APR 27,2020




TO: Ottawa Superior Court Registry†††† FROM: Roger Callow Plaintiff

161 Elgin St. Ottawa, ON K2P 2K1††††††† 1285 Cahill Dr. #2001 Ottawa, ON K1V 9A7

t.613-239-1274†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† t.613-521-1739



REFERENCE: CV20 82943February 24-2020

(Callow v. Franco Alulio ON Deputy Minister of Transportation-Medical)



1)Letter from Alulio referring me to the 'Freedom of information etc.' resources which is little more than a massive delay tactic. For example, I waited from 1986 to 2004 for one such request in this case and even then, it was incomplete. In short, it is a bad joke to be accepted by gullible judges and I have had plenty of those in this matter explaining why this labour case goes without a resolution without which I cannot get compensation. None has been paid to date. The B.C. employer refuses to recognize court oversight which over 50 judges have 'ghosted' from their judgments as the Employer claims that there is no judicial oversight over imposed legislation. I was laid off for economic reasons in 1985 under B.C.'s imposed BILL 35, the only senior teacher against who this Act was applied before it was withdrawn. In general, this is what is labeled Banana Republic Justice.

2) Appeals to Oversight Bodies, both legal and political go without a response explaining why the above action was laid against Alulio. There has been no responseof Defense within the 20 day court date above to this filed action making my case 'one of fact' before the court. Enclosed is a Second Request of two pages to Doug Downey A.G. of Ontario dated April 14 (original dated March 23-2029) which is being ignored.



3) To set a one hour hearing time before a judge for me to personally answer questions from the bench on my request for disclosure. This meeting would be held by teleconferencing with only myself in attendance. If the presiding justice contacts the Defendant to appear, he or she should expect repercussions. Further, should the justice make a decision without a hearing, they can be expected to be named to the oversight bodies (which never acknowledge let alone examine a number of my complaints on judicial malfeasance). A copy of this letter goes to the P.M. Trudeau 'Repository' due to systematic abuse in this case .


Yours truly,Roger CallowPlaintiff†† enclosures (3) Alulio/Downey/CA 20-82943


APR 23-2020


TO: Franco Alulio Defendant††††††††††††††††††††††††††† FROM: Roger CallowPlaintiff†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

ON Deputy Minister of Transport-Medical†††† 1285 Cahill Dr. #2001 Ottawa K1V 9A7

11 Wellesley St. W. Box 589†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† t. 613-521-1739

Toronto, ON M7A 1N32 pages††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††† web: employeescasecanada.caLEGAL MAILapr 23

CASE #3001111960


REFERENCE: CV 20 82943 (Ottawa) laid February 24-2020



1) The above action never received a Defense which was due within 20 days according to Form 18Aas outlined in the citation.

2) By failing to respond to an action, the plaintiff's argument must be taken as fact. It reads in part:††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† CLAIM

1. The plaintiff claims: (State here the precise relief claimed)


Two page driver license suspension from Franco Alulio Deputy Registrar of Motor Vehicles dated December 08-2019 and received Dec. 18-2019 including reference to two Enclosed Forms: a) Mental Health Assessment Form b) Cognitive Assessment Form both of which may be adjudicated by any health professional. Alulio's carte blanche Form alters the reference from 'mental' to 'psychiatric' without any accompanying definition creating a hornet's nest vis a vis testing by any health professional = null and void.


FACTS- limited here to points 5) & 6)

5. The key to the above lies in disclosure from the remaining part of the Plaintiff's medical record which Dr. Jahagirdar (former family doctor R.C.) refuses to divulge (in its entirety including 3 redacted letters she sent in September and October 15. To whom and what was said are the focus of the disclosure R.C.) to confirm undisclosed information she received on or about October 15-2019 which caused her to call for the suspension of the Plaintiff's Driver's License. That suspension was issued 4 days later raising the question as to whether the Transport Ministry-Medical first contacted Dr. Jahagirdar.

6. The trial should be two-fold: a one hour call for disclosure by a judge in Ottawa court to be followed in a second hearing at a future date according to what this disclosure reveals.

Disclosure sought: 1) Dr. Jahagirdar's complete medical file 2) Ministry of Transport-Medical Correspondence 3) General Hospital Boxing Day complete tests including an MRI (which the Plaintiff passed.)


3) (continued MESSAGE) Justice C. MacLeod on his own initiative turned the Justice System of Canada upside down when he dropped two separate $10 million actionsagainst the Ottawa General Hospital for a 9 day illicit lock-down of this plaintiff in the mental ward as a 'political prisoner' and a second one against Dr. Jahagirdar whom, it is submitted here after she was dismissed by me on November 01-2019, was in contact with Mental Ward's Staff Psychiatrist, Sylvia Chan in January of 2020in a plot to over-ride the Boxing Day results with a psychiatric review thus, one and at the same time, exonerating the actions of both the Hospital and Dr. Jahagirdar. An action CV 20 83096 was laid by me against Justice C. MacLeod (originally a Federal Court appointee) for usurping the Justice System in a significant way with notice given to both ON Attorney General Doug Downey and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau with copies of the complaint. Even here, the conspirators did not stop leading to a further reference to the Canadian Council of Judges) SEE web for details.


4) As you are in a different jurisdiction from Ottawa, I have repeatedly asked unsuccessfully for Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders to seize a copy of my file from you as you do not reply to any correspondence from me. Unfortunately, A.G. Doug Downey seems incapable of directing civil servants under his control to act responsibly. That is the major sin in Canada; ineffective oversight where bureaucrats run the system without any overview. No democracy can survive that charge and Canada is not surviving on this level even apart from this case as time and again, the courts of law for decades do the bidding of the powerful Defendants at the expense of the individual primarily by refusing disclosure; the bedrock of any Justice System.


5) Alulio reminds me of the leader of wartime Norway, the Nazi collaborator whom was executed at the end of the war. In the 50's, the standard street saying for traitors was 'Oh, you Quisling!


Yours truly,


Roger Callow Plaintiff


cc A)Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders to obtain a copy of Alulio's files on this plaintiff

B) ON A.G. Doug Downey whom follows in the steps of his incompetent predecessor, Carolyn Mulroney, by remaining mute on the single most important legal case in Canadian Jurisprudence.

C) Prime Minister Trudeau whom fiddles while the Justice System and hence all of Canada as a nation burns to the ground.

D) Our southern neighbors who are directly affected by Alulio's car-culture stunt as well as dealing with ON courts in terms of diplomatic or commercial concerns.





APR 23 -2020


To: Ontario SuperiorCourt CV 1800076950 (Ottawa June 30-2018 file date)7 pages

161 Elgin Street / Ottawa, ON K2P 2K1 / t.613-239-1274

with a copy to Doug Downy ON A.G. and the Prime Minister Trudeau 'Repository'


From: Roger Callow1285 Cahill Drive #2001 Ottawa, ON K1V 9A7 rcallow770 @ gmail.comweb: employeescasecanada.caLEGAL MAIL apr. 23

Plaintiff in many unresolved cases over a 35 year time period due to judicial malfeasance in 7 provinces. Below is the re-entry of three matters outstanding from a) P.E.I. b) N.B. c) B.C. to Ontario in the above listed case



1) The failure of the incompetent Doug Ford government (A.G. Carolyn Mulroney & her successor A.G. Doug Downey) to assign a hearing date in close to two years on the above listed case has found events in other provincial jurisdictions outracing them.

2) For this reason, I am amalgamating outstanding concerns from three provinces as noted above referencing a further two provinces (AB and NB) which I will include with the above Ontario court number as there are many similarities. At this time, I am filing this letter of intention with the Ottawa Court as well as A.G. Doug Downey. Of course, inclusion to the Office of P.M. Trudeau is also included.

(Indeed, the proper course is to call for a full royal enquiry into all matters relating to the Employee's Case)The alternative is to pay $20 million in total default claims

3) The addition of judicial names is included (two from Ontario, three from N.B. related to fraud in SK. in 2018 which extended into AB, with one from PEI and B.C.) for the court to handle as they wish as the oversight bodies do not even acknowledge judicial malfeasance let alone examine the charge by this plaintiff over the 35 year course of this unresolved B.C. labour case where no compensation has been paid. The point here is that all rulings repeat the Defendant's lie that 'Mr. Callow is merely re-litigating matters which have already been decided' without defining which matters and who decided them? The central point is that the B.C. Court, after quashing the arbitration under the imposed BILL 35 ordered the matter back to arbitration which never happened before over 50 judges to date including 4 inconsequential trips to the SC of Canada. Bottom Line? To use a colloquialism; the presiding judges picked up the ball and went home before a judgment was given on the deplorable excuse that this plaintiff was merely being frivolous & vexatious, a badly over-worked term in our courts used to support a powerful defendant over a weak individual.

4) To avoid repetition, I will omit some points from each in this 'intention'.


( JULY 2017


July 08-2019

TO: Supreme Court of PEI / Davies Law Courts / PO Box 2000 / Charlottetown,

PEI / C1A 7N8 / ATTN: Prothonotary K. MacKayt. 902-368-6002sent by mail


FROM: Roger Callow self-represented Plaintiff / 1285 Cahill Dr.E. #2001 / Ottawa, ON K1V 9A7 t/f: 613-521-1739e-mail:


To whom it may concern:

1) Letter from Prothonotary MacKay dated June 25-2019 received on July 03-2019 is included here:


(LETTERHEAD of Supreme Court of PE)

June 26, 2019

Roger Callow

1285Cahill Drive West #2001

Ottawa, ON†† K1V 9A7

Dear Mr. Callow:

Re:††† Documents received by the SupremeCourt on June 25, 2019


I am in receipt of the documents and cheque that you have forwarded to the Supreme Court of PEI for filing. Unfortunately, we are not able to file these documents as they still do not comply with the requirements of the various Forms that you purport to file. You haveagain combined a number of Forms into onelarge document.AsI stated in my previous letter to you, dated May 7, 2019, in order to be accepted for filing we would require that each Form be contained in its owndocument. Your current document appears to contain a Statement of Claim, Notice of Motion and possibly Factum, and an Affidavit in one 11 page document....


Should youhave any questions regarding the foregoing, please contact me.

Yours very truly,

Krista J. MacKay, Q.C.


Supreme Court of PrinceEdward Island




2) In reviewing the rules noted above, I include a proposal for PEI Registry approval to proceed solely by Motion as disclosure is the underlining theme in this accusation of civil fraud which is paramount should the authorities wish to proceed on a criminal basis; an approach not available to private citizens. Such further action would proceed in a venue other than PEI if effected.

3) If fraud is indeed to be shown, everything flowing from it is null and void. Employment would be returned to this plaintiff with full compensation.

4) In fact, for 34 years this plaintiff has been unsuccessfully seeking disclosure from the Employer and Union in order to collect compensation in this unresolved case which has been hamstrung by over 50 judges across Canada in their bid to deny this plaintiff his rightful compensation be it under the collective bargaining rules, the imposed BILL 35 (B.C. 1985) or under any other legislation directed to employee compensation. Invariably, this request has been disposed of under the frivolous and vexatious legal terms claiming that this party is merely re-litigating earlier claims without being specific to which claims and how they were resolved. Justice Canada collapsed under that challenge with four denied appeals to the Supreme Court of Canada.

5) Once a file number has been assigned (assuming that my proposal to proceed by Motion alone is accepted by the court), I will await the response of the B.C. Union concerned. It should be noted that they have never appeared in any court hearing since the initial senior teacher lay-off in 1985. Reference under a Section 12 to the B.C. Labour Board was thwarted by that body. To date they do not file directly preferring to hide behind the Employer explaining why the Employer is not included in this action in PEI. The Employer'sconditions of disclosure are different from that of the Union.

6) A new cheque with the revisions requested from the Registry will follow an approved form.


Yours truly, (signed) Roger Callow

Claim of the Plaintiff


[Using numbered paragraphs, set out a concise statement of the material facts giving rise to the plaintiff's claim.]


1) The propriety of the lay-off of senior High school teacher, Roger Callow, under the imposed conditions of BILL 35 (1985), has never been established in law despite many, many court hearings in British Columbia and elsewhere including the Supreme Court of Canada on four occasions.

2) Without a proper determination, the Employer refuses to pay any compensation. That situation applies 34 years later.

3) The current action against the West Vancouver Teachers Association is for the Union Copy of disclosure which, it is asserted here, would reveal a fraud of criminal proportions involving this Association. As a Union client, I believe that I have always had the right to that disclosure prohibited by the Union 'for reasons best known to themselves.

4) In general, the Union has avoided filing a Reply to court challenges deferring to the Employer's arguments. In such an eventuality, the presiding justice has three options: a) order the Union to produce said documents on paying $500 per day for 30 days then b) order the RCMP to seize said documents c) order the Union to pay the full $20 million cost of settlement for what this plaintiff claims was a Union induced 'sweetheart deal' with the employer to deprive this senior teacher of his livelihood.




12) That this court order the Union to produce the above mentioned disclosure making use of the RCMP if required as no hearing on any level can make legal sense without this necessary acquisition.




I, Roger Callow of the City of Ottawa, in the Province of Ontario, swear and affirm the following is true:

1. I turned 65 on August 24, 2006, which brought into play my pension rights;

2. My pension rights are determined on the basis of contributions to the plan, both mine and the employers;

3. The amount of these contributions is dependent on the date of termination of my employment;

4. Because I was a tenured teacher, my employment could only be determined by a proper legal process;


N.B. The B.C. Employer, the West Vancouver School Board (#45) refuses to recognize court oversight due to the nature of the imposed BILL 35 which they openly state in every hearing and which is studiously ignored in every judgment.

(BILL 35 does include compensation rights. Question: How can I access these rights considering the cover-up by the courts of law?)


5) On August 26-2019, I received notice from PEI Krista MacKay Prothonotary with a docket number #S1-G5-28780 where she summarily drops my claims without a hearing. That type of action in AB in 2019 regarding my claim against B.C. Chief Justice Hinckson for fraud in 2018 led to a rejected hearing in Edmonton, AB by a Justice doing the same thing; namely, assigning a file number to dispose of a case without a hearing. A separate civil class action against this AB judge and others for, in essence, kiting judicial decisions, was laid in which I was invited to participate. I refused on the ground that the taxpayers should not be bailing out judges whom should have been charged criminally. (Now the reader knows why no Canadian judge has ever been fired from the bench.) Justice Thomas copied this directly form (sic) the order of Justice Corbett in Peoples Trust Company v Atas, 2019 ONCA 359(CanLII) and Peoples Trust Company v Atas, 2018 ONSC 58 (CanLII). Hence I add PEI's MacKay to my list of miscreant judges in Ontario as well as B.C. Chief Justice C. Hinckson; the same Justice responsible for the Huawei Meng delay case and for which the AB court mentioned above was designated to challenge his aberrant actions.



6) S-188996 (Vancouver Supreme Court) action was laid in 2018 against both the Employer and Union for, in essence, disclosure, which would illustrate fraud making all action against this plaintiff 'null & void'. I would return to my employment with all terms of the contract to apply (currently 35 years of 'deferred salary' including pension). The outside settlement claim is for $20 million.

7) Neither the Employer nor Union filed a defence.

8) Under those conditions above, a plaintiff's case must stand as fact; in this case, that I had indeed been the target of a fraud (sweetheart deal).

9) The major failing of Hinckson cj was in failing to call a hearing with only myself in attendance before he brought down an Order dismissing my case. Hence his reasons were still-born as I show on my website but not in court due to his duplicitous action paralleling the situation in AB where judges are on trial for that kind of stunt. Hinckson's name now goes on the Ontario list.



10) The case against B.C. Employer's long time representation, Harris & Co. finally led to a direct charge of fraud involving, as it did, the Saskatoon Court in 2019 (QBG 512 2019) along with named judges. It awaits court attention in NB for considerable time now hence the three judges from this case plus Harris & Co. are listed in the current Ontario case. I wrote to Premier Higgs on June 01-2019

who appears to have accepted my warnings regarding court corruption which Premier Moe and Pallister did not:

1) New Brunswick, due to its challenge to the imposedCarbon Tax is about to undergo a similar 'whang, bang, thank-you ma'am', performance paralleling other provinces. In brief, you stand little chance of success if you follow the routine of SK which ignored my legal advice and instead brought a knife to a gun fight. No matter which way their appeal goes, they are tarnished with the lower court conviction in perpetuity. (N.B. has been chosen as this is the first foray by this case into this province raising the question as to which interests control your courts...the Premier or the grey eminence?)


1) For disclosure to be produced on pain of the Defendant paying the sum of $20 million non-negotiable without prejudice forfeiture fee.

2) Alternatively, the court should order the RCMP to seize these documents and possibly fine the Defendant for each day of delay.



†††† The Canadian Justice System in its cleverness has permitted large interests to exploit the dichotomy between civil law (a personal matter between litigants with a dollar value attached) and criminal law (controlled by the state and barred to litigants such as myself involved clearly in a criminal matter on both the part of Harris & Co. and the Saskatoon Court (QGB 512 2019 of 2019) ).

†††† The point here is that if the disclosure called for shows a criminal intent, then everything flowing from it is 'null and void'. That is the calamity facing the Employer in this case. That is the calamity facing Justice Canada by refusing to date to call for disclosure by over 50 judges.

†††† The has shown systemic abuse on the part of Justice Canada which goes without investigation negatively impacting all contracts - both private and diplomatic in Canada e.g. NAFTA(2). President Trump has been advised to warn all foreign interests in this regard to boycott Canadian courts until this matter is resolved.


DATED at Ottawa, Ontario this 14 day of June, 2019


11) N.B. Do not expect the Employer to file a Defense as Ontario counsel would be required. Losing their 2014 ON Counsel (Hicks, Morley et al) would have every legal firm giving this case the proverbial ten foot pole distance.


12) The above factum is for the purpose of intention only as many technicalities must first be worked out with the government and courts in Ontario before a hearing may commence under CV 1800076950. At any rate, no more 'quick deeds' in the interim if you please.



Roger CallowPlaintiffsworn to on this date as to accuracy from my files and the web site: April 23-2020


cc Ottawa Superior Court CV 18000 76950

ON A.G. Doug Downey

Office of P.M. Trudeau 'Repository'

APR 22-2020


TO: Dr. Vandewaetere (Dr. V) and medical partners plus staff†† Defendant

c/o Towngate Family Medicine

2446 Bank StreetSte 201

Ottawa, ON K1V 1A4


FROM: Roger Callow Plaintiff

1285 Cahill Dr. #2001

Ottawa, ONK1V 9A7



REFERENCE: CV20 82993-February 27-2020 filing date with 21 day response limit



1) On February 27-2020, I filed an action in Ottawa Superior Court, the essence being Point 6:


6) The trial should be two-fold: a one-hour call for disclosure by a judge in Ottawa court to be followed in a second hearing at a future date according to what this disclosure reveals. Disclosure sought: 1) Dr. Jahagirdar's complete medical file 2) Ministry of Transport-Medical Correspondence3) General Hospital Boxing Day complete tests including an MRI (which the Plaintiff passed).


2) On March 30-2020, I sent a letter to Dr. Vandewaetere (Dr. V.) which states:


1) As Dr. V. knows, her non-attendance at the 'dispute resolution trial' on February 27 where I sought to challenge her with regards to the Corporate structure of the Towngate Family Institute as it related to the Partners Agreement could have been a game-changer in that hearing. That is the basis of the $10 million claim which I transfer from Dr. Jahagirdar (Dr. J.) (CV 20 82659) to the above named participants as a consequence.

2) It has never been made clear as to why Towngate lawyer, A. Bissonnette, now a target for his own alleged chicanery in this matter (CV 20 82889), would call on Dr. V. as opposed to Dr. J., to present the clinics case. Does Dr. V. have special status in the Agreement apart from other Doctors,or is she just one of Bissonnette's 'sideways' moves which abound with him? No Agreement was provided by him as I requested both Dr. V. and Bissonnette to do.

3) Despite the Covid-19 development, Dr. V. has exceeded her 21 day limit for a challenge to the above charge. I am prepared to accept a challenge up to April 03.

4) The significance of failing to file a response is that the plaintiff'scase must stand 'as fact' in law; namely, that a fraud has indeed been perpetuated against this plaintiff and the court may proceed with assigning damages for which I am asking $10 million. How the court chooses to distribute that claim between Dr. V., Dr. J. plus other Doctors and staff would be up to them.

5) It is noted that I still do not have disclosure of Dr. J's three redacted letters in September and October 15 which no doubt were written by her based onthe bad-mouthing of my estranged and non-medical wife on which she apparently based my driver license suspension.

6) Presumably the College of Physicians & Surgeons-Ethical Division which conducted an examination of Dr. J.'s actions has an unexpurgated version of the three redacted letters which are vital to the court to assess damage amounts.


Yours truly, Roger CallowPlaintiff††††† cc P.M. Trudeau 'repository'



3) On April 08-2020 (to Dr. J.) and on APRIL14-2020 to Dr. V. and staff when there was no response from Dr. J., I set a termination date on my unprejudiced offer of APRIL21-2020 which has come and gone without any acknowledgement on any level for CV 20 82993.


April 08-2020

TO: Dr. A. Jahagirdar (Dr. J.) Personal†††††††††††††††††††††††† From Roger Callow - former patient

c/o Towngate Family Medicine††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† 1285 Cahill Drive#2001

2446 Bank St. Ste 201††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Ottawa, ON K1V 9A7

Ottawa, ON K1V 1A4t: 613-739-1485††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† t: 613-521-1739


Limited time unprejudiced offer although no final date has been set


1) The last set of documents from the Ministry of Transportation - Medical (Nov. 21-2020) included blank forms to be filled in for driver license renewal with an accompanying letter which notes only what the forms are to be tested for; namely, cognitive and mental reasons.

2) The particular problem which I have with the forms is that the medical practitioner must have knowledge of me for the past three years which includes yourself.

3) One suggestion is that your office meet with me on one occasion to conduct that test (by your administrative help) which you would sign for the purpose of having my driver's license returned on which this offer is contingent.

4) In exchange, I would drop my action against Dr. Vandewaetere and specific Towngate staff.

5) Indeed, you could forego an office evaluation by accepting the Boxing Day test which I underwent at the Ottawa General Hospital before 3 Doctors including an MRI which I passed . Merely sign that you have known me for the requisite 3 years.


Think about it and give me a call. I may be reached at 613-521-1739.


Sincerely yours,Roger Callow



MESSAGE: Considering that the welfare of Towngate Staff is directly involved,it may be in their best interest in discussing the above issue with Dr.Jahagirdar. Further, a final date is now set on this limited time offer of April 21-2020. A further consideration for the action against Dr. Vandewaetere and specific staff members is that she not use the legal services of AlexanderBissionnette who is in a conflict of interest as noted to the Ontario Legal Society due to an action which I have laid against him.


Yours truly,


(Roger Callow - former patient)

cc P.M. Trudeau 'Repository'


APR 17-2020

Court File No. CV 20 82889















1)Roger Callowself represented Plaintiff

1285 Cahill Drive#2001 Ottawa, Ontario K1V 9A7

t. 613-521-1739e-mail:

(signed)Roger Callow April 17-2020



2) Cavanagh LLP

ATTN: K. Dixon

400-411 Roosevelt Avenue

Ottawa, Ontario K2A 3X9



3) The Courthouse

161 Elgin Street

Ottawa, OntarioK2P 2K1



April 17-2020 (2 pages)†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† APPENDIX†† A


TO: Cavanaugh Lawyers††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† FROM: Roger Callow self represented plaintiff

(S. Cavanaugh/A.Klmyshyn/J. Alexander/††††† 1285 Cahill Drive #2001 Ottawa, ON K1V 9A7

S. Sviergula/R.Brown/N.Gajewski/ K. Dixon††

400-411 Roosevelt Avenue,†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† web: 2020 APRIL

Ottawa, ON K2A 3X9††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† encl. Ontario Law Society / Office of P.M.



RE: Statement of Defense: CV 20-82889Callow v. Bissonnette esq (B.) received by e-mail:

April 16-2020 : two parts: April 16 a) 1 page letter from K. Dixonb) 7 page (unsigned) Defence



1) As a former high school English teacher, this factum is the most redundant of any which I have ever received and in marked difference from the firms CEO which showed an acuity of mind in an internet analysis far surpassing K. Dixon's account on behalf of Bissionnette esq. There wasn't even a signature to the factum. It is enough for other self-respecting lawyers in this firm to form a new Company apart from Cavanagh LLP.

2) Conspicuous by its absence was an approach made by Dixon to the court on March 10 to have this case dropped from the docket without a trial. Considering that as an unwarranted approach, I referred the matter to the ON Legal Society for investigation. No copy of that correspondence has been provided to this party. The case should not proceed until that finding is made explaining why this letter is addressed to the CEO

3) The one page letter - your File No. 1020-601 -is a mish mash.

a) I did not deliver my claim to Bissonnette by courier as you ascertain.

b) There are other ways to deliver statements of claim and, as the court desk clerk put it...well they responded hence they have the factum.

c) Protesting on this picayune point is a piece of nonsense as I have always been willing - and still am - to give you extended time to file your material. Your April 16 filing date is therefore acceptable.



4) Invariably, all court cases are heavily dependent on disclosure. I will rephrase your wordy account thus: Bissionnette in representing Towngate Family Medicine (TFM) in 19-155235 Ottawa Small Debts Court filed by me on November 08-2020 is correct in noting thatthe central question for TFM lies in their relationship with the Doctor's Partners and the general overall operation of the clinic e.g. paying staff, acquiring supplies. It is that agreement - not merely someone's 'say-so' - which I requested of which request Bissionnette studiously ignored. Complicating the issue was Deputy Justice Rosalind Conway's abject failure to insist that this Agreement be produced explaining why I referred her to the oversight powers concerned when she refused to recuse herself. In a courtroom, the litigants are seated before the judge enters to reflect fair play. When I turned up in the Feb. 27 hearing, Bissionnette was already seated and appeared to have been provided a private side-bar.

5) When Dixon requested a delay to file his argument, I acquiesced along with forwarding three pages sent to the ON Legal Society in December regarding B's alleged perfidy. No mention is made of that material in your defense. Why not?

6) Surely B. should be happy to produce the Partner's Agreement which is the focus of the action laid immediately after the Feb. 27 hearing against Dr. Vandewaetere (Dr. V.) CV 20 82993 . I cannot for the life of me see why Dixon would permit B. while he is under his own indictment in this affair, to ever claim to represent Dr. V. and the FCM staff.†† Surely she should acquire her own legal representation. To date, I have no Defense from her.



7) Normally, I make a point by point rebuttal to factums which, for the reason noted above, I am not doing; merely highlighting a couple of points.

8) Of course if you get another 'Conway'; B. will walk in which my attention would be re-focused on Cavanagh LLP and the sitting judge as you note.

9) I am not interested in receiving money for my claim; I am interested in seeing B. charged criminally for fraud.

10) Point 10 is confusing as one and at the same time, B. portrayed the Feb. 27 hearing as a Mandamus Court and a Dispute Resolution Court which I was never asked to accede when it was first proposed. No matter, the Partners Agreement was at the centre of whichever interpretation was given to that court. It has never been made clear who requested that court in the first place moving everything 'sideways' from the SDC proper.

11)Point 16I 'invited' B., considering his compromising actions, to consider dropping his representation, as I was willing to proceed against him. As written here, the factum reads like a direct threat. The point is that I would not pursue him legally if he had dropped out.

12) Point 17 requires explanation. Deputy Judge C. MacLeod (CV 20 83096) on his own action dropped two of my cases against Dr. J. (CV20 82659) and the General Hospital (CV 20 82847) regarding an alleged conspiracy. This was done on his own recognizance without a hearing thus turning the Justice System on its head. It explains why a copy of all my actions are forwarded to the Office of the P.M. 'Repository'. Similar to most other points, Dixon's account is most deficient on key matters. To 'show a reasonable cause of action' requires a hearing.

13) Section C 18 - 23 is pure bafflegab and does not deserve a response.


Signed this 17th day of April - 2020


Roger CallowPlaintiff.



2 pages plus 2pg encl (OPEN LETTER TO A.G. DOUG DOWNEY - 2ND REQUEST MARCH MEDIAmar 23-2020) to CPSO

web: employeescasecanada.caLEGAL MAILapr


FROM: Roger Callow / 1285 Cahill Dr. #2001, Ottawa, ON K1V 9A7t.613-521-1739

On the date below I wrote CPSO-Ethics the following:

March 17-2020

REPLY to whitewash job of College of Physicians and Surgeons - Ethics Branch (CSPO)

80 College Street, Toronto ON M5G 2E2 dated March 12-2020 and received March 17.

College File No. 1110655 re Roger Callow1285 Cahill Drive Apt. 2001 Ottawa K1V 9A7


MESSAGE:†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† INSTITUTIONAL AUTISM

1) This Report was written without any attempt to ascertain the facts of the matter by checking with the targeted individual.

2) A medical Report belongs to the patient not the Doctor nor a Clinic hence the CSPO had an obligation to see that such information was provided in full to this patient in order that he may acquire a new Doctor. That was not done by CSPO. There is no point appealing this piece of chicanery to yet another Review Board although I do forward it to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau whose failure to exercise executive power flushes the Judiciary down the proverbial toilet bowl in far reaching ramifications to Canada at large.



1) The above exposť of CSPO perfidy was detailed in a letter giving chapter and verse to each detail revealed from the portion of my medical file which I received on November 14-2019 minus three redacted letters - 2 from September and one from October 15 - which caused Dr. Jahagirdar (Dr. J.) to request the Transport Ministry-Medical to suspend my driver's license which they did in such fashion that it was non-testable. CSPO has a copy of that rebuttal. A letter to A.G. Doug Downey on March 23-2020 (SECOND REQUEST APRIL 14-2020) regarding Deputy Minister-Medical Franco Alulio's improper use of the forms to that end led to my laying CV20 82943 against Alulio. His actions have far reaching ramifications to all car cultures including the U.S. Regrettably, Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders failed to seize Alulio's documents in that regard as they relate to Dr. J. and possibly other conspirators in this matter. Ottawa Police Chief is more than remiss in not seizing the complete medical file from Dr. J. which he is still in a position to do. I have called for City Council to replace him as this failure is at the genesis of everything which followed.

2)The Office of the Prime Minister and Justin Trudeau through their inaction (and that of all politicians plus the media) is now just a 'repository' for everything associated with the Employee's Case which nothing short of a royal enquiry will ever have the chance of returning the Canadian Justice System back to what normal state it ever possessed. In one fell swoop on March 30-2020, Justice C. MacLeod wiped out habeas corpus and with it the legal extension, disclosure by dropping two $10 million dollar actions laid by me against Dr. J. (CV 20 82659)and the Ottawa Hospital (CV20 82847) without a hearing (CV 20 83091) for being frivolous & vexatious; a preposterous notion which would not have stood up to a court challenge if there had been one. Both actions of MacLeod may be seen on the web site listed above. Such perfidy would have seen action from the P.M.'s Office, but sadly, not this P.M.

3) In another case laid by me in Ottawa Small Debt Court - 19-SC-155235 ostensibly held to obtain the disclosure outlined in the above matter was sidetracked by Towngate Family Clinic's lawyer, Anthony Bissionnette and Ottawa Justice Rosalind Conway on February 27, 2020 in a mandamus court/resolution court (take your pick) to call for the Management-Partners (Doctors) Agreement which Bissionnette claimed would show that Management had nothing to do with the operation of the clinic. Her failure and that of Bissionnette (complaints against him were filed with the Ontario Legal Council as early as December which led to me laying CV 20 82889 against him before the Feb. 27 hearing in which I asked Conway j. to recuse herself for failing to call that agreement and when she didn't, I went downstairs and lodged the case against one of Towngate's Doctors, Dr. A. Vandewaetere (Dr. V.) and staff members (CV 20 82993) connected to Dr. J. My understanding was that Dr. V. was to be present at the Feb. 27 hearing to testify regarding the above-mentioned agreement. She never attended thus greatly weakening my case. My central question remains; why is Dr. V. representing the Doctors from the clinic as opposed to Dr. J. and why is Anthony Bissionette, whom has an action against him with regards to 19-SC-155235, is being permitted to represent her? I wrote the ON Legal Society but that group never reply to their legal mail (as far back as 2014). Cavanagh LLP representing Bissionnetteeven wrote the court on March 10 seeking to void the action against Bissionnette (pulling a 'MacLeod') without a hearing without informing me of the nature of this court interference or providing me with any written material to that effect.



4) The above complaint against young Dr. J. to CPSO related to her activity up to November 01-2019 when she ceased to be my family doctor. This second complaint while having its genesis in the above - particularly as it relates to 3 redacted letters which CPSO failed to uncover along with missing pages - functions apart from this first complaint and focuses on the relationship which Dr. J. had with young Ottawa Mental Ward Psychiatrist, Dr. Sylvia Chan in January of 2020.

5) The bottom line is still the same as the first complaint; namely, to immediately suspend Dr. J. and possibly Dr. Chan as both women appear to have been part of a conspiracy to cover-up Ottawa Hospital mistakes at the personal expense of a nine-day lock-down of this plaintiff for unspecified reasons. The supposition here is that they sought to over-ride the Boxing Day results with a 'psychiatric overview' which I exposed thus saving the Hospital and vindicating Dr. J.'s reputation in the process. CEO Dr. Kitts and the Board of Governors appear implicit in this cover-up as they refuse to provide me with my medical record by 3 Doctors including an MRI which I passed on Boxing Day after being seized by the police on a court Order. Rather than returning me to my residence (the police had disappeared); the hospital chose to lock me down in the secure ward where they found that I was not violent to other people nor to myself as written on the forms. It is an abuse of the highest order reminiscent of Nazi Germany in which 'Acts of Commission' were lodged against hapless individuals, particularly the Jews. MacLeod's action would seek to cover-up this perfidy by cancelling both actions 'for reasons best known to himself' but obvious to anyone reading the above.


Yours truly,Roger Callow

(target of legal and medical abuse in a Canadian matter without equal)


cc Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Repository

President Trump (c/o U.S. Embassy-Ottawa)


Apr 02-2020


ON the below date, I wrote the ON Judicial Council regarding these two judges. I never heard back which is par for the course as no oversight body has ever acknowledged serious judicial depredations in the Employee's Case leaving the PMO to be a repository for Canada's defunct Justice System


March 13-2020

TO: Ontario Judicial Council†††††††††††††† FROM: Roger Callow Plaintiff

Adelaide St. Postal Stn. Box 914†††††††††††††††††††† 1285 Cahill Drive #2001

31 Adelaide St E.†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Ottawa, ONK1V 9A7

Toronto, ON M5C 2K3††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† t.613-521-1739rcallow770

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† web: 2020 mar OUR DISQUIETING COURTS


Complaints against two Ottawa Judges 1) C. MacLeod2) Deputy Judge Rosalind Conway.

Ottawa Chief Justice of the Superior Court, G.B. Worawetz could nothelp but be involved explaining why details of the alleged perfidy of the above two were forwarded to P.M. Trudeau for executive action. See above website for details plus enclosures



1) If the PMO had taken decisive executive action regarding the preposterous MacLeod j. action (CV 20 83096) to circumvent the role of the courts for powerful defendants thus leaving the Legal Fraternity without employment, then we would not have had the equally preposterous Master Kaufman action of dismissing the case against MacLeod j. (CV 20 83091 Motion heard 2020 03 30 and which number pre-dates the MacLeod action) with no Notice given to this Party to respond. In general, he merely repeats MacLeod's argument.

2) To compound his crime, he held this motion at a time that the civil courts were suspended due to the COVID-19 shut-down. He should be dismissed on those grounds alone.

3) So why did Master Kaufman not wait until the courts re-opened? Speculation may have it due to the very point I made in other correspondence that Defense lawyers on other issues would use it to their advantage to avoid court appearances which is the case of Cavanagh LLP defending lawyer Bissionnette (Towngate Family Medicine) (CV 2082889 which again predates the two above numbers) whom quotes MacLeod whose early actions were restricted to two entities; namely Dr. Jahagirdar (C20 82659) and Ottawa General Hospital (CV20 82847).

4) If the PMO had taken the necessary executive action, Kaufman's duplicitous Order would not have occurred. All that is left for the PMO is to invoke a trusteeship over the entire Ottawa civil court scene as it now lies in tatters.Filed under web: LEGAL MAIL apr


Yours, in dismay, I remain Roger Callow'badly abused Plaintiff in a matter without equal'


encl. PMO

encl. CV 20 83091 to ON Judicial Council