MAR 17-2020


QUOTE: 'If you start bringing accusations against people - against powerful people - you make damn sure you have every last little bit of proof screwed down beforehand.' The Venetian Game  P.G. Jones


REPLY to whitewash job of College of Physicians and Surgeons - Ethics Branch (CSPO)

80 College Street, Toronto ON M5G 2E2 dated March 12-2020 and received March 17.

College File No. 1110655 re Roger Callow  1285 Cahill Drive Apt. 2001 Ottawa K1V 9A7



1) This Report was written without any attempt to ascertain the facts of the matter by checking with the targeted individual.

2) A medical Report belongs to the patient not the Doctor nor a Clinic hence the CSPO had an obligation to see that such information was provided in full to this patient in order that he may acquire a new Doctor. That was not done by CSPO. There is no point appealing this piece of chicanery to yet another Review Board although I do forward it to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau whose failure to exercise executive power flushes the Judiciary down the proverbial toilet bowl in far reaching ramifications to Canada at large.


3) Why did Dr. Jahagirdar (Dr. J.) allegedly make a Report to the Ministry of Transportation regarding the Complainants ability to drive safely? Without any evidence, who is to say she made any complaint at all? Biggest mistake of all by CSPO.

4) The Complainant is concerned that the Respondent: (bold lettering that of CSPO)

a) issued the erroneous report to the MTO regarding the Complainant's health condition without examining him; RESPONSE: There was no suggestion of a cognitive disorder at my general check-up in August other than noticing a slight decrease in memory span consistent with age. That observation was confirmed by three Doctors at the Ottawa Hospital where I was examined including an MRA after being seized by the police on Boxing Day on an illicit Order enacted by sons, Christopher and Gregory, who were privy to my medical record by Dr. J.  Further, the Optometrist whom examined me in June wrote a letter stating that while limited to his field; nonetheless, he did not believe there was any reason why I should not drive. My ophthalmologist seems to have confirmed this observation. Further, Dr. J. appears to fault office staff for not conveying information to me when in fact it was her own failure to notify me in writing of her concerns. Behind all of this is the bad mouthing of my estranged wife whom, after 45 years of successful marriage, turned the Doctor and the family against me for reasons never explained to me. Whether it is due to  her serious illness (cancer related) or not  as she is being cared for in Hunt Club Manor is not known as she refuses to communicate with me even on such common ground as tax returns. CSPO could have received the above story if only they had asked!

b) refused to advise the Complainant regarding the sources of the information she based the report on; RESPONSE: See above. An Action 19-SC-155235 seeking Disclosure on this level has led to a complaint against Deputy Justice Rosalind Conway (Toronto Adelaide St.) and Towngate Family Clinic lawyer Anthony Bissionnette (CV 20 82889) where Dr. J. is employed) plus Franco Julio (CV 20 82943)  who adulterated the license suspension form so that it cannot be challenged . Into this intolerable mix enter Justice C. MacLeod (CV 20 83096) whom upended the entire Justice System by dropping the case against Dr. J. and a linking conspiracy with the Ottawa General Hospital (CV 20 82847) which led to my unsuccessful appeal to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to use his executive powers against MacLeod j. by placing those two cases back on the court docket for a proper hearing.

c) breached the Complainant's patient confidentiality by notifying his sons about her report.

If CSPO had checked with me, they would have been referred to family lawyer, Cheryl Paquette, who struck power of attorney both medical and financial from the sons. That change could have been confirmed with my financial advisor for many years, Randy Harrison, who held insurance policies which were altered to reflect the change from the sons holding any oversight control. My will published on my web site leaves everything to National Geographics with specific instructions to ignore any overtures from the sons regarding my estate. My estranged family get nothing. The sons also appeared to falsely use this dated control to do those things in a private court matter which saw my illicit detention at the Ottawa mental ward for 9 days as a 'political prisoner' reminiscent of Nazi Germany's 'night and the fog'.

5) Hence everything which follows from CPSO is 'a ball of wax'. Even the formal 'less than satisfactory' does not do justice to a completely inept Report. Institutional Autism is an apt description of an institution which should close its doors; review bodies be damned.



...'The Committee will, in rare instances, refer a matter to the Discipline Committee, for an oral hearing into allegations of professional misconduct or incompetence...(if it is) in the public interest, and...a reasonable chance of supporting a successful prosecution. RESPONSE: I should think that turning the medical Report business on its head whereby a medical file is no longer the property of the patient is indeed a matter of  public interest. Even if a prosecution were not successful, revealing what the Doctor has no right to conceal would be of significant importance. In brief, a whitewash job by CPSO

...'function is not to punish physicians' RESPONSE: Preposterous! In short there is a rule of law for physicians and another for all others. Further, I have read cases where indeed, CPSO have punished Doctors. Hypocrisy, thy name is CPSO


6) The operant word is 'before' which was dealt with at length in 4)

...'The Committee always has before it the physician's history with the College, if any. RESPONSE: Well? Was there any?


a)... 'In 2018, the Respondent (Dr. J.) noted early concerns about the Complainant's driving capacity (e.g. getting disoriented, turning the wrong way).' RESPONSE (R) A check of the part of my medical file returned to me shows no such allegation.

b)' In September 2019, Dr. J. received reports (which could only have come from my estranged wife bad-mouthing me which Dr. J. swallowed hook, line and sinker) of concerns regarding the Complainant's erratic behaviour, visual hallucinations, paranoia, conflict, and risk of violence, as well as his capacity to drive. R.I have a perfect driving record with Allstate; have never been violent to anyone including my wife and have never been order to see a psychiatrist (or psychologist). The above is all unsubstantiated hear-say which CSPO did not investigate.

...'Dr. J. scheduled an appointment with the Complainant after these concerns were raised, and arranged additional brain imaging, but he did not attend. R. I dismissed Dr. J. on November 01-2020. This additional action on her part is prevarication as she sought to extricate herself from a difficult position. As late as December and January, the General Hospital was unaware that she was no longer my medical Doctor. She should be dismissed on those grounds alone; namely, practicing medicine where she had no right to practice it.

'...In October, the Respondent notified the MTO (where is the evidence of that action other than her word which has been shown to be highly deficient?) about her concerns regarding suspected cognitive impairment and psychiatric illness in the Complainant. R. If CPSO had done their job and interviewed Dr. J. , she would have told them - as she wrote me - that she never used the word psychiatric which is the source of the heinous driver license suspension which negatively  impacts  all car cultures. This failure alone is sufficient for CPSO to close its doors forever...institutional autism complete. Hence, if psychiatric illness is a factor as CPSO asserts in (f); it must be clearly stated in the Doctor's request. That is what the disclosure in this case is reliant on which has led to myriad actions being laid due to the incompetence of CPSO with draconian repercussions in the way Canada practices law.

'While the Respondent did not directly examine the Complainant immediately prior to making the report (About October 15-2020) Dr. J's decision to make a report to MTO was appropriate and in the interests of public safety.' R. No Doctor is going to believe this statement as reporting the matter to the MTO would not enter their minds before using other courses of action which Dr. J. did not do in any letter to this target. The MTO, in that regard, would be their least favourite option as noted by my optometrist in June of 2019 where he gave me a clear bill of health. (So did the General Hospital which refuses, similar to Dr. J., to provide me with my successful medical Report.)

'...'The Committee is satisfied that the Respondent acted appropriately in the circumstances.'

R. Dr. J. did not provide me a copy of my chart with redacted information about the source of the concerns as she asserts. I received nothing hence the existence of this chart remains a fiction hence CPSO's conclusion is based on 'air'.

'...The Respondent informed the Complainant's son (which one, Chris or Greg?) who held the Power of Attorney for Personal Care for the Complainant (where is the evidence of that considering I had already made changes with the family lawyer and Insurance agent as noted in my publicized will to National Geographics). If such information was provided, such a son should be charged with fraud. Hence Dr. J. acted on faulty if not illegal information. As to the Report to the MTO...'She did not specify the contents of the report.' R. And why did not CPSO demand this information which is at the crux of the entire charge of fraud against Dr. J. and many other un-named personnel? CPSO outdoes their incompetency on this point.

7) I list the three incompetent panel members for all to see:

V. Rachlis MD - Chair /  J. Lougheed MD / C. Kerr - Public Member


Yours truly, Roger Callow 'target of a CPSO smear'


MAR 11-2020


LEGAL MAIL mar. - 1 page


TO: Manager                                               FROM: Roger Callow #001111960

FOI & Privacy Office                                  1285 Cahill Drive #2001 Ottawa ON K1V 9A7

438 University Avenue 12th Flr.                        t. 613-521-1739

Toronto,ON M7A 1Z8                               web:

t:(416)212-1894                                        REFERENCE: Transport Ministry - Medical

(letter dated Mar. 2 & received Mar. 11-2020)


Dear Sir;

1) In 1986, I wrote the Privacy Commissioner for all materials from the Employer, the West Vancouver School Board dealing with my 'illicit' senior teacher lay-off under the imposed BILL 35 in June of 1985. The case has never been resolved with no compensation paid although it has been before over 50 judges as I am adjudged as being frivolous & vexatious in my bid for natural as well as legal law. The Bill was rescinded after it was used in this sole-sourced case in typical 'banana republic justice'.

2) In 2004, long after the court quashed the original arbitration ruling, in that process, the arbitrator to be patently unreasonable, I received a compendium of meeting notes sans the second set of Board meeting notes in July of 1985 revising the June  lay-off notice after realizing I was contesting the lay-off for strictly economic reasons. I would not be here today if I had received that 'missing link'.

3) Franco Julio (CV 20 82943) would like a repeat of the above stunt by moving everything sideways hence my appeal to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau -at the cost of sacrificing Canada as a nation- to take executive action against him for perpetrating the most pernicious action by a civil servant for a car culture; namely to change the form in such manner that he knowingly adulterated in the driver suspension form, the word 'mental' for the word 'psychiatric'; the former may be tested, the latter not so. He even brags that he can get away with a stunt that could easily be exploited by organized crime. Hopefully a court hearing will arrest this heinous maverick action of Alulio as evidenced by his letter of March 2,2020. As matters now stand, he is following in the footsteps of the Nazis with their Acts of Commission dating from the early 1930's in which citizens were deprived of their rights before the courts.

4) My appeal to our U.S. cousins is on just this level considering Trudeau's puerilistic non-response which nationalizes this scam. (SEE web). They should warn U.S. commercial and diplomatic interests of the danger in dealing with Canadian law courts with the addition of invoking trade sanctions against Doug Ford - Ontario Premier - for other 'Acts of Commission' as well.

5) If the police were to seize this information on my behalf (Ottawa mayor Jim Watson - Police Chief Sloly and Toronto Mayor John Tory - Mark Saunders) which I have repeatedly requested, then all controversy on this level above ends.


Yours truly,  Roger Callow


cc U.S. Embassy(Canada) for President Trump/New York Times / P.M. Trudeau / 2 mayors on behalf of police)


MAR 09-2020


5. The plaintiff's claim.

This order alleges that Harris & Co. 'may have ignored, covered up, attempted to cover-up, allowed, tolerated, encouraged, participated in or were willfully blind to criminal conduct and/or serious misconduct in their bid to deny this plaintiff of his livelihood as a senior teacher in West Vancouver, B.C. dating from 1985. The operant word here is 'may' as the refusal of the Defendant with court support in many provinces has thwarted the attempt of this plaintiff to obtain disclosure: namely, the second set of meeting notes of the West Vancouver School Trustees in July of 1985 which Justice Southin of B.C. Supreme Court called for and then returned 'because she did not use them'. It is submitted here that she covered up a fraud at the expense of this plaintiff. She quashed the arbitration favouring the Trustees for failing to show a causal factor. The arbitrator was ruled patently unreasonable. I was left in limbo. As one in attendance at that arbitration, conspicuous by its absence from his Report was the evidence of Assistant Superintendent, Bill May, whom was responsible for staffing, testifying that there was no need to lay off any teacher in June of 1985 under the imposed conditions of BILL 35 (B.C. 1985) or any other means. The arbitrator converted 16 new hires into 16 lay-offs adding my name as the necessary 17th. In short, the arbitration failed the 'threshold test'; namely, was there a need to lay off any staff under any conditions in June of 1985? It appears that Justice Southin opened herself to blackmail by the Employer and the next 34 years has been spent by the courts of law across Canada 'covering the cover-up'.

     The reason that New Brunswick has been selected to hear this case is that it is one of the few provinces in which this case has not been heard previously and therefore not tainted with corruption.

     To that end, as is the case with all other provinces, Premier Higgs is being kept fully apprised of activity in this case.

     Until I learn the intentions of the Defendant, this is a 'bare bones' presentation. Not included here is BILL 35, Justice Southin's Report (or the Appeal which the Employer lost) or the compendium of wrongdoing (Governor General Payette) and other material pertinent to this case which is unnecessary should the court grant disclosure if not volunteered by the Defendant.


1) For disclosure to be produced on pain of the Defendant paying the sum of $20 million non-negotiable without prejudice forfeiture fee.

2) Alternatively, the court should order the RCMP to seize these documents and possibly fine the Defendant for each day of delay.


     The Canadian Justice System in its cleverness has permitted large interests to exploit the dichotomy between civil law (a personal matter between litigants with a dollar value attached) and criminal law (controlled by the state and barred to litigants such as myself involved clearly in a criminal matter on both the part of Harris & Co. and the Saskatoon Court (QGB 52 of 2019) ) as in this case.

     The point here is that if the disclosure called for shows a criminal intent, then everything flowing from it is 'null and void'. That is the calamity facing the Employer in this case. That is the calamity facing Justice Canada by refusing to date to call for disclosure with over 50 judges in this matter.


RULE 23.01

(1) The plaintiff or defendant may, at any time before the action is set down for trial, apply to the court

(a) for the determination prior to trial, of any question of law raised by a pleading in the action where the determination of that question may dispose of the action, shorten the trial, or result in a substantial savings of costs,


The production of the above defined disclosure record (July -1985 second Board Meeting called by their lawyer Stuart Clyne QC) would satisfy my demands hence a one hour pre-conference by telephone is all that is required.


Yours truly, Roger Callow  Plaintiff  MARCH 09-2020


MAR 05-2020                                             

TO: Prime Minister J. Trudeau                            FROM: Roger Callow 'Last of the Good Guys'

1 page sent by fax:  613-941-6900                     

                                                                                    web:  LEGAL MAIL mar

MESSAGE:                                 OPEN LETTER

1) Reference is made to letters to you dated March 03 and 04 demanding instant attention.

2) At root of the problem is the inopportune action of Ottawa Superior Court Justice Calumn MacLeod who has turned Justice Canada on its head with a carte blanche action which defies credibility. I label it the 'Final Solution' as it applies to perceived dissidents of the Crown.

3) In brief, he usurped basic access to the laws of disclosure by peremptorily dropping two Registered cases on Fraud which I had laid against Dr. Jahagirdar (Dr. J.) of Towngate Family Medicine (file no. CV 20 82659) and inter-locking General Hospital (file no. CV 82847). I requested that you rescind both actions on the grounds that the actions are ultra vires and return this matter to the courts where a proper hearing may be held.

4) In that process, you need not worry about anyone criticizing you for acting in the above request in that no other individual, politician, institution, nor media source has dared to speak out leaving them with a collective yellow stripe down their backside. In short, don't join them.

5) The effect of the cancelations are clear; by denying me my medical files from both Dr. J. and the Hospital in terms of my successful results on Boxing Day before 3 doctors including an MRI; these two recalcitrant bodies hope to undermine my case against the Transport Minister-Medical as well as the 9-day illicit lockdown in the mental ward as a 'political prisoner' where the actions of staff psychiatrist Sarah Chan loom large. I believe she was in contact with Dr. J. in January long after I dismissed Dr. J. as my Doctor on November 01-2019.

6) The above actions are still-born unless MacLeod can use a similar total closure without a hearing over an action by Franco Julio of the Transport Ministry - Medical (file no. CV20-82943) as 'walking back the cat' would reveal the inter-conspiracy.

7) In information which I have sent you, the perfidy of Julio is plain; by substituting psychiatric for the form's mental label; he makes re-testing of a driver license suspension impossible. Doug Ford , ON Premier, now has a weapon which can be used against any dissident in our car culture where a suspension is permanent. That's why our U.S. cousins have been notified and invited to boycott ON in both trade and law; the latter regarding diplomatic and commercial challenges to be held in U.S. courts for the purpose. In brief, while the former two suspensions are ostensibly limited to this individual (not so in fact as precedent law will see to that) the latter interference has global ramifications for anyone living in a car-culture. It can't get any worse than that.

8) Hence I need an immediate response (hours rather than days) as to eradicating MacLeod's two cases against Dr. J. and the General Hospital plus the immediate return of my driver's license.

9) Currently Ottawa Police Chief Sloly backstopped by Mayor Jim Watson and Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunder backstopped by Mayor Jim Tory are refusing the seizure of material which belongs to me. Copies of this letter are being sent to both mayors.


Yours truly, Roger Callow


MAR 04-2020

OPEN LETTER (LEGAL MAILmar) - POST IN  STAFFROOM - send viral on internet


TO: 1) Prime Minister J. Trudeau                                   FROM: Roger Callow 'Last of the Good Guys'

2 pages sent by fax:  613-941-6900                   

encl.                                                                                       web:  RECENT 7 mar

and 2) Anthony Bissonnette (B.)of Mann Lawyers

    representing...'God knows what'....


REFERENCE: SC-19-00155235-0000  On 27-FEB-2020, a hearing was held in the above matter and the following order was made by Deputy Judge Rosalind Conway (Observation: Why is it that Deputy judges, Deputy ministers and Chief Judges are no end of trouble in the Canadian Justice System; this judgment being one of the worst transgressions. RWC)


1) This letter is in addition to the 8 page record sent to P.M. Trudeau on March 3-2020 as the 4 actions on Fraud which I have filed in Ontario in Superior Court centering on my withheld medical file from Dr. Jahagirdar (Dr. J.) has ramifications with all four; namely Dr. J., the Ministry of Transport - Medical, the Ottawa General Hospital and un-named others such as family members plus now, Dr. Vandewaetere (Dr. V. of Towngate) In brief, the entire matter depends on disclosure which the Defendant lawyers would seek to obviate a priori with such as the  Justice C. MacLeod 'Final Solution' where he cancelled the action a priori against Dr. J. without prior notice to me and, in that process, changed forever how the Justice System operates. In colloquial terms; the shift is from 'a law for the rich and a law for the poor' (largely due to judges failing to call for disclosure) to 'a law for the poor and no law for the rich'. In brief, MacLeod usurped the Justice System as now every powerful Defendant-think SNC Lavalin -will pull that stunt from sea to sea as all it will take is a plain envelope with unmarked bills to effect the change. I requested that the P.M. rescind Macleod's presumptuous action and restore the fraud action against Dr. J. at the expense of his personal reputation if he doesn't.

2) Acknowledgement of Deputy Judge Rosalind Conway's  self-serving citation dated February 27 will not lead to an appeal by me in an already badly compromised Ottawa Justice System although there are some good people working in the Registries whom are being let down by these judicial antics. Indeed, expecting some sort of stunt, I went downstairs immediately after and filed an action against Towngate's  Dr. Anik Vandewaetere (Dr. V.), whose evidence was to be a key to the responsibilities of the Clinic and the Doctor's Agreement and therefore the underpinnings of the whole case. Her absence in that regard was conspicuous whether it was as a witness to a mandamus court ('no such thing!' sniffed Conway j.) or one giving evidence as a participant which Bissonnette claimed - for a first time - to represent her knowing that he already had an action against him filed three days previously by me. Presumably, Dr. V. will have new representation as she now becomes the 'point person' for this fraud subject to the claim of $10 million laid against Dr. J. if she does not produce the rest of my medical report which belongs to the patient; not the Doctor. The Hospital is also trying to ape the 'Final Solution' by corrupting the Registry to do the same thing. The Hospital evidence was vital to this hearing where they made no appearance as well. All in all, a wipe-out hearing on any level


3) A second duplicitous letter dated Feb 25-2020 - the same day that I registered an action against Franco Alulio of the Transport Ministry - was also received on March 04-2020 in which he seeks to move my request sideways as did the General Hospital relating to the matter of disclosure. His letter is now redundant as someone else; possibly his legal counsel, should now address this inordinate delay for disclosure. I have kept Toronto Police Chief Saunders apprised of events requesting that he seize my record (Medical Ministry #001111960) . He is not responding to my request so a copy of this letter is going to Toronto Mayor John Tory as well for direct action without 'pretty letters'.

REJECTION OF DEPUTY JUSTICE ROSALIND CONWAY'S 'SETTLEMENT CONFERENCE' ON FEB.27-2020  by Roger Callow  SC-19-155235 v. Towngate Family Medicine

A) By moving everything 'sideways'; first of all from regular court in December to a mandamus court in January with the acquiescence of B. with no notice to me of those details until February 14 leaving this plaintiff no time to provide a rebuttal (14 day pre-conference limit according to regular court rules) although the all-important cognitive features of this case were dropped. B. had a very weak case indeed as it was limited to saying that Towngate merely held the lease. However, Conway's support of them had its desired effect; my claim to disclosure was thwarted as Conway j. well realized giving the clinic its 'burial' wish against Dr. J.'s perfidy.

B) In fact, Conway's Decision is not only wrong, it is wrong-headed. If she was going to move this case sideways into a 'settlement court'; I should have been given prior notice. A conscientious Appeal Court judge would throw out her action on those grounds alone.(I have no intention of going that route as I already have two Ontario judges listed for examination due to the oversight bodies failing in 2014 to even acknowledge my claims of malfeasance let alone examine the matter.) Doug Ford has been sitting on that case for 1-1/2 years and refuses to assign a court date. While that matter can only be referred to tangently, it is in fact the progenitor of everything  which follows mentioned above. In general, Conway 'cherry-picked' a few documents in ignorance of others to make her dismissal as well as dismal case.

C) Standard boilerplate law is quoted in Conway's dissertation based on Rules 12 and 13 of the Small Claims Court Rules for which B. never presented me a copy nor, more importantly, did Conway ask him to present such. Her Decision is the first time that I have any mention of these specific rules. Her Decision rules, in part '...The Claim discloses no reasonable cause of action and is a waste of the court's time and an abuse of the court's process. I am dismissing the Plaintiff's Claim.

D) So far the only abuse of process, it is submitted here, is that of Conway's. If this 'settlement court' could not deal with disclosure (of Dr. J's medical file) as she asserts, surely the proper course was to send the matter back to the regular court for that purpose. Requesting, as I did, that she recuse herself which she refused to do, appears to have been the proper action under those circumstances.


Yours truly,


Roger Callow  


cc Superior Court Registry / Toronto Mayor John Tory & Police Chief Mark Saunders / Ministry of Transport-Medical / GANG OF 40



MAR 03-2020                                             

TO: Prime Minister J. Trudeau                            FROM: Roger Callow 'Last of the Good Guys'

8 pages sent by fax:  613-941-6900                   

encl.                                                                           web:  RECENT 7 mar


1) I haven't written to you recently...what's the point? Now there is a major point. Consider the following perspective.

2) A long time retired Catholic priest protester (not as long as myself at 15 years) at Bank and Queen's has placards idealizing the rights of the individual which I suspect are anti-abortion based and to that extent he identifies with my right to protest.

3) One placard reads: Without the Individual, the state is a corpse; a prophecy I underscored today by claiming that the state in Canada has indeed become that corpse due to the inopportune actions of Ontario Superior Court Justice C.MacLeod no doubt backstopped by his Chief Justice in usurping the law in a significant manner. Both should be dismissed. Here's why.

4) Enclosed is a 3-page  letter addressed to the GANG OF 40mar (40 prominent Ottawa legal concerns) detailing how MacLeod changed the law from the traditional colloquial perspective of 'there is a law for the rich and a law for the poor' reflective of how the courts generally side with the powerful in our society; particularly government. MacLeod's version alters that colloquial perspective to 'there is a law for the poor and no law for the rich.

5) What Macleod has done is to drop a major case from the docket without the necessary trial 'for not showing cause'. In short, a plaintiff must defend his case in a court of law; there is no other way...except MacLeod's way which can expect to catch wildfire from coast to coast with judges willing to be bought off...unmarked bills in a blank envelope please.


6) On pain of stepping down as Prime Minister, I demand that you rescind MacLeod's action in CV 20-82659 (3-page citation included) and return it to the proper format of a hearing before the court. A similar attempt is being made in an action against the General Hospital CV 20-82847 in which the Registry is invited to corrupt themselves as well on this accord. (See enclosure telling the Registry to ignore same.)

7) Another action has been filed against Franco Alulio CV 20-82943 for usurping the process of justice in a significant way by altering the driver license suspension form from mental condition to a psychiatric condition; the former can be tested; not so the latter leaving me a 'stateless person' without medical or legal access and, of course, depriving me of my driver's license. Medical Ministry #001111960 (See enclosure) As everyone in a car-culture is negatively impacted by a Doug Ford stunt to control whistleblowers or anyone else he dislikes with international ramifications, I have called on President Trump and the New York Times to reject this 'Canadian disease'.

8) I insist that you take those steps immediately which would return my driver's license to me.


Yours truly, Roger Callow


cc President Trump via U.S. Embassy(Canada) and New York Times