January 17-2020 - 3 pages


TO: Dr. Jack Kitts  CEO                              FROM: Roger Callow - victim of hospital willfull excess

PERSONAL                                                                  1285 Cahill Drive #2001  Ottawa, ON K1V 9A7

Ottawa General Hospital                                        t. 613-521-1739

501 Smyth Rd. Ottawa K1H 8L6


TOPIC: Illicit use of 4-room mental ward lock-down for Roger Callow 2246157 Secure Unit



1) It is one thing to step in the doo-doo unwittingly; it is something else to be willfully complicit to deprive a patient of basic human rights which I submit happened here.

2) I have called publicly for hospital donors to withhold 30% of their 2020 contribution and up to 50% depending on your personal response. No minions devoted to rationalizations required

3) On Boxing Day of Dec. 26, 2019, police broke into my apartment with an Order signed by a Justice of the Peace C. Logue on Dec. 19-2019, the last day of court before the New Year, on an application by sons ,Christopher and Gregory Callow.

4) It should be noted here that as of September I am estranged from my former wife after 45 years of a good marriage. The family has refused to communicate with me since that time although I offered my assistance and financial aid to them. As a consequence I have re-written my will leaving everything to National Geographic Endowment Fund which does good work with children in Africa. The family gets nothing except pending lawsuits.

5) The police acted properly according to the seizure order but not so properly in that the Order was to take me before a physician whom, it is presumed, would in a one-hour session test me for physical and cognitive abilities. It should be noted at this point that my Optometrist stated that he made no such note of any cognitive disorders in my June 2019 eye examination which also passed in terms of operating an automobile where I have a perfect record with Allstate. I have never been ordered to see a psychiatrist.

6) Instead the police checked me into the General Hospital where I was given a battery of tests including three Doctors, none of whom were Dr. Kikelorno Akinbobola whom claims to have examined me on Dec. 26.  Form 42 is filed here to that effect.

7) Form 42 was signed by son, Christopher Callow, whom has not seen me since September, but that did not stop him to approve Form 42 denoting that I act violently to others and suffer from a mental disorder in which I am a danger to others as well as myself. Even my estranged wife knows that is all hogwash as I am not a violent man. I submit here that this action on the part of the sons is to gain control over my estate. The order committing me on December 19 by Justice of the Peace, C.L. Logue should never have been made to two bozos who wandered in off the street but that is part of a larger conspiracy involving Doug Ford, Premier of Ontario, in a bigger conspiracy which I will define further along.

8) By all accounts, I passed that battery of tests including an MRI in which more needy persons were bumped for the purpose. That should have been the end of it. I should have been sent home. At this point I ask you to forward that file as a medical file belongs to the patient for which I wish to use it to address the suspension of my driver's license at the end of October for unspecified psychiatric reasons which the Ministry of Transport-Medical invoked effective November 01-2020. I have been without a driver's license for 2-1/2 months currently because of the impossible terms of this suspension (see website). I dropped family Doctor Jahagirdar of Towngate Family Medicine  at that time for compromising my file in discussing it openly with others. I unsuccessfully called for the College of Physicians - ethics branch to suspend her medical license. They prevaricated.

9) Where the hospital became directly involved in this scam was when a female Dr. Li in conjunction on the telephone with a Dr. Mann decided to commit me for an extended stay in which I labeled myself as a political prisoner forever tarnishing the secure ward. I was puzzled as to why Dr. Li felt that she had to make a phone call to son, Gregory, considering he would not be privy to my medical results of Dec. 26. That should be investigated by you.

10) This whole matter of the illicit license suspension and illicit hospital action could have been avoided if Mayor Jim Watson - who is receiving a copy of this Report - and Police Chief P. Sloly had seized the remaining part of my medical file which was only partially returned on November 14 at my request with Dr. Jhagirdar's self-effacing account in which she justifies an obvious conflict of medical and legal responsibilities in withholding that correspondence which led to the psychiatric suspension by Minister of Transport- Medical Julio. Without that complete file, I cannot obtain a new physician particularly due to the psychiatric labeling which had all clinics and doctors (other than my two eye doctors) only providing me with an oral rejection. See your family Doctor, I was told. Even here, Dr. Jahagirdar is not qualified as a psychiatrist and therefore cannot evaluate me according to the Ministry charge.

11) File No. 19-SC-155235 (Small Claims Court) against Towngate Family Medicine (no doctor named) was designed to obtain that 'missing link' but they begged out on rather farcical technical terms provoking someone in the Justice Ministry to invoke a 'mandamus court' a British term which is rarely used as these 'Courts of Star Chambers' are held in secret with no Appeal to a judge's Decision thus reducing all Appeal Courts in Canada to a non-entity decimating legal ranks in the process. I have notified over 50 law firms in Ottawa and Toronto on that accord. (You may have read recently how one victim of Justice is suing for $90 million dollars. By moving the case 'sideways', a mandamus court could reduce that to $1 if even that. And that stunt cannot be appealed.)

12) While incarcerated for nine days 'sitting on my ass' occupying badly needed space for others, I was visited by three Doctors which, unlike the three testing Doctors on Boxing Day, were all subjected to copious written complaints by me to the Hospital Management. Perhaps you read these. It was the third Doctor, Staff psychiatrist Sarah Chan, which was the focus of my particular ire, and in league with the Ministry of Patient Rights in which I was visited by 'Cameron', a charge was laid  slated to be heard January 8. Dr. Chan was unfamiliar with this body and was very nervous on that account and I attribute my early release due to her concern. (I was slated for one more week until Jan. 10) Was that meeting held? Nobody notified me. What was the outcome?

13) As noted earlier, none of this would have happened if Watson-Sloly had acted opportunely in seizing the remainder of my file. They can still do so. However, Mayor Watson is on the hook for telling the public that a medical file belongs to the patient and should any Clinic or Doctor refuse that request to telephone him for immediate action from the Mayor's Office.

He also has to apologize to the public in stating that tactics found in Nazi Germany in seizing individuals from their homes and imprisoning them in mental wards will not be tolerated in Canada. I have further asked him to cost this boondoggle and present it to the public.

The head of the snake

14) Doug Ford (see web with this 2020 Sub-heading) also has a vested interest in declaring this writer to be psychiatrically unfit as an excuse to cancel a legal action CV 18000 76950 0000 which has been sitting in his lap ever since he took power 1-1/2 years ago without a court date being named. This unresolved case with its genesis in B.C. goes without legal counsel as the Employer cannot acquire ON legal representation after losing their ON lawyer in 2014. The frustrating part for Ford is that two Ontario judges are named for malfeasance due to the failure of oversight bodies to even acknowledge let alone examine them. The license suspension by the Transport Ministry for psychiatric reasons is a preliminary along with the Justice of the Peace signing a ridiculous Order on behalf of sons, Chris and Greg, causing my incarceration. Add to that, the mandamus court, and Doug Ford hopes to have all cases by me to be forfeited on psychiatric grounds. The family, of course, expect to receive my assets as their share of this conspiracy. That's why I canceled the mandamus court and instead filed a $10 million action directly against Dr. Jahagirdar and unknown conspirators in the Transport Ministry and family with whom she allegedly conspired. SEE website for details.

15) The prime sin of Doug Ford is that he had to commit pernicious 'Acts of Commission' so beloved of Hitlerite Germany to destroy democracy. From that, democratic Canada can never recover. What the General Hospital mental Division did in this escapade was unconscionable.

16) Even if you do not write a public Report choosing instead to resign, your successor is still faced with the chore. Withholding donor fees of 30% for 2020 could become 50% if you personally duck this issue.


Respectfully submitted, Roger Callow  hospital victim #2246157


cc Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson

encl. to Kitts Form 42