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February 22, 2020      - 2 pages                    


FROM: Roger Callow 1285 Cahill Dr. #2001 Ottawa, ON K1V 9A7

t. 613-521-1739


encl. Two page driver license suspension from Frank Alulio Deputy Registrar of Motor Vehicle dated December 08-2019 and received Dec. 18-2019 including reference to two Enclosed Forms: a) Mental Health Assessment Form and  b) Cognitive Assessment Form both of which may be adjudicated by any health professional. Alulio's carte blanche Form alters the reference from 'mental' to 'psychiatric' without any accompanying definition creating a hornet's nest vis a vis testing by any health professional = null and void. MINISTRY REFERENCE: 001111960


1) Toronto Chief of Police - chief facilitator             2) Dr. Jack Kitts President & CEO      

ATTN: Mark Saunders                                                 The Ottawa Hospital

40 College St. Tor. M5G 2J3                                         t. 613-761-4800 f. 613-761-4465  sent by fax        

t. 416-808-2222  f. 416-808-7102                  and

sent by fax  


3) Franco Allulio Deputy Minister

11 Wellesley St. W. Box 589 Toronto

t.416-235-1773  f. 416-235-3400  sent by fax



1) The focus of 19-SC-155235 seeking disclosure is to be held on Thursday February 27 in a mandamus Court in Ottawa.

2) To date, three actions have been filed against a)Dr. Jahagirdar (Towngate Family Medicine)

b) Ottawa General Hospital  c) because he did not believe me, Towngate Lawyer Anthony Bissonnette whom among other problems, has to deal with malpractice insurance coverage.

3) On Tuesday, Feb. 25, I will include Franco Alulio in a fourth action if I do not get satisfaction on the following proposition:

Without prejudice offer:

a) I will not lay an action against Franco Alulio  if he revises his driver license suspension on this writer to conform to the more conventional suspension listed in the forms which he included. In effect, the word 'psychiatric' would be removed.

b) Dr. Kitts of the General Hospital should telephone Mr. Alulio and inform him that I passed a battery of tests including an MRI on Boxing Day before 3 medical doctors which should satisfy the conditions to return my driver's license. I must be notified by Monday Feb. 24 if this option is selected.

4) Included in this option is a request to Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders to collect all the material including correspondence to and from the Ministry on this issue as it bears on the other actions already laid.


Yours truly, Roger Callow


Feb 21-2020


TO: N.B. Premier Higgs 1 page sent by fax: 506-453-7407        FROM: Roger Callow

REFERENCE: web: 2019 NEW BRUNSWICK  JUNE 14 revised


June 14-2019

TO: Court of Queen's Bench                           FROM: Roger Callow  plaintiff

Trial Div. P.O. Box 5001                                              #2001-1285 Cahill Dr. West

Saint John, N.B. E2L 4Y9                                             Ottawa, ON  K1V 9A7

ATTN: Amanda Evans Q.C. Court clerk            2 pages 2019 JUNE sub-title



1) A review of the above case listed on the internet is warranted now that I am finished with Ontario courts with the Mandamus Court for 19-SC-155235 no matter which way it goes as Justice Ontario is FUBAR.

2) While there are many parameters in this 35 year unresolved labour issue with its genesis in B.C. where no compensation has been paid in a sweetheart deal between the West Vancouver School Board and Union regarding the illicit lay-off of senior teacher, Roger Callow, in June of 1985 under the imposed BILL 35 (1985) - think imposed carbon tax - for economic reasons (read that whistleblowing); the issue is reduced to disclosure of a second set of conditions in July of 1985 which School Board Counsel Stuart Clyne QC re-created to replace the original June lay-off order and after my written challenge to contest that dismissal. Both the Union and Employer refuse to provide me with that disclosure so important to collecting compensation as no 'deferred salary' has been paid in 35 years as I am still an employee of the School Board.

3) As noted in the above case; provide me with the above disclosure and I am out of NB courts.

4) As I am contesting illegalities from Saskatoon court in 2019 involving fraud on the part of the court, judges, and B.C. legal representative, Harris & Co., I can hardly expect to get justice in SK hence my appeal in another province which has not been exposed to this case. There is no limitation on fraud. I only list the judges and their decisions so that any reference to those cases by the Defendant would show a disputed claim. Otherwise, the court can handle that aspect as they wish.

5) Evans would quote the judicature act to obviate a case which has been in seven provinces all with their judicature acts but never quoting them as fraud and the 'pursuit of justice' is given much leeway by courts.

6) Part of the delay in ON courts can be attributed to the fact that the Doug Ford government was handed a 'dirty biscuit' by the outgoing Liberals by assigning a file number to this case which has sat for a year and a half without a hearing date my remonstrations notwithstanding.

Ontario would rather see its Justice System be completely destroyed rather than to break faith with the judicial cover-up of this case in its failure to call for disclosure.

7) Consequently, the revised forms are being re-introduced to NB hopefully with acceptance from your Court of Queen's Bench.


Yours truly , Roger Callow


Feb 20-2020


TO: Ottawa Police Chief P. Sloly              FROM: Roger Callow

PERSONAL                                                                1285 Cahill Dr. #2001

474 Elgin St. Ottawa K2P 2E6                             Ottawa, ON K1V 9A7

e-mail:                  t: 613-521-1739


Enclosure: Mayor Jim Watson by e-mail:

copy to CCC75 condo


INCIDENT: At 9:35 P.M. two policemen called up from the foyer to be admitted for unknown reasons hence I told them that I would have my neighbor as a witness but would not unlock my door (she's older and should not be placed in such a position). Later the night superintendent who would not give her name arrived at my request and established my concerns in the presence of my neighbor after the police departed.



1) This action appears to be a repetition of the Boxing Day seizure of myself on an Order by my two sons (after my estate) and, rather than taking me for a cursory check to a physician as per the form; the police unloaded me at the Ottawa Emergency unit where I passed a battery of tests before over 3 doctors including an MRI. I have repeatedly requested those medical results from Dr. Kitts and currently have a legal action against the hospital for an illicit nine-day following detention as the hospital attempted to 'whitewash' the affair. I have called for the Hospital Report to be available for a mandamus trial Feb. 27 at which Chief Sloly is to be my only witness to attest to this debacle along with other police abuses instigated by my sons.

2) This time, the 'wellness check' was instigated by legal counsel, Anthony Bissonnette, for Towngate Family Medicine based on legal e-mails sent to him regarding an action laid against him for 'the perversion of justice' in Ottawa Superior Court on Feb. 19. He was no doubt aware of the earlier seizure and is attempting to capitalize on the Boxing Day Incident by, it is alleged here, using the police in a similar most inappropriate way. I asked the two officers through the door if Sloly was aware of their visit but was cut off with two questions which I answered as follows; no, I am not a threat to others nor am I a threat to myself. They departed. The 911 operator contacted by me was 'ineffective'.

3) Whether Sloly is directly involved in tonight's caper is secondary. It is his direct failure to investigate police harassment which I have had to endure because some people considered to be important are granted undue privileges with the police which do not extend to the general population. None of this would be happening if he retrieved the rest of my medical report from Towngate's Dr. Jahagirdar which is my property but which she refuses to divulge.


Yours truly,


Roger Callow

cc select city councillors


FEB 16-2020




ATTN: Hospital donors - withhold your donation until Dr. Kitts produces a long overdue Report on an illicit 9-day lock-down in the mental ward of this writer which is reminiscent of the 'Acts of Commission' of Nazi Germany beginning in 1933. Doug Ford, ON Premier would initiate totalitarian government in ON through similar 'Acts of Commission'.

BY: target Roger Callow



1) The last time I saw Rabbi Bulka in person a few years ago was at an excellent stage performance by an Israeli actress with reflections on the holocaust.

2) The watchword of the Jews since WWII is Never Again as it was primarily passivity which accentuated their problems in Nazi Germany. Canada suffers from that passivity today as evidenced by the 35 year unresolved Employees Case in which the judges continually 'pick up the ball as it were and go home' without delivering a decision on the issue proper.

3) Canadians, who fought in Europe in WWII which benefitted the populace including the Jews did so at the cost of their own lives in many instances. We stand on guard for thee from our national anthem may very well be the veteran's watchword. Those self-same veterans must be rolling over in their graves to see this individual deprived of medical and legal rights as a citizen including the permanent suspension of his driver's license for unfounded psychiatric reasons by the Ministry of Transport-Medical in October of 2019. No challenge may be raised to such nefarious conduct under these conditions and yet every driver in a car culture anywhere is negatively impacted by a Doug Ford 'Act of Commission'. It would seem that eugenics widely practiced before WWII, is rising its ugly head in Doug Ford's Ontario.

4) The term 'never again' for the Jews is limited to their own society as genocides have occurred throughout the world without public comment from Jewish quarters. In 2006, for example, I believe that I was the only Canadian with a PLACARD: I SUPPORT FALUN GONG as their public petition was going nowhere considering the ghosting of this issue by the politicians and the media. Today about 100 live organ transplants are made in China to which the world supplies only a passing glance. Even the Epoch Times with their newfound Christian values is re-directing their attention from the plight of these Chinese victims.

5) In Canada, Jewish interests are inextricably intertwined with Canada as exemplified by the number of judicial appointments for Jews. Many Jewish children attend public school and, as such , are directly involved in the current Ontario teacher's strike.

6) In brief, the Jews in Canada enjoy a quasi-relationship with Canadian culture and it is in that light which I make the following appeal based on an unpublished Op-Ed letter to the Ottawa Citizen dated January 14-2020 which follows here: Withhold donations to the General Hospital until CEO Dr. Jack Kitts makes his Report on the illicit 9-day detention of this target.


January 14-2020


FROM: Roger Callow  t:613-521-1739  2020 MEDIA

REFERENCE: Diab files notice of $90M suit against government.


1) Both Diab and myself in separate actions lost our Appeals on the same day in 2014 on appeal from Decisions by Justice Robert Maranger. While Diab received copious news coverage, I received none even though I named two other judges for malfeasance of which charges were never acknowledged let alone tested by the oversight bodies. Doug Ford inherited that anomaly in 2018 with the laying of CV 18000 76950 0000 by me which has lain dormant for one and a half years. For other reasons, the B.C. Employer in this labour case is unable to acquire Ontario counsel any longer leaving Ford in a quandary as to what to do on his own.

2) In 2014, the focus was on the administrator's arguments while in 2018, the focus has shifted 180 degrees to that of the victim Diab. We both agree on this assertion by Diab: '... (the purpose of the Justice Department)... is not to provide transparency or to prevent future miscarriages of justice, rather its purpose is to absolve the Department of Justice from any accountability and to shield senior officials at the department from further scrutiny,'

3) Recently Doug Ford has turned to Acts of Commission to clean up this mess thereby producing further disorder. Such acts were common to Hitlerite Germany.

4) Basically, there are two such actions here: a) lifting a driver's license for unexplained psychiatric reasons in perpetuity making all 'car societies' vulnerable and why I have called on President Trump where U.S. interests are particularly exposed, to nip this stunt in the bud. b) permitting the police to break into an apartment; seize the occupant and turn him over to the secure ward in the Ottawa General Hospital where for 9 days everyone knew I was a political prisoner. Normal stay is no more than 72 hours. The 4-room secure ward is forever tarnished on that level. Neither action would have happened if Mayor Watson and Police Chief Sloly had taken their responsibilities in this matter seriously. They can still act.

5) My call for the ouster of Doug Ford from all politics is based on a non-partisan basis for committing Canada to a totalitarian state.


Yours truly,  Roger Callow 'last of the good guys'


FEB 09-2020


TO: Mark Bonokoski - Sun media


McCallum - former Canadian ambassador to China



1) Usually I respect your research but not on this topic. McCallum has a Chinese family which was at risk hence his actions, I submit, were intended to get him 'fired'.

 2) That is a quantum leap regarding the detention of 2 Canadians in China for 'spying' as you are not able to back the story up although you could very well be right. Considering my plight of being ostracized by the Canadian legal organization (SEE GANG OF 40 in which you for the Sun and Christy Blatchford for the National Post are invited to attend as observers in the Mandamus court scheduled for Feb. 27), Canadian judicial abuse is as bad as anything found in China minus the torture but that will come with Doug Ford's 'Acts of Commission' where a driver may be deprived of his license in perpetuity = anarchy for all car-driving societies but then, you are prohibited from reporting on that universal story. The mandamus court is his brainchild as well.

3) The detention of Meng is a Canadian disaster which the media 'walks around' with their 'puff pieces' on the story. Canada set her up in collaboration with U.S. interests. The delay in her case has turned Canada against Huawei. No love lost here as this Chinese gov't backed influence was the major reason for the fall of Nortel. China has lost 'face' due to prolonged delay on this world issue reducing it to being called a 'paper tiger'; a devastating charge in the Far East.

4) Don't even try to make sense of 'legal billable time exercises' of the court (it is the business of the court to make business for itself) as the obfuscation is deliberate to keep nosy reporters/columnists away except after the judgment has been delivered. While I have shown the corruption in the court system to be 'systematic'; the problem pervades all Canadian institutions and all Canadians sing to the same tune that one cannot get a straight answer from any institution. 

5) The media is a dying breed (no tears here although I will miss the comics) bleeding red ink for a couple of more years to come. In the last election, they did not get the election results correct in the city of Ottawa = media redundancy. No-one below 50 reads a newspaper except perhaps for the sports. Part of the problem is their left-right definition of every situation in order to justify the political order as opposed to just 'good governance'. I have the dubious distinction of being 'ghosted' by both sides for any issue I represent. Hence as a nation, we have collapsed which if ever reported would read something like this: 'Whiny retired teacher complains that all Canadians are out of step but Roger'


Roger Callow 'Last of the good guys'