TO: Office of the P.M. sent by fax

FROM: Roger Callow



1) The above letter e-mail sequence explains why the Federal Government must impose a trusteeship over the Ottawa Court System.

2) Bissionette is making up his own definitions of the law but based on actions taken by Ottawa Deputy Justice Conway 19-SC-155235 Small Debts Court (whom did have a hearing on Feb. 27 under the most unusual circumstances for which I unsuccessfully  asked her to recuse herself when she failed to call for the all-important disclosure of the Partnership Agreement of Towngate Family Clinic which would detail the nature of the $10 million fraud suit I have against this gang.

3) The second action he quotes is even more egregious as Justice C. MacLeod on his own recognizance and without taking argument, dropped my separate $10 million actions against The Ottawa General Hospital CV 20 82847 and Dr. Jahagirdar  CV 20 82659 of Towngate and, in that process, rewrote the law of Canada. Now anyone can buy a judge. I sued under CV 20 83096 with which a Master Kaufmann illicitly interfered

4) Bissionnette appears to be a one-man show operating out of Ottawa in Small Debt Court claims with no experience in Superior Court. Here, he would seek to inveigle the Registrar in this case to pre-empt the courts of law by dropping my current action against Towngate  CV20 82993 without a hearing in court (by telephone or otherwise). He must be stopped.(I already have an action against him for fraud CV 20 82889 filed with the ON Law Society which never responds to its legal mail.)


Yours truly,


Roger Callow




web: LEGAL MAIL July

BY: Roger Callow target of a 35 year Judicial scam involving a number of levels of the Canadian Judiciary. This unresolved labour case with its genesis in B.C. has been in all provinces except Nfld./ Labrador where it continues to fester taking down with it, the entire Canadian Judiciary.


A) Power without wisdom is tyranny / Wisdom without power is meaningless.

B) Because civilization depends on continually making the effort, of never giving in. It needs be cared for by men of goodwill, protected from the dark. These people gave in. They stopped caring = barbarism for hundreds of years'. The Death of Scipio Iain Pears

C) Personal observation: Our P.M. is viewed by the world as a 'boy'. The media would like to place a political twist on this perception in order to justify elections with which the public have become disenchanted.


1) Enclosed is a 3-page letter to the ON Supreme Court CV20 82993 in responding to a fax dated July 03 from lawyer Alexander Bissonnette, (B) himself the target of a charge of fraud by me CV 20 82889 in information filed with the ON legal Society (The Society) as early as December 2019. There was no reply as is typical from The Society. My one-liner to B. was not to proceed before August as I anticipate collusion in a 'quick deed' from a compliant  Justice.

I have a number of these unsavoury type of actions already.

2) It is submitted here that if The Society were to take their responsibilities seriously, they would have seen fit to immediately suspend B until the matter of this alleged fraud was examined. Now there are additional charges to be made all of them pointing back to the failure of The Society to act.

3) Regrettably, the lawyer handling his case, Ken Dixon, of Cavanaugh LLP, is also subject to charges of fraud based on different criteria. Currently, the Ottawa Registry is hamstringing the registration of that case by mail. The PMO is kept notified of both cases as I believe sufficient evidence exists to impose a trusteeship over the entire Ottawa Court scene.

4) The crux of all the above cases focuses on disclosure which the Canadian Justice System routinely ignores at the expense of the weaker party. In this case, the suspension of my driver's license by run-away bureaucrat Deputy Ministry of Transport Medical, Franco Alulio without an explanation has created a cottage industry for organized crime. Due to Canada's silence, I have turned to U.S. Economics Professor Walter Williams whom has a column in the Ottawa Sun to speak out on a scourge which negatively impacts all car cultures. SEE web

5) A short history of disclosure (d) abuse follows from selected examples:

a) SNC Lavalin where former SC of Canada Justice, Frank Iacobucci retired to as an officer.

This disreputable firm continually escapes judicial overview by being permitted to hide d.

b) Vice Admiral Mark Norman where the crown was permitted to hide disclosure. 'You have been exonerated, Mr. Norman, you may go' from the presiding justice to a very surprised Norman whom was not exonerated, merely given a 'stay of proceedings'  but he was kept in the dark as to the conspiracy the previous day between the prosecutor, the judge and Marie Heinen, his own lawyer. Under those circumstances he was pressured into a buy-out with no chance of suing the government.

c) Huawei's Meng After 18 months of detention, B.C. Justice Heather Holmes did not call for d. which in all likelihood, would have revealed fraudulent means in arresting Meng making everything flowing from those charges 'null and void'. Meng would go back to China. The Court bluff in this case did not work as Meng was not a hapless individual; she has the full support of China behind her; something, obviously, the Canadian Justice System failed to take into account.

6) The Employee's Case deserves a special focus.

a) In 1985, when this senior teacher was laid off in West Vancouver for (bogus) economic reasons under the hastily imposed BILL 35 (1985) which parallels some of the thinking of the 'Carbon Tax'. The Employer refuses to recognize court oversight of such as the aberrant arbitration which the court later quashed ruling, in the process, the arbitrator to be patently unreasonable. No School Trustee took the stand to perjure themselves claiming a need to lay off staff. The arbitrator, believing he was looking at a 'sweetheart deal' (which he was until I replaced the union lawyer for the court appearances) converted 16 new hires to read 16 lay-offs with myself being the necessary 17th.There were in fact no lay-offs in June of 1985.

b) Under the Freedom of Information, I applied for Board meeting notes which I received in 2004 showing that only two out of the five (School Board Chairperson Margo Furk and her successor, Mike Smith) voted in favour of the resolution. Conspicuous by its absence was the material from a second sub rosa meeting held in July by Stuart Clyne outlined below.

c) When Stuart Clyne, School Board Counsel, saw that I was appealing the lay-off, he held a second private meeting with some of the School Board officials to redesign the lay-off notice for court purposes. That's fraud and it was revealed to Justice Mary Southin in 1986 when she called for all meeting notes but rather than charging Clyne with obvious fraud, she made a horrendous mistake which I have to live with to the current time. She returned the material 'because she did not use it' as a means of distancing the court in any re-hearing. Clyne used that short-coming to blackmail her to which she succumbed with every justice (over 50) since that time 'covering the cover-up' on a level never before seen in a democracy. When my appointed lawyer, Leo McGrady, saw where this was going, he dropped out, but rather than turning the file back to me as he should have done, he turned it back to the Union which has failed to share that information to date. If I had been given that d. we would not be here today and Clyne would most likely have ended up behind bars.

d) Premier Doug Ford inherited this file when he ascended to gov't. To this day, I have been refused a court hearing date for an examination of the above perfidy based on a d. request. If it is purely a B.C. matter, the court has the power to order the matter back to B.C. with instructions as to how they should proceed as opposed to relying on the old saw 'dismissed for being frivolous and vexatious. In short, they justify a judges right to, in effect, pick up the ball and go home' without delivering a Decision in an unresolved legal matter.

7) The repercussions from the Employee's Case are many and varied. For example, N.S. where the constitutional aspect of this case was mangled in 2018 has dropped their School Boards as has QC with other provinces to follow. The idea that a wingnut  School Board similar to West Vancouver could invoke a $20 million lawsuit has no appeal to other provinces. Teachers no longer trust to the authorities for good reason. I had one B.C. teacher inform me that he was laid off recently during COVID conditions. To be sure all such lay-offs are 'sweetheart based' with a client having to ask the permission of the Union to sue the Employer. Only if fraud can be shown can a suit be lodged which stands no chance in Canadian courts; I can vouch for that.

8) What can The Society do considering that they have remained mute on this topic since 2014? Perhaps place a padlock on their doors. At the very least suspend the two lawyers named above and support my petition for the Office of the PM to invoke a trusteeship over the Ottawa Courts.


Yours truly,


Roger Callow


cc  U.S. Professor Walter Williams

PMO Repository


P.S. At least you have saved me from the 'dreaded phone call' in which a female fronting for her male superior and having no understanding of the issues, gives a spiel which is later converted into self-serving documents for court which I will never see. That is why I reject outright such phone calls telling the other party that I only accept written comments.

I accused  young Dr. Jahagirdar (Dr. J.) of Towngate Family Clinic of being an inveterate liar. She was joined by the highly duplicitous Ottawa General Hospital's staff psychiatrist in early January, young Dr. Sarah Chan, to justify nefarious Hospital action at my expense. The College of Physicians and Surgeon's - Ethical Branch (CPSO)whitewashed the earlier complaint against Dr. J.ospitalHospitalHospital, Staff Staffss         but refuses to examine this second complaint which no doubt was behind Justice MacLeod's irresponsible decision to just drop my $10 million action against the Hospital on his own recognizance and without a trial. Master Kaufman on Mar 31, when the courts were closed, canceled my action CV 20 83096  on March 31 against MacLeod = court anarchy.