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APR 30-2020 Something weird is going on at Towngate Family Medicine. On the equally strange Feb 27 'Dispute Resolution/Mandamus Court' hearing, long time Towngate Dr. Vandewaetere (Dr. V) was slated to testify but failed to turn up leaving an action (CV 20 82993) by me against her filed right after that ignominious court hearing. Only Dr. Jahagirdar's name is defined beyond Dr. V's. on the web profile. Research for a listed but not active Dr. Will Morris ( a contemporary of Dr. V.) revealed a conviction for essentially the same eerie problem afflicting Dr. J.; Staff should not be permitted to give out information that is critical to patient care unless the physician first ensures the accuracy of the information conveyed.  Furthermore, Dr. Morris should not leave it up to patients to book follow-up appointments when there are clinically significant results that require action. This is what CPSO (Physician College) whitewashed for Dr. J. and now have a second complaint. A fourth Doctor, Kevin Chan, a contemporary of Dr. A. is a name only at this clinic apparently without any clients. Hence when Justice C. MacLeod dropped the two fraud cases which I had against the General Hospital (Is the duplicitous Dr. Sylvia Chan related to Dr. Kevin Chan?), I initially believed that the Hospital was the prime target when, indeed, it may very well be Towngate Family Medicine which required cover-up. Dr. V. is long overdue in filing a Defense to the above case. I hope she doesn't practice medicine the way she practices law. It is plain that the staff proper are very worried about any court case; the question is why?

MacLeod j. may have turned the Justice System upside down to no gain.


APR 29-2020 Independant M.P. Jodie Raybould-Wilson blabbed all on the SNC Lavalin corruption. Did that beget a public outcry? Nope. So what is the media doing running a boycott on the Employee's Case which only undermines their basic credibility which is getting shaky on a daily basis in public eyes in any event? If they were to open up now, the public would just yell 'fake news', if anything at all as they wave their duplicitous flags of 'Canada is a land of law and order'. The jaded legal fraternity know the score with the judiciary but clam up to protect their well-paying jobs at the expense of a high level of stress. After WWII, I remember Fox Movietone News shown in theatres (before TV) showing one clip of German civilians being marched through Dachau concentration camp by  U.S. servicemen with only one older chap nodding his head in woe shown on film upon exiting. In fact, most Germans stared stony-eyed straight ahead throughout although it was the smell that shocked people on the scene which of course could not be filmed. The surprising part is our U.S. cousins remaining quiet on such as the driver license scam of Franco Alulio which is a threat to all car cultures. In conclusion, all the Canadian media has done is to sew their own ultimate credibility fate with their silence on the Employees Case in much the same way as the Judiciary sealed their fate with the C. MacLeod Decision (March 30-2020) in which he dropped multi-million dollar fraud cases of mine from the docket creating the precedent for all powerful Defendants to avoid courts at all anywhere in Canada. SNC Lavalin can only expect to cheer that stunt even though it leaves the legal fraternity without work.


APR 28-2020 A) Courteney's War Wilbur Smith (David Churchill) '...Your failure to understand the purpose of a People's Court (parallel: Feb. 27 mandamus or dispute resolution court in Ottawa before Deputy Justice Rosalind Conway)...the court has no need to establish innocence or guilt. The fact that you stand before it is proof enough. The court exists so that the righteous fury of the people can be directed at those who seek to undermine the Fuhrer, the Party or the Reich (the Canadian Justice System). The people need to see that their enemies are dealt with so that they can feel safe themselves. B) Criminal charges against me to deflect problems with the civil courts the Old Boys Club are having, you ask? SEE letter to President Trump under MEDIA apr this date


APR 27-2020 A) Time to get things moving in Ottawa Superior Court against the conspirators; this one being Franco Alulio, who is screwing everyone with a driver's license in Ontario. I am merely the first but to be sure, not the last. SEE LEGAL MAIL apr   B) The British Monarchy - a titular role but great for tourism - recently revised their code inviting Commonwealth countries to follow suit which Australia & NZ did but not Canada. For example, females may be included in the line of ascension. Also, in the Commonwealth, apart from Canada, the Gov Gen. is subject to the oversight of the country as opposed to Britain. A group in QC - foolishly in my estimation for challenging the 'big guy'- sought to follow the model of such as Australia and NZ and got thumped with a Decision which I submit was in even before they walked into is the Canadian way of doing things.


APR 26-2020 The underpaid RCMP may be likened to the underpaid judges of the Federal Court. In the case of the former, they desert to the higher paying provincial and municipal police forces while the Federal Judges go for higher paying provincial positions where they are the 'hatchet men' (and women) for the court. I know as I have encountered a number of these bozos; the latest being Ottawa's Calumn MacLeod who axed not only two of my cases from the docket but in that process, the entire Justice System as well as now every powerful Defendant will buy off the judge. Meanwhile Trudeau, the media, and all politicians continue to fiddle in face of this total disaster. As for the RCMP, they will disappear as a force as no-one with sense wants to join a police force knowing that they will be stuck in some isolated spot (e.g. rural N.S.) where the nearest detachment is 30 minutes away. Hence Institutional Autism is the expected result as the core problem. Even here such as Ottawa police have their problems. An ineffectual former police chief backed by Mayor Watson has been succeeded by the incompetent Peter Sloly, the candidate of choice of Councillor Diane Deans who was out to build her own fiefdom; that is, until she came down with cancer. His honeymoon phase is now at an end. Is Watson going to bolster this chief without the respect of his force too?


APR 25-2020 'HONG KONG'S LAST STAND FOR FREEDOM' Terry Glavin O.C. p.2 is seemingly the only Canadian columnist tracking the Hong Kong riots. In the 1970's, an East Indian dinner guest from Uganda told me that Uganda had the best civil service in all of Africa before they declared their independence in the 1960's. Surely Britain would monitor the new country. Nope, and the entire country fell into disarray which it remains in today. Now according to Glavin, the Brits arranged a two-nation HK-Beijing 2-China deal supposedly good to 2047 from which, once again, they are walking away from. Canada's insipid response in this article would have been better by making no response at all, it is reported. In diplomatic talk, they support the Brits. The assets of HK are intangible (stock market etc.) which could be moved to, for example, Singapore, taking the HK specialists with them. Of course it would cause widespread social dislocation, but it is one option; either that or support civil war which I believe China is headed for with all those mainland Party members with investments in the HK real estate market being left vulnerable.


APR 24-2020 Much has been made of the failure of the RCMP in the NS mass shooting to give an alert. The problem is typical of all Institutions = Institutional Autism. That is why Canada is doomed economically as we are morally bankrupt.


APR 23-2020 Two blockbusters (or ball choose) A) A one page letter to the Canadian Judicial Council beginning with...Oh, no, not that outfit again....SEE MEDIAapr 23  B) A seven page intention to move cases from other provinces to Ontario 18000 76950 which has been awaiting a court date ever since Doug Ford became Premier. SEE LEGAL MAILapr 23  C) Letter to the Defendant CV 20 82943 Franco Alulio Transport Ministry-Medical, the 'quisling' of Canada's car culture. SEE LEGAL MAILapr 23


APR 22-2020  A) In many ways, this letter to Towngate Family Clinic is typical of the abuse I have undergone from these people. SEE LEGAL MAIL apr. B) Now I know where I went wrong in addressing Premier Ford in requesting a court date for one of my cases from close to 2 years ago...I didn't put it in language which he understands such as that of his 12 year old nephew who wants to know if there is going to be any summer camp. When Ford did not have an answer, the nephew remarked 'Well find out and get back to me right away'. (They are both idiots but it is an age for idiots!) C) Institutional Autism: Why didn't the cops issue (amber alert) warning? O.S. p.11  'Good question', said the RCMP spokesperson regarding the recent N.S. killing spree. I remember getting an amber alert in Ottawa for a missing child in Toronto. It's a crazy digital world where humans have forgotten to think.


APR 20-2020 Canada awoke to a nation in tatters today without any antidote to this moral COVID 19 leaving it to Democracy's enemies to exploit this silence. Re-read GO HOME, M.P.s


APR 19-2020 A) 'GO HOME' M.P.'s Sub-heading under APRIL.  How Canada hit rock bottom.  B) China can afford to lose half its people; particularly if they are the older non-productive group. What they can't afford is to stop their economy as their empire is over-extended and hangs by a thread. Individuals in that society come out second best as a philosophy but Canada is closing the gap. SEE article above.


APR 18-2020  A) The cheque is in the mail to ON Doctors and Clinics doing virtual medical checks...NOT. Those medical people are going to close down. It isn't like a light switch to turn back on as it will take many weeks to return to functionality, we are told. As I have said before, 2 out of 3 Canadians claim the system is broken and after COVID-19 , that figure will read 3 out of 3.  B) I must be bored as I have taken to analyze the writing approach of the typical spy novel. SEE  APRIL  Sub-heading JAMES BOND SYNDROME


APR 17-2020 Do you want to read about 'low hanging fruit'? And I do mean 'low hanging'. At least you can read my Reply to the wondrous Cavanagh LLP defense of lawyer Alexander Bissionnette against whom I have an action for fraud. SEE LEGAL MAILapr


APR 16-2020 China (and their protegé WHO) can't be trusted  O.S. B. Lilley p.24... 'His (Trudeau) refusal to denounce them speaks volumes.'  That's the literal COVID-19. Here's the moral COVID-19: Trudeau's refusal to denounce the depredations of Justice Canada and Doug Ford's 'Acts of Commission' reminiscent of Nazi Germany (fake driver license suspension in perpetuity and incarcerating 'political prisoners' in the mental ward of the General Hospital as per the Employee's Case) has put an end to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms (1982). The media boycotts that national story which will last far longer than the literal kind of COVID 19. PLACARD: HYPOCRISY / CANADA DOES IT BEST .SEE LEGAL NEWS apr for a second 2-page complaint to the College of Physicians & Surgeons following up on their first 'whitewash job'. Reference is also made to the failure of A.G. Doug Downey in responding to these depredations (MEDIAmar 23-2020).


APR 15-2020 A compendium of the last 3 2020 Newsletters in which democratic Canada has been flushed down the toilet by those in charge. SEE this date MEDIAapr


Ode to a powerful Defendant


Hey, ho, your case has got to go / Justice MacLeod can make it so /

Just pay his finder's fee to see / Your Defendant's case as it flees.


Hey, ho, it's quite a racket  / As organized crime can just hi-jack it /

For Justin Trudeau just mumbles and fumbles / As he can only do what bumbles.


Our American cousins must view with abhor / To see this disaster on their back door /

For us plaintiffs who can neither piss nor pee /As no longer does our country agree

To stand on guard for thee and me.


limerick by 'arse see' (R.C. Ottawa)


The Red Queen

(Alice in Wonderland theme)



We all find the plaintiff FRIVOLOUS & VEXATIOUS / ...OFF WITH HIS HEAD!


Oh woe is me, I am caught between / The judges and the big Defendant /

I would pay my way but there is no way / To outbid the rich Respondent.


The judgment is complete before we meet / There's nothing more in essence /

But create 'billable time nonsense'.


The trial is really about the right to disclose  / Which brings tears to the eyes on all those bestowed

Whether laughter or grief we can only suppose.


To finish this ditty which some would find witty / It's the judges we enfold as;




(the judges always insist on the last word)


limerick by 'arse see' (R.C. Ottawa)




D) 'No man who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetuate it.'  Martin Luther King

E) OUST DOUG FORD FROM ALL POLITICS (a non-partisan appeal) for instituting 'Acts of Commission' associated with Nazi Germany.

(i.e. permanent suspension of one's drivers license without appeal)


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APR.14-2020  How cum? Retail stores withdraw yesterdays newspapers while the internet lists many old news items rather than just posting a sign: Archives and listing past news in a different window...time for de-cluttering I say...


APR 13-2020 Cartoon: Client to passing clerk...'Can you help me?' "By all means, just wait until I get something from my desk." ...'You're not coming back, are you?' which reflects my Institutional Autism theme. The first step in recovering the infrastructures of our society is to put a human receptionist on duty to be checked out regularly by the CEO in person to see if someone is complaining about a Company employee not returning a phone call in a timely manner which includes directing it to the proper person if the wrong one is designated. A few dismissals would go a long way in reforming corporate myopia.


APR 11-2020  Two O.S articles on p.11 conclude with the same message: 'The cure is worse than the disease' which is surprising as John Snobelen (former Education Minister counted a failure in the Harris gov't. around 2000) deals with the incompetency of modern facilities management in dealing with the Covid 19 crisis in 'affluent' Ontario while Farzana Hassan whom deals with Muslim problems mainly in the Indian sub-continent points out how a fragile third world economy is ill-suited for pandemic controls. My message is that 'the system' - no matter what kind (dictatorship / communistic / socialistic / capitalistic - has a 'best before date' although capitalism has fared better than communism in that regard and the battle is degenerating into who controls the resources; the top 1%? And what can they do in the final analysis for a system which produces and maintains their wealth? There are only so many alternatives and we are running out of all of them with the COVID-19 pandemic bringing the economic crisis - for that is what it is - into sharp focus. It is a cassandra-like view of the future but I am hard-pressed to see any light at the end of the tunnel except after massive human suffering which a world Depression would produce with its accompanying social dislocation. Apart from corruption, the major problem is the inability of infrastructure everywhere to operate in a cohesive pattern which I have revealed in spades in terms of the Canadian Justice System.


APR 09-2020 A) Thomas Malthus, the 19th century preacher who first introduced population expansion (exponential) re natural resources (arithmetic) theoretically predicted mass starvation when the former outdistanced the latter. He recognized moral restraint which is seen throughout the world in advanced nations where the population does not replicate itself hence countries such as Japan with no immigration has a limited future considering its aging population while Canada can postpone  its day of reckoning through a robust immigration program which steals talent from emerging countries. Malthus was quite aware of famine and wars and disease in altering his model although he did not appear to recognize the full significance of applying machinery to the economy. Figures show that vast parts of the world are no longer underfed. Even now, by giving up 'bossy the cow' which consumes vast amounts of water and grazing land, we can survive much longer on purees made from insects for our protein. That's the natural situation as Malthus does for population what Adam Smith does for economics with his 'gov't. keep hands off business' approach so beloved by the Fraser Institute. The two conjoin when a financial crunch such as the one that COVID 19 is exacerbating in which a small force in the world freeze the smooth flowing of the economy. The Irish Famine of 1845-7 is typical in which Irish people starved due to a potato blight while wheat was being shipped to Britain from Ireland by absentee landlords. B) For those people who wish modern examples; in a small way the Liberals are stalling small business loans in this time of COVID 19 due, I submit, to the fact that most of these owners vote Tory.


APR 08-2020 If Canada were an isolated island in the ocean, we would be a Third World Country due to our thinking. For example, Justice C. Mcleod and his acolyte, Master Kaufman, rewrote the Justice System by voiding hearings in which a plaintiff must define his case. That's despotism. What they do is what the School texts do. For example, for any Act, such as the Que. Act of 1774, the aim is stated with the provisions listed but not individually related to the aim as general discussion (similar to our media) circumnavigates the issues. In the Judicial example given, MacLeod lists all the points I would (or should) have been called on to defend in a hearing. He doesn't do that. He merely lists my topics and then gives a lump sum opinion that as the petitioner, I am merely being frivolous and vexatious, the standard court dictum for the minority side where the judges want a loss. Hence, in hiring a large law firm, what is being paid for is a favourable Decision; the law be damned. Sometimes there are exemptions but not many. On the other side, personal injury lawyers blackmail large entities on the grounds that it costs more to fight a case than what can be collected; usually from an indigent client. 90% of those cases are settled out of court; half the fee for the lawyer and half for the client; some of whom milk the system regularly. Hence as a nation, Canada is FUBAR for when the judiciary doesn't work, a democracy can't work. Our U.S. cousins must be understandably alarmed.


APR 07-2020 A) REVERSE OSMOSIS: An unlikely analogy is Senator McCarthy's Communist persecution of the early 1950's which unfairly destroyed many careers, particularly in Hollywood. Today, his name is anathema as well it should be. So how is this model inverted to describe the Employee's Case? I am the target of a PMO with strong communist sympathies along with an Ontario Premier whom, from the other end, has aped Nazi tactics favoured by Hitler to enslave 'undesirable' people with his 'Acts of Commission'. While I am the first individual, to be sure I will not be the last one so targeted in North America. As Canadian politicians, institutions, and individuals would ignore what is on their doorstep, I appeal to individual Americans to speak out against what is happening on their northern flank as Canada as a democratic nation with its Charter of Rights and Freedoms (1982) has ceased to exist; the Justice System has seen to that. B) How bad can the Justice System get, you ask? For a bare sampling read my letter to Cavanagh lawyers in Ottawa who treat legalities like playthings. SEE 2020-APRIL MEDIA this date


APR 06-2020 So editor Timothy Walker gave the ax to a number of senior CTV reporters to replace them with cheaper help. If the public want local TV news, they better support it by purchasing from their advertisers, she groused. Too little, too late as print media are closing up across North America with TV news not much far behind. As for the print media, who is willing to pay $400 per year for a subscription particularly when COVID19 is forcing everyone into economies? I have not heard anyone discuss a newspaper item for some's all internet. Cartoonists have eclipsed columnists and a paper devoted to them could survive; particularly on digital. I took a number of night school courses in the 1980's on cartooning which would have been my forté but I did not have the talent although I had some talent at writing scripts which Royal Canadian Air Farce appreciated but did not buy on one occasion called 'The Happy Hollow Rest Home'.


APR 04-2020 A) My one and older sister who died in 2001 under unfortunate circumstances, would have been 82 today. Happy Birthday, Joan wherever your spirit resides as I believe we exist as long as those who remember us bring us into 'this worldly' focus. She had been divorced after 25 years of marriage. There were no children. She was creative with an I.Q. of 142 but highly insecure. She never stuck to anything; a truly Renaissance person. Rest in Peace, Joan. B) The newspaper shows empty malls and streets which does not coincide with my observations from my penthouse overlooking a busy intersection near the airport. Buses breeze by empty but single drivers are on the road at about 50% capacity. Some are lining up at drive-thru's where the restaurant portions are closed. Perhaps crowded home self-isolation is driving some members to escape. Our Apartment block is banning all but essential visitors. Few people are out walking or in the grocery stores.


APR 02-2020 A) For a conspiracy to be effective, it is important that everyone march to the tune of the same drummer which the conspirators are doing here but the anomaly is that each legal case stands alone despite the common theme of 'get Roger' and the more twisting and turning the authorities do, the more they entangle themselves. There are just too many cooks... SEE Letter to the Judicial Council in Toronto under LEGAL MAIL apr  B)Comparative study of Russia, China and Canada...guess which one wins the 'hypocrisy race'? SEE DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE apr


APR 01-2020  No April 01 foolin', but Ottawa Justice C MacLeod has made a game changer for the entire Canadian Justice System by knocking two cases off for a hearing without having any hearing to that effect. Powerful interests will 'buy their judge' under these circumstances leaving the legal fraternity unemployed...maybe not such a bad idea.... The cost? The 1982 Charter of Rights and Freedom and all individual access to justice. As a nation, Canada lies in much more fiddling can Canada do in the face of the U.S. on our southern border?