BY: Roger Callow 2020 MEDIA Aug. 09

Unresolved 35 year labour case before over 50 judges sees destruction of Cdn. Justice System due to systemic judicial malfeasance. This case is not unique regarding judicial malfeasance as the public are exposed to the fiasco which is the Admiral Mark Norman trial in which extensive disclosure material was concealed by the prosecution (which also parallels the Huawei Meng story). A public outcry In the N.S. massacre and an attempt to have a cozy private examination led to a reversal with a public enquiry; something badly needed in the Employee's Case.



1) When ON Premier Doug Ford  inherited this 'dirty biscuit' in 2017 regarding a court case (CV 18000 76950) on the above issue when he became Premier, along with his A.G.'s, Carolyn Mulroney & Doug Downey, he decided to run a psychiatric attack on my personage to discredit me  and enlisted young Doctor Anusha Jahagirdar of Towngate Family Medicine, my two 'ex-sons'; indigenous J.P. Louise Logue (whose own son is a suspended Ottawa policeman) and the Ottawa Police to hi-jack me on Boxing Day and illicitly turn me over to the Emergency Ward of the Ottawa General Hospital in which retired CEO Jack Kitts and his successor, Cameron Love, would have had to be complicit. I have called for a donation suspension to the Hospital as one consequence. Ford has never given me a court date on that major issue implying conspiracy with these Ottawa Court factotums. The Hospital refuses to provide me with my medical File nor any Report on its despicable conduct in this matter nor has Mayor Watson called for one.


2) Former family Doctor, young Anusha Jahagirdar of Towngate Family Clinic was central to this plot but in which manner we do not know as three redacted letters written by her - two in September and the key one on or about Oct. 15 - to whom and what she stated, are in limbo. The College of Physicians and Surgeons (CPSO) - Ethics Division would be privy to that information and chose to cover-up these transgressions. Ottawa Police Chief P. Sloly (whose resignation I have called for due to other related transgressions) backed by Mayor Watson and Council refuse to insist that all medical file material be handed to me. As it is, I cannot get another family physician nor lawyer on any level due to the illicit driver license suspension for 'psychiatric' reasons, an untestable term introduced by Deputy Transport Minister-Medical, Franco Alulio, for 'reasons best known to himself' and one not used in the forms proper. It is a stunt right out of Nazi Germany. I have a suit for $10 million against him. There was no reply.


3) When I passed all my tests including an MRI at the Ottawa Hospital on Boxing Day, panic set in among the conspirators and rather than being sent home, I was incarcerated in the small 4 room mental unit as - it would appear - the Hospital's first political prisoner, for 9 days. The Hospital refused to provide me with those results which could have been used to return my driver's license so I sued the Hospital for $10 million in a civil action for fraud, focusing on the conspiracy between young staff psychiatrist, the highly duplicitous Dr. Sarah Chan whom I alleged was in league with Dr. Jahagirdar to overrule the Boxing Day results and, in that process, get the Hospital out of a jam. There have been a number of parallel suits laid by me against conspirators in this matter (SEE web site). A second complaint was registered with CPSO without any response.


4) Enter Ottawa Justice C. MacLeod (and his co-conspirator, Master Kaufmann) who, in league with the Hospital changed the course of Jurisprudence in Canada by dropping my cases against the Hospital and Dr. Jahagirdar without a hearing. Now every powerful interest in Canada may avoid contentious and expensive court processes (think SNC Lavalin) by 'buying the judge'. Novelist John Grisham would recognize such malfeasance apart from the despicable judicial role which permeates Canadian Justice. It is the end of Justice Canada.


5) At heart of the Employee's Case, as in virtually all legal cases, is disclosure the bedrock of any Justice System. In 1985,when West Vancouver School legal Counsel, Stuart Clyne, saw what Justice Mary Southin later saw when she quashed the arbitration supporting my lay-off for economic reasons ruling the arbitrator to be patently unreasonable (he had changed 16 new hires to read 16 lay-offs with myself to be the 17th) under the imposed  BILL 35 (even today, the Employer refuses to recognize court oversight of imposed legislation - think imposed Carbon Tax - although they lost an Appeal Case in 1986 on this level.) Clyne held a second meeting with the Board in July 1985 to confirm the lay-off after seeing my challenge. Those meeting notes, which would of necessity show fraud on the part of Clyne and perjury on the few Board members in attendance - Chairperson, Margo Furk and her successor, Mike Smith - were in the hands of Justice Southin. She decided to cover-up by returning all this material to the Employer and the new lawyer appointed by me, Leo McGrady (whom failed to provide me with a copy, preferring to turn the material over to the Union, hence two copies of this disclosure exist. My Ottawa lawyer, Paul Conlin, stepped down in disgust when the Supreme Court of Canada refused to accept this unresolved matter in 2004   which determines my compensation.  To date, 35 years, including pension rights, are owed. The outside settlement offer is for $20 million. In brief, the sweetheart deal between Employer and Union is a court-sanctioned reality.


6) The fall-out has hit school-boards rather than teachers across Canada as no Premier wants a $20 million action; N.S. being a prime target considering their failure on the constitutional aspect of this question in 2017. Over 50 judges and still counting are fighting a rear-guard action to save what credibility the Justice System has and failing in that process as illustrated in the other cases mentioned above. The media is complicit by running a boycott for 35 years.


7) COVID 19 is the trigger for economic collapse in Canada with a moral COVID underlying the basic problem: PLACARD: BEHIND EVERY ECONOMIC COLLAPSE LIES A MORAL COLLAPSE.

The only answer is what one sees around the world...hit the streets but please, no violence to people. It is a waste of time voting under these circumstances in Canada.

cc U.S. Professor Walter E. Williams published in the Ottawa Sun



AUG 03 - 2020


BY: Roger Callow  2020 MEDIAaug.03  2 pages 


ASK ELIE (TESHER) Syndicated personal advice columnist of the Toronto Star (about to go under along with the Sun chain) reprinted in the Ottawa Citizen



1) As you know, you are one of the four 'apocalyptic' candidates assigned by me to deal with different aspects of the Employee's Case having the most difficult challenge of all; namely, to extrapolate 'individual cowardice' which you deal with on a daily basis in your advice column to 'national Canadian cowardice' of which this case represents. All Canadians are negatively impacted . You are in virgin territory as no-one has written on this level to date.

2)  In writing to you earlier, I noticed that your counterpart, TV's Dr. Phil, when criticized for lack of follow-up, introduced costly measures to assist his afflicted clients, an option not available to you. Also Dr. Phil includes both sides of the story which you do not do depending  on only one side of the complaint; a major shortcoming in your accounts of which analysis, while being highly introspective, is sadly deficient on that account. The bottom line from the perspective of this account is that you deal with cowardice on a personal level on a daily basis from a narrowed viewpoint. I have challenged you to juxtapose that personal cowardice onto a national level based on the Employee's Case, in a manner never before contemplated. There is a Pulitzer Prize for the one who makes that connection...what to do with a tyrannical king?...or rogue civil servant? This challenge is meant as an on-going dialogue.

3) Of course the essence of such a public advocacy of your own column must include a recommendation for counseling, something for the most part your clients cannot afford. Most of these clients made bad choices at an earlier age and are now living with the consequences. Do your columns make any difference to these writers? Both of us would like to think so if only the action of writing out their account is a cathartic exercise permitting the client further insight into their problems.

4) More importantly, do these public accounts deter like-minded clients from avoiding these personal pit-falls? As a former professional high school teacher, for the most part I doubt that. More than likely, your readers are those who would 'tut,tut' such accounts.


5) Our textbooks and media are imbued with the evilness of our leaders of a past age and currently in 'acting beyond law and order' with a suggestion that a change of leadership will make a difference. Sometimes it does in the case of a Hitler. In the West, we are convinced that only law and order under a democracy is relevant to control such excesses (law and order applies to both ruled and rulers) which the 35 year Canadian unresolved Employee's Case has exposed as a systemic lie. Our leaders are inveterate liars as shown time and again with the lies becoming of whopper proportions lately. It is the character of a people which makes a nation. WWII saw that in terms of the Russians at Stalingrad (lost by Hitler's personal intervention) and today in mass demonstrations opposing Putin's 'rule for life' bid. In Canada, we cannot even get a single  public demonstration against WE Gate and what it entails leaving the media to 'piss upwind'. Beyond military parameters, troops have a tough time defining what they are fighting that pedophile socialite Ghislaine Maxwell can have her own detention wing with sole access to a gymn cleaned by other inmates before and after her use? The quid pro quo is for Trump to leave Clinton alone if the latter returns the favour with Prince Andrew being thrown to the is so unfair! Our own veterans are treated abominably. ('We don't have the money' P.M. Trudeau) Some people consider Canada and Canadians to be the luckiest people in the world living under the U.S. nuclear umbrella with all the protections without the responsibilities. My point is that nations depending on good luck alone eventually pay a heavy price: the ramifications of COVID 19 - the dead canary in Canada's coalmine - will see to that.

6) One example from the above Employee's Case illustrates the point here. Recently, Ottawa Citizen's Elizabeth Payne wrote that a 5 year fraud case against the Ottawa Hospital where CEO Dr. Kitts recently retired to be replaced by underling Cameron Love was 'concluded'. No Decision; just 'concluded'; apparently the new watchword for powerful influences escaping their culpable actions. A variation on that theme lay with this writer in which I was unceremoniously grabbed by the police from my apartment last Boxing Day on a surreptitious court order signed by two 'ex-sons' whom had not seen me since my separation from my wife 4 months previously, to ostensibly gain control over my estate (which is now consigned to National Geographics with the family getting nothing). I was improperly hustled to the Hospital Emergency Ward where no end of people were bumped so that I could have a battery of tests including an MRI. Surprise of all surprises...I passed! Rather than sending me home, the Hospital did the unthinkable of trying to cover-up their perfidy by incarcerating me as a 'political prisoner' in the lock-down section of the mental ward for 9 days. I sued for $10 million. Enter Ottawa Justice Calumn MacLeod, whom turned the entire Justice System on its head by dropping the charge without a hearing (permitting all powerful interests to escape charges in future across Canada with this precedent.) I sued him for $10 million. Enter Master Kaufman whom replicated MacLeod's action in turn by dropping my charge against MacLeod without a hearing while the courts were in lock-down due to COVID 19. The corrupt Feds didn't even lift a finger against such major transgressions = 'Concluded Canada' with its rotten institutional backdoors is the theme. The Hospital refuses to provide me with that medical record which has prompted my call for a Hospital donor suspension.

7) Detailing the above has a point with regards to your assignment; namely, the new democratic dictatorship is not one of a 'Hitler'; rather it is in the form of rogue civil servants with no worry about oversight as our institutions have gone rotten. For example, whistle blowing civil servant Joanna Gaultieri, established a whistle blowing society a number of years ago to work 'through the system by passing appropriate laws'. I wrote to her at the time telling her she was wasting her time and sidetracking whistle blowers in that process. More recently, her Organization which she has long since departed pronounced that arbitrations for whistle blowers was a waste of time considering the prejudice of appointed arbitrators. I read those pathetic stories on the internet which I submit very few people do. Duplicitous Ottawa Deputy Chief Justice Rosalind Conway is the poster girl for judicial abuse as she held a hearing on February 27 in the Employee's Case; 'This is not a mandamus court (as I was led to believe); it is a 'dispute regulation court' as a mandamus court does not exist, she sniffed. Either way, she could not tell me on which authority the court was held and whom requested it prompting my call for her recusal which she refused to give. Of over 50 prejudicial judges in the Employee's Case, she rates as the worst example of judicial courtroom cupidity. I have called for a trusteeship to be applied over the Ottawa Courts for this and actions by Calumn j. and Kaufman (master) outlined above. There has been no response from the Feds.

8) One of these rogue civil servants is Franco Alulio, ON Deputy Minister of Transport- Medical, who has aped Nazi Germany by perverting the Driver License Form in such fashion that no driver can be re-tested for a suspended driver's license. Premier Doug Ford and A.G. Doug Downey loom large in this caper in which I call for their removal from all politics. I am unable to obtain any information against Alulio for which I now have an action for $10 million as to why my license was suspended. No media nor other politicians will respond to my enquiries.

9) Enter U.S. Economic Professor Walter Williams, an itinerant columnist in the Ottawa Sun charged with dealing with individual prejudice at his U.S. University in Maryland. In absence of the Republicans (Trump) and Democrats (Biden) in speaking out against the Alulio action which negatively impacts all car cultures making, in that process, a cottage industry for organized crime, I appointed Williams as 'the last man standing' in this  North American caper. Do I think he is capable of such an assignment? No doubt he is the 'apple of his black culture eye' in his ascendency to a professorship which, in the context of all the other economic professors being Caucasian, reflects two different cultural backgrounds. Already in seeking inclusion with this elite, he has rejected any notion of himself 'taking the bended knee' in his writings. I now respond to him as 'white brother Callow' as Alulio's stunt negatively impacts every race whether they be white, black, brown or carky. In bottom line language, Alulio is the fox guarding the henhouse over which there is no institutional control in Canada in the Employee's Case plus many other similar cases which are in the ascendency in Canada. COVID 19 is exposing these iniquities such as the massacre in N.S. recently in which public demonstrations provoked the gov't. to quash its little in-house 'concluded examination' of the RCMP conduct for a public enquiry. These bellwether cases (e.g. Huawei's Meng case, Vice Admiral Mark Norman case) are the litmus cases of the future along with the Employee's Case which spells controvertible disaster for democratic Canada and its moribund institutions.

10) In conclusion, Ellie, similar to Williams, you do not have the tools for the respective assignments which I have given you. Hence the central question lies as to whether you two plus two other Canadian columnists earlier assigned, move into uncharted waters by starting a dialogue central to our survival? In short, to whom do you both talk to on this level? For the poetic...ask not for whom the Bell tolls, it tolls for thee....


Respectfully submitted,  Roger Callow


cc Professor Williams


Aug. 01-2020 

Reply to columnist, Brian Lilley, formerly of the Ottawa Sun appearing for a first time in the Ottawa Citizen. SEE  2020 MEDIA  WE FALLOUT Aug 2020 which  includes the use of outside commercial materials in schools

1) This paper is an adjunct to AFTERMATH / SCHOOL DAZE MAY 2019

2) Recently, Lilley has run a series of articles on the WE charity catastrophe which includes inveigling public schools into supporting non-school functions for which they are quite rightly criticized in the case of WE. It is a universal that scam artists gravitate towards charities and hence require more oversight than normal which just is not happening in the Canada of today.

3) SCHOOL DAZE deals at length with the folly of blind public trust in the private school experience so promulgated by such as the Fraser Institute of which Lilley appears to be an unabashed follower. I do not argue against them in that such public bodies must have financial constraints placed on them; rather, it is the perception that a private school education (however that may be defined) is superior to the public one. Certainly the quality of teaching is the same as both bodies subscribe to the same academic standards for teachers.

4) The tangent I wish to take from SCHOOL DAZE here relates to the use of outside materials by teachers which no longer has school or school board sanction. A case in point. Some courses such as the Chinese Confucius Institute pay schools and universities to include what is broadly perceived as Chinese government propaganda. Mind you, our own indigenous people have been 'ghosted' in Canada's history as is the role of provincial politics.

5) Up until 1988 when I began as a Supply Teacher in Ottawa-Carleton where I served in almost all the high schools both public and Roman Catholic plus special needs classes, films for classroom showing were borrowed from a central Board lending office on 16 mm film projectors. Teachers sought permission for outside materials. The advent of the computer tapes changed all that as teachers used TV films i.e. Science topics which were up to date and excellent. No permission, as was formerly the case, was required from the Administration. As a Supply Teacher I was often supplied these 'babysitting' mechanisms which had not been previously vetted by the teacher. Many of these films were ill-suited for school usage but students used to TV binge watching tended to ignore them anyway.

6) The real change in Social Sciences education came in the 1970's and was reflected in the change in text book names in Canadian history with titles such as CANADA where students were to regurgitate textbook fact. 'Just tell us what will be on the cross grade' was their mantra as it was for their parents in adjudging good teaching. In short, teach to exam. Today, teachers of grade 3 and 6 abhor ON gov't testing on this level and try to avoid those levels as the strictures negatively affect time spent in other educational domains.

7) The main new Canadian source text was  called CHALLENGE AND SURVIVAL which made such philosophical statements as...History is a) a story of men's wars b) a story of men as opposed to women c) a history of winners, etc. Such mini- topics as The Red River Rebellion ending with the hanging of Louis Riel, a father of Confederation (Manitoba)for treason in 1885, included the court case against him in SK. The booklet presented the matter as a 'clash of cultures'; the approach I used in dealing with Canadian History where I have advanced qualifications.

8) The above materials were school supplied in the 1970's in B.C. I introduced my own materials with an emphasis on social history, completely lacking at that time, by using novels which I purchased as a class set from my own pocket and 'rented' use of the books for 25 cents as long as the book was returned in usable fashion and as long as there were no complaints from parents as to this program. Only once did I withdraw the use in one class of a book due to a single parent's complaint. For example, I used Robert Stead's Grain for prairie settlement, All Quiet on the Western Front for a personal account of warfare (the textbooks merely discussed wars), In High Places, an Arthur Hailey novel on how gov't. operates in fact. (the history text merely enumerates distinctions between the Federal and Provincial governments (Section #91 & #92) with no discussion of provincial politics although that is all QC focused on.

9) The real find for materials which is oftentimes gets overlooked in defining good teaching, was the World Resource Curriculum books of 1972. There were 3 of these: ASIA (my focus) SOUTH AMERICA & AFRICA The structure was the same. Some stories were taken from fiction accounts e.g. Pearl Buck's The Good Earth (China). The episodes consisted of a personal story of 2 pages followed by a 1 page perspective article. Then there was a multiple choice based on accuracy of reading followed by thematic questions for teachers to choose for discussions; all within 5 pages. One example suffices: Two Monks are walking down a road both seeing that a young woman could not get across a flowing river. Without more ado, the tall monk picked her up and took her across and then continued on his way leaving the short monk to sputter..Why! why did you touch that woman as you know that is prohibited in our religion to which the  tall monk, replied...'I left that woman at the crossroads; tell me, are you still carrying her?' Without exception, all Canadian students supported the tall monk over the short monk until I graphed the proposition illustrating that the theme was one of doing good deeds vs religious beliefs. In the East, I suggested the priorities would be opposite to the conclusion drawn by the western students. I related a personal story in which a western female tourist, unaware of the prohibition, was about to brush past a monk in a doorway in Bangkok whom, when sensing the danger, leaped out of the woman's path as though he had been stung.

10) Other school programs in support of outside purchases consisted in the 60's of students being permitted by schools to buy 4 Scholastic Books which were excellent with a free fifth one at a most reasonable cost. I encouraged students to create a school room library after they had read their account for others. It worked well until School Boards across B.C. put a stop to this practice. I was not privy to the reasons.

11) Level-headedness, in so many words, which is in very short supply in the media and schools, is lacking as I would not encourage anyone to become a teacher today. The U.S. and Europe suffer from similar dysfunction. Perhaps Asian schools will lead the recovery. For example S. Korean students are known to voluntarily do an extra hour of homework each day.

For my part, I always encourage students to read books that they found interesting. The best students, without fail, had parents who read to them as small children. One Ottawa teacher and novelist, Brian Doyle, used to read to his students; a practice I highly endorse but one I did not see other than in his class.