TO:  Prime Minister Justin Trudeau  via fax: 613-941-6900  2  pages  2020 MEDIA july

FROM: Roger Callow Plaintiff in an unresolved 35 year labour case wherein the West Vancouver School Board #45 refuse to pay any compensation due to the fact that they do not recognize court oversight of imposed legislation although they lost a case on this level in 1986. I have been left in limbo by over 50 judges who claim all my attempts to resolve this legal matter are merely frivolous and vexatious as a means of evading their responsibilities. I am not isolated as a victim before a powerful opponent in this regard as cases abound on this level. For example, Huawei's Meng was being treated as a defenseless individual until China stepped in although the recent B.C. Justice Heather Holme's aberrant 'non-Decision' is hamstringing this case by refusing disclosure; a common theme in Canadian jurisprudence.




1) The above website is replete in describing how the Employer blackmailed B.C. Justice Mary Southin in 1986 into covering up a fraudulent second meeting of the School Board in July of 1985 after they learned of my challenge to my senior teacher lay-off for economic reasons.


2) We now see a repeat of that stunt in Ontario. (Aspects of this case have been filed in every province except Nfld./Lbdr.) The basic judicial problem continues to be the failure of  Canadian institutions involved (currently  The Canadian Council of Judges and The ON Legal Society) to even acknowledge the charges let alone examine them. The thinking seems to be that as long as the politicians and the media remain mute on judicial abuse, it must be acceptable. It is not.


3) On July 13-2020, I received yet another action by the duplicitous Master Kaufman:

a) On March 31-2020, while the court was shut down by COVID 19 regulations, Kaufman on his own recognizance and without taking argument, dropped my charge against Justice MacLeod CV 20 83096 for being frivolous and vexatious. No Chief Justice (Murawetz) would let any such personage in Kaufman's position to ever sit on related matters to this case but apparently the Ottawa Courts march to a different drummer. The charge against Macleod was hardly frivolous and vexatious in that he dropped two cases CV 20 82659 (Dr. Jahagirdar of Towngate Family Clinic) for fraud) and CV 20 82847 (Ottawa General Hospital for a related conspiracy in a matter right out of Nazi Germany's 'night and the fog' 9 day illicit incarceration of this plaintiff last Xmas.) MacLeod j. never responded to that action and yet he turned the Justice System upside down so that no powerful force will ever go to a court of law. They will just 'buy off a judge' = anarchy.

RESPONSE TO KAUFMAN'S ORDER CV 20-82993 (Dr. Vanderwaetere of Towngate Family Clinic-July 13) REASONS FOR DECISION

(1) This is the fourth request to dismiss one of the plaintiff's claims. RESPONSE (R) By whom and under which authority? If the allegations of conspiracy are 'vague' that can only be because the judges refuse disclosure. Sufficient evidence exists substantiating the plaintiff's claims so such as 'doesn't make his case' complaint is stillborn. Kaufmann would list such an item as disclosure as having the same weight as all other claims which I maintain is duplicitous.


Dr. Vanderwaetere's request to dismiss under Rule 2.1

(2) The defendant requests an Order...dismissing this action ... frivolous and vexatious. R. To be polite, Dr. V. wouldn't know a court order from a parking ticket. In brief this is the action of the un-named Alexander Bissonnette (B.), himself the target of an action for fraud CV20 82889 hence is ineligible to make this request as I submit Kaufman is well aware. B. included this information to me in which I mailed a response to the Court. Obviously I got very short shrift.

(3) ...I have read and considered the plaintiff's representations, and it is therefore unnecessary to direct the registrar to give notice to the plaintiff that the Court is considering making an order under Rule 2.1  R. Even Kaufmann is unsure of his authority and seeks to come from behind with the Registry to bully them into acting first. He should be fired for such a blatant act of chicanery.

The plaintiff's complaint against Dr. Vanderwaetere (Dr. V.)

(4) & (5) ...the plaintiff alleges that Dr. V. "has perverted the course of justice in a mandamus court held on February 27...particularly as it relates to key disclosure information. R. The entire legal argument of B. for Towngate was that the over-riding clinic had no say in the operation of the clinic and the Doctors therein. Whether it was as a 'mandamus court' or 'dispute agreement court' the Partnership Agreement (public knowledge) is pertinent to their argument. Conway j. failed miserably in not providing me with that document making my case 'stillborn' in her court. That's why I called for her to recuse herself which she refused to do. Now Kaufmann would seek to add his perfidy on top of her perfidy much like it happened 35 years ago in the broader issue. Again, Huawei's Meng is susceptible to this type of legal scam.

(6) The defendant attached the endorsement of Deputy judge Conway. While evidence is not admissible under 2.1 (frivolous & vexatious), the Court is entitled to consider judicial decisions in other cases 1 D.'Souza v. Landlord and Tenant Board, 2019 ONSC 7250 at para.14.

R. I was never presented this case study and I certainly question how a rinky dink tenant dispute rates up there with accusations of detailed fraud. Did Kaufmann use this case and how so? He doesn't say. B. telling me that there is a system to obtain this information from the Privacy Commissioner is little more than a bad joke as he well knows. In 2004, I received an earlier such request dating from 1986 and still the key information was missing. Conway j. whom had a private side-bar with B. before I was called into the hearing chambers erred badly on this point and others. She wouldn't reveal on which authority this Feb. 27 hearing was requested and by whom.

(7) Based on the foregoing, the plaintiff's claim is that she did not appear at a settlement conference in Small Claims Court (which he incorrectly describes as a 'Mandamus Court') to deliver the medical documents (which belong to the patient) he was requesting. This is a clear case of abusive legislation and this action is hereby dismissed under Rule 2.1.01 R. Kaufmann rolled over the Registry. The only clear abuse is this document by Master Kaufmann.


4) In summary, Canada is in a state of collapse, taking out with it, Justin Trudeau, the politicians, the media, various institutions...did I leave anyone out? Does anyone know? Does anyone care? I think not. Over to you, Ottawa Sun writer U.S. professor Walter Williams







BY: Roger Callow (former public high school teacher) MEDIA july



1) Elite charter schools have their place for 'people who can keep up'; socially, financially, and academically.' One administrator estimated that proportion at about 50%. Those critical of the public system going to the private system find that any criticism of the latter is heavily muted. As one private school teacher put it; if a 'C' student at public school decides to elevate his or her standing at private school, they will still be a 'C' with this difference; they will be at the bottom of the class.

2) Scholarships are used to raid the public schools for top students which is collected in spades as alumni are on the hook the rest of their lives for contributions. I invited one top student to be in our school debating club which he declined. When he got a scholarship for the private school, he turned up at a debate because the school told him to be there. Arguments were to be prepared by individual school teams both public and private which our public school did but I saw this private school circulating a group creation which was against the rules. In short, the private school is there to win not merely to participate in an academic atmosphere. Also all boys in this particular school had to play rugby. Hitler would have approved of that.

3) The big benefit for those graduating from Private School and prestigious universities? Top corporate jobs through the 'old school tie' connection. Many of them 'fall their way to the top' as looking out for their compatriots (the top 1% of earners) is their goal.

4) The downside? An excessive amount of sexual predation. My room-mate from England came from a family with its own crest and he had the best of education in a private boarding school. To these people, boarding schools are really the only elite. He never said, but he did not have relationships with women  and when anyone accidentally brushed by him, he froze right up. He was not a homosexual. I presumed he had been exposed to sexual predation. (Died in a hunting accident the year after I left.) Justin Trudeau taught at one such Vancouver School known for its predation.

5) Private school teachers are paid on much the same scale as public teachers otherwise they would not attract anyone. The difference lies in that private school teachers are loaded with extra-curricular activities. The Debate teacher mentioned above begrudgingly had to be in attendance. Public students and teachers were there of their own free volition which is the only way to go as far as I am concerned.

6) Recently, Elmwood Private School for girls took their annual photograph (almost entirely caucasian) showing that all graduates had been accepted at a University. How is that done? Even Professor Williams makes note of the fact that mediocre students are squeezed out. One family I knew well had two out of the three students in Private School with the third being relegated back to the Public System. Another highly placed family had 3 sons; the first two with the necessary capabilities to survive the private school system; the third not so. In Ottawa, a special private school was set up for these 'low hanging fruit' types so, one and at the same time, the students received a high school diploma without negatively impacting the ratings of the main school stream.

7) In short, private schools do not make 'silk purses out of sow's ears. They do manipulate the system primarily at the expense of the public field making specious claims as to academic superiority when what they really provide is social exclusivity.


NEWSLETTER  - web: MEDIA July 4-2020

(Dedication to the U.S. on their birthday considering Cdn. public and media can't read)



 cc U.S. Economics Professor, Walter Williams (writes in Ottawa Sun) to protect U.S. interests.


BY: Roger Callow - gov't. and court target for whistle blowing. (35 year unresolved labour matter before over 50 judges)

...Of course Canada may play a game of 'eating its cake and having it too' (PLACARD / HYPOCRISY - CANADA DOES IT BEST). In brief, the 'independent' court system will release Meng on a legal technicality which, one and at the same time, protects their corrupt Justice System while giving observation to Trudeau's separate personal protection system. A gullible media will love that solution. Indeed, if that seizure had taken place today, all Vancouver Chief Justice Hinckson whom I accused of fraud in 2018, has to do is quote the recent Ottawa Justice Calumn MacLeod's 'final solution'; namely, just to drop the charge (which I had against the Ottawa Hospital for its version of the Nazi 'night and the fog' for $10 million). In brief, rather than hiring a legal outfit with its interminable delays in the Meng case, China would merely pay Hinckson to drop the case from the docket possibly in return for paying the University tuition fees of his children. Financially, it's a no-brainer.


WARNING: Similar to most court cases, this tome was pre-written

1) 'I don't know what you do in your classroom, but the parents are all up in the air.' (former West Vancouver School Superintendent Ed Carlin in 1985) 'Nobody complains to me'. (senior teacher Roger Callow) 'That's because they are all afraid of you'.

2) Take one classroom lesson with an attachment to the Huawei's  Meng story. In 1753, the growing Br. power sent a fleet to the Falkland Islands controlled by a weakened Sp. force. They invited the Sp. Admiral from around the island for a cup of tea so that the Admiral could count how much he was outgunned. At the end of the tea, he is invited to depart with his forces to which, of course, he says 'no', the expected answer. The next day, the Br. sail around the island and shoot a cannon across the bow of a Sp. ship which readily surrenders. The Sp. fleet is then permitted to depart intact. The victory is obvious to the Br. public so why is the Sp. public applauding? Well, the Sp. stood up to the bully and after a bloody conflict, escaped with their fleet intact. Everybody happy and another war averted.

3) Applying the same end-game above to Huawei's  Meng: The media choose sides on how to handle the case; some say send her over the border to the U.S.; others say return her to China rejected by the P.M. who fears personal retribution to family. ANS. The Justice system finds a loop-hole to return Meng to China and China returns the two Michaels whom, if they were spying, it was not for Canada hence no spy-swap was possible. Both Trudeau and China win.

4) Is it a conspiracy? Heavens no as everyone is playing from the same songbook much like those Xmas pageants where the story is known and everyone knows their part.

5) The gullible Canadian public have such faith in their 'law and order' fiction of a Justice System, that this stunt is acceptable. To most, they just want 'an end to it all as they are worn out' by demands to support the two Michaels which they didn't in terms of public protests.

6) All this happens due to Institutional Autism where institutions speak only to other institutions and where the individual comes second best if at all in a country which failed to 'stand on guard for thee' in all aspects of this sorry legal case. Bon voyage, Meng!