(A comparative study of the societies of Russia, China and Canada)


BY: Roger Callow  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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1) This story is about a moral COVID-19 attack which encompasses the entire 37 million population of Canada compared to the tangible COVID-19 with a fear factor affecting 37 million Canadians yet is limited to a death rate below 5%. While all know the story of the tangible COVID-19; due to a national media boycott, few know about this moral version.

2) In bottom line language, democratic Canada lies in tatters led by Justice Canada in its age-old perfidy of denying disclosure to individuals up against the powerful in court. 2 out of 3 Canadians are not fooled on this level and after the COVID-19 threat; 3 out of 3 Canadians will be aware even apart from revelations of the Employee's Case that we have no leadership no matter which political party is in power. It's a case of 'Institutional Autism' where institutions speak only to other institutions and no-one speaks for the individual.

3) It is popularly known that the Soviet Union is a 'land without hope' in which the fences are designed to keep people within. The government fears its people and vice versa. Communism as envisaged by its founders is a failure. In 1989, KGB honchos such as Putin seized the assets of Russia with Moscow having more millionaires today than any other city. It's also a city where bank officials have personal guards like any Mafia chieftain. It has economic strengths such as selling natural gas to Europe but its current imbroglio with Saudi Arabia over oil pricing has world-wide ramifications. Developments in Siberia could put prospective Canadian natural gas exports by sea out of business.

4) China and Canada with different contrasting political systems, have bought the loyalty of their people with bountiful economies which is about to come to an end with, it is predicted here, civil war in China and possibly U.S. absorption of a poorly led Canadian government. Individual rights were never contemplated in China accounting in part for the extended Hong Kong riots while in Canada, that demise is symbolized on an individualized level by Ottawa Justice C. MacLeod (as supported by the court system) with his 'willy nilly' dropping off of two legal cases from the court docket to the advantage of the powerful without a hearing. I unsuccessfully implored P.M. Trudeau to return those two cases to the docket where they belong; and not down some judicial rabbit hole. That action will spread like wild-fire as every powerful interest will 'buy the judge' to avoid court in a typical KGB stunt. In brief, both China and Canada have 'false hope' for different reasons which may not be any better than the Russian version.

5) Complicating  the current conspiracy in Ottawa courts are 'Acts of Commission' by Provincial Premier Doug Ford (Doug and his thugs) so beloved of Nazi Germany in the 1930's by which Hitler enslaved the population. Two stunts are worthy of mention which could easily be exploited by organized crime. The first is to deprive an individual of his driver's license in perpetuity by altering the suspension forms for which no authority will intervene. All car cultures are negatively impacted.  Franco Julio of the Ministry of Transport-Medical is fronting this one reminiscent of WWII Norway led by the collaborator, Vidkun Quisling, whom was hanged at the end of the war with his name becoming synonymous with 'traitor'; a role which Julio fills admirably. The second is the 'night and the fog' where the Nazi police battered down residential doors and incarcerated residents such as happened to this writer on Boxing Day when the police seized me on an illicit court order and  took me to the Ottawa General Hospital where I was locked down for 9 days in the mental ward as a 'political prisoner' considering that I had passed all medical tests before 3 doctors plus an MRI. This was one of my actions for $10 million which MacLeod j. dropped from the docket and in which the PMO failed to restore to that self-same docket through an executive Order. No Canadian is safe under these conditions. Our American cousins must view this matter with askance wondering whom is going to protect Canada and individual Canadians under circumstances where institutions such as the College of Physicians and Surgeons (CPSO) 'protect their own kind' at the expense of the common good? In that regard, MacLeod lifted a second $10 million action  in this same conspiracy against a former young family Doctor to avoid highly damaging disclosure. The charges above and other claims laid are for fraud in which there are no time limitations.

6) I now fear for my personal safety hence this tome may be the last word on Canada, the Employee's Case and everything affecting the individual...false hope, indeed....

7) And what does  this tripartite group all lack? Integrity, which in Canada's case as a democracy, is a devastating indictment: PLACARD: HYPOCRISY - CANADA DOES IT BEST