MAR 23-2020


TO: Ministry of A.G.                                  FROM: Roger Callow

McMurtry-Scott Bdlg.                               1285 Cahill Drive #2001

720 Bay Street                                            Ottawa, ON M7A 2S9

Toronto, ON M7A 2S9                              t:613-521-1739 e-mail:


TOPIC: Driver License suspension MTO-Medical # 001111960


1) I am a stateless Canadian citizen without access to medical and legal rights making a mockery of the 1982 Bill of Rights for individuals due to this driver license suspension.

2) What began in 1985 as systematic judicial abuse in which the Justice System for far too long supports the powerful against the weak has come to fruition. Judicially, that amounts to serious allegations against powerful interests being discounted by the courts of law as merely a plaintiff being frivolous and vexatious, a badly and improperly overworked term used by the Justice System to deny disclosure which is the bedrock of habeas corpus and hence our society

3) In the oft quoted words of Justice Estey which are bandied about: What must be avoided at all costs, is a major deprivation of justice under the law. In short, it is a reference to natural justice (keystone of the United Nations) which Canada and its institutions treat with contumely. The above noted case shows that deprivation to be routine in Canada which I label as Institutional Autism. The media is complicit as one of those institutions.

4) The most recent concern is my reason for writing you directly considering that P.M. Justin Trudeau has refused to intervene with his executive powers in a matter now negatively impacting everyone living in a car-culture including the U.S. and beyond.

5) The MTO forms for license renewal-Medical state that re-testing must be done by a medical practitioner conversant with the client for at least 3 months which reduces re-testing as I have been told by myriad Doctors and Clinics to see your Family Doctor. What if people don't have a family Doctor such as myself ? Further, what if the Family Doctor is the source of the problem; something the re-testing forms never envisaged?

6) The Highways Act quoted here seems devoted to the grey area of police seeking to rid the highways of drunk drivers, a laudable enterprise, but one fraught with legal ramifications as such accused miscreants would use the laws to escape court justice.

7) The designers of the Act never contemplated such as my situation where my estranged wife with a serious health condition bad mouthed me to a young gullible female Doctor where we were both patients. A more experienced Doctor, I submit, would have stayed out of this domestic situation considering that I am not violent  nor ever been referred to a psychiatrist.

8) Unfortunately, neither Dr. Jahagirdar (Dr. J.) nor Franco Alulio of the Ministry of Transport-Medical would provide me with the necessary disclosure required to re-engage my license suspension. The police in Ottawa and Toronto back-stopped by the respective Mayors refuse to collect this material on my behalf. Ottawa Police Chief P. Sloly is particularly remiss in that a medical record in its entirety (no doctor redactions) belongs to the patient not the medical doctor. He refuses to seize that complete file on my behalf. Considering the ramifications to the driving public, Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders should have intervened with Alulio to gain disclosure explaining why Alulio perverted the suspension form to read 'psychiatric' instead of 'mental'; the latter testable; the former not so. I include here a 3-page 'reverse osmosis' analysis which is a 'walking back the cat analysis of Dr. J's actions minus, of course, the redacted material by which you can see how she went 'completely off the ranch' around October 15-2019 recommending my driver's suspension based only on my wife's say so. A March 2 rebuttal to CSPO (Physician's College) and their self-serving analysis conducted without checking on the facts with me appears on my web site...Institutional Autism indeed.

9) Be that as it may, by a quirk of fate due to an 'illicit' court order and even more 'illicit' police action on Boxing Day, I was seized from my apartment and taken to the Emergency Room of the Ottawa General Hospital for a battery of tests plus an MRI before 3 doctors who were confused as to why I was there considering the commitment form was limited to a single physician (one hour simplified test). Shock to the conspirators as I passed those tests so they did the stupidest thing possible; they sought to cover-up leading to a 9-day incarceration in the mental ward where I considered myself a 'political prisoner'. That story is detailed on my web.

10) I requested that the hospital forward a copy of my results to the Transport Ministry as well as to myself. They have failed to do either.


11) For the A.G. to lift my license suspension as being contrary to the stated form as well as contacting the Ottawa Hospital to confirm that, indeed, I did pass the tests and am suited to having my driver license returned. I have a clear driving record with Allstate Insurance whom I have been with for many years. I have no traffic violations.

12) A repository is kept of all material with the Office of the P.M. with Justin Trudeau being the current overseer.

13) A copy is also being sent to Michelle Richardson, editor of both the Ottawa Sun and Ottawa Citizen as being symbolic of the media boycott of the Employee's Case extending over 35 years. The latest omissions regarding Ontario in the above case are unconscionable. Will that change? Yes, with the demise of the media which cannot withstand the onslaught from the digital universe. Democracies, under these conditions, will become meritocracies quickly slipping into dictatorships. The Employee's Case has shown the way forward which is nothing more than a gigantic leap backward.


Lamentably yours,  Roger Callow  'Last of the Good Guys'

cc 'reverse osmosis' of Dr. J.'s action included on web site: 2020 MEDIA mar

cc President Trump


March 21-2020  - 5 pages

By Roger Callow  #2001-1285 Cahill Drive  Ottawa ON  K1V 9A7


For those who wish to jump to the bottom line: the submitted fraud was entirely of Dr. J's own making as I 'walk back the cat' from those notes I did receive from her on Nov. 14-2019. Obviously, my estranged wife's bad mouthing me instigated actions on her part which culminated on Oct. 15-2019. I don't know; maybe she had an argument with her new husband that day; or a private health problem; or just plain got out of the wrong side of the bed. All conspiracy connections originate with her - family, Transport Ministry, Ottawa General Hospital complicated by bad judicial actions to protect her by CPSO, Rosalind Conway j. C. MacLeod j. leading to many actions laid by me. The digital revolution exposes miscreants in ways hitherto unknown as happened here but the problem is a universal one; giving a young professional more power than they are able to handle. Regrettably, in the past, oversight bodies controlled such excesses. No longer as they do not know how to contend with the digital revolution so they do the worst thing possible; cover-up.


1) On November 01-2020, I dismissed Dr. Jahagirdar (Dr. J.) from being my family Doctor for breaking doctor-patient confidentiality. Hence all actions which she held since that time with such as the General Hospital and relatives may be considered fraudulently based.

2) On November 14, I received my medical file from Towngate Family Health Organization implying a close connection between the Doctors and the Corporate Overseer interests with three redactions apparently related to my driver's license suspension.

3) Anthony Bissonnette (CV20 82889) is charged with fraud in that matter as he refused to provide the over-all Agreement governing this corporate structure.

4) 19-SC-155235 (Small Debt Court) was launched by this Plaintiff to obtain disclosure from Dr. J. and the Ministry of Transport-Medical regarding my 'illicit' driver license suspension. The Ministry, similar to Dr. J. has never addressed the particulars of this heinous action hence an action has been laid against Franco Julio, Deputy Transport Minister-Medical  (CV20 82943).

5) The current case against Bissonnette represented by Cavanagh LLP awaits the production of the said agreement as Deputy Justice Rosalind Conway refused in a hearing on February 27 to order this central piece of disclosure. She ruled me frivolous & vexatious; standard boiler-plate law for which I asked her to recuse herself, and failing that, referring her to the Provincial oversight body in Toronto.

6) The General Hospital (CV 82847) unwisely permitted themselves to be involved and are guilty of their own perfidy in terms of an illicit 9-day lock-down in the mental ward where I claimed to have been kept as a 'political prisoner' over the Xmas holidays on a specious court order with police complicity  launched by my two 'former' sons, Chris and Greg Callow. The police chief, P. Sloly refuses to investigate any of the many abuses which I have suffered and for which Mayor Jim Watson has been kept apprised. I have called for Sloly's resignation.



pp 159-177 with some pages omitted

Aug. 14, 2019 scan results from RPN Nubia Carias(nc) noting a score of 22/30 (consistent with age RC) Archived by Dr. J. There is no mention of the general physical examination but as I did not hear further, I gathered it was acceptable. We agreed to meet in November before Dr. J's trip to India (which is not noted RC)

Sep. 9,2019 Completely redacted letter with initials AJ (Dr. J.) alongside. What prompted her to write 3 weeks later and what did she write and to whom? No doubt she was aware of a deteriorating relationship between my wife and myself as, unknown to myself, my wife was bad-mouthing me to relatives as well as Dr. J. Whether her serious illness was a factor is unknown.

Sep 24, 2019 A second lengthy redacted letter initialed by Dr. J. about two weeks later was followed by her comments:

Changes in behaviour per collateral information followed by blackout

Requires further evaluation with CT head, in-clinic assessment, urgent geriatric evaluation & likely capacity assessment (NB I had all that assessment at the Ottawa Emergency Ward on Boxing Day including an MRI after being seized by the police for the purpose all of which I passed making a lie of Dr. J.'s assessments although CPSO whitewashed the matter)

Sep 28,2019 Received Letter from Patient

This letter to the relatives date September 13-2019 with an inclusion to the Doctor as a matter of information only announced the separation of myself and my wife. She re-located to Hunt Club Manor and refuses all contact with me as I was willing to continue on a platonic level. I even offered her generous financial aid which, due to ensuing events, has been eliminated with my estate now being willed to National Geographic Magazine.

Oct 9,2019 From Ms. Stacie Vanskiver(sv) to Dr. J. archived by Dr. J.

Sent Tue. Oct. 1,2019 (so why dated Oct. 9? which explains why I want the names of all Towngate staff for the purposes of pursuing this issue.

called pt today to ask if he could come in as you requested Oct. 3rd @ 3:45 to follow up on memory testing (my underlining) pt kindly declined (notice that I am always polite even to my estranged wife) said he had one in Nov and felt it was fine to wait until that appointment.

Oct 9 & 10, 2019  messages between 'Stacie' and Dr. J. This is where Dr. J. should have sent a personal letter as I had no idea what was being said behind my back. Lengthy messages not included but reflect frustration on the part of the two above.

Oct 14, 2019 From Dr. J/tp CT Scan Head, not yet booked pending tests/consults

Oct 14, From Dr. J to Dr. J. (a rather cryptic action) Archived Message  Due date: Thu, Sep 12,2019. Sent Mon, Sep 9, 2019 at 9:48;34  (an e-mail or fax? To whom?)

Subject: book in appt.  Patient: Roger Callow age 78 #79001

Archived By: Dr. J.

Sent Mon, Oct. 14,2019  11:45:14  ( I do not recall any contact)

Attempted to book pt in for appt, he has declined, has agreed to come in as scheduled Nov. 12 (considering the Secretaries make all contact, why wasn't there a Sec. name to this last message?)

Oct. 14, 2019

one page printed Diagnostic Imagining Requisition signed by Dr. J.(which I never saw)

(included) patient history and pertinent lab results: Hx acute on chronic subdural hematoma --followed by redacted material. (Which lab results? My August general tests were not at question by Dr. J. It is this kind of conduct that has me labeling Dr. J. as an inveterate liar. If I am mistaken in that assertion, why would she not take the stand in 19-SC-155235 to explain herself leaving it to others to lie on her behalf including CPSO?

Oct. 14,2019

Capacity assessor Dr. J.  Collins, Phd C. Psych. Based in Ottawa K1Y 4E9 t:613-260-7310

 f:613-260-7311 (no message)

Oct. 14 From Dr. J. to Dr. J. Archived Message Due date: Sep 24, 2019 sent 17:23:40

Subject: repeat CT scan, neurog referral and geriatrics referral

Archived By Dr. J. Patient Roger Callow age 78 #79001

Sent Mon. Oct. 14,2019  12:00

(at this point, I have to ask if even Dr. J. knows what she is doing.)


Oct. 15 Dr. J. archived message to Ms. Tina Pearce (tp) (Towngate staff presumably)

Sent: Mon. Oct. 14,2019  12:01:31 (sent to whom?) 

Subject: Please send Patient Roger Callow age 78 #79001  MTO Form and GAOT form (NEVER SENT) Also notify son ( Chris or Greg) that they shoud get in touch with this person for arranging capacity assessment: (While no son contacted me; nonetheless, the onus is on Dr. J. to have made certain that I received the above information = incompetence on her part)


Collins, Barbara, Phd, c. Psych. This name appears again without any explanation as to her role in this matter.


Fwded. by Dr. J. to Ms. Tina Pearce (tp) Due Date Mon. Oct. 14, 2019 13:03:02

Will email you MTO form & GAOT req (to be labelled/stamped) (No copy to me)

Fwded. by Dr. J. to 'Tina' Due date: Mon. Oct 14, 2019  13:03:21

Please attach prev geriatric notes to referral

 By 'Tina' Addendum Sent: Tue Oct. 15, 2019 10:12:00


Oct 15

TO: The Ottawa Hospital - CT fax transmission  (I never received a copy of this document)

Oct 15

From Dr. J. to 'Tina'

Subject: Arrange Test  Patient Roger Callow age 78 Contact CT Scan Head


Oct 15, 2019

About 5 inches of redacted material from Dr. J. concluding with this hysterical comment:

To ER/call 911 if acute safety risk


Oct 15,2019 Miscellaneous letter from Dr. J. (this is the key document which I would like to see) Ministry of Transportation Medical Condition Report complete and faxed

Received Oct. 19, 2019


Oct 27,2019   Archived Message Dr. J

From: Ms. Amanda Yvette Siebert (ays)   Due Sat. Oct. 26, 2019

To. Dr. J.  Sent Sat. Oct. 26,2019 11:53:47

Sent: Sat. Oct. 26,2019 11:53:47

Subject:  Review Note Patient: Roger Callow Contact: Roger

pt came into the clinic today with letter from the ministry stating they are in the process of revoking his licence. He wanted to know if you had sent anything, and if so he wants a copy.

I told him I would talk to you Monday and get back to him, he didn't like this answer and told me he will show up Monday at 9 am. I politely told him that if I hadn't spoke to you yet he would get the same answer. (clerk usurping her authority as proper answer is 'I will pass along your concerns')

I just wanted you to be aware. ty

Archived By: Dr. J. Sun. Oct. 27, 2019  15:27:45

Sent: Sun, Oct 27, 2019  15:27:45

Contact: Roger  613-521-1739


Oct 28,2019  attachment  Letter from Patient, Miscellaneous Letter  Dr. J.

Received Oct. 31, 2019


Dr. J. did contact me before the end of the month by telephone and I responded in a couple of letters. She wrote up the essence of the telephone call she made to me at my request of which I noted some inconsistencies. I do not know whether or not that last letter from her is the Miscellaneous Letter referred to here.


On November 01-2029, I dismissed Dr. J. as being my family Doctor hence she had no right to continue representing my interests after that date which she did accounting for my charge of fraud.



pp. 159,160,161,162,169,170,171,172,173,174,175,176

I doubt very much that Dr. J. would omit the above deletions to CPSO as that would lead to being expelled immediately from the profession. Instead she left it to the casuistry of CPSO (SEE LEGAL MAIL mar for 3 page rebuttal dated March 17-2020: INSTITUTIONAL AUTISM). Sufficient information has been provided, however, that shows Dr. J. acted fraudulently, drawing into her conspiracy, office staff, family members, Ministry of Transport-Medical, and the Ottawa General Hospital. Justice C MacLeod (CV 20 83096) in seeking to protect the Hospital, had the actions against both the Hospital and Dr. J. dropped for picayune reasons, and in that process, destroyed any credibility which the Justice System may have had considering that it was already on shaky grounds.


cc  Justin Trudeau, P.M. of Canada - now a repository of all transactions in this case


MAR 18-2020


encl. GANG OF 40

BY: Roger Callow 'last of the good guys'  2020  LEGAL MAILmar for full 3-page article on INSTITUTIONAL AUTISM  March 17-2020

QUOTE: 'If you start bringing accusations against people - against powerful people - you make damn sure you have every last little bit of proof screwed down beforehand.' The Venetian Game  P.G. Jones

REPLY to whitewash job of College of Physicians and Surgeons - Ethics Branch (CSPO)

80 College Street, Toronto ON M5G 2E2 dated March 12-2020 and received March 17.

College File No. 1110655 re Roger Callow  1285 Cahill Drive Apt. 2001 Ottawa K1V 9A7



1) This Report was written without any attempt to ascertain the facts of the matter by checking with the targeted individual.

2) A medical Report belongs to the patient not the Doctor nor a Clinic hence the CSPO had an obligation to see that such information was provided in full to this patient in order that he may acquire a new Doctor. That was not done by CSPO. There is no point appealing this piece of chicanery to yet another Review Board although I do forward it to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau whose failure to exercise executive power flushes the Judiciary down the proverbial toilet bowl in far reaching ramifications to Canada at large.

Excerpt - see web for full account

4) The Complainant is concerned that the Respondent: (bold lettering that of CSPO)

a) issued the erroneous report to the MTO regarding the Complainant's health condition without examining him; RESPONSE: ... That observation was confirmed by three Doctors at the Ottawa Hospital where I was examined including an MRA after being seized by the police on Boxing Day on an illicit Order enacted by sons, Christopher and Gregory, who were privy to my medical record by Dr. J.  Further, the Optometrist whom examined me in June wrote a letter stating that while limited to his field; nonetheless, he did not believe there was any reason why I should not drive. My ophthalmologist seems to have confirmed this observation. Further, Dr. J. appears to fault office staff for not conveying information to me when in fact it was her own failure to notify me in writing of her concerns.... CSPO could have received the above story if only they had asked!                                                                         ANALYSIS

b)' In September 2019, Dr. J. received reports (which could only have come from my estranged wife bad-mouthing me which Dr. J. swallowed hook, line and sinker) of concerns regarding the Complainant's erratic behaviour, visual hallucinations, paranoia, conflict, and risk of violence, as well as his capacity to drive. R.I have a perfect driving record with Allstate; have never been violent to anyone including my wife and have never been ordered to see a psychiatrist. The above is all unsubstantiated hear-say which CSPO did not investigate.

...'Dr. J. scheduled an appointment with the Complainant after these concerns were raised, and arranged additional brain imaging, but he did not attend. R. I dismissed Dr. J. on November 01-2020. This additional action on her part is prevarication as she sought to extricate herself from a difficult position. As late as December and January, the General Hospital was unaware that she was no longer my medical Doctor. She should be dismissed on those grounds alone; namely, practicing medicine where she had no right to practice it

7) I list the three incompetent panel members for all to see:

V. Rachlis MD - Chair /  J. Lougheed MD / C. Kerr - Public Member


MY CONCLUSION: PLACARD: BEHIND EVERY ECONOMIC COLLAPSE IS A MORAL COLLAPSE This issue illuminates how mindless bureaucrats imbued with institutional blindness to issues apart from protection of their institution have lost their way in all of Canada's institutions accounting for why two out of three Canadians rightfully claim the system is broken. There is no antidote.     

Yours truly, Roger Callow 'target of a CPSO smear'



MAR 01-2020

OPEN LETTER TO OTTAWA CITY COUNCIL - March 01-2020 (2 pages)

BY: Roger Callow-Last of the Good Guys


1) Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson and the City Councillors are the litmus test for all politicians. They messed up big time with LRT2 because they 'didn't do their homework' for whatever reason. With the current imbroglio directly affecting Police Chief Sloly calling, as I do in that process for his removal, I have in effect done the 'homework' for the Councillors. If they don't publicly act against Sloly now; they become the primordial test for Canadian politicians sucking and blowing at the same time everywhere. That's quite an indictment.

2) Sloly is remiss in investigating break-ins and attempted break-ins into my Apartment. The Boxing Day fiasco where police entered my apartment on a court order from my two sons to haul my sorry ass off (illegally) to the Emergency Room for a battery of tests including an MRI before 3 Doctors which I passed should have led to the police returning me to my apartment as opposed to having me locked down for 9 days in the mental ward as a 'political prisoner' which is now the subjects of a $10 million action against the hospital. Older son, Chris broke into my apartment  during that incarceration. No action by Sloly has been taken. As I now have added security while I am in the apartment, a key will not open the door although on a couple of occasions, I have noticed the door 'unlocked' but not breached during overnight hours.

3) Sloly was listed as a witness to my mandamus-dispute resolution (whatever one wishes to call it) of February 27 and did not even have the courtesy to inform me that he was not attending. That is a direct slap in the face of the court and the Justice System and warrants his removal; although I am not disputing that the courts should be 'bitch-slapped' in their entirety.

4) "I did not" blustered Towngate Family Medicine lawyer, Anthony Bissionette, send the police to your door at night recently on a specious 'wellness check'. "The police said you did", I retorted, and I believe the police. None of this nonsense including an earlier specious 'wellness check' instituted by older son, Chris, were ever investigated by Sloly."Wait until my malpractice insurance Company gets ahold of you," Bissonnette added; a very real threat considering the desultory nature of our courts. In actual fact, he should be thanking me as now due to 'Justice C. MacLeod's Final Solution'; any court case may be dumped from the docket...for a fee of course. Consider how MacLeod pulled that stunt in dumping my fraud charge against Dr. Jahagirdar (Dr. J.) for being frivolous and vexatious which includes Franco Alulio of the Transport Ministry-Medical responsible for the phony driver license scam which negatively impacts all drivers in car-cultures anywhere. Bissonnette is sitting on gold mine selling this caper


web:RECENT 7FEB 28-2020 The hospital lawyers are pulling a 'Justice Macleod' claiming that my suit against the hospital is frivolous and vexatious on a blanket rejection. That is standard boilerplate law. What isn't standard is to dismiss an action without a hearing which they are seeking parallel to the elimination of the fraud case against Dr. Jahagirdar for not showing a cause of action. The point here is that a hearing must be held as I submit that all my actions do, indeed, show a cause of action, MacLeod's outrageous jurisdictional claims countering that effect notwithstanding: ' a cause of action has traditionally been defined as comprising every fact which it would be necessary for the plaintiff to prove, if disputed (my underlining=trial must be held)  in order to support his or her right to the judgment of the court (at para. 54) Daryluk v. Ainsworth Technologies Inc. 2001  SCC 44. Can you imagine SNC Lavellin pulling a 'Justice MacLeod' to escape prosecution? 'Get real' which the above lawyers for Dr. Jahagirdar and the Hospital are decidedly not. This nonsense in another age parallels the corrupt 'sale of indulgences' by the church. Some current Justices are going to make themselves rich on this scheme. In effect, Justice MacLeod is the 'coronavirus' of the Justice System

Rather than pursue MacLeod j., I am turning the file over to one of Canada's many corrupt institutions; namely, the Ontario Law Society to do as they wish.

5) To be sure Harris & Co. plus named Saskatoon judges, now a target in NB(see web: RECENT 7  Mar-2020 have had corporate interests beating a path to their door considering their behind the scenes access to the Justice System across Canada (in collaboration with Justice Canada). Over 50 judges have acquiesced to declaring my bid for disclosure in order to acquire compensation in a 35 year senior teacher unresolved lay-off in West Vancouver solely for 'economic reasons' which were fudged under the imposed BILL 35 (B.C. 1985) in hearings which the Employer routinely states that they do not recognize any oversight controls over imposed legislation; a point conveniently omitted in all those judgments. Now MacLeod's 'Final Solution' can remove all those worries.

6) By failing to publicize the license suspension scam by President Trump and the New York Times, where, as a car culture, the U.S. is particularly vulnerable not only in terms of parallel applications in the U.S. but also in that any nefarious interest may publicize how the U.S. in its silence suffers from the 'Canadian disease'. In brief, the U.S. can never be 'great again'.

7) I am not alone with my whistleblowing as FAIR designed for the purpose, has thrown up their hands in disgust due to management controlled arbitrations...been there...done still doing that although I am turning my sights to NB. Whistleblowers can have their driver's license suspended for at least 6 months for illicit psychiatric reasons thus ending their livelihood in many cases. Rural interests without bus service are particularly hard hit. Plus, with the 'Final Solution' of MacLeod j. the courts of law will be closed to such targets.

8) As to Mayor Watson, who is failing to insist that Police Chief Sloly collect the rest of my medical file, should by rights inform the public that your medical file is no longer your own; it belongs to the Doctor. He should also warn people that the police can willy nilly barge into their homes and haul them off to mental institutions and nobody will say 'boo'. He can still act in this regard of retrieving my medical file despite the legal carnage produced by his failure to act in the first place. That now also includes my medical file held by the General Hospital.

9) Media complicity in ghosting this national story of immense proportions has placed their own credibility on the line as they have crossed their 'Rubicon'. Their demise cannot come soon enough. The abject politicians will have to look elsewhere for discovering issues. The only hope for anyone living in a car culture is that this story goes viral on the internet. One person, properly placed, can achieve that goal.


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