CATCH 22 - 'MANDAMUS' COURT (19-SC-155235 Ottawa)

BY: Roger Callow  rcallow770@gmail.com   web: employeescasecanada.ca   



(N.B. Hardly ever used as it usurps the judicial process in that the meeting is held in secret with no oaths nor records to be kept thus making the presiding Justice a 'tyrannical king'.)


The following is a hypothetical Postmedia editorial response in the case of 1) or 2) with 3) being a neutral response:


1)  In the event that this plaintiff does not attend this kangaroo court claiming sufficient evidence has been filed in which key disclosure has not been produced (namely, that part of my medical record which Dr. Jahagirdar (Dr. J.) of Towngate Family Medicine  illustrating a fraud involving Dr. J., the Ministry of Transport-Medical and some Family members to conspire against this targeted plaintiff in order to grab his assets).

Editorial: After much spurious complaining about how he has been mistreated by the authorities for decades in a B.C. labour matter, the targeted plaintiff is given an opportunity to explain himself before the court (mandamus court) especially arranged for him for the purpose and what does he do? He doesn't even turn up! Why should we waste our court resources on such people should be a matter of taxpayer concern. Our hard pressed courts have higher concerns than such dribble professed by this undeserving wretch. The judge acted quite properly in throwing this case out of court showing that at least some common sense prevailed. We should respect the opinion of medical Doctors; not harangue them as has happened here. Good riddance to bad rubbish, we say..


2) In the event that this plaintiff does attend;

Editorial: Mr. Callow is a very unhappy man. He has been told by many courts over the past decades that he is merely being frivolous & vexatious. And does he quit after all this time? Nope. Now he is prodding the Doug Ford Government which is yet one more force trying to stop this runaway train wreck making Lac Magentic look like a Sunday School picnic as he willynilly races down the track to oblivion. Ford's gov't. has gone out of its way by permitting a special tribunal called a mandamus court (no oaths nor filed records) where Callow is free to vent his spleen without recriminations. And still he is not happy. Fortunately, the presiding Justice has chosen to put an end to Callow's diatribe against the Justice System, or at least we hope so, by throwing this matter out of court and returning a Doctor's good reputation to her.


3) News item: Mr. Callow is no stranger to the Alice in Wonderland operation of Canada's courts as he seeks compensation in an unresolved B.C. labour matter dating back to 1985 with his questionable senior teacher lay-off under the imposed BILL 35 of which ensuing arbitration was quashed by the courts leaving him in limbo. The Employer, the West Vancouver School Board, does not recognize court oversight of BILL 35 insisting that the arbitration is the only valid Decision. Over 50 judges have refused to recognize Callow's complaint on that level including a constitutional challenge in Nova Scotia in 2017 . Hence he goes without compensation which now includes pension rights as the Board did not acknowledge his retirement at age 65. He is now 78. The suit against the Board which Premier Doug Ford's gov't. has refused for over a year and a half now to give a docket hearing date, is for $20 million dollars.

     The current secret mandamus court scheduled for Feb. 27 which is rarely enlisted because it operates outside of the Judicial System, may establish a ruling on hearsay where there is no Appeal which the plaintiff considers as a 'Court of Star Chambers'.

     What is at stake here as issues are two matters: a) an alleged conspiracy between the former Family Doctor for Mr. Callow, the Ministry of Transport-Medical, and some family members in an apparent bid to seize the assets of Mr. Callow through psychiatric charges which Callow would dispute as he has never been ordered to have any such examination. b) Of general interest to all the car-driving public, is the right of a gov't. to hi-jack a driver's license in a fashion in which there is no appeal. Mr. Callow, it should be noted, has a clean driving record.

     Without addressing those two concerns, that is, without calling for disclosure, the plaintiff is on the defensive; particularly as the police in Ottawa and Toronto refuse to seize pertinent documents from Dr. J. and the Transport Ministry. It is in this light, that Mr. Callow has called on President Trump to intervene as U.S. interests would be a prime target of such judicial shenanigans and as Canadian oversight bodies remain mute on this national/international story.


You choose.


Yours truly, Roger Callow  Plaintiff


cc President Trump


For my witness list to the mandamus court, I call on Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly  to explain why he failed to collect the remainder of my medical file from Towngate/Dr. Jahagirdar as per my request and caused the Toronto Police to do the same from the Ministry of Transport-Medical on their end of this alleged conspiracy. Mayor Jim Watson has been informed to enforce Sloly's appearance.  Until I receive the entire contents of my medical file, the entire staff of Towngate will be listed as witnesses along with Sloly. Watson can put an end to this travesty if he wants by seeing to the remaining collection of my medical record.


Roger Callow

cc A. Bissionette lawyer for Towngate

     Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson



1) Whose tom fool idea was this court anyway, Premier Doug Ford's?

2) The usual operation of the courts which this plaintiff has experienced similar to most individual plaintiffs against corporate entities is for the presiding judge to move the case 'sideways' with his own opinion apart from the laws after he leaves the courtroom so that frivolous & vexatious action on the part of an individual rules the day in what is primarily an Act of Omission under the circumstances. Charter Rights get brushed aside.

3) That is not what is happening under Ford's mandamus court in an Act of Commission with his phony driver license scam which negatively impacts drivers in all 'car societies' explaining why I have called on President Trump to act in the void created by Canadian oversight institutions which should know better.

4) For witnesses, I have called on new Police Chief Peter Sloly personally to attend along with all the staff at Towngate Family Medicine   including Dr. Jahajagirdar  (Dr. J.) with whom an action for $10 million is to be launched in January. The production of discovery regarding the missing medical file notes is a keynote in that case. Indeed, if those remaining records were sent to me now, there would be no need for the action against Towngate.

5) And what could Dr. J. possibly say in the mandamus meeting other than to claim medical confidentiality takes precedence over legal orders. Some newspaper types choose to go to jail rather than divulge their sources. Is this the position of Dr. J? Will the court comply with her wishes?

6) As Towngate's claim is limited to their corporate interest to leasing the property with no evidence provided such as their lease with the Doctors nor the Doctor's so-called partnership  agreement nor insurance coverage defining that relationship, the meeting would be reduced to a definition of corporate responsibility which could just have easily been done in open court where records are kept and witnesses, if any, testify under oath...and there is a right of appeal

7) What appears to be the case is that I am to undergo the type of experience paralleling my failed arbitration in 1985 regarding my senior teacher lay-off in West Vancouver under the imposed BILL 35. The School Board's argument collapsed after an 11 day trial in which the 1/2 hour Union rebuttal argument was that the Board used this legislation for the wrong purpose; a position supported by the court when it later quashed the arbitration leaving me in limbo.

8) What Ford et al would seek to do in this 'Act of Commission' is to 'move sideways' before the mandamus hearing on Feb. 27 and similar to the Employer above, not have to recognize the court oversight which the  School Board refuses to do to the present day. With a mandamus court, there is no Appeal which is why this case has brought the Canadian Justice System crashing to the ground while all Canadian institutions 'fiddle'. That is why a direct appeal has been made to President Trump. Surely he will protect U.S. interests in this case of Ford's phony driver license suspension scam. If not, perhaps the Democrats will look out for U.S. interests.

9) I request that the Towngate lawyer present his witness list for this hearing by Jan. 15-2020. I wish to call Police Chief P. Sloly personally and all the front desk staff plus Dr. Jahagirdar. I somehow doubt anyone will appear but I set a January 15 deadline for the court and in the event that no-one is willing to appear (Bissonette esq alone for Towngate unacceptable unless he provides the information I require above.

10) In the event that Sloly and the Towngate staff mentioned above do not confirm their appearance, then I request that the mandamus court be quashed immediately with the matter being returned to regular court otherwise I will file a new motion (which will read pretty much like the old one.)


Yours truly,


Roger Callow     Dec. 23-2019


DEC. 24-2019 - Also found there




QUOTE: A) ...That disaster like this one had human causes. Greed, apathy, hubris - even loyalty -  all demand payment in the end. Storms will always come, and men will always do evil in the shadow of some other word. It's how we respond which defines us. The Bone Tree  Greg Isles

B) ...The sentiment itself is nothing new. Dante described the ninth and deepest ring of the inferno as the realm of betrayers, wherein Satan eternally chews the living corpses of Judas, Brutus, and Cassius in his three sets of jaws.' PLACARD: OUST PREMIER DOUG FORD FROM ALL POLITICS 

C) a nation or civilization that continues to produce soft-minded men purchases its own spiritual death on an installment plan. The Bishop's Pawn Steve Berry 

D) If you must play, decide upon three things at the start: the rules of the game, the stakes, and the quitting time. Everyone Lies A.D. Garrett

E) We need to change attitudes before we change laws. We need to keep talking, and better yet, get mad...unrelated topic


F) Inside every small problem is a big problem struggling to get out. The Science of Murphy's Law  Richard Robinson

G) No-one wants reminders of a problem that officially doesn't exist. Inevitably, corruption combines power and money, without the benefit of law to prevent abuse. The Emperor's Tomb Steve Berry

H) The reality is, in mainstream press, the journalists have been living in this  situation for many years, they understand their society and context, and they know that if an article will never get printed, so they won't write it. EPOCH TIMES

I) No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it. Albert Einstein

J) We design corporations and gov't. structures so that "responsibility' are spread across a lateral plane as that there is no definitive trail of accountability. It nurtures and stimulates the "book of excuses". Sun Going Down Jack Todd


1) Premier Doug Ford and his thugs (sounds like the name for a rock band) never intend to hold a mandamus court on Feb. 27-2019 as no-one is going to show up. And what then? Why nothing, of course, as the mere threat was sufficient to derail 19-SC-155235 case from the regular court docket where oaths and evidence are kept.

2) In bottom line language, the illicit driver license suspension of this writer for all perpetuity without Appeal will hold and will serve as a precedent for like-minded governments throughout the 'car driving societies' of the world.

3) The conspiracy involving the family Doctor and unknown family members plus the Transport Ministry-Medical goes unchecked due to Dr. Jahagirdar's refusal to divulge key correspondence letters which she withheld from my medical file when it was partially returned as I requested when I dropped her on Nov. 01 as my family Doctor. Without that complete file, I cannot get another Doctor. In short, this mandamus court is just as serious a blunder as the driver's suspension scam. In future, expect such as the SNC Lavellin case re-directed to this secretive court as a means of diverting public attention. In short, the Canadian Justice System has been smashed and there is not an oversight body - and I have contacted many - willing to help me do the 'heavy lifting'. In that regard, President Trump becomes a 'Canadian coward' for failing to publicize this two prong attack on Canada with ramifications throughout the civilized world. Maybe the Democrats will fare better.

4) If there is no witness list for this mandamus court by January 15, I will request that the above case be re-assigned to the regular court. The question still lies; whom can I ask as all Canadian institutions have their heads so thoroughly tucked under the deep-piled Canadian carpets which are bursting with secrets.




JANUARY 5, 2020


BY FAX:613-722-7677  2  pages  (Towngate legal Representative)


Roger Callow - Plaintiff  REBUTTAL

Re: Callow v. Towngate Medical Clinic

Court File No. 19-SC-155235



1) Acknowledgment of your e-mail of January 3, 2020 is made.

2) Your intention to pursue costs should I boycott this 'Court of Star Chambers' where a judge may make a decision quite apart from the facts without fear of a Judicial Appeal is noted in this mandamus court which is considered anti-justice and therefore rarely used for that reason.. You do not quote specific Rules of the Small Claims Court to bolster your argument for this need apart from open court.

3) You quote Rule 13 of the Rules of the Small Claims court in setting a court date of February 27-2020 without telling me whose bright idea was this to divert this matter from the regular court where Appeals may be made and for which reason(s)? Your material finalizing your argument in December does not even hint at the need for a mandamus court and there isn't, if Mayor Watson-Police Chief Sloly were to collect the rest of my medical file. In short the case is about disclosure which Towngate/Dr. Jahagirdar would appear to continue with their obstruction on that point. Produce that now and this case becomes redundant.

4) While it is not a hearing and therefore you will not call on Dr. Jahagirdar nor Towngate Staff as you state whom you claim not to represent apart from Towngate Staff as you state whom you claim not to represent apart from Towngate; nonetheless, providing the insurance agreement with the Doctors and the nature of the Doctor's Agreement with Towngate is central to your case. You provide neither. As no Doctor has been called on this basis, I will list Dr. Jahagirdar on my witness list to define the Doctor Partnership vis a vis Towngate.

5) What are those timelines in the rules for the mandamus list of witnesses? Your list and, in particular, the expertise of each witness is required for a fair hearing presuming that it is at all possible in a mandamus court. That list is vital for knowing whom I should select in rebuttal. One witness I do propose calling is Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly. Whether he chooses to attend or not, I will ask him to answer why he has not seen fit along with Mayor Jim Watson to obtain the remainder of my medical file which they may do at any time up to February 27-2020. As matters stand, both Sloly and Watson appear to be willing conspirators in their refusal to act.

6) Your claim that you are not in possession of my medical file defies logic. For example, when Dr. Jahagirdar (Dr. J.) was away in India, surely that file remained behind and was transferred to the new replacement Doctor who is now exposed in this caper. In the event that Dr. J. was no longer available for unseen reasons to return to Towngate, presumably that file belongs to Towngate until a new Doctor is  assigned.

7) Presuming the worst with this mandamus court being a 'Court of Star Chambers' ; I expect the judgment to read thus: 'There is ample proof that Mr. Callow is a meddlesome  litigant who refuses to accept that many judicial reputations are being sacrificed due to his inopportune actions. This court rules that wherever Mr. Callow functions in legal cases in Ontario, that he be barred from conducting further litigation.' ...gee, just what Premier Ford wants to explain away his failure to provide a court date for over 1-1/2 years to an action laid by me in which two Ontario judges are included for judicial malfeasance dating back to 2014 which was never investigated.

8) The bigger problem here for a mandamus court is that all powerful interests will pursue that option making the Canadian legal fraternity and courts of law obsolete which may be no great loss should I be any example. Of course the presiding Justice need not even hint at what he is going to write in this hearing. Indeed, the 'boys in short pants' can be expected to hand him the documents merely for him or her to sign. That is why a mandamus court is tyrannical and has no place in Canadian law.


Yours truly,


Roger Callow


 cc Ottawa Police Chief Sloly / Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson plus councilors


January 06-2020


TO: Ottawa Police Chief P. Sloly              FROM: Roger Callow

PERSONAL                                                                1285 Cahill Dr. #2001

474 Elgin St. Ottawa K2P 2E6                             Ottawa, ON K1V 9A7

e-mail: property@ottawapolice.ca                  t: 613-521-1739

                                                                                    e-mail: rcallow770@gmail.com

Enclosure: Mayor Jim Watson by e-mail: jim.watson@cityhall.ca

Towngate Family Medicine staff - mail



1) In listing his witnesses for the Feb. 27 mandamus hearing 19-SC-155235 (Ottawa SDC); Towngate legal counsel Bissonnette only lists whom he is not calling; namely, Dr. Jahagirdar and Towngate Staff.

2) If Bissonnette had included such as the Doctor Agreement which, as he claims, is entirely responsible for the Towngate operation, perhaps I would not have to list the above as witnesses which I now find myself doing.

3) This whole mandamus caper is totally unnecessary if Sloly-Watson were to act on retrieving the remaining part of my medical file which belongs to me, not to Towngate/Dr.Jahagirdar. In essence, the above case is about disclosure.

4) Sloly-Watson can still act on this file by having myself and the police attend the clinic in which the remaining file would be handed to the police and then to me.

5) Sloly should also get back to me within 3 days as to whether he will appear personally at the mandamus court. Of course, if he obtains the rest of my medical file, there would be no need to have any court. As matters now stand I have been without a medical doctor for two months and cannot get one without my entire file. Bissonnette could easily have acquired this file and forwarded it to me but where is the money to be made in that procedure for him?

6) For sometime now since November, I have called on Sloly to investigate related activity on this file. He has done nothing raising the question as to whether Ottawa hired the correct person as its new Police Chief. The fact that he 'dumped' on his staff in general in public had this writer being rather dubious about this appointment. Events here appear to be bearing out those concerns. That's why I called in Mayor Watson whom has now inherited a second major concern (the first relates to collecting medical files which belong to the client) related to the improper use of Ottawa General Hospital where I am calling for a general donor boycott until this misadventure is costed for public consumption. As to the reputation of the secure 4 unit mental ward; that is irretrievable after how I was treated as reported to management requesting a Report to Mayor Watson and myself. SEE employeescasecanada.ca 2020 RECENT.7


Yours truly,  (signed) Roger Callow  plaintiff