RECENT 7 nov-2020


NOV 28  SEE RECENT 7 nov. sub-heading SILLY BUGGERS for a legal response to Cavanagh LLP's CV20-0084930. An honest judge, which Ottawa does not have in this case, would throw their case out solely on the grounds that they have the wrong institution listed for my Driver License suspension from which all else grows. The one they list is the ON Transport Ministry which is a different body with different people and regulations from the Medical Division. It all comes down to disclosure showing that Deputy Minister Franco Alulio acted on his own and without stated reasons for suspending my driver's license in such fashion that all North American drivers are negatively impacted; that is the colossal story which the Canadian media would boycott. These 'Bobbsey Twin' lawyers (internet label) may get away with this stunt yet as there is only so much that I can do amid the corruption of the Ottawa Courts. Cavanagh want 2 hours while I claim the hearing should be over in 5 minutes considering that they constantly refuse disclosure. The only thing left is for the presiding justice to order that production, if not from Cavanaugh then by the police. It's a straight 'yes' or 'no' answer from the bench. $10 million actions for fraud are hardly frivolous & vexatious matters to be handily disposed of by the court, as they would submit.


NOV 28 A) The Iranian Scientist assassination doesn't make sense. In walking back the cat, a firefight is not in order as a 'terrorist' corpse is bound to be left behind creating a trail which is not the way assassinations are conducted (usually, an IED or drone attack or a planted bomb). In short, was this a ruse and the scientist was secreted away with perhaps an unsuspecting stand-in being used? A number of Iranian scientists have lost their lives in terrorist attacks in the past decade. In the words of Michael Corleone (The Godfather II); if history has taught us anything, it is that any person may be killed. Whatever happened, the public is not likely to get an accurate account of this story. B) Canada's small size delays our COVID vaccination as U.S. Companies draw our epidemiologists to their research centres which may not be such a bad thing as we watch out how these vaccinations pan out. C) O.C. B1 Citizen's 175th Anniversary I am probably one of the few to completely read historical articles by such as Andrew Potter and Andrew Duffy with their superb observations. Potter emphasizes how the Citizen has shifted to social policy but its future is clouded with financial difficulties. Duffy tells the story of former Citizen editor, Charles Bowman, who witnessed much of WWI & WWII, and whose whistle blowing earned him the Citizen editorship. He died in 1978 at age 95. Another article focuses on an artillery officer in the battle of Vimy Ridge (as the artillery permitted the Canadians to tunnel up to German trenches to avoid the disaster suffered earlier by the French. RC).  Duffy also included another separate article about Citizen editorship from 1961 to 1019 as the business headed downhill, particularly under the ownership of Conrad Black culminating in the appt. of 34 year old Michelle Richardson (2016-2019) as a 'hatchet woman' whose turbulent times were marked by combining the newsrooms of the Citizen with the Ottawa Sun. All the reporters and columnists in Ottawa are now keeping their heads down. They do not like what Franco Alulio is doing with the fake license suspension scam but are powerless to do anything about it explaining my appeal to the U.S. which is also vulnerable on this level. So Ottawa Citizen, enjoy your 175th Birthday as I do not see many more on the horizon. Boycotting the is a harbinger of your demise. D) Others mark milestones such as the compendium of religious writers including an atheist for 20 years which I found fascinating. Amnesty International's Ottawa representative, Alex Neve, I consider a hypocrite for failing to recognize Canada's colossal human rights failure to recognize  the Employee's Case. E) The U.S. judges and media prattle on about 'no evidence' of ballot box stuffing. Of course not as an analysis of the voters list is not permitted (lack of disclosure) Biden should reform the system by refusing mail-in ballots for the position of President.     


NOV 27 A) So a Report on the toxic atmosphere at the Canadian Museum of History is due. In Xmas, 1972, anthropoligist MacDonald accompanied our UBC in the field trip to Peru, Bolivia, upper Amazon, Guatemala, Mexico. He began his CEO job opening this institution when he got back. In 1989, I mentioned this fact to a neighbor when we first arrived in Ottawa. She was an event co-ordinator whom passed away recently. She was quite blunt about MacDonald whom she detested. I probably won't read the Report unless something appears in the media. B) When Columbus landed in America the Europeans made it great by exploiting the labour of indigenous people, the black slaves, and indentured workers in mills and mines. Today all those groups are back to square one through unemployment due to COVID with the wealthy, as always, still getting richer. Warren Buffet, the investor, exhorts everyone to get behind the engine of economic recovery; namely, promote small business. C) O.C.NP 8 Diane Francis columnist fills a void in the COVID discussions by discussing the ramifications of a vaccine which requires a long period of time to be effective in the world. In that regard, her caption reads: The Stock Market's Misplaced Optimism in agreement with myself as all findings are contingent on each other and therefore open to manipulation. In brief, there will be a future but no-one knows the shape of that economic future and even if they did, the people living it are quite different from their forbears. That is the history of the world. D) A 17 GOOD FOR THIS 'LETTER TO THE EDITOR' which I will reproduce on my web site as the media will not record my observations yet writer Francois P. Jeanjean appears cognizant of my website under RECENT 7 nov. sub-heading: USEFUL IDIOTS . This is exactly the type of exposure called for with the Franco Alulio fake driving license suspension which negatively impacts all drivers. Keep at it, 'individuals'. The above letter is included under the sub-heading BUM JUSTICE with my observations.


NOV 26 Reading the NOV 26 item below on Rick Chiarelli (Rick), one would think that I am limited to giving him a 'fighting chance'. Not so. The complainant females deserve a similar opportunity. For example, they probably went to the police asking them to lay a criminal charge which was rebuffed on this 'typical domestic issue' of 'a race to the phone'...too much of their evidence is hearsay without witnesses. Their alternative is to lay a civil case which is very expensive with no guarantees of winning. If they lose, they also have to pay Rick's legal expenses plus any other charges awarded by the court = stalemate with the advantage to Chiarelli which may or may not be the correct answer. With the Employee's Case, the School Board never thought it would go to arbitration as a 43 year old married father with children could ill-afford the subsequent 11 day arbitration. It would not have happened as an administrator I accused of fraud was also part of the Union (separated by legis. in 1988) but the Union had widely proclaimed that the imposed BILL 35-B.C. 1985 (think imposed carbon tax)was the 'battle of all teachers' although it was only used against myself before it was rescinded=banana republic justice. Ans? Hold the arbitration but deliberately throw it. At no time was the School District placed 'in dispute' over this case. Our law is based on judicial Decisions, no matter how bad but that is the point here...I still do not have one 35 years later. That level of abuse is why no judicial Decision in Canada has any credibility. If this Rick matter had happened over 20 years ago, similar to Harvey Weinstein, Rick would win. Happening today leans heavily in favour of the female complainants. In brief, the spirit of the law (natural justice), is being sacrificed to the letter of the law whose power lies in the residing justice. Even Biden in the U.S. talks about putting money into the training process for better judges. Hence the highly publicized denunciation of Rick by the Ottawa councilors was ill-advised as a carefully worded legal response would have been the best approach. Am I surprised? Nope, this bunch do not seem to realize that a medical file is the property of the patient, not the doctor and refuse to demand that Police Chief Sloly collect the complete medical file on my behalf from a former young family Doctor (Towngate Family Medicine) who acted unconscionably thus impairing my ability to get a new practitioner. Obviously, Chiarelli, even if he wins can expect similar fall-out, as he will not serve again as Councillor but that is not the question in law which is whether he is being granted appropriate compensation. Depriving him of his paycheck - as happened to me - is illegal until the court case is heard.


NOV 26 The longest term Ottawa city councilor, Rick Chiarelli (Rick), is caught in a 'he said, she said' controversy in which he is charged with the ill-treatment of at least two former female workers. While I have my private thoughts on the matter, that is not the point I wish to make here as City Councilors and the media have more than set this powder keg alight. I wish to address the legal aspect as it parallels some of my experiences in my senior teacher lay-off for economic reasons (read that as whistle blowing) from the West Vancouver School Board in 1985. This issue is still extant today due to judicial malfeasance including over 50 judges in this unresolved labour issue where no compensation has been paid. (Current claim is now for $20 million) Rick was wise to forego an ad hoc City Council examination of his conduct preferring to rely on the courts which he is doing in appealing this Report heavily favouring the complainants based on a lot of hearsay. I relied on the legal arbitration and realized laterally that I was faced with a 'sweetheart deal' (most dismissals with unions are of this order). The media pilloried me based on this Arbitrator's Report as has happened with Rick. In my case, I changed lawyers and the Decision was quashed by the court with the arbitrator ruled as being patently unreasonable with a new arbitration ordered which never took place hence I was left in limbo. Recently, I set up my new website on topics other than my legal case only to discover that Google which sells space on their listings included a 2014 article from the far right wing tabloid, the North Shore News (West/North Vancouver) headlined with Roger Callow is a liar for which I wrote a Rebuttal on the new web site face page. Rick has also had his salary 're-assigned' opening the City to a mammoth future court action no matter which way the court rules. (not dissimilar to former Senator Mike Duffy suing for $8 million.) The articles appearing in the North Shore News were instrumental in creating an atmosphere to the court directive that 'Employment should (not must) be returned' to me. I retain one such letter under my heading RED NECK MEDIA vis a vis NSN columnist Doug Collins. His comments got published, mine did not. That was the basis of my NEWSLETTERS sent out now for 35 years with a call laterally for the Ottawa Courts to be placed under trusteeship for a significant creation in the law in which no powerful interest will ever go to court in Canada again. All they have to do is 'buy the judge'. I detail the above story as the central question lies in whether Rick will get an unbiased judge. My experience would suggest this answer to be in the negative.     


NOV 26  A) So British royalty is buying lakeshore property in the Muskokas. B.C. has a good policy in that respect; no-one may own lakeshore property hence many such file 'mining claims' and do minimal work each year to renew the claims. As one who held an alarm franchise; these rich personages are vulnerable to kidnapping in these isolated spots. B) So Premier Ford is left sputtering over the critical Auditor General's Report on his COVID 19 preparations (The Auditor General is the last person 'left standing' in a void representing the public). Ford could have equally have added...'I am not doing anything that every other Canadian Institution is doing'; something which I can readily identify with labeling it Institutional Autism. Ford should be thankful for small mercies in that the Report made no mention of the fake driver license suspension scam of Franco Alulio (I am suing him for $10 million) which should have alarm bells ringing in the vulnerable U.S. as well. C) So the Canadian gov't. has spent $300 million for vaccine production purposes in Canada without digging 'a single hole' much like the carbon tax imbroglio. To be sure the 1% wealthy have already spent that money into their own bank accounts. D) While Canada is not immune to the 'I'm alright Jack' attitude, the U.S. Thanksgiving promises to see an exponential increase in COVID cases due to this attitude. E) Canada's watchdog for crime victims claims its 5 year existence is a waste of time. No mention is made of the crime perpetrators being from within the gov't. itself such as Franco Alulio (see web: F) The U.S. has oversight problems as well as seen by millions of COVID funds being claimed by inmates including those on death row. Is this how America is to be made great again?  Why would anyone vote under these conditions? G) At one time gambling was illegal as it amounted to a 'tax on the poor' with accompanying social dislocation leaving Canadians to sneak buying of the Irish Sweepstakes. Today, Casinos are going bust with COVID accentuating the problem due to 'off-shore' gambling which is draining Canada of potential revenue. Hence the call for 'single-event gambling' Bill currently before Parl. It is a little like giving a full shot of penicillin to a dying patient which produces his death. H) Ouch! Our condominium is well managed (vast majority are not) and, similar to all condominiums, has trouble getting building insurance even though our claims are nil. How else to explain the 10% Aviva portion (German fly-by-night operation with a branch in Canada which has a dreadful record on pay-out) over which the condo has no control? Aviva and others are already the subject of a class-action in Canada on this level  I)'Your family keeping healthy' I ask various people? Without exception, they answer in the positive as no-one seems to have heard of a single COVID infection...the media must just be liars to these people J) The Flight Attendant is a Netflix noir film starring an alcoholic stewardess (Kaley Cuoco of Big Bang Theory wherein her role appears to be one of art imitating life) whom awakes in bed to find a murdered paramour. This film is a symbol of a world phenomenon, similar to Mr. Bean, where consequences are not realistically considered. In Big Bang, physicist Dr. Sheldon Cooper counts Penny's coitus mates (31) but there is only one hint of a possible abortion while she was in high school. One 'projection' saw her being pregnant although in life as well, there are no children for Cuoco. Actor Charlie Sheen showed the medical price (HIV) paid by profligate sex. 'Penny' is a walking petri-dish in this respect.


NOV 25  A) As Trump does not see the perceived threat to the U.S., perhaps Biden will even if Deputy Minister Chrystia Freeland is MIA on the most recent NEWSLETTER of OCT. 24-2020 sent to a gaggle of columnists (just like lawyers, they come in gaggles, at least as far as the Employee's Case is concerned): A. Coyne (Globe & Mail) M.Bonokoski / T Fatah (Ottawa Sun) K. Egan (Ottawa Citizen) Ellie Tesher (The Star) J. Ivison / C. Celby (National Post) plus a separate e-mail to C. Freeland  B) To be sure China is watching this website vis a vis the Huawei Meng Whazhou 2 year deportation to the U.S. trial in Vancouver which is in deep trouble but treated as an emotional matter rather than a legal one by the media. I am no fan of China's 'organ transplant' business from 'volunteers' run by their military as a profit business. With that much said, this Vancouver trial before Justice Heather Holmes doing her darndest to conceal disclosure (RCMP connection with the FBI. The Feebies have lied in the past on these extradition matters from Canada). Such as the former Chief Justice of the SCofC, former P.M.'s and other 'leading lights' are out to send Meng back to China as they do not believe the Cdn. courts will survive this caper...but wait, help may be on the way. 'Quick, Meng, pack your bag as a private jet is waiting at the airport in the middle of the night to whisk you back to China.' She does so after she is assured that they will contact her B.C. lawyer in the morning. 'Wait a minute, that portal we just passed through doesn't look like the airport,' she observes. Too late, she is in the U.S. 'at her own request' the Feebies would claim where she is promptly arrested making the deportation order redundant. One RCMP officer is not going to be the 'fall guy' by making a copy of her opened notebook by others and handing it back to the conspirators who allegedly gave the Feebies a copy=mistrial. The jig is up but don't expect Heather Holmes j. to see that as Canadian judges are programmed only one way; conceal disclosure which would harm the rich and powerful. I can vouch for that from the  C) 'he said, she said' with no witnesses = suspended with pay Councillor Rick Charelli denial of female worker claims. My point? He is being tried in the media rather than the legal system similar to my senior teacher 'lay-off' for economic reasons in 1985 which remains unresolved because I was not kept on salary. To be sure, if I had been retained on salary, the Employer would have gone back to arbitration as ordered by the court (the first one was quashed by the court) as opposed to being sued for $20 million 35 years later. Without a court charge, Charelli is quite properly being kept on salary. D) The foolish Ottawa City Councillors (one exception; the sole black councillor) voted for the 'empire building' Ottawa police force as they got hoodwinked once again (earlier hoodwinking with LRT 2 approval with Landsdown contract 'on deck') It is pathetic how politicians are so easily maneuvered. O.C. p.A13 columnist Randall Denley is right: Reams of detail in city budget serve to shut taxpayers out and 'that is just the way the people in charge of city hall want it', he claims.


NOV 24  A) If the reader ever wants to know what an individual is up against in a Canadian court of law, the Sub-heading USEFUL IDIOTS (RECENT 7 nov) is a definitive account of how much Canadian  courts are in deep denial regarding disclosure, the bedrock of any Justice System. I reply as the Respondent to two lawyers I charged with fraud. B) As the last politician standing, Chrystia Freeland must act or get out of politics. In the absence of Trump, it is in the hands of Biden to warn the U.S. public about the pernicious fake licensing scam of Franco Alulio which compromises not only driving license rights but also by depriving him or her of all access to a lawyer in any endeavor. Read it and weep knowing that no force is stepping up in Canada to a scam right out of Nazi Germany. The introductory NEWSLETTER of this date holds these key arguments.


NOV 24  A) Burnout behind the mask O.S. p. 2 Elizabeth Payne '...Workers said their complaints about unsafe working conditions went largely unheeded (my underlining as this accusation could apply to all Canadian institutions although not at the risk of nurses health) and they were offended at being called heroes (in lieu of danger pay) when they felt their safety wasn't a priority (defective equipment and onerous  work regimens) B) p. 10 LET'S FACE FACTS Christina Blizzard So the Br. monarchy believe that they have problems with the Netflix fictional The Crown. Try some of my media troubles in that regard: 2014: North Shore News (B.C.) 'Roger Callow is a liar' in my unresolved labour matter where no compensation has been paid. Even N.S. in their best 'heavens to Betsy' article on the constitutional challenge of imposed legislation (the imposed carbon tax parallels the imposed BILL 35-1985 under which I was laid off for economic reasons). Their salacious caption? How many trees were cut down for this case? Where is the 'Let's Face Facts' from the Canadian media conspicuous by its absence in the Employee's Case? C) Last I heard, Ottawa Police have 2800 officers (internal staff as well) with Chief Sloly wanting more (to do less than in the past) A thinking columnist would compare those numbers and the budget with, for example, the year  2000 situation explaining why the police portion of the tax bill has expanded by 3X. (Disclosure: I operated a home alarm franchise in the 1990's) D) p.19 Jerry Agar columnist makes the same point which I have made in the past calling for public workers such as MP's and MMP's to take a 10% wage cut while they sit at home in these COVID days. He correctly rejects gov't. propaganda by stating 'We're not in this altogether' as many receive no pay cheques. E) O.C.NP7 Columnist Diane Francis wades into whacking the elitists; this time former Finance Minister Morneau, in what is becoming a 360 degree turn for the press...they eat the cake: we get the crumbs.


NOV 23 A) What is more glib than politicians making use of the media to publish rubbish? Why, the media actually publishing that rubbish yet blaming the politicians for their glibness. (O.S. editorial p.10) In short, stop shooting yourself in the foot, oh media. B) p. 11 Unabashed U.S. black Trump supporter Larry Elder writing in the Sun deals with congressional issues related to Carter Page which would be lost on most Canadians. What is not lost is that this matter is basically one of disclosure as are most legal cases in Canada including the Employee's Case and the Huawei Meng case. The point? If the witnesses had been provided that necessary disclosure for Carter Page, they would have reversed the earlier stand that they took. I have exposed the corruptibility of the Justice System over the 35 years in my unresolved labour matter on this level but this lack of disclosure is in every institution. I call it 'Institutional Autism' where institutions speak only to other institutions with the individual being left out. Point A) above illustrates this point and yet the media is to represent the underdog. The Canadian media cannot close their doors fast enough in that regard as far as I am concerned. C) p.11 A partisan U.S. economist's evaluation of the U.S. is misplaced as Postmedia appear too cheap (or broke) to hire a Canadian economist to rework this article for Canada and Canadian consumption. D) Showbiz p.12 Sex toys are for health as well as pleasure... accompanied by a salacious female visage promoting her line of sex toys which scares the hell out of me at age 79... but hey, that's not stopping me as I plan to go right out to the sex shop to purchase said toys so that I can live to be a 100! ...either that or die happy while undergoing the sex act.... E) p.12 This is showbiz news???... an actress gets a tattoo to commemorate her 3 month old daughter. One mother I know who lost her 14 year old son due to an embolism, had a photo and the years of his life tattooed on the inside of her that is newsworthy but the public love Showbiz trash (the trashier, the better) which was developed by British tabloids at one time but copied everywhere today. Presumably this is how America will be made 'great again'. F) O.C.NP3 The Canadian Psychiatric Assoc. slams the gov't. in BILL C-7 for not permitting mental illness to be considered for 'assisted dying'. So where was that august Organization when I wrote them regarding 'Franco Alulio' and his perverted driver license suspension scam (he converted the form to read 'psychiatric' which is not testable from the form's proper designation of 'cognitive' disorder which can be tested). More importantly he does not cite any reason for this carte blanche suspension of my driver's license nor does A.G. Doug Downey investigate explaining why I have a $10 million action against Alulio which he does not respond to nor does the Ottawa Court nor PM's Office. Chrystia Freeland is my current target to respond but is ducking out as well. It is an action right out of nazi Germany and negatively affects all drivers ...and not a peep from the Psychiatric Association whom I wrote on the performance of this despicable bureaucrat. As a Justice Minister, David Lametti is a complete loser on both issues.


NOV 21 O.C. p. A3  Union president's lawsuit against former Ottawa police chief reinstated by appeal This Decision for Matt Skof is similar to my case in which I was unceremoniously laid off from my senior teaching position in West Vancouver, B.C. in 1985 for economic reasons (read that whistle blowing) as outlined in the neophyte imposed BILL 35-1985. The arbitration was quashed by the court leaving me in limbo. The arbitrator was ruled patently unreasonable. He had converted 16 new hires to read 17 with myself as the 17th knowing full well that there were no teacher lay-offs in June of 1985 in WV. He blatantly lied because he did not expect an appeal to an apparent 'sweetheart deal'. However, I did not need Union permission under BILL 35 to appeal hence I appointed a new lawyer much to the chagrin of the conspirators and won my case. For 35 years, I have been unsuccessful in receiving compensation before over 50 judges across Canada which was mine under Bill 35(the only instrument the Employer recognizes although they lost a case on that level), the collective bargaining process (sanctioned by a 1995 court Order brought by me ), or any general compensation as it relates to the cessation of employment. In 2003, with a rejected hearing before the Supreme Court of Canada (there were 4 such rejections), my legal counsel said that I had exhausted all remedy under the law in this unresolved matter = implosion of the Justice System, corpse to follow which it did with the demise of the Ottawa Courts in 2020. While the media in the above article details the legal arguments as a new innovation, a national media boycott permits such as the tabloid North Shore News in 2014 to get away with this slanderous headline: Roger Callow is a liar.


NOV 21 A) BOTEX treatments are usually focused on forehead areas and not noticed. The problem is the upper lip area where the treatment can easily go wrong. CTV's Christina Succi is a case in point. B) Another 'O.J. Simpson trial' where he was found 'not guilty' in a criminal trial but liable in a civil court where the standard is much lower appears to be the case for Ottawa police officer Montsion (plus a second officer) as the crown is not appealing. Many feel, as I do, that Justice Kelly came to the wrong conclusion on the criminal level which, in a U.S. city, would have led to widespread revolt. Kelly correctly sized up the limited public Ottawa protest response = political decision. This matter is a long way from being over. C) 'Pods' are not the same as self-isolating which is the only effective protection. Like a chain, they are only as strong as the weakest link. D) One effect of slow police response is that either the situation has already morphed into a  serious situation or not - so the reaction is one to either avoid shooting or to shoot. Further, they avoid hostage situations as they invariably catch the perp later. E) Recently, an O.C. article on the importance of intellect appeared = learning for learning's sake which is behind our value judgments and greatly underestimated in our utility oriented school studies. The topic of philosophy at university is even an elective often subordinated to the more utilitarian psychology. We are products of our value systems and the most important one is trust, whether it be in individuals or in  institutions. F) In addition to NOV. 20 on Meng A); internet's REDDIT is known for its high caliber comment section such as the one on calling out Trudeau on the highly spurious Meng arrest in support of my own position. Simply put, Trudeau asks the central question...If you're a country of the rule of the 35 year unresolved Employee's case has demonstrated time and time again, Canada does not have the 'rule of law' as legally we are a country of corrupt and corruptible judges and over them there is no control. G) 'When I was a boy' (that opener used to get groans from our teen-age sons=my reward as a parent) kids acted like kids and adults acted like adults. Nowadays, adults act like kids aka our entertainment world, so that everyone loses. H) Cheers for Skof, Police Union leader, in suing the previous Ottawa police Chief... now if he can only get around to the incumbent.... and throw in Mayor Watson for good measure. I) In WWII, unarmed prisoners of war were used as bayoneting practice by the Japanese. Today, civilians and children were murdered by Australian Special Forces as a training exercise in Afghanistan. It is not so much a failure of civilian oversight as military oversight = law of the jungle. My Lai in the 1960's in the Vietnam War also comes to mind with these civilian atrocities. J) Deputy Minister Chrystia Freeland waffles by speaking out of both sides of her mouth in supporting an anti-Israel motion at the U.N. while at the same time praising her Jewish voters in Canada. As to speaking out on the Employee's Case, don't even ask. K) O.C. p. A9 My message of 'hitting the streets' as the only serious remedy to glib political answers is getting through to the 'Justice for Abdi' group demanding end to racism. L) A17 If the Canadian Council of Judges had investigate my charges of malfeasance against Ottawa Justice Colin McKinnon for writing 3 Decisions on the same case in 2014 without referencing the other two, he would not have been left on the bench to have heard a 2018 case in which he 'soft-soaped' a pimp case now being ordered to a new trial due to his misfeasance.


NOV 20  A) O.C. NP3 PM defends arrest of Huawei's Meng 'Rule of Law' '...Do I regret that Canada followed its laws? (case not resolved yet Trudeau comments) Do I regret that Canada lived up to a long-standing extradition treaty with our closest ally? (an ally which does not extradite people nor does France where an Ottawa U prof. was extradited and then returned and is now suing for $90 million dollars in Canada). Absolutely not, Trudeau said....If you're a country of the rule of law, if you are a country of values (the Employee's Case has shown that Canada is neither), you need to stick up for those. (And where was this 'sticky' PM on the many legal missives I sent him over the years on the Employees Case?-EC) Of course if the EC falls in the middle of a forest and there is no media to hear it; it doesn't exist to this PM. A better caption to this article would be: Canada mouse with rape on its mind approaches China elephant. For equal time, I can hardly wait for that tabloid North Shore News rag (SEE NOV 18) proclaiming that Justin Trudeau is a liar.  B) NP 6  Big Cash club adds new members. During the 1930's Depression, there was plenty of money about. The problem was that investors - including banks - had too few areas they were willing to risk their money. 'Turnover' is the key concept in business with the necessary liquidity to protect one's investment. In that regard, consider this PLACARD: DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOUR PENSION FUND IS INVESTED? I collect a partial pension (outstanding 35 year legal case set at $20 million from West Vancouver,B.C. for remainder) from the ON Teachers Pension Fund; currently, a lucrative and well managed fund; most of those in the hands of gov't. are not ('finder's fees' are the problem here). For example QC put pension funds into money losing Bombardier which didn't even make timely payments (until they withdrew); Trudeau wants an 'Infrastructure Bank' based on pension funds where the debt is owed 'internally' similar to Japan which has a worse national debt than Greece but here is the point, it is owed internally in Japan but externally in Greece. Pension money is behind the Private Care Business which is under at least 2 class actions in ON during these COVID times. Premier Ford speaks out of both sides of his mouth regarding this untenable position. The smart money is reflected with billionaire Jimmy Pattison who is looking for fire sales in these COVID times. His money losing investment in West Fraser Timber in B.C. (a photo shows the problem...too many small trees and having to go too far to get them) is purchasing rival Norboard in a $4 Billion deal NP 6 to amortize his loss. No pension funds needed to carry the slack here. Personal note: I do not envy the nonagenarian Pattison as he will never enjoy the fruits of an unimpeded retirement. His internet profile points out how he turned around a car dealership in 1961 (didn't mention his Calgary Jewish backer nor his atrocious labour practices witnessed later with the B.C. World's Fair of 1986 which came in on time and on budget. Nobody liked to work for Pattison according to the personal accounts I heard...sales managers wearing at car salesmen regularly in meetings to perform plus dropping off the lowest performer in every month. That's how he became Canada's 5th wealthiest individual. C) NP 12 I always enjoy reading DRIVING writers David Booth and Lorraine Sommerfeld. These two are informative and what the media should be. Booth details how the efforts of Union's UNIFOR Jerry Diaz is largely responsible for getting the new GM EV Truck production to Oshawa's idled plant. Sommerfeld details how Customer Satisfaction Index from the 1990's has back-fired with bonuses tied to survey results. The problem exists beyond car sales. I wrote a Texas-based Cruise Company President when we used their services for a number of cruises being asked to fill out the survey as soon as we booked. A more appropriate time for such a survey is after the trip to see whether the arrangements worked out. Similarly, one wants to know how your new car agreement works out after a period of service time. Monitoring the sales approach is all that is required as bonuses will end up going to high pressure tactics. In brief, too much oversight can create problems. I remember one such Encyclopedia Sales person having more cancellations than the norm in the 1980's due to her bullying approach. There is no substitution for good leadership.    


NOV 19 A) Everybody spies on each other. (Canada facing 'cybercrime pandemic' O.C. NP 3 )There are different levels to defining that spying. For example, reporting on the activities from the U.S. to Canada may not be construed as spying and yet in another context, such as with China, can be considered spying. The execution of the Rosenbergs in the U.S. in 1956 for passing 'confidential' information to the Russians is a case in point. It should also be noted that it is very easy to 'set someone up'. I was set up with my fake senior teacher lay-off in 1985 from West Vancouver (whistleblowing) under the neophyte imposed BILL 35 (think imposed carbon tax). The courts quashed the highly suspect arbitration favouring the employer leaving me in limbo now for 35 years with no compensation having been paid due to the malfeasance of over 50 judges. B) I self-isolate in my one-person apartment and disinfect where on a couple of occasions a service rep. had to make a repair. That is not the case for the vast majority of cases where people co-habit. I was told a story about the infection of about 70 Hollywood stagehands attributed to one stage hand. In short, there really is no effective defense except distancing with a mask helping the protection. Grocery shopping is where I feel myself the most vulnerable even though the stores are doing their best for preventive care. Ottawa's slight downtick in case numbers is attributed to people working at home while Peel's massive uptick is attributed to workers having to use the public transit (buses run practically empty in Ottawa outside of rush hour as many use their cars to go to work). C) Iran active at nuke site NP5 or 'Looking through the big end of the telescope' should be the heading as Iran can just as easily buy nuclear weapons from N. Korea or undergound sources in Russia or Pakistan. Slowing the process down by the U.S. is about all that is being accomplished.


NOV 18 A) Roger Callow is a liar blazes the North Shore News in 2014 which is clearly slanderous and the day that they close their doors will be a great step for democracy. They quote quite liberally from the highly suspect decision of Ottawa Judge Colin McKinnon whom I referenced to the Canadian Council of Judges for fraud (as he was originally a Federal  court appointee as many others on the Ottawa Court are these days)=back door to more lucrative provincial assignments. Remember SCofC Chief Justice McLaughlin rejecting Justice Nadon for a seat? He was from this same questionable body. The nature of the fraud? Three Decisions on the same case by McKinnon without inter-referencing the existence of the other two. ("Would the real Colin McKinnon please stand up?") All this, as the NS News knows, is from my website hence there is no excuse for this fable plus they are quite wrong on a number of legal points which is why I asked the oversight body to intervene. It didn't even acknowledge the complaint plus others against judges for malfeasance. Of course, I am never given a 'right to reply' by the perverted media.  B) Dominion, originally a Canadian Company not known for its security, was assigned the electronic vote count in the U.S. The only way to rectify the election challenge is to take those states separated by approx. 1%  and have a run-off by voters personally voting only for the President (Republican/Democrat) where one Party requests the re-voting. It should use the Canadian style of voting with all parties present at the physical count. Only then may electronics be used. C) 'There was widespread, nationwide voter fraud' claims lawyer Giuliani for Trump in a Penn court. No proof? That's because the judge won't grant disclosure; namely a search of the voters list to turn up such as 'dead voters' plus other infractions. Citing 'technical errors' such as a 'missing secrecy envelope' is standard fare in such cases although judges ducking out of issues such as frivolous and vexatious claims is a badly overworked rule in Canadian courts as well. The central point is that the Democrats won the ballot box stuffing wars through their control of the 'fake' (Trump term) media. D) Eliminating final exams from high schools has a deleterious effect for those headed to University where exams are mandatory: In Praise of Keeping  Final Exams O.C. A9 In short, this is 'positive' stress. Evaluating of x-grades was always a problem as some teachers taught to exam. My complaint was reserving 2-3 weeks for just exams. In the 1950's, I wrote the objective test in one period with the essay question (sometimes a choice or given beforehand) in the second period. The semester system - with which I disagree - reduced course from 120 hours to 90 hours. There is a big difference in maturity of a 15 year-old in Sept. and  the following June which gets short shrift with 2 semesters per year. E) p. A9 Graceless Presidency. A fascinating column by Andrew Cohen on the private contributions of U.S. Presidents from Theodore Roosevelt to Barack Obama with Trump coming up empty. If Trump can pull off the challenge to the ages long 'stuffed ballot box' exacerbated by electronic voting; he should be in the record books. His mid-East policy may be considered a major victory for the world hence I would not yet count him out. F) Xi of China warns of a world recession while western economists convert that message into 'wise investments' not fully appreciating the importance of 'liquidity' to protect those self-same investments in such as real estate.


NOV 17 O.C. p.1 Gusher of words over 37-word 'tweet' speaks volumes  Columnist Kelly Egan correctly calls out the public OC School Board which spent boodles of money for a 151 page Report on this whackadoodle non-issue. It is typical of all gov't. bureaucracies when placed in the public eye. Flip that coin over to very serious concerns such as the Franco Alulio fake driver license scam which goes without media exposure (including Kelly Egan) and one can see why Canada as a nation is in deep trouble. B) Crankshaft comic strip shows the last student getting off the school bus with the driver looking closely at his back as the student trudges down a deserted road. In a closer look, a tear is seen on the student's face. Perhaps a few interpretations may apply but the one I pick out is that some homes are hell-holes (including for well off families) with the school the only normal that these students know. C) On that theme of parenting; Big Bang Theory deals with parenting issues. There's Howard with a love-hate relationship with his mother right into adulthood much to the understandable worry of his wife. He is not a mature adult. Sheldon's mother routinely lies to him in order to keep a good filial bond. Leonard's mother, who ironically writes books on parenting, emasculates her son with brutal truths. Penny and Amy also have parenting issues. My point? Mature parents do not involve their small children in adult disputes; a feature which escapes even those with Ph'd's. I knew two such mothers who pitted their children against the estranged fathers. That did not happen in our 45 years of a good marriage before the estrangement of my wife and myself. C) What Trump fears most is his arrest the day after he leaves office for tax evasion; something for which he cannot pardon himself hence he is trying to cut a deal with Biden...lots of luck with that one.


NOV 16  A) Trump is refusing to accept the election results because they were fixed. Of course they were both parties. Even in Canada in the last Federal election, there were 'dead voters' bringing home the Edmonton vote. In the case of the U.S., they should standardize the election procedures for all states and eliminate mail-in votes. Simplifying matters by leaving state plebiscites off the ballot would help. The Democrats (with Jeb Bush in Florida handed the 2000 election to his brother at the expense of the Democrats who just shut up but that is not Trump's way). I doubt whether Trump supporters are listening to their courts on the matter. I certainly wouldn't. As mentioned earlier, expect to see the rise of 'Trump and his brown shirts' reminiscent of Nazi Germany.


NOV 14  A) O'TOOLE THE O'FOOLE Normally I don't bother with political parties per se as I don't vote. However, comment on the 'leopard rubbing out its spots' in the case of Tory O'Toole in order to get more votes could alienate both sides of his traditional right wing vote and his bid to appeal to such as unions to obtain votes from the left currently supporting the NDP. At root of the problem is that the highly indebted NDP cannot foot another election leaving them vulnerable to raiding from both the Tories & Liberals. Unifor's Jerry Dias claims that O'Toole must think workers have a very short attention span to forget that O'Foole was behind much of the anti-labour movement of the Harper gov't.  B) As the only Canadian barred from hiring a lawyer on any basis due to the perfidy of Franco Alulio's' fake license suspension; Canadians at large should be deeply concerned. President Trump and Deputy P.M. Chrystia Freeland aren't but perhaps prospective President Biden will step up to the plate on behalf of all those living in North America as a driver's license is a part of our cultural identification as well. It's a scam of a type born in Nazi Germany. SEE RECENT 7 nov. MEDIA sub-heading this date for a NEWSLETTER


NOV 13  A) All those Canadian retail businesses and consumers who can't pay their bills? = the banks are broke even if they do not call the loan. B) We live in a psychotic age as abetted by the commercial media. There is nothing uplifting such as the 'bluebirds of happiness' syndrome of the 1930's Depression. No wonder the suicide rate is on the increase in the world. Seeing a mental health advisor by an individual is poor balm for those afflicted unless an expensive continuous follow-up program is followed (rarely available). In brief, don't only isolate for COVID reasons; shut down the commercial messages as well. Dr. Phil is an anachronism in that one must win the lottery to get on his program. All others get band aids to stop the hemorrhaging as per Ask Ellie advice column (for those who also qualify to get their letter in print). The public health authorities do what they can but there are big holes in society which are increasing, largely due to people making bad choices early in life; oftentimes accompanied by drug and alcohol abuse. Alcohol Anonymous appears to be the best model for an education forum available. C) Mexico North (B.C.)For years laundering clients have walked into B.C. casinos with sackfuls of $20 dollar bills to have them laundered...and not a peep out of the RCMP. Commissioner Brenda Lucki is a real dud.


NOV 12 A) Sign of the times: Britishers being asked as to whether they will get the COVID vaccine: 'only after Boris Johnston gets it'. Pfizer test patients report a terrible hang-over. B) Just been through a number of renewals in various entities and they operate all the same; namely, they exist for themselves as reflected with myriad forms to fill out with the client coming a distant second. Usually they slip in a marketable component. Heaven help you if you discover a glitch in their way, can't happen, call your psychiatrist = digital system, while creating wonderful opportunities, will eventually suck all the oxygen out of the digital universe bringing on the next cultural ice age.


NOV 11  A) What Trump requires for credibility is a reversal of a state from Democrat to Republican through a recount. Mail-in vote fraud appears paramount. B) What the 'Black Lives Matter' group requires are more pointed signs: e.g. REMEMBER ABDI / JUSTICE KELLY DIDN'T  C) O.C. NP 4 Powerful U.S. Archbishop McCarrick defrocked in 2019 after decades of Papal deceit can be paralleled to my call for a trusteeship over the Ottawa courts in a 35 year unresolved civil action. Both stories call into serious question the failure of institutional oversight in a major way. D) More lying NP 4 Suicide halts trial of Chinese vaccine in Brazil. The death of a volunteer was labeled as a 'suicide';  parallels the lie that pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was 'suicided'. E) Some concern that the Taliban might get nuclear weapons in Pakistan...what makes you think that they don't already have them? Saudi Arabia 'stores' its access to nuclear weapons in Pakistan as the rumour would have it. N. Korea has nuclear weapons which they do not use but whom have they given them to besides Pakistan? It's a little like nailing jello to the wall.... E) NP 5 Slow death for our veterans as they cannot get their disability claims recognized by gov't. for one reason or another. That's the real meaning of Remembrance Day in Canada currently. F) NP 6 A reverse takeover in the NS lobster business allotting the licenses to the Mikmaqs (catch lobsters at any time) appears to be a solution headed for disaster. Whenever one sees gov't. pension money committed to a  sketchy business deal (think Bombardier or the Federal Investment Bank) watch out. Down the road, these Mikmaqs are going to discover that they have been stripped of their pinfeathers.


NOV 11 REMEMBRANCE DAY in Canada and a time to place it 'in house' in Legions & rest homes for the future in terms of WWI (one vet left) WWII & the Korean War (most celebrating in Rest Homes). In the latter 40's, as a small child (b. 1941) RD was a national holiday and I remember being taken downtown to watch legion after legion accompanied by bands (something I had never seen before) marching by to the applause of bystanders lining the route and we were many. In 1964, I began teaching in northern Prince George, B.C. alongside veterans. Mark, the Librarian always drove his car wearing gloves as a reminder of his fighter pilot status. He spent the war-after the Dutch capitulation in Indonesia-where the pilots drew straws to see who would fly out the few remaining planes. His loss meant that he spent the war in a brutal (the only kind) Japanese concentration camp and while he professed nothing against the Japanese people, he would cross the street to avoid one if seen. I do not believe RD was held as a school holiday any longer. In the early 1970's in West Vancouver, a non-combatant veteran held the School address over the P.A. although we had a tank member from the Italian campaign. One time, he told the anti-war hippies that veteran ceremonies were not 'a celebration of war', rather they were designed to recognize their fallen comrades. Young people were welcome to attend these ceremonies but please do so with respect. When he retired, the Remembrance Day ceremony was read by the aging Principal who never served. It is the same maudlin speech year every year, one colleague retorted. After he retired, the task fell to a young VP from my generation who spoke on local war time limitations such as black-outs and food rationing; all things I was familiar with. The students, for a change, were interested. In the 1980's in Ottawa as a Supply Teacher, there was a great variety of student-based promotions of RD. For example, letters from deceased vets were read as his death was re-enacted on stage in one school. Throughout it all, poetry has loomed large such as a WWI Canadian fighter pilot's feelings in High Flight and, of course, a Canadian doctor's In Flander's Field where the poppies grow over the graves of deceased soldiers is read every RD. My immediate family were not involved in the war but I am reminded of this truism: all countries have an army; if not yours, then someone else's. My personal observation? We were raised in an age of resiliency which no longer exists today hence my suggestion of moving RD into private quarters next year out of respect for our veterans. Leave it to military cadets to make public observances in future.


NOV 10 A) Grumpy time, today  O.C. p.1 Vaccine 'a great day for science' This bullshit statement in the media ignores the key notion; namely, that as a vaccine is 'just around the corner'; there is no need for gov't. to financially support desperate retail businesses. No reputable pharmacy Company would make such a public commitment but they are under great pressure from some political factotum supported by the media treating their desperate readers as fools. Putting a media disclaimer does not protect the media in this regard. It is merely one more reason why newspapers are going out of business but hope to get financial support from the gov't. in that process. The spotty information currently in the hands of Pfizer would not merit such a headline. B) At least the O.S. got it right by quoting the P.M...'Light at the end of the tunnel' as a sub-heading on this topic. C) What kind of doctors did the late Alex Trabek have whom discovered rather late in the diagnosis, that he had stage 4 pancreatic cancer...didn't his yearly medical checks reveal such a tendency? Further, his media biography omits that he was married twice with only children from the second marriage. Also on p.1 is a highly analytical article on the gameship of Jeopardy by columnist Kelly Egan with its lessons for life ; paralleling 'Reach for the Top' as a high school answer-oriented club. In contrast, I sponsored the question-analysis approach common to the debate club without not fully appreciating my career loss due not to knowing when not to 'ask questions' (whistleblowing). D) Another piece of 're-direction' is blasting the Ottawa Police for the aberrant Decision mainly of one Ottawa judge; Justice Kelly, in finding police officer Montsion 'not guilty' of manslaughter. The fault is that of the judge, not the police in general. Over a period of 35 years and over 50 judges, I have revealed similar discrepancies in civil law with the unresolved Employees Case with its systemic judicial malfeasance which is  given a free ride by the media. E) A one-page ad demanding Facebook and Google to 'pay up'. I don't see that happening. Reddit, for example, quotes newspaper headlines but for details, the source may demand payment in order to open the article. With some adjustment, I see Facebook & Google doing much the same thing. The major problem is that few are reading a newspaper any longer but the media are flogging a dead horse as obviously the public is not willing to join their on-line appeals. F) A11 Don't ever stop striving for success columnist Christine Ibbotson investment advisor gives bad advice. How many people are 'activists'; such as I consider myself? Less than 20%? 60 years ago, one advisor on a panel said it best; 90% of the population lacks the necessary background to invest in the stock market...but that is where Ibbotson and their clique come in as 'advisers'. Good for them; not perhaps so good for investors as now investors have to evaluate their financiers... Bernie Madoff's pyramid scheme, anyone?  'Know thyself', the old Biblical belief is central here.  G) 4 adults on the elevator with one holding a sleeping toddler after an exhausting day at the beach, agreed that you do not see school age children out doors building up their immune system. They will be the weaklings of the future.


NOV 09 A) After viewing a clip of a band in Toronto raising funds for the Ottawa Mission in front of a crowd packed together without masks, I am not surprised to see that the COVID numbers are up. B) We read about restaurants going broke with the attendant lay-off of waiters. What about the legal offices having the same problem as more and more TV ads look for legal business; one of the first things to go in a downturn. Pictures of a gaggle (did you know lawyers come in gaggles?) of lawyers in these ads don't tell you how many are still getting a paycheck. The first thing a lawyer learns when he or she arrives on the job is that there is only one purpose to his/her existence; namely, to make business for the partners share of the cut and these partners are sweating currently like any retail outfit in covering their rent. I suppose that I could set myself up as a black market specialist in the law but what is the point when the Decision is in before the judge walks into the courtroom? That's what a client is buying with an expensive law outfit; namely, a favourable Decision by partners with an inside track on the judge. Even in the U.S., the bench does not attract much in the way of talent with Biden promising reforms. I was perusing the vapid book by Canada's previous Chief Justice; but she is merely typical. For example, the chief Counsel for SNC Lavalin, is a former SCofC judge. Canada has much trouble attracting quality judges; I can attest to that fact with over 50 of them in the unresolved Employees Case. C) Of course all those unemployed lawyers could become policemen in Ottawa Police Chief Sloly's new Ottawa with his empire building condoned by the mayor and city councilors through their silence = Defund the police and return the money to the taxpayers who have seen a triple increase in the police portion of their tax bill since 2000 with fewer services offered. D) The anger is building by the public in COVID lockdown with police, politicians and the media being their target. If the Employees Case ever gets loose, there will be hell to pay which is why Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland should take my communication with her seriously. SEE web for nov.


NOV 08 A) I have some sympathy for Trump going before the courts with allegations of fraudulent ballot box accusations only to be refused a hearing; something I have undergone in one form or another for 35 years. Granted both sides are probably guilty of vote manipulation but Trump is the one to go to court. The theme is that where the police have a joint call to a police matter  and a violation of voting procedures, the voting matter comes first. Of course once a winner is declared, all the ballots are's the democratic way with some people getting away with fraud. That's why the unresolved nature of the Employee's Case has exposed the judicial perfidy in my case. The Courts have not only failed, they are seen to have failed. Trump ignored my pleas (some poetic justice here); will Biden do the same thing vis a vis the 'Franco Alulio' fake driver license scam affecting drivers in both Canada and the U.S?  Stalin said it best: losers vote; winners count the vote. In brief, Democrat counters outclassed Republican counters. It's a prime case of IA (Institutional Autism) where institutions talk only to other institutions. In Churchillian terms...'some vote, some democracy....' C) HELL, NO, WE WON'T GO is Trump's de facto motto featured in a letter to Canada's Deputy P.M. Chrystia Freeland requesting her to step into the Employee's Case. SEE RECENT 7 Sub-title MEDIA  D) Alberta sold their souls to 'big oil' which has left devastation across the land with abandoned oil rigs on farmer's land who cannot use their land as collateral for loans. Of course the farm can't be resold under these conditions.


NOV 07 A) Roger Poll cat Trump narcissism vs Democratic media frenzy attack on him = one for the Democrats with Biden to become U.S. president. One fall-out; will anyone really pay attention to a newspaper or TV account again? As for Trump, he came up the hard way losing his mother while small and being raised by a brutal father. It is a great tribute to him that his family remains opioid free which, contradiction wise, is why America can never be great again considering the level of narcotic abuse in the U.S. B) The widely popular recently re-elected New Zealand P.M. who wrestled COVID to the ground including a 10% decrease in politician's pay is a long shot  from what we have in Canada, the developed nation which is the last one to do anything. A belated 'letter to the editor' supports my earlier point of having M.P.'s sacrifice 10% of their $182,000 salary during the pandemic (keep in mind that they have office expenses). O'Toole the O'Foole and NDP's Singh are mute on this topic although the NDP desire to tax the wealthy 1% makes sense as we cannot all send our students to a pricy U.S. private school which Brandon Trump goes to paying a yearly $400,000 tuition...and to think the Fraser Institute and their private school friends such as Educ. Min. Lecce would advocate such structures. C) Apparently some are dropping off the Ottawa police council after the debacle of Officer Montsion's acquittal on manslaughter charges. So much for the Ottawa courts of which I am on record as asking for a trusteeship.


NOV 06 A) Roger Poll cat post election prognosis. Gun sales are flying off the shelf in the U.S. Does this mean the organization of 'Trump and his brown shirts' reminiscent of another place and time in history? Perhaps 'Franco Alulio' and his fake driver license suspension scam will be a polarizing issue for them as a driver license is a central feature of the North American way of life. B) Matters are not rosy elsewhere as Putin sees that for every action there is a reaction in the politics of the Soviet Union. His massive personal income abetted by his control of the Russian mafia in the U.S. may have to dance to a different tune with a new president. It can be done IF his health holds as he is rumoured to have Parkinsons disease and is expected to step down in Jan. C) Little is said about the large number of impromptu factory strikes in China which is losing contracts for cheaper venues. New empty buildings and airports have a cost factor. Along with slave labour for producing industrial goods by the Uighers and with body transplants sales used to support the military and one can see my claim of a future civil war undermining the 'Silk Road' expansion. Xi with the support of the N. Korean troops will go up against the one who galvanizes an organization of strikers. D)And accentuating all these perils is of course, COVID. The moral COVID of the will eclipse the literal kind as Canada has a legal system; not a justice system.


NOV 05 A) Of course Trump expects to lose the election but he is bluffing his supporters into messing up the results as a means of getting leverage on his income tax evasion. He does not wish to end up behind bars aka 1930's Al Capone. B) SEE CHRYSTIA FREELAND sub-heading under RECENT 7 nov. for rejection of NB case. Considering the MIA performance of the PM and Justice Minister, David Lametti, she is now the default reference person in the Employee's Case. C) I sincerely hope that City Council block Police Chief Sloly in his expansionist plans: More spending, more cops. O.S. p.4 As a taxpayer, I pay 3X what I paid for police service in 2000 and get less for it (disclosure: I had an alarm installation franchise in the 90's and saw the downhill slide; particularly under the last two Ottawa police chiefs. Councilor Diane Deans wanted Sloly and got him when there were far more qualified individuals for the post. D) $15M letdown p.5 in which the homeless got little. It's a thorny problem, as needy people flock to cities such as Ottawa for the taxpayers to pay for their upkeep. Hence the more you do, the bigger the problem gets. E) Media, pollsters blew it again p.10 ...and then there is the Roger Poll. No-one mentions the early success on voting day went to Trump after small semi-rural polls counted first, only to lose it all when the cities were counted later. F) 'Tiny town' feels jailhouse rocked. Kemptville a 45 minute ride to downtown Ottawa where the courts are (Innes Rd. in Ottawa a mere 20 minutes) rightfully are upset about the location of this new jail. NIMBY rules here as criminals will flock to the surrounding areas entirely changing the character of this small town of 5,000. Residents were not even warned this was coming.


NOV 04 A) 'D-Day plus 1' in the U.S. Presidential Election. Here is the official 'Roger Poll': Biden will win; the delay in counting the votes is to offset the timing of any potential rioters. The major favourable factor in Biden's vote is the 'mail-in vote' which was abnormally high usually denoting a desire to change gov't. The current ratio of electoral seats favouring the Democrats is likely to hold. All they have to win is two out of the four eastern seaboard swing vote states to place them past the 270 deciding vote for President. Have I ever been wrong? ...only weak, and what are brains without power? Trump has already determined that he will fight the efficacy of the mail-in vote. Carrying him out while seated on the throne has a rather picturesque quality to it. (In former VP Lyndon Johnson, that would be on a toilet where he was known to give interviews. yuk!) Mind you, Trump was correct in having his photo taken in a car without intravenous tubes while incarcerated for COVID at the military hospital with questionable medical procedures. How many leaders have died by medical injections?...the Papacy is famous for it... and some might think they are ready once again considering current events. In general, the public do not trust lawyers...'Why don't sharks eat lawyers?...professional courtesy'. The real threat is from the medical fraternity as patients are inclined to trust to their doctors. 'Franco Alulio' ON Deputy Minister of Transport-Medical know that truism as did Nazi Germany.


NOV 03 A) Considering that the foreign policy of the Republicans and Democrats is much the same, the U.S. election appears to be a domestic struggle. In the words of Trump, Biden is all about COVID. As for Trump and his mass rallies in which some supporters are seen packed together without masks, his cap should read: Making America Stupid Again. Thank goodness, Canada has closed the border to all but essential traffic.  B)O.C. NP6 Barbara Amiel, wife of Conrad Black, had a tumultuous early life moving out on her own at age 14 managing to excel in her academic career. She stuck to Black during his incarceration for which Trump later pardoned him (his U.S. Partner signed a separate deal to avoid prison whom Black blamed for his U.S. troubles which seems a stretch.) On Justice, she claimed not to trust 90% of Canadian lawyers in an earlier article. Here she is quoted: To me, American justice is an oxymoron, as it is punitive, hideously expensive, racist, biased, and politicized. Other than racism, the Employees Case has illustrated the same theme in Canada. We have a legal system, not a justice system.

(On a sidenote, she was highly critical of her Chicago lawyer whom Black once wrote me at the time that he was not his first choice.) The real racket the Feds tried was to launch a failed bid to claim organized crime connections - Ricoh Case - in order to grab his estate. It failed at the outset but their assets were still taken, according to Amiel.)


NOV 02 A) SEE LEGAL MAIL nov. for letter to P.M. Trudeau on his failure to respond from Oct. 7 letter addressed to him. B) Imagine hating your job. One trainer claimed to me that 90% of people hate their jobs including the late Sean Connery in his James Bond role. (Not me, I told her, as I do not ask to 'enjoy' the job; rather just to have honourable employment. As I am not ambitious, I did not - for the most part - have to deal with 'idiots' as Connery termed them as teachers are left pretty much on their own) But the show must go on for such as Connery...type-casting is the problem. (sidenote: in 1965, I visited the underground water cistern in Constantinople where From Russia with Love was filmed . There is only the one staircase from which one can see all corners of the reservoir but with clever camera angles, they were able to create the illusion of two in a much bigger area.) For teachers, with all the current social obligations, I do not recommend teaching as a career.) C) A W5 program on bandit towing Companies with connections in Ottawa in a $2 B. business where your crashed vehicle is towed at an exorbitant rate and stored in exorbitant Tow Company lots reveals the general corruption of Toronto where Mayor John Tory does nothing paralleling Ottawa Mayor, Jim Watson on this topic. At one time, a towing firm licensed by the city pulled all wrecked cars from the highways around Ottawa at a reasonable cost...what happened? Why did black Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders suddenly resign recently? An experience like this could dent our tourist trade significantly just like the Gatineau traffic police sting. The bandit tow problem is exacerbated by the Ford family connections to the criminal world. D) The long running soap opera of the U.S. Election is about to end thank goodness but perchance I speak too soon as the sequel 'son of soap opera' is heating up in the  U.S. E) All cheer! I got my flu shot today (Shoppers Drug Mart)