mayor Jim Watson, who is backstopping Sloly, to step down as well)

BY: Roger Callow 2020 RECENT 7  SUB-HEADING 'SLOLY' rcallow770@gmail. com



1) The task handed to Sloly was a simple one and one on which he can still act.

2) My request was that a police presence at Towngate Family Medicine in South Keys of Ottawa where young Dr. Jahagirdar (Dr. J.) is employed could facilitate the handing over of the final portion of my medical file without which I cannot get a new Doctor. I dismissed her on November 1, 2019 for sharing my file with family members causing me much grief as a consequence.

3) At that proposed meeting only in the presence of Dr. J., the police would have a search warrant in the event that she does not comply with the Order to hand over all materials and assert that nothing has been redacted. Key to her hidden agenda is keeping the correspondence which she received on or about October 15-2019 which caused her to request the suspension of my driver's license. Suspicions point to the Ministry of Transport-Medical in that regard acting in turn on information from son, Christopher who along with his brother, is seeking control of my estate which is now willed in its entirety to National Geographic Magazine Endowment Fund. My estranged wife's family get nothing. Mayor Watson is aware of this disclosure request.

4) All other events are a derivative of Sloly's failure to act in a timely fashion.

5) In November, at the request of Chris, a licensed gun collector consorting with police known to party at his house on Anderson Road, police were improperly used including co-operation from the 911 operator to 'check up on my well-being' after not having seen me for a few months. The police would not let me see that Report. I doubt Sloly checked it out. Certainly he did not get back to me on that account.

6) It was known by our family lawyer that I had removed all financial and medical power of attorney from younger brother Greg and yet both brothers appeared on a gerrymandered court appearance (Justice of the Peace C. Logue) on  Dec. 19, the last day before the holiday break. Did they fraudulently claim and possibly perjure themselves on that account as two bozos off the street are unlikely to get an Order which led to my ultimate incarceration in the mental ward at the General Hospital forever tarnishing the reputation of the 4-ward secure unit. Again, Sloly has done nothing to investigate.

7) The two police officers who broke into my apartment had a key which could only have come from Chris. At one time he had a pecuniary interest in this apartment but he relinquished it for the return of all money due to his lack of liquidity. Did Chris misrepresent himself to the two officers - Wiseman & Gregan - whom, contrary to the Order to deliver me to a physician (one hour check-over) delivered me instead to the Emergency at the General Hospital and then 'did a bunker' much to the surprise of the three attending Doctors whom probably expected them to return me to my premises after passing a battery of tests.

8) While the succeeding 9-day committal does not concern Sloly directly; nonetheless, he set in motion through his failure to act, events which I have asked Dr. Kitts CEO to report directly on with donors to hold donations to the General Hospital until a proper report is made.

9) In a second letter, I have asked Dr. Kitts to provide me with my medical results as well as to the Transport Ministry-Medical in Toronto as a means of getting my license suspension lifted.

10) In that latter regard, a copy of this letter is going to Toronto Police Chief, Mark Saunders, to seize information from the Ministry above and in that process check out the background of Deputy Minister Julio.

11) If Ottawa City Councillors will not look out for the best interests of their city, who will considering that the mayor is not?


Yours truly, Roger Callow


cc Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders