This Topic of requesting disclosure solely from the Union (the Employer's copy is requested in other courts as well for the past 34 years) is vital to the collection of compensation which has never been paid due to the malfeasance of over 50 judges whom realize that the actual fraud charge, once disclosure is provided, will lead to a petition to the Minister of Justice where the wording of the actual fraud charge for $20 million will read...The order alleges the Defendants 'may have ignored, covered up, attempted to cover up, allowed, tolerated, encouraged, participated in or were willfully blind to criminal conduct and/or serious misconduct'.

The first 8 pages merely consists of forms in PEI Supreme Court to elicit this disclosure which, in the event of a successful petition, I will depart PEI. Hence the real trial is whether the PEI Court is willing to sacrifice its credibility along with over 50 judges. Until the Employee's Case is resolved, Canadian law has no standing.   




FROM: Roger Callow self-represented plaintiff  employeescasecanada.ca  2019  JULY 25-2019

1285 Cahill Dr.  #2001 / Ottawa, ON K1V 9A7  e-mail:rcallow770@gmail.com t/f:613-521-1739

TO: Supreme Court of PEI ATTN: K. McKay-Registry P0 Box 2000 Charlottetown, PE C1A 7N8


MESSAGE: (2 pages)

1) Acknowledgment of your letter dated July 15-2019 and received July 22-2019 is noted.

2) By way of revision, I intend to proceed by an ORIGINATING PROCESS (Rule 14.01 FORM 14C CIVIL FRAUD) and proceed by NOTICE OF ACTION (Rule 14.03 Form 14D) consistent with ACT IN PERSON (Rule 15C). A NOTICE OF MOTION (Form 37A) is included for Affidavits. While a Constitutional Question is referenced, no filing of Form 4F is included.   A Requisition under FORM 4E is central to an a priori  handling of this case. Form 16B includes the necessary mailing procedure to the Defendant Union. No fee is included as I will leave it to the court to assign the proper fee structure. (I can be informed accordingly through the contact information above.)

3) While a constitutional question vis a vis imposed Legislation (BILL 35)links with the Carbon Tax which PEI is contesting, the Premier displayed no interest in providing intervener status, hence I have dropped that option as a direct challenge here although the outcome of this case bears directly on PEI's response to the Federal Government's claim. For that matter, considering the question is rooted in disclosure, all law in Canada is at question.



4) Judicial procrastination for 34 years in this unresolved labour case with its genesis in B.C. under the imposed BILL 35 (1985) where no compensation has been paid to this laid-off senior teacher (for economic reasons) is due to the malfeasance of over 50 judges. As no oversight body will acknowledge these serious charges, Governor General J. Payette is now the repository for this file.

5) It must be stressed that although the progression of the above case is unique covering, as it does, eight provinces, the circumstances behind this alleged judicial caper are not atypical; namely, systemic  judicial abuse primarily through the courts arbitrary refusal to provide the necessary disclosure. As a generalization, the powerful are able to extract advantage in court hearings at the expense of the smaller more vulnerable Opposition.

6) The law is based on judgment; else why have a judiciary? The judge may not, as it were, merely pick up the judicial ball and go home without delivering a judgment. Merely declaring a major case such as this to be frivolous and vexatious on jurisdictional grounds invites these observations:

QUOTES: A) 'What must be avoided at all costs; is a significant deprivation of justice under the law'.

St Anne Nackawic  Estey j.

B) 'We of the law are accustomed to arguing the smallest points of jurisdiction while often neglecting to see its glaring deficiencies. The law must be base on the charitable behaviour of people rather than making people behave according to the law. Laws should be based on natural justice and not on punitive reaction, on enlightenments and not on fear. As a judge I am charged to uphold it. As a human being I have only this last to say.... JESSICA Bryce Courtenay

C) ....no compensation has been paid in defiance of any of the following: the imposed BILL 35 (B.C. 1985); the collective bargaining principles (if applicable) or any other statute related to lay-off provisions. The extant issue is reduced to the repeatedly denied  disclosure which is the bedrock of the Canadian Justice System but which is abused on a daily basis in many other cases as well in present-day Canada. In bottom line language; Canada has been reduced, due to the exposure of the above case, to being merely another banana-republic where the individual has nowhere to turn for justice.

D) '...It was a Herculean task (to reform the CIA) - akin to cleaning out the Augean Stables - and they soon realized it would take far longer than any of them ever anticipated. Entrenched bureaucracy needed to be torn out, root and branch. The most difficult part of tearing it out was that it fought like hell every step of the way...'

Spymaster  Brad Thor

7) The above case has been reduced in PEI to providing the Union's copy of disclosure (minute notes of West Vancouver School Trustee June 1985 meeting notes dealing with the lay-off of this writer under the conditions of the imposed BILL 35 (1985). That is the sum total of my case in PEI for with that information I depart PEI as I would have the necessary evidence of fraud under which conditions all actions are 'null and void'.

RAMIFICATIONS  'What to do with a tyrannical king?' (or in this case tyrannical democracy)

8) Amid much judicial malfeasance, the Employer (Hicks, Morley et al) launched 13-59060 ON Supreme Court (Ottawa) which was heard on April 10,2014 with a Decision (McKinnon j.)dated April 23-2014 with two successive Decisions without referencing each other. A level of fraud from this action, it is submitted here, is unequalled in the annals of Canadian jurisprudence, and has pervaded every successive court. The Canadian Council of Judges never acknowledged my complaint on this level (McKinnon j. originally a Federal Court appointment) hence - due to the failure of all oversight bodies taxed with this piece of gross malfeasance, all appeals as a consequence are now forwarded to Governor General J. Payette as noted above.

9) The central argument of the Employer was that the courts had no jurisdiction over imposed legislation hence it was pointless to argue as to deleterious actions of the Employer. McKinnon j. did not address that central argument (which also applies to such as the Carbon Tax) preferring instead to ruling this Defendant as being frivolous and vexatious, a preposterous conclusion under the circumstances.

10) The key to this disingenuous  scheme of imposed legislation is how does any entity hold another entity to their action if they break the agreement? For example, BILL 35 includes compensatory conditions for laid-off employees which both the court and the Employer would ignore. In short, imposed legislation places the cart before the horse. That ugly truth explains why over 50 Canadian judges would see the sacrifice of Justice Canada than to ever face up to a truth which is studiously avoided by the politicians and the media. No democracy can function under those terms under the Charter of Rights & Freedoms (1982) . As such there is no future to Canadian democracy. All judicial outcomes in Canada are now suspect.



Yours truly (Roger Callow) Plaintiff

cc Governor General J. Payette