JAN.31-2020  A) Letter to the Court Division of Min. of Justice-Small Debts Court. SEE LEGAL MAIL  B) Disease is always the big killer in society. Rarely did people die of old age (cancer and heart conditions) before the 1950's but now living beyond 100 is a reality creating intolerable costs which Canada seeks to alleviate with immigration; something Japan is lacking with its aging population explaining why their national debt (owed internally so that one doesn't hear about it) is worse than Greece. Regarding plagues: 1/3 of European people died in the 1400's plague not realizing the fleas on the black rats were the source of infection. The 1919 world flu killed off more people (particularly India) than all the military deaths from WW1 which were astronomical in their own right. The school texts often don't even make a footnote of that event. The bureaucrats tell us not to worry about the Wuhan plague but I don't think anyone is listening to these bureaucrats any longer on anything.


JAN.30-2020  I reply to Hospital CEO Dr. Jack Kitts. SEE MEDIA


JAN.28-2020 A) As victim, I only get one kick at the can; as perpetrator, the Ministry of the Attorney General gets at least more than one. A rather illiterate and unsigned letter ('which' is spelled 'witch'. Presumably Dr. Freud is at work) sends an addendum to my attempts to unsuccessfully unseat a mandamus court in Small Debts Court. If I were in charge of this Department, I would fire the Supervisor for not reviewing this letter before it was sent out.

B) SEE DR. JAHAGIRDAR-LEGAL ACTION which now has a File No. CV20 82659


JAN.27-2020  A) Top cop unleashes wave of change O.C. p.1 A real 'puff piece' by the Citizen on this bureaucrat of all bureaucrats pursuing the media at the expense of police work. Asking for 100 more police is not conducive to the financial health of the community particularly as 98% of police are to be 'pencil pushers' according to one analyst. Personally, his failure to obtain the rest of my medical file which belongs to me as a patient from Dr. J. of Towngate is a symbol of this inner failure as backstopped by Mayor Watson. B) Peter Mackay was no better a Minister of Justice in 2013 as Jody Wilson-Raybould was in 2016:

Yesterday's Man

C) I should get a leper bell as I welcomed all those M.P.'s on the street corner with my Placards.  Most had heads down and veered off pretending that they were not looking at the naughty parts of a porn magazine. The worst for negative body language was NDP's Jack Layton (d.) The only one to read the signs years ago was, surprise, surprise, Peter MacKay!...go figure. For the most part, I do find the NDP to be the biggest hypocrites. They are the most difficult to contact. Both Harper and Trudeau kept the P.M. contact features open (unless everything is shredded coming out of the fax machine). D) Page 1 story both Ottawa papers commenting on how stress is highest in Justice Canada. Of course, the employees see what I see on a daily basis with management boondoggles to improve the situation thereby making it worse...go figure....


JAN.26-2020 Response to O.S. columnist Lorrie Goldstein on the Holocaust pointing out that the crime is not only somewhere else at a different time in history; it is right here in Doug Ford's Ontario with his 'Acts of Commission' and not a peep out of the media or any other Canadian!  SEE sub-heading MEDIA


JAN.25-2020  A) PLACARD: CANADIANS DON'T DESERVE A DEMOCRACY Do you know the most obscene part of my illicit 9 day mental ward incarceration due to a Doug Ford 'Act of Commission which heralded totalitarian government under Hitler ? No outcry at large from the coast to coast newsletter informing Canadians at large of this heinous crime. Don't get me wrong, Canadians are a generous people in both time and money and polite in the extreme. If you stamp on their foot, they would apologize. But that is where it stops. In Hong Kong, people hit the street when there was talk of deporting people to China for trials. Canada, in great contrast has no such zeitgeist making them the 'luckiest people in the world' without realizing that good luck alone is a devastating indictment for a nation. Our veterans would roll over in their grave to think that we forgot 'to stand on guard for thee'. B) Want a wry laugh? SEE Sub-heading MEMORY LANE for two published letters to the Editor from me in the 1990's when there was no boycott against my name (last 20 years).


JAN.24-2020  A) Oh god! oh God! chorus the Ottawa City Councillors. If the public find out that we did not pressure Watson-Sloly to acquire a clients full medical record without which he cannot get a new doctor, it will affect us PERSONALLY! That is just not fair! ...Such is the cowardice of politicians. Perhaps I am lucky that the media is boycotting me (SEE Red Neck Media c.1985 for how they make stories over in their own image.) A current headline could read: Wacko Retired Teacher Whines About How 90,000 Canadians are 'out of step' but him. He blasts legitimate authorities in his headlong drive into oblivion. (not quite, the 'legitimate authorities' are not the problem; the illegitimate authorities - and they are legion - are collectively the problem. Come the Depression and the media will sink into oblivion as no one reads a newspaper any longer nor listens to TV media shows catered to by 'adult diaper ads' except a few insiders. Missing the Ottawa vote in the last Federal Election got them labeled 'fake news'. The first thing to go in a Depression is a $400 per year newspaper subscription. The SUN chain is hanging on by tenterhooks for if it were not for their sports news, they would already be 'obliviated' as they continue to drain massive amounts of red ink. B) Letter to P.M. Trudeau which is a rarity these days castigating the duplicity of Ottawa courts. SEE MEDIA


JAN.23-2020  A) Ottawa City Councillors are asked to take action against Police Chief Sloly (and if possible, Mayor Watson whom is backstopping Sloly) SEE Sub-heading: 'Sloly' et al  B)Response to 'bullshit letter' from younger ex-son, Greg Callow. SEE LAST WILL


JAN.21-2020  A) Medical personnel such as one pharmacist are dumbfounded that Dr. Jahagirdar can withhold some of my medical file making it impossible for me to acquire a new family Doctor. B) I have asked Dr. Kitts CEO of the General Hospital to forward a copy of my successful Boxing Day tests in order to get my driver's license back. C) Still no action from Mayor Watson-Police Chief Sloly in acquiring my medical record which is leading to all these other major transgressions by the authorities. D) When I do get comments while picketing, I am bemused to be addressed as 'sir'. Since the last election, there has been a marked disconnect between the law courts, government, politicians, media which transcends political alignments. Time to hit the streets for individual rights. No physical violence to people, please.

One downtown retired priest with his signs stressing 'individual rights' (veiled anti-abortion protest) has had his eyes opened with my comments to him. Others are beginning to follow suit. For sure, do NOT vote in the next ON provincial election as all parties are culpable in this driver license catastrophe with international ramifications. U.S. are you listening? E) Two wrongs appear to be making a right. When asked about the illicit Meng Deportation Order, the duplicitous Chrystia Freeland re-directed the question by expressing her focus on the two illicitly held Canadians in China.


JAN.21-2020  A) Don't vote in the next ON election as the Liberals and NDP have done nothing to get the pernicious psychiatric label expunged from the Ministry of Transport-Medical which compromises all car cultures. Are you listening U.S? The term 'cognitive' covers any such disorder without the negative consequences. B) I met a couple of teachers about to return to the picket lines yesterday and told them how the B.C. Teachers attempted to meet the government 'half-way' in the mid-1960's only to find themselves screwed hence from that time on it was always 'hard-ball'. C) The only reason that I have a TV is because it is cheaper for the internet package. There is little point watching the News on CBC or CTV as they have only one major item which they flog to death. Public Affairs programs are merely media types speaking to media types as they can no longer get the story; i.e. the voting pattern for Ottawa in the last Federal election. The death of the Canadian media cannot come soon enough - and it is coming - as far as I am concerned as they are little more than a front for the 'Old Boys Club'. D) Until Hospital CEO Dr. Jack Kitts writes his Report on the mental unit being used for political purposes in a major way, donors should cut their 2020 hospital donations in half. That could be reduced to 1/3 depending on what he has to say. E) AB's Jason Kenney has a screwball 'outcomes' program for colleges and universities which reduce them to little more than vocational school status. He was incompetent as an MP and not much better as an MPP despite his organizational abilities.


JAN.19-2020  A) SEE sub-heading TORONTO POLICE as I ask them to go after the Ministry of Transport-Medical illicit driver's suspension for me. B) One time I was contacted by an internet evaluating scorekeeper which gave me a 'believable' rating. Later I learned that even these outfits are a scam as they later try to sell contracts being praiseworthy of your Company. Which brings me around to Towngate Family Medicine which had one posted negative comment from a few years back in which the Clinic would not permit the client to change doctors within the clinic. More recently, they saw fit to star one of their doctors, Dr. Jahagirdar, as being 'wonderful'. What induced that? A paid advertisement? C) A recent Police Report suggested that $100,000 per year policemen are becoming 'pencil pushers'. And who is the biggest pencil-pusher of all? Why new police chief Sloly whom has been the source of no end of grief in the Employee's Case by refusing to seize the remainder of my medical file from Dr. Jahagirdar without which I cannot get a new Doctor. And who is behind him on that score? Why pencil pusher Mayor Jim Watson.


JAN.18-2020  The next time that I get hauled off to the Mental Ward of the General Hospital, I expect to be assassinated, 'Jeffrey Epstein' fashion. Are you listening CEO Dr. Jack Kitts?


JAN.18-2020 As I have cut out my family from my assets, my wife is left vulnerable in the 'clip joint' that she is in which she can no longer afford beyond a couple of years stripping her of her assets. I wrote the following to help her gain other accommodation which is within her pension needs. I didn't hear back.

To. T. Callow via e-mail:

     I left a message on your tape offering your old room back c/w full ensuite bathroom as a room-mate in which we would share the kitchen facilities. There would be conditions of course which we can discuss. The advantages to you are many. For example, you could save internet fees by linking your computer system to my Bell system. You could also list your request for a one-bedroom in this ideal location which are hard to get for your services.

     Of course we would not discuss my legal cases. You can read that on the internet in any event. Nor would we be responsible for the health situation of each other unless a 911 call is merited.

     I have a new life which does not include the old one financially or socially. I am a member of a dating club but I would not bring anyone here as long as you are in residence.

     Phone me when you get a chance to discuss other conditions.



JAN.17-2020  A) LAST WILL & TESTAMENT OF ROGER CALLOW SEE this sub-heading under 2020  B) Former government whistle blower, Joanna Gualtieri, founder of FAIR for whistleblowers which recently threw in the towel complaining all these tribunals were fixed (I can vouch for that), quotes this line in a letter to the Editor O.C. Jan.17 A7  'A Nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves' which, indeed, is what I have demonstrated in spades. Of interest here is that as an ethical individual against the authorities, I am on my own while any Neo-Nazi not only can find a group but also a convention to attend...go figure. C) Rights protector, well-known Ottawa lawyer Lawrence Greenspon is representing Mike Duffy in his bid for 8-1/2 million (taxpayer dollars) against the Senate which will - like 90% of such cases - be settled out of court. I recall the first day of Duffy's trial in which I appeared on the sidewalk where all the media were present with their built up platform for interviews. The cameras clicked all over me but nothing appeared in the media. The second day, with a different set of placards, I got the 1000 yard stare. The media boondoggle petered out as no-one turned out to talk to them and they were not talking to me. Camera-men run when they see me coming with my placards.


JAN.17-2020 A) Letter to CEO General Hospital's Dr. Jack Kitts regarding a two-fold conspiracy from the government in which the General Hospital-mental ward is complicit thus tarnishing the unit forever by accepting 'political prisoners'. SEE 2020 Sub-heading: HOSPITAL PSYCHIATRIC SCAM  B) I include Dr. Jahagirdar's duplicitous and self-effacing letter of Oct. 29 with my observations which parallels similar duplicitous actions by Dr. Sarah Chan, staff psychiatrist at the General Hospital under Sub-heading DR. JAHJAGIRDAR - LEGAL ACTION

C) As one observer of my web site and comments on two doctors put it...'Why those little bitches' to which I responded: Do you know that male doctors have twice the suicide rate of the general population with female doctors having 2-1/2 times the normal rate?

D) I am no fan of the Theocracy in Iran as their Nazi-like tactics are among the worst. With that much said, did the leaders directly order the shooting down of a passenger jet on take-off? I hardly think so. For example, in the 'Charge of the Light Brigade' in the Crimea made famous by Alfred Lord Tennyson, there was no order to drive a cavalry to oblivion before machine guns. It was a local decision by the cavalry leader to act on his own contrary to the needs of the leadership. It is within the confusion in Iran, that the U.S. seeks to exploit advantage by supporting the ever widening protest against the Theocracy as the people do not identify with the Ayatollah's foreign religious ambitions.


JAN.16-2020  My old nemesis, Vancouver Chief Justice Hinckson is creating his own 'mandamus court' in holding secret meetings regarding the Meng deportation which is dragging on and on. China was sucker punched with this hi-jacking which was set up by the FBI using complicit Canadian courts with an Ottawa connection. (Gerald Butts? Trudeau's former confidante?) The matter has dragged on for far too long for China as now Canada at large is against Huawei. Treating Canada as an 'errant child' is a big mistake as an errant child in the classroom must be removed immediately. In brief, on the larger scale, the situation called for 'executive action' paralleling Trump's killing of the Iranian general with this difference; it is to be done surreptitiously. As matters stand, China is guilty of the worst charge possible in the Far East - being a paper tiger.

JAN.16-2020  'Not everyone thinks like you' (desk clerk). They sure as hell don't. Otherwise, they would pay their bills on time and live within their means. In the coming Depression, the 50% who can't go beyond a single paycheck and are slipping behind due to increasing costs not keeping up with their paycheck, are the foot soldiers who are sacrificed as in any war. The focus is on those which appear wealthy with their investments which can dry up overnight. For example, there is a dirth of automobiles in every city car lot. New cars are being stored along the 401 and being auctioned off on the internet as one consequence. The financiers behind the scene owe money to the bank which lists them as assets fully realizing their problem. It is the stroke of a pen in an instant which can change that picture entirely leaving so-called assets as liabilities that the Depression begins. In 1929, it was the bank calling in loans on margin buying that precipitated the Great Depression.


JAN.15-2020  A) I first heard the phrase 'f-_ _ k it, drive on two decades ago from an RCMP Officer: 'Do you see that indigenous person standing on reserve land guarding his marijuana crop (from other thieves) with a gun?...f_ _ k it, drive on. One study states that until the bosses stand over the police, they will evade their responsibilities. Even here, Ottawa's new police chief, Peter Sloly, is the biggest evader of them all as attested to by my personal experience. Did you know that unless a retailer hires a security guard such as do the liquor stores, the Ottawa police no longer attend shoplifting calls?  It's true of all bureaucracies as the lower echelons merely give rationalizations as to why they can't/won't do their job. We are ghettoizing our culture in the above regard as people are pulling into their shells reluctant to help their neighbor. It's more than frightening. It's a disaster of untold dimensions and we are living it. B) PEI has caught the Alberta disease. SEE this date MEDIA 


JAN.14-2019 O.C. p.1 two stories A) Headline: 'He shouldn't have died that way' (pedestrian killed by OC Transpo bus) But here's the catch...OC Transpo, police silent on father's death. New Police Chief Sloly is turning out to be a dud. B) p.1 Diab files notice of $90M suit against government '...its (Justice Department) is not to provide transparency or to prevent future miscarriages of justice, rather its purpose is to absolve the Department of Justice from any accountability and to shield senior officials at the department from further scrutiny,' Diab

Both myself and Diab had Ottawa Justice Robert Maranger in 2014  presiding over our respective cases. Our appeals in different courtrooms were defeated on the same day in that year. C) McCain's owns N.B. Premier Higgs is a former McCain executive. Recently, Michael McCain of Maple Leaf Foods was speaking out about CEO's being honest. Well, why isn't  Premier Higgs 'being honest' about a law suit naming a B.C. counsel for the Employer in the Employee's Case and 3 judges (SK & AB)? Somebody should ask McCain about that one. D)People in custody cut off from lawyers, loved ones. Criminal Lawyers complaint ...the issue is twofold: First, the act of removing an offender from home and society is the actual punishment. In Canada we do not pile on further punishment. my response: we do now with my illicit detention in a 9-day lock-down in the 4-room General Hospital mental wing for 9 days where the normal stay is 72 hours. I was a political prisoner. Second, approx. 70 % are awaiting trial. They have not been found guilty of anything. Response. Even after passing a complete physical on the first day (bumping other patients which had more need of those services); I was consigned to the mental ward for 9 days on a 'Doug Ford' inspired stunt.


JAN.14-2020  DOUG FORD is out of control with his 'Acts of Commission'. and yet not one oversight body has seen fit to get back to me and I have contacted many. That includes the Opposition Parties in the Legislature. While my Apartment is in pristine condition, I would not be surprised to see the Dept. of Health on some bogus order or other, to see fit to seize me once again for 'living in squalor'. What I need, and haven't got, is a group to hit the streets protesting these Nazi-like actions. One of my placards invites donors to withhold their donations to the Ottawa General Hospital for their iniquitous role in holding me in lock-down for 9 days doing nothing. It was clear to all those in the 4 room mental ward that I was a political prisoner. Wake up Canada. SEE Letter to Ottawa Citizen 2020 MEDIA


JAN.13-2020  A) a legal action for $10 million has been laid against Dr. Jahagirdar of Towngate Family Medicine. SEE Sub-heading DR. JAHAGIRDAR-LEGAL ACTION  B) You know Ottawa City Hall is in a very bad way when Councillor fax and e-mail contacts are inoperative.  C) Letter to DOUG FORD SEE under this sub-heading.  D) Letter to 24 Toronto legal firms to go after the Ministry of Transport's Deputy Minister Alulio for the scam of the century. SEE LEGAL MAIL


JAN.11-12;-2020  A) Letter to 24 prominent Ottawa Legal Firms regarding a letter to the Small Debts Court to return 19-SC-155235 from the mandamus court to open court. All Canadian legal firms are adversely affected (all Appeal Courts) if Doug Ford is permitted to get away with this 'Act of Commission'. SEE LEGAL MAIL this date.  B) No report has been received in another Doug Ford 'Act of Commission' from the General Hospital regarding my 9 day incarceration which forever tarnishes the 4-room secure mental lock-down division. Watson was to cost this escapade and report to the Ottawa citizens that the police will not break down your door and cart you off in a stunt reminiscent of Nazi Germany. 2020 Hospital donors are asked to withhold their donations until this Report is made to me by their hospital management. C) Street Heat: People are badly frightened seeing as how their salary does not cover the incremental cost increases - sometimes excessively so - making, in some cases, citizens having to choose between medicine or food. That anger is translated into invective against all authority figures including the media: PLACARD: HIT THE STREETS TO PROTECT INDIVIDUAL  RIGHTS N.B. NO VIOLENCE AGAINST PEOPLE PLEASE. What is particularly galling is to see such as their pension funds going to support e.g. money losing Bombardier without even getting dividends while the 1% richest people get an increasing level of profit through exorbitant management contracts. D) Up the Revolution: Mexico reports 10 journalist deaths last year placing it on a par with Syria. Canada has no journalist deaths due to the fact that the columnists and reporters are firmly in the back pocket of the owners...they can't even 'break wind' without management permission as evidenced by their silence on the above Doug Ford atrocities.


JAN.11-2020  A) As a political prisoner in the General Hospital In the 9 days in which I sat on my ass doing nothing but taking up valuable space needed for those whom needed help, I re-watched the 1992 movie, Home Alone which described my plight on two levels. There was the mother desperate to make contact with her young son inadvertently left alone when they flew out to the coast being forever thwarted by bureaucrats trained not to think outside their own personal concerns. On the other hand, the young boy, faced with a novel situation, becomes creative in thwarting a couple of bad dudes seeking to burglarize the house amid the usual hilarious child-like schemes.  B) A letter has been sent to large Ottawa legal firms outlining the danger of permitting a Doug Ford 'mandamus court' on Feb. 27 which is nothing more than a secret tribunal in which a judge may write any judgment he likes without fear of repercussions in any Appeal Court. In brief, it is as job killer for the legal fraternity clear across Canada if this mandamus court is not challenged now. The media - Postmedia/CBC/Epoch Times is signing the death knell of their credibility by keeping this story from the public. Individual rights and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (1982) is another major casualty of Ford's 'Act of Commission' which Hitler dearly loved.  B) I light of Trump's failure to protect U.S. interests vis a vis the demise of 'car cultures' everywhere, I am turning to the Democrats to give voice to Canada's greatest failure of all time. C) Of course, Ottawa Mayor and Police Chief P. Sloly are complicit by failing to obtain my entire medical file hence obviating the need to file the Small Debts Court 19-SC-155235 in the first place which is really a request for disclosure as that medical file belongs to the client; just not in this case.


JAN.10-2020  A) I asked a young female police officer standing near a group of policemen if this is what is known as a 'gaggle of police'? She dutifully laughed and then gave me a ticket for passing bad jokes. That's how I spend my days, going from one quip to another ever since Bob Hope died...It doesn't make me many friends but then somebody has to carry on... B) Today was supposed to have been my last day as a 'political prisoner' in the 4-room lock-down at the Ottawa General Hospital but they chose to let me out after 9 days cutting off the last 7 days (normal length of stay is up to 72 hours). This ward is now tarnished forever. I ask General Hospital donors to reconsider their 2020 donation.  C) As Trump did nothing to mitigate the damage done to a 'car society' e.g. invoke tariffs against Doug Ford as U.S. interests are directly affected negatively, I am asking the Democrats to fill the void in this 'Act of Commission' by Doug Ford which would see driver's losing the right to drive in perpetuity without Appeal. SEE web Sub Heading: DOUG FORD  D) The 'Court of Star Chambers' Mandamus Court threatens to eliminate Appeal Courts as all powerful interests (think SNC Lavelin) will use these secret courts where only the judge's Decision appears which cannot be appealed. Think vast legal unemployment. Large legal firms should contact me on this one. The hearing is slated for Feb. 27. I will have a letter this weekend to the court lambasting them for moving this case 'sideways' into oblivion.


JAN.09-2020  Second World War showed folly of a delayed response. O.S. P.3 guest writer Stephen Jarislowsky born in Berlin in 1925 and served in both arenas in the U.S. Army:

'...To me, today's situation feels like the lead-up to WWII. In the early 1930's, peoplelaughed at Hitler. He wasn't taken seriously. But once in power, with every passing day, he grew stronger. By the time the Allies stepped in, it was almost too late to win the war...'. my response: the importance of nipping some things in the bud such as my phony driver's license suspension in all perpetuity negatively affecting all 'car cultures'.


JAN.08-2020  A)  PLACARDS:  1) GENERAL  HOSPITAL  DONORS / WITHOLD FUNDS / MAJOR MEDICAL SCAM  2) CANADIANS DO NOT DESERVE A DEMOCRACY (as though we had one in the first place which we don't.)   B) I have heard nothing further from the Ministry of Health-Psychiatric Division in protection of individuals - as to a planned meeting to follow up on the mental 4-ward scam for which I also await a Report from Hospital management with a copy to Mayor Watson. Certainly Staff Psychiatrist, young Dr. Sarah Chan (she was the worst) was nervous about this meeting and I count my parole letting me out a week early (normal stay is 72 hours when I should never have been committed in the first place) after 9 days 'sitting on my ass' at great financial expense to the Hospital for which I have asked Mayor Watson and Councilors  to cost and publicize.  C) Time to fish or cut bait for the Epoch Times  SEE sub-heading LEGAL MAIL


JAN.07-2020  Bureaucrats whom respond but shouldn't. '...A lawyer's responsibility is to ensure that their own client's interests are protected....Law Society law clerk Kimberley Alexis in response to Callow. So how is that to happen in a 'Court of Star Chambers' mandamus court for 19-SC-155235 which moved this case sideways out of the regular court with an Appeals process into a forum where secrecy rules the day with only the Judicial Statement to be released? In effect, it's a job killer for lawyers if all powerful interests use this stunt, eradicating the necessity of Appeal Courts. Think SNC Lavelin. In brief the Law Society does not know which side their bread is buttered on. Consider my senior teacher lay-off arbitration under the imposed  BILL 35(1985)-think imposed Carbon Tax- which has a mandamus context; that is, until I changed lawyers and the court quashed the arbitration stating that the arbitrator had been patently unreasonable. Without that all important oversight capability entrenched in our legal system a mandamus court is anti-justice and therefore a matter of high treason. And get this, the Employer refuses to recognize court oversight and over 90,000 Frenchmen (WW1) - oops, I mean over 50 subsequent judges - can't be wrong claiming that I am merely being frivolous & vexatious. PEI has smashed their Justice System in its entirety with their 'mandamus' judgment in a case I lodged there delivered from the Registry by a judge rather than in open court (running a court within a court - a judicial no-no)


JAN.06-2020  I call out Ottawa Police Chief P. Sloly and Mayor Jim Watson for augmenting the conspiracy against me. SEE this date 2020 LEGAL MAIL


JAN.05-2020 SEE this date 2020 LEGAL MAIL for a rebuttal to Towngate's  legal letter of Jan.3


JAN.05-2020 While postings show up to DEC. 28-2019; in actual fact no postings were made since Xmas Day as I was seized in my apartment by police on DEC. 26 and hustled down to the lock-up in the mental ward of the Ottawa General Hospital only being released after 9 days on JAN.03-2020. This abuse is so serious that I am posting the pick-up order along with my rebuttal here:

NEWSLETTER - JANUARY 4-2020 (2 pages)

By Roger Callow

'ex-sons'  January 4-2020 e-mail (filed under Dec. 19-2019)

Roger Callow <>

13:04 (2 minutes ago)

to nicole.dionne,(sister of Therese) mmostacci,(Greg's in-laws) tcallow (estranged wife)


1) No Justice of the Peace would ever sign such a despicable order even for a medical person let alone two bozos who have wandered off the street all of which is a negative reflection on those who associate with them. Indeed neither son had seen me in the previous four months but Premier Ford 'found' Justice of the Peace C.L. Logue.

2) I spent 9 days in lockdown in the hospital after passing all my tests on the first day forever tainting the 4 bed mental ward where I declared myself a 'political prisoner'. There was no need to incarcerate me. 



Part A

x behaved or are behaving violently towards another person or have caused or are causing another person to fear harm from you ;or  Response(R) balderdash; I am not a violent person

x shown or are showing a lack of competence to care for yourself R. My apartment is impeccable and - unless you include the 9 days of incarceration without a change of clothes -I change my clothes and bedding regularly. During my incarceration, Chris entered my apartment without my knowledge and certainly without my permission. I have asked Police Chief P. Sloly to investigate plus the alliance of some police officers who are known to regularly party at his house as there was another bullshit incident in which Chris used the police to check up on his 'frail father' who walks a couple of hours a day plus one hour of aerobics. It isn't working as I have transferred my entire estate to the National Geographic Fund which does good work on the ground for people in Africa. The family get nothing.

x serious body harm to another person  R. For God's sake, who? The family never responded to my many e-mails to offer assistance to my estranged wife who is now in a Residence where they care for her serious illness. These are people to whom I have always been courteous but due to the bad-mouthing by my wife behind my back for which I had no knowledge, they refuse to speak to me.

x serious physical impairment of you. R. That accusation is belied by the battery of physical and mental tests which I passed on entry to the hospital but still they decided to incarcerate me tarnishing the 4 room secure ward forever...only in Russia you in Ottawa.



QUOTE: '...As other countries promote the value of public-interest whistleblowing, Canada remains a feudal fiefdom. This is the real scandal....' Amen, Joanna Gaultieri, former government whistleblower, amen. Roger Callow


HISTORICAL NOTE: Once in power, Hitler used 'Acts of Commission' to justify breaking into apartments such as mine and carting off Jews to their 'final destination'.



1) Reread the last word of a preposterous Order by Justice of the Peace, C.L. Logue: After being seized by the police such as I was, I was to be taken to a physician, whom presumably inside of one hour would give me a basic physical followed by an oral examination.

2) But that is NOT what I got. I was dragged into the hospital for a full physical including oral tests from 3 different Doctors at great financial expense to the Hospital. I passed.

3) At that point I should have been sent home rather than being sent to Dr. McArthur's sanatorium in which I made written complaints against three doctors as compared with no complaints against the testing by the first three doctors. I was a political prisoner and this 4-bedroom secure section is forever tarnished with their cavalier action.

4) One has to be careful in making staff evaluations. For example, two staff followed the rules with one being friendly to me as I was no trouble to them while the other followed a hectoring style of duty. Is that to say one is more successful than the other? Not necessarily as I can think of situations which only the hectoring staff member could handle.

5) And then there was young Staff Psychiatrist Dr. Sarah Chan assigned to me . So help me, nailing jello to the wall would have been easier. I accused her in writing of being 'evasive' and 'disingenuous'. My evaluation of her as a Doctor was not in terms of good or bad but 'frightening'. I believe a case could be made to her being a pathological liar suited only to some psychiatric institutions found in Russia.

6) If I had a support group, they would have stood outside the hospital chanting: Free Political Prisoner Roger Callow from lock-down!'  Another Placard would read: Withhold donations until Hospital Management explain the perversion of the mental unit.

7) I maintain that donors should maintain 100% for CHEO and if Management ignores this account, for donors to deduct up to 30%  in 2020 for this transgression where the Ottawa Hospital showed themselves too willing to compromise themselves with devastating results.

8) Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson and Council have been called on by me to cost this boondoggle and report the matter publicly. (encl. to them)

9) Regrettably, the oversight bodies which I have consulted such as the Psychiatric Society remain mute on one of the worst transgressions in the history of Canada's democracy.


POST IN STAFFROOM - email colleagues