(considering all Canadian authorities in this matter have abrogated their duties)


This account limited to Court Registries across Canada plus the GG

By: Roger Callow aka the 'Outlawed Canadian' in an unresolved 34 year labour matter due to the malfeasance of over 50 judges including the Supreme Court of Canada on 4 occasions: employeescasecanada.ca


While proof of a conspiracy does not pass the legal 'litmus test', the charge is that a conspiracy organized and abetted by Chief Justices across Canada where this case has been lodged does exist replete with damning evidence. This copy mailed to respective Registries.


1) Registries with file numbers but a refusal to appoint a court hearing time

a) Ontario (CV 18000 769 0000 since June 30-2018) Premier Ford personally wrote me that he would not intervene.

b) Victoria (19-0903 since March 2019) Obstructionist clerk no doubt under direction of Registrar and Premier Horgan.


2) Registries delaying the assignment of court file numbers

c) Manitoba The most complete action against the Employer and Union pointing out the role of the 1982 Charter of Rights and Freedoms plus the constitutional challenge of imposed legislation (think Carbon Tax) as I was laid-off for economic reasons under the imposed BILL 35 (B.C. -1985) and where, 34 years later, I still have not received any compensation due me under the law. Latter-day hippy, the intelligent Premier Pallister, is remiss on this one.

d) PEI Premier Higgs and the Opposition Green Party have been a big disappointment in this case solely against the Union calling for disclosure which they purloined from me in 1986. (With fraud being shown, everything emanating from that action is 'null and void' (34 years back-pay). Considering the court quashed arbitration, this claim has much merit.


e) New Brunswick The charge here is unique and in contrast to the others focusing on the production of disclosure. Here the long-termed Employer legal firm, Harris & Co. has been charged with civil fraud (only the police and Crown prosecutor can lay criminal charges). The basic charge is one of Harris & Co. colluding with un-named personnel in the Saskatoon Court System (3 judges included) -QGB 52 0f 2019 laid in January-2019. If Premier Higgs were a responsible Premier; he would instruct his Chief Justice into laying a criminal charge. As a civil action, a price tag must be placed which is a non-negotiable $20 million dollars.


3) Through a legal process called  Referencing, the above provinces may direct the B.C. Judiciary to act in this matter. No province has done this escaping for judicial excuses; namely, being a frivolous & vexatious charge, a badly over-worked term in law. Pejoratively, I call it the 'I don' wanna' law.


4) QC and NS have already seen law suits amid much judicial malfeasance.


5) An interesting case lies in AB where I was invited to join a civil class action (an AB judge was quoted in the Saskatoon fiasco) with much money to be made by the lawyers  and their clients. I refused on ethical grounds. These judges should not be bailed out with taxpayer money. They should be dismissed and tried criminally. Premier Kenney is at the heart of this one and a Justice System which leaves much to be desired.


6) The specific complaint illustrated above is the disparate distance between civil and criminal law; much like those diseases which jump the human - animal genome such as flu from pigs.

In that regard, Justice Canada can neither go forward, go backward or stand still. If ever there was a definition of a living hell on earth, that is it.


7) The media deserve a special category for their boycott of this major national issue which I do with this cartoon:





cc Governor General J.Payette (last Canadian authority figure left standing and whose dismissal I have called for)