MAR 30-2020 A)When I was a 'political prisoner' in the Ottawa General Hospital 4-bedroom secure unit of the mental wing over the Xmas holidays, I was permitted to move in the open space outside the room and use the common washroom (P.S. Similar to computer 'agreements' in which you 'agree' in order to use data which everyone clicks OK; to get your freedom papers from the secure unit, you must sign that you were never abused and that you will not sue the hospital on that basis...gets you coming and going doesn't it? My $10 million suit is against being assigned to the unit in the first place). But I digress. My estranged wife with a serious health condition is in lockdown in her rest home where she has two rooms plus private bathroom; a luxury many rest home denizens don't have having to share a room and bathroom facilities. My point? She is still vulnerable similar to cruise ships where people are confined to cabin with the crew - three to their own room - delivering food and necessities plus COVID 19 = incubation clinic. A low paid worker in a rest home coming from congested family homes is likely going to hide any illness in order to keep from being fired. My advice to my former family which goes ignored is to get my estranged wife out of the rest home as she is quite able to survive on her own in her own apartment. In the interim, she has access to self-isolation (which I practice as no-one other than myself, is permitted in my apartment). Restricting visitors makes sense but restricting patients to their rooms will drive them stir-crazy inside of two weeks; just like the cruise ships.(The real punishment on cruise ships is for those with 'inside rooms'.) B) Why does the internet describe the Ottawa Sun as being 'defunct'?


MAR 29-2020 The Chinese gov't. fears its people and to date has been able to buy their loyalty with a booming economy, now over. Will civil war ensue? People in Canada do not fear their gov't. but their loyalty is waning fast as they fear for their jobs in the COVID-19 epidemic. Will Canada go similar to the Catholic Church where they have lost 80% of their membership with the remaining 20% strongly questioning the Pope? For example when he called for prayers in Dublin for both the pedophile priests and their victims, he was roundly rejected by a populace reaction of '...bloody hell, we want justice against pedophile priests, not prayers!' I give the Catholic Church about one more decade to exist. In Canada's case our parallel to the pedophile priests are the judges whom have for a century been favouring the powerful by having judges refuse disclosure without which there can be no true justice; the 35 year Employee's Case being the worst case example. Michele Richardson, editor of both the Ottawa Sun & Ottawa Citizen supporting the national boycott of this story, particularly with the MacLeod j. Decision which permits the powerful to buy off a judge without any trial, has destroyed Justice Canada forever. Even jaded lawyers will be without work. And Deputy P.M. Chrystia Freeland wonders why the U.S. is getting antsy about its 'northern border'? By rights, Trump should hold any Ontario diplomatic or commercial dispute in U.S. courts set up for the purpose.


MAR 28-2020 A) Organized crime in Ontario is head-quartered in Hamilton, the steel producing city which is accused of 'dumping' foreign steel to get around U.S. tariffs which does not amuse President Trump. Of course 'Doug & his Thugs' are aware of the arrangement explaining why Premier Ford is peeing against the wind when he seeks U.S. investment. B) What the gov't fears more than anything in the economic downturn is bank liquidity as banks may loan $10 against every invested dollar. Worse come to worse, and banks could limit withdrawals if need be such as Lebanon recently limited monthly withdrawals to $200. A good reason for storing your money in more than one Canadian bank. C) Two groups of widely different backgrounds immune to the COVID 19 threat: a) young  males who do not have 'wimp' written into their DNA also explaining why they can make for soldiers b) Iranians who consider COVID 19 to be just one more in the list of deprivations which they have to live under. They are similar to Paris partying with the announcement of WWI as Parisians did not know when they would get their next meal (hoarders were shot).


MAR 27-2020 A) On the morning of Feb. 27 while Rosalind Conway j. was 'stitching me up' upstairs, Justice C. MacLeod, he of the paper thin profile, was doing a similar job downstairs dropping my $10 million fraud case against Dr. J. (without a hearing thus turning the Canadian Justice System on its head) ... with this gem; '...It is also an abuse of process to issue a statement of claim that is so deficient as to make it impossible for a defendant to respond to it or for the court to identify any issue to be tried....' Poppycock! Every powerful Defendant (think SNC Lavalin) will 'hire a judge' to knock a trial off the docket in this made to order cottage industry for organized crime. My assertion for many years is that the authorities have taken the equivalent of a B52 strato-fortress to bomb a mosquito...and missed. You do not get to call yourself 'the Old Boys Club' by missing. Now the assertion is that the Old Boys Club piloted by Justice MacLeod has crashed and burned filling the noses of U.S. troops stationed on our border by President Trump with acrid black smoke. B) Three redacted letters by former family doctor, the young Dr. Jahagirdar keep me from getting a new family Doctor. 'I walked back the cat' from other information I had received on that medical file and nowhere did she make mention of the source of her information; namely, the bad-mouthing of my estranged and non-medical wife on which she acted...that is the basis of the fraud charge against her as she seeks to conceal that fact.  C) While the excess baggage was eliminated from the Covid-19 rescue package, how much is going to individuals as opposed to companies expected to provide kickbacks to the incumbent government? D) The UN should reject Canada's request for a security seat as the Employee's case has seen the death of the Canadian individual as represented by the failure of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (1982) with the national Employee's Case - 'What the father (Pierre) would create, the son (Justin) would rent asunder. E) And still Michelle Richardson, editor of the Ottawa Sun and Citizen, would sit on her duff on this national story.


MAR 26-2020 A) In the 'Dirty 30's' Depression, one boondoggle had men ordered to lie down to cut city grass; stand up and you lose your pay. One car passerby stopped; 'Why you lazy layabouts (rural working men always stood); my hard-earned tax-dollars going for this nonsense!' Today, Ottawa buses continue to run empty in another boondoggle in which people board in the rear and ride for free which due to self-isolation means they run empty. One can only wonder what would happen if there were no unions. That debt has to be paid someday and has a Mayor Watson very worried indeed. B) So a 'Franco Alulio type sought to have the Parliamentary bail-out loaded with his bull shit which would have passed if the Liberals had a majority = House of Commons is redundant. Solution? Scrap HofC; Create elected P.M. at large and elected Senate = same outcome but at a much cheaper price to the taxpayer.


MAR 23-2020 An OPEN LETTER to the ON  A.G. to stop Doug (Ford) and his Thugs from eviscerating human and legal rights from ON leaving President Trump with no alternative but to send in the Marines. SEE MEDIA mar


MAR 23-2020 A) Made in Canada A scam like no other thanks to Doug Ford ON Premier: Want your competitor's business? Easy Peasey. Write Deputy Minister Franco Alulio telling him that your semi-rural neighbor is a nut-case driving around erratically yelling at people. To be sure, no-one including the police nor any institution nor politician nor media will check leaving your target without his or her driving license in perpetuity. It might cost you a few dollars. Franco has his expenses buying a new Maserati. B) The above scam is an 'Act of Commission' paralleled with Nazi Germany where the Nazi's acted legally with this Canadian exception: Alulio acted illegally in perverting the driver license suspension form and nobody says 'boo'. That fact alone destroys Canada as a nation making us cowards. C) All material on my cases goes to Justin Trudeau, Canada's P.M. as a Repository. In that respect it matters little who fills the post of P.M. D) The media is fond of pillorying the University professors as 'left wing' in order to suit their political bias of right wing vs left wing ergo elections are validated. My point is that these professors are 'nihilistic' and their students for over a decade are now forming the backbone of administrations. Typical are school principals who have opted out of disciplining students. Spending more money on special needs is not the answer. Selecting principals with backbone is and it can be done at a cheaper price. The problem extends in one way or another through every bureaucracy explaining why 2 out of 3 Canadians claim the system is broken. The favourite excuse of institutions for doing nothing now is 'for privacy concerns'. In brief, Canada has bred the wrong type of people. Don't get me wrong; Canadians are generous to a fault; they just lack any political conscience as we believe being 'the luckiest people in the world' (thanks to proximity to the U.S.) is going to see us through tough times. Think again. 


MAR 22-2020 'Liquidity'is the watchword for the coming Depression and the fact that there is precious little of it. All the experts quote figures contingent on other figures similar to a castle built on sand. On a personal level, as a senior living on his own with minimum needs without debt nor responsibility, and with all my money sitting in a bank account since 2015 plus collecting an ON teacher's pension (secure but few others are). I own my car (which I can't drive thanks to Franco Alulio in a scam without equal negatively impacting everyone living in a car culture) and apartment and can afford the condominium fees and taxes; I am of a 1% class of my own. Even here, I have lost 10% with the declining dollar. 50% of workers cannot go without a paycheck; they are the cannon fodder of the Depression. Anyone else with investments in such as the stock market, real estate, shaky pension funds (B.C. gov't owns the Teachers Pension Fund which has turned from a positive to a negative with increasing numbers of retirees), and any other speculative venture are now beginning to see the light but they are too late. The Covid-19 is the trigger in which people will stop paying their bills and with the courts shut down, what can bill collectors do? Everything will have to be C.O.D. The government will have to print money like mad to keep its head above water which further depresses our future. Even the chartered banks could limit withdrawals. In Lebanon, bank limits are $200 per month; hardly enough to pay your I-phone bill. Am I frightening you? Sorry. I meant to terrify you.


MAR 19-2020 After WWII, relatives in Canada sent such food items as hams to their British counterparts as they could not afford to buy such luxuries until 1954 after the war debt had been paid. The World Depression which we are looking at now eclipses anything which has gone before as the problems of an unsustainable economic system no matter of which type all come home to roost at once.


MAR 18-2020 Sherlock Holmes, if you please: CPSO (Physician's College) Report: The Complainant (me) requested a copy of his chart, which the Respondent (Dr. J.) provided after redacting information about the source of the concerns. Dr. J. explained that she had reason to believe that there were risks to those who raised their concerns with her regarding my health. Analysis: I never received redacted information regarding the infamous Oct. 15 letter as CPSO maintains. The only ones who Dr. J discussed the matter with were a) my estranged wife, Therese  b) younger son, Greg, living in Guelph c) older son Chris, living in Ottawa. Towngate Clinic staff were also involved. According to Dr. J's written account, it is unlikely Greg living in Guelph wrote the so-called letter of Oct. 15. It is further unlikely Therese wrote anything either unless it was at the request of Dr. J. Her bad mouthing was capable of launching a fleet of ships without having to put anything in print. Hence the most likely culprit was Chris but, even here, is it? Chris had not seen me since September but on two occasions had the police check up on me with an illicit 'wellness check' in November. (Police Chief Sloly refuses to investigate as well as seizing the rest of my medical file explaining why I have asked the Mayor and Council to replace him.) Both Greg, who arrived with family at Xmas and Chris arranged a secret Dec. 19 meeting before a Justice of the Peace, C. Logue, to have me seized which happened on Boxing Day with a key given to the police by Chris. He also broke into my apartment with his key while I was incarcerated for 9 days at the General Hospital after passing all my tests (the Hospital, similar to Dr. J. refuses to provide me with that record). Again, Sloly does nothing. But the point I wish to stress her is that all those redacted letters in September and October originated from her although to whom they were directed is not known. What is required is a Royal Investigation of all matters pertaining to my illicit teacher lay-off dating from 1985 to the present but the question remains; where in Canada is there such an examiner with the necessary credibility? That explains my international search for justice denied me in Canada. Until then, the Justice System of Canada lies in tatters. We have no right to criticize the corrupt nature of Third World courts in that regard.


MAR 17-2020 There is little doubt that 2 out of 3 public members believe the system is broken. My response to the incompetent College of Physicians & Surgeons shows how that is a detailed truism 'in spades'. In other words, what editor of the Sun & Citizen , Michele Richardson, does not want the public to read. It's a Schrodinger's Cat kind of thing with Dr. J. at the centre of it all. SEE LEGAL MAIL mar for full account and MEDIAmar for NEWSLETTER with excerpts (MAR. 18-2020)


MAR 16-2020 A) I don't think that the populace appreciates how long a 14 day self-isolation can last. I was 9 days into a phony Hospital lock-down before they would let me out; a saving of 7 days due to Staff Psychiatrist Sarah Chan becoming very nervous about an investigation on Jan. 8-2020. (It was later squelched.) I am a reader and that's what saved me. Fortunately the mental ward had a couple of really good books left behind. I now do my exercises at home with the Community Centre closures and am preparing my bike for warmer weather jaunts: PLACARD:  DONORS WITHHOLD HOSPITAL 2020 DONATIONS DUE TO MAJOR CRIME Due to Sun & Citizen editor, Michele Richardson, don't expect to read that national story in the media. B) Speaking of media...STAY HOME blares the Citizen headline except, of course, emergency personnel which obviously includes those who print and deliver a newspaper message which can just as easily be seen over the internet. C) About 50 years ago, I attended a session sponsored by the Vancouver Stock Exchange in which the long-time trader had this evaluation: 90% of the investing public lack the necessary skills. The financial sources control the media with badly conflicting news to the reality. Accept your losses and cash in now and revise your living style accordingly. ...but, but, you are told, the market always comes back...yes, long after you are completely broke and dead; it doesn't really matter which order.


MAR 15-2020 The last thing that the Towngate lawyer Bissonnette (B.) probably ever believed was that he would be the target of an action in which he did not come clean with his own legal representation. The situation is not unlike 2014 where Hicks, Morley et al decided to cut bait and leave the B.C. Employer high and dry explaining why the Employer cannot get legal representation in ON on the main B.C. labour problem. It would have to be a very hungry lawyer indeed to retain this case for B. At any rate, I filled him in with copious materials under 'Reply' mailed this weekend; some of which can be found under the new sub-heading OUR DISQUIETING COURTS mar In brief, everything is set up for him to fail personally even though the courts turn themselves upside down to drive me out of all legalities.


MAR 14-2020 A) So failed Education Minister John Snobelen in the Harris gov't. is off to NY for a few days claiming that '...At some point I will probably contract COVID-19. Odds are that you will too....' If I do, it will not be from the Big Fellah as I will keep a proverbial country mile from both him and his thinking. p.19 O.S. B) So the Body responsible for stopping annoying phone calls has, it turns out, only fined one party $90,000. To add insult to injury, the bureaucrat responsible claims '...we really don't think of it as a fine....' I forget the rest of it but it is an insult to any thinking individual but the bureaucrats prevail these days. C) The courts rush in where angels fear to tread = a real mishmash with Canada's version of a moral coronavirus attack. SEE OUR DISQUIETING COURTS mar and the story which editor Michelle Richardson of the Ottawa Sun & Citizen does not want the public to know.


MAR 12-2020 A) ...and I thought Justice C.Macleod upended the Justice System by knocking two of my cases off the court docket without a trial...try this one on for size: (Military) Case axed over lack of impartial judge O.C. p.4 National Post. MacLeod is probably kicking himself for not thinking of that one. Mind you, I have had over 50 'partial' judges with nary an impartial one...go figure.... B) The world panicked today as well it might. The first thing that people without a paycheck do is to not pay their bills - mortgage and some 'frills' such as $400 per year newspaper subscriptions. I told my friend, the former priest with his signs 'the individual is at the heart of all society' on Bank St. today that he envisages 40 years in the desert and with some sort of second coming, he will emerge into a society with hope. Not so myself which I label beezlebub to his vision as I foresee 40 years in a desert which will metamorphize into something hitherto unknown such as Canada becoming an U.S. state. We no longer deserve a nation. When bureaucrat 'mad Igor' can go off the ranch suspending driver's licenses negatively impacting car cultures everywhere and the best reaction we can get is...'Gee, I don't know what I would do without my driver's license'; then one knows that a country cannot be re-built on that mentality. PLACARD: BEHIND EVERY ECONOMIC COLLAPSE IS A MORAL COLLAPSE.


MAR 11-2020 A) So 'mad Ludwig' Franco Alulio of the Ministry of transport-Medical is at it again choosing a 'side-ways' stunt from the playbook of the Employer from 2004. SEE LEGAL MAIL mar  B) The severely depressed oil market is enough to ignite a major Depression; at least in Canada. C) It does not always rain on the rich and poor alike when it comes to public school vs private school risk of coronavirus

infection as after March Break all those rich students on vacation in foreign lands return to private schools.


MAR 10-2020 A) So Premier Ford has crept into Ottawa with his entourage to beg from the P.M. who is withholding his infrastructure money for projects creating a massive liquidity problem wherein Ford cannot even pay his workers. The problem is the same no matter which party is in power. He failed to get foreign investment and if the phony license scam affecting all those in a car culture gets exposure; he could be in a very bad way indeed.  B) So radio host and sometime Sun columnist, Jerry Agar, has a 'hard-on' against teachers with the parents always knowing best. One local School Board - similar to others elsewhere - cancelled all travel trips due to the coronovirus threat. One group, which works outside the Board (as most do with these trips) decided to go to Peru anyway during East Break with parent supervision as opposed to teacher supervision. Bad idea. For example, many decades ago, I got a yellow fever inoculation, not because I would be in areas with the disease so much as should there be an outbreak and the country closed its doors, I would be able to leave. At root of the  trip continuation is the loss of money as the group obviously did not have adequate resources for insurance which my wife and I always carried collecting once due to trip interruption based on an ice storm. Travel insurance Companies will not currently give coronavirus protection.

MAR 09-2020  A) An action (CV 20 83096) against Ottawa Justice Calumn McLeod for turning the Justice System on its head in a 'willy nilly' fashion. SEE GANG OF 40mar   B) An action filed in N.B. SEE LEGAL MAILmar


MAR 07-2020 Is Lebanon where the economy is defunct where Canada is headed? The banks there limit withdrawals to $200 per month; hardly enough to pay your IT bill. The 2008 Depression from which we never really recovered was primarily due to a 'funding' problem while today the basic one is of 'liquidity' more akin to the Stock Market Crash of 1929. If your money is not already out of the stock market, it is lost as you will not be able to ride this Depression through. The depth of the 1929 Depression was in 1933 and did not really climb out of it until the outbreak of WWII. That war debt lingered until the early 1950's until an unequalled level of prosperity began until 1970 with 1980 hitting the depths again with runaway inflation. Reaganomics in the 1980's saw prosperity emerge for the 1990's in a rather shaky pattern with an internet bust about 2000. Since then, the economy has been on a yo yo string which is coming to an end with a 'big bang' possibly triggered by the coronavirus plague. In 1985, U.S. citizens were the most prosperous in the world. Today they are in 10th position.


MAR 06-2020 A) This is the last day for Trudeau to take executive action (SEE LEGAL MAIL) otherwise the problems enunciated to him go country wide  B) 'Lock up the pimps and throw away the key' is Premier Ford's message which is the only one to curtail the trade. It's not happening due to a weak Justice Canada, he asserts (I can vouch for that one). Which brings us to 'mad Ludwig' (Franco Alullio CV20-82943) who publicly flaunts his braggadocio by replacing the term mental in driver's license suspensions in the Transport Ministry-Medical with psychiatric immediately creating 'stateless citizens' without medical or legal coverage. The former term may be re-tested; the latter one cannot. Where's Ford and his Justice Minister on that major caper which negatively impacts all drivers in all car cultures? Trudeau must act today on this one! Organized crime will have a field day selling protection to hapless drivers as one more arrow to their corruption bow which is but one offshoot of this pernicious crime. C) If we stand back and do nothing, we get the Trudeau tax Latter day hippy, MB Premier Pallister. But both you and SK's Moe have already stepped back by not supporting my bid against imposed legislation in both provinces and your people are now paying the price. You should have filed for intervener status but it is too late for both of you now. ON also paid a price with the carbon tax which was cruel considering their shuttering of coal-fueled sources. They did more than their fair share and are paying exorbitant prices for alternate power and do not need a Fed. tax on top which is all that it is along with the power to impose any legislation without overview i.e. Parliament.


MAR 05-2020 A) Axiom: 'It is the business of the court to make business for itself.' Not with loose cannon, Ottawa Superior Court Justice Calum MacLeod roaming the deck shooting down cases for Defendants with his 'Final Solution' of dispensing with cases without the necessary trial. Powerful interests will love this routine as a blank envelope with unmarked bills will be far cheaper than court processes which is my point here. Criminal law has been greatly simplified to a few forms mainly because the perps or those being accused of being perps cannot afford legal fees. Now for equal time on the other end of the scale as powerful interests will now duck out of court cases thanks to the 'Final Solution' leaving the legal fraternity in tatters trying to survive on crumbs. Not such a bad idea for one of the most corrupt institutions in Canada today which really, really needs to start over. Maybe our Calumn is just a friggin genius ahead of his times.

B) For those who wish to question further the Dr. J. and Hospital 'Final Solution' application; no legal firm could continue their Defense  leaving them, similar but not identical to Doug Ford with the main labour event where effective representation for the B.C. Employer has been hamstrung. In 2019, Saskatoon tried to engineer an appearance with B.C.'s Harris & Co. which blew up in their face leaving an action to be re-entered in N.B. with the Higgs gov't. where I am headed next although there is still the extant action against Dr. V. of Towngate and Franco Alulio of the Transport Ministry-Medical in Toronto all of which has landed in Justin Trudeau's personal lap. Does Ottawa's Macleod have a connection with Toronto for the purpose as material from the Transport Ministry can unravel everything...and that would never do if it all flashed back on the conspirators. Stay tuned. C) A third 'quick deed letter' sent to P.M. Trudeau for immediate attention. SEE LEGAL MAIL mar   D) 2 out of 3 Canadians are fed up with the bureaucracy. The third one works for the bureaucracy with a sign above their head: RUDE BEHAVIOUR WILL NOT BE TOLERATED as they tell enquirers that due to the privacy rules, they can't tell them anything.


MAR 04-2020 A) Street heat: 'Why does your protest placard tell donors to withhold donations to the General Hospital for 'ducking out' of a major crime?' Response: When the police grabbed me on Boxing Day and took me for a battery of tests (illicitly so) at the Emergency wing of the Ottawa Hospital with 3 doctors, they never expected me to pass those tests including an MRI (many regular patients were bumped for this nonsensical routine which a general practitioner could have completed in one hour). That's where a Dr. Li in a couple of phone calls to a Dr. Mann came up with a scheme to incarcerate me (9 days with a further week cancelled due to fright) in which such as Staff Psychiatrist Sarah Chan was out to prove that the emergency tests were only 'preliminary' with their 'expert' follow-up to show that, indeed, I was a basket case. I didn't buy it and when the Ministry for patient protection showed up unannounced to schedule a hearing for Jan. 08-2020, a very nervous Dr. Chan decided to release me early. That Jan. 8 meeting was never held; at least I was given no notice. I have a $10 million suit against the hospital which is refusing to write a Report or to expedite my medical file to me. Their lawyer is currently trying to pull another MacLeod 'Final Solution' to escape any court challenge similar to Dr. Jahagirdar. End of the world? Nope. Just Canada's world. What he did was alter the commonplace saying from 'there is a law for the rich and a law for the poor' based mainly on refusal of disclosure to 'there is a law for the poor and no law for the rich'. 'Bye 'bye Canada. B) What's wrong with SNC Lavelin? By applying the 'Final Solution' of Justice MacLeod, charges against them may be dropped for being frivolous & vexatious. Of course a plain envelope with un-numbered bills must be included to the judge. C) So Police Chief Peter Sloly, rather than saying 'I'll check it out' rationalizes his failure to check 'IT profiling' by claiming 'We're a big Organization'. It was under Sloly that I had the police banging on my door three different times on specious 'wellness checks' apparently by rogue influences operating in his department. Truly it may be said that the Mayor and City Council made as big a mistake with his appointment as with the LRT debacle. On that note, Ottawa City's operation is FUBAR on both levels. D) 'Justice is not a Pandora's box that can be opened as desired to see what is hiding in it...We are speaking of the career, the reputation, the freedom and the life in the future of an individual.' Justice Luc Martineau...on Roger Callow? Nope. ...on the court martial of Col. Mario Dutil. It is plain to see that the good judge has not heard of the 'Final Solution' of Justice MacLeod who has raided Pandora's Box for his purpose of exonerating Defendants without a trial. O.C. p.8  E) SEE LEGAL MAILmar for the most recent salvo addressed to the P.M. as 'down the rabbit hole we all go'. 3:30 P.M. Justice Calum MacLeod did it again; this time wiping out the case against the General Hospital.


MAR 03-2020 A) One more time in 25 words or less; what's going on with your 35 year B.C. senior teacher lay-off  in 1985 which hasn't been resolved and therefore no compensation has been received? I will try. Most lay-offs are sweetheart deals between Employer and Union as was this one. The courts saw that and prolonged the misery to chase me out with a private settlement which is the normal course. But this course was not normal for the Employer as they refuse to pay anything due to the imposed BILL 35 which they claim is not subject to court overview even though the courts have said otherwise. My lawyer threw up his arms in disgust in 2004 claiming that 'I had exhausted all remedy under the law' as the law states that there must be an 'ultimate remedy'. That's when the court system imploded with corpse to follow. That corpse followed in February 2020 with the absurd ON Justice C. MacLeod dictum of merely dropping a case without hearing it; in this case the $10 million dollar fraud case against my former doctor, Dr. Jahagirdar whom, in league with the Transport Ministry-Medical, had my driver's license suspended for psychiatric reasons (the form reads 'mental' which can be tested; 'psychiatric' may not be) in, it turns out, in perpetuity giving governments a new weapon against whistleblowers or anyone inimical to their interests. Entire car-culture societies are negatively impacted as many people depend on an auto to do their jobs. As to MacLeod, his 'Final Solution' puts an end to Justice Canada as all powerful Defendants will turn to buying the judge. Sorry that I didn't keep to 25 words, but it is the best I could do. B) The legal dipsticks are at it again with this Justice MacLeod 'Final Solution' application. SEE GANG OF 40mar

C) A rare letter to P.M. Trudeau to return sanity to the Justice System in Ontario by returning filed actions by me to the proper court controls. SEE LEGAL MAILmar


MAR 02-2020 A) So why did Canada abandon all hope from Pandora's last vestige of faith with the MacLeod 'Final Solution'? Because Dr. Jahagirdar was facing total banishment from her profession (lawyer Bissonnette has similar problems also with an action against him explaining why I was prepared to deal; namely give me my remaining medical file and I will drop the action against him.) By interfering in the course of justice in a most significant manner from which Canada can never recover with MacLeod's 'Final Solution'; every Defendant in the land will seek to exculpate themselves from a is, in other words, unworkable as it cannot be limited to just this personage.

He has, in effect, killed off the goose that laid the golden judicial egg and done so in the glare of the legal light of such as a Chief Justice and any number of factotums who saw exactly what was wrong with what they were doing. A parallel may be drawn to the Franco Alulio driver license suspension scam in which there was not a peep from the provincial NDP or Liberal Parties (plus David McGuinty for the Feds.) Abandon all hope ye who would trust to the politicians in which the Ottawa City Council is the litmus test for all. They are challenged to publicly demand the removal of Police Chief Sloly for dereliction of duty. (On top of the LRT Phase 2 fiasco, they are caught 'politically sucking and blowing at the same time'.) I call it 'institutional autism'. B) Messaging blurs issues in education stalemate O.C. While of course there will be varying interpretations within the Teacher's Strike group while the gov't. forces sing all to the same tune. Both know where they stand with the media task to sort out the issues which they have done to no avail in leading to a settlement. It is the media way of discounting the Strike to curry favour with parents (and subscribers) who want the strike to end. Bottom line? The people left reading newspapers are over 60 hence the media to a large extent is 'blowing in the wind and out their rear ends'.


MAR 01-2020 A) The Justice MacLeod 'Final Solution' has finally shown everyone the colours of Canada's Justice System as it crosses its Rubicon for a last time. B) The Feb. 27 mandamus-settlement conference - whatever you want to call it - was the farce it set out to be.

Turning to the streets is the answer for any individual or group (striking ON Teachers; Indigenous peoples) is all that is left of our tattered nation but please, no violence to people. C) I have been warning people to get out of the stock market as when troubles hit, they hit fast and then the mutual funds are not going to let your money go. My point here? That was my message ever since the downturn in 2015 which was temporary. If I had held in, I would have doubled my money if I had exited one month ago. Even gold has taken a beating as investors have to cash in to cover their margin calls. The Canadian dollar is the bellwether for all this...62 cent Diefendollar again?


MAR 02-2020


TO: N.B. Premier Higgs _ pages sent by fax: 506-453-7407      FROM: Roger Callow

REFERENCE: web: 2019 NEW BRUNSWICK  JUNE 14 revised


June 14-2019

TO: Court of Queen's Bench                           FROM: Roger Callow  plaintiff

Trial Div. P.O. Box 5001                                              #2001-1285 Cahill Dr. West

Saint John, N.B. E2L 4Y9                                             Ottawa, ON  K1V 9A7

ATTN: Amanda Evans Q.C. Court clerk            2 pages 2019 JUNE sub-title


MESSAGE: March 02-2020

1) This account is an addendum to my letter of February 21-2020 to you outlining my intention of re-filing a fraud case against B.C. legal firm Harris & Co. plus accompanying judges.

2) The material enclosed can be found on my web page noted above and is for your information and guidance as to how you may facilitate the re-laying of this case.

3) The delay was due to events in ON where CV 18000 76950 has been sitting in the laps of Premier Doug Ford ever since he took office over 1-1/2 years ago and steadfastly refuses to assign a hearing date of one hour for the purpose of disclosure without which I may not collect compensation in a 35 year lay-off for economic reasons from my senior teaching position under the conditions of the imposed BILL 35 (1985) used only against this personage. The Employer, the West Vancouver School Board refuses to recognize court oversight in this matter with over 50 judges across Canada including approaches to the Supreme Court of Canada on 4 occasions 'ducking out' on this central question.

4) In brief, the matter is focused on disclosure for with that, I remove myself from the province hearing this matter. As to the judges concerned, I merely list them so that the Defendant cannot claim 'matters already settled'. The court is free to handle that aspect as they wish or wish not as the case may be.


Feb. 21-2020


TO: N.B. Premier Higgs 1 page sent by fax: 506-453-7407        FROM: Roger Callow

REFERENCE: web: 2019 NEW BRUNSWICK  JUNE 14 revised


June 14-2019

TO: Court of Queen's Bench                           FROM: Roger Callow  plaintiff

Trial Div. P.O. Box 5001                                              #2001-1285 Cahill Dr. West

Saint John, N.B. E2L 4Y9                                             Ottawa, ON  K1V 9A7

ATTN: Amanda Evans Q.C. Court clerk            2 pages 2019 JUNE sub-title



1) A review of the above case listed on the internet is warranted now that I am finished with Ontario courts with the Mandamus Court for 19-SC-155235 no matter which way it goes as Justice Ontario is FUBAR.

2) While there are many parameters in this 35 year unresolved labour issue with its genesis in B.C. where no compensation has been paid in a sweetheart deal between the West Vancouver School Board and Union regarding the illicit lay-off of senior teacher, Roger Callow, in June of 1985 under the imposed BILL 35 (1985) - think imposed carbon tax - for economic reasons (read that whistleblowing); the issue is reduced to disclosure of a second set of conditions in July of 1985 which School Board Counsel Stuart Clyne QC re-created to replace the original June lay-off order and after my written challenge to contest that dismissal. Both the Union and Employer refuse to provide me with that disclosure so important to collecting compensation as no 'deferred salary' has been paid in 35 years as I am still an employee of the School Board.

3) As noted in the above case; provide me with the above disclosure and I am out of NB courts.

4) As I am contesting illegalities from Saskatoon court in 2019 involving fraud on the part of the court, judges, and B.C. legal representative, Harris & Co., I can hardly expect to get justice in SK hence my appeal in another province which has not been exposed to this case. There is no limitation on fraud. I only list the judges and their decisions so that any reference to those cases by the Defendant would show a disputed claim. Otherwise, the court can handle that aspect as they wish.

5) Evans would quote the judicature act to obviate a case which has been in seven provinces all with their judicature acts but never quoting them as fraud and the 'pursuit of justice' is given much leeway by courts.

6) Part of the delay in ON courts can be attributed to the fact that the Doug Ford government was handed a 'dirty biscuit' by the outgoing Liberals by assigning a file number to this case which has sat for a year and a half without a hearing date my remonstrations notwithstanding.

Ontario would rather see its Justice System be completely destroyed rather than to break faith with the judicial cover-up of this case in its failure to call for disclosure.

7) Consequently, the revised forms are being re-introduced to NB hopefully with acceptance from your Court of Queen's Bench.


Yours truly , Roger Callow