RECENT 7may-2020


MAY 31-2020 A) Only in Nazi Germany, you ask? President Trump, in response to the nationwide protest against the Minneapolis 'I can't breathe' issue, proclaimed that if the protesters in Washington, D.C. leaped the White House fence, they would be met by the most vicious dogs ever seen. Pretty soon, that is what the Ottawa court scene is going to require in order to survive explaining why I will telecommute in future. B) CPSO-ethics branch (College of Physicians & Surgeons) website has all sorts of systems for clients to deal with doctor complaints (which in my case they 'whitewashed' against Towngate Clinic's Dr. Jahagirdar who is now the subject of a second complaint dating from Jan. 3-2020 in which she is alleged to have conspired with the highly duplicitous staff psychiatrist at the Ottawa General Hospital, Dr. Sarah Chan, also a young Doctor. (Dr. J. no longer had contact with my file dating from Nov. 01-2019 when I dismissed her for breaching patient confidentialities.)  What CPSO doesn't have is a complaint form against themselves as I have sent the second complaint dated April 17-2020 marked SECOND REQUEST JUNE 01-2020. C) There is no point to opening the parks and beaches unless the city opens its latrines. Already one must be careful stepping around bushes filled with human excrement. And yet we pick up after our dogs. Go figure.


MAY 30-2020 A) Street, or should I say Mall scene. A long line-up outside waiting at Walmart where the food and pharmacy area are busy; not so much the rest of the store. Other stores with curbside service to your car on pre-ordered goods not busy. Store clerks begging people to come in. The warnings about social distancing are superfluous as I was a sole client buying a shirt on sale (Company just turning over dollars and not paying the cost of staff). If I were to hazard a guess; people for one reason or another don't have excess cash. If working from home materializes; clothing and auto sales will dip. I saw one desperate auto sales clerk standing in his empty lot. B) While the hospitals at large do good work, I cannot let Ottawa General Hospital off for its 'night and the fog' routine of individual seizures common to Nazi Germany. It bothers me to tell donors to withhold their 2020 contributions but this 'thin edge of the wedge' condoned by CEO Dr. Jack Kitts (retires this month) along with the Board, forces me to do so despite the corruption of the Ottawa Courts in derailing my legal challenge.


MAY 29-2020 A) So Kaley Cuoco (Big Bang Theory's vamp 'Penny') is self-isolating in NY after earlier divorcing her much older drummer husband for substance abuse while her younger husband stays home on the ranch in California. She could easily private jet to California. Is this another marriage on the rocks in an 'art imitates life' story? 'Dumb Zak' had the last word on Penny to Leonard...'First it was to me and then it was to you and then back to me and now to you...I got so that I was rooting for you!' B) A private deal is being arranged to pay off Epstein's accusers so that we will never know the names of the billionaire abusers. In Canada a similar public deal is being arranged for a number of judges in a class action silently being held in Edmonton (which I was invited to join but refused on ethical grounds) in which public funds will be used to bail out these miscreant judges. Go figure. C) 'suicided' d. Marilyn Munroe was 'suicided' after she got knocked up by one of the Kennedys. Jeffrey Epstein was 'suicided' in a NY jail amid cover-up.

Which is one reason why I am including ON A.G. Doug Downey as a 'co-conspirator' in the action for fraud I have against Franco Alulio which negatively affects all those with driver's licenses in any car culture, in case he decides to 'suicide' himself. D) I cannot understand how Police Chief Sloly has his wife sitting on the Civilian Police Oversight Body. The Mayor and City Council are incompetent.


MAY 28-2020 A) So Torstar media sold out to another source because they were going broke. Will the new owner go broke? Not immediately as they will use the loss as a tax haven while they strip the Company of its assets with some executive buying it up 'for a song'. It's an old corporate raiding story typical of the Hudson's Bay Company as well. Future for columnists? None. Unless one is a photogenic female whom can read the weather, journalism students should look elsewhere for a career. B) A similar story is playing out with rest homes where family run places are being squeezed by corporations (my estranged wife is in one of these). How does the new corporate owner operate with the cuts? That story has been told in Ontario with the COVID outbreak. Why was nothing done about it earlier? Because corporations make a point to make Party contributions; in this case, to call off inspections


MAY 27-2020 So China sat back and let Canada slap them in their legal face with the arrest of Huawei's Meng making them into a 'paper tiger'. That action was permitted to fester over time so that not only Canada but the entire world turned against China's 'silk road'. Now with legal jargon (double criminality) which could just as easily have been delivered within the first two months of her arrest, is now bent on extending this case 'forever'. In short, now Xi personally has been given a good swift kick in the knackers with this repeat performance of a 'set-up' arrest. Meng is now a 'political prisoner' due to this inordinate delay: 'justice delayed is justice denied.' If any Canadian were treated like this by our corrupt and corruptible justice system, people would hit the streets even without a 'military report'. As matters now stand due to the debacle of the, there is no viable judicial decision anywhere in Canada.


MAY 27-2020 A) So it took the whistle blowing military attending COVID disaster ridden rest homes to get exposure of an issue ignored by the politicians although widely known to the public. Now where are those selfsame military whistle blowers regarding Franco Alulio's phony license suspension scam. He is only one person not an institution. Perhaps when he lifts the driver's license of military personnel to drive military jeeps and tanks to war, then we can expect similar whistle blowing action. Go figure... B) Good for City Councillor Rick Chiarelli. Without reference to the harassment issue which he is accused, the investigator sent a document server to his home as opposed to his legal counsel so Chiarelli wouldn't open the door. I have had similar stunts from the Ottawa police on fake 'wellness tests' which Police Chief Sloly refuses to investigate. I do not unlock the door to them either. C) On the topic of the Police, why is the police proportion of the tax bill so high? Other than domestic disputes or a few shootings, they are conspicuous by their absence. Sloly wanted 100 new hires to build his empire (now suspended); a scheme I suggested by Councillor Diane Deanes who was going to replace Watson as the next mayor until her recent health problem with Sloly being her man. There were more competent candidates whom were not even considered for the post. Sloly does not have the confidence of many old-timers in the police force with many of the new-timers under indictment of one kind or another; a problem which began under the previous police chief, Bordeleau. Sloly still hasn't collected my entire medical file from Towngate's Dr. Jahagirdar which belongs to me, not the Doctor nor the Clinic. Court cases abound due to that signal failure. His failure to turn up in court on Feb. 27 let alone even notify the court of his non-attendance was a direct slap in the face of the Justice System (which the Justice System deserved in this case). D) Much is being made of Canadian Amy Carpenter's hysterical accusations against a 'black man' in NY. She lost her investment job as one consequence. I believe I met her alter egos in terms of my two 'ex-sons' who sneaked into an Ottawa Court on Dec. 19-2019 to get a court order declaring me to be violent to others as well as to myself. Even my estranged wife would find that preposterous. But not the Ottawa General Hospital which introduced Hitler's 'night and the fog' and when exposed on that level, had the court cover it up by turning the legal system upside down...only in Canada, you ask, eh? E) Comics: Yes...The gov't. has mandated ethics for's kind of like religion without a God.


MAY 26-2020 A) Second offer to Cavanagh LLP to 'duck out'. SEE MEDIA May 26  B) The Ottawa Police have the universal problem as to whom a victim reports sexual harassment. 'Find a trusted figure' to support your complaint, they are told. Good luck with that one as the 'trusted figure' is keeping their head down as well. In short, it is all about Canadian cowardice which abounds in this age. Internationally, the 'two michaels', Canadians incarcerated by the Chinese get little more than a 'ho hum' by the Canadian public. As to Chinese organ transplants from 'political prisoners'; don't even tell Canadians as they do not want to know. While not denigrating recent HK protests in the macrocosm; in the microcosm is Ontario's bureaucrat Franco Alulio who has created an uncontested driver license suspension scam as a cottage industry for organized crime which negatively affects all car cultures. CBC and Postmedia boycott this draconian story due to their traditional boycott of my personal name. Columnist Kelly Egan was cut off at the knees by Postmedia when he attempted to expose this rogue bureaucrat. Apart from that, widespread dissemination of the scam through my Newsletters has Canada frozen on the spot: POGO: We have seen the enemy / And he is Canadian cowardice. Justin Trudeau is the national symbol of that cowardice in all its manifestations with no Canadian politician escaping culpability by extension. I was raised in the 40's and 50's where courage was a mainstay in everything we did. Today, our 'digital age' has reduced that value to a symbolic number in matters where we have become political eunuchs (Canadians still show social generosity). Our veterans must be rolling over in their graves explaining why I recommend that Remembrance Day (Nov. 11) be taken inhouse at the Legions across the country leaving the public Cenotaphs to the politicians. C) At age 78, I do not travel any distance any longer but that is not the story of one 90 year old native Hungarian travelling  with a group back to her native country without incident although she tripped and fell around her home on return which for someone this age level with brittle bones, is a prelude to death. To be sure the group insurance carrier was not fully aware of this situation and could have been expected to duck out under 'pre-existing conditions' if she was hospitalized in Hungary. Similarly, no-one has asked me to run for U.S. President and no-one should barring the nationality difference considering my age which is the same as Democrat's Joe Biden. Even here, the Democrats are paying special attention as to who is voted V.P. as a replacement as V.P.'s are normally voted 'least likely to succeed' thereby providing a challenge to the incumbent. Some Party, some Election, to bastardize Churchill.


MAY 25-2020 A) Please take a moment to sympathize with the starving lawyers; one consequence of COVID-19. Over the years, I have used telephone conferencing with court hearings to great benefit as to time and money saved. Now, due to the COVID outbreak family cases, which form the bulk of court hearings, are being handled on line in which a lawyer now handles 5 cases in the time of one when in person. There is no going back as all clients will search out those lawyers who telecommute. A greater threat is one in which an entrepreneur hires a firm in India specializing in Canadian law (which already exists) to work behind a few 'on-line' lawyers at a fraction of the cost of a Canadian legal firm or lawyer. The law as a profession would collapse under these circumstances. Scrapping the obligatory 500 word factum by which lawyers charge per page when they use less than 2% of the material in court needs to go, further impoverishing the profession. Precedent law should be limited to the Supreme Court of Canada with statute law ruling the day. Of course it can't work but the way it is working now is a farce as judges and legal counsel 'cherry-pick' those rules which support their arguments; in the case of the judges, their choice is made as to outcome before they walk into court. I call it Institutional Autism where the 'individual' comes out second best which is true for all disciplines. B) The way that 'Letters to the Editor' are stepping up in this COVID age in calibre has me wondering...will the media begin printing again anything under my name?


MAY 24-2020 A) ...and the winner in the monarchy vote is this Letter to Editor writer: I think that we should retain the monarchy, if only to keep politicians off our coins. B) A retired Professor has this to say on his specialty: '...If they want to get to the bottom of it, just get together and get a really good commissioner who has the trust of the public.'

Response: And what about bad commissioners whom are in the vast majority? I call them Dumbo's and I have had over 50 of these 'flying elephants' dump on me. Bureaucrats rule the country and over them there is no control so forget your 'Where's Waldo' search for a 'really good commissioner'; committee searches be damned. The public is no longer fooled. B) What the Liberals need and can easily be engineered, is a vote of non-confidence in the House to provoke an election call to be led by the feckless Tory leader, Andrew Sheer, who still does not have Canadian citizenship. C) When Trudeau recently told a double-amputee veteran in Edmonton that 'we don't have the money right now'; he meant to say that 'we don't have the money for you but we have the money for me to purchase a useless UN Security Council seat. D) News item: Singapore Judge sentences drug trafficker to death by ZOOM a) Was that on the free program or other? b) 'You are sentenced to d...(communications break-up) c) Well, at least he got his day in court...oh  My comment: I think that I would have been better off with that Singaporean judge over ZOOM than to have Ottawa Deputy Justice Rosalind Conway in person on Feb. 27 in a judicial stunt without equal. While I personally escaped, my case had its head and knackers lopped off.


MAY 23-2020 A) RIDICULOUS & SHAMEFUL blares the O.S. headlines but here is where it gets interesting with this sub-heading: Mother's faith in Canadian justice system shattered...and here is the outright media lie her son's killer walks free. He does not walk free as his under parole conditions which possibly require some modifications but the inside story shows that the Justice System is acting responsibly and within their mandate. Of course, this focus fits the theme that the cowardly Justin Trudeau should invoke a trusteeship over the rogue Ottawa Justice scene but I would not include this case in that regard. Further, the article is remiss in not including the fact that this was a targeted shooting related to drug dealing. B) Defend freedom in Hong Kong O.S.P.15 As a former high school teacher, I was always on the look-out for student assignments written by parents. Their big mistake? Writing in a mature fashion on behalf of immature children. If I had a dime for every parent I failed, I would be a rich man as I didn't give assignments which could be copied straight out of the Encyclopedia. Which brings me to the above article obviously written by a speech-writer but credited to 'strawman' M.P. Erin O'Toole, Tory candidate whose biggest claim to fame is that he is running for the leadership (and after shafting a competitor with a false racist claim). If he really wants to stand out and do a service for the freedom of all those in Ontario with a driver's license; speak out about Franco Alulio's phony driver license scam where drivers are deprived of their driver's license in perpetuity without recourse before the law. Bottom line - Don't vote; but if you have to, don't vote Erin O'Toole, the Tory's 'strawman'.


MAY 22-2020 A) There is little argument about the legal profession being inherently dishonest, but did you know that the medical profession is cowardly? How else would one describe their suicide rate as being twice the normal population (2-1/2 times for female Doctors)? For example, do you see a public campaign by Doctors lambasting the practice of female mutilation common to some immigrant societies? Oh no, no, no... they have their 'professional ethics' to think of. It may be paralleled to Teacher Unions turning a blind eye to teacher pedophilia until, in Ontario at any rate, a Teachers College created in 1990 publicly exposed the problem. Weinstein, the Hollywood mogul pervert, was finally exposed after decades of abuse. When that evil genius, Franco Alulio, Deputy Minister of Transportation-Medical perverted the Driver Suspension Forms last October in my case, he negatively impacted all driver's cultures. That's why I have called out the New York Times for the Democrats and President Trump for the Republicans as being cowards in their failure to protect U.S. interests from this major Canadian depredation. Of course, such as the above bodies have all sorts of remedial institutional recourses; all totally useless leaving individual bureaucrats such as Alulio to run the complete operation by the nose. Doctors in clinics refused to give me anything in writing as to why they would not retest me for driving due to Alulio's malfeasance. Hence what's stopping him in this regard, for example, to imitating Richard Heydrich, psychopathic gestapo leader nick-named 'the butcher' and the only WWII Nazi leader assassinated during the war, by creating Dachau 2 in Canada in which local police paralleling WW II occupying countries seized unwitting targets such as Jews to be incarcerated in 'treatment centres' where torture is common? It already happened to me in Ottawa with, in effect, the police throwing me into the mental ward at the Ottawa General Hospital for 9 days as a 'political prisoner'. The Justice System collapsed by cancelling my fraud suit against the hospital, all done in the full glare of the politicians and media which boycott this massive debacle. The only recourse is for protesters to hit radio talk shows and the streets similar to many other countries such as Hong Kong as our democratic society is slipping out from beneath us. The 'lights are going out all over Canada' today similar to pre-WWII Europe in another era...and we do nothing! Cowardice, indeed. B) Even in crime dominated Sicily,the gov't is able to arrest a rogue bureaucrat taking advantage of COVID-19 O.C. p. NP2 . From (A) Canada has clearly moved beyond this 1947 Churchill reference: This idea of super-planners making the mass of people do what they think is good for them, without any check or correction, (my underlining) is a violation of democracy. Churchill would roll over in his grave to see what Franco Alulio is doing unitarily as that is what he fought WWII against.


MAY 21-2020 A) What's Up, Doc? Face page criticism of Dr. Teresa Tam for fronting for WHO under Chinese influence: Articles cited: a) MeToo white knight 'omits complicating facts' columnist Brad Hunter p.2  b) Toss Canada's top doc for giving bad advice columnist Brian Lilley p.9  c) WHO shouldn't be allowed to judge itself columnist Mark Bonokoski  d) WHO praises its response to COVID-19 columnist Lorrie Goldstein p. 15 e) editorial p.14: Whether or not you think Dr. Tam should be replaced, Canadians should at least recognize that their public health figures are far from infallible and just as deserving of criticism as the next public servant or politician...or in the Employee's Case, the next judge which the media studiously ignores just as they ignored the connection between WHO in January and Premier Li. It is a question 'for whom the Bell tolls' as it tolls for media credibility.  B) While Brad Hunter's article is not on COVID-19; he cites the Weinstein mogul perversion case known for decades by the media but hushed up. In Noel Coward's London's theatre scene in the 1950's, male actors faked homosexuality if necessary in order to get jobs. He was never outed. Hunter quotes his old NY editor...'No one's too good to cover a fire in the Bronx (highly dangerous area of town)'. Today, many journalists wouldn't even know how to cover a fire in the Bronx (or any other disaster) I know some of them.'  C) While he doesn't outright state the inability of the institution to react quickly as required by COVID-19, Lilley blasts bureaucrat Dr. Tam...'A stopped clock is right twice a day. I'm not sure Tam can make the same claim. In short, the bureaucracy always has a political answer...usually the wrong one.  D) the colourful 'Bono' likens WHO to a bus careening down a Third World treacherous mountain slope which, it is submitted here, is universal for all institutions in Canada which I label 'Institutional Autism' in which the individual is left out. I have merely exposed The Justice System on that level in a topic which the media studiously ignores much like the origin of the WHO connection to China = anger at themselves for being caught out. Canada's a sick country in which the moral COVID-19 out-distances the literal kind...'law and order' is more like 'law and disorder' where it is not a matter of one bad apple in such as the judicial box; it is a matter of one good apple amidst the rotten ones. That is the real message from the above dissertation. Canada's Pandora's Box is empty. The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity. The Second Coming W.B. Yeats


MAY 21-2020 Jill Young, a regular and powerful as well as ethical writer to the Letter to the Editor section of the Ottawa Sun surprises me in a few ways. Her style befits the more broader based Ottawa Citizen. The letter which surprised me was the one chronicling the shortcomings of a Rest Home where she has an 'inmate relative'; of which criticism is common throughout the industry. What was she thinking with her whistle blowing account for that was what it was. The last thing that this rest home - or any retirement home for that matter - wants is a class action against it such as the one that already exists in Ontario. It is a few years of total misery for owners and staff alike not to mention financial costs.  I can see Rest Homes continuing to limit access to their inmates when they don't have to due to this type of libel chill. My estranged and chronically-ill wife is in one such rest home whom I am encouraging to get out as she could be self sufficient in her own apartment with an alarm bracelet at a quarter of the cost. I am prepared to accommodate her in any such move as her resources are limited for staying in a Rest Home which she can ill-afford for more than a few years.


MAY 21-2020 A) Reader Question: What's so special about the Toronto Doctor (young Dr. Sophie Jamal) being found guilty of fraud but having her medical license returned and the two you sued going nowhere before CPSO? ANSWER: What these three young female Doctors have in common is that they are non-Caucasian. What that signifies I have no answer; possibly the societies they originally come from are used to dictatorship. As to your specific question; the fly in the ointment is the Ottawa General Hospital which illicitly locked me down as a 'political prisoner' for 9 days at Xmas in a process reminiscent of Nazi Germany. The Board of Governors and CEO Jack Kitts who retires in June decided to cover it up. Enter Justice C. MacLeod who merely dropped my action against the hospital and, to make sure they weren't exposed, further dropped my action against Dr. Jahagirdar. My action against Justice MacLeod was dropped in turn by Master Kaufman; creating in Canada. a constitutional threat of major proportions which the media and politicians would conceal from the public = PLACARD: STAY OUT OF A CANADIAN COURTROOM UNLESS YOU FIRST BUY THE JUDGE ...and that is exactly what the Hospital did. Expect justice columnist Michelle Mandel to be given a justica award for her co-operation. B) After the U.S., we are told Russia (make that Moscow) has the second worse death rate. Here's why. First of all few Russians live over 68 - it's a tough country - with more millionaires than any other city who can escape to their dachas. As for all other Muscovites, they live in apartments with communal kitchens and bathrooms. Cruise ships affected with COVID-19 look good in contrast. Vaccination when it arrives is its only hope.


MAY 20-2020 A) Nightclub manager's sexual assault conviction overturned O.C. p.A6 I have a working knowledge of the law as it is practiced, but I had to reread this article a number of times to make sense of it. First both legal interests are highly suspect: all Appeal Courts are, from my experience, political courts, and Justice Calum MacLeod whom turned the Justice System on its head with a ruling in one of my cases is highly questionable as to whether or not he should be sitting on the bench. On the media presentation, MacLeod arrived at a suitable conviction for the Nightclub Manager while the over-turning of the Decision smacks of gobbly gook...'A Defendant, the appeal court said, is constitutionally entitled to receive and review Crown evidence, and to hear the case against him at trial....'

While this is a criminal trial, the need for disclosure, something I have been denied for 35 years in a civil matter, is at the bedrock of our Justice System and it is not there in most cases making a mockery of any court case today in Canada for both plaintiff and defendant alike. B) My bet is that there is a card-board cut-out marked press at Trudeau's daily Covid-19 'advertising' which even the camera has a switch attached to it for him to flick 'on'. C) CPSO (College of Physicians & Surgeons-ethical branch) I found to be a highly discreditable body. It granted a young Toronto Doctor a return of her medical license after a fraudulent medical scam without equal. (Toronto Sun Michele Mandel May 19) “It does seem a little bit questionable, at least, to put someone who has demonstrated a wilful disregard for ethics and human subjects and clinical research to be allowed to practice medicine again,... After CPSO's initial disaster regarding my complaint against Towngate's Dr. Jahagirdar, I filed a second complaint regarding an apparent fraud with Ottawa General Hospital's highly duplicitous Staff Psychiatrist, the equally young Dr. Sylvia Chan, which was covered up by the courts leaving me to request 2020 Donors to withhold General Hospital contributions. What's next? Pedophile teachers getting their teaching license back after taking a few psychiatric courses?


MAY 19-2020  It 'stinks,' I tells ya O.S. p.14 Columnist Brad Hunter deals with the seamier side of like and, of course there is no seamier side than the story of pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and the cover-up of his murder in order to protect billionaire clients reminiscent of the President Kennedy assassination in 1963 in which the truth still has not been told (Frank Dunn, not Harvey Oswald, fired the killing shot). A parallel story from Montreal in the 1950's and 60's in which Dr. Ewen Cameron permitted the CIA to use his patients for LSD testing still goes unresolved with victims today claiming nothing can be done. The Employee's Case calls out for redress even if nothing can be done to save the Justice System with its most recent depredations in Ottawa courts. The media has most unwisely boycotted this national issue at a time when the vast majority of people could care less about such issues although the ongoing 'driver license suspension scam' of Franco Alulio has most people worried as they depend on driving for a living. In brief,the real topic is what to do with a renegade civil servant when institutions turn their back on such depredations?


MAY 19-2020 A) Here is the Wizard of OZ's snap election take to be called in June for an August vote. First, The Tories 'Tin Man', the 'boys in short pants' candidate, must defeat 'Straw Man' whose only claim to fame is that he is running for the leadership. The winner goes up against the Liberal's 'Cowardly Lion' with the NDP Dorothy evaluating all of them in this her last election before her digital age batteries run out. 'Toto' the voter, as one consequence of COVID-19, has developed a visceral hatred of the 'Old Boy's Club' leaving the field to the newly rich Liberal supporters from gov't. programs which they have to kick back a portion for the election....and then there is the Employee's Case....B) Judging from one upper class Ottawa neighborhood in the last election, all parties suffered a decline in constituent help to knock on doors and place Placards which few homes were taking leaving public boulevards as all that was left to the Parties. Voters are beginning to see that it is a waste of time and money to vote backbenchers (and Cabinet Ministers) into office whom have little say in the operation of gov't. Without funds, the highly indebted NDP Party will all but disappear. C) What? Another Reader's question: 'You are suing lawyers which I would like to do. How do I go about it?' ANSWER: You don't if the legal profession has any say. First of all, you must have your facts on fraud straight and mail them to the ON Legal Society which will not respond. Next, you have to personally lay a civil charge for fraud (apart from embezzlement which is a criminal charge) as no lawyer will take a case against another lawyer. In a one-hour session before a judge, call for disclosure in order to define your case plus the Legal Society Report (which you won't get=delaying tactic) before  you are on the verge of a very expensive venture from which you pull back demanding that the court lay a criminal case against the lawyer based on prima facie evidence. From there, you capitalize on the criminal hearing. Too be sure, nothing, but nothing, frightens the legal profession more.


MAY 19-2020 I actually got a second reader's question: Under School Superintendent you lay claim to being a whistleblower whom frightens everybody. What frightens you? ANSWER: Good question on two levels; first, the personal one. Those who do evil in the name of good, frightens me. For example, my estranged chronically ill wife (after 45 years of a good marriage) bad-mouthed me to the family doctor and to relatives in terms of demanding I receive psychiatric attention which led to my driver license suspension in a very strange fashion. It's the old 'race to the phone' common in any domestic dispute which this was. Bottom line is that I changed my will so that the family is completely cut off but I had to ostracize myself from the grand-children in that process. There are many legal actions as a result of that young Doctor's debacle and the ex-son's actions. The broader ramifications to the country at large is seen in my June challenge to Ellie Tesher, advice columnist who deals with personal cowardice on a daily basis to define cowardice on a national level: e.g. In the 1950's we were resilient as individuals while today's individual lacks, in contrast, a backbone. The U.S., for example, in 1985 saw the highest international level in a standard of living which is currently running at 10th with Trump beating the drum 'for a return to greatness' based on values which are now highly suspect as he seeks to 'buy his way back'. Even my late mother was wont to say...'You go this way but once, my son, so make the best of it, as there is no going back.' Her wisdom expended to this piece of wisdom: 'You need not think of me after I am gone, but if you do, try to think of me with kindness'...and I do. My personal philosophy is to live each day as a complete entity so that at the end of the day should I not live to see tomorrow, my life is complete in all aspects. Having lived my 3 score and 10, I count my additional 8 years as a bonus but like many older active people, I do not think of my age; I think of the challenge at hand. It is the old biblical 'know thyself'. The last line of David Copperfield goes to this effect- If I have learned anything of life, it is that I must face it with courage.                                                                      

The Walking Drum by Louis L'Amour

'Lie to a liar, for lies are his coin;

Steal from a thief, for that is easy;

Lay a trap for the trickster and catch him at first attempt,

But beware of an honest man

(attributed to a Somali saying)



MAY 18-2020 Reader:  I read your NEWSLETTER (this date) and have two questions: How can a judge get away with, as you say, 'turning the law on its head'? Secondly, do you get many responses from readers? ANSWERS: I will respond to the second one first: No, but those I do get are fascinating e.g. the respondent who claimed that if there was a settlement for $1, it would be 99 cents too much. This type of person does not want to see the Justice System questioned as it raises the question as to why he didn't react accordingly. He counts on the media to hide such ugly truths from him which they dutifully do in the Employee's Case. Some day, I can see this web site becoming the 'go to' web site in Canada. As to how the judges get away with such stunts? Easy. Pass an ultra vires judgment but don't register it so that it cannot be used as a precedent in other cases. Alternatively, they register the case only to withdraw the registration later so that what appears in both cases is only the failure of the Plaintiff to pursue his claim. That is why any reform must be conducted apart from the Justice System and we just do not have any such individual capable to do that in the first place plus the conditions of the analysis would keep any such valid examination from being made. For example, the bottom line would read: 'Make recommendations as to how the system may be improved (rather than just reporting on the topic like the auditor general). Under those circumstances, the investigating person could not say that the Justice System is broken and requires a complete replacement outside of legal interests...his assignment is a little like the job application ending with...and related duties....



MAY 16-2020 A) R. Regan(d) 'Freedom is a fragile thing, and never more than one generation away from extinction. It is not ours by inheritance, it must be maintained (my underlining) and defended constantly by each generation'...which does not include Tory leadership candidates Erin O'Toole where this quote appeared and for different reasons, Peter MacKay, both of whom saw the Justice System being thrown under the bus with the unresolved 35 year Employee's Case and said nothing! B) Bastardized account: 'Our problems, my dear Brutus, lie not in our stars (legal revisions in the digital age) but in our institutions such as the Canadian Justice System which is corrupt and corruptible, favouring as it does, the powerful over the individual primarily by refusing disclosure; the bedrock of habeas corpus and all law as seen through legal billable time exercises to benefit the legal profession.' How COVID-19 forced courts into the digital age O.C. p. 8  All this duplicitous article did was to show how teleconferencing and e-mails is eliminating legal billable time stunts without getting at the root cause of Canada's failure to reign in its 'most powerful union'.


MAY 15-2020 Cop probed for allegedly making 'disgusting' image O.S. p. 14 The suspended indigenous officer by Chief Sloly in question is James Ramsay, the son of Louise Logue, the JP who sat on the 'organized' ex-son attack on me in court on Dec. 19 without my knowledge which led to a police break-in on Boxing Day with a key provided by older son and all that followed at the Ottawa General Hospital. Chief Sloly did nothing to investigate this and other illicit uses of the police by the 'ex-sons' after my assets. His failure to turn up in court Feb. 27 - even failing to notify this plaintiff that he was not going to appear -  led to my demand to Mayor Watson and City Council to replace him.


MAY 15-2020 As a high school teacher, it is an axiom among teenagers; they do not want their family to relocate breaking up their peer relationships and yet a reading of the obituaries of the rich and influential defines a myriad of foreign placements and sometimes multiple divorces. They are all beloved parents and major contributors to their society (more evening meetings away from family) where they are highly rated as successes. No-one is ever called a whistleblower such as I am without equal and yet it is those selfsame whistleblowers that undermine dictatorships.

Success as a 9-5 job as an employee with family responsibilities and the addition of limited community activity escapes these paragons of SOCIETY SUCCESS (capitals intentional). Now you see why School Superintendent Ed Carlin (SEE web sub-heading) claimed that adults were frightened of me which now includes the Justice System explaining their stupidities such as C. MacLeod j. and his cohort, Master Kaufman, turning the law on its head.


MAY 14-2020 'Insurance as a topic - auto and home. While most provinces have gov't auto insurance where it is not a problem; ON still has private coverage in which the industry is prohibited from denying auto insurance leading to the creation of 'the farm' for habitual miscreants at a much increased cost. For example, when I review my coverage with Allstate each year, inevitably eyebrows shoot up at my perfect record. During one such interrupted review, the agent was asked to do the usual with one enquiry - reject it on the grounds of former claims. I would never claim on a small claim under $500 as protection of my policy is more important; indeed, the insurance Companies allow for such out of Company settlements. I have condominium insurance for my own apartment but have just learned that this well-managed block had to acquire new coverage 3 years ago after multiple claims. That insurance Company left the entire fold like many others making it difficult for condominiums to get coverage although the media blithely suggest 'applications for insurance are being made' without ever following up on whether or not they are paid. Hence, the only row condominium I would buy is a duplex in which the two are separated by common garages. Fires spread along the roofs of the entire row of condos. Up-Down condos are another 'no-no' for insurance purposes. Cheaper operations must be operating with no insurance. It is a topic for a columnist.


MAY 13-2020 A) Name a watchdog for China, groups urge O.C. NP 3 What for considering the group already includes such as Amnesty Canada? Oversight bodies, unless heavily endowed with money for lobbying purposes, are a waste of time as I have shown time and time again. B) The Ottawa Police are in on this game as well imploring people who are the targets of hate and racist attacks, to contact them. Unless it is a broad scale attack involving many targets, don't expect anything...this item is more for PR than any effective policy. If the press were other than what they are, following a claimant through the process for either topic above would lead to a '0' come benefit. I can prove that with both bodies mentioned above.


MAY 13-2020   TV's Reddit affords a unique opportunity to listen to corporate executives discuss topics such as renewed travel after COVID-19 limited meetings to ZOOM. The best answer was 'it depends on your product line.' For example, at the Ottawa Home Show in the 90's; with my Home Alarm franchise, I was out to attract the largest number of potential clients while one investor who did not appear to have anyone at his booth later told me that all he needed was one good account to pay for his overhead. It does seem, however, that the hotel, travel, and restaurant businesses will be greatly reduced in customers leading to closures as tourist travel is not enough to cover the shortfall. Another looming closure is the media as even now, clients can save $400 per year by getting most news over the internet. For me, I would miss the comics big time but then perhaps King Inc. might set up an app.


MAY 12-2020 An interesting condemnation of a local JP by the Justice Department due to remarks she made in 2016 being highly critical of pressures by crown prosecutors to do their bidding in bail submissions. O.C. A6 It really is a two-way street in which the two have to get along. In this case the Justice Department supported the powerful crown prosecutors against an apparent rogue JP. Knowing the corrupt and corruptible Justice System in detail, I would not rule out the complaints of the JP in this case. However, it was a rogue JP, C. Logue, on the last day before Xmas holidays which signed an Order by two 'ex-sons' which led to my incarceration at the Ottawa General Hospital for 9 days for being a 'physically violent person' which they knew I was not. Logue should have known that the whole thing was a set-up considering that neither son had seen me since October. I believe that he did. After being seized by the police in typical Nazi fashion on Boxing Day with a key supplied by older son which he had no right to have (he is now banned from this building as he entered my apartment while I was incarcerated which Police Chief Sloly refused to investigate), the General Hospital tried to cover-up their perfidy leading to a heavily compromised operation for mentally incarcerated people as I was their first 'political prisoner'; and this after I had  passed all tests including an MRI of which results the Hospital refuses to provide to me. And to top it all off, Justice C. MacLeod upended the Justice System by covering-up the cover-up = total collapse of our society.


MAY 11-2020


B) Ottawa Deputy Police Chief , Uday Jaswal should never have been suspended on the frail charge of unwanted attentions to a woman nor would he be unless sanctioned by Police Chief Sloly who is the real one who should be removed; if only for his depredations in the Employee's Case. Revised May 12. The media has now provided a number of unrelated cases against Jaswal dating back to 2013 hence, in this case Sloly acted correctly although in itself, the above charge should not have been sufficient to suspend Jaswal.


MAY 09-2020 A) Diefenbaker in 1962 was the last P.M. to walk down the street without protection. Now even Premiers have their protection detail such as former leader Kathleen Wynne and incumbent Doug Ford although both liked to escape; Kathleen on her runs and Ford on a cottage check without OPP security. It's a frightening world from which there is no return. I was a teenager in Diefenbaker's rule. I also remember Pierre Trudeau scooting away from his protection detail in his sports car. While skiing, he had loose protection and mingled with the crowds without talking on the one occasion I saw him with people honouring his privacy. Perhaps that is one reason for our leaders travelling where they are not known although, for example, I was told former PM Mulroney was busily wildly waving to people outside his car window in a SE Asian country where he was an unknown.


MAY 08-2020 POLICING THE POLICE O.S. p. 1 photo A new committee to investigate police problems has the photo of a non-Caucasion co-ordinator. 13 listed problems with identified officers almost all of which were non-Caucasion dating back to the former Chief Bordeleau is definitely a sticky wicket no matter as to whom is appointed-black or white. White police officers predominate by a large margin. Racial overtones aside, I believe Ottawa made a tremendous mistake hiring non-Caucasion P. Sloly as the new Police Chief whom I have found to be incompetent on a number of occasions in the Employee's Case requesting, as I did, that the City replace him. One higher up source seem to suggest that the rank and file do not respect him.


May 08-2020 I received an official envelope in the mail from Veterans Affairs Canada with one of my newsletters returned without comment...but here is the best part; rather than merely faxing me back my copy, they spent $10 to Register this envelope. What does it mean? It could mean many things. Perhaps they are going to start a trend. For example, The Justice Building on Wellington Street has the highest stress level for workers anywhere. Will they photocopy a newsletter and mail it back with a Registered fee of $10? The permutations of this scheme are endless.

1) Perhaps the Veterans do not like the fact that I am being muzzled by the press, the politicians, and courts on a national issue. Justice C. MacLeod has usurped the course of justice as noted on my website; with bureaucrat Franco Alulio being permitted to pervert ON driver license suspensions by altering the forms so that one so affected cannot be re-tested. All car cultures are negatively impacted. Bottom line? There are no functional over-sight bodies to which to appeal. Was that what our veterans fought for? I think not.

2) Closer to home was ex-astronaut GG Payette telling Canadian troops in Europe last year that there were two ways to deal with problems: either go up the ramparts or turn to space for your answers. In either case, the military have a name for such people.

3) I have suggested that the military take Remembrance Day 'in-house' with the Governor General to attend in civilian garb; our deceased soldiers deserve that much. Further only the military chaplain should speak on behalf of all religions; Rabbi Bulka's presence one year being misplaced.

4) The spirit of Canadian soldiers  sacrificing their lives so that S. Korea could become a country and the Dutch weren't left eating tulip bulbs until the end of WWII, I submit, has been displaced today in our commercially dominated world by credit card debt with the consequent focus on job survival beyond any intrinsic values such as the resilience which characterized an earlier age.

Respectfully submitted, Roger Callow


May 07-2020 Did POGO say this? he could just as well have...'Justin Trudeau has never been accused of being intelligent (PLACARD  JUSTIN DID NOT INHERIT HIS FATHER'S whose brain did he inherit?),but the people behind him who pull the marionette strings are a malignant evil. (Gerald Butts?) Now if only he can get a titular post in the U.N., it would clear the way for the Liberals most competent M.P.; Chrystia Freeland who is a tad heavy on such personages as Trump and a certain Arab sheik. A blushing violet she is not but then, neither am I.


MAY 06-2020 A) Looking for a group of lost souls? Try the Chief Justices at the Canadian Judicial Council. SEE LEGAL MAIL may 06  B) I usually don't agree with O.S. columnist, Leonard Cohen, but he is spot on calling out Tory leadership candidate, Peter MacKay, as some sort of King of Schmucks under the influence of the ON 'boys in short pants'. Trudeau must also be financing MacKay's bid as a means of guarantying his own return to power.


MAY 05-2020 A) If the sisterhood is going to strive for equality, they will have to first deal with those front line female apologizers for their male bosses. A case in point. I pilloried CAA recently for not speaking out on the fake driver license suspension of Franco Alulio which negatively impacts car cultures everywhere. Their response was to ask me to consider dropping my CAA membership which is free due to my longevity as I no longer need it = a CAA escape hatch for accepting responsibility. My point? In all cases these types of messages are delivered by women. The message is not for me. It is for the bully boy boss to indirectly tell all employees not to piss him off. In this assessment I am not being a misogynist; even my estranged wife credited me as being an equal opportunity person. B) SEE LEGAL MAIL may this date as the Defence for Dr. V. seeks to 'help me out'...which door did I come in? A paradox to be sure.


MAY 04-2020 SEE SCHOOL SUP'T. Sub-heading under 2020 MAY for a not so whimsical definition of the original arbitration background in 1985 which heralds current conditions with an eerie resemblance. If I owe a debt to anyone it is former WV teacher Ken Raison for standing up and being counted thus giving me a launching pad for my own case.


MAY 03-2020 The Ottawa Police are a broken force dating back to the previous Police Chief Bordeleau. An article in today's O.S. details 13 officers, mainly non-Caucasian, who have been charged with multiple offences. The Police Board under Diane Deans, I submit, out to build her own empire before her cancer diagnosis with the appointment of Chief Peter Sloly from Toronto (Black Chief Mark Saunderson is also a 'no-go' in the Employee's Case), a non-Caucasian whom does not appear to have the respect of the rank and file, is turning out to be questionable. I have called for Sloly's removal for a number of matters related to the Employee's Case. There should be a freeze on Sloly's request for 100 new officers until there is some sort of outside audit. It would appear that he is intent on creating his own empire with these new appointments. Considering that Ottawa police no longer attend shop-lifting offences leaving retail merchants highly vulnerable, I have to ask just what it is that they now do...act as flagmen at construction sites? I like the English model where after dialing 911, one can punch in 55 so that an immediate police response at the door is made. In the 90's with a franchise installing home alarms, I witnessed the separation of 'personal threats' from 'property offenses'; a big mistake for many reasons. One example is the belated arrest of the Air Force Colonel for murder. He used to jog throughout Orleans burglarizing houses (a property offense). Putting a sniffer dog on his trail would have led to a much earlier arrest of this very dangerous psychopath.


MAY 02-2020 A) Charter rights in Canada should matter now - do they? O.S. May 02 Candice Malcolm '...Under Trudeau's Liberal government, it turns out, our charter rights are conditional and can be rescinded at any time.' And who is it who decides whether or not that they are conditional and can be rescinded? Why some corrupt judge of course. Ottawa Superior Court's Master Kaufman is a case in point. SEE LEGAL MAILmay  B) One major outcome for employees from COVID 19 is to make sure that you work in a unionized environment unless you are climbing the corporate ladder. For example, Only MP and MPP Cabinet and Opposition leaders need meet during COVID 19 in which no major legislation may be passed. All the backbenchers could stay home - without pay of course - which would never do.... Small business always had a problem getting good employees; now it will be impossible.


MAY 01-2020  A) The taxman calleth?...on Towngate Family Medicine. My guess is that the nervous staff are privy to some interesting Company documents. SEE MEDIAmay under this date.

B) Once again, the Ottawa Superior Court is guilty in a 3-page cover-up (CV 20 82889) by the same Master who covered-up the  MacLeod Decision earlier which turned Canada and the entire Justice System on its head. Cavanagh LLP for lawyer Alexander Bissionette (B) illegally approached the court without notice to me in a bid to quash the fraud allegation against B in a unilateral manner on March 10-2020. Rather than putting a flea in Cavanagh's ear and sending him on his way, Master Kaufman is once again playing 'ducks and drakes' with the Justice System. He should not have proceeded until the Law Society evaluated Cavanagh's private 'side-bar'. If I had been present, I would have seriously questioned this statement: (4) At the heart of the plaintiff's complaint is the suspension of his driver's license following a medical concern (no details given) to the Ministry of Transportation. That was NOT the point of the charge of fraud against B who failed to produce the Partners Agreement (as does Cavanagh LLP in his defense) outlining the relationship between the Doctors and the Corporate structure at Towngate Family Medicine. At the very least, Kaufman should have given me a chance to respond. As he didn't do that, I am referring him to the Provincial oversight body (c/o A.G. Doug Downey whom is also remiss in this matter) which should suspend him until this matter is cleared. Kaufman is obviously trying to upstage the Legal Society in taking its own action against B.  Kaufman should never have been permitted to sit on this action which should never have been permitted in the first place. I now also include charges against Dixon esq. for Cavanagh LLP for his unilateral action to the ON Legal Society. cc P.M. Trudeau 'Repository' whom still refuses to invoke a trusteeship over the Ottawa Courts in this matter.

C) Master Kaufman of the Ottawa Court works not only in wondrous ways but in deep subterfuge. SEE LEGAL MAILmay this date.  D) SEE details of how Master Kaufman seeks to fool everybody. SEE MEDIAmay this date.

E) Dr. Jahagirdar writes to me...and all those lying on her behalf no doubt wish she didn't as her written accounts are contradictory and before an honest judge (where can you find one of those?), she would be pilloried. Obviously getting legal advice is beneath her royal highness. SEE this date under MEDIAmay