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FEB 28-2020 The hospital lawyers are pulling a 'Justice Macleod' claiming that my suit against the hospital is frivolous and vexatious on a blanket rejection. That is standard boilerplate law. What isn't standard is to dismiss an action without a hearing which they are seeking parallel to the elimination of the fraud case against Dr. Jahagirdar for not showing a cause of action. The point here is that a hearing must be held as I submit that all my actions do, indeed, show a cause of action MacLeod's outrageous jurisdictional claims countering that effect notwithstanding: ' a cause of action has traditionally been defined as comprising every fact which it would be necessary for the plaintiff to prove, if disputed (my underlining=trial must be held) , in order to support his or her right to the judgment of the court (at para. 54) Daryluk v. Ainsworth Technologies Inc. 2001  SCC 44. Can you imagine SNC Lavellin pulling a 'Justice MacLeod' to escape prosecution? 'Get real' which the above lawyers for Dr. Jahagirdar and the Hospital are decidedly not. This nonsense in another age parallels the corrupt 'sale of indulgences' by the church. Some current Justices are going to make themselves rich on this scheme. In effect, Justice MacLeod is the 'corona virus' of the Justice System.


FEB 27-2020 A) SEE GANG OF 40 for Mandamus pre-trial to be followed by Mandamus post trial. Two utter stupidities were created in two separate cases on this date which have ended Canada as a nation of laws hence a nation at all. Read on Canada's version of the 'Final Solution' and shudder as disclosure is a thing of the past without any future to replace it as Justice MacLeod conducts court from his 'editorial office' in changing the way Justice Canada operates. It is a must read for all Canadians. Merely listing laws hoping something will stick is B.S. as MacLeod well knows (but obviously doesn't care). The rejection form notes a meeting held on Feb. 19 for the purpose...what meeting? Who attended? Why was I not apprised of this meeting? Clearly, interference with the law in a major way took place. (As a sidenote; was there the obligatory envelope with unmarked bills in it for that is the way we are headed.) As I cannot be bothered pursuing MacLeod, I will leave it to the ON Legal Society, a corrupt organization if there ever was one, to field this catastrophe. B) Counsel for the Ottawa Hospital 'illicit' nine-day 'kidnapping' are setting up a similar 'frivolous and vexatious' stunt in a case right out of Nazi Germany's 'night and the fog'. The hospital is being sued for $10 million.


FEB 26-2020  SEE LEGAL MAIL feb for a letter to the ON Att. General linking Ford to the pernicious license suspension scam of Franco Allulio which negatively affects all drivers living in a 'car-culture'.


FEB 26-2020 I have advanced accreditation in Canadian Studies. In teaching the Indigenous peoples (I.) as compared to the European settlers (E.); I dealt with the theme as a 'clash of cultures'. For example a nation to I. was 'the people' while to the E. it was a geographical entity suited to 'fenced land' and  'mining and logging rights'. Land could not be 'sold' by I. as it belongs to the people at large. Treaties with non-literate I. were defined in white man's court which didn't recognize 'smoking the peace pipe' as a covenant. The biggest difference lay in that E. had an omnipotent leader while I. had more diversity such as a cultural leader and a war leader independent from the former. There was much fluidity in these appointments. Wars between indigenous peoples were over hunting boundaries which moved sometimes with the animal  movements such as with the buffalo. Winters were times of starvation for all I. which left them vulnerable to E. standing armies to raid I. villages. The U.S. 'bluecoats' were brutal in that respect. The biggest drawback to I. today is their general unwillingness to re-locate to where the jobs are as E. does. B.C. never signed any agreement with I. unlike the other provinces hence there is further constitutional dispute in that province. I. protest, ON teacher protest, the Employee's Case representing the individual in Canada (1982 Charter of Rights and Freedoms) are all protesting the same thing: 'It's our way or the highway' by the vested powers in government including the courts of law which I have exposed as being systemic in their judicial abuse. Our history books make much of our success in the War of 1812 due to General Brock with just a passing reference to I. support without which Canada in fact would have been over-run by the U.S. In the 1970's, school material came 'clean' with the Louis Riel story whom the gov't. hanged for treason with schools named after him in MB,ON,QC. If there is a University class which wishes to debate (I was a long-time debating coach), give me a call.


FEB 25-2020 A) Letter to Editor Ottawa Sun by perennial writer Stephen Flanagan (former police chief) shows ignorance of my driver license suspension for non-existent psychiatric stated reasons which negatively impacts everyone in a car-culture. In short, he is not aware of the national boycott on my name. He writes: Driving one's own vehicle is one of the last forms of freedom left on this over regulated planet...and it is gone now in Ontario, Stephen. B) So the AB  Appeal Court defeated the carbon tax on constitutional grounds (of course the SCofC which is in the hands - or pockets - of the Feds will reverse that process). That is the correct answer so what went wrong with the provincial courts in SK, MB, and ON which ruled the other way? My experience has been that they are all, all a bunch of crooks.


FEB 23-2020 A) Letter to selected City Councillors to operate in a vacuum of assuring citizen's rights left in limbo by Mayor Watson. SEE MEDIAfeb. this date. Also see FEB 21 below in that regard. B) We are asked to choose between the gov't. and protesting indigenous people or striking teachers. I choose both gov't and protesters. Try this perspective. In the 1950's, we had classrooms approaching 40 students with few discipline problems as those not suited to school got a job. In the mid 60's, smaller classes developed and after a male student failed 3x in a single grade, he would go out and get a job driving a bull-dozer at a salary larger than the teachers. As a Supply Teacher retiring in 2004 mainly at the high school level covering all disciplines including special needs which did not exist until recently where, for example, the number of autistic children mushroomed, the costs for such individuals is about 4x regular student rates. The answer? There isn't any other than complete collapse as many teachers are just making themselves sick trying to put a square peg in a round hole with gov'ts. digging their own financial graves in that process. I don't recommend anybody taking up teaching today but that could apply to almost any profession; particularly the legal one where stress levels are astronomical. Medical doctors have a suicide rate twice the normal population; female doctors 2-1/2 times. So everyone tries to keep their head down by avoiding controversy if they work in the bureaucracy by doing nothing hoping for the best knowing it is only going to get worse similar to the anaconda eating its own tail. The proposition shows up salary wise on the other end as people keep falling further and further behind financially with half of Canadians not being able to go without a paycheck. In short, our way of life is unsustainable no matter what we do...and to think I ran into a woman whose parents named her Cassandra....


FEB 21-2020 Towngate's lawyer is boiling mad and has every right to be frightened. Similar to Dr. J.; neither will be able to practice their chosen professions anywhere in Canada due to malpractice insurance problems. But does that justify ordering Sloly's police force to bang on my door at 9:30 P.M. for a 'wellness check' due to legal mail relating to the charge of 'perverting the course of justice' which I have laid against him? (SEE MEDIAfeb FEB.20 Sloly-Watson caper.) He should be charged with being a 'public nuisance'. Their problems still pale against my own, however, where I have become a 'stateless individual' in ON without access to medical or legal institutions and possibly more; a Doug Ford scam with his 'Acts of Commission' in depriving driver's of their driver's licenses in perpetuity without appeal...and no public outcry; particularly from our American cousins to the South. While Sloly has not had the courtesy to inform me as to whether he will attend the mandamus court meeting on Feb. 27 as my witness; I conclude that I lack the status with his police which lawyer Bissionette obviously has. Presumably, he would be there as a witness with 'bells on' for Bissionette. In short, Sloly is not a police chief for all the people. As I cannot trust to the police not to hi-jack me on the way to the mandamus court, I am filing my argument early with the court as I wish to attend. It will be posted under Sub-heading MANDAMUS COURT Feb. 27-2020. 


FEB 21-2019 A) Consider my response to a rarity letter, this one from Borden, Ladner Gervais: 'Stop to think. Why is it that BLG is the only one of the GANG of 40 to waste time and money with a direct reply to me? Could it be that all the others realize that with the word 'psychiatric' in my driver license suspension, no medical practitioner nor legal counsel can deal with me on any level? That is why both systems are in complete and utter collapse as they ostracize a Canadian born individual from society in a basic contradiction of the Bill of Human Rights of 1982. Read the Preamble. See GANG OF 40 for 'LAST TESTIMONIAL' before the mandamus hearing scheduled for Feb. 27-2020. It's a shocker.' RWC  B) Letter to NB Premier Blaine Higgs in preparation for my case proper departure as it shifts from ON to NB. I still have 3 actions laid in ON to pursue aside from the main issue in Doug Ford's 'Acts of Commission' hands including the deprivation of a driver's license in perpetuity; a pernicious threat to all 'car cultures'. SEE MEDIA feb.


FEB 20-2019 A) Most people don't get it...the battle that the indigenous people protesters and the Ontario striking teachers have with the authorities is the story of all of us thwarted by the big institutions filled with liars as supported by the media. Media credibility is beginning to crumble ever since they couldn't get the story on the Ottawa vote in the last federal election. The media are a dying a breed and certainly not too soon in my books.  B) You choose the ending for the mandamus court to be held on Feb. 27. SEE GANG OF 40. Whatever outcome is selected, it will be profound. C) The police are at it again, pounding on my door at 9:30 P.M. on a 'wellness' check; this time by Towngate lawyer, Anthony Bissonnette, against whom I laid an action  for 'the perversion of justice'. This type of harassment has got to stop and, it seems, only city councillors can stop it by getting a new police chief. SEE MEDIA feb.


FEB 19-2020 A) More paperwork from the College of Physicians and Surgeons - Ethics Division whose motto should read: In paper work we thrive/ to hell with victims of medical abuse. If they had taken incisive action some time ago, they would not have to ask for another two months to dawdle. Everything legally today grows out of their incompetence. Presumably, any doctor who should be removed immediately would require the necessary delay leaving a 'serial killer mentality' to exist with aberrant doctors. Regrettably, the institutional collapse  is not restricted in Canada to CPSO. For example, the Psychiatric Association did not even reply to the use of the word psychiatric disorder which, on a driver's license, makes it non testable and therefore a major weapon to any gov't. so inclined such as Doug Ford's to use these 'Acts of Commission' to ape Nazi Germany in the 1930's. Where's the public outcry here, particularly from the 'car culture' to the South of us in the U.S.? B) A third action was laid in this sorry event; this time against the Towngate lawyer as we all wait for the solipsistic mandamus court on Feb. 27 at 8:30 opening time for the court when no-one is around. C) Judge critical of blanket use of no-knock raids by police O.C. Feb.19 pp1-2. ...but help is on the way by the police just using a civil regulation to break in and haul the inhabitant off to confinement for 'medical reasons' just as happened to me at Xmas. Hitler loved such 'night and the fog' routines. D)So the collective media are begging for taxpayer money to throw at their losing media entities which continue to ghost the biggest challenge to the Canadian Judiciary which is about to peak in a mandamus court on Feb. 27. P.S. The Decision is already written by such as the Privy Council...ask Wilson-Raybould how that one works.


FEB 18-2020 The government play hard ball with the striking ON teachers, the indigenous country-wide people protest, and myself as an individual in the Employee's Case. They are not having much success against the first two powerful entities and while they have 'stitched up' this writer, it has been at the cost of the 1982 Human Rights Code reducing Canada to a Third World Country where only a tenuous grasp on 'law and order' exists. The mandamus court not listed in formal law is a new weapon for powerful interests to manipulate the law in secrecy; think SNC Lavelin or any other legal story a powerful source would like to keep secret and manipulate to their own ends. The media completely misses the significance of imposed legislation (think BILL 35 (1985) in the Employee's Case and the imposed carbon tax where there is no court oversight according to the Employer in the Employee's Case which refuses to recognize such even though they lost cases on that point but keep this ugly truth quiet due to judicial cupidity...and that is a frivolous and vexatious point against my side alone as the grounds for all dismissals.


FEB 17-2020 A) CN/CP are understandably worried about a forced police settlement with protesting Indigenous people as sabotage looms large; i.e. two major rail 'accidents' recently in the same area of SK. The media has lied to the public with their claim that only one indigenous area in B.C. rejected a pipeline when, in fact, the majority of hereditary chiefs did not support the pipeline bid. Time and time again, the indigenous people are made promises through 'useless committees' which come to nothing. B) Jody Raybould-Wilson was as bad a Minister of Justice as Peter Mackay but we gained insight as to who really runs the Justice System - the Privy Council. In my suit with Doug Ford, I name one ON judge whom has 3 different versions of his Decision in 2014; none referencing the other. Which one was filed, I ask? Probably none. Also what about those filed judgments which are pulled. In 2017, my constitutional challenge in N.S. did not show up on the Judicial Record later when checked but who frets about the omnipresent frivolous and vexatious label for any case? C) The driver license suspension in perpetuity is a threat to all drivers but Postmedia's Kelly Egan changed his mind (or had his mind changed). Currently, Mexico and Brazil lead the way in murdered journalists; Canada has never had one such murder. Now you know why. D) You don't have to be paranoid to follow the Employee's Case, but it helps. Mann lawyers on Feb. 14 mailed me two pages of the mandamus court charge with only their name at the bottom which could just as easily have been created in the 'editorial offices' of their own office. In this charge, the Ottawa Small Debts Court, Mayor Watson-Police Chief Sloly are 'dirty' explaining why I keep City Councillors apprised of this case. Oh, yes, Mann lawyers want the case dropped on the grounds that I am just being frivolous and vexatious. I am watching to make sure this non-court (which I bet won't file a decision) is held off court-house grounds. Mann lawyers earlier offered to drop the mandamus court if I released Towngate from all obligations. To continue without the all-important cognitive abilities or lack thereof (I passed all my tests in Ottawa General Hospital on Boxing Day where the police bestowed me (see web for details) raises the question as to why Mann lawyers are even going to court as I care little one way or the other who hands me the rest of my medical file from Dr. J. who, surprise, surprise, is not going to attend this kangaroo court. In short, it's a clusterfuck with no-one in charge anywhere to whom to appeal; GANG OF 40,are you listening because no-one else is. E) CONSTITUTIONAL CHALLENGE TO THE EXISTENCE OF A MANDAMUS COURT  SEE GANG OF 40 plus the further nonsense of Mann lawyers for Towngate.


FEB 16-2020 A) Letter to Towngate dated FEB 14-2020 SEE LEGAL MAIL feb  B) OPEN LETTER TO RABBI BULKA SEE MEDIAfeb C) Commercial Lien on Towngate's only witness Dr. V. at the upcoming mandamus court on Feb. 27. SEE LEGAL MAIL feb


FEB 15-2020 A) Without commenting on the merits of the pipeline protest on either side; the one protester has a point when he states: court orders are scraps of paper (WW1 Reference with regards to Belgium neutrality). Any country which includes a pernicious mandamus court such as Canada in its judiciary is such a 'scrap of paper' which has dire ramifications for all involved. B) Police Chief Sloly, the only witness I call for this Feb. 27 debacle may personally feel the same way as I do but both of us are bound to attend. Sloly has a choice. Either get the remainder of my medical file (which is mine) or attend on Feb. 27. If he does neither, then the City Councillors have no course other than to call for his immediate removal. So far, he has not got back to me.


FEB 14-2020 A) Get this. The highly experienced Ottawa Civil Registry clerk which I have dealt with since 2014, has never heard of a mandamus court. The whacky Mann lawyers and their cohorts are really screwing the pooch on this one...and, as always, I catch such miscreants on a daily basis.  B) A second $10 million civil action added to the Dr. J. one has been launched by me against the Ottawa Hospital for their 9-day illicit lock-down of me in December: CV 20  82847 SEE Sub-heading HOSPITAL CV 20 82847 There is also Registry skulduggery which I am following as to 'missing files'. C) Both of those actions could have been avoided if only Police Chief P. Sloly were to seize the rest of my medical file which belongs to me. He should be dismissed for the unnecessary trouble he has created. He can still obtain those files. D) Letter to Osgoode Hall regarding 'the scams of all scams' with this mandamus court.


FEB 13-2020  DEATH OF A NATION  SEE Sub-heading  GANG OF 40 as Canada slips down the rabbit hole


FEB 12-2020 A) Of course the Doug Ford gov't is broke...all the fault of the previous Liberal gov't. - right? No matter, the Tory's main problem is how to meet payroll. Their fictional increase of ON's debt was just a PR stunt so that they could show savings when there weren't any. The investors are not fooled as they are not investing in ON. So why do gov'ts. like strikes by public servants such as the teachers and CUPE? Because they save badly needed money to pay others; particularly the top 1% of the wealthy who run the gov't (How else can you describe a $20 million per year Mastercard CEO getting a $50 million gov't. hand-out apart from the obligatory 'finder's fee'?). Anger and frustration is the reaction from workers in the bureaucracy as well as those inconvenienced in the public. Indeed, Justice Canada on Wellington Street has the highest employee frustration rate of any Institution. Delay of programs is one way to raise cash but it is not enough. Cancelation of government projects (Federal and Provincial) is the next step which will start the depression snowball rolling...and rolling...and....  B) That's the economic side. The political side is reflective of the mandamus court slated for Feb. 27 which is to proceed. Stay tuned to this column for on-going events which are considerable and will continue to be so until Doug Ford is expelled from all politics for his 'Acts of Commission' reminiscent of Nazi Germany. It's a non-partisan call.

C) 'foxy grandpa' former NDP leader feels that  we have the resources in Canada but we are a tad light on human rights for individuals. If he had any sense, he should have inherited the cane from former NDP leader, Jack Layton, and hobbled around the ridings 'at death's door' which would have been a shoo-in for his party. He misses badly by saying that we have the resources; now all we have to do is get our political house in order. Indonesia also has fantastic resources but is a Third World entity due to political weakness; something Canada now has but won't admit. D) This just in...Crime Reporter Christie Blatchford died of cancer today. I was hoping that she would attend this mandamus meeting scheduled for Feb. 27 with Mark Bonokoski as observers. She had a hard life travelling across the country witnessing the worst  humanity has to serve up. She was not very supportive of Canadian judges. Much has been written in her memory of how sympathetic she was to victims; little as to any sympathy for 'targets' or whistleblowers which are anathema to most press types.


FEB 10 & 11 A)  Towngate legal counsel still insists on 'sucking and blowing at the same time'. SEE these two dates under LEGAL MAIL feb  B)Beware of false analogies was what I taught to my debaters club. For example, the flu epidemic is not in a race with coronovirus; rather, it is in ADDITION to it. I likened my incarceration at the General Hospital to a cruise ship with this difference; those people on the Diamond Princess (a ship I once sailed on in the Caribbean) are terrified but media types feel they have to rationalize everything to prove that the universe is 'unraveling as it should'.


FEB 09-2020 A) Usually, I am respectful of the research skills of the Sun's Mark Bonokoski but not this time. SEE this date MEDIAfeb   B) It's axiomatic. If you belong to a union, there will be a strike-lockout sometime in your career. Even National Hockey Players went on strike-lockout for a year for reasons no one understood other than the bloody mindedness of a few vested interests. As to the ON teachers strike, Doug Ford and his Thugs are merely doing to the teachers what he is doing to me personally - stonewalling. As to parents; one young mother in a teacher strike in West Vancouver in the early 1970's brightly opined...'If the teachers want to strike, let them do it on the weekends!' (similar to many parents, they become very upset if their babysitting service is interrupted). As to the ON media coverage...JUST SHUT UP! beyond a basic reporting of the facts. This means you, Sun columnist, Brian Lilley! In an earlier Ottawa bus strike a few years back for which the issues remained unresolved, I blamed columnist Randall Denley for extending that strike by two times as long as it needed to be.


FEB 08-2020 This mandamus court gets 'curiouser and curiouser' SEE this date below GANG OF 40


FEB 07-2020 A) Canada and Canadians are sick puppies. It is as though we suffer a collective intangible coronavirus. For example the Gang of 40 as written on my website applies to the legal fraternity; it could just as easily also apply to the medical or any other association. In short, the Mandamus Court coming up on Feb. 27 is merely a focus point as Canada is at - may I invent this one? - a Stage 5 medical condition and do not know it; my own medical situation being at point. While being of reasonably good health, it is dangerous for a 78 year old to go without a medical doctor which I cannot get because Towngate Clinic's Dr. Jahagirdar refuses to provide me with all of my medical file. And similar to those diseases which jump the human/animal genome, I cannot get Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly to seize what belongs to me. That is why I have called on select city councilors to replace him. B) Congratulations to Democratic Bernie Sanders for his recent win in Iowa. I hope he can get universal health care for Americans. Someone should refer him to this blog and the festering open sore sitting on the northern flank of the U.S. which is a direct threat to the security of the U.S.; particularly as Doug Ford's 'Acts of Commission' so beloved of Nazi Germany threaten, among other things, all car cultures in the world with his odious driver license suspension where there is no appeal. Many people depend on driving for a living but Canadians are tone deaf to this threat due to our intangible coronavirus. (from bats ergo we have 'bats in our belfry')


FEB 06-2020  SEE this date under GANG OF 40 for my oral argument at the Mandamus trial on Feb. 27 which will witness the end of Canada as a nation unless Ottawa Police Chief obtains the rest of my medical file from Dr. Jahagirdar (which belongs to me in any event). It is just that simple. City Councilors, are you listening?


FEB 05-2020  SEE Sub-heading GANG OF 40 Ottawa legal related organizations called on by me to be the bellwether for Canada's sinking national ship in much the same fashion as an iceberg torpedoed the SS Titanic


FEB 04-2020 A) The ramifications for Towngate staff are outlined in a letter to them with regards to a commercial lien laid against Dr. Jahagirdar. SEE LEGAL MAIL  B) Street Heat: I literally left NDP leader shaking in his boots sandwich in his hand waiting to cross the street, with this riposte: The Liberals and Tories may be bad on the Employee's Case; but the NDP is totally hopeless. They were snowed under debt before the last election; now they look like the national debt. The only way an individual NDP MP will be possibly re-elected if he or she is serious about a future political career, is to cross the floor to the Liberals. That's why the Liberals have the next election in the bag. C) Letter to Hospital Board Chair Katherine Cotton to act in the void of Dr. Kitts. SEE LEGAL MAIL


FEB 03-2020 A) SEE Sub-heading COMMERCIAL LIEN for a legal alternative and the citing of Dr. Jahagirdar for her role in perpetuating a fraud which includes the permanent lifting of my driver's license 'for reasons best known' to the Doug Ford government. B) General Hospital's CEO Dr. Jack Kitts is waffling. SEE letter this date to him under LEGAL MAIL


FEB 02-2020  My arbitration in 1985 where, as a senior teacher, I was laid off for economic reasons under the imposed BILL 35 which was created for the purpose parallels a mandamus court. I changed lawyers from the Union-appointed one and won in the B.C. Supreme court which quashed the arbitration favouring the Employer ruling, in that process, the arbitrator to be patently unreasonable. He had changed 16 new hires to read 16 lay-offs with myself as the necessary 17th. When the School Board did not return employment to me as recommended by the court ('should' as opposed to 'must'); the matter was ordered back to arbitration which never happened due to the School Board claiming that there is no court oversight of imposed legislation (not quite right as BILL 35 contained compensation features) which parallels the imposed carbon tax (in short a government can rule by fiat without court or Parliamentary oversight, a giant step down the road to totalitarianism). When I sought a conclusion noting that the Board increased their teacher numbers in 1985 and that the Assistant Supt. in charge of staffing did not recommend any dismissals; rather than dealing directly with the School Boards argument that the courts were ultra vires in this matter, over 50 judges inverted the case claiming that I was merely being frivolous and vexatious to avoid publicizing the Employer's position. Similar to the mandamus court coming up, the arbitrator felt protected by this bogus claim. That's how the courts imploded in 2004. That is how the entire Canadian Justice System will fall with the mere mention of holding a mandamus court currently on Feb. 27. Even here, what do the conspirators hope to gain considering the major figure, Dr. Jahagirdar (Dr. J.), will not be taking the stand to attest to my cognitive condition where my driver's license has been suspended in all perpetuity without any recourse in law. All lawyers ghost this case as their stand in the matter; an unconscionable and despicable position to take. Currently I am suing Dr. J. for $10 million. This whole matter is FUBAR no matter which way one looks at it. The U.S. has been warned of the threat to them posed by a completely defunct Canada as their northern border of defense. They need to act publicly to protect U.S. interests; particularly as they relate to a 'car-society' as many drivers depend on a car for their living. Quote: 1776: e.g. c) John Adams ...Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There was never a democracy that did not commit suicide. d) Thomas Paine ...A Democracy is the vilest form of Government there is. PLACARD: BEHIND EVERY ECONOMIC COLLAPSE IS A MORAL COLLAPSE. Canada has collapsed morally; economy to follow.


FEB 01-2020  SEE FEBRUARY 2020 for two letters detailing mandamus case with reference to 40 Ottawa legal firms (not replying)