By rights this should be the Year of the Incompetent Bureaucracies in Canada with the Justice System leading the pack. Perhaps someone out of 38 million Canadians will wake up and realize that imposed legislation such as BILL 35 (B.C. 1985) by which I was laid-off for economic reasons (whistle blowing), the Carbon Tax or facsimile, the Morocco Accord (refugees) are all designed to pre-empt the oversight bodies such as the courts and Parliament creating a government ruled by fiat. definition: What does it mean to rule by fiat? a fixed form of words containing the word fiat, by which a person in authority gives sanction, or authorization. an arbitrary decree or pronouncement, especially by a person or group of persons having absolute authority to enforce it: The king ruled by fiat. The West Vancouver School Board refuses to recognize court oversight in the Employee's Case with over 50 judges sanctioning that position in this unresolved labour matter where no compensation (includes pension rights) has been paid due to the failure of the many courts to make a decision including the Supreme Court of Canada on four separate occasions. That abomination will become standard fare in Canada unless 38 million people - similar to the yellow jackets in France - get out in the streets and howl. This year marks the supplanting of the Employee's Case as a national matter up to 2018 to that of an international matter beginning in 2019.







JAN.21-2019 SEE CORRESPONDENCE QBG 52 of 2019 Sub-heading for 8 page dissertation on SK case.


JAN.18-2019 Big Bang Theory was circling the toilet bowl with its new writers. This last episode showed some promise with the shenanigans of grabbing a Pulitzer Prize but the whole episode was flushed down the toilet with Penny's out of character and extremely bad taste role as a bully sales manager; and all this at a time when efforts are being to humanize the work place.


JAN.17-2019 A) I could never work for the liquor store and watch shoplifters brazenly walk out with liquor bottles but that is now the case as police no longer attend shoplifting offenses and employees are advised by their Union to avoid confrontation by doing nothing...to be sure we are going to hell in a handbasket without a single politician being able to address the problem in a concrete way. If the media don't publish such problems, the politicians just do not recognize them as existing. And to think that I am condemned by some for not voting. Oh, for the good old days in hoary Old England where if someone yelled 'thief', the onlookers would pursue him and 'end the matter'...the rule of law be damned. In the barrio in Brazil, shopkeepers hired off-dut policeman to 'disappear' constant shoplifters. In 1969, off-duty officers in Chicago had gun duels with the black Panthers only to disappear and leave it to the police on duty to mop up by throwing the Panthers into jail. I related the liquor store happening to a coffee group I know. In the 1950's there would have been outrage. Today, little interest and that's how our civilization is eroding; little by little...not with a bang but a whimper..it's insidious. B) Rather than dismissing RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki, the government has decided to appoint 13 oversight civilians whom can be expected to be even more incompetent...more handbaskets....


JAN.14-2019 Readers of this column know that I am no fan of Ministers of Justice but surely the worst one on record was Jody Wilson-Raybould. Good riddance.


JAN.14-2019  A) SHOPLIFTERS WILL BE PROSECUTED Sign seen recently in a local high end Farm Boy. Good luck with that one. A judge will have to be awakened and have explained to him what a shoplifting charge is all about. The last time that I saw that sign a few years back was a big floor sign at the exit of the Hudson`s Bay. Now there is nothing (no clerks or customers either). The Walmart Greeter has been displaced by the Walmart spot Security Person at the exit door. 'Shrinkage' as it is euphemistically called has always been a problem but is a growing one. Why. Because the bean counters find it is much cheaper to ignore shoplifting than to pursue the matter hence making for more and more shoplifting. I would not fare well in the Retail environment of today on that point alone as I have always been security conscious. As for clerks, they are creating problems for supervisors if they report shoplifting so the vast majority 'see nothing'. As a high school teacher, I reported major transgressions by students which did not go down well with some supervisors out to have a 'perfect' resumé. Whatever Farm Boy does, they will have to supervise their exit which they don't do = wasted sign department. But what do I know considering that I am the only senior Canadian School Teacher to lose his job (and career) for apparently doing it...yup, everybody was out of step but this johnny! (whistleblowing)  B) '...She doubts governments will ever admit they blundered because people might wonder what else the government got wrong. And that's what government fears most! It's not about cannabis, it's about questioning authority. 'pot activist' What a bunch of dopes Gov't made a mess of pot legalization O.S. p.8 Liz Braun


JAN.12-2019 I wade into the Ottawa doubledecker bus disaster in which 3 were killed. SEE this date under JANUARY 2019


JAN.11-2019 I wade into the U.S.-Mexico border Wall story. SEE this date under JANUARY 2019


JAN.10-2019 A) So Pacific Western Airlines got screwed over by their landing partner in a Mexican Resort now given to murders. Airlines are known to pull out of destinations in 'shithole countries' when organized crime assign landing rights to themselves. B) So the rats are leaving the sinking Vice Adm. Mark Norman criminal trial ship...first General Vance backed off, now Treasury Board Chairperson, Scott Brison, the point man for the N.S. Irving family interests, is not running for re-election. C) PLACARDS: 1) GHOST OF J.EDGAR HOOVER RUNS CANADIAN INSTITUTIONS  2) INMATE VAPING STUDENTS RUN SCHOOL ASYLUMS


JAN.08-2019 A) 3 person Appeal Courts are 'losers'. One old buzzard of a 3-man Appeal Court managed to fall asleep in a one-hour hearing which I so aptly pointed out in court much to the amusement of all except the coordinating judge. I have experienced a number of these courts and do not bother any longer appealing such as the outlandish B.C. Chief Justice Hinckley Decision from last year (SEE web). Due to the unique exigencies of the Employee's Case, I merely open in another province which I am entitled to do. A case in point in the O.S. p.4 CONVICTION DOWNGRADED illustrates the point well. Based on the newspaper story, the jury were right to convict on the basis of first degree murder in 2016 of a 2012 murder, and the Appeal Court was wrong to downgrade that charge in 2019 to Second Degree Murder. Under these circumstances, what is the point of having a jury system at all? But that is the point. Justice Canada is arrogating increasing control over the Justice System and hence our country...and over them, there is no control.... B) In the 1970's in the High School that I was in, teachers were asked to keep an eye on the washrooms near their classroom doors. I did; most didn't. On one occasion, I reported a small fire but generally speaking miscreants gave this washroom a 'bye' due to my presence. Administrators supported teachers on such matters. Today, I hear that a number of Ottawa-Carleton schools have had their main washroom doors taken off to apparently curtail a vaping epidemic in schools. Those doors are a symbolic representation of collective principal cowardice. They refuse to apprehend miscreant students preferring to make idle threats which they have no intention of following up. Worse yet, what potential good principal among staff will ever take a promotion under these circumstances? I've said it recently but I will say it again; no prospective teacher in his or her right mind will take up teaching ...sad but a reflection of our declining society. As to the moribund legal profession?...don't even ask....


JAN.06-2019 A) Machiavelli said it best...no large force can expect to fight a prolonged war against a small force and win. The U.S. and Russia learned that lesson the hard way in Viet Nam and Afghanistan respectively. China is beginning to realize that point with the arrest of the Huawei executive in Vancouver on a U.S. deportation Order. Outcome? Expect that executive to be 'Khashoggied', the blame to be attached to someone else as the security personnel are 'looking in the wrong direction'. B) Calling in a former Ontario Chief Justice from one of the more corrupt Justice Systems in Canada to arbitrate the Le Breton development involving the Senator Hockey team, is a mistake for the team's owner. For example, ON posits it a success that only 3% of ON Decisions are appealed to the Supreme Court of Canada. How it works is that the 'little guy' is permitted to win in the lower court only to have his case 'deep-sixed' by an Appeal Court run by Justice Canada knowing that the little guy cannot finance a Supreme Court of Canada challenge if done by a legal outfit explaining why my 4 challenges go under my own name and why the SCofC 'deep-sixes' those attempts. This PLACARD says it best: NO RULE OF LAW IN: A) CHINA B) CANADA or in the words of Donald Trump... those sly Canadians....


JAN.04-2019 A) Big Bang Theory is going the way of NYE Air Farce - 'dislocated' scripts   B) PLACARDS: 1) JUSTIN / COMMUNIST LIKE HIS FATHER  2)APPEAL COURTS A FARCE RUN BY JUSTICE CANADA  3) SUPPORT VICE ADM. NORMAN AGAINST CAPRICIOUS JUSTICE SYSTEM  4) DEFEAT LIBERALS = FREELAND TO LEAD.  SEE this date for a discussion on IMPOSED LEGISLATION under JANUARY 2019  5) Also under this date is a Jan. 01-2017 topic repeated with little variation for Jan.04-2019: Would the real Justice McKinnon (ON) please stand up?


JAN.02-2019 The legal beagles are lining up their arguments for the carbon tax battle in SK with the first round to go in the SK Appeal Court set up for the purpose in Feb.. Presumably the Supreme Court of Canada will hear an Appeal. Being completely familiar with both court systems (they are both a bunch of crooks), SK can expect to win in SK courts which they 'own' with the Federal government to win in the SCofC which they 'own'. My case currently being lodged in SK relates to 'oversight powers' of the courts, a constitutional question should the Feds decide to claim that SK has no jurisdiction over imposed legislation. The Employees Case is the only extant case with an imposed BILL 35 in which the Employer denies court oversight. Premier Moe is being kept apprised of the EC in SK for the purpose. ...and the winning argument? Unlike the U.S. where the residual powers lie with the individual states (source of Civil War), Canada chose to place those powers in the hands of the Federal government to avoid a civil war situation. All they have to do is claim that 'climate control' is a new topic affecting all provinces and, as such, is a residual power lying in the laps of the Feds. Only a Tory win in Oct. can stop this Liberal juggernaut which can metastasize into applying to all major legislation thus making Parliament and the courts of law redundant .


JANUARY 01-2019  A) Someone in contact with VAd Mark Norman should tell him NOT to accept the Crown's wish to drop the criminal charge against him. Senator Duffy did and lost his $8 million compensation package as a result. If his lawyer recommends he accepts the Crown's offer, he should change lawyers. That's what I did in the Employee's Case so that I could get a court judgment which quashed the arbitration (although leaving me to spin my wheels for the next 34 years).  B) As of this date, Ottawa Sun columnists, Farzana Hassan and Tarek Fatah are challenged to break this international story. If done in Canada, their immediate boss, columnist Anthony Furey apparently has the last word (on their careers? ...certainly on their credibility.) A couple of months are slated on this level.