RECENT 7 july-2020


INTRODUCTIONA) Canada's Birthday and not a very happy one in these self-isolating COVID days which threatens a Lebanon type situation if prolonged where people are starving on a massive scale (see comment JUNE 30); a harbinger for North America if a vaccine is not found immediately. In a broader sense it is not a happy day for Canada as I mark it as the failure of the digital age exemplified by the failed government Phoenix pay program. Many other examples exist where professions are routinely claiming that their system is broken; nurses, doctors, Parliament where the media details the collapse under the exigent conditions of COVID 19. The corrupt Canadian Justice System is moving into a Phoenix-like disaster by introducing vertical digital procedures on top of such as the corrupt Ottawa Justice C. MacLeod action of dropping a major $10 million action which I had laid against the Ottawa General Hospital for aping a Nazi 'night and the fog' stunt over this personage last Xmas. I have called on the Office of the P.M. to apply a trusteeship over the Ottawa courts for this and other transgressions. Now every rogue bureaucrat such as Franco Alulio can perpetrate frauds (fake driver license suspension negatively impacting all car cultures) without fear of oversight repercussions including the courts of law where I have laid an action against him. Every corporate entity can now expect to follow that route established by MacLeod j. to escape justice. The Huawei Meng story and the recent B.C. Justice Heather Holme's 'non-decision' in not calling for disclosure is symbolic - as is the employee' - of the collapse of Justice Canada. So no 'last hurrah' birthday cake for Canada today. Shame on her. B) Where can individual Canadians turn for redress? I have turned to U.S. Economics Professor, Walter Williams to look out for U.S. interests in Canada (he is published in the Ottawa Sun) particularly as they relate to Franco Alulio's bogus license suspension as both countries live in a car culture, and left unchallenged, will lead to people being extorted if they wish to drive. Perhaps some day, Canadians will be saluting the U.S. flag as an extension of the 14th colony option as a nation of cowards does not fare well on its own. Even Winston Churchill abhorred passiveness in a people. Truly it may be said that Canada 'failed to stand on guard for thee'. Veterans must be rolling over in their graves to see the country that they fought for collapse beneath their feet. Next Remembrance Day (Nov. 11); I suggest that the war veterans take their ceremony 'in-house' in the Legions and send only token representation including cadets to the Cenotaph in Ottawa where the political GG Julie Payette should attend in civilian clothes; not her usual military garb. C) That 3-minute fireworks display over Parliament Hill at 10 P.M. is another Guy Fawkes symbol of the demise of Canada's morality.


JULY 31 QUOTE: Canadian-born economist JK Galbraith once claimed that all successful revolutions are the kicking in of a rotten door. The Ottawa General Hospital under recently retired CEO Dr. Jack Kitts and his successor, Cameron Love, epitomize that 'rotten door' for which I have called for a donation suspension until my incarceration last Xmas in a 'night & fog' fashion reminiscent of Nazi Germany is examined. A $10 million action against the Hospital by me was dropped recently by Justice Calum MacLeod for 'reasons best known to himself' as there was no hearing. The course of justice in Canada has been forever turned as now all powerful interests will merely buy a judge to avoid the courts of law. Hence the O.S. article entitled Ottawa Hospital Lawsuit Alleging Fraud and Kickbacks 'Concluded' by Elizabeth Payne marks the new direction for the powerful and influential; namely, everything in our legal system is to avoid a Judicial Decision (which is bad enough with its frivolous & vexatious accusations) by the word 'concluded'. We should now call ourselves 'Concluded Canada'; the nation of rotten doors.


JULY 30A) 'IT'S HIGHLY UNETHICAL' O.C. NP 1 '...paying Google to falsely manipulate Google is akin to paying for fakepositive reviews.... I ran into this matter when I sued young Dr. Jahagirdar of Towngate Family Clinic for $10 million for fraud. The 'puff piece' out of the blue told how wonderful a Dr. she was without reference to this case.

This disreputable Clinic legally argued that they had nothing to do with the operation of the Clinic without producing a copy of the Partnership Agreement as demanded by me before the corrupt Deputy Judge Rosalind Conway in a kangaroo court hearing on Feb. 27. ( In contrast, a similar argument 'not my department' was defeated by the court against the Archdiocese in N.L. in the Mount Cashel sex abuse case NP2. My neighborhood buddy went to a private boarding school on Shawnigan Lake in the 1950's run by these Christian brothers and while he knew of some who 'bent their asses'; he didn't, earning himself much caning.) Google was set up against the Employee's Case until their billion dollar fine in Europe which saw a turn-around as now someone(s) is feeding the search engines with my material including that notorious civil action against judges (should be a criminal charge!) in Edmonton. I have advised columnist Lorne Gunter who writes out of Edmonton on this level but he seems more intent on blasting the authorities in the N.S. massacre. B) Eager beaver WE investigator, Dion, is on the tail of Trudeau and Morneau; but not so much so on Tory leadership candidate, Peter MacKay, on his connection with WE when Harper was P.M. D)Sometimes Trump gets it right...this one about shithole countries. Zimbabwe lost 7 out of 8 babies in one night due to a medical strike. NP2


JULY 29 A) China must now realize that Meng's lawyers cannot get the FBI disclosure (non national security matter such as CSIS, Border Security, RCMP) due to the recent B.C. Heather Holmes legal Decision to cover up all disclosure...if the 'paper tiger outfit fits'.... PLACARD: JUSTICE SYSTEM / BITCHED, BROKEN & BURIEDB) The public is beginning to freak out with Aug. approaching and they are no closer to being able to pay their bills. Merchants have empty stores e.g. clothing store limits customer level to 5 with no line-up outside. Apart from the food and pharmacy section (people will have to choose between medicine or food) ofWalmart, the store is inactive. C) There is no more concentration of people than students in a school. Distancing provisions are unworkable. Further, as the Gov'ts. have noted, the 'partying' of those in their 20's is leading to an extension of COVID. Many of these young people return home to older parents thus infecting them. We don't know if a vaccine will work, but we do know that such as Canada will be broke before such a vaccine arrives. D) The O.S. is picking up a number of 'freeby' columns, some of them quite interesting, to replace columnists with only one string to their bow. E) As a generalization, teachers and police are poorly paid in the U.S. leading to almost anyone getting hired. In Canada, teachers are adequately paid but suffer from weak administration concepts. For a number of years now, police problems can be related to hiring non-Caucasians which is unexplainable. Ottawa should have two person roaming police cars at all times. Even the press is critical of 20 police taking down a minor pot infraction. Police Chief Sloly is part of the problem as opposed to the solution.


JULY 26 A) Sad state of Ontario's consumer protection laws which don't cover a house purchase; the biggest expenditure the public makes. p.8 Guest Opinion'...We often think our laws and court system (good for her as she includes the court system; something labour guru, Howard Levitt is light on) are there to help us solve problems. Sometimes it is the opposite and legal battles just create more problems. (Bang on...thanks to the judges as per the Meng Case and others) B) If columnist Lorne Gunter who operates out of Edmonton is so sincere about exposing the perfidy surrounding the N.S. massacre which is being hushed up despite public protest, he would look to his own bailiwick to explain why a civil class action against judges (as opposed to criminal) for kiting judgments. I declined to join for ethical reasons as I believed these judges should be charged criminally and not bailed out by the taxpayers without repercussions.As such, Gunter looks like a hyocrite.


JULY 25 A) What's the point of this NS 'review'? Covering backsides? O.S. p.21 Lorne Gunter What Gunter has stumbled on is the 'modus operandi' of our Justice System which operates in secrecy usually by denying disclosure of key information to the advantage of the more powerful party; in this case the RCMP. In essence he is fighting for his job as what point is there in buying a newspaper if Postmedia 'can't get the story'? Track record to date in that regard is not good; not until the media hit on the judges directly such as I do. B) Rather than increase their prices to accommodate expansion, Walmart are going to tax their suppliers about 4%; just the amount which makes their wholesale business unprofitable. Growing up in the 50's and 60's, I was aware of company 'hardball' where the vast majority of the public were not inordinately compromised but the corporate extension of that commercial approach today is enriching the top 1% at the expense of the rest of us. Of course Walmart can be expected to gobble up defunct wholesalers at the back door for liquidation prices with numbered companies. C) The power of the press is almost negligible. The Sun regularly posts the 500 plus days of incarceration for the 'two michaels' and while there is a vast increase in public protests, none are for these two. If Churchill spoke today as opposed to 1939, Hitler would have had his 1000 year Reich and 13 million European Jews would have been exterminated. He was correct then and correct now; his great fear of 'passiveness' in a people. The Employee's Case is symbolic of just that failure.

(One central unasked question is why Churchill did not bomb Auschwitz.)


JULY 24 A) Nobody trusts to a Chief Justice appears to be the theme in the recent NS massacre as family members want a public enquiry as opposed to a private panel under the CJ. Good for N.S. victims. B) So Chief ofDefense Staff Jon Vance is retiring with a quashed rumour that he will head up NATO (Apparently, they don't want him either) as he is the one who precipitated the Vice Admiral Mark Norman Case fiasco. (I thought that Norman had been 'bought out' but apparently not so.) B) So Israel is bombing targets near Damascus and Tehran; apparently in part to promote Trump's re-election as well as provoking response from Tehran whose gov't. is weakening = war?


JULY 23 A) Where-ever will one find another 'Donald Trump'? ANS. Right here in Canada in the form of an out-of-control Justice System in which the citizenry insist on their right to disbelieve; namely, that we do have 'law and order' when the facts show otherwise. The Employee's Case and the Huawei's Meng case are the tip of the iceberg.

B) Document issues review in Vice Adm. Norman Case has bounced around various agencies O.C. p.1 I recognize the routine as no doubt do lawyers representing Meng. This corruption is throughout the system but at least the media is beginning to expose the perfidy of the authorities. In this article, it is correctly pointed out that proceedings were 'stayed' making a lie of the presiding Justice's comment to Norman that 'You have been exonerated'. It was a deal including his own lawyer and while Norman lacked the necessary legal sophistication, I do not. I would have fired Heinen on the spot for conspiring with the Crown and judge. C) Canada cowers instead of helping the Uighurs

O.C. p. A7 Terry Glavin re Ottawa 2-day Human Rights discussion'...Why does the gov't of Canada persist in acting as though none of these atrocities is happening at all....? Response. Simply because if it were not for Glavin's column, we would have no knowledge of these depredations. Even REDDIT has only a passing reference to this topic. The public, in other words, is just not interested. PLACARD: BEHIND EVERY ECONOMIC DEPRESSION IS A MORAL DEPRESSION. Glavin has defined the first; the stock markets will reflect the second. PHOTO OP: MENG IS VERY LUCKY. CHINA LOCKED UP 3 MILLION UIGHUR PEOPLE IN CONCENTRATION CAMPS WITHOUT TRIALS.


JULY 22 A) By rights, the Jews should be taking the 'bended knee' at the monument near Oakville commemorating the Ukrainian Waffen Brigade who zealously persecuted the Jews as did similar elements in Hungary and Romania. The Dutch and French police were no slouches in the round-up. The 'final solution' was designed to kill off Europe's 13 million Jews with the Holocaust accounting for half that number. The major problem on the Eastern Front? Sapping of fighting spirit of German troops who had to witness the details of extermination procedures and in war, fighting spirit is all important. A central question is why the Allies did not bomb Auschwitz, the major extermination camp nor the train engines carrying Jews to their 'final destination'. It was a colossal mistake by the Germans as in WWI, the Jews remained loyal to the country they lived in. As a high school history teacher, the Canadian texts in the fifties and sixties had a 'one-liner' on the Holocaust. 'Those poor people' was my elementary teacher mother's observation while my father bought his tailored suits from a Jewish tailor (as did I at one time). To be sure the Jews were well aware of the existence of this Oakville monument so why was the public revelation made now? As an addendum, we never taught 'history'; we taught the importance of 'standing on guard for thee'; which I claim we have lost today. B) GG Payette runs a toxic office for employees. The gov't used her to make phone calls to gain votes for a failedU.N. seat. I have told the Veterans Society to take Remembrance Day 'in-house' at the Legion with token representation at the Cenotaph in Ottawa where she should attend in civilian clothes for her cowardly comments to troops in Europe. On one occasion I remonstrated with Rabbi Bulka for speaking at one ceremony as the military chaplain speaks on behalf of all religions. Further, I directly contacted Rabbi Bulka to withhold Hospital Donations until my illicit 9 day lock-down at Ottawa General Hospital last Xmasreminiscent of the Nazi 'night and the fog' is examined. B) While travelling in Alaska, we were told by our native 'Eskimo' guide that 'Inuit' is what Canada calls these 'eaters of fish'; but in Alaska, they call themselves eskimos. So why didn't the Edmonton Eskimos just move over the border as opposed to calling themselves the Edmonton EE's? ...just asking.


JULY 21 A)Are we keeping you up? A hospital psychiatrist fell asleep at least 5 times while treating a patient and was reprimanded by the Physician's College (a disreputable body itself) accordingly. My point? Psychiatrists at the bottom of the feeding chain get jobs with the hospital; I can vouch for 3 on that level at Ottawa General Hospital; one who could hardly speak English; a second a graduate the year before; and a third, the highly duplicitous Sarah Chan whom I accused of conspiracy to exonerate the Hospital's 'night and the fog' - see website - at my personal expense. As to falling asleep, judges regularly do it, particularly when they know the judgment is already in before the trial which explains most Appeal courts. Having nothing to lose in 2014, I called out one such 3 person Appeal Court judge for falling asleep much to the amusement of the court. In 1985, the arbitrator was falling asleep after lunch one day in the arbitration (later quashed by the court leaving me in limbo) so the lawyers - no doubt used to this - loudly harumphed to wake him up. It's all part of my Institutional Autism charge where the individual counts for very little if at all. The new Hospital CEO is no better than outgoing CEO Dr. Jack Kitts who did not deserve that expensive one page thank-you for his service from a compromised chairperson herself. My Placard calls for a suspension of donations to the Hospital until this mess is sorted out. B) The sad case of John McCallum (former Canadian ambassador to China p.15Hidden Hand book extract is misleading. McCallum was not being groomed in the normal sense by the Chinese. He was married to a Chinese with children living in China and, I submit, engineered his own firing to protect his family.

JULY 22 A) So Tory leader Andrew Scheer is standing on his hind legs calling out the Liberals on WE GATE. Did the Tories not know about this scam? Either way, no hope for a Tory gov't. under these circumstances. The same applies to the NDP.


JULY 21 A) So the Doug Ford gave boodles of money to assist the LTC homes...and whom did it go to? Why the very ones which had been creaming the top off the system. Why? Because of the sub rosaunderstanding that some of these funds are to be kicked back to the Tory Party. Ever expect to see an exposť in the Tory O.S. ? Dreamer.

B) In 2003 fully 3/4 of the U.S. public believed the media blaming Iraq's Saddam Hussein for 9/11 when in actual fact the bombers came from Saudi Arabia, a friend of the U.S. gov't. Today, an equal fraction no doubt believes China to be in the wrong with the Huawei's Meng detention when, in all likelihood, Canada exceeded her legal powers which they still cover up (Heather Holmes j. recent Ruling = no ruling) C) Forget the compromised Chrystia Freeland, Deputy PM, ever taking over as PM but then it really doesn't matter as the public have turned away from politics in Canada. C) I hope no-one has young Dr. Jahagirdar of Towngate Family Medicine as a Doctor. By refusing to relinquish control of my medical file (or, alternatively, provide medical services) when I dismissed her and lodged a $10 million action, I am unable to get a new Doctor from Health Ontario. Unfortunately there is no institution which knows how to troubleshoot = anarchyD) Witty letter writer apologizing to Trudeau for not paying his taxes. Indeed, he had to talk to his neighbor about failing to do the same thing. But he has learned his lesson and both will pay their taxes and will keep apologizing and apologizing until they do. E) Two amateur performances: Tom Hanks as Mr. Rogers because he did not make a concerted study of Mr. Roger's movements and Dustin Hofman in Death of a Salesman where he was badly miscast and yet that was the version shown in English high school classes. The only actor for the part of Willy Loman was Lee J. Cobb. While the 50's marked the passing of that type of 30's figure, I met one such type in the 50's and Hofman was definitely not that type. He should have stuck to Mrs. Robinson.


JULY 20 A) Maybe I should take a leaf out of the book of a Fredericton advisor to the poor by inserting the word 'legal' in front of 'advisor'thus earning him 100 days in jail, a replication of what he has been doing for well over a decade. My point is that the media would break their boycott on the Employee's Case to publish this piece of aberrant behaviour; and aberrant it is as all he has to do is leave the word 'legal' out as the judge is quite capable of realizing whether or not the advisor has legal background. I don't believe he is helping his clients with this approach. I am always respectful of court procedures which does not entail blessing the judgment and the presiding justice as readers of this series well knows. For the authorities to take after me can produce the very thing which they wish to avoid with the Employee's Case; namely, publicity although ducking the Justice MacLeod Decision which turns the entire Justice System on its head calls into question the P.M., the politicians, various institutions and the media = anarchy. China comes closest to recognizing the problem by claiming Canada operates legally on a double standard which is my argument as routinely withholding disclosure which Canada does, makes a mockery of any legal system


JULY 19 A) BIGOTRY IN BACKYARD O.S. p.4 '...I have explained this to the police two times. They say they can't do anything because it's not physical....' Oh yes they can. It's called 'assault'. This is why I support partial 'defunding' with a return to the taxpayer of a policing cost which has escalated 3x in the past 20 years with greatly reduced services. The protest in Almonte (just North of Ottawa) with 500 people in support of a black woman who was trespassing on private property to get to work failed the litmus test e.g. were Caucasions also denied use of this path making it a non-racial incident? Apparently 500 protesters don't care with the town authorities or media failing to ask the central questions (as usual). B) p.15 Why Huawei's Meng does not sue the Canadian government for false arrest is beyond me. That's the approach I use prompting such as Ottawa Court's Justice MacLeod to usurp the whole Justice system by dropping my actions without a court hearing. Behind him is Master Kaufman whose follow-up duplicity dropped my action against MacLeod without a court hearing during the COVID 19 closure of the courts = bedlam and why I call for the Feds to invoke a trusteeship over Ottawa Courts. Sitting on their ass doing nothing is not an option for this 'paper tiger'. Even Portland goes after the U.S. feds by suing them for arrests. C) P.M. Justin Trudeau shows his protocol inexperience by permitting Trump to address him by the diminutive 'Justin' when what he should have done is respond with...'Well, I'll tell you, Don....D) A 'perfect storm' is arriving at the end of the month with people unable to pay their rents due to COVID to which is added an inability to pay car leases as they learn about 'negative equity' the hard way. Already the car lots are full.


JULY 18 A) Forget the British-China battle over Hong Kong in the macrocosm; the real story is that Canada has shown China to be a 'paper tiger' in the microcosm in the Huawei-Meng legal story. Of course Meng as an 'individual'is being screwed over by the Canadian Justice System with its refusal of disclosure which in all likelihood would show a fraud = everything flowing from that action is 'null and void' and Meng returns to China with the power to bring a personal legal action against Canada for millions. Not going to happen which is why a list of the 'who's who' in Canada (former P.M.'s plus SCofC Chief Justice) signed a letter insisting that Meng be returned to China (and keep our corruptible justice system safe to persecute the 'Rogers' in the system.) Even Trump was willing to use her as a trade exchange. Trudeau said no promoting 'executive action' as the only option, for China can ill-afford to have her nationals seized in the transfer sections of the airports throughout the world. B) What?!?

The 'white guy' section of the newspaper (obituaries) O.C. included a black deceased person C) 'Justice delayed is justice denied' or 'It is the business of the court to make business for itself' has become problematical as reflected in the 'Jordan Decision' a few years ago showing court screw-ups due to delay (and they have not even touched the 35 year unresolved Employee's Case!) While the concern relates to criminal trials, civil trials are also a part of our botched Justice System. Canada is no more under these circumstances.


JULY 17 A) Where's Waldo? (2003) Sub-heading 2020 in a walk down memory lane illustrating how the Justice System imploded.B)The digital age does not work. For example, one cannot speak to a live voice at Rogers or Bell whom is able to troubleshoot. The Rogers representative in a local mall spent one hour on the phone clearing up a cancelation which didn't go through before COVID 19 closed their store. BELL is much worse. I had my cell phone kiosk advisor as a favour phone Bell and in a half hour to which I nodded 'yes'; he was able to get me the return numbers vital for sending back equipment. I still get 'computer generated' invoices which I registered with BBB and CTRC insisting on getting a live operator to figure out the account. Apparently the people appointed are trained to bully people into keeping their services. 'They all do it,' I was told. In paying my condo fees, I wanted to round up my cheques by 2 cents to an even '100 figure'. No can do. So in writing 3 cheques for the lesser amount, I double checked which was a good thing as I had made two errors on two different cheques; something which would not have happened with the higher amount. I can see some clerk easily making a mistake transposing the lesser amounts. Such as the ill-fated Phoenix program paying civil servants has been screwed up for years. It seems the whole digital business is run like the 'billable time courts of law' where a few playing the system benefit at the expense of the public at large.


JULY 16 A) Ottawa City Council voted 21-0 to suspend Councilor Rick Chiarelli's paycheck which is their right. So why did I suggest that Chiarelli has the makings of a major court case against the city and media for publicizing one side of this story? First of all, he denied the accusations plus his major health problems had a Doctor's certificate excusing him from testifying at this time. Surely the proper course was to register a criminal charge against Chiarelli under these circumstances. That was not done = police (Chief Sloly) and crown prosecutor remiss on this point.B)So a great manhunt was staged in Ontario for a murderer staying where? Why in his mother's house in Carleton Place...just the police going about their business in the usual bureaucratic way. C) What was gained from grilling grocery CEO's O.S.p.13 Dr. Charlebois agri food analyst (A perceptive article) '...Many questions suggested that MPs suspected grocers were colluding. Fixing bread prices, which occurred over 14 years, is one thing. But talking about grocers is something entirely different....' Response:Some things never change. In the 1950's McGavin's Bread in Vancouver was found guilty for price-fixing. As McGavin later told my father, as soon as we walked out of court, they could have laid the charge again. It's called legal billable time nonsense to justify the courts and politicians. Today I call it 'institutional autism' where the individual comes second best if at all.


JULY 15 One has got to feel sorry for the sinking SS Titanic Postmedia which had to sell their building to pay down an ever increasing debt. Investigative reporting in Canada died decades ago with writers having their un-named sources. Harper saw the end to that era. Now they are doing the same barking at the P.M. and getting nowhere as I am doing with many other individuals such as Meng of Huawei against the Justice System and their widespread failure to provide disclosure, the bedrock of habeas corpus and therefore, all law.


JULY 14-2020 A) Two page letter to Justin Trudeau explaining how the Ottawa Court System, this time under Master Kaufman, has led to the collapse of the Canadian Justice System. SEE MEDIA July†† B) O.S. p.2 Court says sorry, but too bad to Harkat over email breach. Federal Court Judge (where most of these problems stem) pulls a Meng court stunt to extend the billable time of this 25 year case costing the public a fortune: '...Much of the gov'ts. case fell apart during five days of court hearings....' Significance? The media is beginning to turn against the judges which is long overdue.C) Mayor Watson is backing the suspension of Chiarelli. The problem? Next Wednesday is the last meeting day before summer so Council is between a rock and a hard place. Chiarelli has denied the allegations and has valid medical reasons for delaying his response hence the city can expect a very expensive legal action from him which would pale against paying him salary which itself is a problem should Chiarelli ultimately be found guilty. It's a problem in timing. C) True to court form the Meng Defense is being denied disclosure leaving Meng to 'rot rather than wither on the vine' of judicial cupidity. Expect executive action by an untraceable black ops leaving the question of who benefits? Not the Chinese who can ill-afford to have their nationals grabbed from intransit lounges around the world. Canada benefits but is Trudeau a murderer? I think not which does not explain others such as Chrystia Freeland in the Liberal Party. The U.S.? Definitely. They created the problem so they can be expected to resolve it. Pompeo is already warning U.S. citizens in China. The 'Falkland Solution' I wrote on is the only peaceful solution but time has run out.


JULY 13 A) O.C. NP4 One page 'mea culpa' rationalization from WE co-founders could be sold to the Ottawa General Hospital for my illicit 'takedown' last Xmas IF the media had publicized the event. B) As a legal issue, it was clear that Doctor's orders were paramount in keeping embattled City Councilor Rick Chiarelli from testifying to a 'jumped-up johnny' investigator whom should have refrained from going public. He should have turned his material over to City Council to make any public pronouncements. If the city this Wednesday choose to act against Chiarelli, they should expect a massive lawsuit. Two West Vancouver School Trustees in 1985 with my teacher lay-off for economic reasons fed their personal poison to the right wing tabloid North Shore News thus damaging my case in which the court later quashed the arbitration ruling the arbitrator to be patently unreasonable. The ensuing NSN follow-up definitely had a 'nose out of joint' response to my success; but the damage had been done and here we are 35 years later with a defunct Justice System. Huawei's Meng is caught up in the same trap although China is standing up for her which does not bode well for Canada's future...or lack thereof.


JULY 12 A) Letter to Editor O.S. p.18 WHITE PRIVILEGE? Can someone, anyone explain to me what white privilege means? If it's going to improve my life, I want some of that! (from an old timer who came up the hard way with basic values). My Response. For me it means people like black U.S. Professor Walter Williams along with his other black counterparts deals with issues related to black people leaving 'whitey victims' such as myself due to the illicit Franco Alulio driver Suspension scam which affects all races, hanging in the lurch. As a columnist in the Sun, I have appointed him the face of North America in rejecting 'Franco Alulio' as no other Cdn. politician or media type or institution (particularly the legal one) will face up to this major challenge to any car culture. B) It is civilization which is responsible for mass dysfunction as all the little cogs are trained to fit into the one big cog. For example, for centuries, people were trained to hate the Jews. The biggest scientific study before WWII was eugenics with even Tommy Douglas weighing in on the topic in 1932. Nazi Germany was the logical extension of Jewish persecution in its bid to wipe them out through genocide. To most people that is another time in another place to other people hence 'they are not involved'. But where does this persecution trend all start in every country? In Canada, that focus is on Franco Alulio, the rogue civil servant whom no-one will stop...not the institutions, the politicians or the media.

In brief, Canada forgot to 'stand on guard for thee'. The streets are the only answer although I precaution against violence to people.


JULY 11 Labour guru, Howard Levitt, speaks so knowingly about labour law. No dispute as to what he says about the laws. The dispute lies in any individual seeking to use those laws against a powerful institution. I can see many people being sucked into expensive labour cases trying to follow his advice reminiscent of this 15 year old PLACARD: STAY OUT OF A CANADIAN COURTROOM UNLESS YOU FIRST BUY THE JUDGE. Decades ago in another field, I had this truism brought home to me when I took an auto repair course at night school from a proficient repair man. 'You know, Vince, I later told him, you taught me just enough so that I got myself into trouble requiring me to bring my auto to you to fix my botched job.' He laughed. No doubt Levitt is good at quoting judicial Decisions which support his points and ignoring the large number of good cases thrown out of court against the weaker litigant for being frivolous & vexatious, making his books largely redundant. The late legal columnist, Christie Blatchford, was no fan of judges although I did not read her book on that theme. Without any mention of the 'sweetheart deal'; union based disputes are bereft of meaning. In short, stay away from Levitt, would be my advice.


JULY 09 A) So 'WE' charity, a close friend of the Trudeaus, has $46 million in property. Charity fraud is right up at the top of the list in the world and Canada is no exception. B) While you are withholding donations, suspend your 2020 Ottawa General Hospital donation for their 'night and the fog' stunt on this personage last Xmas which is now a topic of cover-up by the authorities. I have a $10 million action against them. Trudeau does nothing about judicial interference on this one. B) Introspective writer, Terry Glavin, in the Ottawa Citizen pillories China as he should. I am no admirerof a society which makes involuntary organ transplants a 'cottage industry'. But there is a problem with the Huawei Meng take-down in Canada where we falsely preach 'the rule of law' to justify taking the higher moral ground. For example, China has no choice but to pursue the matter of a Chinese national being seized from the international section of the airport where she was merely transferring in Canada, as other countries may follow suit with Chinese nationals. The Cdn. Justice System is mistakenly treating Meng like 'another Roger Callow' which they have strung along for 35 years and still counting without a judgment on his unresolved labour case required to collect compensation. China is not going to permit Meng to be sent to the U.S.; the Cdn. Justice System notwithstanding. It is not, therefore, only Trudeau who has a personal stake in this decision. The usual international solution?...executive action.


JULY 08 A) Law Societies across Canada should be renamed 'cover-up societies'. For example, B.C. Law Society repeatedly exonerate lawyers as opposed to de-barring them. I have two outstanding cases against young Ottawa lawyers (separate offences) to which the ON Law Society does not acknowledge. B) Trillium School Board in ON has been heavily fined for teacher-student sexual improprieties in a civil case, something relegated to Scouts Canada and the Church putting them out of business in some cases. Apparently Ottawa Carleton has a number of cases which flies below the media radar. The difference in fining the school board administrators is that the public purse is involved. In the Trillium case, the student asked the counselor who reported the matter to administrators 'not to do anything' which hamstrings the authorities as they need an identifiable source for any such charge. Succeeding courts will in all likelihood overturn this case after, of course, all that lovely billable time. At one time, universities weeded out potential candidates not suited for teaching. No longer. When I was ceremoniously 'laid off' in 1985 in a still unresolved legal case (for whistleblowing), I asked the CBC Reporter to include that no such teacher-student improprieties were involved. 'Good point' said the reporter and the article specifically pointed out that feature. C)Canada is similar to Vichy France with its COVID attack. In one afternoon, the German blitzkrieg rolled over the French and French Society which was the leader in its day, just collapsed. Throughout the world, one finds that the leaders are running the system to suit the 1% wealthy although Europe (and Australia) seeks to fight back; Canada does not.


JULY 07 A) Two articles in the O.S. p.13 on education: a) a top notch article by Professor Peter Morici atthe University of Maryland on the future of Universities as exacerbated by COVID 19 b) And at the other end of the

spectrum is Professor Walter Williams of George Mason University espousing the Charter Schools with the tired old Fraser Institute 'bean counters' approach and yet he is the 'go-to' person in the U.S. for the 'Franco Alulio' driver license scam which negatively impacts all car cultures. I have spoken before on the Charter School situation in Canada but it bears repeating; SEE MEDIA july. B) Terror Suspect Mohamed Harkat O.S. front page First thing wrong with this case is that it is before the Federal Court. Almost all my judicial complaints as to malfeasance relate to judges being first appointed to the bench by the lower salaried Federal Court from whence they transfer to the more lucrative provincial courts. Even the SCofC rejected one such candidate (Nadon under Harper). Different oversight bodies but the outcome is always the same; namely, no acknowledgment of the complaints. I saw Harkat, a short man, with his Canadian wife and his parole person a couple of decades ago in an Ottawa mall. His case dates back to 1995. Currently, the Federal Court has cut off fees for his court paid lawyer, a highly expensive Toronto lawyer since 2016. He wasn't willing to pay the difference; the same proposition I was faced with in 1987 when I hired my own lawyer willing to pay the difference between the BCTF fee and his higher fee. It is the inclusion of material related to his connection to other people 'of interest' in 2018 which keeps this rollercoaster going all due to unnecessary legal delay which is costing the taxpayers a fortune. The court may assign a lawyer at their price; if you want your own, pay the difference is the message here. C) The Mousetrap now in its 68th year in London. I saw it in, I believe, its 22nd!


JULY 06 A) Internet message that PM Trudeau and his wife are separated. Considering his 'long face' on TV, there obviously was something bothering him. When you consider that 75% of MP's separate, it is not surprising. What is surprising is my separation after 45 years of a good marriage but seniors have different problems. B) The banks should be ashamed permitting bit coins (and subsequent foreign scams) to be placed in ATM machines. We are merely the leaseholders, they bleat. Towngate Family Clinic bleat the same message in covering up the perfidy of one of their doctors. Fine, I responded, just show me that leasehold agreement. On Feb. 27, Ottawa Justice Rosalind Conway refused that key disclosure. Now Lawyer Alexander Bissonnette is once again in a second hearing trying to shut down any court enquiry for that document which should be of public information. That's why I have called for a trusteeship to be invoked over the Ottawa Courts. C) You know the Liberals have to be worried to run a hack job over O.S. columnist Candice Malcolm on the illegal immigration file. D) Once again, the young Alexander Bissionette esq. pulls a fast one to which the Office of P.M. has no choice but to invoke a trusteeship over the Ottawa Court System. SEE LEGAL MAIL july


JULY 05A) The O.S. p.15 is quite right to call out the RCMP for one of the sloppiest take-downs with the Rideau Hall incursion on Canada Day. They are quite wrong in not calling out the rogue bureaucrat Franco Alulio with his fake driver license suspension which negatively impacts everyone living in a car culture. Could the reader get by without his driver's license? Few can which includes U.S. drivers.Professor Walter Williams, who is published in the O.S., are you listening?


JULY 04 A) A U.S. Birthday 'Gift' SEE 2020 MEDIA JulyB) Be careful what you wish for Canadians wishing to punish China over the 'two Michaels' affair (see 'Gift' above) as the new extraterritorial extension of Chinese control could close up Canada tomorrow with the biggest Depression the world has ever seen in a democracy (to be detailed at some future time). C) Letter writer O.S. p.20 Robert Whiteduck accurately portrays the help indigenous people gave the early settlers (indeed, native support in the War of 1812 (completely lacking from our traditional textbooks) made all the difference for 'Canada'. His letter concludes with the need to respect each other as all people having rights. This is my argument exactly drowned out by 'Institutional Autism'. D) Columnist John Snobelen p.21 questions gov't in these COVID times: '...We make the rules and you follow them (until we change our minds and make new rules)'.... His example cites the closing of farmers' fields by the authorities for COVID 19 restrictions with his conclusion...'I wonder if the public health authorities are any good at picking tomatoes?' E) U.S. Columnist Victor Hanson takes a blast against 'left-wing' Universities and their extortionate student fees concluding with 'only that a once hallowed institution is becoming McCarthyite, malignant, and, in the end, just a bad deal.' He makes no reference to the bigger problem; namely, where students buy their M.A. and Phd thesis and then, on graduation, fail their way to the top whether of the right wing or left wing variety. F) Corey Hurren, the military activist arrested on the grounds of the GG residence housing the P.M.'s family (absent on July 01) with roots from North Battlefield, the most dangerous city in Canada and home to a human trafficking ring (even the Saskatoon judges are dangerous as I have two of them up for fraud awaiting filing in N.B.). The pejorative caption WHO IS HE? p.3 has a counterpart on p.4 ...charges unveiled concluding with the purple prose p.5 We've seen this thing before by comparing this incident with other disconnected incidents. Bottom line? They are pilloring Hurren in public so that he won't get a fair hearing... 'been there, had that happen to me'. G) p. 19 Kashoggi trial in Turkey The real message? All countries do it but in this case Turkey was competing with Saudi Arabia for religious leadership hence the publicity. Today, Mexico and Brazil are the two most dangerous places for journalists. G) p. 22 Story of a small town Texas high school football star pilloried for molesting small children in a botched case by police and the public prosecutor on CRAVE TV. Parallel that to the botched Ottawa police, a court, and the City Council failure to examine the Ottawa General Hospital fraud of enacting 'the night and the fog' in locking this personage down for 9 days last Xmas leading to a $10 million action conveniently lifted by Justice C. MacLeod without a hearing thereby changing the entire focus of the Canadian Judiciary.


JULY 03 A) Oops, another slipped rope coming up for Ghislaine Maxwell arrested by the FBI who has to be suicided like Jeffrey Epstein if Prince Andrews and his wanker pards are to be protected. Maybe the suicide note in her handwriting has already been written. At any rate, when she gets 'on the other side', Marilyn Monroe and Ghislaine can compare notes. B) The anti-establishment The Canadian was out in force on Parliament Hill on July 01. Their theme of a dysfunctional Canada is an extension of my own. They do it with some wit on their web site. Everyone knows that Canada had her nationhood bestowed on her in 1867 (BNA Act) but how many knew about the 1837 Revolutions in Upper (ON) & Lower (QC) Canada? e.g. Canada: Revolution; God: WTF? C) The City had no right to permit revelers into Mooney's Bay on July 01 without providing port-a-potties and waste disposal. The neighborhood is understandably in an uproar at the mess left behind by people ignoring safe-distancing but then Mayor Watson is missing on a number of matters lately. D) OPEN LETTER TO ON LEGAL SOCIETY SEE LEGAL MAIL july


JULY 02Digital Doctoring = self medical doctoring by a non-professional doctor. At one time, Doctors were limited time wise by only how many patients were waiting to see them. It was a smart receptionist who booked everyone in at 4 P.M. and kept them waiting as a means of illustrating how popular the Doctor was for patients could easily change doctors 30 years ago. My wife with two small children complained about this wait time which led to her receiving a 5:30 appointment. Hospitals likewise grandstand delays as a means of attracting more money. Government funding gradually dried up in the medical profession so that doctors who formerly reviewed the written patient folder spotting an item which would not normally be catalogued was superimposed by the doctor opening the file for the first time in front of the patient and then, due to further financial restrictions, telling the patient that they could only ask one medical question. With the tablets, modern doctors may have ready access to such as specialist reports which speeds things up in a hospital. The general practitioner also has quick access but the room for omissions is greater as paper locations are no longer kept for 'oddball' but important information. It's a filing problem accentuating in these COVID times, vertical doctoring which is essentially non-doctoring. For example, while the Doctor may ask pertinent questions, without the physical exam, he will not know what the stethoscope would tell him about heart and lungs nor would the doctor nor patient see that 'rash' on the patient's back. In brief, the drawbacks to vertical doctoring are significant and unless a patient is capable of knowing his or her own medical history, the new digital doctoring is counter-productive in many ways as noted above.