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JUNE 30-2020 Before COVID saw our exercise classes cancelled, our older Lebanese instructor told me privately that matters were very bad in Lebanon. After paying for their I-phones, the Lebanese had very little for food left due, according to her with rich relatives in Lebanon, a corrupt gov't. Now news out of the country is that they are on the verge of a pandemic without hardly any food reminiscent of the circa 1915 starvation period. At one time, Lebanon was the conduit for the illicit drug trade from the Middle East through Italy. Did it dry up? A prolonged Covid shut-down in Canada calls into question two things being experienced by the unemployed Lebanese; is there a food supply and can it be distributed at costs people can afford both of which Canada is surviving to date? Nothing is a given with this plague.


JUNE 30-2020 A) I disagree with black U.S. columnists writing in the Ottawa Sun that a description of the advances of black people in the U.S. should apparently be used as a negative yardstick against the 'black lives matter' movement by extolling black advances without making mention of the egregious treatment of some blacks by the police; the colour of which is incidental to the problem of police abuse such as the 'I can't breathe' take-down. That movement is not bound to explain similar abuse to white or Hispanic peoples in their protest. Decades ago, women were not listened to when victimized by such as actor Bill Cosby and producer Harvey Weinstein now behind bars. The difficulty for this Black Movement is that others have used this cover to loot stores; even those of non-Caucasian background operations. The 'unfunding police' is also being used to discredit the 'I can't breathe' movement as the media in general is hopping on this bandwagon. The above two columnists are the real 'Uncle Toms' in this story. Police brutality in the Harper era at the Toronto international meeting is well documented including the fact that there was no physical confrontation by protesters with the police who were taunting the gathering to provoke their uncalled for police response. B) Psychiatric doctors condemned for experiments on violent patients. O.S. Mark Bonokoski p.8 requires a lengthy response but my June 29 NEWSLETTER ( MEDIA June 29) deals with this disturbing problem, particularly as it has to do with 'runaway' bureaucrat Franco Alulio of ON's Transport Ministry-Medical whom, with the personal addition of the word 'Psychiatry,' has thrown a spanner wrench into the wheels of Canadian Justice reminiscent of Nazi Germany in the 1930's. All car cultures are negatively impacted. The Canadian Justice System has collapsed as one consequence: ...Dr. Elliott Barker, in a paper published in 1968 during the program's initial years, raised the spectre of emulating Nazi experiments on human beings but said his own experiments were different. Bono: That alone is scary enough. SEE this date under MEDIA June 30 for my comments.


JUNE 29-2020 A) With the B.C. Justice Heather Holmes 'non' Decision' coming 18 months after Meng's (Huawei) arrest, perhaps the Chinese will take a leaf out of my playbook. The Teachers Union were just wild when after a year or so of 'no-go' in 1985 on my 'lay-off' (for whistleblowing); I began publishing my newsletters to teachers (before the internet) throughout the province. They need not have worried as the gullible teachers maintained their silence to this day. Most Canadian Union groups would have changed their Union. That is why, in part, I challenged advice columnist Ellie Tesher who deals with cowardice on a personal level every day, to extrapolate that model to national cowardice such as that displayed by the B.C. Teachers. There has been no response to any topic on which I write to her apart from this assignment...she joins the herd. For China with access to the internet, options abound. Will they use them?

Of course Canada may play a game of 'eating its cake and having it too' (PLACARD / HYPOCRISY - CANADA DOES IT BEST). In brief, the 'independent' court system will release Meng on a legal technicality which, one and at the same time, protects their corrupt Justice System while giving observation to Trudeau's separate personal protection system. A gullible media will love that solution. Indeed, if that seizure had taken place today, all Vancouver Chief Justice Hinckson whom I accused fraud in 2018, has to do is quote the recent Ottawa Justice Calumn MacLeod's 'final solution'; namely just to drop the charge (which I had against the Ottawa Hospital for its version of the Nazi 'night and the fog' for $10 million). In brief, rather than hiring a legal outfit with its interminable delays in the Meng case, China would merely pay Hinckson to drop the case from the docket possibly in return for paying the University tuition fees of his children. Financially, it would be a no-brainer. B) Distress calls need more than just police, advocates say.

O.C. NP 2 And what about scams run by relatives on this level to gain control over a senior's assets? No mention in this article which I address. SEE 2020 MEDIA June 29


JUNE 28-2020 A) So disgraced Privy Councilor ousted from his job, Michael Wernick, is alive and well working as a lobbyist. Who is he listed as meeting in gov't? In short, Parliament is a waste of time as many examples exist of investigations i.e. Ottawa's Rapid Transit fiasco or ON Long Care Homes where investigator reports are routinely side-tracked. Sidetracking the Employee's Case is an example of the Justice System doing the same thing by these lobbyists. In short, they have a direct line to political party leadership which de-rails all those democratic actions to protect the top 1% of earners. That includes the media in the Employee's Case. Now the reader knows why I don't vote in an anachronistic system limply promoted by a moribund media. B) The murder/suicide of pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was also sidetracked with the firing of the chief investigator by Trump for pursuing Prince Andrew. Publish the transport/immigration names of those who regularly used Epstein's plane. As matters stand, Epstein as a story now supplants the mangled Kennedy assassination of 1963. Trump's role in this affair shows that he should not be re-elected. Nor should Joe Biden considering his silence on 'Franco Alulio'; the runaway bureaucrat negatively affecting the driving public in North America with his nefarious actions explaining why I have appointed U.S. Professor Walter Williams to expose the perfidy of the 'driver license suspension scam'. Can the reader get along without driving in our car culture? C) I would like to see the letter published by leading Canadians (presumably former P.M. Chretien is one of them) requesting that Huawei's Meng be repatriated to China. The question is why? I strongly submit this action is to protect a decrepit Canadian Justice System which I have exposed. Trudeau's ransom resistance explanation exposes the far greater problem of a disgraced Judiciary but with a 40% support from the populace due to COVID handouts, the Liberals are a shoo-in as a majority government.


JUNE 27-2020 Letter to Trudeau referring to Hassam Diab story (deported professor now suing for $90 million); the Franco Alulio scam; and the Meng (Huawei) fiasco where Trudeau claimed the courts are independent (which doesn't necessarily say credible) all tied up in a letter to the despicable Ottawa Courts scene. SEE LEGAL MAIL june 27-2020


JUNE 27-2020 A) Fix Canada's weak extradition law O.C. p.A17 erudite letter to editor who misses two key points; Neither France (Hassan Diab case) nor the U.S. (Huawei's Meng case) have their own extradition laws. In the past the FBI have been known to falsify information. Secondly, the focus is on the laws not the judges enacting the law hence writer Dave Parsons misses on Justice Robert Maranger whom should never have ordered deportation based on the highly publicized Diab Case. I had this same justice dude. Both our claims were held on Appeal in 2014 on the same day. We both lost although Diab later filed a $90 million case against the government. (Appeal Courts are political courts which I have shown again and again.) The U.S. adds the charge of fraud to bolster their untried case in NY when there is good reason to believe that disclosure regarding the arrest which B.C. Justice Heather Holmes did not call for recently has Meng's B.C. legal counsel and China understandably upset. Most likely fraud on the arrest was indeed the case making the issue 'null and void'. Meng would return to China. In short, until Trudeau throws the Justice System 'under the bus' and I have called on him to do just that with the; Canada is doomed. They are doomed in any event. B) A full page ad 'blessing Ottawa Hospital's CEO Jack Kitts on his retirement' by Board President Katherine Cotton (how much did that full page ad cost?) should have an addendum from my public protest in front of the General Hospital before COVID 19: DONORS / WITHHOLD 2020 CONTRIBUTIONS UNTIL NAZI-LIKE TACTICS ARE REVEALED. As the victim, I sued the hospital for $10 million only to have Justice Calum MacLeod drop the claim without a hearing thus forever changing the law in Canada as every powerful entity will 'buy their own judge' (think SNC Lavalin). The media has the public looking in the wrong direction here & elsewhere. For example 3/4 of the U.S. population believed Iraq's Saddam Hussein - later hanged - was responsible for 9/11 when almost all the suicide bombers came from Saudi Arabia. Hence such as the above writer begets this observation; IN THE LAND OF THE BLIND, THE ONE-EYED MAN IS KING.


JUNE 25-2020 Two cases with a common element which the media does not link: a) the as yet to be heard class action against the G20 police 10 years ago O.C. p.A8 Brutality then hinted at today's policing problems b) p.NP 1 Trudeau right to reject hostage diplomacy Columnist John Ivison. The link? The corrupt Canadian Justice System. In the first example, it is a matter of 'justice delayed is justice denied' as a class action keeps this matter from being chased out of court. In the second case, Trudeau's stated belief in an 'independent' Justice System has been reversed against him by China standing up to what was to be the usual bluff i.e....'just cross the border, Meng, and all will be well...for the Canadian Justice System, that is....' She didn't (nor have I bowed to a corrupt Justice System for 35 years before over 50 judges and still counting but then Meng has press coverage while my national story is boycotted.) In brief, both forces have been 'kicked beneath the bus' by Canada's corrupt and corruptible Justice System. And it is in every institution (Institutional Autism) where the rights of an individual are not recognized: PLACARD: BEHIND EVERY ECONOMIC COLLAPSE IS A MORAL COLLAPSE. COVID 19 is the 'moral' canary in Canada's mine which eclipses the literal COVID 9. POGO: WE HAVE SEEN THE ENEMY AND HE IS THE CANADIAN JUSTICE SYSTEM


JUNE 24-2020 I do a take-off on O.S. Lorne Gunter in his highly critical article in dismissing a fellow of Massey College in Toronto paralleling it, as I do, with the Employee's Case. SEE MEDIA June 24-2020


JUNE 23-2020 O.S. A) U.S. black Professor and sometime Sun columnist, Walter Williams is angry with the current Black Movement. (He has been made the U.S. face of the Franco Alulio driver license scam by me which negatively affects everyone living in a car culture be they black, white, brown or carky.) His anger - not unjustified - is against the U.S. welfare system which has led to an exponential increase in single black mothers which has undermined the progress made by blacks in general. Similarly, I could express my anger with the modern irresponsible use of credit by half of Canadians as contrasted to the 1950's where such commercial credit was not available. In either case, we both have to bear the burden which is reflected in a crashing economy in both countries. Transposing his argument to me; he could quite rightfully claim that the driving public is doing very well in Canada with only one exception; me. That is why, I guess, he is a university professor while I identify with 'Antigone' with her defiant 'non'; the only play permitted in Occupied France as the Germans identified with the boss while the French identified with Antigone's famous 'non'. B) My version of 'unfunding the police' varies from that of the protesters whom believe that those funds are available for other purposes which I claim is not the case. Decreasing the police budget which has increased in Ottawa 3 fold in the last 20 years with decreased services, should be reflected in lower tax bills for the police portion. There is no loose cash. C) I have my own personal beefs against Police Chief Sloly as outlined on this web site and have called for his replacement. What the protesters have revealed is that, similar to many other Canadian institutions, the Ottawa Police are a 'trainwreck' (disclosure: I operated a home alarm franchise in the 90's and saw firsthand the deterioration of police services.) D) Right wing NP columnist Diane Francis O.C. version NP5 is another Walter Williams blaming the social media for Brexit. I can vouch personally that Zuckerberg's Organization sells to the highest bidder which includes Canada's Justice System. He is an equal opportunity opportunist. E) Watching the death of Journalism O.C. Andrew MacDougall p. A9 applicable to the U.S. as well: '...If the role of the newsroom (and columnists RC) was now to pressure everyone in that newsroom to toe a particular line (they always do. RC) then was the product now journalism or activism?....(either way, media journalism or activism is indeed dead as 'getting the story' is dead for those desperate to protect their jobs).


JUNE 22-2020 A) With no 'lateral thinking' (Institutional Autism), bureaucratic screw-ups are inevitable. For example, a number of years ago, a plane loaded with 300 grey-hound racing dogs landed in scorching weather where the idiot pilot went off to do something without tending to the needs of the dogs. Recently, we had a number of puppies flown from the Ukraine to Toronto where over two dozen died. Apparently no-one saw fit to prepare the plane for live cargo. It is these kinds of people who are 'falling to the top' in the corporate and government worlds. B) Freedoms sliding away Letter to editor O.S. 'Freedoms that thousands of brave Canadian men and women fought and died, in two world wars are now being carelessly squandered. Canada badly needs a champion, with an abundance of common sense, nerves of steel, an unshakable moral code and a truckload of courage to confront these demons....'

Response: HERE, OVER HERE, HERE I AM! Just kidding. No-one my age which is the same as Joe Biden should be a nation's leader. As for Trump, COVID could very well bite him in his personal obese ass. C) Black U.S. commentator and Trump supporter, Larry Elder asks this question: How would the Black Lives Matter movement react if a black police officer killed a white perp? The most vulnerable person in U.S. society is a black woman living in the ghetto.

To me, 'individuals' matter; whether they are black, white, brown or carky. The real battle is against the institutions which includes the police but also others such as the judges which in Canada's case, as I have shown, are now beyond redemption explaining why I believe a Federal trusteeship should be placed over Ottawa courts.


JUNE 22-2020 The U.S. will never be 'Great Again' for the masses; just the top 1% wage earners. In 1985, the year of my teacher lay-off (for whistleblowing to gov't. = big mistake as they would rather up-end the Justice System - which they did - than ever to be held accountable) U.S. earners were #1 in the world; today, 10 other countries are ahead of them. In 2008, default mortgage holders were left sleeping in their cars. Today, the biggest problem and one no doubt driving the Black Lives Matter movement is the expulsion of people unable to pay their rent in these COVID times. Land-lords claim that without federal help, they have no choice but to take defaulters to court where they win 99% of the cases as larger financial interests just buy up their investments at fire-sale prices if they don't. In short, the top 1% of investors are thriving on people's misery = that is the new U.S. Typical is the black single mother with children with no alternatives if she is booted out of her apartment. Further, the U.S. has a weak labour market in that employees are abused by such as no over-time pay, falsified time sheets, etc. Canada's labour scene is much better managed in contrast due to our unions (B.C. Teachers Union exempted). Our basic problem is the venality of our judges in all matters where the powerful gain at the expense of the weak individual. In that regard, Meng (Huawei) is not an 'individual' without China's support. Canada ran a bluff here and it didn't work as Meng did not willingly cross into the U.S. Currently, Australia is paying for their 'intransigence' by having travel visas from China canceled plus a massive hacking of the gov't. by a 'powerful force'. Other than a gullible public, no-one believes Trudeau's assertions that our courts are 'independent'; I have shown the contrary view in spades.


JUNE 21-2020 A surreptitious approach was made suggesting that I contact a certain un-named source ostensibly to have my driver license suspension lifted. I didn't bother. The continued scam would amount to paying a fee (perhaps $500 as a 'dry run') with corporate officials so affected in future to pay $100,000. My appeal to Canadians institutionally and privately has been a bust explaining why I have turned to U.S. black economist Walter Williams (published in the Ottawa Sun) along with his economics colleagues at his Virginia University as the 'last man standing' to speak out on a crime which negatively affects all drivers, both black and white, in North America.


JUNE 20-2020 So China has struck back at the Meng (Huawei) one and a half year detention with B.C. Justice Heather Holmes deciding to extend this issue forever by not calling for disclosure which would undoubtedly show fraud on the part of Canadian officials leading to all charges being 'null and void'. Duplicitous Trudeau falsely claimed our courts are 'independent' as a means of ducking responsibilities. The legal point here is that the court system ran a bluff (been there, done that) which did not work as Meng refuses to cross the U.S. border willingly to be charged in the U.S. Now that Huawei has been frozen out of 5G business in Canada, China has nothing to lose. Suspending canola shipments from Canada could be followed - similar to Australia - with visas for travel to Canada to be suspended which would include Hong Kong. This topic is not over by a long shot. Even exposing the Employee's Case due to the U.S. maintaining silence on this issue could be used against both Trudeau and Trump.


JUNE 19-2020 My public protest Placards inviting people to 'hit the streets' are no longer any joke. Take two O.S. stories: a)Nurse's protest: STOP THE APPLAUSE - FAKE APPRECIATION / WE WANT FAIR & EQUAL LEGISLATION b)policewoman rape case by fellow officer BREAKING THE BLUE WALL OF SILENCE '...I have put my faith in the system. (big mistake RC) I came forward in resolution....' Hence the complaint bridges two Police Chiefs; Bordeleau (heavily supported by Mayor Watson) and Sloly ( Councilor Diane Deans choice and a potential replacement for Watson until she got sick). The amazing part of this story? The media is only reporting on it today... can the Franco Alulio driver's scam which negatively impacts all car cultures be far behind? What's clear is that it is not only CPSO (Canadian College of Physicians and Surgeons-Ethics Branch and the Law Society in Ontario which is corrupt; but every Canadian institution. The media can't keep up nor will they by reporting on one or two individual complaints such as the above... UP THE REVOLUTION C) Cops call out sick (Atlanta, Georgia) O.S p.10 two observations: a) What would be the response from the protesters if the cop concerned was black rather than white? b) In escaping, the perp grabbed the police taser and rather than continuing to run, turned and aimed the weapon against the police hence instant police retaliation appears justified. Fellow officers -presumably black as well as white- booked off sick. D) p.12 Crooked Canada / Country falls to 12th in world corruption ranking largely due to Liberal lobbying to undermine the SNC Lavalin charge which paid $280 million in fines. But wait, help is on the way. Ottawa Justice C. MacLeod - for a fee much less than the fine above - can make all corporate charges go away by merely dropping cases from the docket for being frivolous & vexatious without a trial! What a man! What a genius! all corporate crooks will agree.


JUNE 18-2020 A) What's Parliament without approving money bills? Why the same as the Justice system not calling for disclosure. Considering the success of the courts for decades on this level; Trudeau is now borrowing the concept to obviate Parliament...but then I don't vote anyway as I am not about to sanction the top 1% wage earners at the expense of the public at large. B) In the 1970's, one Math teacher decided to include two lunch-hour sessions for those who failed the week's quiz. The first was to refresh the learning and the second to administer the quiz. Eventually he dropped the program as students did not feel they had to thoroughly prepare for the first daytime quiz as they had 'a second chance'. Today, some teachers are eagerly adopting e-mail classes at night in repetition of the day sessions thus greatly increasing their work load, often at expense of their families = burn-out in the long run. Students will no longer pay the attention they should to daytime lessons with this 'second chance' available. Further, it is bad training for the work force as future employees will feel cheated if they are not 'given a second chance'. B)So NDP's Jagmeet Singh got tossed from Parliament for his charges of racism against another member. While it is prejudice apart from racism (unless as a white guy I qualify), my driver license suspension which negatively impacts all those living in a car culture - black, white, and East Indian - is studiously ignored by this paragon of virtue. Just before COVID lock-down, I confronted Singh directly on the street with my Placards near Parliament telling him that the Liberals and Tories may be bad, but the NDP are hopeless.


JUNE 17-A) 2020 NEWSLETTER The insidious nature of 'Institutional Autism' as it relates to Franco Alulio's perverse driver license suspension pulling down, as it does, all Canada's institutions. Now that's an indictment without equal. SEE Gang of 40 June B) The media is puzzled as to why Trudeau spent an arm and a leg of taxpayer money to gain a UN 2 year security council seat with Norway and Ireland receiving the two coveted spots. My guess? It was to be a gov't. laundering machine where public funds committed to the UN would be siphoned off by the top 1% with, of course, the obligatory kickback to the Liberal Party C) How safe are Canadian judges? A DC Congo judge died on the stand of a heart attack defined as knife stab wounds. A Mexican judge and his family were wiped out... somebody made his point in spades. As no Canadian judge has ever been dismissed let alone slaughtered (Meng of Huawei comes close), it must mean that we hold the higher moral road... yeah, right.... If RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki can publicly proclaim the RCMP to be 'systematic racially' infested, how long before some Chief Justice says that about the Canadian courts of law?...but then I am only 'the white guy' speaking... D) I spoke too soon as S.C. Chief Justice of Canada, Richard Wagner (he's only there because he excused QC bungling in this case including his own role) wants to usurp Parliament in rewriting the criminal code due to COVID 19 problems. His carte blanche approach has some merit in aligning the criminal laws with the digital age but the real need is to rewrite the civil code. As to Singapore's approach recently, a condemned man was ordered to be executed by the internet producing these responses: a) Well, at least he got his day in court...oh. b) I hereby order the defendant to be h......(static interference).


JUNE 16-2020 The Bobbsey Twins, the despicable ON Legal Society (Acts of Omission) has a new pen pal, the odious ON CPSO (College of Physicians and Surgeons)-ethical branch (Acts of Commission) both of which would be the envy of 1930's Nazi Germany. SEE this date 2020 MEDIA June for a response to CPSO's scandalous chicanery.


JUNE 15-2020 A) New ON Liberal leader, Steven Del Duca is a bit of a hypocrite. O.S. p.10 While not denigrating his article on racism and oversight bodies both past and present, he remains mute on a major threat to the driving public; namely, Franco Alulio's fake drive license suspension scam and this writer. I challenged Del Duca (as I did earlier NDP's Howarth) to bring this all-important issue up in the House. He did nothing. B) Our troops shouldn't face 'consequences' for telling the truth about long-term care NDP MPP Jennie Stevens p.13 '...Politicians who call themselves leaders should stop trying to punish those who tell the truth....' So where is the NDP on the Franco Alulio story?...more hypocrisy C) Larry Elder U.S. commentator O.S. p.13 raises a good question as to police action although he doesn't raise this one: What if the take-down of a black man which leads to his death is made by a black police officer? What would the 'I can't breathe' movement (and that 9 minute take-down with other oriental officers standing off was admittedly bad) do then? D) So Brenda Lucki, RCMP Commissioner, states that racism is systemic in the RCMP; the first authority figure to speak publicly on the issue. This is the same Brenda Lucki who will not extend her condemnation to all individuals suffering from systemic abuse by the Justice System abetted by the RCMP as evidenced by the Employee's Case.


JUNE 14-2020 A) The U.S. is going batshit crazy over racism. A Wendy's restaurant in Atlanta was torched when an escaping felon was shot and killed when he seized the Taser gun from a policeman and ran before turning around aiming it at them. Administrative heads rolled before the ink was even dry on any investigation. In Canada, I have claimed that 'hitting the streets' is the only answer in the face of a corrupt and corruptible Justice System where the 'individual' comes out second best to powerful interests. While being non-violent, it is all the more insidious on those grounds alone. We had an example of my point with B.C. Justice Heather Holmes denying disclosure after 18 months in the Meng arrest where apparently CSIS (Canada's spy agency) was recently exposed in this sordid story. In short, the bluff Canada ran - and judges do this all the time - has backfired as Meng did not willingly go to the U.S. China has cut travel to Australia for speaking out against Chinese aggression. What is going to be Canada's fate from China? B) I can't believe that a major Federal government pension program has invested big time in China...the 'finder's fee' for someone must have been huge. PLACARD: DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOUR PENSION IS PARKED?


JUNE 11-2020 A) The Ottawa lawyer jailed for an act of pedophilia against a 6-year old had a prior charge in 1991 for a similar offense which the Ontario Legal Society - a useless organization if there ever was one as I can attest in other events - whitewashed leaving him to be active in child associated activities. B) How did an Ottawa Police Officer ever get accredited considering that he was suffering PTSD big time from his previous military experience???


JUNE 10-2020 Ever wonder why the unemployment rate is so high while Employers are begging for workers? ANS. Opioids. 6 drug cartel submarines are transporting drugs from Venezuela to the U.S. regularly suggesting the problem is widespread. Two decades ago when I went for industrial testing to get my AZ license (drive the big rigs), I noticed the staff paying particular attention to blood samples as those big rigs are a major safety hazard under users. Good thing too. One long distance driver told me that there were ways to get around substance abuse for drivers. He also totaled a truck by driving off the isolated U.S. highway where he was found a couple of hours afterwards by a passing motorist. Was he a user? I don't know but I met him after he had given up long distance driving. Other operations such as massive on-line shopping warehouses bar drug use. Unfortunately, much of this safety issue is caught up in racism as drug use is common among lower economic groups which are oftentimes non-Caucasian. It should be noted that Trump's family appear drug free; I am not so sure about Trudeau although he is in fantastic physical shape. Long internship hours has led to Doctors experimenting to remain awake. Is this a factor in explaining why the suicide rate is twice the normal population? Lawyers are popular with prostitutes, all of whom provide narcotics. Trainers for athletes are the source of 'pain killers'. Me? I am adamantly against drug use but am prepared to see some accommodation due to the 'war on drugs' being counter-productive. Portugal is one country where there is no ban on drug use but a ban on peddling. Singapore hangs drug peddlers. Duarte of the Philippines wages outright war on drug peddling as he does not want to become another Mexico 'narco-state'. And where are crime lords from Mexico headed? Why none other than 'Mexico North' (B.C.).


JUNE 9-2020 A) The media is becoming fed up with the hypocritical stance of gov't bodies including the military. For example, the gov't. reported that the helicopter which went down in the Mediterranean recently was out of sight of the Canadian frigate while the media claims sailors witnessed the event. Also General Vance's pilloring Vice Admiral Mark Norman (later exonerated at trial in a 'weird fashion' as I earlier reported due to judicial chicanery) was conveniently hidden from media. The day that the media drop their boycott on the Employee's Case will mark the end of these 'den of thieves' in all institutions as the world 'whirls away from its centre'. PLACARD: BENDED KNEES ARE NOT ENOUGH B) So Toronto has the most commercialized transport crime in all of North America. And who is the Police Chief? Why none other than Mark Saunders, the one who will not arrest Marco Alulio, Transport Minister-Medical, for fraud in a driver license suspension scam which threatens all drivers in a car culture. C) From my one experience with the Guelph Police, I am not impressed. Their cover-up of the arrest of Liberal MP Marwan Tabbara on April 10 on criminal charges kept, according to the media, from the hierarchy of the Liberal Party until June 5 - if you can believe that - shows how some bureaucrats are out of control; including Transport's Marco Alulio. The London judge in sealing the charges is no better. The media would like the public to believe the problem is limited to the Liberals which is far from the truth. In short, the media want the public to keep faith in elections (SEE JUNE 06 PLACARD) D) street heat: my observations confirm what the media report; namely, that people are not rushing back to re-opened facilities. E) So black Toronto police chief, Mark Saunders, is stepping down as of July 31 for 'reasons of family' a euphemism for 'was he pushed or did he jump first'. He refused to arrest Franco Alulio for fraud. Now if only Ottawa Police Chief Sloly would pay more attention to his family taking his wife who sits on the police overview commission with him; well, wouldn't that make for one big happy family too?...just asking.


JUNE 8-2020 A) Family unites after woman shot by police O.C. NP 2 The article buried the part about and died. Apparently it happened on a 'wellness check' to this indigenous woman; the type of thing I have been subjected to by family after my money and later, a lawyer, after I laid a fraud charge against him which he denied in a hearing when I retorted that the police said he did and I believed the police in this instance. He shut up and the presiding justice said nothing. I have and will continue to keep the door locked against Ottawa police on any further 'wellness checks'. Mayor Watson is kept fully informed of these transgressions in my case smacking of the 'Acts of Commission' of 1930's Nazi Germany. B) What we need, and haven't got, is a 'military report' paralleling the LST Homes with the Canadian Justice System.


JUNE 7-2020 A) I find black Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunderson a bit of a hypocrite. There he is being photographed while on one knee in front of 'I can't breathe' protesters which he identifies with on the one hand, but is unwilling, on the other hand, to seize materials after my repeated requests from bureaucrat, Marco Alulio, who has adulterated the driver suspension forms in an act of fraud which negatively affects the driving public - black and white- as most adults depend on a driver's license. B) In direct sales, once one has made the pitch...'Would you like to acquire the 'named product'; there is an old saying...the one who first speaks up 'buys the order'. President Trump is looking increasingly pasty faced (will he still be alive by election time?) these days as he buys the order over and over again not knowing 'what happened?'. In brief, he doesn't understand one of the basic features of 'the art of the deal' in his life as President. It's a cardinal failing. C) Don't defund-police well worth cost O.S. p. 11 All depends on the 'cost' as police services have declined dramatically (disclosure: I had a franchise installing home alarms in the 1990's) and yet my police portion of my tax bill has increased 3 fold in the last two decades. And Police Chief Sloly wanted to add another 100 officers to his empire building. City Councillor Shawn Menard is right on this one; the unidentified article is not. D) Letter-to-editor writer blasts inconsiderate cyclists whizzing by pedestrians without warning. As a runner around Stanley Park wall in the 1970's and 80's, we had the same problem: cyclists and pedestrians in North America (Europe a different story) don't mix. A berm was created to separate the two on the sea-wall walkway.


JUNE 07-2020 Autism was first identified in the 1940's and mushroomed at the turn of the millenium. Cases are sometimes family wide and little is known why. I read the 2010 study that blame vaccinations which babies are inundated but the study has been debunked. I don't know. The Aids virus, for example, was wrestled to the ground when a cocktail of drugs was applied. Was a cocktail of vaccinations at the source of the problem? One unmentioned possibility is that as children, we played in the dirt (with its natural pathogens). Today's urban children don't. Even adults use gloves when perhaps they should use their bare hands. Of course sprays, now banned in urban areas, may have contaminated the dirt. As a Supply Teacher 20 years ago, I once covered an autistic class in which I followed the teacher assistant's routines to the letter. COVID 19 must have really upset those routines and I see a summer camp is organized for these students. Parents have had a rough go from the Ford gov't. with Lisa MacLeod leading the pack. One mother was even charged with harassing her as she was just that desperate. I have dealt with Special needs students as a Supply Teacher and I can say that these teacher assistants are worth their weight in gold. Disclosure: My estranged wife worked as a Teacher Assistant in the French Public Board many years ago.


JUNE 06-2020 A) So there was Justin on bended knee at the Friday protest in Ottawa...What was he thinking??? ..that his knee was firmly attached to the neck of this 'troublesome pedant' for the requisite 9 minutes! Oh, whom the Gods would destroy... B) Justin does not look happy these days...marital troubles? China or UN troubles? In the past, the media would ferret out the source. C) In the U.S., police are not generally well paid particularly in the South where ex-cons sometimes fill the post. In California, one community with well-paid police plus pensions was forced into bankruptcy in part due to these salaries. What frightens these police? A bomb being set off in their midst such as the one where an Ontario man was loading into a taxi when he was taken down. Unfortunately, President Trump is the wrong person to speak in support of the police no matter what he says. D) One of my PLACARDS DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOUR PENSION IS CHECKED? could apply to Bombardier in which the QC gov't. committed government pension funds which didn't even receive a dividend. Now we learn that a few hundred employees are being laid off at a time a departing executive receives over $17 million in compensation. My Placard now reads: ELECTIONS: MAKING CANADA SAFE FOR THE TOP 1% WEALTHY...WHY VOTE?


JUNE 06-2020 Bellicose leaders brought us WWI, the 'war to end all wars' of which pacifism was largely responsible for WWII. Will there be a WWIII? We are getting there with threats of civil war - the worst type as evidenced by Spain in 1936 - if the National Geographics June 2020 edition is any example with interviews from all war torn societies of WWII with the final survivors who really don't want to say. And these survivors really know first hand what pain and suffering is all about. My 'Institutional Autism' label where the individual comes second best has, at its roots, cowardice. As a people we have bought into high credit card debt - nationally and individually - leaving others to define our future. I have exposed the Justice System as being systematically corrupt prompting a media boycott of anything under my name. This morale Covid will supplant the physical Covid in terms of a world depression, the likes of which we have never seen provoked by physical Covid. Is education the answer to the above? No. It is merely that we have no better answer. Each generation is bent on defining itself in its own way. This digital generation is amoral where we have substituted machine language for human contact. It is not so much that it can't work as it is not working. More on this theme in future accounts. Comment from one protester at Friday's anti-racism protest: Its not just the police. Its the doctors and judges, citizens, too, getting away with things that are unimaginable. There is this overwhelming mistrust for every institution out there. Its like, Who can we trust? A second comment: Writing letters, no ones listening. Were showing up at Parliament, no ones listening. Im not surprised by the rioting in the U.S. Peaceful protest doesnt work. Youre going to have to riot until (they) listen whatever it takes.


JUNE 05-2020 A) You read it here first. Similar to Torstar, the Sun Media will be declaring bankruptcy. A so-called 'white knight' will buy up the assets as a tax haven, strip the Company of any assets such as real estate and then throw it on the junk heap. The phony claim that their digital enrolment is going up (from what 4 to 5?) in a field overloaded with newspapers seeking enrolment is just that in order to convince their new bond holders of being a secure investment... that is, until the bank calls in the loan. Currently, the banks show these money losing propositions in the 'black' column whereas they belong in the 'red' column like all those car dealer operations. That's why economic figures mean little as they are all contingent on each other. Going to Hell in a hand basket, you ask? You better believe it. B) Charities have always attracted the scammers and the Senators separation of its charitable organization from Sens owner Melnyk is no exception as he is accused of skimming too much of the assets...heck, even organized crime know that one. C) As one whom operated a home alarm franchise in the 1990's, I have seen the Ottawa police go downhill. For example, they no longer attend shoplifting offences making it a free for all against merchants. All this is done at a time where the budget has increased 3 fold from 2001 to the current time...and it sure shows on the tax bill. D) The V.P. who was fired for her on-line observation...'bloodsucking lawsuit' has it right. Charges are going to take 2-5 years of legal billable time nonsense. My estranged wife is in one of these Company-run homes (own apartment and bathroom) where she can expect to be in lock-down permanently as a result of 'libel chill'. Next door, the privately owned rest home permits residents to be outside. I have told her to get a 24 hour alarm bracelet and move out to her own apartment but she refuses to communicate with me. E) So Mayor Watson wasn't invited by the organizers of the 'I can't breathe' demonstration today. Considering how he's handled the Chief Sloly debacle, I don't blame them.


JUNE 04 FOUR YEARS OF MY LIFE Kelley Denham awoke to police in her bedroom and her husband in handcuffs after she made public lax security (openly posting names a cases of their charges on the internet available to anyone) of Children's Aid Society O.C. Headline The point is that there is no viable oversight body as those that do exist protect the Institution (Institutional Autism). This matter could easily have avoided the court if an oversight person or a politician had spoken out which is the same situation as I am in with bureaucrat Franco Alulio's perverse license suspension scam which negatively impacts the entire driving public in any car culture. A few decades ago in discussion with retired columnist Dave Brown, he told me a story in which parents in Kingston went to Europe leaving their children in charge of a nanny. When they came back, they were barred from seeing their children based on the nanny's complaint to the CAS. Years passed on this basis without a resolution hence the children grew up without their parents. Of course, a speedy enquiry such as the above story does not make money for the Justice System.


JUNE 03-2020 NDP's hypocritical Jagmeet Singh accuses the government of cowardice regarding discrimination when he is the one lacking the necessary courage to speak up on the Employee's Case.


JUNE 02-2020 A) The troubles with the Ottawa Police began under current Chief Sloly's predecessor, Bordeleau, heavily backed by Mayor Watson. Those problems have been enlarged under Sloly whom I have called for dismissal for gross failure in the Employee's Case. Now I call for the dismissal of Watson and the entire City Council for permitting the wife of Sloly to sit on the civilian oversight body of the Ottawa Police (nepotism). The O.C. p. 1 'puff piece' quoting Sloly almost verbatim throughout comes under the heading of 'he who excuses, accuses.' B) In the land of the Blind, the one-eyed man is King. So what happens when the King loses his second eye? That's the legal situation for Premier Xi in the Meng case due to the refusal of the B.C. court to provide him with disclosure at the time of her arrest and 18 months later when Justice Holmes decided to prolong the matter into infinity. Without comment on the political status of the 'two michaels', the general procedure would have been to block Meng from entering Canada and sent her back to China as former P.M. Chretien suggests. Instead, at the behest of a foreign power (U.S.) Canadian courts were apparently manipulated to detain Meng; 'apparently' because we do not have that all important disclosure regarding her arrest. Along with many other individuals, I have been denied disclosure for 35 years by over 50 judges in what is an endemic and systemic act of malfeasance in the Justice System which has led to the demise of Canada as a nation. The individual in fact responsible for these twisted events is not Justin Trudeau; rather it is inter-governmental minister, Chrystia Freeland...and not a peep out of the other politicians nor media as they just stand on their hind legs and bark over and over...two michaels, two michaels, two michaels.



JUNE 01-2020 The legal fraternity, Premier Xi, P.M. Trudeau, myself and many others know that Canada's courts are not independent of political influence. I submit the B.C. Justice who voted to continue the farce of Huawei's Meng of Huawei exposed the perfidy of, one and at the same, failing to conclude a long drawn out 'country entry' problem along with the refusal to call for disclosure which most certainly would expose a couple of Canadian institutions plus Ottawa connection to U.S. sources in a matter of fraud. Former P.M. Chretien expected Meng to be sent back to China at the latter's request which apparently does not suit U.S. political aims using Canadian courts as a political football. Expect Chinese repercussions which could range from trade embargos e.g. Canada buys Maine lobster due to U.S. trade restrictions and adds it to her own source and sells it to China to 'intellectual' punishment e.g. cancel student, business and tourist visas to Canada. They could also sanction any Chinese doing business in Canada with ties to China with an additional tax surcharge. If really angry, executive action against the Ottawa connection to the U.S. could materialize. What the Meng case has exposed in public is what I have been saying for 35 years; namely, that Canada routinely withholds disclosure for the powerful at the expense of the individual. The cardinal mistake here in terms of this practice, is to treat China representing Meng as a 'paper tiger' just like any other displaced individual. Dang, where are those military whistleblowers (ON rest homes debacle) when Canada needs them most?


'...There is one thing no relationship can survive, though and that is contempt. Contempt is a rot that eats away at its very foundations...But when it emanates from the agents of democracy itself, when it is proudly boasted of by the highest office holders in the land, then the country is indeed well and truly f. O.C. May 30 NP 6 Andrew Potter


JUNE 01-2020 A) SEE MEDIA june sub-heading for letter to A. G. Doug Downey with a response time of June 15. B)Also SEE Letter to Cavanagh LLP under the same heading.