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A) Our  disquieting courts - a legal commentary

B) Canada's moral coronovirus nation. - copy to P.M. Justin Trudeau as general coordinator

N.B. As these two themes are to be used interchangeably with the courts on the one hand receiving legal material as a formal 'Reply' to the Defendants and the Office of the Prime Ministry to receive polemical interpretations of judicial actions including and apart from the more formal legal setting, the language is used interchangeably.


TOPIC: Callow vs Bissonnette (B) esq. CV20-82889  Cavanagh LLP #1020-601 - legalities

1) Acknowledgment of K.Dixon's esq. two letters of March 10 received March 13 is made.

2) NOTICE OF INTENT TO DEFEND As to not being 'properly served under the Rules of Civil Procedure; I now enclose a copy of the action (which I am sure he has anyway) to him. Should the court request a confirming 16B delivery notice, I can include that too although I doubt they will waste any more time on this picayune point.

3) The second letter wishes to dispose of the whole matter in typical boiler-plate  manner...it is all a frivolous and vexatious matter (the badly overworked 'I don't wanna' ruling by courts ducking out of their responsibilities) by the plaintiff. We enclose the reasons for decision of Justice MacLeod of February 20, 2020 (now subject to an action by this plaintiff #CV20 83096 March 09-2020) from court file number CV 20-82659 ( $10 million fraud action against Dr. Jahagirdar  (Dr. J.) of Towngate Family Medicine.) , as well as the pleadings in the related Small Claims Court action under court file 19-SC-155235 (laid by this Plaintiff as Dr. J. was refusing full disclosure of my medical file which led to my permanent ex-officio expulsion from the legal and medical professions with the bastardized driver license suspension (Transport Ministry - Medical's Franco Alulio (CV 20 82943) replacing 'mental' term consistent with the forms to 'psychiatric' for reasons best known to himself which makes this term non testable. I am Canada's first 'stateless victim'. All car cultures are vulnerable on this point. To Dixon, all this is apparently merely 'frivolous and vexatious activity.

4) Included in this account is the 3-page complaint letter to the Law Society on December 15-2019 Exhibit A which pretty well sums up the case. I never heard back from them. Were they the originators of the mandamus court idea which Bissionette readily acceded to? B. does not state nor was Deputy Judge Rosalind Conway (19-SC-155235) asking even as to the base argument of the 'leasehold vs partner agreement' before quashing everything as being frivolous & vexatious. I requested her to recuse herself and in absence of her compliance, to return the matter to a formal court where the necessary powers could adjudicate in full. She refused. Her judgment, therefore, is not only wrong, it is wrong-headed.

5) The quixotic action of Justice C. MacLeod of usurping the Justice System of withdrawing charges 'on a whim' for which I unsuccessfully requested P.M. Trudeau to assert his executive powers by returning two cancellations of his to the docket for a hearing, requires an interpretation. Why would the Justice System be placed on its head whereby all a powerful interest has to do is buy off a judge to have a case dropped? That ends the Justice System which is pretty rocky as it is.


6) The Key is the action against the General Hospital (CV 20 82847). When the police unceremoniously grabbed me from my apartment ('night and the fog' of Nazi Germany) on Boxing Day on a highly questionable Court Order signed by a JP on Dec. 19 (last day of session) by two sons, Chris & Greg Callow (seeking my assets which are now consigned to National Geographics so the family gets nothing) and turned me over to the Emergency wing of the General Hospital before 3 confused Doctors who gave me a clear bill of health (the order was for a physician - one hour maximum to conduct a basic test). That success shocked the conspirators so a Dr. Li. in conjunction with younger son, Greg, and Dr. Mann arranged to have me consigned to the secure ward of the hospital (a 'political prisoner' as it were) where Staff Psychiatrist Sarah Chan - a duplicitous person if there ever was one - sought to over-ride the earlier 3 Doctors with her 'superior' skills; a matter which the Ministry of Patient care was to investigate on March 8. If they did, I was not notified. Dr. Chan refused my entreaties to contact Franco Alulio but here she was in January talking to Dr. J!

7) That was the situation faced by Justice C. MacLeod who realized that both sets of medical files had to remain hidden. Of course there is the bogus application process (in 2004, I received material from 1986 and even then the key information was missing which is a topic with the Ford Government currently.(CV 18000 76950) which the Ford gov't. has refused to assign a court date in over a year and a half based on this disclosure of key information. In the case of the hospital, they are hardly expected to provide me with my successful medical Report by which I could hang them.

8)Should the judge dealing with CV 20 83096 not provide a direct order to return the two cases to the docket, I will charge him or her.


09) Marked as Exhibit B Feb.01-2020 to B. outlining Mandamus Case

10) Marked as Exhibit C Feb.02-2020 to Dr. J. (commercial lien)

11) Deputy Justice Rosalind Conway's basic failure to call for the leasehold-Doctor's partnership agreement was immediately met by a following action against B.'s witness, Dr. Vandewaetertere (Dr. V) (CV20 82993)  who was to present information on both sides of the question. She did not appear nor provide me with any written material on this topic. In the Feb. 27 meeting, B. claimed that his witness was now his client even though he had an action laid against him. His quiet side-bar with Justice Conway before my entry raises many questions about these two 'lovebirds'. SEE EXHIBIT D for complaint to ON Judicial Council


December 15-2019 - I never heard back from the Law Society (THIS EXHIBIT 'A' PRETTY WELL SUMS UP THE CASE) MARCH 13-2020


TO: Law Society of Ontario Osgoode Hall, 130 Queen Street West Toronto, Ontario M5H 2N6
General line: 416-947-3315 Toll-free: 1-800-668-7380 Fax: 416-947-5263  3 pages


FROM: Roger Callow self-represented Plaintiff  19-SC-155235 (Ottawa Small Debts Court)

1285 Cahill Drive  Ottawa, ON  K1V 9A7  t.613-521-1739  e-mail:rcallow770@gmail.com


TOPIC: alexander.bissonnette@mannlawyers.com 

11 Holland Avenue Ste. 300 Ottawa  K1Y 4S1  t. 613-722-1500



1) Acknowledgement of a filed response included here received by the Plaintiff on December 13-2019 is made.

2) Surely this representation of Towngate Family Medicine (Towngate)with no Doctor's name mentioned must come under the very hungry lawyer classification.

3) The argument presented is typical boilerplate law class 100 theme: 'It's not our Department' If the Defense Counsel had stuck to his theme of the Family as a corporate entity with only lease holding powers, he may have an argument but not a very strong one under the circumstances.

4) For example, as a retired high school teacher, we were told that official School heading letters were the province of the administrators unless specific permission was granted to a teacher to use the school logo. Here, the Doctors routinely use Towngate Stationery with their address implying Towngate oversight. No other address shows for the Doctors employed there.

5) Further, Towngate must see to the daily operation of the Clinic in terms of salaries for the Office Staff and Supplies. Their Insurance form, which is not included as evidence here, would surely reflect that feature. Whether that insurance includes doctor malpractice insurance is also of interest.

6) As noted elsewhere in court filed materials, the doctors may very well practice as an association including Dr. Jahagirdar (Dr. J.) - although that feature is not common knowledge to their clients - but that association does not supplant the oversight control of Towngate where staff members are a part of the accused transgressions in this issue.

7) In point 6., Towngate has no involvement in the plaintiff's medical care may be correct to a point. However, when Dr. J. and Towngate conspire to keep part of the plaintiff's medical file away from him after he dropped Dr. J. as a family physician on Nov. 01-2019, they make themselves party to a conspiracy. That file in total belongs to me. Not Dr. J. nor Towngate.

8) As Dr. J. is currently travelling in India, a substitute Doctor is now in control of this file. She or he is exposed for if indeed a fraud is shown to exist in these withheld documents, I will pursue that substitute Doctor to the fullest extent of the law. A copy of this letter is being sent to Towngate for the purpose of having above said Doctor to supply me with my complete file before Christmas. It should also be noted that if a conspiracy against this targeted individual exists, I will also pursue Bissonnette personally unless he chooses to drop out of this case by Christmas.

9) As matters now stand, neither  myself nor Towngate can engage legal counsel due to the convolutions of the Ministry of Transport-Medical in suspending my driver's license for psychiatric reasons under the Highways Act; a conjoining of terms which make the retesting virtually impossible as shown elsewhere in my factum. The Ministry has acted in conjunction with Dr. J. and family members seeking my assets; a not uncommon thing in our courts of law. I have never been ordered for psychiatric examination. As well I have a clean driving abstract with Allstate. Older son, Chris Callow, a local contractor along with brother, Greg Callow in Guelph, appear to be in constant contact with Dr. J. even after I dismissed her from representing my interests. Chris would be only too aware of the danger of a license suspension as I do not think Dr. J. would come up with contact with the Ministry of her own volition. I will raise the question of Towngate to have legal counsel in court for 19-SC-155235 as I am denied such access as a 'stateless citizen' due to the Ministry's malfeasance. That Ministry never responds to my enquiries for disclosure but appear to have the support of Premier Doug Ford due to an unrelated labour matter.

10) Losing one's driving privileges in perpetuity in our 'car society' is a devastating blow as our economy would grind to a halt under those conditions. Hence in 7. Towngate denies the plaintiff has suffered any loss or damages is insulting in the microcosm and a blatant lie in the macroscosm. I cannot get another medical Doctor without all my files is a reality. Hence the above case is essentially a bid for disclosure, the bedrock of habeas corpus and thus, all law.

11) By denying me my full medical record, Towngate and Dr. J. are responsible at law. If not them, then who is? Towngate doesn't offer any alternative.

12) Point 10. '...these damages or losses were created or greatly increased by the plaintiff's own actions or omissions.' This unsupported statement gets one coming and going. Which actions are due to my fault? The driver's license suspension over which I had no knowledge nor control? Re-testing which a facile interpretation by Dr. J. and the Ministry know is an impossibility? It would seem that Bissonnette wants to have his cake and eat it too by denying any Towngate involvement but indeed involving Towngate in the most inclusive of ways.

13) Point 11 shows the inexperience of Bissonnette: '...plaintiff...the demand for the quashing of the Doctor's Order, is outside the jurisdiction of the Small Claims Court.' I asked no such thing of Dr. J. as my factum for Towngate is limited to the above mentioned disclosure.

The rest of the Defense is of no consequence until Towngate/Dr. J. provide me with my complete medical records which are necessary for any possible retesting or the acquirement of a new medical Doctor. Everyone living in a 'car society' has a stake in this one hour hearing.




14) For Towngate Family Medicine / Dr. Jahagirdar to produce my complete medical file. (I have 95% of it but lack the necessary correspondence related to the suspension of my driver's license under the Minister of Transport-Medical.) That, in essence, is what 19-SC-155235 is all about; namely disclosure, which will redirect the hearing in a substantial way.


Yours truly,  Roger Callow  employeescasecanada.ca  2019  DECEMBER  this date


encl. to Law Society & Bissonnette

cc P.M. Trudeau / President Trump / Towngate Clinic / A. Bissonnette / Dr. J. replacement


March 13-2020

TO: Ontario Judicial Council                    FROM: Roger Callow Plaintiff

Adelaide St. Postal Stn. Box 914                        1285 Cahill Drive #2001

31 Adelaide St E.                                                    Ottawa, ON  K1V 9A7

Toronto, ON M5C 2K3                                          t.613-521-1739  rcallow770 @gmail.com

                                                                                    web: employeescasecanada.ca 2020 mar OUR DISQUIETING COURTS


Complaints against two Ottawa Judges 1) C. MacLeod  2) Deputy Judge Rosalind Conway.

Ottawa Chief Justice of the Superior Court, G.B. Worawetz could not  help but be involved explaining why details of the alleged perfidy of the above two were forwarded to P.M. Trudeau for executive action. See above website for details plus enclosures


1) Justice Calumn Macleod in latter February usurped the Justice System by dropping two fraud cases which I had instituted against Towngate Family Medicine's Dr. Jahagirdar (Dr. J) (CV 20 82659)and Ottawa General Hospital (CV20 82847). In both cases, he claimed the same set of frivolous and vexatious behaviour  due to 'no causal reason shown'. To show a causal reason requires a court hearing in which the plaintiff must defend his assertions. He quoted a couple of case studies, no doubt on picayune matters, not $10 million fraud cases which is the situation here. An action against him (CV 20 83096 March 09-2020) has been laid to this effect considering that P.M. Trudeau did not take the necessary executive action of returning these two files to the docket for a proper hearing. I am still pursuing that option. In brief, MacLeod j has turned the Justice System on its head in which powerful Defendants (think SNC Lavelin) can 'buy off' a judge for the above purpose. Organized crime will have a field day with that one! In the above regard, I charge MacLeod j. with misfeasance.                                                    


2) Related to the conspiracy above is a case I laid in Ottawa Small Debts Court (19-SC-155235) in November 2019 against the Towngate Family Medicine Clinic which employs such as Dr. J. whom refuses to provide me with my complete medical file without which I may not acquire a new Doctor. In brief, it was devoted to disclosure. Towngate lawyer, Anthony Bissionette (B.)  (CV20 82889 Feb. 19-2020) made claim that the Clinic has only a leasehold agreement with the Clinic operating under a Doctor Agreement. B. would not provide that Agreement when asked by me nor would his sole witness, Dr. Anik Vandewaettere (Dr. V), provide both Agreements hence (CV20 82993 Feb. 27-2020) was immediately laid after the conference held by Deputy Justice Rosalind Conway who disposed of my claim for being frivolous and vexatious without ever knowing what it was that I was so accused as she did not have those agreements before her nor was she willing to call a second meeting for the purpose, or alternatively, return the matter to the main court which had the necessary powers of disclosure. I asked her to recuse herself under these circumstances which she refused telling me that 'it was none of my business as to whether her appointment to the bench was from the federal or provincial source' hence I am guessing that the provincial arm is the appropriate oversight body. I have accused a number of judges of malfeasance but this is the first time that I have accused a judge of 'ignorance'. ' There is no such thing as a mandamus court' she sniffed.                    


Yours truly,  Roger Callow