NOV. 14-2020


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BY: Roger Callow  'KING OF THE WHISTLEBLOWERS' The 'squeaky wheel gets the grease and I have been squeaking for 35 years yet 'no grease'. Only in Canada, you say....  2020 RECENT 7 nov  MEDIA 

cc Walter E. Williams (U.S. Professor & Ottawa Sun columnist) / Deputy P.M. Chrystia Freeland


Unresolved 35 year labour case before over 50 judges sees destruction of Cdn. Justice System due to systemic judicial malfeasance  The only answer is what one sees around the world...hit the streets but please, no violence to people. It is a waste of time voting under these circumstances in Canada: VOTERS: FOOLS VOTING FOR OTHER FOOLS .Preceding NEWSLETTERS detail different aspects of this legal debauchery.(SEE web)



1) BACKGROUND: Could you get by without your driver's license? Most people could not and yet this is the central nazi-like scheme perpetrated in Ontario by  Franco Alulio (whom does not respond to my $10 million action against him) for perverting the license suspension forms in such fashion that they cannot be challenged. A.G. Doug Downey/plus NDP/Liberals/Media are MIA on the century's biggest institutional scam which has seen the collapse of the Ottawa Courts taking down with it all of Canada as a nation. The scam begins with Premier Ford who inherited this 'dirty biscuit' from the Liberals. Young Dr. Jahagirdar, family physician at Towngate Family Medicine was his agent. She conceded receiving an 'information' about Oct. 15 which prompted her to write a letter - to whom and what was stated - were redacted from my medical file which was rubber stamped by the investigating College of Physicians & Surgeons-ethics branch. After Nov. 1, she still called for a cognitive test for me. I had dismissed her on Nov. 1 but she continued her relationship with the Ottawa Hospital regardless. The particular arrangements with the Hospital for Boxing Day when I was seized from my apartment on a specious court Order had to be pre-arranged from the top; notably CEO Dr. Jack Kitts and his successor, Cameron Love. As I passed those tests including an MRI, the cover-up began with my 9 day incarceration in the mini lock-down ward in which the highly duplicitous young psychiatrist, Dr. Sarah Chan attempted, in league with Dr. J., to overturn the hospital results in Jan. 2020. The ensuing $10 million lawsuit laid against the hospital by me was lifted by Ottawa Justice. C. MacLeod without a hearing so I sued him only to have Master Kaufman repeat MacLeod's folly of no hearing. Hence Canada as a nation, to cut the story short, is no more. PLACARD  STAY OUT OF A CANADIAN COURTROOM UNLESS YOU FIRST BUY THE JUDGE


2) INTERPRETATION: As Alulio gave no reason for his suspension on 'psychiatric grounds'; I posit the information Dr. Jahagirdar received was an appeal to sanction  his action. Her letter, in short, would state that she was not a psychiatrist and would only use the term 'cognitive' impairment which had yet to be tested (which is the only term used on the suspension forms and is re-testable; 'psychiatric' is not; particularly as no explanation  was given in the suspension form). Pandemonium must have broken out when I passed the medical tests including an MRI at Xmas


3) The insidious nature of this type of suspension by Alulio is that a target may not enlist legal counsel. The one I had on other matters dropped out and no lawyer would pick up the slack hence all my court actions go under my own name. I may be somewhat proficient at laying actions; even against lawyers and judges (SEE web); but Joe Public would lack this expertise. Further it should be noted that a driver's license is an essential form of identification in other venues hence what Alulio is getting away with here is a game-plan for a cottage industry for organized crime which would be the envy of Nazi Germany. President Trump does not see the clear and present danger to U.S. interests in this regard; perhaps incoming President Biden will snuff this Canadian action as a means of protecting U.S. interests as even Deputy P.M. Chrystia Freeland appears disinterested. Other international interests should avoid Canadian law courts until a resolution is found.



NOV. 08-2020                                      "HELL NO,WE WON'T GO!"

TO: Chrystia Freeland - Deputy P.M.    FROM: Roger Callow  Plaintiff  in many legal cases      

by fax: 613-996-9607  PAGES 1 RECENT 7 nov. Sub-title  MEDIA           

cc President Trump (via U.S. Embassy-Ottawa 613-241-7845)

cc Walter E Williams  itinerant SUN columnist & U.S. Economics Professor:

QUOTE: Reptiles do not die until the sun goes down. Any rancher knows better than to immediately put his hand near the head of a decapitated venomous snake.


1) Stalin said it best: Losers vote, winners count the vote. In Canada's case in the mid 1990's under the Chretien gov't., the QC separatists were holding a badly worded plebiscite which Chretien was inclined to ignore...until he didn't, mounting up 'Captain Canada' with a bus load of supporters to whisk down to Montreal and 'win the day'. 'English money and the Jewish vote' groused the Premier. No it wasn't. The Feds 'outcounted' the separatists in the stuffed ballot box business. It reminded me of the Duke of Wellington's statement in defeating the French in Spain: 'Our rabble were better than their rabble.'

2) Still on the Canadian scene; the media has made a fetish of former Justice Minister, Jody Wilson Raybould, in her stand against the P.M. over the SNC Lavalin Case not caring that what happened to her by the Privy Council was visited on me by her in 2016 all depends on whose ox is being gored.

3) President Biden is not keeping his powder dry until Jan. 20 when he receives the keys to the White House to announce some policies such as canceling Trump's U.S.-Mexican wall and patriating Mexican children; some of them vicious criminals. Metaphorically, he is already tossing Trump's furniture onto the White House lawn for all to see.

4) Biden can be expected to cancel Meng Whazhou's  (Huawei) deportation order request from the U.S. saving the ass of the Canadian Justice system. Trump always considered this FBI induced caper to be little more than a bargaining chip with China; the point being that now Biden hopes to receive kudos at the personal expense of Trump.

5) Trump has unwisely ignored the 'Franco Alulio' driver license scam which is a threat to both countries (SEE web). That would be a big feather in Biden's cap who along with Trudeau can be seen to pillory the ON Tory gov't. of Doug Ford and his henchmen by actively intervening. Trump may wish to call him out on his stand in this case with international impact.

6) What does all this have to do with Deputy Leader and heir presumptive of the Liberal Party, Chrystia Freeland, who is credited with USMCA success? While it is for future newsletters to detail, the bottom line is that if she does not resolve the Employee's Case quickly, it can only redound on her as a colossal failure to her and the country at large. It is now her bet noire.


Respectfully submitted, Roger Callow 'The Outlawed Canadian' snuffed out by all Canadian institutions including the politicians, courts and media. Only Chrystia Freeland can save the day for Canada with a quick resolution to the Employee's Case.


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