September 26-2019 (3 pages)


TO: The Vancouver Sun

ATTN: Harold Munro


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PEI Premier King / B.C. A.G. Eby


FROM: Roger Callow - self represented plaintiff

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1) I am no stranger to Registry hi-jincks in rebuffing my actions but this one from Chilliwack Supreme Court takes the cake; namely no signature to their rejection dated Sep 19-2019 and received on Sept. 25-2019 (in hand)'... Unable to file per Order of Vancouver Chief Justice Hinckson attached (first time I've seen it - no File Number) forcing me to address his Order.

2) The Chilliwack petition was to be limited to disclosure (meeting notes from the June 1985 School Board meeting in which the Board sanctioned my senior teacher lay-off under the provisions of the imposed BILL 35 created for the purpose of teacher lay-off for economic reasons in addition to the School Act and did not supplant any provisions therein. Justice Southin called for these notes only to return them because 'she did not use them'. In short, it is submitted that she covered up a massive conspiracy involving the government, employer and Union. She quashed the arbitration favouring the School Board in 1986 labeling it, as she did, the arbitrator to be patently unreasonable. I was left in limbo without any compensation (includes pension rights for 13 years now) which is mine under the collective bargaining rules (which the Board does not recognize under imposed legislation; BILL 35 conditions (which over 50 judges fail to recognize); or any other acts related to labour compensation (not discussed to date). As such I am still an employee of the Board awaiting deferred salary. The current unprejudiced buy-out offer is for $20 million.

3) Chief Justice Hinckson of B.C. Supreme Court in S 188996 ( Nov.2018) refused any hearing in which the two Defendants did not put in an appearance therefore making my assertions to be fact, a colossal legal error considering it would be over in 5 minutes; namely, Hinckson cj was either going to call for disclosure or not (presumably giving pertinent legal explanations as opposed to merely declaring the request to be one of the 'frivolous and vexatious' type stunt.

4) With a positive response to my request for disclosure, which would undoubtedly show fraud (as I know what happened but knowing and producing evidence in a court of law are distinct entities); in law everything flowing from that fraud is 'null and void' permitting criminal charges to be assigned. I have no interest in pursuing the alleged malfeasance of the judges as that is for the court and oversight bodies to decide. Unfortunately B.C. Attorney General David Eby is MIA on this file but has a new opportunity to re-file a charge.

If Hinckson cj had given me a chance to respond to his aberrant Order, the following would apply (and still applies to his Sep. 2019 Order):


Res Ipso Loquitor Latin for "the thing speaks for itself."

Overview In tort law, a principle that allows plaintiffs burden of proof with what is, in effect, circumstantial evidence. The plaintiff can create a rebuttable presumption of negligence by the defendant by proving that the harm would not ordinarily have occurred without negligence, that the object that caused the harm was under the defendant's control, and that there are no other plausible explanations. In the vernacular, this term is likened to the patient whom goes for a hospital arm operation and comes away without his foot instead.


Prima Facie Case To prove res ipsa loquitor negligence, the plaintiff must prove 3 things:

1. The incident was of a type that does not generally happen without negligence The court noted negligence when they quashed the arbitration in 1986 for failing to show a causal factor.

2. It was caused by an instrumentality solely in defendant's control. As the senior teacher laid off under the imposed conditions of BILL 35 (lay-off for economic reasons only); I had no say in that process

3. The plaintiff did not contribute to the cause. If I did, then disclosure is called for which over 50 judges including Hinckson cj. should have called for or ordered the RCMP to act. He ignored all issues limiting his response to a 'bastardized' interpretation of the 'MacKenzie Creed'. The Cullen Creed of July 2013 which superseded the earlier creeds received no reference in Hinckson cj's Order.


4) A.G. Eby's inaction is the sole source of this judicial malfeasance. Premier Horgan should replace him and order this matter back to the court with a special investigator. cc Premier Horgan / media (Sept. 26-2019 N.B. Eby can now do this with Hinckson's new Order.)


The Hinckson cj Order Number 190903 Victoria Registry Sep 10-2019

5) This is the first time that I have seen this Order (without a File No. but a similar order from 2018 was referred to the oversight bodies for judicial malfeasance which has been held in abeyance in Edmonton AB court due to judicial interference there with one judge whom, along with other judges has been charged civilly in a class action for 'kiting' the law in a case which flies below the media radar. I refused a request to join as I believe the proper course was to fire those named judges and charge them criminally. Why should the taxpayers bail out judges whom it is clear should not be sitting on the bench? That judge is also tied in with two judges in Saskatoon along with the B.C. Employer representative, Harris & Co. in a charge to commit conspiracy to defraud awaiting a file number in New Brunswick.

6) The scope of this issue is such that I sought to enlist the Governor General under the 'we, the people'. She has failed miserably and, in my books, should not wear a military uniform in passing out medals. As for P.M. Trudeau? He probably papers the moldy 24 Sussex Drive which no-one occupies, with my missives. Hence the only new element is the Vancouver Sun in which I believe that they have an obligation during this election period to notify the B.C. public about these legal shenanigans.

7) The Action listed above in Victoria on March 09-2019 was refused a docket hearing time by an un-named Registry clerk for unknown reasons - a new first in law.

8) On Tuesday, the 10th day of September, 2019, Hinckson cj makes 5 points included here with this two page letter to the P.M. and the Vancouver Sun (plus Chilliwack rejection).

a) The first two sections are a diversion referring to the actions of judges acting 'for reasons best known to themselves' concluding that this plaintiff must first seek the permission of a judge to proceed which was never a problem for me as I routinely made such a request as a matter of course.

b) Conspicuous by its absence in the latest Hinckson cj Order which expelled me from B.C. in July, 2013 (Alistair Cullen Creed for 'reasons best known to a judge'. That is the key to B.C.


(2004- Supreme Court of Canada rejected a hearing under the terms of 'ultimate remedy' = judicial collapse)

34) Does the conspiracy alleged against the Respondents in the conduct of the grievance process permit the Supreme Court of British Columbia to exercise its inherent jurisdiction?

35) Are the issues raised in this action res judicata?

36) Can an unfair representation complaint arising from occurrences which began in 1985 at a time when teachers or their unions were not subject to the Labour Relations Code be pursued in the Supreme Court of British Columbia?


9) Conspicuous by its absence - and I sense PEI heading in this direction - is any mention of the 'Cullen Creed' of July 2013 which expelled me from B.C. for reasons 'best known to a judge' The key is that the all-important 'permission to proceed' is missing which forced me into venues across Canada. Hence points 1. and 2. are highly deficient.

10) Points 3, 4, and 5 grow out of points 1 and 2 and therefore have no merit.

11) So what we have now is a conspiracy involving the Victoria Court and the Chilliwack Court all tied into Vancouver Court's Chief Justice Hinckson dated September 2019.


The Challenge

12) During this Federal Election period (Oct. 21 voting date), will the Vancouver Sun inform the B.C. inhabitants of a judicial matter of immense proportions which negatively affect them for which they have a right to know at this time?


Yours truly (signed) Roger Callow The Outlawed Canadian in an outlaw Justice System due to systemic judicial and government malfeasance. encl. 3 pages