January 13, 2019

TO: Doug Ford (ON Premier)                  FROM: Roger Callow Plaintiff  CV 18000 769 0000


     The above action laid in July 2018 on your ascension to power still goes without a court date 1-1/2 years later. Two ON judges are named incidentally for their malfeasance from 2014 which was never acknowledged by the oversight bodies let alone examined.

     Further correspondence on Sept. 19 and Oct. 23 of 2018 on this matter went without a response from you.

     Logic dictates that you are behind current machinations in related legal activities including the invocation of a mandamus court and the illicit detention of this writer for 9 days in the mental ward at the General Hospital. As a consequence, I have called for your removal from all politics in these 'Acts of Commission' so beloved in Hitlerite Germany.


Yours truly, Roger Callow 'the last of the good guys'



submitted by Roger Callow, 'the last of the good guys'


1) PLACARD: OUST DOUG FORD FROM ALL POLITICS for moving Canada into dictatorship with his 'Acts of Commission' . Hitler would have smiled. This poster is non-partisan to the extent that both the Liberals and NDP remained mute against the following heinous acts by Ford.

2) Justice delayed is Justice Denied. This unresolved 35 year labour case where no compensation has been paid to laid-off former senior West Vancouver teacher, Roger Callow, for economic reasons under the imposed BILL 35 (think imposed Carbon Tax) due to the problem that the West Vancouver School Board does not recognize court oversight. The court quashed the arbitration favouring the Employer ruling, in that process, the arbitrator to be patently unreasonable. I was left in limbo up to and including the present time. Over 50 judges have supported the Employer's Case as a means of hiding their legal stance of not publicly recognizing the Employer's refusal to acknowledge judicial oversight for that would never do.... Instead they invert the case and dispose of it as one in which, as plaintiff, I am merely being frivolous & vexatious, a badly overworked term in law. Many of these judges have been referred to oversight bodies for judicial malfeasance of which bodies never acknowledge the complaint let alone examine the charges.

3) The Canadian media (Postmedia/CBC/Epoch Times) is complicit in these matters through their silence on anything related to my name. POGO /WE HAVE SEEN THE ENEMY AND HE IS THE MEDIA. Columnist Kelly Egan was particularly odious in his private observations to me.

4) The Ontario version of judicial corruption follows the above legal format with some additions consistent with 'Acts of Commission' by Ford leading Canada into a de facto dictatorship.

a) File Number CV 18000 76950 0000 (Ottawa Superior Court) was laid July 01-2018 at the time of the Ford ascension to power. It follows the template above in which two judges are named for malfeasance from 2014 in an action directed against the Employer which, after losing their Ontario lawyer in 2014, are highly unlikely to gain another. It is in this context that the following depredations emanate from Ford. No trial date has been given for 1-1/2 years.

b) The deprivation of my driver's license in perpetuity reducing me to a 'stateless person' in October-2019 forever changes anyone living in a 'car culture' as any driver may be punished by gov't in this fashion. Superintendent of Transport-Medical, 'Julio' is directly involved by proclaiming psychiatric reasons which he will not detail. (I have a perfect driving record and have never been ordered to see a psychiatrist.) The U.S. is particularly vulnerable to this type of blackmail and while President Trump did nothing; hopefully the Democrats will fill the void warning U.S. commercial and diplomatic interests of dealing with the Ford gov't. Such a charge, if it goes unchecked, could devastate the 'car cultures' of the world.

c) File No. 19-SC-155235 (Ottawa SDC) was laid by me to obtain disclosure of Towngate Family Medicine's young family doctor, Dr. Anusha Jahagirdar . She broke patient confidentiality prompting my dismissal of her on Nov. 01 after receiving my license suspension 'out of the blue' on Oct. 19. She refuses to return my entire medical file without which I cannot obtain a new medical Doctor. The part she retained relates to her role in this conspiracy with the Transport Ministry-Medical and sons, Chris and Greg Callow.

d) Moving this case 'sideways' into a mandamus court (British term aping the style of a 'Court of Star Chambers' in which the only record of this secret hearing slated for Feb. 27 is the Judicial one where no oversight powers apply) permits further Ford abuse. In a stroke, Ford has eliminated Canadian Appeal Courts and decimated legal ranks in that process as all powerful interests will go this route in future. That is an Act of Commission.

e) On Boxing Day of 2019, the police broke in my door and seized me with a bogus warrant signed by Justice of the Peace, C. Logue on Dec. 19 (is that the one Ford has selected to oversee the mandamus court?)  While the police had the right of this type of seizure, it is the next part of the order which states that the victim is to be taken before a physician (one hour medical check physically and mentally) which did not happen here.

f) I was incarcerated as a 'political prisoner' in the secure 4-bed mental clinic for 9 days after I successfully passed  my tests before three doctors. Unlike the first 3 doctors doing the initial tests, I had written complaints against all three doctors in the ward; particularly young staff psychiatrist, Dr. Sarah Chan whom I claimed a case could be made against her as a pathological liar. The planned hospital review never materialized hence I am left with my written complaints to Hospital Management to be made to Mayor Jim Watson and Councilors  for a costing of this boondoggle. The reputation of the secure wing has been forever sullied: PLACARD / OTTAWA GENERAL HOSPITAL / DONORS / WITHHOLD FUNDING / MAJOR HOSPITAL SCAM  My two 'ex-sons' were the ones signing the committal order which no other conscientious JP would ever sign. As matters stand, I have willed my entire estate to the National Geographic Fund which does good work in Africa. My estranged family get nothing. Using mental facilities in this fashion is an Act of Commission. None of this would have happened if Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson and Police Chief Peter Sloly had obtained the rest of my medical record as I requested. They can still seize it on my behalf making this legal case superfluous.

5) From my archives, comes this comment: You are just trying to use public goodwill to increase your settlement, which is fair argument but the following is not: If the case were settled for $1 then that would be 99 cents too much. It is this type of cowardice which is legion from people who never challenge the authorities but would be critical of those who do as an embarrassing yardstick, on which all dictators depend: PLACARD: CANADIANS DON'T DESERVE A DEMOCRACY  Our veterans must be rolling in their graves. Other than Canada, citizens world-wide are protesting essentially for the recognition of individual rights by their government. Canada in absence of any similar public protest, is epitomized by Doug Ford's Acts of Commission to fill that void.

6) Russia is sometimes described as a 'land without hope' a devastating indictment for a people. I describe Canada here as a 'land with false hope'...not much better....


Yours truly, 'the last of the good guys' (Roger Callow)


cc U.S. interests