FEB 01-2020 (followed by a detailed account to Mann lawyers)

FROM: Roger Callow  Ottawa  rcallow770@gmail.com  web: employeescasecanada.ca


1) 40 large Ottawa legal firms (listed under LEGAL MAIL  JAN.13-2020) which would ghost me by refusing any legal services. By not standing up to the mandamus court scheduled for Feb. 27, they risk all court Appeal work if mandamus courts go viral in Canada in the hands of scurrilous interests. In brief, it is a job killer for the legal fraternity.

2) Two letters of interest in the above regard not included here due to length: a) Reply to General Hospital's CEO Dr. Jack Kitts -Jan.30 in which I invite him to produce a copy of my successful Boxing Day medical results before 3 doctors in the Emergency Department after being seized by the police 'for the purpose' and mail it to the Ministry of Transport-Medical in order to have my driver's license suspension from November 01-2019 lifted. He is strongly advised not to permit the compromised Staff Psychiatrist, Dr. Sara Chan from appearing at this mandamus court although I am listing him along with Ottawa Police Chief Sloly as my witnesses. Both are receiving a copy of this letter. b) A reply to the Ministry of Justice-Small Debts Court 19-SC-155235 -Jan.31. No judge of any stature would ever serve on a secretive mandamus court where oversight controls do not apply in this 'Court of Star Chambers' pre-determined outcome. No doubt Mann lawyers will produce the obligatory 500 word 'book of authorities' to justify a high fee which they expect to have paid by me. I will crowd fund the 40 legal firms in the event of such despicable behaviour on a very minor point; namely, produce Dr. J's 'missing link' medical file. It matters little as to how that is done. Hence the mandamus trial is first dependent on producing disclosure from both Dr. J. and the Transport Ministry and re-scheduling the hearing after I have received the pertinent documents.

3) Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders whom is overdue in seizing Transport Ministry files above regarding my illicit suspension where the unsubstantiated term 'psychiatric' for my apparent cognitive disorder according to Towngate's Dr. Jahagirdar (Dr. J.) in which she refuses to divulge my complete medical file without which I cannot get another Doctor nor apparently, any lawyer. She will not attend this mandamus court according to Mann lawyers hence there does not appear anyone to be present to discuss my alleged cognitive disorder. Currently she has an action by me against her for $10 million: CV20 82659 That is why this matter should be returned to normal court where disclosure is mandatory and judicial overview is available.

4) Select Ottawa City Councillors to pressure the tag-team match of Mayor Watson-Sloly into doing their duty in obtaining the said medical files from Dr. J. which are my property; not that of the Doctor. I dismissed her on November 01-2019 for breaking patient-doctor confidentiality but she still conducted herself with such as the Ottawa Hospital without giving notice of that disengagement.

5) Further Chief Sloly is not investigating serious charges which I have made against older 'ex-son' Christopher whom has manipulated the police and court (e.g. December 19-2019). He has personal connections with some police who are known to party at his house on Anderson Drive (just around the corner from the Hells Angel clubhouse).


6) To leap to the chase, the February 01 lengthy Opening statement including a copy to U.S. interests quotes their founding members in 1776: e.g. c) John Adams ...Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There was never a democracy that did not commit suicide. d) Thomas Paine ...A Democracy is the vilest form of Government there is.

7) In 2004, I proclaimed the Canadian Justice System imploded when my lawyer stated that I had 'exhausted all remedy under the law' in an unresolved labour matter with the corpse to follow which is indeed happening currently as exemplified by this mandamus court.


FEB 01-2020

ON January 27-2020, I wrote to you:

January 27-2020

TO: Anthony Bissonnette                                         FROM: Roger Callow - plaintiff

Mann Lawyers LLP                                                                1285 Cahill Drive #2001

11 Holland Ave. Ste. 300                                                       Ottawa, ON K1V 9A7

Ottawa, ON K1Y 4S1                                                              t: 613-521-1739

t: 613-722-1500 f: 613-722-7677                                web: employeescasecanada 2020 Legal Mail           

pages: 2 sent by mail Defendant: Towngate Family Medicine

REFERENCE: 19-SC-155235 (Ottawa Small Debt Court) copy enclosed to court


QUOTE: 'No man who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetuate it. Martin Luther King


FEB.01 MESSAGE:  2 pages sent by fax.  Mandamus Court scheduled for Feb. 27-2020

1) As I have not received any acknowledgement of the cancelation of the above case, I must presume that you are planning to ignore my court cancelation document. In brief, you would be running a 'mandamus court' within a 'mandamus court' which is a level of totalitarianism unequaled in the annals of any Justice System under a democracy. Under such circumstances, President Trump would be obliged to send in the Marines with Democratic Party support.

2) The court Registries in Ottawa for both the Superior and Small Debt courts are unable to get their priorities straight as I provided P.M. Trudeau a detailed explanation on Jan.24-2020. Of course he could put an end to this whole fiasco although at a cost to taxpayer dollars.

3) In the event that the illicit mandamus court does go ahead on February 27 as planned, I expect you to notify me in a timely manner so that I may attend. Central to that trial is the disclosure which Towngate and Dr. Jahagirdar (Dr. J.) refuse to divulge, is a letter of unknown origin to her about October 15-2019 which caused her to request the suspension of my driver's license with the Transport Ministry-Medical which became operative on November 01-2019; the same date in which I dropped Dr. J. for breaking doctor-patient confidentiality by sharing my medical file with sons Christopher and Gregory. They have acted against my interests by filing a court case against me dated December 19-2019. Considering the time arrangements required, I should have been given notice to attend which I wasn't.

4) Indeed, the whole point of laying 19-SC-155235 was to obtain that October 15 letter.

5) As per Dr. J.'s wishes, I did have a complete test including an MRI with 3 doctor interviews on December 26 which I passed, no doubt to the chagrin of Dr. J.  I have asked the Hospital to send a copy of those findings to the Transport Ministry-Medical in order to have my driver's license returned. I also wish a copy.

6) Nor have I heard back from Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders whom I asked to seize my file from the Transport Ministry-Medical in order to reveal on which information they acted.

He is over-due on that point. (Even if the OPP is the regulatory body concerned, he should turn this file over to them and notify me accordingly.)

7) As matters now stand, your case is not only weak, it is non-existent. How, for example can any specialist you may call to the stand testify as to your assertion that Towngate only has a leasehold arrangement with the Doctors 'partnership' without providing that partnership agreement which you have failed to do. Further whom operates the clinic on a daily basis; namely buys supplies and pays salary? 

8) In the event that the mandamus court goes ahead without my attendance which I insist on, I ask you to present this letter to the court.

9) From Doug Ford's point of view; he needs to have the court declare me 'meddlesome' as evidenced by cognitive health problems. The three doctors which examined me on Dec. 26 in the main clinic of whom I approved are not likely to be on your list of witnesses. The three Doctors in the lock-down clinic were all in the scam and I made copious daily notes on their perfidy; especially the last one, young staff psychiatrist Dr. Sarah Chan. I credit my early release (one week off after my 9 day stay) to the fact that the Ministry of Health-patient welfare division- was going to investigate my incarceration. Whether or not such an investigation was performed, CEO Dr. Jack Kitts is not saying. Nor is he returning that medical outcome to me as I requested. Without producing that Hospital Report, Chan's testimony is worthless hearsay. As Dr. J. is not going to appear as a witness, either at your request or mine as a hostile witness to produce the 'missing link' letter (Oct. 15 reference) and other information which caused her to request the suspension of my driver's license, then the mandamus court becomes nothing but a hollow shell as far as my cognitive  state is concerned.  At the very least, they should demand the disclosure from the Ministry of Transport-Medical of which I have asked Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders to seize on my behalf. That body never explained why they used the term psychiatric nor would they provide me with any of the correspondence that they had with Dr. J.

10) For my witness list, I call on Police Chief Sloly, Hospital CEO Dr. Jack Kitts with Dec. 26 hospital report on me, Dr. Jahagirdar plus staff of Towngate unless in the latter regard, Dr. J. supplies me with the rest of my medical file.

11) To be successful, the court has to 'suck and blow' at the same time; namely, claim the SDC lacks jurisdiction on the one hand but condemns the plaintiff on the other.


Yours, in disgust, Roger Callow  Plaintiff


cc P.M. Trudeau/President Trump/Democrats/Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders


ADDENDUM: I am giving Christie Blatchford (National Post)and Mark Bonokoski (The Sun) of Postmedia News the unique opportunity to sit in on this mandamus trial should it go ahead.

You will have to check with Bissonnette for court location and times as he may 'forget' me.



-In actuality, imposing a trusteeship over Canada similar to the Privy Council will do the trick

By: Roger Callow 'last of the Good Guys'  employeescasecanada.ca   rcallow770@gmail.com


Quote: ...Then she was sent away. Why, Aunt Florry? Why was my mother committed to the state mental hospital?..."Your father decided she needed help,..."

"Just like that? She got shipped off?" "No, there were proceedings. But let's be honest, Joel, your father knows the right people and he's got Wilbanks (lawyer) in his back pocket. They talked to a judge; he signed the order. And your mother acquiesced. She did not object to the commitment order, not that she had a choice.... The Reckoning  John Grisham


The U.S. is a Republic while Canada has lived past it's 'best before date' as a democracy as evidenced by the routine failure of its institutional oversight bodies. In the words of 'city guru' Jane Jacobs, a country goes bad when its institutions decay. Read what some of the founding fathers of the Republic had to say in 1776 regarding democracies:

General statement from Walter Williams of George Mason University: ...In a democracy, the majority rues either directly or through its elected representatives. As in a monarchy, the law is whatever the government determines it to be. Laws do not represent reason. They represent power. The restraint is on the individual instead of the government. Unlike that envisaged under a republican form of government, rights are seen as privileges and permissions that are granted by government and can be rescinded by government.

a) James Madison ...there is nothing to check the inducement to sacrifice the weaker party or the obnoxious individual

b) Alexander Hamilton ...Liberty is found not in 'the extremes of democracy but in moderate governments'.

c) John Adams ...Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There was never a democracy that did not commit suicide.

d) Thomas Paine ...A Democracy is the vilest form of Government there is.

e) Bill of Rights...we know that we are in hell because a Bill of Rights in heaven would suggest that God couldn't be trusted.



1) The goal to find me cognitively impaired is twofold; for Doug Ford it is his 'get out of jail free card' for procrastinating for 1-1/2 years in an unresolved labour case in which he refused to give a court date and where two judges from 2014 in Ontario were named for malfeasance which went unchecked by the oversight bodies. For the family, they hope to over-turn my will where I leave everything to the National Geographic Endowment Fund.

2) That's where the mandamus court comes in which is anti-justice and therefore rarely used. Indeed it should be ruled out completely as mandamus courts run rampant would eliminate all Appeal Procedures in Canada; a real job killer for the legal fraternity as these meetings are held in secret with no records kept other than the judge's Decision which cannot be appealed. In brief, it is a Court of Star Chambers from its country of origin, Britain, where the Decision is in before the trial is run. Mann lawyers hope to make a bundle with the customary 500 word factum on a minor technicality which is to be paid entirely by this victim. In such an eventuality, I will crowd source 23 large Ottawa firms as surely there is someone or two which believes that justice comes above all else which is not the case here.

3) A legitimate court  would insist on disclosure; in this case the complete medical file from Dr. Jahagirdar (Dr. J.) who refuses to divulge so-called secret communications when she broke doctor-patient confidentiality. Ottawa Police Chief Sloly backstopped by Mayor Watson refuses to obtain these files on my behalf, a simple task. That failure is the subsequent source of Doug Fords 'Acts of Commission'.

4) Further, Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders is not acquiring on my behalf the information between Dr. J. and the Ministry of Transport-Medical which for reasons best known to itself has structured the license suspension in such fashion that it cannot be appealed thus negatively impacting all car cultures in the world. At the very least, President Trump and the Democrats should place trade sanctions on Doug Ford's Ontario as a means of protecting U.S. interests in this regard. A great many people require a driver's license to survive. That's why this type of blackmail is unconscionable. Surely U.S. interests are willing to speak out on behalf of themselves considering widespread silence from Canadian interests?

5) The big problem for the conspirators is the fact that I passed a multitude of tests on Boxing Day at the General Hospital after being seized by the police after breaking into my apartment reminiscent of Hitler's 'night and the fog'. (The Order only called for a physician whom inside of one hour could have cleared me) 3 General Hospital Doctors who were very puzzled as to why I was there and why the police did not return me to my residence. Instead, I was committed to the secure ward for 9 days where I sat on my ass and agreed with the Ministry of Health-patients rights- to investigate; particularly Staff Psychiatrist young Dr. Sarah Chan, whom was seeking to pre-empt the Boxing Day examination with her own routine. I caught her prevarications out at every turn. Whether the scheduled hearing on her was ever held has not been known to me as CEO Jack Kitts has not written a Report on how the secure ward was used for 'political purposes' forever tarnishing the hospital in a significant way. I Have called for 2020 donors to suspend donations until that Report is forthcoming. I have also requested that he return the Boxing Day findings to me with a copy to be sent to the Transport Ministry-medical to have my driver's license returned. (Do that and I will append 'Thank-you Dr. Kitts' to my Placards. Some action has been started personally by him. (SEE web Jan. 30-2020) Both Dr. Kitts and Police Chief Sloly have been listed as witnesses along with Dr. J. and Towngate Staff.  I doubt any of the above will turn up to give evidence at this mandamus court. I will pursue Dr. Sarah Chan to the fullest extent of the law should she appear; particularly if it is without the Boxing Day medical results which she told me that I passed. Of course, I will be dunned for all costs whether they sneak a hearing without me or not. I have insisted that no such court be held under any circumstances without my presence. But whom can I appeal to but U.S. interests considering the moribund state of Justice Canada? In bottom line language, without  the all-important disclosure noted above (about one hour for the orders to be given) to be followed up with a second hearing, this mandamus court is nothing more than a kangaroo court putting an end to Justice Canada in its entirety. That's why U.S. interests must act now.

6) The mandamus court was no doubt the brainchild of the ON Legal Society as neither myself as Plaintiff nor the Defendant was asking for one. In short, the process of Justice has been perverted in a significant way. Another reason for selecting this type of court is that the presiding Justice cannot be held for malfeasance as I have so often done in courts clear across Canada where the oversight bodies concerned do not even acknowledge the charge let alone deal with it. I do not say how the courts should handle that aspect of the case as my prime interest lies elsewhere. Judicial abuse has been going on forever in Canada; what the Employee's Case over a 35 year  period has shown is that it is systemic in this kafkaesque affair and that the situation regarding the law is even more rapidly deteriorating since the last Federal election. Street heat is that the populace is fed up with the authorities in government, politicians, the courts, and now the media. PLACARD: BEHIND EVERY ECONOMIC COLLAPSE LIES A MORAL COLLAPSE. This current mandamus court has already reflected that dissolute debacle which can only be followed by a depression of long lasting duration for a moral universe takes a long time to create but can be destroyed overnight such as with Doug Ford's 'Acts of Commission' leading Canadians into the worst depredations since Hitlerite Germany.

7) If this mandamus court is held in secret without my presence, to be sure I will not learn of it until a long time after.