JAN. 30-2020


TO: Dr. Jack Kitts President & CEO                    FROM: Roger Callow 'political prisoner' in

The Ottawa Hospital                                             mental ward Dec. 26-2019 to Jan.03-2020

t. 613-761-4800                                                    1285 Cahill Drive #2001

f. 613-761-4465  e-mail:  Ottawa, ON  K1V 9A7

sent by fax   3 pages                                             web:



1) Acknowledgment of your letter dated January 27, 2020 and received January 30 is made.

2) It would have been much more productive if you had seen fit to include my Dec. 26-2019 medical Report by three doctors including an MRI bumping, it might be noted, people in more dire need than myself for those services. As to a witness list for the upcoming mandamus court scheduled for February 27, 2020, a popular legal stunt is to provide it in court on the day of trial to avoid any embarrassing rebuttal hence the need for me to have possession of this file soonest is paramount. I also ask that you mail a copy to the Transport Ministry-Medical on my behalf in order to have my driver license suspension lifted.

3) The committal Order signed by my two 'ex-sons'; Christopher and Gregory Callow on December 19-2019 was done without my knowledge and therefore my presence. The Order merely stated reference to a physician (one hour cursory examination). I strongly question on which authority they acted and why the court acquiesced to two bozos 'off the streets'. The Police operated correctly if not inappropriately in breaking into my apartment on December 26 with a key I submit was supplied to them by Chris Callow. I accuse him along with his younger brother, Greg, to be after my assets which are now willed in their entirety to the National Geographic Endowment Fund. The family get nothing but I digress from those features dealing directly with the hospital and in particular, psychiatrist Dr. Sarah Chan whom I submit a case can be made that she is an inveterate liar. Did the slated inquest by the Ministry for patient care proceed on January 8 regarding her conduct as planned?

4) As you might imagine, an unresolved 35 year labour case dating from 1985 with its genesis in B.C. where no compensation has been paid to this writer for a senior teacher lay-off solely on the grounds of economic reasons has, it is submitted here in the Ontario extension of this case, led to Doug Ford, Premier of Ontario resorting to 'Acts of Commission' reducing Canada to the parameters of Hitlerite Germany. The General Hospital was caught up in these machinations now forcing you to produce a Report which can be used in a secret mandamus court scheduled by Towngate on Feb. 27 where Small Debt Case #19-SC-155235 filed by me against Towngate Family Medicine (no Doctor named) requested my complete medical file be forwarded after I dispensed with the services of Dr. Jahagirdar on November 01-2019 for breaking doctor-patient confidentiality. I received most of the file on November 14-2019, but she withheld the correspondence which led her on October 15 to request my license suspension which followed from the Ministry using the pejorative term 'psychiatric' without any substantiation. My web site points out that eugenics, the lead scientific endeavor of pre- WWII and the psychiatric association were complicit in what happened in Nazi Germany with the whole science being dropped after WWII only to be reborn, it seems, under Doug Ford with an Ontario case of mine sitting in the dockets for 1-1/2 years now with no hearing date set. He has reduced Ontario and by extension Canada to a totalitarian state.

5) Included is a letter to the Ottawa Citizen dated January 14 which pretty much sums up the charge without noting the all-important national boycott by Postmedia, CBC, and the Epoch Times. I turned in 2004 to the streets of Ottawa as one consequence. No doubt you have been informed recently of the Placards as they relate specifically to you and psychiatrist Dr. Sarah Chan requesting donors to withhold partial 2020 donations.

6) I don't know who the witness list will include for Towngate although Dr. J. and the Towngate Staff will not appear according to the Towngate lawyer. I asked them to appear on my behalf but received no answer. (Dr. J. is the subject of a $10 million civil action filed recently: CV20ooo82659oooo) 

7) It is clear that Dr. J. was in contact with the General Hospital since her dismissal by me without notifying them of her termination. I queried Dr. Chan in that regard. "If you are so concerned about my state of mind, why don't you contact the Ministry of Transport-Medical as they will not respond to me?" (I have asked the Toronto Police Chief, Mark Saunders to seize my file from them. He has yet to reply.) She refused to contact the Ministry. She 'deferred' on my enquiry as to whether she had been in contact with Dr. J. since my incarceration.  

8) Should Counsel for Towngate provide her as a witness, I must have my medical file ASAP. How, it need be asked, can she comment on that file without it being produced?  Further, and of much significance, is why Dr.Li-Dr. Mann in two telephone conversations decided to commit me to the secure ward when the three doctors in the Boxing Day test thought the police would drive me home after completing these tests successfully? (The police did a bunker.) In short, the hospital permitted themselves to be used for political purposes in a most significant way from which incalculable damage has been done to the secure mental ward. Considering my barrage of letters to the 'management' between Dec. 27-Jan.3; there should have been an immediate enquiry.

9) One letter on this matter from a hospital bureaucrat included a non-functioning e-mail address. Do not send her back.

Yours truly,


Roger Callow

encl. Jan. 14 Letter to Ottawa Citizen

cc Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders

select Ottawa City Councillors                                                                   


January 26-2020


QUOTES: A) Believe me, we are more readily betrayed by our certainties than by our doubts and curiosities... 'Bureaucrats are the accursed of God, Mr. Morrison. They record everything and understand nothing. They invent a spurious mathematics by which every human factor is reduced to zero.' Lazarus Morris West

B) 'Men and women who lied for a living tended to be uncomfortable around those who valued the truth' anon  My response: 60% of a message is carried on body language. Ethical people do not fear my body language. RC

C) '...the party system has stifled genuine debate, polarized opinions in a totally unhelpful way and led to the sort of yahoo politics that get us nowhere.' A Fall From Grace  Robert Barnard  my response: There is no mention of party politics in the BNA Act of 1867.

D) 'No man who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetuate it. Martin Luther King


TO Sun Columnist Lorrie Goldstein TOPIC: The Holocaust

FROM  Roger Callow 'last of the Good Guys'


1) When visiting the museum in Munich a few years back, it is a credit to Germany that they tell the story of Nazi Germany pretty much the same as do our Canadian textbooks (which sanitize the worst crimes).

2) It is clear that, similar to Pavlov's Dog, you mark the calender for auspicious occasions such as Remembrance Day, a day I suggested to some veterans as one which should now confine itself to the military in which the GG would attend in civilian clothes. In brief, outside of that one day, we ignore the plight of the veterans in terms of badly needed assistance.

3) The perspective above in both cases applies particularly to the media which obviously has a check mark next to the 'auspicious day'. 

4) In the case of the Doug Ford government and his 'Acts of Commission'; he has moved us into a totalitarian state as evidenced by my web site: It was that step in Hitlerite Germany in the 1930's which started the ball rolling into the following atrocities. And not a peep out of the media! In brief, the Holocaust is here now in Canada.

5) Ford started with the apparently innocuous driver's license suspension 'in perpetuity' thus crippling all 'car cultures' followed by his version of 'the night and fog'; namely breaking into a residence; seizing the occupant and eventually throwing him - in my case - into a 9-day mental ward imprisonment as a 'political prisoner' at the General Hospital. CEO Dr. Kitts has yet to respond to this very serious politicization of medical care. Of course the Canadian media asks no questions: Postmedia, CBC, Epoch Times, President Trump and the Democrats;  have been warned against the threat to U.S. interests on both the above.

6) And you know what the most obscene part of the above story is? That no-one across Canada in my NEWSLETTER saw fit to speak out to this creeping totalitarianism provoking this PLACARD: CANADIANS DO NOT DESERVE A DEMOCRACY.

7) As to the Justice System, 'due process' is merely 'duly processed'. SEE web MEMORY LANE as to how former SCofC judge Frank Iacobucci is now head counsel for SNC Lavelin.

8) I chastised Cindy Blatchford for accepting a Postmedia Award as did you but I guess you wish to keep your job. In the spirit that 'sharks don't eat lawyers out of professional courtesy'; I am puzzled as to why the Sun which is draining red ink would go after their counterparts in CBC. Without the sports news which I don't read, the Sun would be history as per closures clear across the U.S. with only big newspapers able to survive. Getting the Ottawa election completely wrong in last year's Federal election wiped out media credibility. Further, I don't know of anyone below 50 reading a newspaper as it is all internet now.


Roger Callow   'last of the Good Guys'


JAN 24-2020

A letter to P.M. Trudeau which is a rarity these days:

January 24-2020

TO: P.M.Trudeau by e-mail plus encl. 8 pages inc. this one

FROM: Roger Callow  'last of the good guys'


REFERENCE: SHEER STUPIDITY Murderers getting new trials because Trudeau meddled

B. Lilley O.S. columnist Jan.24-2020 p. 8



Dear Justin, you just cannot get a break. Lilley criticizes you for your intervention while this writer criticizes you for failing to intervene in the Employee's Case:

1) It is not a matter of 'sheer' nor 'stupidity' as it is the business of the courts to make business for itself. I can already see the 'billable time' legal flaks lining up on this one. P.S. Treat Lilley kindly as he probably has not had a raise in 10 years and is positively rabid about the teachers even receiving a 1% increase. To be sure his job is safe as no sensible person would ever accept his assignment under those conditions.

2) Underlying the above message is that the public still believe that we have 'law and order' in Canada when the Wizard of Id claims that 'Nobody can order the law out of existence no matter how bad it gets'. And indeed it is bad as I personally can attest over the past 35 years in an unresolved labour matter where no compensation has been paid due to the judicial cupidity of over 50 judges. Put that one in your marijuana pipe and smoke it.

3) Enclosed is material relating to an action which I attempted to file in Ottawa Superior Court (NOT the Small Debts Court (SDC)19-SC-155235 where a mandamus court awaits action even though I have canceled it to lay the $10 million action against Dr. Jahagirdar (Dr. J.) in Superior Court although you wouldn't know it from this returned action from the Small Debts Court!!!

4) The immediate action you should take is to suspend the Registries for both courts until the desk clerks take a reading course...and pass it which it seems incumbent to include these days.

5) The rejection notice from the SDC reads: a) What it does not read is Submitted to wrong court  b) Other: incorrect format of all documents which is one of the worst Registry rejections which I have received as most other Registries are specific in their rejections. c)Filing fee is required to be paid by cheque if by mail and can be paid by debit or cash in person at the courthouse. Phone payments are not accepted. That was exactly the arrangement I made in writing to the Superior Court and confirmed orally at the counter when told that Mastercard was acceptable over the telephone. Further, I asked for the appropriate fee to be assigned as there have been increases ($160 in 2019 to $240 in 2020 in one instance)

With the assistance of a paralegal, I will revise my action; something I have been asked to do many, many times as the Justice System seeks to love ducking  their obligations.



6) You could put an end to this 35 year boondoggle but it will cost much taxpayer dollars. The alternative is to bolster an increasingly collapsing Justice System on a daily basis. It's a no-brainer. You choose. Until then, the U.S. should not deal with Canada; but that is another story


Yours truly, Roger Callow 'last of the Good Guys'


January 27-2020


TO: Anthony Bissonnette                                  FROM: Roger Callow - plaintiff

Mann Lawyers LLP                                                             1285 Cahill Drive #2001

11 Holland Ave. Ste. 300                                                 Ottawa, ON K1V 9A7

Ottawa, ON K1Y 4S1                                                         t: 613-521-1739

t: 613-722-1500                                                                f. 613-722-7677

f: 613-722-7677                                                                e-mail:           

pages: 2 sent by mail                                           web: employeescasecanada 2020 Legal Mail

Defendant: Towngate Family Medicine

REFERENCE: 19-SC-155235 (Ottawa Small Debt Court) copy enclosed to court



1) A rarely used mandamus court has a parallel in law known as a 'surety' in which one of the parties - usually an independent individual - is asked to post what is in essence a bond for payment should they lose their case. The law is quite specific in stating that it is not to be used for gaining legal edge in a case. That's the theory. The practice is that on two occasions I did post a surety and did not get justice. Indeed, in one case, I merely obtained the name of yet another judge which I charged with malfeasance which due to institutional failure, was never tested, a feature consistent with other judges so charged. ON currently has two such justices under these conditions providing Doug Ford with a major headache and why he is prepared to use 'Acts of Commission' reminiscent of Nazi Germany in its road to totalitarian government.

2) A mandamus court, in theory, is to promote justice similar to the above and yet by its very secretive nature where only a judge's non appealable Decision stands , places this court into the realm of totalitarianism. In England where this term originated, a mandamus court was considered a 'Court of Star Chambers' where the answer was pre-ordained. Today it is rarely used. In effect, such a court relegates Appeal Court procedures to the dust bin leaving massive unemployment among the legal fraternity (which is perhaps not such a bad idea).

3) So where did the order come from as neither yourself as Defendant and myself as Plaintiff made any such request for a mandamus court? The answer submitted here is the Law Society of Ontario, an outfit I have encountered before and rate them as less than ethical.

4) As you know, I wrote the Law Society regarding your representation of them on December 15-2019. The appointment of a mandamus court appears to be their answer which was not requested by either you or me. As such, it is interference in the course of Justice and the Small Debts Court is as tarnished in accepting this usurption of their mandate just as the General Hospital's mental ward was forever tarnished in holding myself for nine days as a political prisoner after I had passed all the medical tests.

5) Your case as presented is not only weak, it is non-existent as the Law Society would well realize. It could be that not only would an honest judge not be appointed to a hearing apart from a mandamus court, but the 'other kind' refused too knowing how I chew up scumbag judges and spit out the pieces. Hence the mandamus court held in secret was to be the answer

6) While I formally cancelled this case giving you the win under the most dubious circumstances so that you could ape the surety stunts I endured earlier, who is to say that this mandamus court will not go ahead anyway as the Small Debts Court has willingly shown themselves to already compromise themselves in this regard. Under such circumstances, I must be notified as to the location of the court as I wish to attend. That does not mean sending me a mail notice which arrives after the hearing or a '5 minute' notice in which the hearing is to be made. I would like at least 2 days prior notice.

7) This entire action above was raised to obtain that correspondence which Dr. Jahagirdar (Dr. J.) withheld from my returned medical record after I dismissed her on November 01-2019 for breaching patient confidentiality by discussing my case with others. Specifically, what correspondence was in her hands and from whom when on October 15-2019, she decided to call for my driver license suspension? My optometrist did not note any cognitive disorders in June of 2019 nor did he believe eyesight problems were a factor in asking for a suspension of my driver's license such as did Dr. J.  I have never been ordered psychiatric examination although I passed a battery of medical tests including an MRI and interviews with 3 separate doctors no doubt very puzzled as to what was going on after I was seized from my apartment on Boxing Day by police on a dubious Order signed by 'ex-sons' Chris and Greg Callow after my estate. (They aren't getting it as all funds now go to the National Geographic Endowment Fund. The family get nothing.) The seizure Order named only reference to a physician (one hour cursory examination) so why was I taken to the General Hospital? Further, my driving record with Allstate is impeccable.

8) I have recommended to Hospital CEO Dr. Jack Kitts to make a Report on this caper requesting, in that process, that Hospital donors withhold a portion of their 2020 donation depending on that Report to be signed personally by him. In a second letter, I asked for that medical Report and for him to also send a copy directly to the Ministry of Transport-Medical in order to have my 2-1/2 month Driver's license suspension lifted.

9) Cancelling the mandamus court does not resolve Doug Ford's (ON Premier) problem as to a case sitting idle in the dockets for 1-1/2 years without a court date and in which two ON judges are named for malfeasance since 2014 which the oversight bodies concerned failed to address. What he needs is a mandamus court judge to declare this individual as being unfit to have access to any ON court which would provide him the necessary excuse to cancel the above court. My suspicion here is that the mandamus court will go ahead regardless - or should I say 'irregardless' - of my formal cancellation of this Small Debts Court Case.

10) 19-SC-155235 is about disclosure; namely the 'missing link' letter of October 15 which Dr. J. refuses to divulge and Ottawa Mayor-Police Chief Sloly refuse to seize on my behalf. Once I have that, there is no need for any further legal action in this court of either description.

11) In place of the above, I have filed a $10 million suit against Dr. J. accusing her of fraud. The Superior Court is dragging their feet in getting back to me, a common feature in the history of this case. (PEI recently destroyed their Justice System for individuals in their bid which amounted to 'throwing the baby out with the bathwater'. SEE web site.)


Yours truly, Roger Callow Plaintiff


JAN. 23-2020


TO: Dr. Grosseilliers Eye Docs                             FROM: Roger Callow  patient

       PERSONAL                                                         1285 Cahill  Dr. #2001 Ottawa K1V 9A7

       1285 Kilborn Avenue                                     t. 613-521-1739  e-mail:

       Ottawa, ON K1H 6K9                                     web: RECENT 7



A) People who act like sheep get wolves for government.

B) No man is justified in doing evil on the ground of expedience. Teddy Roosevelt

C) He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetuate it.

     Martin Luther King



1) This letter is by way of acknowledgment and a personal thank-you for addressing my issue of an illicit driver's license suspension within your confines of being my optometrist. No other authority, and many were contacted, addressed the issue as directly as you did and I thank-you on that accord. Many others preferred to 'ghost' this serious issue including the media.

2) That letter of yours was the backbone of my case in Ottawa Small Debt Court 19-SC-155235 which was moved 'sideways' into a mandamus court. SEE enclosure NEWSLETTER this date as to those ramifications which are no fault of your own for an honest assessment.

3) It is of interest to note here that a Neo-Nazi would have no trouble finding a local chapter with international conventions while, in contrast, an ethical individual would not find any such organization in Canada. FAIR for whistleblowers recently threw in the towel complaining that all the tribunals were stacked with management types; a theme with which I can readily identify. In China Falun Gong believers are testament to a people who are willing to die for their beliefs in terms of live-body transplants (about 100 per day). Even their supporters such as lawyers are persecuted by the authorities. Epoch Times  in Canada has converted to 'Christian values of loving one another' which is poor balm to these Falun Gong victims in China whom they are ghosting. Throughout the world, except for Canada, people are rioting for, in essence, respect for the individual. I am not sanguine for a future Canada in that respect. If it can be said that it is lonely at the top; I am proof positive that loneliness is not the exclusive domain of the top people.


Once again, thank-you for your resoucefulness. (I am not asking anything further from you.)



Roger Callow  'last of the Good Guys'




BY: Roger Callow 'last of the good guys'  2020  MEDIA

focus: PEI Cann j. filed Jan. 06-2020 and received Jan.15-2020



1) Oh no, not again. PEI G.A. Cann j. pulls a fast one paralleling AB. The suit in PEI was against solely the Union for disclosure of the minute notes of a July 1985 Employer re-setting of the original June lay-off by the West Vancouver School Board of this senior teacher for economic reasons under the imposed BILL 35 which they purloined from the lawyer I had appointed to replace the Union lawyer. No compensation has ever been paid. The arbitration favouring the Employer  was quashed by the courts ruling, as Justice Mary Southin of the B.C. Supreme Court did in 1986, the arbitrator to be patently unreasonable. He had changed 16 new hires to read 16 lay-offs adding myself as the 17th. No trustee took the stand, in essence, to perjure themselves. She ordered the matter back to arbitration which never happened because the Employer refuses to recognize court oversight for imposed legislation (think imposed  carbon tax). A constitutional question was raised in N.S. in 2017 on just those lines but was sidetracked by the courts. Premier McNeil's reaction was to cancel the School Boards. He was not about to permit a wing nut School Board to repeat the West Vancouver experience.

2) PEI follows in the track of AB where I attempted to lodge a case there including B.C.'s Hinckson cj for fraud which was frustrated at the Edmonton court level Registry which didn't stop a Justice from assigning a docket number post laterally in order to dismiss the claim; exactly what Cann j. did. I was contacted by a consortium which cited this Edmonton judge plus others for civil fraud and invited to join to make big bucks at the taxpayer's expense. I declined for ethical reasons as I believe those judges should have been fired and tried criminally. Premier Jason Kenney and the media are only too silent on this national disaster. PEI wrote a similar judgment from the Registry implying that my case was complete even though the Union did not file a response. By applying the number SIGS-28780 post laterally, Cann j. is as guilty as those AB judges. In effect, he has smashed the PEI judiciary for all its citizens with his inopportune action.

3) In other provinces, the story is much the same. 'Slow Moe' of SK, despite my warnings that a 3-2 vote against SK with the carbon tax did not mean trying to persuade one judge to change sides on Appeal as Justice Canada had already decided the outcome and the only thing that the judges decide is on which side they write. The shenanigans in Saskatoon in 2019 has led to a case against the B.C. Employer's Harris & Co. and three judges for fraud in N.B.; no doubt a case in delay keeping Premier Higgs up at night.

4) After considerable delay, MB wrote in August 2019 that my drafts were 'not in the proper format'; a standard Registry snub. The latter day hippy, Brian Pallister, believes that he can make a deal with the devil regarding the carbon tax which NB has wisely backed off from.

5) My 2020 blog is now posted in which Doug Ford has moved to 'Acts of Commission' similar to Hitlerite Germany to chase me out of a case sitting idle for 1-1/2 years. Stealing my driver's license in perpetuity and throwing me in the Hospital mental ward for 9 days is all part of his

desperate scheme as he rewrites the code of conduct for Canada's judiciary. SEE web


POST IN STAFFROOM - email colleagues

January 14-2020



FROM: Roger Callow  t:613-521-1739  2020 MEDIA

REFERENCE: Diab files notice of $90M suit against government.


1) Both Diab and myself in separate actions lost our Appeals on the same day in 2014 on appeal from Decisions by Justice Robert Maranger. While Diab received copious news coverage, I received none even though I named two other judges for malfeasance of which charges were never acknowledged let alone tested by the oversight bodies. Doug Ford inherited that anomaly in 2018 with the laying of CV 18000 76950 0000 by me which has lain dormant for one and a half years. For other reasons, the B.C. Employer in this labour case is unable to acquire Ontario counsel any longer leaving Ford in a quandary as to what to do on his own.

2) In 2014, the focus was on the administrators arguments while in 2018, the focus has shifted 180 degrees to that of the victim Diab. We both agree on this assertion by Diab: '... (the purpose of the Justice Department)... is not to provide transparency or to prevent future miscarriages of justice, rather its purpose is to absolve the Department of Justice from any accountability and to shield senior officials at the department from further scrutiny,'

3) Recently Doug Ford has turned to Acts of Commission to clean up this mess thereby producing further disorder. Such acts were common to Hitlerite Germany.

4) Basically, there are two such actions here: a) lifting a driver's license for unexplained psychiatric reasons in perpetuity making all 'car societies' vulnerable and why I have called on President Trump where U.S. interests are particularly exposed, to nip this stunt in the bud. b) permitting the police to break into an apartment; seize the occupant and turn him over to the secure ward in the Ottawa General Hospital where for 9 days everyone knew I was a political prisoner. Normal stay is no more than 72 hours. The 4-room secure ward is forever tarnished on that level. Neither action would have happened if Mayor Watson and Police Chief Sloly had taken their responsibilities in this matter seriously. They can still act.

5) My call for the ouster of Doug Ford from all politics is based on a non-partisan basis for committing Canada to a totalitarian state.


Yours truly,  Roger Callow 'last of the good guys'


January 07-2019


TO: Epoch Times

ATTN: Cindy Gu  Publisher


FROM: Roger Callow




1) By accident, I checked my  phishing account where I saw a Dec. 20 expiration date for my subscription to the Epoch Times.


2) You advertise that you print the stories which others don't print. By avoiding the 'Employee's Case' and related Acts of Commission, that sounds a bit like 'John's Used Car Sales' where John has insisted that the word 'Honest' be placed in front of his name. Most of your articles can be found elsewhere on the internet.


3) The biggest disappointment with the Epoch Times relates to the pursuit of abuse against Falun Dafa which still goes on today to the tune of 100 live body transplants per day. I hardly think Christian prayers of 'loving your neighbor'; a Cindy Gu mantra, does much for the plight of these desperate people.


4) It is time to fish or cut bait on the national stories I represent; particularly  the Acts of Commission under Ontario Premier Doug Ford. SEE web site 2020 LEGAL MAIL. Hitler would have approved of Ford. Do you?


5) Unless you publish on the above topics, this is our last communication.


I remain,  Roger Callow  'last of the good guys'