October 5-2019


TO: letters@ottawacitizen.com       FROM: Roger Callow aka 'Outlaw'


Dear Editor

     'It is the business of the courts to make business for itself' with the unaccountable  Justice Canada  being Canada's strongest Union according to one-time Citizen columnist now in retirement, Dave Brown.


     Without any mention of the unresolved 34 year B.C. labour issue involving this writer which includes imposed legislation (B.C.'s BILL 35 1985) akin to the Carbon Tax issue and in which no compensation has been paid; this leading legal debacle has been badly compromised by a media boycott of this national issue.


     In short, James Bagnall's UNEASY lies the CROWN / James Bagnall dives deep into why the Crown loses big cases. City, A2-4 and continues in Observer, D1-D4 is academic codswallop. He has limited experience of how business operates. Here's one example. It was always known in B.C. in the 1960's that two large bridge building entities (my father worked at different times for both) took their turn sharing bridge contracts when along came an upstart Company seeking to break into the business. Newspapers of the time had grandiose pictures of this newby floating bridge sections into place for the new Second Narrows Rail Bridge. Of course newby which had - surprise, surprise - the lowest bid, had to go out and borrow money to buy machines, hire workers, and all the other attendant costs. In short, their success lay in getting the next two or three bridge contracts which - wait for it - they didn't get leaving them in bankruptcy. And who was it at the auction buying up the new specialized equipment for 'a song'? Two guesses.


     The real story for Bagnall lies in how the Courts are able to sidetrack disclosure or habeas corpus, if you will, the bedrock of our democracy. Over 50 judges have denied me that basic right and not a peep out of any politician.


Roger Callow  The Outlawed Canadian in an outlaw Justice System due to judicial and government malfeasance.


OCTOBER 06-2019

1) The Liberals are well organized (with the help of tax dollars); the others are not. The Oct. 7 debate to be held in Gatineau is a case in point where there is limited parking for onstreet demonstrators plus the debating leaders will be driven down into an underground parking lot away from detracting protesters. The last two Federal debates which I attended with my 'don't vote' Placards smack in the middle of the Party apparatchiks, was held opposite the Chateau Laurier where the leaders arrived in busses.

2) A Dolighan cartoon in the O.S. portrays the spirit of this election in which Trudeau is shown 'arse over teakettle' having skidded on black face paint with a gormless Scheer standing alongside the football with the crowd on the sidelines yelling 'Pick up the ball !'  Insurance adjusters from 'Slow Moe' SK do not good leaders make.

3) The contradictory message of the Tories is their undoing. To make the world worth living in for your grandchildren tomorrow, we will have to make sacrifices today - namely, your job. Tell that, which the Tories and their media supporters in the Tory O.S. do, to half of Canadians whom live from pay check to pay check. It's like offering a drink of water to a drowning man. Forget the polls, these are realities which voters live with and are keeping their voting decisions close to their chest.

4) Jason Kenny from AB where his future is dimming (explain that class action against miscreant judges, Jason) is rushing to Ontario, not to assist Scheer as he professes, but to replace him. He smells blood. One columnist calls on the Ford gov't. to speak in favour of the Federal Tories which shows just how desperate the Tories have become.

5) As the incumbent gov't. doling out infrastructure contracts (roads, etc.) the Liberals are in a position to punish those areas which do not support the Liberal candidate by canceling the local project.

6) Don't forget the Sikh vote which bought Brown in ON although he was ousted by the white guys in a case still before the courts. They also paid down much of the mammoth NDP debt run up by that Party to gain control which is in danger of extinction for financial reasons. Many NDP MP's dropped out of the race no doubt correctly believing that they would have to set aside much of their salary to offset Party debt.  While Harper and Trudeau kept their communications open as P.M.; that cannot be said for Mulcair or Singh whom wish limited contact with 'the great unwashed' (sidenote; which politician had the most arrogant body language I encountered with my Placards? Ans. Jack Layton. That should surprise many.)

7) The throwaway vote - Greens, NDP - are hoping for a minority Liberal gov't. to leverage. At any rate, the NDP openly rejected the Tories killing their chances of a minority gov't.

8) Is this the 'Last Hurrah' for the Ottawa Sun? Count on it. They are there to win, not lose elections, and are following on the heels of their counterparts in the U.S. when Trump won. Labour unrest with the U.S. GM strike has impacted Ontario with job losses. People in the 905 belt where the election will be won or lost are frightened. Frightened people are not inclined to vote for a new gov't. As for the Sun which is bleeding red ink due to a loss of advertising to the internet: in the 1950's I delivered newspapers in West Point Grey where every house took a newspaper

(Vancouver Sun for the Liberals and Vancouver Province for the Tories); my sons in the 1990's delivered newspapers in Ottawa to every second house; today an early morning delivery car for both papers will drive a city block for a single delivery. Our 21 story tower has 18 subscriptions with only a few for the Ottawa Sun. I cancelled the Sun recently as I was not prepared to pay $400 per year for non-stop Tory propaganda. National Geographics, the Epoch Times (anti-CCP) and internet World News fill the void. (I stopped CTV and CBC TV news which appear to depend on two individual vans respectively roaming the city looking for a story plus the ad nauseam amount of advertising.) I never hear anyone discussing what the political pundits are saying about the election.

9) In parting, I have a piece of advice for all readers; get your money out of the mutual funds and into a bank now, not later, as an investor cannot count on getting his or her money out when the next Depression hits which is always fast. The underlying economic problem is that our system of government - no matter which economic model - is unsustainable. Salary increases are diminished by cost of living increases about 2-1. Old age pensioners on fixed incomes, for example, must choose between food and medication. Meanwhile, the 1% of the population is getting richer with their management contracts with your money (including now pension money) where the individual takes all the risk  e.g. Bombardier.


October 07-2019


TO: Brian Pallister Premier MB              

450 Broadway Ave.                                  

Winnipeg MB R3C 0V8                            

t.(204)945-3714  f.(204)949-1484     

e-mail: Premier@leg.gov.mb.ca       sent by fax                              


FROM: Roger Callow self-represented plaintiff

1285 Cahill Dr. #2001 Ottawa, ON K1V 9A7

e-mail: rcallow770@gmail.com

web: employeescasecanada.ca  MAY 2019 Sub-heading: PREMIER PALLISTER



1) Acknowledgement of letter from J. Wiggett Deputy Register Court of Queen's Bench Winnipeg, Manitoba dated October 2, 2019 is made and enclosed here to Premier Pallister. Inclusion of Res Ipso Loquitor  from B.C. constitutes my oral presentation in a revised MB Application based solely on disclosure.

2) Why it should take from June 20,2019 and July 30,2019 and an intervening election in which Pallister was re-elected is of note.

3) Much legal  water in other venues has taken place since my last communication with the court in a legal matter directly impinging on your upcoming imposed carbon tax which, while being more refined than the others, is one you can expect to lose even though your arguments are more refined than SK and ON as you chose not to join my constitutional challenge (Imposed BILL 35 - B.C. 1985) Of course the Carbon Tax is more about fees and control over legislation than any regard to actual climate considerations.

4) For this reason I will be re-instituting my legal case as an Application limited to demanding disclosure only as all else flows from that initial step. Following is taken from B.C. activity:


With a positive response to my request for disclosure, which would undoubtedly show fraud (as I know what happened but knowing and producing evidence in a court of law are distinct entities); in law everything flowing from that fraud is 'null and void' permitting criminal charges to be assigned. I have no interest in pursuing the alleged malfeasance of the judges as that is for the court and oversight bodies to decide. Unfortunately B.C. Attorney General David Eby is MIA on this file but has a new opportunity to re-file a charge.

If Hinckson cj had given me a chance to respond to his aberrant Order, the following would apply (and still applies to his Sep. 2019 Order):

Res Ipso Loquitor Latin for "the thing speaks for itself."


Overview In tort law, a principle that allows plaintiffs burden of proof with what is, in effect, circumstantial evidence. The plaintiff can create a rebuttable presumption of negligence by the defendant by proving that the harm would not ordinarily have occurred without negligence, that the object that caused the harm was under the defendant's control, and that there are no other plausible explanations. In the vernacular, this term is likened to the patient whom goes for a hospital arm operation and comes away without his foot instead.


Prima Facie Case To prove res ipsa loquitor negligence, the plaintiff must prove 3 things:

1. The incident was of a type that does not generally happen without negligence The court noted negligence when they quashed the arbitration in 1986 for failing to show a causal factor.

2. It was caused by an instrumentality solely in defendant's control. As the senior teacher laid off under the imposed conditions of BILL 35 (lay-off for economic reasons only); I had no say in that process

3. The plaintiff did not contribute to the cause. If I did, then disclosure is called for which over 50 judges including Hinckson cj. should have called for or ordered the RCMP to act. He ignored all issues limiting his response to a 'bastardized' interpretation of the 'MacKenzie Creed'. The Cullen Creed of July 2013 which superseded the earlier creeds received no reference in Hinckson cj's Order.


4) A.G. Eby's inaction is the sole source of this judicial malfeasance. Premier Horgan should replace him and order this matter back to the court with a special investigator.  cc Premier Horgan / media    (Sept. 26-2019 N.B. Eby can now do this with Hinckson's new Order.)


Yours truly,  Roger Callow  (plaintiff)


cc to the new Justice Minister after the October 21 Federal election

     PM Trudeau

encl. Wiggett Deputy Register letter


OCT.15-2019 re 1999 'Letter to the editor' from R. Callow

Background: Marianne, shown in this 1994 illustration (not included here), has been a female symbol of liberty in France

Two fried eggs  The Citizen's portrayal of five women on the front page (Sept. 26, 1999) with four merely showing a face and the fifth, the clear winner, being shown complete with cleavage, has this reader wondering whether the other four have to depend on their brains as their other germane qualification amounts to "two fried eggs on a board?"   I also wonder if this is the Canadian payback for DeGaulle's 'Quebec Libre' speech in the spirit that if 90,000 French mayors must be right in a booby-hatch contest?   No doubt the best points will be made by a rabid coterie of feminists who will point out in no uncertain terms that should the French catalogue wish someone who "represents a new generation of women; eclectic generous and open", they need look no further than the next street corner of a red-light district in the age-old story that sex sells; brains don't. Liberty, Equality and Brotherhood are not obviously a pitch for Sisterhood.  Roger Callow  Ottawa

A second female  writer wrote... Of the five candidates portrayed, four were shown in a heads-only fashion. The fifth candidate...photograph was cropped just below her largely exposed breasts....


OCT. 15-2019 Letter from a close friend of my own age (still alive) in Feb. 3, 2004:

Hi Roger  I read your letter, and to be honest, I wasn't surprised to hear what you said. We have the worst government system in the world, a bunch of bandittos. It means that the 'little people' will always remain little and those big healthy smucks will keep on getting richer!!! Isn't it something: "You are barred from entering a courthouse". what a pile of crap!!  Roger, keep fighting if you have the force and will power to do it, and I will always be with you to help in any little way that I can....


....and from one 'with' the University.... 'It would seem that your employer would go to extremes to make a point.'


...and from April 02-1998 comes this letter to the editor N.B. former SCofC Judge Frank Iacobucci currently sitting on the board of SNC Lavellin

'Greedy lawyers' aren't the problem  If SCofC Justice Frank Iacobucci is so concerned about "hired guns" undermining our justice system, he has no further to look for the source of that problem than into the next mirror ("Judge scolds greedy lawyers", March 30) To bastardize Shakespeare,: "Our problems lie not in our greedy lawyers, my dear Iacobucci, but in ourselves as judges for not curtailing legal billable time exercises or encouraging badly needed reforms in our laws of evidence". This problem has been endemic in our Canadian justice system for decades although it has been exacerbated as of late and it is not entirely the fault of "greedy lawyers".   A number of years ago, I sat in on civil action preliminaries for a morning in British Columbia. The majority of lawyers were sent back by the presiding judges to cross the t's and dot the i's before the court would entertain their submissions. Some lawyers wrinkled up their noses in disgust. I was stung for an additional $200 in one such scenario for a simple matter of probate conducted by a legal firm specializing in probates.   Not being a lawyer or a "hired gun" myself, I am not ignorant of legal procedures and question the sub rosa message being peddled by Judge Iacobucci - namely, that legal guns are being invited to save their clients' money by not pursuing some matters; matters which would prove embarrassing to the bench. It appears Judge Iacobucci's message is designed to curry favour with the public at the expense of the legal profession.   If the truth be known, the future of our country is in far more jeopardy than the public would like to believe from a crumbling justice system than it is from the separation of any one province. As such, Judge Iacobucci's statements do little to advance the cause of judicial reform in present-day Canada. Roger Callow  Ottawa


OCT. 22-2019

Canadian Election - Oct.21  'A personal review'

1) The de facto situation  is that the Liberals have won a majority government even if they did not receive a majority of votes.

2) The Liberals don't need the NDP to keep them in power. Indeed, with their massive debt going into the election plus what they spent this time around, has bankrupted the NDP Party. Under those circumstances, expect sitting members to join the Liberals = a majority gov't.

3) For one year, the Governor General is not going to permit another expensive election to be called hence if the NDP pose a threat to the Liberals on a confidence motion, expect some of the Tories to absent themselves from the Parliamentary vote so that the Liberals remain in power.

4) The Tories and the media messed up big time in asking voters who wonder about paying for their next meal to think of the debt to be faced by their grandchildren 20 years down the road. It was a monumental political goof.

5) If Harper stood down or the Tories voted him out, the Tories would have formed the government in 2015. Now they have dumb dumb Scheer as an unwanted houseguest which Postmedia endorsed as Canada's next P.M. He is the gift which 'just keeps on giving' to the Liberals for as Opposition Leader which he covets, the Liberals are guaranteed a majority win in the next election.

6) In the interim, the Liberals will review all those lucrative infrastructure spending for roads and bridges and cancel some in non-Liberal ridings as a message to the voters come the next election.

7) As to the Carbon Tax (with the emphasis on the 20% fee for the Feds) Manitoba and New Brunswick are 'in the soup' and can expect to go the way of 'slow Moe' in SK which got it right in defeating Deputy P.M. Ralph Goodale. In that regard I sympathize with Ford's ON as the previous Liberal gov't. got rid of the coal mines at great expense to the ON electorate in power charges...but a fee is a fee for the Feds. Plus the judges have already shown on which side their bread is buttered. My advice to MB and NB is to drop the objection under these conditions.




TO: Brian Pallister Premier MB              

450 Broadway Ave.                                  

Winnipeg MB R3C 0V8                            

t.(204)945-3714  f.(204)949-1484     

e-mail: info@brianpallister.com              6  pages by fax


FROM: Roger Callow self-represented plaintiff

1285 Cahill Dr. #2001 Ottawa, ON K1V 9A7

e-mail: rcallow770@gmail.com

web: employeescasecanada.ca  MAY 2019 Sub-heading: PREMIER PALLISTER  6 page background


cc P.M. Trudeau / new Justice Minister



a) Notice of Rejection MB Queen's Court (J. Lonsdale Registry) June 20-2019 Rc'd. June 27 

b) Return of Documents  (MC Lacanilao Registry) July 30-2019 Rc'd. Aug. 06

c) Letter from R. Callow to MB Premier Pallister '...Is "due process" ending up as "duly processed"? Aug. 07 in response to Lacanilao

d) Dealing with Court Registries An prime example of good Registry response from B.C. in an earlier version of this case (to be contrasted with J. Wiggett Registry letter from MB Court)

e) October 02-2019 (unacceptable) letter from J.Wiggett in stating that documents not compliant with the Rules will not be filed and will not be returned to you. Presumably this applies to the $325 Bank draught I sent as a fee. (No response to date.) A totally revised Application focuses solely on an a priori production of a well-defined disclosure. (SEE web)



1) No doubt Wiggett was told to 'get rid of this guy and I don't care how you do it' which must have received the sanction of both the Chief Justice and Premier Pallister; otherwise he would have been replaced for writing such a letter.

2) Due to Premier Pallister's failure to respond on any level to provide 'intervener status' on the constitutional question regarding imposed legislation ( The Employer West Vancouver School Board refuses to recognize court oversight of imposed legislation such as BILL 35 - B.C. 1985 as a means of ducking compensation in this senior teacher lay-off. No compensation (now includes pension rights) has been paid in 34 years due to the malfeasance of over 50 judges.

3) No doubt Pallister feels a false security with his recent re-election by sweating the big stuff in terms of winter storms and farmer problems not fully appreciating that it is the little details which hang both governments and individuals such as in China's 'Meng Case'. Certainly MB is ill-advised to challenge the Liberal Government over the carbon tax under these circumstances of a 'less than satisfactory' performance as reflected by Wiggett.


Yours truly,


Roger Callow  plaintiff




NEWSLETTER (Oct. 23-2019)

BY: Roger Callow aka 'Outlaw' employeescasecanada.ca

E-mail to U.S. economist Walter Williams regarding Moral Decay in the U.S. (Ottawa Sun article)

1) I wrote to you earlier on a 34 year blockbuster legal matter which exposed the perfidy of the Canadian Justice System: employeescasecanada.ca  You may remember; you may not.

2) In 1985 the U.S. standard of living was at the top of the world; today they are eclipsed by 10 other countries. That economic decline is paralleled by a moral decline for many reasons but paramount is the pursuit of the 'letter of the law' at the expense of the 'spirit of the law' or 'natural justice'. 

3) Control by the powerful elite in Canada includes Justice Canada. In Canada it is not so much holding people accountable for their behaviour as holding the judges accountable for their own. Did you know that no judge has ever been fired in Canada?....

'Outlaw' due to malfeasance of over 50 judges across Canada

2019 RECENT 5

OCT.23-2019 ...C) Remember Eisenhower's warning to beware of the alliance of the military-industrial complex in the 1960's? That's what you have here as even Premier Moe is beginning to realize with his Carbon Tax challenge. In brief, it is not a question of turning one vote on Appeal to the SC of Canada for him. Instead they have to pay attention to my claim; namely, that Justice Canada pre-ordains outcomes so that the 3-2 split in SK, for example, is only for the judges to decide on which side they will write and that Decision will be supported by the SC of Canada. The Privy Council is the other part of this unholy alliance. The Tory Premiers contesting the carbon tax could only have saved face with a Tory win and the promised cancellation therein. ON and NB are already backpedalling on the carbon tax challenge; expect MB and AB to follow suit under this pernicious threat. Don't  expect to see this analysis appearing in the media. Further Moe has an horrendous problem with the Saskatoon Court with extensions to AB and NB in the Employee's Case. SEE web

2019 - October

Oct. 5  TO: letters@ottawacitizen.com       FROM: Roger Callow aka 'Outlaw'

Dear Editor  'It is the business of the courts to make business for itself' with the unaccountable  Justice Canada  being Canada's strongest Union according to one-time Citizen columnist now in retirement, Dave Brown.

     Without any mention of the unresolved 34 year B.C. labour issue involving this writer which includes imposed legislation (B.C.'s BILL 35 1985) akin to the Carbon Tax issue and in which no compensation has been paid; this leading legal debacle has been badly compromised by a media boycott of this national issue = anarchy

Oct. 7 To MB Premier Pallister  4)With a positive response to my request for disclosure, which would undoubtedly show fraud ... in law everything flowing from that fraud is 'null and void' permitting criminal charges to be assigned. I have no interest in pursuing the alleged malfeasance of the judges as that is for the court and oversight bodies to decide.



POST IN STAFFROOM - e-mail colleagues




TO: Kelly Egan - Ottawa Citizen columnist          

       1101 Baxter Road, Box 5020                                  

       Ottawa, Ontario, Canada  K2C 3M4                     


       cc 15 pages of e-mails


FROM: Roger Callow

              #2001-1285 Cahill Drive E.

              Ottawa, Ontario K1V 9A7

              t: 613-521-1739  e-mail: rcallow770@gmail.com


1) You think ISIS is a terrorist body? How about your 'friendly' family Doctor? Read on.

2) Enclosed with a 15 page e-mail 'history' relating to my divorce is a one page account relating to a phone call from Dr. Jahagirdar (misspelled in other accounts) on Tuesday evening at 6:30 regarding the suspension of my driving license for, among one other inconsequential term,  psychiatric reasons. Apparently that was based on an unidentified submission which I am not privy to by either the Doctor or the Transport Ministry. People whom have read that sheet enclosed here are shocked and angered. For example, one person asked, if your career depended on driving and you are subjected to such an arbitrary sanction from an unknown source through your doctor, your career is over. Business rivals could have a field day.

3) No one is in a position to test that psychiatric assertion including Dr. Jahagirdar as her qualification is limited to Family Doctor. Two clinics refuse to re-test on the grounds of the 'psychiatric label. A letter from my new lawyer denying me service on those same grounds is included here.

4) I am involved in a contentious divorce where I believe relatives are out to seek control over my assets by claiming psychiatric problems; not an unusual proposition and one for which the courts are forever on the look-out.

5) Would you look into why the Ministry of Transport-medical division would ever approve such a designation as that body, similar to Dr. Jahagirdar, failed to provide me with the 'poison pen' information so that not only do I not have the information, I do not know the name of the perpetrator. (I suspect my son, Chris, considering other  similar stunts)

6) I believe the public has a right to know about a story in which every individual with a driver's license is vulnerable to bad medical practice.

7) The e-mail rejection received today from lawyer David Gray follows:


After a very careful review of your messages and our communications to date, most regrettably, I do not believe that I am able to assist you.

For that reason I have not countersigned and returned the Retainer Agreement and nor have I charged your credit card at all.

Firstly, I have no particular expertise in Highway Traffic, medical capacity and estate-related matters. Those are not my key areas of practice.

Secondly, and with the greatest of respect, I do have significant questions regarding your legal ability / capacity to enter into a contract with me and to give me your considered, binding instructions at law. 

I do not wish to complicate your situation further by asking you to provide me with a medical (psychiatric / psychological) opinion first, but if you wish to do so then that is entirely your prerogative and I would reconsider my decision in light of such a signed, dated report that I could confirm directly with the medical specialists.

I strongly suspect that other lawyers too will have the same concerns as I do and I am sorry that this message does not bring you better news.

With kind regards, David Gray, LL.M.  Lawyer, Mediator and Notary Public


8) People and Institutions of interest:

a) Therese Callow (estranged wife) direct telephone 613-690-0121 (male voice ans. system)

b) Dr. Jahagirdar Towngate Medical Clinic 613--739-1485


c) Greg Callow POA financial & medical:  20 Milson Cresc. Guelph,ON  N1C 1H1 t:519-836-9671

d) Chris Callow 4835 Anderson Rd.  Ottawa  t:613-425-0515

e) Nicole Dionne (sister of Therese)1831 rue du Bois des Caryers, La Salle, QC H8N 0E5  t:514-351-8702

f) Allstate agent (highly experienced) Kestine Johnson 2980 Bank St. Unit 8 Ottawa (Farm Boy mall) t:613-260-5289 ext. 5053

9) As of Friday, it's 'shank's mare' for me. Oh, well, it was time for a new challenge ... maybe even returning to a bicycle! On a more serious note though, if this type of thing is not nipped in the bud, much faith in an already shaky political system can be expected to be lost by the public. I hope you can see your way in addressing this problem in a column.


Yours truly,


Roger Callow  aka 'outlaw'


OCT. 28-2019


(given to Office by hand)


REFERENCE: Dr. A Jahagirdar  and Ministry of Transport - Medical Division #001111960



1) As you know, after 45 years of successful marriage, my wife and I have decided to part.

2) As we are both patients of you, you are in a 'position of conflict' in using information from one member against the other.

3) I sent you a copy of a letter which was mailed to relatives announcing our separation as an implicit warning not to get involved in a 'domestic dispute'.

4) To which extent you breached that condition is not known as you did not send me a copy of the letter to the Ministry of Transport - Medical Division in which they saw fit to proceed with suspending my driver's license by Oct., 31-2019. Considering that legal action is ongoing with this case, I request a copy of your letter plus any other information (discussions) which led to this inopportune request as well as from the Transport Ministry for their files. I do not believe a senior experienced Doctor would act in such a fashion.

5) I am also sending a copy of this letter to the Transport Ministry along with my objections to receiving this cancellation 'out of the blue with no time to provide a rebuttal. Regrettably, two clinics on the weekend rejected the re-testing on the grounds of the 'psychiatric reasoning' label which is counter to the directions of the Transport Ministry which I pointed out to them. They still declined. I revisited Dr. Jahagirdar's Office only to be told that I should follow the Ministry letter which I did but two clinics did not. I asked for a response from her today as to what she is prepared to do in this kafkaesque situation in which I find myself.

6) I had believed that when your office contacted me recently to discuss my letter, that my reply to discuss it at the regularly scheduled appointment that I had scheduled with you on November 12 would suffice. Certainly I was not led to believe otherwise by anyone in your Office. To say that I was gobsmacked in receiving this Ministry letter is an understatement.


Yours, in disappointment


Roger Callow  (patient)


cc Ministry of Transport - Medical Division #001111960  Please forward all material on this file to Roger Callow 1285 Cahill Dr. E. #2001 Ottawa, ON K1V 9A7. Thank-you

cc Oct. 28-2019  to Ministry regarding this kafkaesque affair


ADDENDUM: OCT. 29  Nothing was left at the front desk by Dr. Jahagirdar.


ADDENDUM (OCT.29-2019)

At 6:45, Dr. Jahagirdar telephoned me to inform me that the 'psychiatric' appellation on my Ministry of Transport suspension was based on apparent unsolicited material for which she was not prepared to reveal the source nor would she note whether it was from a lawyer. In answer to the question, she is a family Doctor not qualified in psychiatry. I requested that she put tonight's telephone discussion into a letter to which I would arrive at her Office Reception tomorrow to pick up (or not as the case may be - nothing available) at 9 A.M. She did not appear interested in doing anything which would forestall the suspension date of Oct. 31-2019 of my driver's license. As I have already sent material to the Guelph and Ottawa police plus College of Physicians and Surgeons, I am sending this information as an Addendum to those 3 Parties.   Roger Callow



...5) While the police focus is on public mischief; the College of Physicians is focused on whether Dr. Jahagirdar breached patient confidentiality. I should be notified by the College so that I may attend any meeting held for the purpose mentioned and receive a transcript of the proceedings as well.


 OCT. 31-2019

URGENT  (Second Request Nov. 04-2019)



2446 Bank St. Suite 201,

Ottawa, Ontario t:613-739-0998  f:613-739-1485   GIVEN BY HAND Oct. 31-2019

FROM: Roger Callow  1285 Cahill Drive #2001  Ottawa  K1V 9A7

t. 613-521-1739   e-mail: rcallow770@gmail.com


To whom it may concern:


1) Last Friday, I was shocked to receive a letter from the Ministry of Transport - Medical advising me that today is the last day in which I may drive for reasons including psychiatric factors. Apparently this controversial decision was based on a letter from Dr. A. Jahagirdar  (Dr. J.) from the Towngate Clinic which neither she nor the Ministry were willing to provide a copy to me. No other clinic asked by me, nor legal counsel for that matter will touch this file. Even Dr. Jahagirdar, as a family Doctor, lacks the necessary qualifications to retest me.

2) I am involved in a contentious divorce where Dr. J. represents both the interests of my wife and myself and therefore is in a position of conflict. (It would appear that members of my family are after my financial resources; a not uncommon feature seen in the courts of law and one in which the courts are forever on the look out.) Dr. J. should have observed that position by remaining aloof from what, in essence, is a domestic dispute. Her current course of action is leading to purported legal action by me against the Doctor plus, if she is still in the employ of Towngate, the Clinic as well. If not employed after today, then I request notification to that extent, so that only Dr. J. will be listed on the action. For that I require her personal address.

3) I have lost faith in the capabilities of Dr. J. as a physician and, as such, request that all her files be transferred to me today (by e-mail) including the material which prompted her action to the Ministry regarding the cancellation of my driver license. It should be noted here that I have a clean abstract and have requested assistance from my insurance provider, Allstate.

4) Let the following advertisement by the Charter Professional Accountants in today's Ottawa Citizen p. A9 be your guiding principle:


Brian David Mulligan, of Nepean, Ontario, is suspended from membership in the Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario. While suspended, Mr. Mulligan is not entitled to us the designation "Chartered Professional Accountant" or the initials "CPA" or "CA".

The Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario suspended the membership of Mr. Mulligan on September 26, 2019 for a period of three months for professional misconduct arising out of Mr. Muilligan's failure to transfer to his client, at the client's request, all of the client's property and the property of the client's Comp.


5) Currently two police forces have been notified regarding aberrant family actions on the divorce with the College of Physicians and Surgeons-Ethics Division notified regarding Dr. J.


Yours truly,


Roger Callow


cc Allstate Insurance-Blossom Park Mall