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JUNE 30-2020

REFERENCE: O.S. p.8 Psychiatric doctors condemned for experiments on violent patients Mark Bonokoski:

...Dr. Elliott Barker, in a paper published in 1968 during the program's initial years, raised the spectre of emulating Nazi experiments on human beings but said his own experiments were different. Bono: That alone is scary enough.


1) What I find disturbing about this article is that this decades old class action which I knew nothing about is now published because of a Court Decision. On those grounds, the media justify themselves with their silence on the unresolved  35 year Employee's Case because there is no final Court Decision due to the chicanery of over 50 judges where the real problem lies; not the so-called 'law of the land'. Huawei's  Meng with the recent B.C. Justice Heather Holmes Decision after 18 months suffers a similar plight. I told Bono to ignore her Decision and print instead the Defense argument which would reveal, it is submitted here, a Canadian fraud on a massive scale leaving everything flowing from Canada's arrest of her 'null and void'. Meng under these circumstances would return to China (and could sue Canada).

2) The story above shows how systematic injustice is before Canada's judges who are given a free ride by the above media mentality. For example, in 2014, University professor Hassan Diab was deported based on Ottawa Judge Robert Maranger's Decision in a highly publicized case based on a single dated signature. In probating a will, I was told that 24 current signatures were required (e.g. a senior must sign and date his signature every day) although 12 would do. Maranger had a single 20 year old signature from a foreign entity which was roundly criticized by Canadian specialists provided by the Defense Counsel. He accepted a French so-called specialist (P.S. France nor the U.S. do not deport citizens on this basis) on the one faulty signature. In short, the Decision was written before Maranger walked into court and Harper's Minister of Justice, Nicholson, used it to deport Diab to France. He is now back in Canada suing the gov't for $90 million.  I had a similar experience before Maranger at the same time in 2014. The one hour hearing in which I requested disclosure which was not met ended at 12 noon with the Decision to be down at 2 P.M. in which it made no reference to what transpired in that hearing (it was pre-written). Both Diab and myself lost Appeal Court Hearings (all Appeal Courts are political courts) on the same day in different court rooms in Ottawa. PLACARD: POGO / WE HAVE SEEN THE ENEMY AND HE IS THE CANADIAN JUDGES  Hence media chicanery is following on the heels of judicial chicanery leaving individual Canadians nowhere to turn for redress. I call it Institutional Autism where institutions speak only to other institutions with the individual coming off second best, if at all.


Roger Callow  (



JUNE 29-2020                                                    NEWSLETTER

Financial scams by relatives on senior citizens  2 pages

BY: 78 year old Roger Callow in fit physical, mental, and emotional health is being victimized by two 'ex-sons' seeking control over his assets which have now been consigned to National Geographic which does good work for children in Africa. The family get nothing.


REFERENCE: O.C. NP2 June 29-2020 2020 MEDIA June 29

'...Wellness stems from dignified access to health and basic needs, "not a uniformed officer banging on your door' she said.(the mental health person) N.B. In my case, the police used a key to barge in supplied by an 'ex-son' which he was not supposed to have. My chronically ill estranged wife turned her key back to me last September when she moved out at my request and into the Hunt Club Manor after 45 years of a good marriage. He used his key to break into my apartment without my knowledge or consent while I was illicitly confined for 9 days in the Ottawa Hospital. Again, Chief Sloly failed to investigate any of these transgressions leading for my call for his termination by City Council. There were other transgressions by Sloly in his failure to notify me that he would not be turning up in court on Feb. 27 where I had him listed as a witness. The theme here is 'I can't breathe-legally'.


1) The basic premise of the article is that all police wellness checks which I have experienced on more than one occasion are for mental incapacities of the target. That is not the case here.

2) Courts of law are on the look-out for such victimization of seniors but in my personal case, the court abetted abuse which Ottawa Police Chief P. Sloly refuses to investigate. Indeed, if he were to obtain my complete medical record from my former family Doctor, the young Dr. Jahagirdar (Dr. J.)of Towngate Family Medicine, he would find a fraud was perpetuated by her in which I have a $10 million legal action.

3) Her lawyer, Anthony Bissionnette when I sued him in turn for fraud (CV 20 82889) reporting the matter to the discreditable ON Legal Society which does not respond to their legal mail as a matter of habit, called the police to run a 'wellness check' on me which he later denied in a hearing on Feb. 27-2020 before Deputy Justice Rosalind Conway whom I requested to recuse herself for failing to call for key disclosure of medical records. 'I did not', he stentoriously denied to my 'The police said you did and I believe the police'. Bissionnette and Conway said nothing to that riposte.

4) '...When she is called , Baker (mental health worker in Surrey, B.C.) checks the person's health record, which police cannot do....' If a check had been conducted here, it would reveal that I had successfully completed a physical examination in August 2019 with Dr. J. before my estrangement from my wife in September on my own request for 'bad mouthing' me with family and Dr. J. The College of Physicians & Surgeons (CPSO) whitewashed Dr. J.'s redacted letters in 2020 which is the basis of my charge of fraud against her. A second charge has not been acknowledged by CPSO in which it is alleged that the young highly duplicitous staff psychiatrist, Dr. Sarah Chan of Ottawa General Hospital in Jan.-2020 sought to superimpose a joint condemnation of my mental health with Dr. J. over the successful tests I completed on Boxing Day including an MRI. I had been seized by police on a highly questionable court order signed by indigenous J.P. Louise Logie by my two 'ex-sons' on Dec. 19 whose own son, a member of the Ottawa police force, is under suspension. Again, we do not know what was before her but obviously not a medical report.

5) Recently, I passed my yearly Optometrist test where I was told once again that he has no concern about me driving; the same observation he made in June of 2019.

6) An action has been registered against Franco Alulio, Deputy Minister of Transportation - Medical (CV 20 82943) to which he did not respond. As matters stand, he acted on his own recognizance to suspend my driver's license for unsubstantiated reasons. When A.G. Doug Downey failed to intervene, I requested that the Office of Prime Minister arrange to have him charged as a willing accessory to this perceived fraud plus invoke a trusteeship over the Ottawa Courts. There has been no answer to date.

7) The Ottawa General Hospital under CEO Dr. Jack Kitts refused to give me a copy of the Boxing Day test results. I am including a copy of this letter to new CEO, Cameron Love, to fulfill that omission.  Otherwise he should not take his oath of office. While reluctant to do so, I have called for a suspension of donations to the Hospital for the 2020 year as Nazi Germany tactics must be exposed in this case and corrected.

8) The above article points out that of the major cities, only Ottawa does not have  community based support teams of a police officer and a mental health worker.

9) My current concern is that the Ottawa police will arrive with two medical 'committee' Doctors to remove me to a psychiatric institution where I will have no connection with the outside world. There is no justifiable reason for such incarceration as my apartment is impeccable but once the papers have been signed - much like Nazi Germany - there is little protection for an individual abused time and time again by the authorities in Canada.

10) Currently the hope is on U.S. Professor Walter Williams who specializes in discrimination and has a column in the Ottawa Sun to act on behalf of U.S. interests involved, considering that the Republicans (President Trump) and Democrats (NY times) remain mute; particularly on the driver license scam negatively impacting all car cultures. Fellow black U.S. columnist in the O.S., Larry Elder, is a William's supporter and may be called on for support.

11) A copy goes to P.M. Trudeau but not to the ON Legal Society nor A.G. Doug Downey nor CPSO for what's the use, considering these Institutions suffer collectively from Institutional Autism where the individual comes second best if at all.


Respectfully submitted,


Roger Callow


JUNE 24-2020


TO: Lorne Gunter O.S. p.17 June 24 Social media, cancel culture, and Maoist shaming circles

FROM: Roger Callow


MESSAGE: A contrast between Henry Ford F (autos) and the Employee's Case EC (legal matter)

1) F. 'You can have any colour you like, as long as it is black. EC. You can have any judge you like, as long as he is disreputable-I have had over 50 in 35 years in an unresolved labour matter.

2) F. 'You can have any opinion you want, so long as it is ours.' EC. You can file as many legal cases as you want, (9 out of 10 provinces) so long as the media never reports on this national disaster making it their own.

3) Maoist denunciation circles: 'In the end, the accused always lost his job and social position'

EC Imposed BILL35 (B.C. 1985) a banana republic Bill, had the same effect for senior high school teacher Roger Callow laid off for 'whistleblowing'.

4) Margaret Wente (senior fellow of Massey College whom courteously  resigned) 'The college principal (as principals and university presidents typically do in such cases), threw Wente under the mob's runaway bus amid administrative cover-up...If I were Margaret, I'd sue for defamation. EC The North Shore News threw me under the bus on libel from two School Trustees before the arbitration even commenced  which the court later quashed ruling the arbitrator to be 'patently unreasonable'. He had changed 16 new hires to read 16 lay-offs with myself to be the necessary 17th. There were no lay-offs in June of 1985 in West Vancouver. I have been suing for fraud for years. SEE 2) EC .

That is the legal arbitrary duplicity which Huawei's Meng has walked into.

5) There was more diversity of opinion allowed within the Inquisition. And the McCarthy anti-Communism hearings. EC Got it in one!


OUTCOME: N.S. dropped their School Boards with QC to follow so that no wing-nut School Board takes a leaf out of the West Vancouver School Trustee's  'Final Solution' which has decimated Canada's Justice system for all time.


JUNE 16-2020


TO: CPSO- Ethics Division : LOGO Trusted Doctors Providing Great Care

(sounds like John's Used Car Sales insisting the word 'honest' be placed in front of his name)

College of Physicians and Surgeons / 80 College St / Toronto, ON M5G 2E2 / t.(800)268-7096

REFERENCE: Your 1110655

FROM: Roger Callow / 1285 Cahill Dr. #2001/ Ottawa, ON K1V 9A7 2020 MEDIA June 16  



1) Acknowledgement of Inspector Svetlana Goltsman's duplicitous account dated June 04-2020 and received June 15-2020 is made.

2) I don't know whom to warn against whom...the highly duplicitous ON Legal Society with unacknowledged complaints dating back to 2014 with two outstanding malfeasance matters relating to judicial malfeasance (Acts of Omission) or alternatively, CPSO with their 'whitewash' techniques regarding my former Ottawa Family Physician, young Dr. Jahagirdar (Dr. J.) with her redacted letters in her returned medical file to me. (Acts of Commission). Both tactics were used extensively in 1930's  Nazi Germany.

3) The mere fact that CPSO has an embedded sister organization for any challenge to them speaks legion about their ethics. Indeed, as CPSO knows, I did not go that route with my original challenge to Dr. J's actions whom I label as an 'inveterate liar'. Dr. J. sent material on Oct. 15 - to whom and to what purpose we do not know - but presumably CPSO did see the unexpurgated accounts. Regrettably Ottawa Police Chief Sloly whose Department is a 'trainwreck' did not acquire those complete records at my request. In short, he could have arrested Dr. J. if she refused claiming medical ethics take precedence to the law of the land where a medical file belongs to the patient. It was a slap in the face of the Justice System when he did not appear in a Feb. 27 hearing as a witness not even giving notice that he would not appear. I have called for his dismissal by the Mayor and City Council which are aware that his failure is at the root cause of a number of extant legal cases.

4) Hence, as well known to CPSO, the first complaint dated to November 01- 2019, the day that I dismissed Dr. J. The second complaint - which CPSO conveniently includes along with the first - dates from that time to January 03-2020 where she actively represented my interests with the Ottawa Hospital after being dismissed. That matter culminated on January 03-2020 with a second highly duplicitous staff  psychiatrist, young Doctor Sylvia Chan whom, it is submitted here, conspired with Dr. J. to supplant a Boxing Day complete physical test including an MRI which I passed, with their own psychiatric evaluation to justify the illicit 9-day lock-down in the secure mental ward for 9 days for unknown reasons. In essence, I was the Hospital's first political prisoner in this 'night and the fog' episode. (SEE web for details.)

5) I sued the Hospital for $10 million for damages (CV20 82847) which caused the Hospital to hi-jack Justice C Macleod -an action was later laid against him as well (CV20 83096)- for turning the entire Justice System (not much of one in any event) upside down by merely dropping the action so that now powerful interests can avoid Canadian courts altogether by 'buying a judge'. That is where Meng of Huawei must have gone wrong.

6) As matters now stand, we do not know whom Deputy Minister of Transport-Medical, Franco Alulio (CV 20 82943) was in contact with when he chose to pervert the forms to deprive me of my driver's license in perpetuity. I have called on the Federal government to include ON A.G. Doug Downey as a willing conspirator due to his silence on a scam which could easily become a cottage interest for organized crime. At present, only black U.S. economics professor writing in the Ottawa Sun, Walter Williams, stands for all North American drivers in our car culture - both black and white (SEE web: Gang of 40 june NEWSLETTER June 17 'I can't breathe legally')

7) In summary, I call it 'Institutional Autism' where institutions speak only to other institutions with the 'individual' in our society coming second best if at all. CPSO has identified themselves as 'part of the problem' leaving their credibility in tatters...ON Legal Society? Move over, you have company.


Yours truly,  Roger Callow


JUNE 01-2020



TO: Ministry of A.G., Doug Downey     FROM: Roger Callow

McMurtry-Scott Bdlg.                               1285 Cahill Drive #2001

720 Bay Street                                            Ottawa, ON M7A 2S9

Toronto, ON M7A 2S9                              t:613-521-1739 e-mail:

                                                                       web: 2020 JUNE 01 MEDIA

TOPIC: Driver License suspension MTO-Medical # 001111960

cc Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to lay a charge of being a co-conspirator against A.G. Doug Downey with Franco Alulio Deputy Minister of Transportation-Medical (CV20 82943) whom has not responded in any way to the charge noted above.

cc P.M. Trudeau / ON

Liberal leader Steven del Duca



1) Ontario A.G. Doug Downey's abject failure to respond to a letter from me dated March 23-2020 with a Second Request dated April 14-2020 and a Third dated May 28-2020 on the very serious matter of a driver license suspension of this plaintiff in such fashion that it is permanent contrary to the forms and the law negatively affecting all drivers in car cultures, is noted. He now becomes a co-conspirator and should be charged by the Prime Minister accordingly. The ramifications of this failure reverberate in all judicial decisions in Canada as no-one can trust to the Canadian Justice System including Huawei's Meng.

2) In absence of a personal response from Downey with his own signature giving the necessary disclosure from Alulio's file which I have requested and for which Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunderson refuses to acquire on my behalf, to lay the charge noted above. Downey must provide all material from Alulio if indeed any exists by June 14-2020.

3) Based on present circumstances, there is no evidence that Alulio possesses any material in support of his aberrant suspension of my driver's license.


4) To declare on my own recognizance that the ultra vires driver's license suspension is not applicable hence I will be renewing my right to drive quite apart from so-called legalities.

5) Churchill would roll over in his grave to see a democracy reduced to such as the above which in fact makes of Canada a Third World Country undeserving of the label 'democracy'.

6) Recently, Ontario underwent a form of this type of 'reverse osmosis' when the military blew off the cover of the long-standing abuse in Ontario's Rest Homes due to the COVID-19 outbreak which was widely known to the public, the media and the politicians without anything being done about these deplorable conditions. The has demonstrated this institutional failure in many organizations  particularly the Justice System.

I call it 'Institutional Autism' where the individual comes second best or worse as is usually the case. In brief, Military Reports are now a mainstay in our society.


Yours truly, Roger Callow awaiting a 'military report'


JUNE 01-2020



FROM: 1)  Roger Callow  self represented Plaintiff

1285 Cahill Drive  #2001 Ottawa, Ontario K1V 9A7

t. 613-521-1739  e-mail:  Sub-heading MEDIA june 01


TO: 2) Cavanagh LLP re Ken Dixon esq

ATTN: S. Cavanagh - principal shareholder

400-411 Roosevelt Avenue

Ottawa, Ontario K2A 3X9

t.613-780-2027  f.613-569-8668



1) No response to my letter of May 26-30 was received by the due date of May 29-2020.

2) SEE Letter to A.G. Doug Downey dated June 01-2020 web site under sub-heading MEDIA june written by me as one consequence of Cavanagh's failure to respond.

3) You are advised against any more 'back-door' private side-bars with figures in the Ottawa Court House. Your travesty with Master Kaufman was noted and reported to the Ontario Legal Society. Until they report back, considering that my charge against you for fraud which is still pending for a file number, you would be ill-advised to approach them again under these circumstances even though Kaufman's illicit Report appeared to recommend such action. Considering that the Legal Society is not known to respond to their legal mail, Cavanagh LLP might like to check with their Insurance Indemnity fund for this charge promises to be a long drawn-out affair.

4) You are still advised that production of the Partnership Agreement of Towngate Family Medicine Clinic is required for both cases of fraud against Cavanagh LLP's Ken Dixon esq. and their client, Alexander Bissonnette esq. for separate reasons. Any court appearance will have this demand for disclosure front and center. At that time, I will make claim that a prima facie case exists for the court to recommend criminal prosecution against the two lawyers. Not to do so makes the court look complicit in 'protecting one (or two in this case) of its own' at the expense of the laws of the land.

5) You are also reminded that P.M. Trudeau has repeatedly been advised by me to invoke a trusteeship over the Ottawa Courts until this whole matter of the Employee's Case is sorted out with international connections to boycott commercial and diplomatic contact with Canada in the interim.


Yours truly,


Roger Callow plaintiff


cc P.M. Justin Trudeau 'Repository'