WEB:  Nov.02 RECENT 7 nov. LEGAL MAIL  based on Oct. 7 letter to P.M. Trudeau which went without a response.

by: Roger Callow  (Ottawa)


TO: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau via fax: 613-941- 6900  1 page     

cc Itinerant Ottawa Sun writer U.S. Professor Walter E. Williams Economist

George Mason University (Economics) 4400 University Dr. Fairfax, VA 22030 

cc Cdn. media: 1) Sun media's L. Gunter columnist (works out of Edmonton and is failing to report on the civil class action against a number of judges who should have been charged criminally)  2) Ottawa Citizen's Kelly Egan whose failure to publish the rogue 'Franco Alulio' Deputy Minister of Transport-Medical fake driver license scam (traced back to Premier Ford and A.G. Doug Downey) has led to the collapse of Justice Canada in general and the Ottawa Courts specifically. 3) National Post's resourceful columnist John Ivison.


1) One might ask why further information on the 35 year unresolved Employee Case is being sent to a publicly challenged P.M. on the ground of ethics? One could equally ask the question of the career-challenged Minister of Justice, David Lametti (no doubt telling bureaucrats to do what they will but leave his name out of it) as to why no action against the courts has been taken.

2) With a media boycott of this national issue, the significance of this account is hence reduced to a test of their foolish boycott; foolish because a Canada wide revelation of the 'Franco Alulio' perfidy by me met with no response. Media credibility, therefore, is the focus now. Of course a copy goes to the U.S. representative, W.E. Williams.

3) In brief, the problem goes well beyond the chronic one of a lack of disclosure as it hits at the very basis of judicial malfeasance. For example, anyone googling my name (these spots can be bought) would find a 2014 Decision by Ottawa's Justice Colin MacKinnon against me for the traditional frivolous & vexatious put-down forever leaving the impression that this filed case was the 'last word' on my court challenge. What it doesn't tell you is that there were three different Orders on the same event from Mckinnon j., none of which recognized the existence of the other. Which one was filed? Does it make any difference anyway as a Decision can be quietly removed later so that no precedent exists? I have experienced variations on this theme in courts right across Canada naming judges and lawyers in actions for malfeasance.

4) By tradition, the media has a knee jerk reaction to protecting  our hallowed institutions although it has been noticed of late that this protection is eroding. Unlike the U.S. no Canadian judge has ever been sent to prison which should be, but is not, a plus in our favour. The essence of the Employee's Case is that the house of justice is a deck of cards. I call it 'moral covid' which has the potential to be more devastating than the literal kind; the latter will end some day, the former not so easy. The 'individual' in our society has been expunged.

5) ACTIONS TO BE TAKEN? You have got me; all individuals and institutions in Canada with oversight functions 'have been tried and found wanting'. Canadians have a 'legal system' not a 'justice system'.


Yours, in dismay, Roger Callow The Outlawed Canadian in an outlaw Justice System due to judicial malfeasance.


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