MAR.19-2019 Typical imperialism...keep the answer but move the players...in this case out of the sights of those that would whack someone for the sins of the Huawei Meng detention. How else can you explain the departure of civil servant, Michael Wernick. Maybe Meng will take a leaf out of this playbook to save her life by resigning from Huawei and seeking sanctuary in Canada. As to Huawei, they are toast as their best people are leaving them for other high tech Companies with no hope of attracting new talent for their level 4 technology.


MAR.18-2019  A) Gas prices have gone up in Ottawa by 25% in as many weeks without any public outcry. Insurance rates in ON are high due, in large measure to the cost of repairs. Car insurance companies should give a 10% reduction to an enterprising after market Company which builds a customized basic frame which the vehicle could drive over and have welded with extenders both front and back to limit car damage. B) Using Court Registries to vet cases particularly self-represented ones such as the Employee's Case has its pitfalls as shown in cases I have lodged in ON,SK,AB, and B.C. in what I call the Registry tail wagging the Judicial dog. Medicine is developing a similar theme with nurse practitioners in QC and probably to be followed in ON. A patient must first have permission from a (cheaper) nurse practitioner to see a doctor. Her task? To discourage as many people as possible from doctor access. Already, with 'digital' doctoring as I call it, I depend on medical advice more from the pharmacist. Thank goodness I have an eye specialist for my glaucoma whom is at the top in his field as he followed a course at variance to the young medical outfit first recommended by the optometrist. He doesn't ask for me to interpret medical goals for which I have no knowledge; rather he tells me what he is going to do answering my questions on that basis.


MAR.17-2019 Followers of the Employee's Case realize that the interprovincial expansion of this case in 2013 was due to the silence of Tory Minister of Justice, Peter Mackay; a position solidified by Liberal Minister of Justice, Jody Wilson-Raybould in 2016. Today, the natural progression of this downward slide falls into the lap of Liberal Deputy Leader and M.P. for Regina, Ralph Goodale but he is not the bellwether for the cause as he has a reputation of handing out $10 million apiece to alleged(?) terrorists and apologizing thereto. The real decision maker is Regina Tory Michael Kray (Goodale's opponent) and his public opposition to 'Saskatooney law'. If he remains silent, all voters across Canada should 'vote with their feet' in October. As to the sacrifice of media credibility (CBC and Postmedia), that was an unexpected bonus to the conspirators with their boycott on this national story and one reason that I closed them out of this case at the end of 2018.


MAR.16-2019 A) Even Privy Council mandarin Michael Wernick could not help be aware of how inflammatory his 'assassination talk' would be taken by the media but he is desperate. First of all his target was not politicians; rather it was for Huawei's Meng whose apprehension was directed from his office (by Gerald Butts? whom is falling on his sword similar to John McCallum for 'family' reasons as China plays tough). Meng's father is well aware of China's plans and is trying to save Meng's life with his offbeat 'Canada is a victim too' plea designed to at least get a 'stay of proceedings' on some technicality or other in order to pull her out of the country before she can be murdered. B) On top of everything else in the New Zealand massacre is the frightening revelation that the written expression of the shooter shows a man of high intelligence.


MAR.16-2019 'When I was a boy...' (oh, did that one ever get a groan when our two sons were teenagers)... anyway, classes in our prestigious West Point Grey public School in the 1950's contained up to 40 students. As such we never wrote more than 3 paragraph answers and yet when I arrived in University, we were expected to be able to write essays. I vowed as a teacher not to leave my charges with that deficit so that while other classes did 1500 word encyclopedic assignments, my students wrote 3- 500 word interpretative assignments requiring research of a broader nature. Realistically, a teacher cannot do that with the larger class considering the marking and follow-up time. As an economy measure, the Ford gov't. is increasing high school class size from 22 to 28 students forcing teachers into rote limited word answers common to when I went to high school. A further problem is trying to infuse special needs students into regular classrooms including, if I understand correctly, autistic students. It doesn't work. In one assignment as a Supply Teacher, the administrator gave me 3 boys from a French 8 class in which I had my hands full for the hour. A tearful French teacher later exclaimed, 'Thank God, we actually got something done with those 3 gone.' Bottom line? Don't take up teaching unless you want to make yourself sick. Interestingly enough, getting sick happens most often to popular teachers trying to be all things to all people...we miserable cusses - all except for me in 1985 when I got dumped for whistle blowing - had stellar attendance records.


MAR.15-2019 A) Where's he going with this must be on many people's mind? The chairperson of Huawei and father of Meng under deportation order in Vancouver claims that 'Canada is a victim too'. Trump has already thrown Canada under the bus on this one in which Canada has the proverbial tiger swinging by its tail. There is very little threat of Level 4 electronics affecting level 5 as the latter 'leaks like a sieve' with easier ways to exploit level 5 for spying purposes. The embargo is symbolic of the western world's encroachment of 'soft' Chinese power with the Meng story being the catalyst in that resistance. Is that one of the reasons for the resignation of Gerald Butts whom probably ordered the apprehension in the first place? B) The big story on Lavscam is that the media were keeping this trial a secret...and then along came A.G. Jody Wilson-Raybould.... The public are not interested in this type of trial as they do not understand it. What they do understand is bullying. Even here, the public accepts being 'voted off the island' on reality shows. What they don't accept is the hypocrisy of 'sunny ways' Trudeau pontificating about 'rule of law' on the one hand while on the other he shows himself to be a bully boy. That dichotomy does not augur well for political success. C) Pork barreling - Of course the 'Liberal' LHIN health board is being given its walking papers by the Ford gov't. as Tory loyalists are now given the appointments.  D) A 'shape up or ship out' message to Regina's M.P. and Deputy Liberal Leader, Ralph Goodale. SEE this date under MARCH-2019  E) It's the Economy, Stupid-It's Unsustainable Stagnant wages are the problem. SEE AFTERMATH under this date.


MAR.15-2019 A challenge now in the Supreme Court of Canada with regards to a condominium reneging on paying a contractor's bill is stretching over the 5 year mark. The bill? $180,000  The cost to the pro bono prestigious legal Counsel alone in SCofC for the contractor? $500,000.  As readers already know what I think of the Justice System, my focus here is on condominium Boards which, for the most part, are badly managed. Our 40 year building has depreciated apartments by about 25% but its location is ideal as all facilities have grown up around it and are within a short walking distance. Granted it was built at a time when Hugh Hefner mirrors were all the rage, but I like it. I also like the high condominium fees (ours is over $1000 for a pent-house) as a means of keeping the rents high (about 18 units) for those owners renting out their apartments. Almost all trouble comes from rentals. Our no-pot rules, a common feature in most Ottawa apartments, further discourages an undesirable element. Our Board is well-managed and we do not get the usual special fees for new plumbing, new roof, etc. which most condominiums must suffer. In the above case, the ON Appeal Court pulled a fast one reversing the debt owed in a 'one-liner' believing that no challenge would be made. I would not like to own a condominium in this case if the SCofC backs the lower court ruling which was quite exhaustive in favour of the contractor. If unsuccessful, this case will have contractors blacklisting (already happening) certain condominiums so that they cannot get snow clearance. The days of 'hungry contractors' is gone as they fight back.


MAR.14-2019  Trudeau's 'rule of law' would never permit the scandal regarding parents buying spots in prestigious U.S. colleges and Universities to surface in Canada, but the U.S. does: B.C. nabob also charged in scandal O.S. p.2 But then a student does not go to Private School to learn ethics rather, it is to win. St. Georges School in Vancouver staff and administration had to know about ghost writers sitting to write SAT exams as the school would expect to get some of the largesse. Worse yet is the pedophilia abuse which permeates all school systems (much the same problem as has the Pope) but one which the Ontario College of Teachers organized in 1990 eradicated over the next two decades. Trudeau taught in the private West Point Grey Academy which was 'outed' at one time on this basis. I question how Caroline Mulroney (former P.M. Brian Mulroney's daughter) and Caroline Kennedy ever got their qualifications. Further, there are tutoring outfits available to write your M.A. or Phd. thesis. Presumably this is how the Michael Wernick's of the world - labeled a jerk by the media - and his cousins in the Office of the Chief Justice function.


MAR.14-2019 A) Now the debate is over cellphones in the School and letter to editor senior writer, Jill Young, says 'use the library'. I did back in the 1970's classroom telling students not to use National Geographics older than 10 years (1960's). With the internet, a whole new spectrum opened up with up-to-date information in geography. The problem is to keep the students on task which is possible if the computers go around the periphery of the classroom with desk space in the middle where cell phones should not be used unless under a specific question by the teacher. Money is no longer going into the libraries for print materials which rapidly become outdated. B) SEE sub-heading PETER MACKAY under 2019, a vocal critic of A.G. Raybould and yet this material from my archives shows that he is the one that failed to nip the Employee's Case in the bud in 2013...pot calling kettle black.... C) So Nova Scotia would institute Police clearance checks for teachers after each 5 years due to 5 serious cases this year. Teachers already have to pass an initial police check. My question...why doesn't the government just fire those teachers found guilty of a serious criminal offense? I knew one teacher many years ago in B.C. being convicted of a DIU. Nothing happened as related to job security. If such 5 year tests reveal such criminality, what then? Court actions which could lead to multi-million dollar counter-charges?


MAR.13-2019 A) SEE this date under MARCH 2019 for a letter pillorying the three western provinces on the Employees Case matter. B) SEE sub-heading PREMIER NOTLEY-FRAUD under 2019 comparing her perfidy from 2016 material to 2019 duplicate duplicious behaviour.


MAR.11-2019 A) Columnist Rick Gibbons, former O.S. editor feels Ottawa mortgaged the bank (my words) to cover the cost of phase 1 of the LRT even before Phase 1 - which is a year over-date and still waiting with July 01 being the next target gate - has been completed with only 3 of the 21 city Councillors voting against approving it right now: Ottawa City council missed the oversight bus on LRT2 vote. p.3 My private vote among seniors in a local coffee shop showed an even split. B) One thing that has always puzzled me is how refugees are given special benefits in terms of such as free medical care in Canada and yet find the money for very expensive plane tickets to African countries.  C) SEE AFTERMATH/ MARCH 12-2019 As any parent can tell you, it is the 'birthday party' which is the great equalizer, not death.


MAR.10-2019 So O.S. occasional columnist and advisor to the earlier ill-fated Liberal McGuinty government p.21 believes that Trudeau erred by not picking older loyalists to the Party. Privy Council's Michael Wernick is old and a public joke whose mentality pervades the 'old loyalists' or Old Boy's Club in Justice Canada. In brief, they are all a bunch of perverted autocrats advised by such as Warren.


MAR.09-2019  A) RULE OF LAW??? sub-heading pretty much sums the Employee's Case all up. Canada as solid as a $3 Bill. SEE MARCH 2019  B)So Justin learned about the 'Rule of Law' at his father's (former P.M. Pierre Trudeau) knee when papa was Justice Minister...I'll bet he did.... C) SEE VICTORIA REGISTRY #19 0903  sub-heading under MARCH 2019


MAR.08-2019 Without each of the Political Party leaders running in the Federal election commit to requesting that the criminal charge against SNC Lavalin proceed in Montreal, the voters should vote with their feet in a story which could read 'QC electorate tail wags English Canadian judicial dog'.


MAR.07-2019 I weigh in on the Huawei Meng case; particularly as it relates to a two month delay in disreputable Vancouver courts (due to Chief Justice Hinckson aberrant action in the Employee's Case in 2018 now naming him in a AB civil fraud case). SEE this date under MARCH 2019


MAR.06-2019 A) Why did the Trudeau gov't. add a criminal charge to the civil charge of the previous Harper gov't. firing of Vadmiral Norman? One possible explanation is that a criminal trial requires unanimous decision of 12 jury members. At least one objector could expect to lead to a hung jury thus relieving the Prosecution of any blame as that could be shifted onto the hung jury. Norman is not having his case paid for by DND hence he has a multimillion debt which can only be repaid if he can sue the government. With his lawyer, Marie Heinen calling for the case to be dropped, Norman would be in the same position as Senator Duffy in his failed $8 million action against the gov't. My advice is that he should hang in there and get a new lawyer to see it through...been there, done that.... B) No matter where a Canadian columnist turns on legal matters, the Employee's case bites him in the end. SEE this date under MARCH 2018 re O.S. p.11 columnist, Lorrie Goldstein


MAR.06-2019 It is not in the DNA of China to understand the nature of the political downfall of the Meng Deportation Case in Vancouver. It's analogous to Hermann Goring telling Hitler to hold off with a land invasion of Britain in 1939 as he would fulfill the task with his Luftwaffe. Good old British fog and the new invention of radar foiled the attempt although one important world lesson was learned in that bombing strengthened the will of the people to survive; a lesson lost on the U.S. during the Viet Nam war. China has blocked ore carrying ships from Canada and Australia and turned around an Air New Zealand plane due to referring to the capital of Taiwan as being Taipai which China covets. As long as the Meng Case hangs over China, all their foibles as a society are hung out on the line to dry...and that will never do as it negatively affects their hegemony over the world. China is exposed in a manner and form hitherto unimagined and all their 'petty' repercussions are counter-productive.


MAR.05-2019 'Charge of the Light-headed Liberal Brigade'...'Wilson-Raybould to the left of them; Philpott to the right of them' and yet into the Valley of political death rode the 600 hundred headless Liberals'... 5 The Charge of the Light Brigade excuse: It was an unfortunate lapse by an individual which has now been dealt with under internal disciplinary procedures. (Yes, Minister) ...And the best plan is, as the populus  saying was, to profit by the folly of others.' Pliny the Elder


MAR.03-2019  'Liar' former Premier Christy Clark in terms of the Employee's Case made a very good point on public TV relating to the SNC Lavalin matter; namely, as long as it remains a civil matter, it is a question of 'he said, she said'. That is why over 50 judges have denied me disclosure, as for a certainty, the Employee's Case would become a criminal matter involving the RCMP and the Prosecutor's Office...and that would never do....better to sink the entire Justice System - which the conspirators did in 2004 - than to admit to that.


MAR.02-2019 A) SEE this date under 2019-MARCH for newsletter: RULE OF LAW(?) ALBERTA  B) So the Ford gov't. is going to alter the health services oversight board...but of course, how else will they oust Liberal factotums and replace them with Tory factotums?



MAR.01-2019 A) 'It is finished' ...for Canada that is in terms of publicizing the Employee's Case. SEE this date for an indictment of 'cowardly' Canada MARCH 2019. B)An action against the West Vancouver Teachers Association for $20 million has been launched. SEE sub-heading under 2019 MARCH sub-heading: WV TEACHERS ASSOC. - FRAUD  C) So Trump and Kim Yong Un departed early from Hanoi skipping a final dinner where, if there was to be an 'explosion', it could very well have been there. Trump had a second meeting; it is highly unlikely there will be a third. D) Media events are the property of seniors (e.g. talk shows symbolized by adult diaper type ads). I asked one group of seniors if they were following the SNC Lavalin story...50% said yes. The media will be lucky to squeeze one more week out of this turkey of a story. E) As a politician, Trudeau is finished with his public bullying group over 'an individual'. Chrystia Freeland could win the fall election as P.M. for the Liberals. F) So Huawei's Meng faces deportation next week...if she lives that long.... G) The U.S. Enron Case of over a decade ago has parallels to the SNC Lavalin case. The former was convicted in the U.S. while the Canadian gov't. is interfering in Canada. That is why Trump should apply the Magnetsky Act (may not be applied internally in Canada; only by a fellow signatory) against Canada.






FEB.28-2019 Want to hear a good story to warm the cockles of your heart? In 2010, former CIA operator and novelist, Ben Eisler, wrote a book entitled UPSIDE DOWN which chronicled the 'second bullet' fired from the Texas bookhouse in a room adjacent to Harvey Oswald. It was that killing bullet by a Frank Dunn which hit the back of Kennedy's head which also revealed to Harvey Oswald that he was being set up. The ring-leader was a New Orleans mob boss whom also organized the later assassination of brother Bobby Kennedy in a similar set-up and died of old-age in the early 1990's. Now here is the best part. The entire book site of Eisler includes a re-organization of book titles so that the 2010 title, UPSIDE DOWN exists but another novel has been assigned to it. The original Kennedy assassination story has been expunged from the list. Now you know why Donald Trump is shitting his pants sitting on the 50 year revelations of the Kennedy Assassination in 1963. Some CBC executive in recent years must have been paid big bucks for Canada to repeat the 'single bullet' story. My point? America can never be 'Great Again' until they come clean on those Kennedy assassinations. The thread unraveling this type of conspiracy? The failure of the current POPE to over-ride the revelations of sexual abuse by clerics (for hundreds of years).


FEB.28-2019 Some would say that Opposition Leader, Andrew Scheer, is pretty brave writing a letter to the RCMP to investigate SNC Lavalin-gate. Unless that selfsame Scheer is prepared to write a second letter to the RCMP exposing an even greater fraud on the part of judges in the Employee's Case, we will have to conclude that his initial letter is just so much bravado and that he is no better than his target; P.M. Justin Trudeau


FEB.27-2019 NAFTA was originally the Ontario 'auto pak' agreement which became obsolescent largely due to $2 per hour Mexican labour. The new 'NAFTA' retained the low Mexican wages...so why the hell was it signed? A report has it that new cars are being used to smuggle drugs to Canada. Where's RCMP management on all this as only a small percentage of drugs are being apprehended to 'keep the police looking good'.


FEB.27-2019 The Wilson-Raybould revelations today may be interesting and harmful to the Liberal Party; but the basic structure of government remains intact with the existence of Opposition Parties (parties in waiting). The real story of the SNC Lavalin criminal trial in Montreal is that the media was not reporting on it. Also the media is not reporting on the Employee's Case where the entire Judicial edifice has been sacrificed. Backbencher's Response? Heck, that's the way the boys in short pants are ordered to treat us every day!


FEB.26-2019 A) 'Saskatooney' SEE this date under FEBRUARY-2019 for the 'law to end all law'.  B) 'Smorgasbord Justice'. Something for everyone in this caper written in the editorial offices of JUSTICE CANADA regarding the Ottawa police takedown of a Somali perp two years ago which led to the death of the latter...all fit for a gullible media.... C) The Lavelin Story is first and foremost a failure of the media regarding the laying of the criminal charge against Lavalin which was being kept quiet. It only came to light when the Liberals messed up on the file and the press jumped on them as a means of hiding their own perfidy. D) Unless a retail outlet has a security guard, Ottawa police no longer attend to shoplifting problems...it is the beginning of the end of commercial transactions in public as public trust is eroded to such an extent and degree that business operations stripped to the bone in staffing will close up much like retail outlets in ghetto America.


FEB.25-2019  Trump should be very wary of travelling abroad as an assassination, unlike the Kennedy Assassinations, would not involve the FBI; rather it would involve such as the North Vietnamese Government in the case of the impending Trump-Kim Yong Un meeting in Hanoi. A carefully placed rocket would solve a number of the world's problems while creating others.


FEB.24-2019 A) SEE this date under FEBRUARY-2019 for a letter to Wilson-Raybould by this plaintiff  (2016 sub-heading ALBERTA August 8, 2016 point 7) disclosure for an unsavoury relationship with her current advisor, former Chief Justice Thomas Cromwell in a story which parallels the Lavalin Case. B)Does it not occur to readers that support of the Windmill project placed a lot of payola in the pockets of such as figures like the disgraced Gerald Butts whom would not benefit under a promotion of traditional fuel sources? So much for some so-called climate supporters! C) The NHL is moving off the ice and into the wheeling and dealing boardrooms as epitomized by Edmonton's suspension of star player, McDavid, whom will not play for April, May and June. The O.S. stacks that unenviable record against all previous stars which never experienced such contumely.


FEB.23-2019 SEE this date under FEBRUARY-2019 as I wade into the Senator Duffy Trial, the VAdm. Norman Trial, SNC Lavalin revelations and the Employee's Case. It's a spinning vortex without equal: HOW THE NORTH WAS LOST


FEB.22-2019 A) In the 1950's, an unemployed accountant told my businessman father why he turned down a job: 'It's a front for organized crime. You work for those guys; they get something on you, then you are unemployable anywhere else.' That is the story of SNC Lavalin. Underlings in the Company try to rationalize their position by saying corruption does not function at their level much like those Mexicans whom believe that they can live with drug cartels. Further, whom is going to hire one of their released executives other than organized crime which has infiltrated our institutions? We talk about reforming Venezuela when in fact that is the future of the entire world. Actuarians tell us to cap our institutional costs so that our grandchildren will not be burdened with the debt. They already are as in the 1990's, children realized that they would not be better off than their parents. Today, children in their 20's cannot afford to leave home with the milch cow parents suddenly realizing that their pension scheme is no longer sufficient to accommodate their retirement hence risky investments. Institutions such as the media are financially reeling. In the early 1950's when I delivered newspapers, I was shocked to find a household of two retirees that did not take one at $1.25 per month. Today that newspaper costs over $30 per month and households taking the paper are in the minority as I watch delivery cars driving increasing distances between deliveries. It is unsustainable as are most institutions. Stagnant salaries are the culprit in forcing a depression as employees and pensioners are held to a 2% increase per year while costs rise between 4% and 5% with institutions like the police cutting vital services (they no longer pick up shoplifters) which in turn will decimate our society. Want to save megabucks at the expense of one profession? Rewrite the Justice System apart from the legal personnel input. The 34 year Employee's Case functioning across Canada has shown how Justice Canada has already reached SNC Lavalin levels. Indeed, 'property rights' (women being an extension of men's control) in 1967 has been displaced by 'human rights' (1982 Canadian Bill of Rights consistent with U.N. aims) But what to do with the hoary old judges? I have had over 50 of them over 34 years which is a record not to boast about in the unresolved Employee's Case where no compensation has been paid. The poet Dante reserved the lowest rung of Hell for those people who were called on to act but failed to do so. Our WWII veterans must be rolling over in their graves viewing a nation from afar which has forgotten 'to stand on guard for thee' (no effective oversight bodies). On an individual level, the disgraced Gerald Butts bumped from government is a symbol of everything which is wrong with Canada which is not to invite Opposition Parties suggesting that they have everything right. B)Two newspaper columnists -Farzana Hassan and Tarek Fatah have until the end of the month to break the media boycott in the Employee's Case in this international phase (the national phase ended in 1918). Central to their challenge is the Saskatoon Court currently claiming that if a Defendant does not acknowledge a court date; then none will be set. Under those circumstances why would any Defendant ever respond to a legal challenge anywhere in Canada?


FEB.21-2019 A) The sooner Big Bang finishes, the better off we all will be. They no longer have good writers. B) Fear mongering civil servant, Privy Council's Michael Wernick should be removed from Office for thinly disguised provocation of terrorism in the SNC Lavalin case...but then what do I know? (Too much considering the national media boycott on a story much bigger (collapse of Justice Canada) than SNC Lavalin which goes unreported - The Employee's Case.) C) The central theme of the SNC Lavalin Case? The story was being hidden from the public by the media in much the same fashion as the Employee's Case. D) Trudeau's initial mistake in the Lavalin Case? Depending on asshole lawyer advice much like Premier Moe appears to be doing in SK in a case I have in Saskatoon. E) The Pope rules over a broken empire in much the same fashion that the Old Boys Club rules over a broken Justice Canada.


FEB.19-2019 'Methinks the media protesteth too much' as they howl over the gov't.'s mess in the SNC Lavalin Case. The media did nothing - or very little - in exposing the trial in Montreal on Lavalin and now appear to be off-loading the blame on the Feds. i.e. Liberals. The real question is whom chose to lay the charge against Lavalin; surely not Justice Canada nor the RCMP which is equally compromised at the top; the Employee's Case has shown that much. We are told that Quebecers are comfortable with job-rich Lavalin as even the Tories are not raising it as an issue in QC. Are we headed the way of Mexico and the drug lords which many Mexicans are quite prepared to live with? Will Children's stories be all about Robbing Hood Lavalin or some drug king as a folk hero? PLACARD: CANADIAN INSTITUTIONS CRASHING


FEB.18-2019 A) The TV interview cameras came crashing down on highly capable Manitoba NDP Opposition Leader, Wab Kinew. His crime? He claimed that there was not much difference in the treatment of Indigenous Peoples between the Harper and Trudeau governments. That 'heresy' undermines all media types as their reason for existence is that the 'we and them' of politics is a reality, not a fiction of their own creation justifying their existence as they parallel the activities of those selfsame political parties. That explains the media boycott against the Employee's Case as this matter is also a universal. It also explains the U.S. media coverage of Trump's megalomania. To be sure, if he was given his 'Wall'; he would have to find something else for his fixation.B) Parallels: The Privy Council is to the SNC Lavelin Case as the Irving Family of Nova Scotia is to the V.Adm. Norman Case as  Justice Canada is to the Employee's Case.  C) Oh dang, there goes another prepared PLACARD into the rubbish heap: WOULD THE REAL P.M. PLEASE STAND UP? (Gerald Butts) D)Perhaps our Justin can do a lecture trip in China explaining the 'Rule of Law'. Good luck with that one as the Employee's Case is turning over Judicial perfidy on a daily basis. I am sure the Chinese can do with a good laugh even if Meng is not laughing in Vancouver.


FEB.17-2019 A) Ghana was once the pearl of governance in Africa; that is until a legal case burst its seams and showed that they were just another African shithouse country. Similarly Canada has been epitomized as the luckiest democracy; the recent SNC Lavelin Case not withstanding which involves only a few people at the top and the fortunes of the governing Liberal Party. There is no threat to the system as the Opposition Parties are 'governments in waiting'. Not so the Employee's Case. There is a massive threat to the Justice System with the legal aberrations in this legal matter where judges are included in fraud charges due to moribund oversight powers. The story is widespread despite a media boycott and will rear its ugly head every time an employee case hits the court. As to Ministers of Justice? Don't believe the Justice Ministers as they have all been compromised in the Employee's Case including: the incumbent David Lametti, and his predecessors, Jodi Wilson-Raybould and Peter MacKay. SNC Lavellin,  in this matter, is not an aberration as the media would have you believe...it is the way the entire system operates. The current buy-out offer is for $20 million. B) A braveheart SK Premier Moe appeared confident on TV about winning the Carbon Tax case. Politically, for election purposes, the Liberals need a knockout blow in SK. Also so do the Federal Tories want them to have it creating the election issue which will win Ontario seats plus then the Tories will promise to cancel the tax if elected. That's why the court hearing is fixed with Moe being the gullible ham in the sandwich.


FEB.16-2019 Letter to Premiers Moe (SK) and Notley (AB)  SEE FEBRUARY 2019 under this date.


FEB.15-2019 A) The Vice Admiral Norman victimization has reached new heights of despicability. The one whom actually leaked the Cabinet notes to a lobbyist was arrested yesterday. The point? The RCMP knew about that second person's role before they charged Norman. Every effort must be made to get the government to drop the charges against Norman. To be sure, the gov't. has one juror whose directive is to insist on a gov't. win thus leading to a hung jury. That way the gov't. can escape blame by pilloring the jury for the problem. B) The gormless media should never have been caught out by the Liberal stunt to sidetrack the Wilson-Raybould matter in a court-structured hearing. They should have been able to prophesize that manoeuvre and neutralize it beforehand.


FEB.14-2019 A)As long as Wilson-Raybould doesn't talk which best suits her interests, the media is going to have egg all over its face, on this issue unless they can prompt some insider to 'spill the beans'. Failing to 'spill the beans' in the Employee's Case makes for little credibility on the part of the media in any event. It would be a major game changer in the Federal election if the media openly challenged the Liberals on the Employee's Case. B) SEE 2019 FEBRUARY / CORRESPONDENCE-SK&AB COURTS for important 5 page letter.


FEB.13-2019 This Wilson-Raybould brou ha ha is so much codswallop. See my web site for 2016 and my letters to her regarding the appointment of the same three SCC judges over both the QC and SK Appeals. One of those, Richard Wagner, is the incumbent Chief Justice. Thomas Cromwell was the lead judge. Guess - surprise, surprise, - whom is Raybould-Wilson's current personal advisor?...why Cromwell of course. But the media is sure flapping their gums over this one and not an honest word coming out of them.... Who knows, maybe she is in a snit because she does not feel as though she got her share of the SNC Lavalin payola.  Her predecessor, Peter MacKay, was just as dirty.


FEB.12-2019 A)Minister of Justice David  Lametti, is quite right regarding the error of commission in the SNL Lavalin Case...'before my time'. 'Professor Dave' , however, is quite wrong in the error of omission regarding the 6 month ON court stalemate in the Employee's Case which includes the naming of two judges for fraud explaining why those two names are now included in the Saskatoon Case. Professor Dave should resign.The failure of the incompetent B.C. A.G. David Edy to hold Chief Justice Hinckley accountable for a depredation unequaled in the annals of any Justice System accounts for the inclusion of his name in the AB courts. B) The real crime of MP Jody Wilson-Raybould is not what she hid on the SNC Lavalin file; rather it is what influence was exerted on her over the Employee's Case. She resigned her portfolio in order to conceal her position from being set up by the Privy Council & Trudeau. So Jody Wilson-Raybould hired scumbag (retired 2016) SCC Justice Thomas Cromwell (formerly of NS) whom sat on my second SCC Appeal (SK) in retirement after sitting on the first SCC Appeal (QC) at the same time much to my strong opposition. Those two deserve each other.


FEB.11-2019 A) 'Our faults, my dear Brutus (former A.G. Peter Mackay) lie not in our stars (failing to call in the police) but in ourselves for blowing the whistle on others (Jody Wilson-Raybould) for failing to do so. This paragon of virtue Brutus failed to call in the police after the oversight bodies refused to acknowledge gross judicial malfeasance in the Employee's Case...and that's where everything sits today: PLACARD:  HYPOCRISY / CANADA DOES IT BEST  B) As a former teacher, Justin should have been aware of the pitfalls of popularity. As to being a drama teacher; that's where I learned to read as you must 'know that you know'. I would be interested in Justin's level of play analysis. The media make a workingman joke out of being a drama teacher and yet actors like Alec Guinness (as contrasted to John Wayne type-actors) are people of superior capabilities. C) A former Aussie Olympic athlete and now lawyer thanked CBC for calling out coach sexual abuse in the Olympics. Is this the same CBC which did not call out judicial malfeasance in the Employee's Case? Now they can't as I have closed down Canadian national media coverage in 2018...oh, heal thyself first, oh physician. D) One of the greats of the Reporting world, Joe Schlesinger died at the age of 90. He reported at a time that Reporters could meet world leaders and he met them all. He escaped Nazi Germany and reported in a time period when reporters had the last word. No longer.


FEB.11-2019  A) The International Phase of the Employee's Case will end in February (The national phase ended in 2018 taking, out as it did, the credibility of the Canadian media.) In that regard, the credibility of three figures is paramount. For the international media, O.S. columnists, Tarek Fatah & Farzana Hassan, are the symbols of a loss of personal credibility. The third figure is the Commander of the U.S. Forces (Trump) whom, in his failure to warn U.S. interests of the dangers of dealing with Ontario courts, will no doubt be deemed a coward by some. B) A.G. David Camelletti (Professor Dave) acquitted himself well on the Wilson-Raybould file in that the SNC Lavalin Case in Montreal alleging Privy Council interference happened before his time. Not too good is his ignoring of the Employee's Case which will hang him. C) As far as Premiers go, New Brunswick's Premier Blane Higgs is no straw man (Notley not bad either but she is a dung beetle pushing ten times her own weight up a hill). The Carbon Tax is the Liberal's undoing as such as Higgs claim that, simply put, we do not need another tax. D) I am no fan of former A.G. Wilson-Raybould but she pulled a 'callow' by rejecting alleged Privy Council interference with the SNC Lavalin fraud trial. In short, the West Vancouver School Superintendent told me to resign if I did not agree to withdraw a fraudulent Principal's Professional Report on Teacher or else face the neophyte imposed BILL 35. The demotion to the Veterans file also 'scotched the snake, not destroyed it' leaving this Metis woman to attack from within; in her case, by just shutting up. There goes the Indigenous vote. E) Insider dope is that Jagmeet Singh will not win his South Burnaby seat hanged, no doubt, by his own cliché answers. F) I was asked recently (by a non-Trump supporter) whether I was a Trump supporter? My answer. Personally, I do not support any authority figure as they all lie. I look at their actions. Trump, for example, deserves a Nobel Prize for stopping the N. Korean rockets flying over Japan and risking WWIII. I agree with his pressure on Iran's support behind Hezbollah which fomented WWIII by tunneling into Israel. Unlike Gaza, Hezbollah has the weaponry to hit any spot in Israel. They are also the main conduit for drugs into Europe via Italy. Trump has rejuvenated the U.S. economy. On the negative side, he is not, as he claims to be, a genius. I was raised with a sister(d) with an I.Q. of 142, so I know something of genius (which I am not as I have the high school marks to prove the point...what I am is a 'reader' with a level of perseverance which surprised even me). His nightly e-mails escape me as being highly counter-productive. He already has the job, for Christ's sake. One last point in his favour. He is substance abuse free and appears to be good to his children (maybe too good).







FEB.10-2019 A) PLACARDS: 1) CANADIAN INSTITUTIONS IN COLLAPSE  2) WOULD THE REAL P.M. PLEASE STAND UP? (Gerald Butts) He buggered up the ON Liberals which are now limited to 7 seats and is now repeating that performance federally. 3) ELECTION / IMMIGRATION FILE IS THE ISSUE, STUPID!  B) SEE 2019 JANUARY CORRESPONDENCE QBG 52  for a 2-page letter to the Defendants dated FEB.11-2019 (A Must Read)  C) So the incompetent B.C. (Mexico North) A.G. David Edy sat idly by while a massive Casino laundering scheme operated under his nose. Hence it is no wonder that Vancouver Chief Justice Hinckley thought he could pull the legal heist of the century (SEE employeescasecanada 2018 HINKLEYcj - FRAUD Sub-heading)


FEB.08-2019 A) So the media has their testicles in an uproar because of alleged PMO interference with the SNC Lavalin corruption trial in Montreal. The Employee's Case has already shown that judicial interference across Canada is standard fare. Who trusts to a Crown Attorney working under Justice Canada direction any longer? PLACARD: HYPOCRISY / CANADA DOES IT BEST  B) SCHOOL DAZE-RECESSION Sub-heading under 2019-FEBRUARY


FEB.07-2019 China mess inevitable for 'post national' Canada O.S. guest columnist Chuck Strahl p.17 '...The problem with all of this, as the Trudeau government has now found out, is that you either stand for something, or you will fall for everything....You constantly apply the lens of freedom, rules of law and democratic ideals to thorny (i.e. Employee's Case) issues, or these heartfelt issues will get ignored when you need them most....'


FEB.06-2019 A) Habeas Corpus (produce the evidence) or disclosure in law is the bedrock of 'The Rule of Law'. A few recent court cases in Ottawa illustrate the conundrum in which the Crown Prosecutor finds himself. As he does not want his witnesses charged with perjury, the practice is to yield to constant Defense pressure at the last minute by producing disclosure. In brief, whom is willing to trust to a Crown Prosecutor (Justice Canada - Old Boys Club) under these circumstances? But it does not stop there. What is a judge supposed to do with evidence in her private evidence (i.e. B.C. Justice Mary Southin in 1986) showing widespread perjury including the arbitrator in the lay-off of West Vancouver senior teacher, Roger Callow? Quashing the arbitration and ruling the arbitrator to be patently unreasonable for failing to show a causal factor did not deal with the problem of the documents she was holding so she foolishly returned them to the Employer and Union leaving herself open to blackmail by the Employer as any pursuit of this issue would illustrate that she had covered up a massive fraud...and that would never do. That's why over 50 judges including 4 inconsequential trips to the Supreme Court of Canada to cover-up the cover-up by denying this plaintiff disclosure has destroyed the Canadian Justice System over 34 years leaving Canada to fight all these rearguard actions currently where courts are bogging down on the topic of disclosure. B) MPP Christine Elliott, Ontario's Health MInister is a bare-faced liar although the media is trying to rub out her leopard spots. I saw the TV clip in which she absolutely denied the NDP assertion based on leaked evidence, that the Ford government had already approved contracting out some aspects of the Health System. 'Not now, not ever' was her theme song in castigating the NDP announcement.


FEB.05-2019 A) Methinks I smell a giant sized rat in the trial of a police officer charged with manslaughter in the takedown of a Somali perp a few years ago. At the last minute, the Crown provides 'tampered evidence' in that the short un-dated clip that the coroner saw had a longer version not in evidence. He concluded a 'homicide' had taken place. It is all a set-up. Friends of the Somali were in the streets screaming 'cover-up' so they were provided the Coroner's version having them believe that justice would be done. The deliberate tampering (Justice Canada) will permit the Defense to turn 180 degrees on the case. Bottom line? Justice Canada does not want police officers convicted of manslaughter with the protesters being played 'like a fiddle'. B) Another very smelly rat is the criminal charge against Union boss, Skof, as a policeman on a diddlysquat charge. As cliché ridden new police oversight commissioner, Councilor Diane Deans will not state unequivocally her position on the matter, it would appear this charge emanates from the Mayor's Office in support of the most incompetent police chief that Ottawa has ever appointed. He announced his retirement for May. C) Where, for example, was he when he appointed a police officer to examine a scene in which the killed cyclist was in his blind spot. As one whom had an A-Z license; every such driver knows of the 'blind spot'. The officer's re-enactment was laughed out of court with the driver being found 'not guilty'.


FEB.04-2019 A) SEE Sub-heading 2019 ALBERTA FRAUD (B.C.) under this date, particularly letter to Premier Notley (Correspondence #2)pp. 19-20, which is of prime interest to all professional teachers and School Boards in Canada particularly AB. B) So the Liberals would create a new body to detect 'fake news' which reads like an Old Boys Club who's who with Privy Council & Justice Canada personnel. I can see it now...the Employee's Case explodes on the scene and everyone wants to know why the media suppressed the story. The fake news body will tell you why without including the fact that the original Orders came from them! The voting public will love them for pillorying the media which I shut out of the exposure as of the end of 2018... it's a perfect storm.... C) If the Democrats were smart, they would build Trump's Wall...with Mexican labour at a fraction of the cost of U.S. labour. Expect Trump to howl as he wants U.S. labour and supplies as one billion can be expected to be set aside for payola. Like many billionaires on paper, Trump lacks liquidity and needs this seed money to survive. D) Prediction: Vadm. Norman will win his criminal trial as there has to be unanimous agreement among the jury for conviction. At least one and maybe more realize that if Norman had assigned the ship contract in question to Irving in N.S. rather than to QC, he would not have been fired. It is the bloody mindedness of Justice Canada which is really on trial.


FEB.02-2019 A) Phase 1 Much is made in the media of the obfuscation by the government in providing disclosure in the VAdm. Norman criminal case. Phase 2 Nothing is made in the media of the extant disclosure in the 34 year unresolved employeescasecanada.ca in which B.C. Justice Mary Southin in 1986 covered up a massive fraud and in which over 50 judges in succeeding years cover-uped the cover-up. And people wonder why China views Justice Canada with jaundiced eyes regarding a Huawei incident in Vancouver customs. In another vein, the O.S.editorial p.16 claims '...But taken together they create something else: a deep concern among Canadians that the Justice system isn't working....'  B) 'Fighting Freedom' p.17 columnist John Snobelen (without a contact address) could just as easily read 'Country yokel (a rancher who mangled the Education portfolio in the ill-fated Harris Gov't. at the turn of the millennium) believes a 'hapless clerk' is in control of redacting information as opposed to the grey eminence giving such clerks their marching orders = mishmash of an article.  C) Truly frightening is a legal Decision as reported by Labour guru, Howard Levitt in which employees may no long take their skills to their new Employer if it impinges on the old Employer. That unsavoury Decision remakes the Labour Market all across North America to the extent that it is unfeasible. P.S. 'Our Howard' won't touch the Employee's Case which has seen the collapse of the entire Justice System. SEE Phase 2 above.  D)'He was a beautiful soul' O.S. headline story could equally have read: 'Drug dealer killed by police after attacking them with a weapon'. But then, it is the self-appointed job of the media to incite hatred as that is what sells papers. D) Florida judge warns politician Roger Stone that he will be subject to a court order prohibiting public appearances on his criminal charge which is a far cry from the usual lawyer warning that speaking out could negatively impact your case. I spoke out in 1985 and I am glad I did. This is where is where I submit China is going wrong on the Meng Case as they should be squealing like a stuck pig as behind the scene actions are backfiring.


FEB.01-2019  A) SEE Sub-heading  2019 INDIVIDUALISM  B) I watched Justin dealing up codswallop in a town meeting last night in Milton ON on the 'Rule of Law' as it relates to China. The audience loved it. I am not so sure that he fully appreciates the danger that he is in for the Meng story is not a mere 'loss of face' (a strategic Far Eastern notion); it holds within it the seed for the whole loss of world empire for China. Best tone it down, Justin, and increase your security. He is correct on one point, however. Justice Canada  is it's own boss so when the presiding B.C. judge announces that the deportation Order for Meng could take months or even years, he is reflecting the position of Chief Justice Hinckson (SEE web: 2018 Hinckson cj Fraud sub-heading) whom is under an indictment from this plaintiff for making an outrageous Decision which the NDP Attorney General D. Edy refuses to investigate. In short, all Decisions from B.C. are now compromised. I am in the process of suing in another venue for fraud including the name of Hinckson in that charge. Considering the world shattering events that this Huawei arrest is making; a better answer for the courts would be to assess the U.S. claims and have a Decision inside of one week with a second week set aside for a possible Appeal. Believing that Canada can pull 'a callow' by prolonging such as the 34 year unresolved Employee's Case is not only the height of stupidity for Canada in the Huawei matter; it is a declaration of war...but then what do I know....


By rights this should be the Year of the Incompetent Bureaucracies in Canada with the Justice System leading the pack. Perhaps someone out of 38 million Canadians will wake up and realize that imposed legislation such as BILL 35 (B.C. 1985) by which I was laid-off for economic reasons (whistle blowing), the Carbon Tax or facsimile, the Morocco Accord (refugees) are all designed to pre-empt the oversight bodies such as the courts and Parliament creating a government ruled by fiat. definition: What does it mean to rule by fiat? a fixed form of words containing the word fiat, by which a person in authority gives sanction, or authorization. an arbitrary decree or pronouncement, especially by a person or group of persons having absolute authority to enforce it: The king ruled by fiat. The West Vancouver School Board refuses to recognize court oversight in the Employee's Case with over 50 judges sanctioning that position in this unresolved labour matter where no compensation (includes pension rights) has been paid due to the failure of the many courts to make a decision including the Supreme Court of Canada on four separate occasions. That abomination will become standard fare in Canada unless 38 million people - similar to the yellow jackets in France - get out in the streets and howl. This year marks the supplanting of the Employee's Case as a national matter up to 2018 to that of an international matter beginning in 2019.





JAN.31-2019 A) SEE this date under JANUARY-2019 for an Open Letter to the newly elected NDP Jangmeet Singh B) Based on a column by Christie Blatchford, General Vance testimony stinks in the criminal trial of VAd. Mark Norman. It would seem all the flag officers have been intimidated to staying away. I cannot get disclosure in civil matters while Norman counsel is having a hell of a job acquiring it in criminal matters = anarchy in our justice system under Justice Canada dominated by the 'Old Boy's Club'. 


JAN.30-2019 I paid my auto insurance today noting to the agent a 'normal' 6% increase at a time pension increase is held to 2%. Most Company increases are in this range to the consumer. Hence the real problem in the economy is salary stagnation as employees are worse off than 10 years ago as increases in everything exceeds salary/pension increases. For the employed person, it makes no difference if jobs are added to the economy as that does not address his or her personal plight. Long range situation? Who will control the world's resources? Not the Third World. Not the young in the industrial world. Over-all problem which will smash all economic systems? We are all living a lot older incurring escalating costs...it is unsustainable.


JAN.29-2019 A) If only there was good reporting in the first place, there would be fewer confused readers in the second place. For example, good research on the SK Humboldt bus crash was initially lacking. Today I read where the bus which t-boned the truck hit at 60 kph after skidding on dry pavement for 24 metres. I would think that if the bus were not speeding, that the driver possibly could have stopped in time. We are told that trees were not a factor in blocking this intersection. There were ample warning signs at the side of the road regarding the intersection with a flashing light on top of the stop sign for the truck driver. By being inaccurate on this and many topics, largely, I submit, to sell more newspapers, the media stays in business. B) China is about to learn about the infamy of Canada's 'rule of law' as it relates to the Meng case of Huawei. As the judge says, he does not know if this is going to last months or years...in short, the court could conceivably pull a 'callow' and delay her deportation for 34 years.


JAN.28-2019 A) SEE this date under JANUARY 2019 for establishment of Saskatoon Court time of FEB. 19-2019  B) If Huawei's Meng were to have a 'heart attack', it would solve a lot of problems all around.  C) New Police oversight Committee president, Diane Deans, waffled when asked about the SKOF charges. Does she agree with them? If not, she should have these charges dropped as it would appear that the Mayor's Office is running this show considering that the embattled police chief Bordeleau is stepping down. PLACARD: 'PRIORITY' POLICING IS 'FAKE' POLICING


JAN.27-2019 A) If Canadian Ambassador McCallum to China was fired because he misspoke, then Minister of Justice, 'Professor' David Lametti should be fired for his misplay in failing to call out the ON Ford Government and its 6 month delay in calling a legal case for a hearing which I have festering in Ontario courts. The 'bravery' of the U.S. Commander in Chief, Donald Trump, is at question in notifying U.S. interests regarding this anarchy in Ontario.

B) If employees were made aware of the B.C. NDP government failure to review the atrocious Chief Justice Hinckson action (SEE web: 2018-Hinckson cj Fraud), the NDP would most assuredly lose the Nanaimo by-election on January 30.  C) PC PLAN (for university students to opt out of fees if they wish) EARNS AN F  O.S p.20 It is the `Harris Gov`t all over again` as this well written article points out in detail. My question. Does this extend to those ON courts which wish to opt out of court cases including the names of judges for fraud? To be sure that option would have been used by B.C.'s Chief Justice Hinckson in 2018 (SEE web 'FRAUD') rather than, as he did, flush the B.C. Justice System down the toilet and the NDP gov't with it. Slight change with my mainframe PLACARDS See if you can spot it. 1) JUSTICE SYSTEM OF CANADA / 'UNSAFE AT ANY SPEED'  2) IMPEACH (1) SUPREME COURT OF CANADA CHIEF JUSTICE RICHARD WAGNER  (2) JUSTICE MINISTER DAVID LAMETTI


JAN.25-2019 Gotcha TV. An interview of our previous Ottawa apartment block showed a couple of 'misfits' in a wheelchair and walker trying to battle the snowdrifts due to 'a poor contractor'. As a former Para transpo Driver and one whom has driven a plow truck; this is just so much B.S. as those two nitwits should not have been out in the first place until the area is cleared which might cost them a day. If emergency help required, call an ambulance. Basically these two are setting themselves up for an 'accident' which happens on a yearly basis so that they may collect from their 'personal injury' lawyers. Even the 'dog', I was recently told, has filed for an action for slipping on ice; all handled by the same scofflaw lawyer.


JAN.24-2019  A) SKOF LAW? Cop union boss charged with breach of trust, obstruction of justice O.S. headline story The innuendo of the headline tells it all...this was a management set-up ...been there, had that done to me. Difference? in 1985, the authorities were believed; not so today. SEE this date under JANUARY-2019 for my take on this stunt.  B) A testy O.S. columnist, Lorrie Goldstein, p.15 wants readers writing to him to call out Trudeau directly on the Carbon Tax... 'I want you to do your jobs.' Oh, but I have, Lorrie, for 34 years and no-body answers me either including the media running a boycott on this lead national legal story. If the classic definition of a newspaperman is 'a man with nothing on his mind and the power to express it'; then the neo-classic definition must be '...no effective power to express it'. Fake News indeed.


JAN.23-2019 A) Justice Canada, similar to China, have their hooks into Google. It is difficult to find the web site address for the Employees Case Canada plus there is no mention of the 2019 site. B) The new Justice Minister still has his nose in his professorial legal notes. He has two more weeks to initiate action otherwise he goes the way of his predecessor. C) There are trolls and then again there are trolls such as the institutional one cited above. In another example, SUN columnist Mark Bonokoski had this internet explanation for his two month absence (as opposed to merely stating that he was on medical leave) .The blurb mentioned Mark's journalistic career from 1971 to 2018 and included a letter from Mark in 2013 in which he was most praiseworthy of his audience. (He had been part of a massive downsizing = begging for a job). There was no mention of his illness. After New Years, 2019, a blurb from him claimed that he had had a stroke and was on the mend and was looking forward to a return to work which happened on Jan.21. (Sun writers are unionized). Message? Avoid Google. D) Someone is still messing with the Google sight on the Employee's Case by posting a hacked image file from my personal computer. They deliberately hide this web address. E) YAHOO is a far superior web server on this and other related cases PLACARD: JUSTICE CANADA IS A TROLL OF GOOGLE (USE YAHOO)


JAN.22-2019  A) 'Documents slow to come'  O.S. p. 5 '...It is a problem often found by outsiders asking for information from all levels of government in Canada. Many requests takes months or even years (Employee's Case 34 years and still counting) ...so documents are out of date when finally released.

COMMENT: As the reader may see, the Employee's Case is part of a systemic pattern of willful malfeasance. B) SEE this date for a letter to the WVST  and WVTA with cc to Premier Moe regarding Saskatoon QBG 52 of 2019


JAN.21-2019 SEE CORRESPONDENCE QBG 52 of 2019 Sub-heading for 8 page dissertation on SK case.


JAN.20-2019 SEE this date under JANUARY 2019 for an open letter to SK teachers which, due to the imposed carbon tax issue, negatively affects all Canadians.


JAN.19-2018 Unintended consequences? When workers go 'on strike' and forego their salaries, it evokes the usual redneck reaction (fostered by management) about lazy, overpaid civil servants or union featherbedding bums. That is not happening with some U.S. federal workers whom, through no fault of their own, have been going without a paycheck for week 4 due to a political stalemate. France's 'yellow jackets' will soon find a home in the U.S. forever changing the landscape in what constitutes an American. These dispossessed workers have broad support from all quarters. Also being exposed is that the increase in business in the U.S. may benefit the wealthy 1% but it is being built on the back of full time workers - the vast majority - whom are no better off than they were 10 years ago. Stagnant wages are the villain which will inevitably lead to a depression. I say depression as it is the interlocking facets of our economic system which, when hit with an uncontrollable economic tsunami, will collapse the U.S. Personal liquidity will be the key to survivability. (Yes, I qualify but it is nothing to gloat over) Some financiers speak about government and corporate liquidity not realizing that in the 1930's there was plenty of money about; however no-one would loan it out in the insecure marketplace. As for Trump; impeachment is looming large.


JAN.18-2019 A) Big Bang Theory was circling the toilet bowl with its new writers. This last episode showed some promise with the shenanigans of grabbing a Pulitzer Prize but the whole episode was flushed down the toilet with Penny's out of character and extremely bad taste role as a bully sales manager; and all this at a time when efforts are being to humanize the work place. B) BURGER KINGPINS (shooting) O.S. p.3 'We're getting regular complaints of drug activity...people owning tables, exchanging drugs (Councilor unable to effect a solution). 'Thankfully all the Employees were OK' (manager's 'mandate' does not include customer protection) Presumably, the police officer comment was 'thankfully' as well as he rationalized the matter as a 'targeted shooting' = so no worry here either, folks! So who is at fault?...why corporate Burger King Corporation which, understandably, does not know what to do when all other alternatives fail.  In some Third World countries, one does not call the police when in trouble. In Canada, there is no point in calling the police...except for a photo op.


JAN.17-2019 A) I could never work for the liquor store and watch shoplifters brazenly walk out with liquor bottles but that is now the case as police no longer attend shoplifting offenses and employees are advised by their Union to avoid confrontation by doing nothing...to be sure we are going to hell in a handbasket without a single politician being able to address the problem in a concrete way. If the media don't publish such problems, the politicians just do not recognize them as existing. And to think that I am condemned by some for not voting. Oh, for the good old days in hoary Old England where if someone yelled 'thief', the onlookers would pursue him and 'end the matter'...the rule of law be damned. In the barrio in Brazil, shopkeepers hired off-dut policeman to 'disappear' constant shoplifters. In 1969, off-duty officers in Chicago had gun duels with the black Panthers only to disappear and leave it to the police on duty to mop up by throwing the Panthers into jail. I related the liquor store happening to a coffee group I know. In the 1950's there would have been outrage. Today, little interest and that's how our civilization is eroding; little by little...not with a bang but a whimper..it's insidious. B) Rather than dismissing RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki, the government has decided to appoint 13 oversight civilians whom can be expected to be even more incompetent...more handbaskets....


JAN.14-2019 Readers of this column know that I am no fan of Ministers of Justice but surely the worst one on record was Jody Wilson-Raybould. Good riddance.


JAN.14-2019  A) SHOPLIFTERS WILL BE PROSECUTED Sign seen recently in a local high end Farm Boy. Good luck with that one. A judge will have to be awakened and have explained to him what a shoplifting charge is all about. The last time that I saw that sign a few years back was a big floor sign at the exit of the Hudson`s Bay. Now there is nothing (no clerks or customers either). The Walmart Greeter has been displaced by the Walmart spot Security Person at the exit door. 'Shrinkage' as it is euphemistically called has always been a problem but is a growing one. Why. Because the bean counters find it is much cheaper to ignore shoplifting than to pursue the matter hence making for more and more shoplifting. I would not fare well in the Retail environment of today on that point alone as I have always been security conscious. As for clerks, they are creating problems for supervisors if they report shoplifting so the vast majority 'see nothing'. As a high school teacher, I reported major transgressions by students which did not go down well with some supervisors out to have a 'perfect' resumé. Whatever Farm Boy does, they will have to supervise their exit which they don't do = wasted sign department. But what do I know considering that I am the only senior Canadian School Teacher to lose his job (and career) for apparently doing it...yup, everybody was out of step but this johnny! (whistleblowing)  B) '...She doubts governments will ever admit they blundered because people might wonder what else the government got wrong. And that's what government fears most! It's not about cannabis, it's about questioning authority. 'pot activist' What a bunch of dopes Gov't made a mess of pot legalization O.S. p.8 Liz Braun


JAN.12-2019 I wade into the Ottawa doubledecker bus disaster in which 3 were killed. SEE this date under JANUARY 2019


JAN.11-2019 I wade into the U.S.-Mexico border Wall story. SEE this date under JANUARY 2019


JAN.10-2019 A) So Pacific Western Airlines got screwed over by their landing partner in a Mexican Resort now given to murders. Airlines are known to pull out of destinations in 'shithole countries' when organized crime assign landing rights to themselves. B) So the rats are leaving the sinking Vice Adm. Mark Norman criminal trial ship...first General Vance backed off, now Treasury Board Chairperson, Scott Brison, the point man for the N.S. Irving family interests, is not running for re-election. C) PLACARDS: 1) GHOST OF J.EDGAR HOOVER RUNS CANADIAN INSTITUTIONS  2) INMATE VAPING STUDENTS RUN SCHOOL ASYLUMS


JAN.08-2019 A) 3 person Appeal Courts are 'losers'. One old buzzard of a 3-man Appeal Court managed to fall asleep in a one-hour hearing which I so aptly pointed out in court much to the amusement of all except the coordinating judge. I have experienced a number of these courts and do not bother any longer appealing such as the outlandish B.C. Chief Justice Hinckley Decision from last year (SEE web). Due to the unique exigencies of the Employee's Case, I merely open in another province which I am entitled to do. A case in point in the O.S. p.4 CONVICTION DOWNGRADED illustrates the point well. Based on the newspaper story, the jury were right to convict on the basis of first degree murder in 2016 of a 2012 murder, and the Appeal Court was wrong to downgrade that charge in 2019 to Second Degree Murder. Under these circumstances, what is the point of having a jury system at all? But that is the point. Justice Canada is arrogating increasing control over the Justice System and hence our country...and over them, there is no control.... B) In the 1970's in the High School that I was in, teachers were asked to keep an eye on the washrooms near their classroom doors. I did; most didn't. On one occasion, I reported a small fire but generally speaking miscreants gave this washroom a 'bye' due to my presence. Administrators supported teachers on such matters. Today, I hear that a number of Ottawa-Carleton schools have had their main washroom doors taken off to apparently curtail a vaping epidemic in schools. Those doors are a symbolic representation of collective principal cowardice. They refuse to apprehend miscreant students preferring to make idle threats which they have no intention of following up. Worse yet, what potential good principal among staff will ever take a promotion under these circumstances? I've said it recently but I will say it again; no prospective teacher in his or her right mind will take up teaching ...sad but a reflection of our declining society. As to the moribund legal profession?...don't even ask....


JAN.06-2019 A) Machiavelli said it best...no large force can expect to fight a prolonged war against a small force and win. The U.S. and Russia learned that lesson the hard way in Viet Nam and Afghanistan respectively. China is beginning to realize that point with the arrest of the Huawei executive in Vancouver on a U.S. deportation Order. Outcome? Expect that executive to be 'Khashoggied', the blame to be attached to someone else as the security personnel are 'looking in the wrong direction'. B) Calling in a former Ontario Chief Justice from one of the more corrupt Justice Systems in Canada to arbitrate the Le Breton development involving the Senator Hockey team, is a mistake for the team's owner. For example, ON posits it a success that only 3% of ON Decisions are appealed to the Supreme Court of Canada. How it works is that the 'little guy' is permitted to win in the lower court only to have his case 'deep-sixed' by an Appeal Court run by Justice Canada knowing that the little guy cannot finance a Supreme Court of Canada challenge if done by a legal outfit explaining why my 4 challenges go under my own name and why the SCofC 'deep-sixes' those attempts. This PLACARD says it best: NO RULE OF LAW IN: A) CHINA B) CANADA or in the words of Donald Trump... those sly Canadians....


JAN.04-2019 A) Big Bang Theory is going the way of NYE Air Farce - 'dislocated' scripts   B) PLACARDS: 1) JUSTIN / COMMUNIST LIKE HIS FATHER  2)APPEAL COURTS A FARCE RUN BY JUSTICE CANADA  3) SUPPORT VICE ADM. NORMAN AGAINST CAPRICIOUS JUSTICE SYSTEM  4) DEFEAT LIBERALS = FREELAND TO LEAD.  SEE this date for a discussion on IMPOSED LEGISLATION under JANUARY 2019  5) Also under this date is a Jan. 01-2017 topic repeated with little variation for Jan.04-2019: Would the real Justice McKinnon (ON) please stand up?


JAN.02-2019 The legal beagles are lining up their arguments for the carbon tax battle in SK with the first round to go in the SK Appeal Court set up for the purpose in Feb.. Presumably the Supreme Court of Canada will hear an Appeal. Being completely familiar with both court systems (they are both a bunch of crooks), SK can expect to win in SK courts which they 'own' with the Federal government to win in the SCofC which they 'own'. My case currently being lodged in SK relates to 'oversight powers' of the courts, a constitutional question should the Feds decide to claim that SK has no jurisdiction over imposed legislation. The Employees Case is the only extant case with an imposed BILL 35 in which the Employer denies court oversight. Premier Moe is being kept apprised of the EC in SK for the purpose. ...and the winning argument? Unlike the U.S. where the residual powers lie with the individual states (source of Civil War), Canada chose to place those powers in the hands of the Federal government to avoid a civil war situation. All they have to do is claim that 'climate control' is a new topic affecting all provinces and, as such, is a residual power lying in the laps of the Feds. Only a Tory win in Oct. can stop this Liberal juggernaut which can metastasize into applying to all major legislation thus making Parliament and the courts of law redundant .


JANUARY 01-2019  A) Someone in contact with VAd Mark Norman should tell him NOT to accept the Crown's wish to drop the criminal charge against him. Senator Duffy did and lost his $8 million compensation package as a result. If his lawyer recommends he accepts the Crown's offer, he should change lawyers. That's what I did in the Employee's Case so that I could get a court judgment which quashed the arbitration (although leaving me to spin my wheels for the next 34 years).  B) As of this date, Ottawa Sun columnists, Farzana Hassan and Tarek Fatah are challenged to break this international story. If done in Canada, their immediate boss, columnist Anthony Furey apparently has the last word (on their careers? ...certainly on their credibility.) A couple of months are slated on this level.