June 27-2020                                             

TO: Prime Minister J. Trudeau                            FROM: Roger Callow 'Last of the Good Guys'

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REFERENCE: Letter from the Ministry of the AG / Superior Court of Justice / Small Debts Court

161 Elgin St. Ottawa, ON K2P 2K1  t.613-239-1079  f.613-239-1028



1) This second rejection from the Ottawa Court apes the first rejection as outlined in my letter to the Court - copy to P.M. Trudeau - in Point (2) no visible court signature / wrong court (not a Small Debts Claim) / request for P.M. Trudeau to invoke a trusteeship over the Ottawa Courts concluding with (4) The longer a Prime Minister fails to call for a judicial review by an 'established' investigator, the longer Canada continues to sink as a nation into oblivion. Under the current rebuttal for the court rejection dated June 12 and received June 26-2020 (included here to P.M.) is an extension to the 'Franco Alulio' fake driver's license suspension scam in which I now ask the P.M. to add A.G. (ON) Doug Downey as a willing conspirator and ramifications as it affects the national disgrace of the Meng (Huawei) story which has caught the P.M. up in half truths claiming that the courts are independent in Canada.

Detailed rebuttal of second rejection (June 12-2020)

1 a) The names of the Plaintiff and Defendant are 'clear' hence de-railing the matter in Rule 4 (which is not included) is superfluous. Why would I remove the term esq. from the title as that distinguishes between a client and a lawyer working for Cavanagh LLP. Cavanagh LLP is not listed separately as 'and' would have to be included. This is the only address for Ken Dixon esq.

2) b) The opening gambit 'states the precise relief' namely, disclosure, which also involves the disreputable ON Legal Society, in order to define further the claim.

'That the Defendant willfully  and illicitly contacted Master Kaufman on or around March 10 in a secret appeal unknown to the plaintiff, to quash CV 20 828890 being forwarded by the plaintiff  to the Ontario Legal Society which is not known to respond to their legal mail....'

3) c) It is not directly related to CV 20-82899 although the cases are linked incidentally. What the clerk is doing here is arguing the Defendant's case which has no place in the Registry.

4) d) With much discussion at the Supreme Court Counter, we settled on Form 14 F although Form 14E was also applicable. This is straight nit-picking. I have requested court time of one hour in the documents which has always sufficed clear across Canada in the many court appearances which I have made including Ottawa.


5) No doubt this tome above was written under the watchful eye of the Chief Justice. I trust he gave the un-named clerk a biscuit for his efforts.

6) Trudeau must act now; see addendum below as to how his inaction is backfiring.


Yours truly, Roger Callow                                    p. 1 of 2


ADDENDUM: (Letter to P.M. Trudeau p. 2) from R.Callow plaintiff in many cases


RECENT 7 june-2020


JUNE 27-2020 A) Fix Canada's weak extradition law O.C. p.A17 erudite letter to editor who misses two key points; Neither France (Hassan Diab case) nor the U.S. (Huawei's Meng case) have their own extradition laws. In the past the FBI have been known to falsify information. Secondly, the focus is on the laws not the judges enacting the law hence writer Dave Parsons misses on Justice Robert Maranger whom should never have ordered deportation based on the highly publicized Diab Case. I had this same justice dude. Both our claims were held on Appeal in 2014 on the same day. We both lost although Diab later filed a $90 million case against the government. (Appeal Courts are political courts which I have shown again and again.) The U.S. adds the charge of fraud to bolster their untried case in NY when there is  good reason to believe that disclosure regarding the arrest which B.C. Justice Heather Holmes did not call for recently has Meng's B.C. legal counsel and China understandably upset. Most likely fraud on the arrest was indeed the case making the issue 'null and void'. Meng would return to China. In short, until Trudeau throws the Justice System 'under the bus' and I have called on him to do just that with the; Canada is doomed. They are  doomed in any event. B) A full page ad 'blessing Ottawa Hospital's CEO Jack Kitts on his retirement' by Board President Katherine Cotton (how much did that full page ad cost?) should have an addendum from my public protest in front of the General Hospital before COVID 19: DONORS / WITHHOLD 2020 CONTRIBUTIONS UNTIL NAZI-LIKE TACTICS ARE REVEALED. As the victim, I sued the hospital for $10 million only to have Justice Calum MacLeod drop the claim  without a hearing thus forever changing the law in Canada as every powerful entity will 'buy their own judge' (think SNC Lavalin). The media has the public looking in the wrong direction here & elsewhere. For example 3/4 of the U.S. population believed Irag's Saddam Hussein - later hanged - was responsible for 9/11 when almost all the suicide bombers came from Saudi Arabia. Hence such as the above writer begets this observation; IN THE LAND OF THE BLIND, THE ONE-EYED MAN IS KING.


JUNE 25-2020 Two cases with a common element which the media does not link: a) the as yet to be heard class action against the G20 police 10 years ago O.C. p.A8 Brutality then hinted at today's policing problems  b) p.NP 1 Trudeau right to reject hostage diplomacy Columnist John Ivison. The link? The corrupt Canadian Justice System. In the first example, it is a matter of 'justice delayed is justice denied' as a class action keeps this matter from being chased out of court. In the second case, Trudeau's stated belief in an 'independent' Justice System has been reversed against him by China standing up to what was to be the usual bluff i.e....'just cross the border, Meng, and all will be well...for the Canadian Justice System, that is....' She didn't (nor have I bowed to a corrupt Justice System for 35 years before over 50 judges and still counting but then Meng has press coverage while my national story is boycotted.) In brief, both forces have been 'kicked beneath the bus' by Canada's corrupt and corruptible Justice System. And it is in every institution (Institutional Autism) where the rights of an individual are not recognized: PLACARD: BEHIND EVERY ECONOMIC COLLAPSE IS A MORAL COLLAPSE. COVID 19 is the 'moral' canary in Canada's mine which eclipses the literal COVID 9. POGO: WE HAVE SEEN THE ENEMY AND HE IS THE CANADIAN JUSTICE SYSTEM