RECENT 7 oct-2020


OCT.23 A) O.S. p.8 'You're trying to trap me' Ghislaine Maxwell, paramour of 'suicided' Epstein: She is correct in the age-old legal question: 'Have you stopped beating your wife every Thursday night? Why should she be forced to respond to media provocative questions as to the details of alleged titillating sexual practices considering she has not yet gone to trial? Including such words as 'rage' she 'sniffed' and 'agitated' reflect a media which is judge, jury and executioner. While there is no sexual connection with the Employee's Case, this type of media abuse is one good reason why I will not be unhappy when financially-challenged Postmedia grinds to a halt. Columnist Brad Hunter who specializes in North American major crimes has gone overboard on this one (although it is noted the Citizen interpretation is acceptable). B) p.10 Cops push new plan of replacing one of two policemen with a mental health specialist. Bad idea as policing for a domestic situation is reduced to one policeman leaving the mental health worker unsure of her authority. The mental health official has to be in addition to the attending police = much increased cost for policing. Once the situation is stabilized by the police, a roaming mental health worker could be called in but it is folly for one policeman to try to separate warring couples. C) p.11  O'Toole, the O'Foole is asking the Liberals on COVID to give the Tories enough rope to hang the Liberals. We may still get an election if the NDP support the Tories and the Bloc. NP columnist J. Ivison calls it correctly; Politicians are only interested in getting elected and then, re-elected, the rest be damned. D) Up here, Joe Biden, up here...he has threatened to renew the U.S. court system because 'it is getting out of whack'. Canada has been whackadoodle for decades aka the E) NP6 Big mistake showing the photo of a septogenarian sitting on a bench reading a newspaper as a bid to obtain support for the media. The point? septuagenarians are not consumers hence what the media really needs are advertisers. This photo, in fact, is a disconnect. F) Where's Dr. Phil when Canada needs him most on the Employee's Case? Along with the 'Truth Searchers' in the Rodney Reed illicit murder conviction in Texas 23 years ago, Dr. Phil is able to uncover a significant lack of 'disclosure' in the original trial similar to disclosure problems in Cdn. courts. Dr. Phil is sure that Reed is innocent...something I cannot claim as I lack a court Decision in over 35 years in a civil suit due to corrupt judges and court officials. Again, lack of disclosure is the key. Send Biden to Canada.


OCT.22  A) The Connors fall season opened with a COVID theme with everyone wearing masks. I won't watch any further episodes as there is no dark humour even in people been given eviction notices because they ran out of money. Homelessness cannot be a topic for humour. B)Trump is predicting the worst U.S. Depression if the socialistic Democrats get into power. He is half right in that the worst economic Depression will follow on whatever party gets into power. He sees the figures. C) The seven blind men of Hindustan are asked to describe an elephant. 'It is surely like a wall' one claims while feeling the side. 'It is like a tree' claims a second one feeling the trunk..and so on with the rest. So all these blind men argued loud and long for all were partly in the right...and all were in the wrong! Carrying this COVID metaphor over, one can immediately see the parallels listening to the experts. D) Mic Macs of N.S. back  down due to blackmail of Lobster buyers refusing to buy any of their product = new Canadian way of resolving arguments after court and gov't. failure. Organized crime would approve. E) Who pays Ottawa Policeman Montsion's legal Bills? In 1985, as a senior teacher in West Vancouver, B.C., I was laid off under the imposed BILL 35 which circumnavigated the collective bargaining rights ergo no arbitration was expected for as a young father with two children, I could not afford an 11-day perverted arbitration. The Union, after declaring this Bill to be the 'battle of all teachers' could hardly step away so they financed the case 'privately' (which also gave them the control to 'throw it'). The Union also financed my court challenge (which they didn't want to do)  which quashed the arbitration in order to keep control. In 1995, when I went back to court on the grounds that the court order to return to arbitration was not being obeyed,  Justice Spencer - rather than ordering me back to work or alternatively, a new arbitration, made the matter a collective bargaining issue which only the Union could decide; thereby 'creating law' to limit my court access. The next 25 years have been a search for disclosure by me to show fraud in which everything emanating from the original decision to lay me off is 'null and void'. This is the world that Montsion is about to enter as both the Union and police force will pressure him into resigning...been there, done that.... F) Black Columnist Mohammed Adam 'Judges ruling doesn't mean the law is right.'O.C.p.A13 Oh, yes it does as the court is confined to the one case and the extant law. Granted 'community standards' as it is euphemistically referred to, is accepted as lee-way (e.g. beach dress apparel) but the judge did not do that here which is his right. If he erred in law, then the affected party can appeal (to a useless political 3-person appeal court) which I trust Kelly j. checked out beforehand.


OCT.21 A) Both the Tories and Liberals want an election - but for different reasons. The Liberals want one as they will win picking off a number of NDP seats. The Tories want one to eliminate the spoiler NDP Party Federally across Canada so that in future, the voters choose between the two mainline parties with QC permitted their own spoiler BBQ. All parties realize that the NDP is broke from the last two elections and cannot finance an election hence they are dealing from a position of weakness. It is like swimming in a barrel of shit; every time the NDP open their mouths, they get another mouthful. Hence their spoiler factor is reduced to naught as they face oblivion. The risk for 'O'Toole the O' Foole' is that he is unknown and unable to travel Canada in this COVID lock-down. He must retain his Tory numbers to personally survive. The under the radar issue? Why the Employee's case in all its permutations affecting institutions and individuals's a first! B) 'It's the business of the courts to make business for itself.' In 1982, when the SCofC announced the Charter of Rights to much fanfare with a faulty sound system forcing them to borrow a reporter's system, P.M. Pierre Trudeau reacted accordingly: 'They ducked the central many provinces must approve of the repatriation of the constitution?' (later est. at 7 with, of course, more legal expenditure). 'Ducking central questions' is standard fare as evidenced in the current Mic Mac lobster battle in NS with its 1990's 'moderate living' definition without a proper definition as to a working formula= more billable time nonsense. The current situation is not unlike the indigenous people on the Fraser River bootlegging fish to the public with the Feds giving 'hands off' orders hence explaining why the RCMP refuse to get involved. Currently the Mic Mac are taking a very small proportion of the lobster industry which is adequate for the size of their tribe. What they want appears to be a legitimization of their bootlegging industry so that they can become a major commercial entity to which the current non-indigenous fishermen obviously object. At fault? The 1990's court Decision first; the Feds second. C) Ottawa Justice Robert Kelly and his friends are counting on a rather feckless resistance to the Montsion Police Decision. In the big cities in the U.S.; this Decision would have gone the other way. Abdi's supporter comment 'that the system does not work for them' ignores my message from the Employee's Case that the Justice System does not work for anyone D) The NDP under Singh is seen to be bullied over and over until there will be no more room to beg = decimation of their party as a 'living death'. E) After billions in fines in Europe, Google is now being sued by the U.S...and that's a good thing. F) Montsion trial rebuttal SEE 2020 RECENT 7 oct. MEDIA this date (also Oct. 17 for pre-discussion)


OCT.20 A) BILL 35 - B.C. 1985 under which I was the sole teacher laid off 'for economic reasons' in an unresolved case even today (over 50 judges!) was a scam including the role of the Teachers Union. It was to be the 'battle of all teachers' and yet the Union did not place the West Vancouver School District 'into dispute'. 'Why not?', I asked. I was fobbed off. When the court quashed the arbitration and the School Board refused to return my employment as it 'recommended' (a recommendation has weight in law), again the Union failed to place the District 'into dispute' = union was dirty as it wished to protect memberships of principals; a major  source of funds for them (the B.C. gov't. separated the two in 1988 anyway). The teachers did not replace their union, a position they are in today, hence earning them 'a collective yellow stripe down their backside' in this case which has seen the demise of Justice Canada along with B.C. Teachers as a group. There is little doubt that if the union had placed the District 'in dispute'; particularly  after the court quashed the Arbitration in an action which would permeate even the current day, that I could have had a different court response. Now the School District are being sued for $20 million with the courts falling by the wayside with their evasions to hear my case. The law is just that fickle. B) So how does the above apply to the Montsion (Ottawa police) Decision- SEE RECENT 7 MEDIA (Oct. 17)- coming down today where the facts would support the manslaughter charge? Facts in this case be damned as Montsion was found Not Guilty as the prosecution 'did not prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt'(oh, yes they did). There is such a thing as a weak prosecution being mounted but that was not the case here. Justice Kelly did what the powers that be wanted him to do. (The question I ask is whether Kelly j. was an original Federal Court appointee as the Ottawa court is full of these bozos including the Chief Justice) C) Same old, same old...racism in the Cdn. military noted in the Somalia enquiry of 1997...and nothing was done about it. O.C p.1 Today, Cdn. reporters on the issue are persecuted by the authorities but that is not holding as there are too many incidents of racism in the military. General Vance (he of the Vice Adm. Mark Norman debacle) is finally leaving...heaven help the force which now hires him. D) What do you do when the bully boy keeps pressing and pressing you into a corner which is what the Liberals are doing to the Opp. threatening to call an election over the creation of a committee let alone an issue in one. Of course it is ludicrous but bully boys deal in ludicrous behaviour. Can the PM get away with it? Considering my observation that Canada has become a nation of cowards...absolutely!


OCT.19 A) Little is made of the universities in Canada being shy about $2 billion. (Strike slated for Monday at Ottawa U) Others shy of a paycheck are doctors, lawyers and non gov't. workers = a perfect economic storm. B) A former diplomat had it right in a Letter to the Editor of the Ottawa Citizen recently when he pointed out that when there is an infraction of the law in a particular country, the laws of that country apply. Hence Cdn. media yapping about the return of the 'two Michaels' whom are not gov't employees is a sideshow. Canada should, as it is doing, keep track of the treatment of these two in incarceration, but insist on due process of a court hearing in China. The Canadian public has this supercilious thinking that only Canada follows law and order with all other countries to be discounted. I have shown the erroneousness of that thinking about Canada in the 35 year unresolved Employee's Case. The media should be ashamed of themselves for diverting and perverting the Huawei Meng Wazhou trial into a 'two michaels' harangue. C) The Pope is trying to drain the swamp of pedophiles after his disastrous appearance a couple of years ago in Dublin to 'pray for the sinners and sinned alike'. It didn't work. Now the bishop of Poland is on the carpet for concealing sexual abuse as well as two cases in the Vatican being pursued. It's too little, too late as the Vatican is imploding...much like the Canadian Justice System. The NY Diocese has declared bankruptcy; to be sure, more Dioceses to follow. D) WE gate is a fraud... why didn't the media and opposition parties speak out a long time ago...They didn't know? Why not? Either way, voters should not vote. A 100 year old noted that in her day, there was respect for, no longer. E) Too many lobster catchers...too few lobsters dispute pitting NS Commercial fishermen against Mic Mac Indigenous peoples. The latter by court decree in 1995 are permitted to make a 'moderate living'; the usual court 'non-decision' which is at the heart of this dispute and which the Mic Mac are using to expand their business much to the disagreement of non-natives who see their livelihood negatively impacted. Bringing in the RCMP is a stop-gap measure and will only prove counter-productive as well as expensive. 'Duking it out' seems the inevitable outcome with God being on the side of the strongest cannon (Napoleon got it right). A NP 1 'Call for House debate' is a waste of time. The Federal Fisheries bureaucracy similar to so many bureaucracies, are unable to cope. So far, while there has been property damage, there has been no violence to people (as I request). That could change in a heartbeat but Trudeau is too busy riding to the front with his white charger, the RCMP.


OCT.18 A) This was former P.M. Pierre Trudeau's (d) birthday. The reason I remember is that it coincides with my wife's birthday (77) the second one which we have spent apart as both people are dead to me. B) Today's Ottawa Sun is unique in that it repeats articles from other Sun is as though the editors are 'out to lunch' for want of a better phrase. C) Figures don't lie but people lie about figures. Bottom line COVID advice: if you are 'out and about' or someone in your family (including schools) is 'out and about', you increase your risk for contracting COVID. Preventive measures do not take into account that COVID may alter its genome. Currently 6 major variations exist. In brief, there is no 'Home by Xmas: 1914'. What can one do? Very little beyond basic protections such as distancing, washing hands, and wearing masks (plus zinc pills?). Beware of false 'positives' from so-called medical experts. They don't know either. D) Pit-bull Tory M.P. Pierre Poilievre was terrible in the Harper gov't. but similar to so many defeated gov't. M.P.'s; they make fantastic critics. As Financial Critic; his current tum tum is that the Bank of Canada (which sets the voluntary loan rates for the chartered banks) is moving into uncharted political territory by buying up massive amounts of gov't.  debt which is well beyond its powers of controlling inflation. Printing money (Venezuela is so proud of bringing their inflation rate down to 400% !) to deal with debt is a dangerous matter as harbingered here, but it would seem that Canada wants to ape Japan which has a worst debt than Greece but with this difference; it is owed internally i.e. Japanese pension funds buy Japan gov't debt. Trudeau's Infrastructure Bank is modeled on this premise which exposes such as the pension funds. A QC provincial pension fund being invested in the money-losing Bombardier by the QC gov't. (while the executives reap boodles of money in management fees) was one such example although they were permitted to pull out later with a loss as even dividends were not paid. (Bombardier has lost 95% of its value over the years and has received numerous gov't. grants = all vote getting.) It is beginning to look as though there will no longer be space on the sidewalk in downtown Ottawa for me where I 'owned' the streets for 15 Protest Sign years, as now every man and his dog are beginning to hit the bricks.... No politician including Poilievre is able to give more than a cliché answer as to what to do as the cure is worse than the disease. That's what wars and Economic Depressions are all about. Spending our way out of debt has limitations as the real unreachable answer is to provide new revenues hamstrung in part by the battle between the Feds and the Provinces where time has run out. Canada is about 'to take a bath'. AB seems to be in the vanguard but all provinces are vulnerable.


OCT.17 A) 5 graduate students from an Ottawa High School decided to report two staff members for highly inappropriate behaviour in 2018-19 and were ignored by the Principal. That principal should be dismissed as he has an obligation to report such matters to the School Board for investigation. I am assuming he did not report the matter otherwise the problem is higher up. The Teachers College org. in 1990 did much to clear pedophiles out of the system but it would seem the problem is back. B) This is what totalitarianism looks like in our century: not men in darkened cells driving screws under the fingernails of dissidents, but tech dweebs removing from vast swaths of the Internet a damaging expose on their preferred candidate.” re Hunter Biden Ukraine conspiracy. From personal experience with my web site; I know that interests opposed to me are buying Google space for the purpose. Further, it reinforces my message about Franco Alulio's fake driver license suspension form along with Ottawa Hospital management perversions which go unchecked. C) O.C. NP3  The 'Other Guy' by NP staff recounts false Cdn. convictions for murder cleared by subsequent DNA tests. Faulty prosecutions are high on the list of reasons. While the Employee's Case does not involve murder (unless you count the murder of the Justice System by the judges), how can NP staff justify their silence on the ongoing 35 year unresolved Employee's Case? Being wise 'after the fact' is a typical media flaw. D) I weigh in on the conspiracy with the Ottawa General Hospital at its core. SEE RECENT 7 MEDIA this date.  E) I weigh in on the Police Montsion trial where a verdict is due next Tuesday in this highly volatile case with ramifications across North America. SEE RECENT 7 MEDIA this date.


OCT.16 A) B.C. Election Oct. 24 Interesting side issue: HK freedom fighters want candidates to commit to either being pro-HK (11) or pro-CCP(4) with the vast majority not committing making it easy for voters in those areas to vote with their feet. Recently I mailed out a Newsletter including B.C. showing that without mention of the unresolved 35 year Employees Case (West Vancouver School Board); that the province is an example of national cowardice with the teachers wearing a collective yellow stripe down their backsides for failing to give their corrupt Union the boot in this story which has led to courts clear across Canada compromising themselves to an extent and degree never before envisaged. So far it looks like an NDP triumphal march in what some would label 'Mexico North'.


OCT.15  A) O.C. NP 1 9 year-old Toronto student Christine Jessop was murdered in 1984 and Guy Morin spent 18 years in prison for the crime with the real killer, a neighbor, committing suicide in 2015. '...Morin's conviction remains one of the most famous miscarriages of justice in Canadian history. A public enquiry into his two trial (he was acquitted in the first; the Crown appealed) found that investigators and prosecutors had relied on dodgy science, lying jailhouse informants and the results of a subpar police investigation to railroad an innocent man.'  Justice Canada's motto should read...We guarantee results - ours. In the Employee's Case, I still do not have a court Decision after 35 years because the court cannot fit me into an 'ours' conclusion. Indeed the Justice System collapsed in its endeavor to do just that. The Defence lawyers for Huawei's Meng case know how that one works out. At one time in the deep South, the KKK kept the authorities 'clean' merely by raiding the jail, picking up the black accused and hanging him. We are so much more sophisticated in Canada. We 'hang' the case and dunn the victim for all legal's the Canadian way of doing things. B) More B.S. justice with the Federal Appeal Court refusing to investigate Trudeau's Xmas trip to the Agha Khan's island:'...original decision not to investigate wasn't subject to judicial review'. Other than the legal beagles who make boodles of money bouncing this matter between courts; how much is it costing the taxpayers? ...and don't waste time asking an Opposition politician for an answer. C) a waste of print...O.C. p.A3 video on comparing my nemesis Ottawa Police Chief Sloly to Hitler without itemizing the parallels = puff piece for Sloly. D) Private School graduate and ON Education Minister, Stephen Lecce, is a 'Fraser Institute clone'. By eliminating seniority in teaching (there are different facets to this one), he invites nepotism claim the Unions. More than that, a senior teacher is paid twice the salary of a beginning teacher. A career teacher cannot get employment over age 45; I can personally vouch for that and I was not the only one in Ottawa-Carleton so affected. Hence this move has little to do with teaching and much to do with saving tax payers' money in a 2 teachers for 1 cost. E) A 8 For decades, Ottawa Hospital under CEO'S Dr. Jack Kitts and incumbent Cameron Love, have permitted Ambulance crews to be tied up with a patient in the hallways until the hospital signs them in...'lack of beds' is the excuse as the hospital downloads on the community. They received a well-deserved blast from city councilors recently. My answer? Replace CEO Cameron Love and then watch how fast the problem will be resolved.


OCT.14 A) Trudeau speaks out against violence to a Toronto where is the equal time for ongoing attacks on Jewish targets? It's 'vote collecting time' for Trudeau. B) So my old nemesis Ottawa Justice Robert Maranger had to call a mistrial on a murder perp thus throwing out months and months of testimony which for various reasons cannot be repeated. The jury dropping from 12 to 10 (the legal minimum) and then 9 with other complications - possibly jurors refusing to turn up in an unsanitory courthouse according to a gaggle of Defence lawyers - didn't know that lawyers can come in gaggles, did you? Basically, it is the end of the trail for this alleged perp who could expect to go free due to extended time limits being abused (Maranger not at fault here, merely part of an Ottawa Court System completely without management. But don't waste time going to self-important A.G. Doug Downey who still has not acknowledged the 'Franco Alulio' caper.


OCT. 13 SEE RECENT 7 oct. Sub-heading ASK ELLIE - Advice Columnist on the role of 'cowardice'.


OCT.12 A) 'Gobble, Gobble Day' (Thanksgiving). It is axiomatic that when delivering a controversial Decision, the gov't. and courts wait for the media-quiet weekends. What am I looking for this long weekend? For Trudeau who quietly cut this deal with Trump over the telephone last week...we (or is that WE?) will whisk Huawei's Meng's sorry ass over the border before one can say 'Yankee Doodle'. You arrange with China to exchange her for the two Michaels as she was nothing more than a trading card in your books, anyway. What's not to like about that scenario? So where did I go wrong in my 35 year unresolved legal case in contrast? When Amnesty International refused to acknowledge me, I should have applied to such as China as an international sponsor similar to Meng. The preceding is just speculation, of course, but where have I ever been wrong much to my chagrin when it comes to the nation of Canada? Am I complaining? Nope. When will Trudeau telephone the West Vancouver School Board to take me back in an unresolved legal matter paralleling Meng's plight (with 35 years of back salary appropriately compounded of course) making me at age 79, the oldest classroom teacher (and need I say, richest) in Canada? You cannot make this stuffing up...Happy Gobbly Gook Day! B) In the first episode of Survivor, when the contestants first landed on the beach, they all scattered - one to fish; one to seek coconuts. etc. leaving the two eventual 3 person finalists, to organize basic survivor tactics; the older Navy Seal and Rich, a businessman. The Seal noted this discrepancy of not organizing a plan right off the bat (COVID 19?) reflective of Stalin's dictum that losers vote while winners count the vote. The contest was rigged in the end to include a young female as a finalist who eventually lost to Rich but the U.S. being the U.S., settled his hash later with tax avoidance charges; something Al Capone in the 1930's learned the hard way as well. Below, I note one show observer saying 'I hate reality shows' perhaps because of this 'voting people off the island'; a common phrase now with Trump in the Apprentice variation of 'You're fired'. Both are a reflection of the workplace which the viewer is only too aware.


OCT.11  A) When Univ. lecturer, Hassan Diab lost his case speciously handled by Ottawa's Maranger j. in 2014, Justice Minister Rob Nicholson truncated the Appeal process and ordered him deported to France. Now he is back suing the gov't. for $90m. Now we have Trudeau speaking to Trump about the Huawei's  Meng deportation issue...will history repeat itself with this difference; Meng will not be returned to China any time soon=wet job ahead? Presumably, China is waiting for the U.S. election or, alternatively, a similar deportation stunt in order to act if Meng is not returned to China. Poking a paper tiger in the eye may not be such a good idea as many authorities such as a Gar Pardy opinion piece (former diplomat) in the Citizen recently suggested with stating that Meng be sent back to China. He has support from many other authorities who know just how corrupt the Canadian courts are and how badly they are exposed here in this case. B) O.S. p.18 A Washington Post reprint 'dissing' the Donald and his Apprentice Show beginning in 2004 which gives credit to his media savvy but shoots down everything else: One reader summed up the show thus: '...Why are we so intrigued by this show? I can't stop watching it, yet I despise reality shows.' It parallels those addicted to pornography which strips them of the power to perform sexually while continuing with the addiction. It takes discipline to say 'no' but the pressures of social media promote the hedonistic approach to life which is ill-suited to raising families. Hence Trump - nor anyone else for that matter - will ever make the U.S. great again. Viewing such as the 'pretty girl syndrome' in which only pretty girls 'get ahead' and sexuality to that end, are fetishes unknown in the Third World although they are catching up fast.


OCT.10 A) Codswallop time again with Labour lawyer guru, Howard Levitt O.C. FP 14  If Joe lunch-bucket believes that a SCofC Decision to award a former CEO over $1 million in bonus pay; forget it as the court is geared only to the 1% wealthy. The SCofC turned me down 4 times for a hearing in my unresolved 35 year labour matter which Levitt knows about but will not publish this story. No court decision in Canada has any merit as a consequence. B) I usually don't involve myself with the 'glitterati' but Barbara Amiel (wife of Conrad Black whom she stuck by throughout his imprisonment) has written a book with excerpts being re-printed O.C. NP2 regarding her third husband in 1985. My reaction? 'She's a tvit'. And yet that is basically how she describes the cocktail parties she attended. 'The path of true love never runs smooth, but does it have to be a death march? she asks. Look in the mirror for your answer, Barbs. C) I have a new name for the second phase of COVID: Home by Xmas, 2014. I don't know why the media prattle on about the 20 and 30 year olds ignoring the COVID messages as they don't read newspapers. D) Has Michigan taken a new turn in North American history with a bid to kidnap the Governor and seize the gov't. in a coup? I have advocated that in Canada, frustrated individuals should not vote but hit the streets to protest the authorities (in all institutions) with this admonishment...Please, no violence to people. The homeless with their signs at the Cenotaph are 'forced protesters' as they have few alternatives, perhaps none. I do go as far as stating that Premier Ford should be ousted from all politics with his 'Franco Alulio' caper negatively affecting the driving public (SEE web). Keep in mind here, that the silence of the lambs - NDP, Liberal opposition plus media boycott explains why ON should shun voting.


OCT.08  SEE RECENT oct. Sub-heading: NEW BRUNSWICK-revised. With the collapse of the Ottawa Courts, a case from 2019 in NB referring to fraud on the part of Saskatoon Courts and B.C.'s Harris & Co. for the Employer (West Vancouver School Board) has been revised for a Fredericton Court. NB was selected as the one province untainted so far from this national scandal which raises the question of the very efficacy of Canada's Justice System (which flies under the radar of the media).


OCT.08 A) O.C. NP3 Arguments on jury selection process Just when one gets comfortable with the decades old play; 12 Angry Men (all white) and how one person can sway an entire jury to reverse their voting, along comes this article on whether a juror is back, white, brown, or carky. It's a thorny ques. as O.J. Simpson's acquittal in the 1990's was before a majority black jury (which I claim acted correctly elsewhere in my blog). A bigger problem is the concealing of evidence by the Crown/police in criminal trials and civil trials for the Defendant big guys before a compliant judge or in the unresolved Employee's Case, over 50 compliant judges across Canada. That lack of disclosure explains why the Canadian Justice System is not worth a hill of beans. Most assuredly, in this case, criminality would be shown on behalf of the Employer, the West Vancouver School District plus Justice Southin in 1986, hence anything flowing from my 1985 'lay-off for economic reasons' would be 'null and void'. Of course, Board personnel could expect a jail term...and that would never do as they would have to yank them out of resthomes like some Nazi war criminal.... better just to wait this one out until death tidies up this meddlesome chore; 35 years now and counting. The partial answer? Until we start jailing miscreant judges (such as they do in the U.S.) and miscreant lawyers (yup, I sue them too); my Placard from 2004 still says it best: STAY OUT OF A CANADIAN COURTROOM UNLESS YOU FIRST BUY THE JUDGE. Recently, the Ottawa Courts outdid themselves even on that score  by having an unsigned, unnamed clerk making judicial decisions. (SEE web: RECENT 7 oct. LEGAL MAIL) Much is made in the above news story of the exonerated SK farmer by an all-white jury killing an indigenous person on his property. To date indigenous perps have not been carrying guns but that can change to a Wild West situation for isolated farms. Until then, I have always advised such isolated people (as an installer of home alarms at one time) to get a big dog and gate for your entranceway. B) p. A13 Turkish student in Cdn. University apprehended in Turkey: 1600 Cdn. signatures calling for his release from Turkey; 0 signatures for Cdn. teacher (me) cheated out of justice before over 35 judges in Canada (plus no media coverage in my case). Go figure....


OCT.07 A) SEE RECENT 7 oct.  LEGAL MAIL Sub-heading for 4 page rebuttal to the Ottawa Courts which has 'disappeared down a black hole' and hence should be terminated as now un-named desk clerks are running the asylum.... B) O.C. NP2 Is the media now in the History as opposed to News Dept? A police raid on an illicit Chinese gambling mansion in Markham with ties to organized crime in July is just now being reported in the media. C) John Turner's (P.M. for a few months) funeral: Where was his wife, Geills? If they were separated, the press should be clear on the point. D) Nostalgia or something else? In the 50's, comics were for children e.g. Archie; today they are for adults e.g. Agnes and yet these witty strips do not include COVID masks as a topic. What if Cookie in Blondie or the daughter in Dustin or Jeremy in Zits brought home COVID to their families? It would be a 1970's 'All in the Family' challenge. Further, why are there no new comedy shows with attempts to resuscitate oldies like Cheers and Frasier? In the 50's and 60's, we would never be caught dead listening to musicians in their 70's. In the 50's, Elvis was sold on the basis of a white man singing black man's music. Today, the 'Colonel' (Elvis' promoter) would no doubt look for someone who could sing opera doing 'stand-up comedy'. Many decades ago, I saw such a team with a concert pianist (fantastic) teaming with a mediocre opera singer trying to do comedy. E) Defense Counsel, contrary to public statements, state the Ottawa courthouse is dirty and resort to vertical hearings where possible. Pity those poor jurors (see 'F' Oct. 6 below as I would flat out refuse to serve on a jury in Ottawa under these poor sanitary conditions)


OCT.06  A) If I had school-age children with cloth masks, I would wash them at the end of the day and then put them in the dryer with 'Bounce' hoping the combination of heat and chemicals would neutralize COVID. At any rate, this home remedy couldn't be any worse than Trump's chloroquine home remedy. Napoleon also had his 'home remedies': Due to his troops getting sick in smelly Egyptian swamps, he had them spray perfume to kill the 'mal (bad) aria (air) after which malaria is named. B) Paramedics were first praised (when they had the potential of infecting others) but are now condemned (where their protection is most complete). My point? Ignorance in the beginning stages of rejecting paramedics could have been a lifesaver... something to think about. C) So an Ottawa Long Care Home with a high COVID casualty rate is the target of a class action ...time to phone Ottawa Justice C. Macleod, pay his finder's fee, and have the action dropped without a hearing.... D) Infrastructure collapse is in everything. I couldn't unscrew the top to a 60 capsule FX Cold plastic bottle until I wrestled it with vice grips. To be sure case after case of this product was shipped. Another story: a few years back, Maple Leaf Foods lost $20 million due to two infected meat cutting machines. It's a penny wise, pound foolish world in which we live. E) In 2018, 5 Ottawa Policemen helped themselves to the tune of $5,000 of stolen goods from a house break-in and are now being prosecuted. Without excusing the officers charged; again, lack of oversight underlies problems with the Ottawa police under the last two police chiefs. Currently the media and Police Chief Sloly have got themselves sidetracked with racist issues while other problems abound i.e. why the police do not respond to shoplifter charges? F) What gives? Juries always had alternative jurors to fill gaps so what happened here? My old nemesis, Ottawa Justice R. Maranger had to go with 10 jurors (permissible under the law) in a criminal case for murder in that the limitation period for such charges was about to expire: '...I've never been more in a situation that I can't control' he stated when he lost another juror placing the case below the legal limit.  Oh yeah? What about that spurious deportation case for Ottawa U lecturer, Hassan Diab, deported to France by Maranger in 2014 where he was jailed without trial for years, then returned to Canada and is now suing the gov't. for $90 million? G) O.C. p.NP6 right wing columnist Diane Francis 'The growing inequality and social unrest are serious concerns' for which neither party has an answer but she is now plumping for a Biden win for stability in the stock markets. My reaction? There will be no such stock market recovery under either leader in this 'home by Xmas (WWI)' message. H) p. A8 Don't get carried away with the significance of the 'Abraham Accord' for the Middle East in which former P.M. Harper does. This pact is merely ratifying what was in practice for a number of years although the Palestinians are current losers under the formalization. Yemen is still a conflict zone with no end in sight. I) p. A9 Canada's information law is near collapse ...for 37 years according to the author, about the length of the Employee's Case. My reaction? It DID collapse; what more can be said?


OCT.05 A) CANADIAN; a definition: While 38m Canadians are a generous lot, they are political neophytes. As sheep, they know how to graze or stampede under the watchful eyes of the sheepdogs who seem powerless to protect them from such as the wolf in forms of COVID. In general, the citizens of other countries do speak out and pay a heavy price for that personal involvement. e.g. Falun Gong in China, Iran, Belarus. Some would say that having fought for the birth of their nation which is in direct counter-point to Canada (BNA Act 1867) symbolically marks this difference. B) There are two schools of thought about hospitals; the first is that a sick person may be made well, the second being that a sick person becomes sicker explaining why doctors and nurses avoid a hospital like the plague. Just supposing Trump could very well be the 'perfect murder' as a superficial check of his medicine would not focus on dosage or in what combination it was given with other medicines.(Cdn. experts scratch heads over details of Trump's treatment O.C. NP1) The subterfuge of one army Doctor treating Trump would suggest 'why let a good crisis go to waste'? The media exposed this Doctor much to Trump's anger as initially the doctor went incognito. Again, if I were Trump, I would immediately return to the White House and get treatment from another Doctor. Today, it was announced that Trump would spend another day being incarcerated at Walter Reed Hospital but who knows now, he could be sent home with the poison pill in his system leaving him 'deaded' in a similar fashion to pedophile Epstein being 'suicided'.  C) In my case, I had no choice for 'treatment' as the two sons after my estate secretly signed a court order permitting the police to break into my apartment on Boxing Day and whisk me 'illicitly' into the Emergency ward of the Ottawa General Hospital (by pre-arrangement it is submitted here with CEO Jack Kitts and his successor, Cameron Love) for tests which I passed but was still incarcerated as a 'political prisoner' for 9 days bringing on my $10 million fraud suit against the hospital which in turn was dropped by Ottawa Justice C. MacLeod without a hearing thereby changing the entire structure of the Canadian Justice System. SEE web: 2020 RECENT 7 oct.  D) The Pope is saying that COVID has revealed the paucity of the world's economic problems. He ought to know for the Vatican Bank had a reputation even in the 90's of being hopelessly corrupt. Add to that the exodus of Catholics all over the world (the NY Diocese declared bankruptcy) and the writing is on the wall for the future of the Vatican but to be sure, they will blame it on COVID; a popular whipping germ in the future for all our ills.


OCT.04  A) Happy Birthday, Mom (d.) She would have been 118 today but even she said that if she were alive in 2000, she would be 'past caring'. B) Anyone with a Phd in any field knows that such a designation is a definition of 'what they don't know' as the area of their thesis is usually highly limited hence drawing those parameters is essential to their qualifications. But that does not stop the litany of expert Doctors stepping up to the plate on COVID definitions explaining this O.S. p.3 topic: COVID confusion reigns amid mixed public health messages One Doctor is left opting out by saying 'people have to use their best judgment'. C) As my estranged wife, who has no immune system, of one year (45 years of a good marriage) does not communicate with me, I made a periodic wellness check on her at Hunt Club Manor. The previous check at the desk stated that she was in good health. This time the door to the clinic was locked and the person inside refused to give any information on any client including whether they were possibly in a hospital. That answer also, I was told, would apply to the police on a wellness check. This Company run Care Center, I submit, is more concerned about legal suits than the welfare of their clients whom are confined to their rooms. And to think that they advertise vacancies. The private rest home next door does permit its clients outdoors and I have offered to assist financially in any such transfer. She has her two sons to deal with this problem as one has the 'power of attorney' but they are MIA. I don't know what else I can do. D) Software 'debacle' sees high school marks scrambled p.7 illustrates perfectly what I mean by 'Institutional Autism'. The Irish gov't. sole-sourced a 'hole-in-the-wall' Ottawa computer outfit to manage data for thousands of graduating Irish students. The computer Company royally screwed up. It is the same old out-of-control bureaucracy with no leadership story which can be repeated in institution after institution. E) Prez feeling 'much better' p. 9 which could be extended to say that the nation at large would be 'much better off' with his demise as the check of his financial records would sink Trump and therefore his future as a President. He should check with the Russian Novichuk on this one as only COVID will know for sure on this possible outcome and it is not speaking. The above White House statement was pre-written as was the contrary view of a Walter Reed hospital spokesperson. Me in Trump's shoes? I would get the hell back to the White House and set up medical care there. F) p.11 No-one appears to have the interests of the homeless campers by the Cenotaph in Ottawa at heart including the Veterans who don't want their Remembrance Day (Nov. 11) ceremony 'unnecessarily cluttered with this backdrop' sitting apart from the Cenotaph. Shame on our veterans. Shame on the media. G) In the movie, Fun with Dick & Jane, Jane covers her ass by telling the workers sent to pull out all her shrubbery for non-payment in view of agreement-nodding neighbors: 'That's right, take it all out. It was not what we ordered.' Then  she and her husband turn to robbing banks to recoup their fortune. That's the kind of world Ghislaine Maxwell and Barbara Amiel, wife of Conrad Black imprisoned in the U.S. but later pardoned by Trump (Black was his bagman in Canada) come from. In her book, O.S. p.24, Maxwell uses Amiel to make connections only to physically run off when Black was being indicted. Now Amiel plays 'payback' to the imprisoned Maxwell. It is a society in which you are never to play yourself in public and where hypocrisy rules supreme.


OCT.03  A) '...Come, peacefully, sick Donald, to the military base....' as opposed to remaining in the White House and bringing in the health equipment...Stalin: been there...had that done to me. Only COVID will know for sure on that score. B) TEACHING HISTORY - JANE AUSTEN (1800) A unique interpretation with this juxtaposition. SEE Sub-heading: 2020 RECENT 7 - oct.  C) Much is made of Honest John Turner who specialized in Law Reform. When his mother married Frank Ross, the B.C. Lieut. Gov. and my father's old boss in 1945, plus living in the same Point Grey neighborhood plus my wife worked on his campaign in Vancouver Quadra where he won his last seat in 1984, I feel like someone eating sausage (yum yum) with the knowledge of 'how it is made' (yuk!). Turner, an ambitious lad, was bent on becoming P.M. in the latter 40's while at University. He lost the Federal election to Mulroney in the 80's as P.M., promising to give to his constituents as a consequence, the best opposition M.P. representation possible . So I presented him with the imposed BILL 35 (B.C. 1985) (people blithely discuss imposed Carbon Tax without knowing this vital legal background here but I digress). Not a peep out of 'our John'; I guess  I just didn't fit his neighborhood. The point is that Honest John is an honest fraud and a part of why Canada has no credible Justice System today. Former P.M. Pierre Trudeau, who had a brain, did not think much of Turner nor Chretien to whom he gave the Justice Ministry portfolio at different times. D) Speaking of frauds...Labour Board dismisses teachers' challenge of school-return plan  ...made on jurisdictional grounds without having heard their evidence. O.C. p. A6 Everybody is getting in the 'Ottawa Justice MacLeod Act' ...'let's just skip the hearings'. These 4 Teacher Unions are well represented legally and yet are being given the same short shrift as this individual = anarchy  D) Diplomatic speak: the world's leaders who dislike Trump wish both him and his wife a speedy recovery 'in the same breath' equating his wife with his role as President. And then there is Premier Ford who would not wish COVID on his worst enemy (me) but his 'second worst enemy' is something else again....


OCT.02 A) Class action figures against the West End Villa for COVID reasons should beware of the newly appointed Ottawa Hospital oversight in which Justice C. MacLeod is clearly in their back pockets. The good Justice dropped my $10 million fraud case against the Ottawa Hospital without a hearing thereby changing the entire course of Justice Canada. MacLeod's phone must be ringing off the hook from such as SNC Lavalin on this kind of caper which makes the courtrooms of the nation redundant. B) Anti-semitism has never really gone away since WWII which possibly explains the Holocaust saying of 'Never Again' to which I add 'to our people' as the Jewish interests are strangely quiet on genocides throughout the world. I contacted the local Jewish organization unsuccessfully requesting support for my General Hospital sanction of withholding 2020 donations (something I was loath to do but felt that practices common to Nazi Germany must be exposed.) C) The U.S. Presidential pollsters are wary of committing themselves considering that they got it wrong in 2016, but it appears Biden has a significant lead in the popular vote (as did Clinton in 2016) so all attention is directed to the electoral votes which are still 'iffy' but beginning to lean the way of the Democrats. That pattern is unlikely to change before the November vote. Putin, the leader of the Russian Mafia in the U.S., is a worried man should Trump lose. B) So Trump and Co. turn up at the debate without masks while 'Dudley Dogood' Democrats are all masked. Guess who got COVID? Guess who has the Presidency handed to him on a platter as the voters are not likely to vote for someone at death's door?


OCT.01 A) Have you ever got an 'automated reply' from a politician at the same moment you push the 'send' button? Someone should create a 'right back attcha' button which details how your future vote is suspended until you here back 'on the issue proper' in a non-cliché. SEE 'Fourth Request' below as a typical example. One is better off hitting the streets in the interim and many are doing so in these COVID times which is exposing the hypocrites running this country. B) Just asking. Baseball 'automatically' distances as a sport; basketball and football do not so why are these latter two permitted in these COVID times? C) All those 'partying' young people in their 20's? Many return home with infections to mom and pop where they live...again, just asking. D) 'Woodward & Bernstein were good reporters, but people forget that it took the Supreme Court, the DOJ, FBI and Congress to bring down Nixon.' In Canada, the Employee's Case has shown the equivalent authorities are collectively a part of the problem rather than the solution. That's how Canada lost its nationhood. E) SEE MEDIA oct. explaining why I am Canada's first official native born 'stateless individual' F) Stalin believed that losers voted while winners counted the votes. Trump may not be too far wrong in his criticism of U.S. voting practices as the controversial Florida vote under Jeb Bush probably robbed the Democrats of the Presidency by brother George Bush. In Canada in the 1990's under P.M. Chretien, QC voted on separation in a strangely worded bid which was spiked by the feds who got to count the votes giving the feds a small margin among rationalizations that both sides were stuffing the ballot box...but the feds were the biggest stuffers of all and were the ones to count the vote.



AUG.17-2020:Upgraded Account to D.Downey, Steven DeL Luca (Lib), Andrea Horwath (NDP)

GLOBE & MAIL (posted under web this date: MEDIA Aug. - 4 pages

March 23-2020   SECOND REQUEST - APRIL 14-2020  THIRD REQUEST -AUG.01-2020



TO: Ministry of A.G.                            FROM: Roger Callow

Toronto, ON M7A 2S9                         web: RECENT 7 2020 LEGAL MAIL  for full account plus ramifications


TOPIC: Driver License suspension MTO-Medical # 001111960

(phony driver's license scam run by 'Franco Alulio' Deputy Min. of Transport-Medical)