FEB 04-2020


TO: Board of Governors FROM: Roger Callow 'abused patient'

Ottawa Hospital 1285 Cahill Drive #2001 Ottawa K1V 9A7

ATTN: Katherine Cotton- Chair t. 613-521-1739

PERSONAL web: 2020 Sub-heading:

t. 613-761-4800 f. 613-761-4465 HOSPITAL PSYCHIATRIC ABUSE

3 pages sent by fax including this one



1) Included are two accounts on this issue; a) an unpublished op-ed letter to the Ottawa Citizen date Jan.14-2020 b) a second fax of Feb. 03 to CEO Dr. Jack Kitts regarding his apparent waffling in producing a Report on the abuse I suffered at the hands of the General Hospital mental wing which is detailed on the website above.

2) That Report is instrumental for two reasons: a) to provide Mayor Watson with a copy so that he can guarantee the public that there will be no 'night and the fog' of Hitlerite Germany in which hapless individuals will be seized from their home and incarcerated in mental hospitals. b) a second copy is vital to the mandamus court to be held on February 27 on 19-SC-155235 focusing on the medical abuse of Dr. Jahagirdar (Dr. J.) of Towngate Family Medicine and the Transport Ministry which caused my permanent license suspension for 'reasons best known to themselves' as Dr. J. refuses to provide me with my entire medical file which would reveal the correspondence she received on Oct. 15 which prompted her to seek my driver's license suspension. I dismissed her on November 01-2019 for breaking doctor-patient confidentiality which continued even after the dismissal. Along with the staff concerned, she refuses to attend this 'secretive' mandamus court which promises to be a fraud done at my personal expense.

3) As the Ministry of Transport-Medical refuses to correspond with me and due to the lack of effort from Toronto police chief Mark Saunders to seize the Ministry file; I find myself reliant on the General Hospital to intervene by supporting my successful Boxing Day medical tests in a direct appeal by the Hospital to that Ministry to have my driver's license returned. I believe that the hospital owe me that much considering that they permitted themselves to become complicit in an alleged fraud tracing back to the government of Doug Ford.

4) My public placards inviting hospital donors to withhold 2020 donations until this matter is satisfactorily resolved are receiving attention.

5) Please respond directly as 'underling clerks' are incapable of handling the challenge outlined here.


Yours truly,

Roger Callow




TO: Staff and Partners FROM: Roger Callow former patient of Dr. Jahagirdar

Town Family Medicine whom I dismissed Nov. 01 due to breaking doctor-

2446Bank St. Ste. 201 patient confidences. She still refuses to return all my

Ottawa K1V 1A4 medical file without which I cannot obtain a new doctor

t.613-739-0998 f. 613-739-1485 1285 Cahill Dr. #2001 Ottawa K1V 9A7 t.613-521-1739

pages ___ by fax web:



1) No doubt you are aware that I have delivered a commercial lien against Dr. Jahagirdar.

(SEE web: COMMERCIAL LIEN for details.

2) This letter to the partners and staff does not call for any action; rather it is for informational purposes.

3) A little background on liens. For example, when you buy a home, you purchase it with 'clear title'; namely with no liens attached. A mechanics lien, if limited to the non-punishment phase, restricts the use of your automobile. For example, your insurance Company may refuse to pay out in the event of an accident if you did not inform them of the existence of the lien. In some cases, you could expect a vastly increased premium. These liens operate outside court jurisdiction and are a powerful force against wrong doers such as I submit is the case with Dr. Jahagirdar (Dr. J.)

4) The legalities affecting myself and Dr. Jahagirdar can be expected to last years and even changing jobs will have no effect on being called on as a witness for Towngate staff. Even the findings of a mandamus court cannot expunge that future.

5) That is not entirely the case now that a commercial lien has been laid against Dr. J. The relationship that the partners and staff now have with Dr. J in continued work-related activity does have ancillary ramifications for others at Towngate.

6) As Mann lawyers have failed to provide me with the Partnership Agreement; the following analysis is limited. For example, if Dr. J. does not inform such as her malpractice insurance provider of the existence of my lien on her, they may refuse to pay any settlement so reached in future. Indeed, they may choose, if so advised, to drop her completely with little chance of her getting another provider. She would be barred from practicing medicine under those conditions. In yet another turn of events, her ability to get a lawyer is impaired in the case I have against her so that she is in the same predicament as I am; namely, having to represent myself in court. I have extensive knowledge of courts and their procedures (much to my chagrin). Dr. J. has none.

7) Again, this is guesswork as I do not know whether a blanket malpractice suit applies to all partners negatively affecting the entire operation of Towngate. Even if there isn't, if the other doctors do not notify their independent carriers of the Dr. J. lien, and yet continue to do business with her under that indictment, they could find themselves also facing repercussions. Staff at large are no exception if they have dealings with Dr. J. similar to the above.

8) Liens are designed for the participants to get together to resolve matters. For example, if Dr. J. provides me with the complete remainder of my medical file (which belongs to me in any event), then I will drop the lien. I must know the source of the October 15 correspondence which convinced Dr. J. to request my driver's license suspension. Anyone on staff would have that answer.


Yours truly,


Roger Callow


FEB. 03-2020

TO: Dr. Jack Kitts President & CEO FROM: Roger Callow 'political prisoner' in

The Ottawa Hospital mental ward Dec. 26-2019 to Jan.03-2020

t. 613-761-4800 1285 Cahill Drive #2001 Ottawa, ON K1V 9A7

f. 613-761-4465 e-mail:

sent by fax 1 page web:



1) I still do not have a Report from you on my treatment in the mental division of the General Hospital from Dec. 26-2019 to January 3-2020 where I was 'illicitly' incarcerated for 9 days.

2) Please consider this letter as formal notice to appear before a mandamus court on Feb. 27-2020 to answer the questions following below. I include the Defendant's name and phone number as I tend to be ghosted in such events: Anthony Bissionnette of Mann Lawyers Ottawa t.613-722-1500. The Court number is 161 Elgin St. t.613-239-1054 Ref. 19-SC-155235

3) In my last direct letter to you I wrote not to include the incompetent female clerk whose e-mail listing on the document is inactive. Whether or not that was the same clerk who phoned this morning leaving a call back number of 613-760-4810 is not known but, once again, this number is 'not in service'. This is bad Hospital oversight.

4) Have you done anything to forward a copy of my Boxing Day results before 3 doctors including an MRI to the Ministry of Transport-Medical at my request in order to get my driver's license returned? If not then Dr. Jack Kitts is of little value to me.

5) To date you have not filed a complete Report as I requested based on features relating to my illicit incarceration. Questions to be raised at the Feb. 27 mandamus hearing are:

a) Why did Dr. Li and Dr. Mann in two telephone conversations in which Dr. Li also contacted 'ex-son' Greg Callow according to her account; consign me to the 4-bed secure unit where I wasted away for 9 days after I had successfully passed my medical tests? Greg would not be privy to the Boxing Day results considering doctor-patient confidentiality.

b) Considering my daily copious notes to management, why was there no visit during my period of incarceration from them?

c) As I received no treatment in the secure unit beyond the basic 'give my birthdate' etc. which had already been conducted on Boxing Day; my complaints boiled down to my status as a political prisoner. The Ministry of Health-patients rights representative turned up one day un announced which made the duplicitous Dr. Sara Chan very nervous. A meeting was scheduled for January 8-2020 limited to her actions at my request although Dr. Chan hastily released me on January 3. Was that meeting held? Why was I not contacted? What was the outcome? Is Dr. Chan going to appear at this mandamus court on Feb. 27 as a witness for the Defense?


Yours truly, Roger Callow


JAN. 31-2020


TO: Ministry of the Attorney General FROM: Roger Callow-self represented Plaintiff

Court Services Division 1285 Cahill Dr. #2001 Ottawa K1V 9A7

Court House 161 Elgin St. t.613-521-1739

Ottawa ON K2P 2K1 web:


REFERENCE: Return of Documents in which the Plaintiff requested a dismissal of the mandamus court and a return to the properly invested regular court in 19-SC-155235



1) Acknowledgment of your letter dated January 22-2020 received January 28-2020 in which you reject my request to return to regular court is made. Your freudian slip of using 'witch' for 'which' is noted.

2) On whose authority was this Decision to move this case 'sideways' to a secretive mandamus court made? Neither myself as Plaintiff nor Towngate Family Medicine made any such request although I see Mann lawyers acquiescing to the order in what must be financial 'manna from heaven' for them. I attribute the request coming from the Law Society of Ontario, a none to ethical organization in my books, which received a complaint by me on December 15-2020.

3) Presumably if both parties must agree to discontinue a mandamus court; then logic tells us that both parties must agree to hold one in the first place. I was never consulted.

4) Mann lawyers have merely produced in their documents so far a facile technical case as to why Towngate is not involved with the operation of the clinic without any supporting documents. In addition, they state that they will not call on Dr. Jahagirdar (Dr. J.) nor the staff to attest to the disclosure, which in fact is what the original case was about; namely, that part of my medical file which Dr. J. refuses to return to me when I dropped her as a doctor on November 01-2020. Without that complete file, I cannot get a new doctor. Will the mandamus court demand this disclosure from Dr. J. and the Ministry of Transport-Medical which is also included in the civil action for $10 million against Dr. J? (CV20 82659). I think not.

5) So whom will Mann lawyers call to attest to my cognitive state? Ottawa General Hospital's Staff Psychiatrist, Dr. Sara Chan who conceded to me that I had indeed passed a bevy of tests before three doctors on Boxing Day after being seized by the police? Without the presence of that test in court, there is no point in asking for any medical information. In short, this mandamus court is redundant and will only serve to pervert the course of justice if this case is not returned to the regular courts for a proper adjudication.

6) I will be present on February 27 at the pre-arranged time. I still await Mann's witness list. Mine will include Hospital CEO Dr. Kitts and Ottawa Police Chief P. Sloly. What if they don't appear? If need be, a regular court can subpoena witnesses.

7) I also call on Columnists, Mark Bonokoski for the Sun and Christie Blatchford (National Post) to attend, not as witnesses, but as observers to witness this final act of Judicial credibility in Canada.

8) The U.S. in terms of President Trump and the Democrats is advised to join forces against Canada's intangible form of the corona virus in which a whole nation is infected with the Doug Ford 'Act of Commission' in stealing driver's license rights making all 'car cultures' vulnerable.

Yours truly, Roger Callow


cc Hospital CEO Dr. Jack Kitts / selected Ottawa city counsellors / U.S. interests





BY: Roger Callow ('Last of the good Canadian guys') 2 pages

QUOTE: Any man who tries to be good all the time is bound to come to ruin among the great number of men who are not good. Niccolo Machiavelli

REFERENCE: 19-SC-155235 (SDC Ottawa) 'mandamus court' as an Act of Commission(Feb. 27)

LIST: TORONTO LEGAL FIRMS fax numbers with 416 prefix)


Kuretsky Vasso Labour Int. Union Lang Michener ON Law Society

(f.416-865-9567) (240-7260) (365-1719) (947-5263)


Lawyers Prof. Indemnity Gaertner Tobin Garfin Zeidenberg Garfinkle Biderman

(599-8341) (599-7800) (512-9992) (869-0547)


Genest Murray Gilbert,Wright et al Greenspan, White Levitt, Howard

(360-2625) (363-1379) (366-7994) (597-3396)


Groia & Co. Harris & Harris Heenan Blaikie Dutton,Brock et al

(406-3605) (798-2715) (360-8425) (593-5922)


E.Tor. Legal Services Elkin Lipton et al Ellis, Ronald Enfield Adair

(461-7497) (367-8388) (425-5096) (863-1241)


Enterprise-Innovation Epstein Cole Osgood Law Uof Tor. Law

(326-1021) (862-2142) (736-5251) (971-3026)



1) Next time some bureaucratic weeny ends with the usual put-down 'see a lawyer', I will send him or her this gaggle list above.

2) Is there anyone or all (intervener status) above willing to challenge the Ministry of Transport-Medical (see enclosure) for a one hour disclosure basis in this DOUG FORD 'Act of Commission'; in order to get this heinous Order quashed, please contact me? As matters now stand, all 'car societies' in the world are vulnerable to this stunt. Future legal work is likely.


January 13, 2019

TO: Doug Ford (ON Premier) FROM: Roger Callow Plaintiff CV 18000 769 0000


The above action laid in July 2018 on your ascension to power still goes without a court date 1-1/2 years later. Two ON judges are named incidentally for their malfeasance from 2014 which was never acknowledged by the oversight bodies let alone examined.

Further correspondence on Sept. 19 and Oct. 23 of 2018 on this matter went without a response from you.

Logic dictates that you are behind current machinations in related legal activities including the invocation of a mandamus court and the illicit detention of this writer for 9 days in the mental ward at the General Hospital. As a consequence, I have called for your removal from all politics in these 'Acts of Commission' so beloved in Hitlerite Germany.


Yours truly, Roger Callow 'the last of the good guys'


Mlnistry of Ministere des 96343

Transport Transports


77 Wellesley St. W. Box 589

Toronto, Ontario M7A 1N3

Tel.(416) 235-1773 /1-800-268-1481

Fax (416) 235-3400 /1-800-304-7889

October 21, 2019


2001-1285 CAHILL DRIVE

OTTAWA, Ontario K1V9A7


Please use this Number 001111960 when you call or write this office.


Dear Sir: (my comments in bold print)

The ministry has received a report(s) indicating that you have a condition that affects your ability to drive safely. (Did Ministry make initial contact with Dr. J? Importance of disclosure i.e. why would Dr. J. contact the Transport Ministry as I have a perfect driving record and have never been ordered to see a psychiatrist?)

Your reported condition(s) is(are):

Cognitive Impairment

Psychiatric Condition

After considering all relevant facts available, the Registrar of Motor Vehicles has decided to suspend your driving privilege under:

Section 47(1) of the Highway Traffic Act


An official notice of suspension will be mailed to you under separate cover. This action is taken for your own safety and that of other road users. Please note that if you do not hold an Ontario driver's licence, this action must be taken in order to prevent you from obtaining or holding a driver's licence. This is to ensure that you are medically fit for the safe operation of a motor vehicle. (My general medical examination in August did not suggest any deficiencies by Dr. J. My Optometrist examination in June-2019 did not detect any visual nor cognitive problems)


What the Ministry requires from you to be reinstated:


Take this letter to your treating physician, specialist or nurse practitioner when your condition improves and have the following information sent to the Medical Review Section: (no medical practitioner will act on the term 'psychiatric' which was not used by Dr. Jahagirdar of Towngate Family Medicine . The conjoined term makes this suspension untestable. )


The enclosed form(s) completed in full and all questions answered

What the Ministry will do when your information is received:

Review the information provided against the national medical standards (note this for legal purposes)


2 25768

Please note that all requested information must be provided. Failure to do so will result in a delay in reviewing your file. Please fax your information to the Medical Review Section at (416) 235-3400/1-800- 304-7889 or mail to the above address. Please keep a copy of all the information provided for your future use. (bold print is that of the Ministry)


For further information please visit our website at .


Yours truly,

Franco Alulio

Deputy Registrar of Motor Vehicles


Encl. Mental Health Assessment Form

Encl. Cognitive Assessment Form




TO: Borden Ladner Gervais LLP FROM: Roger Callow

ATTN: Katherine Cooligan 1285 Cahill Dr. #2001

Regional Managing Partner Ottawa, ON K1V 9A7

World Exchange Plaza t. 613-521-1739

100 Queen St. #1300 Ottawa K1P 1J9 2020

t. 613-787-3565


REFERENCE: Hassan Diab $90 million action Ottawa Citizen Jan. 14 p.1



1) Your firm may just be the one for me in my bid to acquire my complete medical file from Towngate Family Medicine's Dr. Jahagirdar without which I may not acquire a new family Doctor. She was dismissed by me for breaching medical ethics on November 1, 2019 She also consorted with the Ministry of Transport-Medical and un-named family members which deprived me of my driver's license for unstated psychiatric reasons. Perhaps your Toronto Office may lay an action attempting to retrieve my driver's license.

2) Enclosed is an action by me against Dr. Jahagirdar for $10 million which no doubt will get the usual Registry run-around on which you could base a case should you so choose to accept it.

3) Also included is a response to the Ministry of Transport - Medical as to why their presumptive action is non testable as even a psychiatrist cannot test this driver unless they also qualify beneath the Highways Act. No such psychiatrist exists under this classification making this action a heinous crime. SEE web above.


Looking forward to hearing from you, I remain



Roger Callow 'last of the good guys'




BY: Roger Callow ('Last of the good Canadian guys') 3 pages

QUOTE: Any man who tries to be good all the time is bound to come to ruin among the great number of men who are not good. Niccolo Machiavelli

REFERENCE: 19-SC-155235 (SDC Ottawa) 'mandamus court' as an Act of Commission(Feb. 27)

LIST: PROMINENT OTTAWA LEGAL FIRMS ( fax numbers with 613 prefix)


Adelman & Baum Algonquin College Assoc. of First Nations Barnes Sammon

(f.613-237-8146) (727-4723) (241-5808) (235-7578)


Beament Green Bell Baker Bird McCuaig Russell Blake Cassells et al

(241-8555) (237-1413) (238-5955) (788-2247)


Borden Ladner et al Burke Robertson Cdn. Indust. Relations Carleton University law

(230-8842) (235-4430) (947-5407) Board (520-4467)


Cooligan Ryan CUPE Doucette McBride Edelson & Assoc.

(238-3501) (237-5508) (233-8868) (237-0071)


Fraser Milne et al --Kronik Stroud Gowling Lafleur et al Hamilton Appotive

(783-9690) (237-2920) (563-9869) ( 238-4085)


Hicks, Morley et al Heenan Blaike Johnson & Buchan Kelly Howard, et al

(234-0418) (236-9632) (230-6423) (233-4553)


Kimmel Victor et al LaBarge Weinstein Lang Michener Low Murchison

(238-8949) (599-0018) (231-3191) (236-7942)


Macera & Jarzyna Marusyk Miller et al McCarthy Tetrault Nelligan O'Brien et al

(235-2508) (563-7671) (563-9386) (238-2098)


Ogilvy Renault Osler, Hoskins et al City of Ottawa(legal) Ottawa Police

(230-5459) (235-2867) (560-1383) (760-8127)


Shields & Hunt Stikeman Elliott Ottawa University Law Vincent Dagenais

(230-1664) (230-8877) (562-5124) (241-2599)



1) Next time some bureaucratic weeny ends with the usual put-down 'see a lawyer', I will send him or her this gaggle list above.

2) Is there anyone or all above willing to challenge the mandamus court (see inclusive letter to Ottawa Small Claims court) on this level considering their careers are on the line vis a vis the future of Appeal Courts?

3) Proposition: one or a few provide a pro bono plaintiff case in which they would pay up in the event of assigned court costs in the event of a loss. All others should sign on with 'intervener status' to show the court that the legal fraternity means business. This group would also be charged with tackling the Transport Ministry-Medical to query why they deprived this writer of his driver's license using the word psychiatric without further explanation in a second 'Act of Commission by Doug Ford.

4) As Trump showed himself to be a 'Canadian coward' in the above matter by not speaking out to protect the U.S. as a 'car-culture'; I am turning to the Democrats. Why should the U.S., it needs be said, be asked to do all the heavy lifting in a legal matter of national Canadian concern?

January 11-2020


TO: The Law Courts FROM: Roger Callow Plaintiff 19-SC-155235 (SDC-Ottawa)

161 Elgin St. 2nd Floor, 1285 Cahill Drive, #2001 Ottawa, ON K1V 9A7

Ottawa, ON K2P 2K1 t. 613-521-1739 web:

TOPIC: Mandamus Courts



1) Whose cockaminy idea was it to move this case 'sideways' from Open Court to a secret tribunal where only an unchallenged Judge's Decision exists without fear of Appeal. The 'Individual' and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms' (1982) is sacrificed in this regard for all of Canada due to an apparent Doug Ford (Premier of Ontario-see web under this Sub-title) 'Act of Commission' so admired by Hitler? Neither this Plaintiff nor the Defendant Towngate lawyer requested it.

2) As matters now stand, I would have no need of pursuing this case if Mayor Watson-Police Chief P. Sloly would do their jobs and seize the remaining part of my medical file which belongs to me; not Towngate Family Medicine nor one of its Doctors, young Dr. Anusha Jahjagirdar (Dr. J.) In brief Watson-Sloly have become willful co-conspirators due to their failure. All Ottawa is poorer for their inaction. The media (Postmedia/CBC/Epoch Times) boycott of this national issue is unconscionable. Due to Trump's inactivity on this file, I have called on the Democrats to stop this juggernaut. Now.

3) What correspondence which she admittedly received from an unknown source on Oct. 15-2019 prompted Dr. J. to request that the Transport Ministry-Medical suspend my driver's license in perpetuity -as it turns out-without any recourse in law for unstated psychiatric reasons, a term Dr. J. never used? Four days later, my suspension was invoked in a precedent threatening all those drivers who live in 'car societies' throughout the free world. It is to be noted here that I have never been ordered to see a psychiatrist and I have an impeccable driving record with Allstate who refuses to question this miscarriage of justice. The Psychiatric Association is also strangely quiet on this matter along with other institutions e.g. CAA

4) The parties to a mandamus court must list their witnesses with the Defendant lawyer merely stating whom he will not be calling - Dr. J. nor the Towngate Staff ; people I now list as they can testify as to the nature of Towngate's claim that they are limited to a property lease agreement without providing that agreement nor the Doctor's partnership Agreement to me. Who pays the salary of the Office Staff is another pertinent question? Nor has Towngate provided me with the necessary disclosure of Dr. J's correspondence on this matter. I have also listed Ottawa Police Chief P. Sloly to explain why Mayor Jim Watson and himself are failing to seize the remainder of my medical file which would define those questions along with the 'missing link' connection to the Ontario Transport Ministry-Medical. SEE web: Sub-title DOUG FORD

5) Presumably, Towngate's witness list will include the typical 'rent a professional witness' types whom roam the courts throughout North America for the purpose. One such douchebag forced major cases in the U.S. to be reviewed because of this stunt. Of course, Towngate expects this plaintiff to be dunned for all legal costs. To be sure, an assigned dishonest judge is not going to issue an Order demanding that the Transport Ministry provide disclosure on this matter as well as Dr. J.'s record.

6) The proper course at this juncture is for the Small Debts Court to return this matter to 'open court' where Towngate obviously has a pathetic case. Why else call for a mandamus court which in effect turns Canada's Justice System upside down? There are no forms for this purpose nor was I shown any form justifying the creation of a mandamus court which has forever tarnished the SDB which, to date, had a reasonably good record unlike the larger Superior Court.

7) A separate letter is being sent to named Ottawa Legal firms challenging them to combat this iniquitous Doug Ford 'Act of Commission. Their future as a major employer is at stake let alone their credibility.


Yours truly, 'Last of the good guys' (Roger Callow)




BY FAX:613-722-7677 2 pages (Towngate legal Representative)


Roger Callow - Plaintiff REBUTTAL

Re: Callow v. Towngate Medical Clinic

Court File No. 19-SC-155235



1) Acknowledgment of your e-mail of January 3, 2020 is made.

2) Your intention to pursue costs should I boycott this 'Court of Star Chambers' where a judge may make a decision quite apart from the facts without fear of a Judicial Appeal is noted in this mandamus court which is considered anti-justice and therefore rarely used for that reason.. You do not quote specific Rules of the Small Claims Court to bolster your argument for this need apart from open court.

3) You quote Rule 13 of the Rules of the Small Claims court in setting a court date of February 27-2020 without telling me whose bright idea was this to divert this matter from the regular court where Appeals may be made and for which reason(s)? Your material finalizing your argument in December does not even hint at the need for a mandamus court and there isn't, if Mayor Watson-Police Chief Sloly were to collect the rest of my medical file. In short the case is about disclosure which Towngate/Dr. Jahagirdar would appear to continue with their obstruction on that point. Produce that now and this case becomes redundant.

4) While it is not a hearing and therefore you will not call on Dr. Jahagirdar nor Towngate Staff as you state whom you claim not to represent apart from Towngate Staff as you state whom you claim not to represent apart from Towngate; nonetheless, providing the insurance agreement with the Doctors and the nature of the Doctor's Agreement with Towngate is central to your case. You provide neither. As no Doctor has been called on this basis, I will list Dr. Jahagirdar on my witness list to define the Doctor Partnership vis a vis Towngate.

5) What are those timelines in the rules for the mandamus list of witnesses? Your list and, in particular, the expertise of each witness is required for a fair hearing presuming that it is at all possible in a mandamus court. That list is vital for knowing whom I should select in rebuttal. One witness I do propose calling is Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly. Whether he chooses to attend or not, I will ask him to answer why he has not seen fit along with Mayor Jim Watson to obtain the remainder of my medical file which they may do at any time up to February 27-2020. As matters stand, both Sloly and Watson appear to be willing conspirators in their refusal to act.

6) Your claim that you are not in possession of my medical file defies logic. For example, When Dr. Jahagirdar (Dr. J.) was away in India, surely that file remained behind and was transferred to the new replacement Doctor who is now exposed in this caper. In the event that Dr. J. was no longer available for unseen reasons to return to Towngate, presumably that file belongs to Towngate until a new Doctor is assigned.

7) Presuming the worst with this mandamus court being a 'Court of Star Chambers' ; I expect the judgment to read thus: 'There is ample proof that Mr. Callow is a meddlesome litigant who refuses to accept that many judicial reputations are being sacrificed due to his inopportune actions. This court rules that wherever Mr. Callow functions in legal cases in Ontario, that he be barred from conducting further litigation.' ...gee, just what Premier Ford wants to explain away his failure to provide a court date for over 1-1/2 years to an action laid by me in which two Ontario judges are included for judicial malfeasance dating back to 2014 which was never investigated.

8) The bigger problem here for a mandamus court is that all powerful interests will pursue that option making the Canadian legal fraternity and courts of law obsolete which may be no great loss should I be any example. Of course the presiding Justice need not even hint at what he is going to write in this hearing. Indeed, the 'boys in short pants' can be expected to hand him the documents merely for him or her to sign. That is why a mandamus court is tyrannical and has no place in Canadian law.


Yours truly,


Roger Callow


cc Ottawa Police Chief Sloly / Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson plus councilors




TO: Ottawa Police Chief P. Sloly FROM: Roger Callow

PERSONAL 1285 Cahill Dr. #2001

474 Elgin St. Ottawa K2P 2E6 Ottawa, ON K1V 9A7

e-mail: t: 613-521-1739


Enclosure: Mayor Jim Watson by e-mail:

Towngate Family Medicine staff - mail



1) In listing his witnesses for the Feb. 27 mandamus hearing 19-SC-155235 (Ottawa SDC); Towngate legal counsel Bissonnette only lists whom he is not calling; namely, Dr. Jahagirdar and Towngate Staff.

2) If Bissonnette had included such as the Doctor Agreement which, as he claims, is entirely responsible for the Towngate operation, perhaps I would not have to list the above as witnesses which I now find myself doing.

3) This whole mandamus caper is totally unnecessary if Sloly-Watson were to act on retrieving the remaining part of my medical file which belongs to me, not to Towngate/Dr.Jahagirdar. In essence, the above case is about disclosure.

4) Sloly-Watson can still act on this file by having myself and the police attend the clinic in which the remaining file would be handed to the police and then to me.

5) Sloly should also get back to me within 3 days as to whether he will appear personally at the mandamus court. Of course, if he obtains the rest of my medical file, there would be no need to have any court. As matters now stand I have been without a medical doctor for two months and cannot get one without my entire file. Bissonnette could easily have acquired this file and forwarded it to me but where is the money to be made in that procedure for him?

6) For sometime now since November, I have called on Sloly to investigate related activity on this file. He has done nothing raising the question as to whether Ottawa hired the correct person as its new Police Chief. The fact that he 'dumped' on his staff in general in public had this writer being rather dubious about this appointment. Events here appear to be bearing out those concerns. That's why I called in Mayor Watson whom has now inherited a second major concern (the first relates to collecting medical files which belong to the client) related to the improper use of Ottawa General Hospital where I am calling for a general donor boycott until this misadventure is costed for public consumption. As to the reputation of the secure 4 unit mental ward; that is irretrievable after how I was treated as reported to management requesting a Report to Mayor Watson and myself. SEE 2020 RECENT.7


Yours truly, (signed) Roger Callow plaintiff