RECENT 7 August-2020


QUOTE: '...I read once that  nothing takes the place of persistence. Damn right. Not talent. I know a lot of lousy lawyers with talent. Not brilliance. Hell, unrewarded genius was almost the norm. Not education, since the world was full of smart derelicts. Nope. Persistence wins. And like Einstein said, "You have to learn the rules of the game, then you have to play better than everyone else....' The Bishop's Pawn Steve Berry


     When a nation dies, it dies like a cloudy day, without a visible moment of sunset. The demise is not announced on the radio or TV, nor does one read of it in the morning paper. Illusion is an anodyne, bred by the gap between wish and reality. Such an illusion is democratic Canada.

     The lesson was writ plain by Thucydides centuries before Christ was born. Democracy satisfies best the human thirst for freedom, yet, being undisciplined, turbulent and luxury-seeking, it falls time and again to austere single-minded despotism. Changing the political party as the media are wont to tell us changes nothing. The Privy Council with its 'boys in short pants' vested particularly in Canada's corrupt and corruptible Justice System run the show. For example, rather than Parliament passing the Carbon Tax with the courts reserved for an oversight role, the pattern was reversed with judges deciding on this tax with no oversight but their own. That's anarchy.

     Part of that anarchy - and a most significant part - is the role of the rogue civil servant such as Franco Alulio, ON Deputy Minister of Transport-Medical, who would ape Nazi Germany with his Act of Commission by suspending my driver's license 'for reasons best known to himself'. Not too many adults can get by without a driver's license and there is nobody in the Doug Ford Gov't including A.G. Doug Downey who will answer to this monstrous crime. That silence extends to the Federal Gov't. explaining why I have turned to U.S. Professor and columnist in the Ottawa Sun, Walter E. Williams to represent all car culture societies subject to this heinous civil servant action.

     China is a 'paper tiger' due to the Huawei's Meng disaster unfolding in B.C. amid Judicial connivance. The original aim of Justice Canada was to treat her like any individual: 'Get your sorry ass across the border or we will boot it across'. Enter China who foolishly are attempting to fight the Canadian Justice System as they cannot permit any dipshit country to seize their citizens while transiting in the airport transit lounges of the world. That's piracy. A bevy of writers including the former SCofC Chief Justice and Prime Ministers recognize the folly of 'the boys in short pants' and want her sent back before fraud is shown in her takedown forcing the case to be dropped permitting her return. Of course, if Canada can run the unresolved for 35 years, why not Meng?  To date, the Letter Writers are wrong as China fiddles with a case which symbolizes their inability to act throughout the world. Foolish Canadians, including the media, want to kick China in the nuts while she is apparently down. China may be a paper tiger but swinging this tiger by the tail has its price. 


ADDENDUM: Nobody has the corner on the market for reading. I count myself a 'reader' in that I am always reading of only materials which are well-written on any topic. I count less than 10% of the public in that mold. Of persistence, I have that 'in spades' as evidenced by the 35 year unresolved . In any challenge, it is not so much being good as it is in being better than the opposition. The problem for conspirators is that they have to depend on people 'of the lowest common denominator' such as the over 50 judges which have screwed this pooch over and over with this distinction...I catch them at it. The central chore of all leaders is to ferret out 'whistleblowers' and neutralize them. The authorities were able to get away with stunts in the Employees Case with the co-operation of the media . Not so easy today with the internet and its e-mails charting 'what did he know and, more importantly, when did he know it' which is the bedrock of all trials.


1) I cannot emphasize this point sufficiently; the Employee's Case did not create the aberrant conditions found in Justice Canada. Rather, it has exposed these extant shortcomings through a unique juxtaposition of legal events from one province to another as symbolized by this PLACARD: GHOST OF EDGAR J. HOOVER RUNS CANADA. One might parallel the situation here to the long term pedophilia extant in the Catholic Church covered up by the Pope which is no longer acceptable. Retribution, not prayer, is  now the case for both topics.

2) One legal reference reflects the depth of court perfidy. When Ottawa Justice Calum MacLeod recently blew caution to the wind by booting the Justice System beneath the table with his cancelation of my $10 million action against the Ottawa Hospital for their version of Nazi Germany's 'night and the fog', without a hearing, I sued him for fraud. Enter Master Kaufman whom repeated this stunt by canceling my action against MacLeod without a hearing. I refused to be inveigled by the court to appeal this action preferring instead for the Federal government to invoke a trusteeship over the Ottawa Courts. The whole idea of a 3-man appeal was to sanction Kaufman's 'right' to act without actually stating what that right entailed. That in turn could be used to justify the cancellation of the action against MacLeod. In short, the boys in short pants were being too clever by half...and I caught them at it. But I am not China with its vast political resources nor the Catholic Church which is on the defensive regarding the pedophilia problem. The N.S. pubic is fighting back with demonstrations against a 'tidy in house examination' of the recent massacre in that province which is the only way to go in the Canada of today.

3) The perfidy of the Canadian Courts goes deeper than the public and media realize. For example, my lawyer could not acquire the N.S. court action in 2017 solely on the Constitutional Question relating to imposed legislation of such as B.C.'s BILL 35 or the imposed Federal Carbon Tax where there is to be no judicial overview (S.C. of Canada a rubber stamp). The point here is some judgments are NOT registered (e.g. MacLeod/Kaufman) while others are later withdrawn (N.S.) I still do not know which of the 3 Decisions of ON Justice MacKenzie (2014) was registered if any. It is just that bad. There is skulduggery in every province.


A) Armageddon SEE above

B) QUOTE: Canadian-born economist JK Galbraith once claimed that all successful revolutions are the kicking in of a rotten door. The Ottawa General Hospital under recently retired CEO Dr. Jack Kitts and his successor, Cameron Love, epitomize that 'rotten door' for which I have called for a donation suspension until my incarceration last Xmas in a 'night & fog' fashion reminiscent of Nazi Germany is examined. A $10 million action against the Hospital by me was dropped recently by Justice Calum MacLeod for 'reasons best known to himself' as there was no hearing. The course of justice in Canada has been forever turned as now all powerful interests will merely buy a judge to avoid the courts of law. Hence the O.S. article entitled Ottawa Hospital Lawsuit Alleging Fraud and Kickbacks 'Concluded' by Elizabeth Payne marks the new direction for the powerful and influential; namely, everything in our legal system is to avoid a Judicial Decision (which is bad enough with its frivolous & vexatious accusations) by the word 'concluded'. We should now call ourselves PLACARD:  'CONCLUDED CANADA'; THE NATION OF ROTTEN DOORS.


AUG.30 A) Tory leader O'Toole won QC over Peter MacKay with a De Gaulle 'Quebec Libré ' line & SK with a social scheme reducing him to an 'anyone but Trudeau' candidate. Well, it worked for Trudeau, didn't it? ...although for the past year, Justin has not been smiling. I can see the election PLACARD: O'Toole is an O'Fool  B) COVID is accentuating the problem but the public are waking up to the fact that there are not going to be work pensions and those that exist are going to be skimmed. It's called corporatocracy.  Hoffa and his Teamster Union from a foregoing age showed how that one works with purloined pension funds. More recently, the Nortel bankruptcy showed how a prolonged legal matter in ON (the lawyers made zillions!) reduced pensions under bankruptcy conditions. The real champ in that field was U.S. CEO Skillings of Enron (he was sent to jail.) C) Premier Ford is not only worried about a steel tariff...he's terrified! Why, why, that is hitting directly against Hamilton, the home of organized crime in Canada. Some of Premier Ford's best friends (including Franco Alulio?) live there!  Such tariffs would be a radical hit on not only ON but also Canada at large considering that ON is the economic engine of Canada. E) Worried your co-workers aren't wearing PPE? Speak up O.S. p.11 A Howard Levitt LLP labour lawyer clone article which has good advice on non-legal options. Just don't place too much faith in obtaining a bureaucratic response. Again, an employee should be most wary on acquiring paid legal advice on such as wrongful dismissal. The laws count for little, the judges favouring the 'big employers' count for much. F) Why should the media make much of the highly experienced arbitrator in an Almonte nursing dispute?...Oh, right... they are thinking of B.C. arbitrator Louis Lindholm who had no prior labour experience in my 1985 arbitration, a major B.C. case under the newly imposed BILL 35 in 1985. While the court quashed that arbitration favouring the West Vancouver School Board ruling Lindholm to be patently unreasonable, I was left in limbo without compensation where I remain today, even after 50 judges across Canada. Bottom line? There is one experienced arbitrator in Almonte; the rest of the Judiciary fall into the Lindholm camp. Some odds...even a Casino could not operate on this basis.


AUG.29  Financial Post in the O.C. p.B2 Labor guru Howard Levitt is getting nervous about how employees actions for wrongful dismissal are routinely dismissed by the courts favouring the powerful employers. In short, it is a little like running a Casino where there are no winners; that has been the labour scene for some time. Desperate employees are stuck with legal bills from H.L. and his pards when they lose plus the costs for the Employer. Conclusion: EMPLOYEES STAY AWAY FROM THE COURTS . I know it is tough to 'spin your wheels'; I have been doing that for 35 years in a corrupt and corruptible Justice System; the last Act taking place in Ottawa Courts representing all of Canada. In short, employees should be aware of false prophets in the legal profession.


AUG.28  A) How can Hong Kong undergo a current COVID surge while neighboring China to which it is attached, shows a nil effect?...just asking B) Canada's ace in the hole regarding the 'two michaels' is that China does not want the 2022 Olympics canceled in what is promising to be another 1936 Nazi Olympics. There are still a number of crippling options against Canada such as cancelling travel visas from China to Canada. The Tories are trying to back the Liberals into a corner by claiming that the latter are not firm enough against China. C) An important letter from me to the Ottawa Courts with copy to the ON Legal Society reflecting Canada's Judicial collapse. This letter would never have been written if columnist Kelly Egan had called out 'Franco Alulio' when he first implied that he would. SEE 2020 MEDIA  D) The sooner the ill-advised appointment of Police Chief P. Sloly departs, the better. O.C. p.1 bottom line for the Defense pursuing Sloly on inaction in a police officer rape case?...Champ (Defense Counsel) 'Sloly's inaction on this file undermines his public commitment to securing a safe and respectful workplace for women....' My personalized interpretation of Ottawa police performance under Sloly is to act around him without his knowledge and even when he does find out, he does nothing. E) Columnist Andrew Cohen is priceless on the GOP O.C. A9 '...The Oscar for best performance goes to Kimberley Guilfoyle, whose performance evoked Eva Peron and Cruella de Vil. In her peroration, she started to yell, as if auditioning for high school cheerleader. Then she began to wave her arms, smiling in post-coital bless. Call her speech "I have a Scream".


AUG.27  A) Promoting Tory leader 'Dr.' Erin O'Toole, a former lawyer shilling for a corrupt Justice System is like putting lipstick on a pig...and there is no shortage of Tory columnists doing just that. B) Too many young people are on illicit drugs. One columnist noted that evidence of drug use could be found on every downtown Vancouver street. Mexico North, as B.C. is known, is attracting unsavoury types from central America. I am glad that I no longer live there although drug-related shootings in Ottawa occur on a daily basis with the police arriving 'as an afterthought'. C) Cdn. fashion Mogul, Peter Nygard, an Epstein type with over 50 female accusations of assault, has a 'stay of proceedings' with all info. sealed in NY. Meanwhile, Ghislaine Maxwell remains behind bars. In short, it is a race to the judges, and Nygard won. D) China appears to be giving Canada one last chance to return Meng (through some crappy 'executive order' or other which O'Toole is watching for) The easiest solution is if Meng just succumbs to the COVID virus as poison is out due to the Russian mess. E)Trump may be onto something regarding first Hilary Clinton, and now, Joe Biden, heightening their speech performance with drugs. As far as I can see, his family has escaped this scourge. F)Apparently the Philippines' Dutarte is not a well man. Is the future for that country to ape Mexico and fall into a narcostate controlled by the terrorists in the South?


AUG.26  A) O.C. p.1 revisits the Ardeth Wood murder on the cycling path of the Rockcliffe Parkway. I remember driving past the command post many times during the 3 week investigation. Apparently no-one thought of bringing in a sniffer dog nor investigating a narrow river for the bike and body. That's the real story.  B) Court keeps lid on confidential documents / Meng Wanzhou NP 3 in O.C.  Par for the course for any individual trying to get disclosure from a powerful institution(s) backed by the courts. Difference? China's intervention which suggests that the Cdn. Justice System has a paper tiger by the tail and doesn't dare let go. But there is a second real tiger ominously glaring from the side lines...this isn't over, yet. Technically, the Cdn. Justice system is screwed. For China, she can ill-afford to have her 'in-transit nationals' hi-jacked by immigration by any country, similar to all other countries in this situation. (Usual routine is to permit the perp to return to the source country or accept the consequences of entry; a choice Meng was not given as she was set up beforehand.) PLACARD: STAY OUT OF A CANADIAN COURTROOM UNLESS YOU FIRST BUY THE JUDGE. CSIS, the RCMP, the Border Guard, all beat China in a race to the was meant to be a slam dunk ...Meng get your sorry ass across the 49th Parallel before we kick it across. Many similar Cdn. deportations are of this order i.e. the Ottawa Professor who was deported to France on specious grounds (Robert Maranger j. action)and has since returned and is suing the gov't for $90 million.


AUG.25 A) Maxine Bernier says it best about O'Toole...'Liberal-lite'. Being all things to all people = cliché politician but trust columnists to make something out of nothing such as N.P.'s J. Ivison. B) Another non-starter is an Ottawa-U Education professor who marches out his 10 points in taking advantage of COVID times: O.C. p.7 Every item does not pass the smell test in this smelly article. And to think the public wonder why there is no direction in teaching from above these days. I ran into the problem on our last Caribbean cruise in 2014 with an L.A. teacher saying the central problem in teaching is the leadership...'they don't know what they are doing'. Indeed, one of the reasons we get these incompetent Ph'd's is because they buy their thesis from a 'tutor'. C) Sign of the times: O.C. p.9 An oldster with his walking stick knocked an abusive man off the bus while the bus driver frantically tried to get ahold of supervisors and police (the real problem). When installing alarm systems in the 90's, I advised against confronting a perp with a gun, etc. as there was a very good chance that he would be pistol whipped with his own weapon leaving him in hospital. 'Just take what you want and please leave' was my message. This article should not have been printed but the media management is falling apart these days no doubt scouting for 'free articles'. D) Case abandoned over mystery gun p. 1 It's a bizarre story of the Ottawa police in a Gatineau apartment which caused the court to throw the case out against the accused. The Ottawa Police are in an incredible mess under the last two police chiefs. E) In the softwood lumber dispute which has gone on for decades, Canada recently won the latest round making billions paid in fees to the U.S. redundant. Who is going to win in the next round? Why the U.S. of course in this  long running 'legal billable time dispute' (It is the business of the court to make business for itself.)


AUG.24 A) So Erin O'Toole wins on the Third Ballot after a 6 hour delay due to a machine envelope eating delay...which can only happen in this digital age. The outcome was pretty well ordained as the dropped candidate ballots went to Erin on the second vote. MacKay had to win on the first vote which didn't happen. Erin's acceptance speech was full of the usual clichés. PLACARD: VOTE O'TOOLE & WATCH YOUR JOB GO UP IN SMOKE. As a politician, I would describe him as 'Nobody's Fool' but leave out the 'Nobody'.   B) Want to save boodles of taxpayer dollars? Suspend payments to all backbench MPP's and MP's during COVID lock-down. It is too expensive even in normal times to have them sitting around twiddling their fingers. Canadians really don't need them. C) All modern adventure novels are patterned on Paul Gallico's 1969's POSEIDEN ADVENTURE with the addition of modern research which is excellent despite the multitudinous and gratuitous scenes of violence. If it were not for the research, I wouldn't bother with them. D) At the beginning of the year, I took two Ottawa newspapers; now I take one and at the end of the year I will drop even that one. To be sure, I will miss the comics, but all else can be found on the internet. To be sure, I am not the only one thinking in those terms = limited media future


AUG.23 A) People find it hard to believe that medical doctors lie. It's true in Omsk with the poisoning of a politician and it is true in Ottawa in the Employee's Case. B) A bowling alley owner gets the 'institutional brush-off' in trying to get more info on COVID numbers permitted in his business. 'Fill in the forms', he is told (so that bureaucrats can immediately consign them to 'file 13'.)


AUG.22  A) The signs of COVID expansion correlating to school openings do not look good; e.g. Berlin, U.S. Southern states .In Ottawa, the French Catholic Board are the guinea pigs in this process. I can't imagine whole families cooped up in an apartment being able to social distance and yet these are the ones most likely to return to school. Secondary Schools might survive, but not kindergarten. In the apartment block that I am in, most (older) residents are no longer wearing their masks. To date there have been no COVID cases which I do not see lasting. B) MacLean Magazine's long time columnist, Allan Fotheringham, dies at 87. He bragged that out of the 26 libel suits against him, he won 24. Today, a columnist just has to get one libel suit against them and they are shown the door; the economics of the media are just that bad as now 'the liquidators' are in control stripping them of their assets. What does pass for comment is highly limited and is not worth the flypaper(so little investigative comment)on which it is written = media is on the chopping block much like the Vatican which has lost its followers. C)Passed a mall store (chain footwear) which was completely closed out; a harbinger for most retail operations as the only business is food. Even Walmart is not busy beyond their food and prescription department as the public run out of money. The media refers to rent problems but ignores auto payments which are, in essence, small mortgages. Still, there is cash for the sin businesses of liquor and cigarettes(plus tattoos) Auto traffic is substantiable but where they travel to is a mystery as most things are still in lock-down. D)The Tory mail-in vote was due Aug. 21; methinks skulduggery is afoot.


AUG.21  A)Professor Andrew Cohen and columnist is a 'hit and miss' writer. For example, 'Dems convene as U.S. continues chaotic free fall' NP A9  is an interesting account by this Canadian but where will you find equal time for a Canadian nation in similar freefall as evidenced by the Employee's Case?  B) Legalizing gov't run marijuana co-ops in Canada was a foreseen debacle as they are going broke due to being undercut by organized crime. And there's more. By lacing their product with fentanyl, a whole new market of addicts is being created. I was merely for decriminalizing small possessions of the drug as 'the war on drugs' was back-firing. Former President Reagan's failed message in the 80's is still pertinent...JUST DON'T DO DRUGS  C) The Ottawa Police are inundated with shootings on a daily basis. The answer? Replace the ill-advised nomination of Chief Sloly as a first step (promoted by Councilor Diane Deans who, in turn, is returning to politics after sick leave.)


AUG.20 A) A reverse interpretation of the Employee's Case from 'walking back the cat' to dealing with where it all began in Ontario...Premier Doug Ford. SEE MEDIA Aug this date for a two page interpretation showing how the ON Justice System is 'no more'. PLACARD: CHICKEN LITTLE'S JUDICAL SKY HAS FALLEN  B) WE Scandal: Trudeau - 1; media 0. In other countries, people pour into the streets regarding gov't. corruption, not so Canada; we prefer to fantasize about our corruption. Now that Parliament has been prorogued by Privy Council Clerk, Ian Shugart (who runs Canada anyway) right after approving Chrystia Freeland as Finance Minister, all investigation of WE Gate is dropped as well as 'Meng Gate' being suspended. By rights, Shugart should have waited until Sept. 23 when Parliament was slated to return. So now the media drop WE Gate like a hot potato and pick up 'return to school' amid COVID concerns. C) O.S. p.9 Emails in Russia probe doctored / Ex-FBI lawyer criminally charged. Compare that to the Cdn. way in which West Vancouver School Counsel, Stuart Clyne QC held a second secretive and illicit lay-off meeting in July,1985 of which meeting notes Justice Mary Southin returned 'because she did not use them' as opposed to charging Clyne with fraud. The teachers Union grabbed my copy otherwise we would not be here 35 years later as without a judgment, I cannot collect compensation which is mine under any circumstances. Over 50 judges agree with that court stance of 'turning the other cheek'. In 2004, my Ottawa lawyer claimed that I had 'exhausted all remedy under the law' when the SCofC refused to hear this unresolved matter. That's when the Justice system collapsed. Since 2013, the Courts across Canada merely continue to add fraud on top of fraud. There is nothing like it. C) p. 11 I am no fan of Ghislaine Maxwell nor Jeffrey Epstein, but they have a right to protection while awaiting trial as do all accused persons. The bigger problem is the failure of prisons to physically separate inmates. I even designed such a system years ago at no increased cost. D) PLACARD: THE CANARY IN CANADA'S ECONOMIC COAL MINE IS DEAD. Forget the published economic figures as they mean little due to the fact that they are all contingent on each other. I dare say that Canada's massive debt has us looking at something like Venezuela's 4,000% inflation rate if the figures were accurate. Instead look around you at the wall to wall car lots chock full of gas cars which will be obsolete in a couple of years with the advent of electric cars. Financially, every unsold car is a headache; even auctions of brand new cars are disrupting a dead market, but the banks keep the auto financiers in the black (as opposed to the red which they should be) hence showing profits for both entities. It's a big bubble ready to pop. E)p.13 Complaints against police abuse should have been limited to just that whether or not the perpetrators and victims were black, white, brown or carky. It's a mess which could very well destroy the cultural fabric of U.S. pitting not only white against black but black against black and white against white or black against white.


AUG. 19  A) The media are such dinosaurs with headlines such as Chaos & Into the Fire which are applicable if we had Parliamentary gov't. which the boys in short pants working out of the Privy Council Office can tell you, without missing a step, that the Parliamentary ship has sailed some time ago. You could place a trained monkey into the Finance Ministry and not notice the difference. Monkeyface Morneau has left the studio which he wanted to do some time ago so he could hobnob with his European 'peers' in some factotum job or other.  B) Disgraced former priest dies in custody (age 85) O.S. p.3 What is significant about this article of a pedophile priest is that Archbishops are named who deliberately covered up the matter (much like the Pope). Is the clock now ticking for ON Premier Doug Ford-A.G. Doug Downey in their inexcusable cover-up of the rogue civil servant  Franco Alulio driver license scam negatively affecting two car culture nations (Can. plus U.S.)? Again, the media is remiss in a major way by boycotting this story; just like they were when the above-named priest was first observed to be deviant. C) CAREERS p.14 O.S. should add 'FOR BUMLICKERS'  D) Brace for bunk science! p.21 should read Brace for bunk writer! Alex Vezina and his Occam's razor approach does not appear to have a targeted media audience...I guess he is given space because he is free and the boss's darling


AUG. 18  A)Any incident involving people of a different race is awkward: Police won't take actions in Barrhaven dispute. O.S. p.3 Basic problem? The police did not attend. I stopped attending one community centre in the evening due to a personal problem with black youths. The white female instructors were unconcerned with my story; that is, until the two of them at different times were exposed to similar harassment. With COVID, classes are suspended but only the morning classes of older white adults are safe. A second much newer neighborhood community centre with a library has a desk propped in the entranceway so that no-one but members (basically non black) are permitted in the facilities. As to the police, they should have 2-man vehicles constantly patrolling assigned neighborhoods. As it is, they are arriving rather belatedly on the scene to tell people why the police need not be involved. (disclosure: I installed home alarms in the 1990's under different conditions. Today, my police portion of the tax bill is 3X the 2000 figure with greatly reduced services. I am already on record stating that the appointment of Police Chief Sloly, Councilor Diane Deans choice, was a mistake.) B) One evening while I was illicitly held at the Ottawa Hospital at Xmas, a clerk approached me in the lock down and said  'Take this pill, it will help your case'. What's in it? I don't know. Who ordered it? Duplicitous Staff Psychiatrist Sarah Chan already up for an investigation by the ON Patient Protection Committee. I declined in light of the upcoming enquiry (which was never held after she chose to release me). The reader gets the drift; 'my aberrant behaviour required medication'. The ensuing $10 million suit I had against the hospital was mysteriously dropped by Justice C. MacLeod. No investigation of this 'game-changer in Judicial Conduct' has been called prompting my call for a trusteeship to be invoked over the Ottawa Justice System which included other glaring miscarriages = anarchy. C) The previous item was prompted by O.C.  N.P.2 one page article 'It was just meds and lock him up' ; a Winnipeg inmate which included this statement: 'Psychiatry doesn't have an answer for it, so it doesn't try to do much...People with personality disorders "get stuck". And that statement does not even include the staff such as ON rogue civil servant Deputy Minister Franco Alulio (Dept. of Transport-Medical) whom perverted the driver suspension forms to 'psychiatric' for non-stated reasons making it untestable as well as a weapon against anyone living in a car culture. Nazi Germany excelled in this type of treatment.


AUG.16  A) SEE 4-pages of copies of unattended letters by ON politicians explaining why no-one should vote in the next election. B) A prophecy on the U.S. election. Trump will win but immediately be charged with tax evasion forcing a call for impeachment. Ask 30's gangster, Al Capone, how that one works.


AUG.15 A) Gang Boss is a Netflix documentary about two very different kinds of criminals; one a brutal street thug and the second Enron's Jeffrey Skilling who ended up spending 11 years in prison for white collar crime such as stealing people's pensions, firing workers and ruining countless lives. The documentary seemed to be saying, have sympathy for the Thug. He had fewer choices in life. WE's Kielbergers should go to jail...but then this is Canada. B) I once called out a Doctor regarding her all expenses paid trip to a conference in the Caribbean. She ghosted me after that. If you really want to make a doctor mad, compliment them on their bed-side manner.


AUG.14 A) What does the WE Scandal tell us? That anyone working through the system is a fool. That indictment applies to the Federal, Provincial and Municipal level as well as to Canada's institutions. Voting? Don't even think about it. B) Lawyers are known for their sleaze but did you know that Doctors are known for their cowardice possibly explaining why the suicide rate is twice the normal population? I have made much of the cowardice of Towngate Family Medicine's Dr. Jahagirdar who I sued for $10 million along with a second $10 million against the Ottawa General Hospital with its focus on the highly duplicitous staff psychiatrist, another young Dr. named Sylvia Chan who, in a second action for $10 million was accused of being culpable with Dr. J. in sabotaging my case. And to top that off, Justice C. MacLeod dropped both actions without a hearing thereby re-directing the entire course of justice in Canada = 'buy your judge, here'. I sued MacLeod which brought on Master Kaufman dropping two cases including the MacLeod one without a hearing = my call for a suspension of the Ottawa Courts. Don't hold your breath, but in the interim DON'T VOTE. C) On a broader scale, Purdue Pharma and the Sackett Family (introduced Hillbilly heroin in the 1990's in the U.S) is being sued in many states. While their sales people told doctors that this cure was well suited to terminal cancer patients, they were not told that it was addictive. My point. Surely to God the Doctors realized it was addictive and said nothing through their medical associations. But then many doctors got kickbacks. (In Canada, the College of Physicians and Surgeons (CPSO) whitewashed the above complaints which I made against the two young female doctors.) The Sackett Family were 'run out of society' with such as Harvard U. returning donations. I believe that rogue civil servant 'Franco Aulio' Deputy minister of Transport-Medical should suffer a similar fate for compromising the entire car culture in N. America (SEE website)


AUG.13 A) The Blacks in the U.S. did not find themselves any better off under black President Obama. And if Kamala Harris pulls a 'Catherine the Great' coup, this ball busting black-Asian prosecutor could be a future President on the death of a weakening Biden. It's a scene made for 'Cathy Bates' just be a good boy, Mr. President, and take this nice nightcap which I have prepared especially for you ....oh, my goodness, I AM sounding like a troll! Too much self-isolating! Considering her earlier personal criticism of Biden, she appears 'two-faced' ...just what the U.S. needs as a President; Trump has shown us that. In his excellent article, columnist Tarek Fatah - Kamala Harris - Tamil Indian or phony African, Tarek questions why she identifies with her absent Jamaican father since age 7 (whom she disses much to the annoyance of the absent father) and avoids connection with her mother's roots as a Tamil Indian, the one who raised her? B) The more I see of Trudeau's picture, the more I see the admittedly highly sexed Castro, just as Prince Harry looks more like the 'horseman's son' than Prince Charles. It is of no fault to either under these circumstances. C) O.S. new guest columnist, Alex Vezina, p.17 is a strange fish. Why does he get published? Because his column is free?


AUG.12  A) Inadvertent meeting with a former M.P. whom I told that 'I no longer vote'. 'Me neither', he replied: PLACARD: WHATEVER YOU DO, DON'T VOTE. The Adm. Mark Norman fiasco should be sufficient to convince voters that neither the courts (failing to call for disclosure) nor gov't. (perverting evidence) can be trusted = anarchy. B) So Democrat Joe Biden has his 'token' V.P., Kamala Harris, who spent 5 years in Canada attending a Montreal school. From her profile, she should be a whizz at directing the CIA which usually falls under the jurisdiction of the V.P. as Biden well knows. 'Tricky Dicky' has been replaced by 'Cognitive-slipping Biden' leaving Harris to be a potential President...ouch. Nobody in their 70's should be a U.S. President which is a little like the Vatican appointing Popes with one foot in the grave reflective of a dissolute system. B) 'Digital Dissonance' will herald the next Depression where a client cannot speak to a live person for troubleshooting. I have converted all my internet connections to smaller firms where a live operator is available for troubleshooting. Firms like BELL are the dinosaurs of today. Even BBB has their knackers tied up in a knot with digital dissonance. C) A recently arrested RCMP officer by Ottawa Police used to habituate the Marriott Hotel on Walkley St. with its reputation of 'wall to wall' prostitution. I doubt we will ever get the true picture on this one. A second story; this one about an Ottawa police officer charged criminally in a domestic dispute, is also remanded with pay which usually gets squawks from the public. To be sure, if I had been kept on pay, as I was supposed to be, in my teacher illicit lay-off in W. Vancouver in 1985, I would not be here 35 years later with legal actions against them as well as court conspirators (over 50 judges). The battle is still over disclosure from 35 years ago explaining why the Justice System is down the toilet in Canada in every province (9)  on this issue. D) Apparently, Chrystia Freeland 'signed away the bank' in USMCA p.9 O.C. making Canada a vassal of the U.S. according to this article calling for her resignation. Trump is legally able to manipulate the aluminum tariffs back onto Canada as one consequence.


AUG. 11 A) While all politicians are experiencing public criticism in these COVID days amid the WE charity debacle, Ottawa Centre Liberal MP, Catherine McKenna, has come under more than her fair share of public vituperation including her children. She finally lost her cool with one attack at her office and on-line by a 'four-letter' critic whose account is produced verbatim: he blasts the WE charity for 'robbing kids in Africa' through this WE scandal. That topic has been known by all politicians and the media but ghosted until recently and to that extent, the critic is on solid ground. Hence the media account is driving up the rhetoric on this topic with the general public fear from COVID turning into anger on one side or the other. My guess is that McKenna has trouble getting constituency staff under these conditions. Perhaps that is where I went wrong with the Employee's Case on my Protest Placards...I didn't use 4-letter language! B) Pity the poor parent who has to go back to work to get income while sending her young children to sit in a designated seat all day without outdoor recreation at recess and noon hour. It is unworkable although I do not know what the answer should be. C) The topic in this O.S. editorial p.12 is secondary with this concluding remark ...Our (government) system isn't broken. (Oh yes it is! RC) It doesn't need fixing - just a little fine tuning now and then.' This 'bullshit baffles brains' permeates Postmedia management. They are overdue for a collapse. D) p. 13 Are today's leftists truly Marxists? U.S. professor Walter Williams. Clearly I am a dunce to this intellectual paragon whom I have appointed to represent the North American car cultures vis a vis 'Franco Alulio' and his illicit ON driver license scam. I have not read Karl Marx and his 3 volume work nor do I intend to do so. What difference does it make whether Marx is the 'bible' of the  left in the U.S. or not? Professor Williams has done the usual academic stunt...define a paper tiger topic and then destroy it. The man, to be sure, is not an intellectual, or conversely, the worst kind of intellectual. E) Lions Bay, just North of West Vancouver, has a COVID outbreak. With beaches closed in the lower mainland, vacationers flocked to the unincorporated beach at Lions Bay. Tourists, just stay home should be a world-wide message.


AUG.10 A) Employees, beware of Howard Levitt LLP Labour Lawyer's snake oil as you could be saddled with onerous court costs. O.S. p.10 CLAUSE AND EFFECT '...If you are an employee (facing termination) seek legal advice....' Don't waste your time and money. Certainly, similar to a casino, the court give token recognition to an employee success; otherwise no-one would go back and gamble. I have been dealing with an unresolved labour case for 35 years in which over 50 judges across Canada cannot make a Decision, one way or the other, so that I may collect any compensation. PLACARD since 2004: STAY OUT OF A CANADIAN COURTROOM UNLESS YOU FIRST BUY THE JUDGE   B) Military vets have got it right O.S. p.1 VETS ON THE MARCH by hitting the streets by running to publicize military deaths - 3 out of 4 due to suicide. In the U.S., 22 vets die per day due to suicide. But then P.M. Trudeau told them recently that they do not have more money for vets. Still again, this is the same P.M. who took a gratuitous knee at a public event right in front of those security officers responsible for his safety. C) NP 1 of O.C. Scratched on a Beirut port wall in English: MY GOVERNMENT DID THIS


AUG. 09 A) It is called 'the will not to know' ; the motivation behind 'denial' and Canada suffers big time in terms of her Justice System which should require lawyers and judges to swear under oath and be held responsible for their actions. Unfortunately, that system which is entrenched in our judicial approach from the beginning of time has deteriorated to such a degree that the public has lost faith in the Justice System. Kangaroo courts, in so many words - particularly at the Appeal Level - run rampant across the country. B) I would not work in this retail environment: A group of merchants wish to train their staff in de-escalation of dangerous customers as opposed to calling the police. It is a great way to get hurt...and at minimal salary...not worth it. C) Trump is waging economic warfare on China with bans on Huawei, Tik Tok and WE Chat with major backlash risks to the U.S. Part of the ban is based on security which is false due to the fact that China can get all the foreign intel it wants through easier means. It looks like a Democratic win in November as a consequence.  D) NEWSLETTER Even novelist, John Grisham, no stranger to legal skulduggery would have difficulty recognizing the level of Cdn. judicial conspiracy on a scale never before encountered in a democracy. SEE MEDIA Aug. 09


AUG. 08  A) Novelist John Grisham is the anti-Christ for those who believe in the existence of 'law & order'. The fact of police collusion with the prosecution to conceal and pervert evidence is widespread in his books. DNA evidence in the 1990's vindicate much of what he asserts. Add to that picture, the culpability of Canadian judges and you have the Canadian perspective on this 'law and disorder'. I am living proof of his stated dictum...It's fairly easy to convict an innocent man and virtually impossible to exonerate one' particularly in Canada with its venal judges.  B)ACCESS DENIED p. A16 O.C. Finally, an editorial - prompted by the highly publicized Adm. Mark Norman trial controversy - on our venal Justice System '...Anyone trying to use Access to Information legislation out of the hands of gov't. knows the law is broken. No, that's an understatement. It is shamelessly ignored, abused and skirted by federal departments....' (Institutional Autism) The trouble, my dear editorial Brutus writers, lies not in our 'stars' (federal depts.) but in our judges whom routinely fail to give orders demanding this disclosure. However, the editorial comes 180 degrees from its former stance of blind protection for our Justice System. C) p. 19 Letter to Editor from a teacher detailing how students should follow her list of 'do's and don'ts reminded me of one colleague years ago whom had only one rule... 'Don't do anything to piss me off'.  Now that's a learning exercise! A second letter claims that the WE controversy convinces him that we are governed by the top 1%. If so capitalism is failing with its latest phase which I call corporatism.  D) Dr. Jack Kitts, considering his questionable career at the Ottawa General Hospital (I still maintain there should be a donor boycott) should not have been given  gov't post to deal with COVID.  E) Is Deputy P.M. Chrystia Freeland the 'Mouse that Roared' against Huawei's Meng (where disclosure is denied in this fraudulent take-down) and the Saudi Prince (who recently had a Kashoggi Hit squad foiled in killing an Arab whistle blower in Canada) or is she the Canadian mouse approaching the U.S. Elephant with rape on its mind vis a vis a trade war? You cannot make this stuff up fast enough these days.


AUG 07 A) Pal predicts (Ghislaine Maxwell) will cop a deal O.S. p. 4 Brad Hunter The reader could almost miss this one-liner: 'protect others... have been torpedoed by a judge who actually wants to be seen doing the right thing.' It is no longer a 'race to the phone to call police' rather, in Ottawa, it is to call Justice C. MacLeod and Master Kaufmann to drop charges without a hearing...won't SNC Lavalin love that one! B) NDP Motion: (WE) Whistleblowers score immunity '...What has been consistent is there was no due diligence here at all'....'.  Canada is doing what it does best; namely, imploding. C) Trumps aluminum tariffs are back p.7 Two points: Trump never wanted USMCA; secondly,  Canada has been 'dumping' foreign products into the U.S. getting around tariffs. D) p. 8  Can't help the 'corrupt' Where is French President Macron (visiting Lebanon insisting they clean up their political mess to get aid in bomb repairs) when Canada needs him second most? Perhaps waiting for a bomb to go off in a Canadian port? E) We are getting closer to the nub of the problem with this article p. 9 Shooting case off to top court After being exonerated in 2016, the case is being re-tried based on... '(The trial judge) left the jury unequipped to grapple with what may have been a crucial question in the evaluation of the reasonableness of Mr. Khill's act'. But, but wasn't that his orders from above in this case of a white rural resident killing a native thief in the dark stealing his truck? Absent the 'native' aspect and there would, I submit, be a good chance that this case would never be retried. The big surprise is to question the action of any judge in Canada. F) Annual August debate over A-bombs returns p. 11 U.S. professor Victor Hanson A detailed support of President Harry Truman's dropping of the A-bomb in 1945. My SE Asian UBC Professor, Brian Harrison, who had been incarcerated by the Japanese when Singapore fell, in answer to the question...'Oh, my ,yes, as it meant we would live. The Japanese were planning to put the prisoners in the vanguard of the approaching British in Malaya forcing them to kill their own people first. One omission here in this excellent article: While the victors hanged the Nazi leaders; the U.S. cut a deal with the Emperor. While hanging Japanese generals (for doing much the same thing as U.S. generals in the Pacific); they gave protection to the Emperor's brother responsible for the Rape of Nanking in 1937 when Japanese troops were turned loose on the Chinese civilians. Of further note is that to this day, Japan has never owned up to its war crimes in China which the U.S. covered up, nor signed any armistice as Germany was forced to do.

G) Improve public education through school choice p.11  Yet another far right article to get money for private schools which must come out of the public system. I have written two articles defining this nonsense. SEE AFTERMATH School Daze & 2020 MEDIA Aug. 01  H) p.13 Entertainer Alanis Morrissette prevaricates on her 1995 'mugging' at pistol point. Did she report the matter to police? I bet not. They didn't take her backpack. So what did they take? ...I am suggesting a drug rip-off as Alanis was known to be active at School in this manner with her 'jagged little pills'.


AUG 06 A) Much has been said about how employees without a paycheck can pay their rent. What about lawyers and doctors with their very heavy overheads and very little gov't financial support? B) Anything coming from Labour lawyer Howard Levitt should be taken with a pound of salt: e.g. 'If WE Gate were a corporate stunt; heads would role.' Corporations are contributing big time to WE. Just because controversy in Canada has dried up contributions; U.S. corporations still contribute to this charity. C) Candace Malcolm, editor of True North, an unabashed Tory support Organization now has an equally pejorative web site: Independent Press Gallery which is a little like John's Used Car Sales insisting that the word 'Honest' is placed before his name. I have challenged her to publish the 35 year Employee's Case...don't hold your breath.... D) The WE Scandal has been known for years...and not a peep out of the Opposition politicians nor the media...go figure.... E) Watch out for even public probes of such as the RCMP in the N.S. massacre as what is still important as in private tribunals are the terms of reference. For example, if the last phrase is '...recommendations that this event not happen again....' it invites a reverse osmosis of the type found for job descriptions ending with ...and related duties (as defined by the boss) in which everything else listed is redundant...'just do what the boss tells you to do'. Hence the end point is the beginning point for both enterprises. F) Sky-rocketing gold prices are the canary in the financial charts which otherwise would claim amazing financial progress...until there isn't any.... In itself, gold has no value other than as a bellwether. All financial columns end up with...until things return to normal. And what if they don't as is the most likely scenario. It is like COVID which is a long way from being over; indeed, maybe it is just starting. The Bubonic plaque of medieval times took 1/3 of Europe's population. No-one knows where COVID is headed at this point. G) Are we so bereft of talent that we have to re-invent TV shows from the 90's as opposed to creating something new? After the excellent Big Bang Theory, the market is open for a new comedy show. Research the comics which are currently for adults (in the 50's, they were for children). H) Big Pharma keep getting bigger for a good reason. For example, my replacement box for Zinc for 60 pills is bigger than the older one for 100 pills...same price of course.


AUG 05 A) DND records probe never happened O.C. p.1 Officials falsely claimed inquiry into Norman documents underway. As usual, the media blame the DND under the Liberals as opposed to the judge failing to acquire those documents as well as lying to Norman...'You have been exonerated, Mr. Norman, you are free to go' knowing that a 'stay of proceedings' was not an exoneration. This is the media in an out and out fabrication of these events and why no-one should subscribe to their services believing their credibility is any better than the internet. Citizen writer David Pugliese in pursuing this matter has touched on the problem for all individuals up against the powerful without dealing with the inconsistencies of the judge concerned. B) Even before COVID, no new malls in North America were planned as the purchasing habits of the public have changed to on-line. One Walmart Mall next to me in South Keys, Ottawa, is bravely trying to re-open their stores for so-called pent-up demand. There isn't any hence I predict a vast number of retail closures in the near future. Government workers are so confident that they will not be let out hence even a bidding war for rare housing sales. One such condominium went for $30,000 over the asking price. C)A shocking story relates how all political parties have hi-jacked gov't. funds to pay their workers making the House of Commons an anachronism.


AUG 04  A) 'A race to the phone' is an age-old battle between 'he said/she said' harassment suits. At one time, only the employer such as Hollywood's Weinstein was believed. Today, only the accusers are given credence. The problem? No-one trusts the investigators whether they be arbitrators, judges or some panel or other: e.g. the public went out in N.S. recently condemning the little 'in house' concluded Decision demanding instead a public enquiry into the recent RCMP massacre incident. They got it. That is the message of the Employee's Case; don't waste time going through channels as the victim, for the courts of law et al are only for the rich and powerful. In B.C., the O.C. p.1 pick up the cudgel on behalf of the Union suspending a Kootenay professor without pay for an alleged 'academic freedom' claim rejected by the University claiming academic freedom has nothing to do with it; it is a sexual harassment matter. The bigger problem, of course as the Employee's Case has shown, is that when the authorities are shown to be wrong, they still indulge in cover-up such as the Ottawa General Hospital in the Employee's Case. No society including Canada can withstand that assault on its credibility. COVID 19 and this blog have exposed the dead canary in Canada's coalmine in that regard. There is nowhere for the individual to turn in Canada making a mockery of the 1982 Bill of Rights and Freedoms for individuals. Not only politicians, but the institutions and media are all 'part of the problem'. See you on the streets, fellow individual Canadians (I have been there for the past 15 years in Ottawa making me the longest continuous public protester in the history of Canada).  B) The Spanish monarchy is also susceptible to a similar corruption with the previous king resigning amid money laundering charges and moving abroad in order to 'conclude' his perfidy. Switzerland may have other ideas for him. C) Employed gov't. workers in Ottawa presume their jobs are secure and are keeping the city active with their purchases of such as houses. The Tories, we are led to believe, would close down the 'Liberal' CBC and transfer the funds to Postmedia which is now on life support hence no saving there. Male voters only see a loss of jobs with a Tory gov't. hence a shoe-in for the Liberals in the next election in which the heavily-indebted NDP may disappear providing more support for the Liberals. Media prognostications were shown to be a dud in the last Federal election with voters not confiding in them. Why buy a newspaper or watch TV public affairs under these conditions?


AUG.03 'Hitler's' are not the problem in Canada; 'rogue civil servants such as Franco Alulio without oversight' are. SEE 2020 MEDIAaug. this date for a letter to advice columnist, Ellie Tesher, on a matter of national cowardice in failing to recognize this basic home truth. QUOTE: A democracy in a backward country (which Canada has become in its inability to successfully challenge WE GATE)  simply gets smashed by the best-organized power gang. War & Remembrance Herman Wouk.


AUG. 02 A) I just finished the 2020 novel, The Order by Daniel Silva which includes the current COVID-19 crisis. In it, he notes the current world-wide resurgence of anti-Semitism and its connections to some right wing leaders in a resurgence of Nazism. Apparently the entire trial notion of Jesus is a lie perpetuated in the Gospels by Christians currying favour with the Romans at the expense of the Jews and maintained ever since. Hence my visit in which I followed the path of Jesus up the hill to Cavalry where he was crucified is a fiction for tourists. He was one of many Jews crucified at that time for 'insurrection'; the equivalent phrase in Canadian law being 'frivolous and vexatious' behaviour. The translation of anti-Semitism during WWII under Nazi supporter Pope Pius XII is enunciated in the Holocaust. My accusations against ON Deputy Minister of Transport- Medical, Franco Alulio, parallels the treatment the Jews experienced with no doubt ON 'treatment facilities' to be the next logical step; something I experienced during my lockdown at Ottawa General Hospital last Xmas under highly specious circumstances. In this case I am the first 'Jew' in this perverse Driver License suspension which negatively affects everyone with a Driver's License...and not a peep out of a politician, media or institutions concerned = 'Institutional Autism' where institutions speak only to other institutions with the individual coming second best if at all. 'Concluded Canada' with its rotten doors, indeed. Addendum: Rabbi Bulka remained silent on my appeal to withhold hospital donations until this matter is sorted out. Rank and file Jews had a similar problem with the 'rich Jews' during the Holocaust.

One day in the life of the Ottawa Sun:

B) A sage article, The making of the COVID 19 generation p.2 by Dr. Sylvain Charlebois of the Agri-Foods interests and Professor at Dalhousie University as he defines this emerging group as one with increasing uncertainties in an increasingly uncertain world. It does not augur well for the future of this generation without roots as I can see them turning to populist propaganda such as that proclaimed by the neo-Nazis. C) Another insightful article by a guest writer on p.6 Remarkable patriotism of Canada's Métis vets which were ignored much like those Canadian Japanese vets who were used in the European war (some Italians thought Japan surrendered upon seeing them). In general all nations are quick to call for soldiers when needed and even quicker to forget their needs after the war is finished. C) The WE scandal is proving to be Canada's longest running soap opera with this columnist B. Lilley rationalization: pp.8-9: '...There can't be one set of rules for the powerful and well connected and another set for the rest of us....' Oh, but there are, my dear Brian with the fault not lying in our stars, but in the media for prolonging that myth. As for the public reaction at large?...they no longer give a rat's ass about the media scratching this open sore. This story is the gift which keeps on giving; namely, giving a bad name to all our institutions which is well deserved in my books. Columnist Lorrie Goldstein p.13 Trudeau's student 'volunteer' plan a train wreck stands up on his hind legs as well with this observation: ' insult to Canadian taxpayers.' If truth be told, taxpayers have been insulted for so long on so many accounts hence they are oblivious to any additions. D) And for 'balance' we have on p.12 a real estate agents promotion to get in on that 'ground floor' now. E) Back-to-school plan not perfect, but it'll do. Editorial p.15 No it won't do for elementary students who, while not being directly affected themselves, will bring the COVID 19 bug home to their parents. We have already seen how 'partying, partying' has had that effect by those in their 20's and family picnics. Schools have more people under their roof than any other institution which is a recipe for disaster. (No, as a grandfather I don't have any answer but as a parent, I would home school small children but not all parents have those capabilities although on-line courses are available) F) Brad Hunter p.14 on the NY Mafia control suggests that the RICO laws put an end to the Mafia. Perhaps so but not to crime which shifted to  more brutal street gangs fighting over drug territory. What about Toronto-Hamilton without RICO laws and where Toronto is claimed to be the leader for all of N. America in container related theft. Why did Toronto police chief, Mark Saunderson, for example, recently resign? Journalists in Mexico and Brazil, the two most dangerous countries for journalistic deaths in 2019, are in marked contrast to Canada where not one journalist has lost his/her life...go figure.... G) Letter to editor...'no more professional politicians' ...and to think too that most of these people are unaware of my blog:  H) '...Like Trump, Trudeau seems to think the rules only apply to the little, stupid people.' columnist Lorne Gunter p.17 But they are right, as I have labeled them both to be 'Canadian cowards' hence our faults do not lie in our stars my dear Lorne Gunter; rather in our columnists who are a part of the problem rather than solution. I) 'Terrifying bloodbath' Beware the virus hurricane of flying luggage and evicted tenants' (in both the U.S. and Canada) This prophetic column by columnist Mark Bonokoski p.16 is at variance to the other articles with their usual political twist blaming Trudeau and the Liberals for everything, is a frightening harbinger of coming events ...'Think of walking down a street in Middle America and seeing clothes and overloaded suitcases fired out the windows and then, moments later, the tenant getting hurled out the front door....'  'Bono' in my books, is the best columnist the O.S. has. Too bad he can't write on the Employee's Case. J) p. 26 Daddy's Home comic strip: 1) Do you think it is for us to ponder the meaning of life and other existential conundrums?  2) I think those questions are best left to people who know what 'existential' and 'conundrum' mean. ...amen, brother or sister, amen....


AUG. 01-2020 A two page response to columnist B. Lilley as it relates to the commercialization of schools as negatively portrayed by the WE scandal SEE this date MEDIA Aug