October 31

Chris Callow


Good afternoon I wanted to reach and offer you a drive if you would like to your appointments or grocery shopping or wherever else would like to go. Feel free to ask if you need other help as well.


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What do you know about information which was sent to Dr. Jahagirdar which caused her to invoke a psychiatrical driving charge against me?Pop


November 01

Roger Callow <rcallow770@gmail.com>


to Chris, Greg, mmostaccinicole.dionne


 Nov. 01        SECOND REQUEST    10:00 a.m. 

To: Chris Callow <chris@cmcallow.com>, Greg Callow <greg.callow@gmail.com>, <mmostacci@gmail.com>, <nicole.dionne@sympatico.ca>


Chris, I did not receive responses from Greg nor Nicole as to the source of Dr. J.'s 'psychiatric' charge which is all important vis a vis any police investigation of this matter. I am sure the family wish to avoid that alternative.


Would you telephone the above two along with your mother regarding the passing along of this purported specialized material and get back to me immediately. The press is on top of this one.


Nor did I receive my medical file from the clinic via e-mail as I requested as I will be changing Doctors. If specialized material exists, I have a right to get it that way.


As matters stand, it would appear that I am the target of a hoax by Dr. J. and the Clinic is covering for her. I have asked the MP for Ottawa South, Liberal John Fraser, to raise this issue in the Legislature.


For all the above reasons, it is important that you make those 3 phone calls today and get back to me.




November 01-2019


1) Dr. E. des Grosseilliers EyeDocsoptometrist (10 years) by fax: 613-726-3329

2) Dr. R. Zabel Ophthalmologist (4 years) by fax:


Roger Callow - client

1285 Cahill Drive #2001

Ottawa, ON K1V 9A7

t: 613-521-1739e-mail: rcallow770@gmail.com


1) Last Friday, I received from the Ministry of Transport #001111960 dated October 21 but received October 25 to be effective October 31, an order leaving me without private automobile transport. Today is my first walking day.

2) The two conditions listed from the Ministry were a) Cognitive Impairment b) Psychiatric Condition under Section 47(1) of the Highway Traffic Act.

3)The suspension was based on a special submission by the family Doctor at Towngate Mall, young Dr. A. Jahagirdar(Dr. J.), whom is refusing to identify the material or the source. She has never conducted a psychological test on me. The College of Physicians and Surgeons has been notified. She is in a position of conflict as both my estranged wife and I are her clients. As she is not a qualified psychiatrist, she may not re-test me. It's a Catch 22 situation.

4) Nor is the Clinic willing to provide me with my medical file (including said info above) as I have lost faith in Dr. J. as my medical practitioner. To date, I have been unsuccessful obtaining that file from either Dr. J. or the Towngate Clinic (613-739-0998), the corporate structure.

5) The difficulty in re-testing lies with the term 'psychiatric condition'. No other clinic will re-test with that word nor will a lawyer I contacted take this case under the 'Highway Act'. I have contacted Kelly Egan of the Citizen to tell this story in which he has expressed a decided interest. What if an employed person requiring a car is a target of this type of nonsense?

6) I am involved in a contentious divorce with my estranged wife, Therese, whom currently resides at the Hunt Club Manor (613-690-0121 direct line with male ans. device) and is being cared for with her cancer related disorder.

7) So far I have been unsuccessful in having the relatives respond as to whether or not they have any knowledge of the source of Dr. J's 'special material'. Regrettably, the Ministry has not seen fit to respond to my enquiries on this matter and I have requested MPP John Fraser (Ottawa South) to raise the question in the Legislature.


8) I have recently met with you both. Did you detect any psychiatric disorder which would cause you to believe that I was not safe driving an automobile for which I have a clean abstract? An affidavit to that effect would be greatly appreciated.


Yours truly, Roger Callow client

cc College of Physicians and Surgeons


NOVEMBER 01-2019


Dr. J.
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Roger Callow <rcallow770@gmail.com>

1 November 2019 at 04:31

To: Chris Callow <chris@cmcallow.com>, Greg Callow <greg.callow@gmail.com>, mmostacci@gmail.com, nicole.dionne@sympatico.ca

 Nov. 01


Chris, I did not receive responses from Greg nor Nicole as to the source of Dr. J.'s 'psychiatric' charge which is all important vis a vis any police investigation of this matter. I am sure the family wish to avoid that alternative.

Would you telephone the above two along with your mother regarding the passing along of this purported specialized material and get back to me immediately. The press is on top of this one.

Nor did I receive my medical file from the clinic via e-mail as I requested as I will be changing Doctors. If specialized material exists, I have a right to get it that way.

As matters stand, it would appear that I am the target of a hoax by Dr. J. and the Clinic is covering for her. I have asked the MP for Ottawa South, Liberal John Fraser to raise this issue in the Legislature.

For all the above reasons, it is important that you make those 3 phone calls today and get back to me.


Roger Callow <rcallow770@gmail.com>

1 November 2019 at 10:04


From: Roger Callow <rcallow770@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 1 Nov 2019 at 04:31
Subject: Dr. J.
To: Chris Callow <
chris@cmcallow.com>, Greg Callow <greg.callow@gmail.com>, <mmostacci@gmail.com>, <nicole.dionne@sympatico.ca>

Same Question to all; What do you know about information provided Dr. J. in mid-October which would prompt her to deprive me of my driver's license?

 Nov. 01        SECOND REQUEST    10:00 a.m. 

To: Chris Callow <chris@cmcallow.com>, Greg Callow <greg.callow@gmail.com>, <mmostacci@gmail.com>, <nicole.dionne@sympatico.ca>

I received no answer to the above question.

Chris, I did not receive responses from Greg nor Nicole as to the source of Dr. J.'s 'psychiatric' charge which is all important vis a vis any police investigation of this matter. I am sure the family wish to avoid that alternative.

Would you telephone the above two along with your mother regarding the passing along of this purported specialized material and get back to me immediately. The press is on top of this one.

Nor did I receive my medical file from the clinic via e-mail as I requested as I will be changing Doctors. If specialized material exists, I have a right to get it that way.

As matters stand, it would appear that I am the target of a hoax by Dr. J. and the Clinic is covering for her. I have asked the MP for Ottawa South, Liberal John Fraser to raise this issue in the Legislature.

For all the above reasons, it is important that you make those 3 phone calls today and get back to me.


Greg Callow <greg.callow@gmail.com>

1 November 2019 at 19:26

To: Roger Callow <rcallow770@gmail.com>

Cc: Chris Callow <chris@cmcallow.com>, "Callow, Marla" <mmostacci@gmail.com>, nicole dionne <nicole.dionne@sympatico.ca>

Hi Dad,


All of us are worried about your mental health, perhaps made worse by the stress of the separation.


We have not been engaging with you as your interest seems limited to Mom's affairs, divorce settlements or conspiracy theories.


If everything is fine, then what is the harm in having an evaluation by Dr. J or another doctor?


Chris or I would be more than happy to help you declutter, get a new TV,  look for suitable housing or other activities but we have no interest in discussing the topics outlined earlier. I am happy to return to Ottawa if needed.


I understand that recent circumstances must be difficult for you.


We love you and we won't give up on you, just like you never gave up on us.  Please think about this email before responding.


Greg, Chris and Nicole

Roger Callow <rcallow770@gmail.com>

1 November 2019 at 19:38

Draft To: Greg Callow <greg.callow@gmail.com>

This is so much codswallop and you know it. How can you help me when your phone calls from me are 'averted'? 

Are you the source of the material sent to Dr. Jahagirdar in mid-October or not?

A copy of this e-mail is being sent to columnist Kelly Egan. Maybe you will tell him about the source of Dr. J's e-mail which cost me my driver's license.

Neither Chris - whom has offered to help me similar to the above nor Therese responded to the all-important question which I raise above.

More information is available on employeescasecanada.ca  2019 OCTOBER 31 and NOVEMBER 01




RECENT 5 employeescasecanada.ca Nov. 5-2019


NOV.05-2019 I thought that I would give the Clinic a little free advertising outside their door at Hunt Club and Bank St: BEWARE TOWNGATE MEDICAL CLINIC (South Keys) They really stitched me up with this 'psychiatric label' which young Dr. Jahagirdar seeks to pass off as 'mental'. There's a world of difference. Whether she used the word or the Transport Ministry, I can't say as neither will provide the material which caused Dr. J. about Oct. 15 to request the suspension of my driver's license on information provided to her from an unknown source. (I have a perfect driving record.) In effect, I have been placed beyond the laws, certainly the Charter of Rights and Freedoms which begins its Record by saying no-one is to be exempt (unless his name is Roger Callow). Even if I am provided that Oct. 15 information; I still remain in limbo as doctors, lawyers,...dare I add Indian chiefs?... are not 'qualified' to judge nor is Dr. J. as she is not a psychiatrist. My driver's license has gone up to Valhalla never to return. Most people I tell this story to are enraged and have every right to be.

Egan, Kelly <kegan@postmedia.com>5 November

To: Roger Callow <rcallow770@gmail.com>

Mr. Callow,

Donít think this is something I can get into. Way too complicated for a single column and it isnít clear what the public interest is.

If your family thinks there is a medical/psychiatric reason for taking away your driverís licence, why on earth would you think a newspaper should stick its nose in that private matter?

Iím just not positioned to judge the doctorís conduct either.

My Response:

1) Kelly recognized what everyone recognized in this issue leaving them boiling mad. His evasiveness above fits the cartoon.

2) We do not even know whether the said material on which this importune action of young Dr. Jahagirdar even exists. Ministry of Transport does not respond to me. That was a key question to be asked by Egan.

3) The family makes no reference to said material . Again, that was a question for Kelly to ask of them.

4) Private matter? What a way to diminish a national disgrace.

5) I don't ask you to question the doctor's conduct; merely affirm that the said document exists and from whom? The family may have had nothing to do with it. Kelly is a disgrace to a profession which he symbolizes even if he kept his career.


- o -






























INTRODUCTION: Winston Churchill viewed like the plague 'passiveness' in individuals such as displayed by Obama but not Trump nor me for that matter. Bureaucrats believe that intelligence is a substitute for courage

U.S. President Donald Trump (c/o U.S. Embassy in Canada)

1) It is easy to miss the significance of the preceding story in 'ghosting' a major national issue although I am no stranger to government and judicial malfeasance in Canada. Currently I am embroiled in a contentious divorce where the family is targeting my money. Two words have brought Canada to its knees: PSYCHIATRICAL DISORDER for which there is no remedy on a suspended driver's license in a story without equal in any democracy.

2) To leap to the conclusion, the proper course is for the U.S. is to send in the Marines.

3) The proper course of the veterans on Remembrance Day Nov.11 is to make it a strictly a military affair; no politicians and no media. The Governor General, a titular role in which I appealed to her as 'we the people' is also included in this indictment. At one military event in Europe, she claimed that Canada had a choice; to go up the beaches or to find their answers in space (she was a former astronaut.) Either way, the military have a name for such people. What did veterans of WWII fight for if not our right to remain free individuals? They must be rolling in their graves over this directionless caper of 'psychiatric disorder'.

4) Increasingly, we are witnessing public revolts throughout the world with one theme; individual rights are being trampled. In Canada, I label it SNC LAVELIN CANADA in which they give all the orders which everyone is to follow; the example included here being more and more typical in Canada...and we don't say 'boo'.

5) While you suffer from 'fake news'; we suffer from something more insidious - corrupted news done at the great expense of the individual in our society.

6) Be my guest and feel free to tweet on this topic in the middle of the night as no-one in Canada will hear you. We have become just that tone-deaf.

7) Of course this story can be expected to have ramifications elsewhere such as with the Meng deportation case in Vancouver. I am surprised the 'wet squads' have not already acted in this national disaster. Vancouver Chief Justice Hinckson, my old nemesis - whom I have accused of fraud in my own affairs - seems to be pulling the 'delay strings' on this one.

8) Canada is the northern flank of U.S. military protection. The last thing that you need is a 'weak sister' (sorry, that phrase comes from the 1950's. Some 'sisters' are not sissies today but that is another story.)

9) Publicity to the above story is the key; if not from you, then from some other force which may not be so credible.


Yours in sorrow considering that Canadian Democracy died on October 15-2019 and like many salient historical events, went un-noticed.


Roger CallowThe Only Canadian without a Medical Plan; now that is news, Kelly Egan!

†††††††††† †††††††††††† †††I really have been 'outlawed' on this story...no news there either, eh, Kelly?


Nov. 7, 2019



TO:CAA - Ottawa Branch by fax:613-820-46463 pages including this one.

FROM: Roger Callow lifetime member #620 290 0952205 007 t.613-521-1739



1) Institutions are shutting down on me in a kafkaesque suspension of my driver's license by a submission from our (represents both my wife and myself = conflict of interest) young family Doctor whom, in a telephone conversation to me, insisted on the word 'mental' as opposed to 'psychiatrical disorder' which appeared on an Order from the Ministry of Transport #001111960which has not seen fit to return my calls. Nor does the College of Physicians and Surgeons. Nor does MPP (Ottawa South) John Fraser nor Allstate (Blossom Park reference-reception) react to this debacle. My wife and I are involved in a contentious divorce where, as the targeted individual, the family is out to get my financial resources.

2) The point is that 'psychiatrical disorder' is untestable making it impossible under the current rules to re-test for various reasons outlined in the inserts. It is a damnable charge. Nor is legislation going to resolve this problem. Whether it was young Dr. Jahagirdar of the Towngate Medical Clinic or the Ministry of Transport-Medical Division which assigned this label is unknown as the former misrepresents the matter as a mental problem (and therefore re-testable) not a psychiatrical disorder (untestable). I am negatively impacted in other ways. I am possibly the only Canadian deprived of having access to a medical program due to this suspension. Even a psychiatrist is barred from re-testing me due to the Highways Actaddition without specialized background in that area which doesn't nor is likely to ever exist.

3) The above matter certainly negatively impacts all Ontario drivers and, most likely, all Canadian drivers. Your attention as a Driver's Organization is imperative.

4) Would you have the most experienced manager you have telephone me at theabove telephone number for a frank discussion (no rationalizations such as the type I received from Postmedia columnist Kelly Egan included here).


Thanking you in advance, I remain


Roger Callow




Exhibit A - by Roger Callow Plaintiff

(included when Service Record returned to Registry) Also to be entered in court.


Ottawa Small Claims Court File No. 19-SC-155235

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† †††††† †††††††††††††††† registered & delivered by hand to Defendant Nov 08-2019

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††† ††††††††††††††††† A copy of this Exhibit A is being sent by mail to the Clinic


1) A copy of this Exhibit A is being provided to the Defendant, The Towngate Medical Centre, as a means of facilitating court processes. It has no legal significance at this time but may be provided to the court earlier with the filing of the Delivery Notice or later in the Court Hearing proper.


2) As the target Doctor in question, Anusha Jahagirdar (D. J.), is planning an extended trip to India from which there is a possibility that she may not return, I request that the Defendant not ask the court for any postponement of this case. Indeed, the court should refuse her permission to leave Canada until this matter is heard. Indeed, such a desertion raises the question as to the rights of a plaintiff if the key witness, for one reason or another, is unavailable in a major case such as this one.


3) The court and defendant should hone in on the following questions:

a) Where did the term; ' psychiatric disorder' on the Plaintiff's driver's license originate; the plaintiff whom steadfastly holds onto the word 'mental' or the Ministry of Transport which, in its wisdom, appears to be bereft of wisdom?

b) What correspondence exists between Dr. J and the Ministry to this effect?

c) Why did Dr. J. select the Plaintiff's driver's license for suspension considering that he has a clear driving record with his long-term Insurance Company, Allstate?

d) Dr. J. is in a 'position of conflict' representing both my wife and myself and when I notified her in writing of our split; I believed that the clear invitation to her was to steer clear of a 'domestic matter'. She chose otherwise. Why?

e) Which events around October 15 promoted her to invoke the suspension of the Plaintiff's Driving License on, according to her, a source which she was not prepared to divulge nor to reveal what that information consisted. In brief, which authority permitted her to accept unsolicited material in the first place?

f) As the plaintiff has never seen a psychiatrist nor did Dr. J. order such action, hence on which basis is she acting? The plaintiff last saw Dr. J. in August at his annual physical where the assistant conducted a 'memory test,' which is customary for older people in order to note the decline. In this case, a scan was earlier run at the Bruyere Center for the purpose where no ailments such as alzheimer's was noted. In short, this plaintiff is in relatively good health for a 78 year old who walks and exercises for three hours daily.The Doctor was seen briefly to treat a mole with nitric acid; there was no other discussion.

g) Dr. J. studiously avoids any reference to my estranged wife whence, I strongly suspect, is the origin of her motivation to act against the interests of this plaintiff.

h) To date, the Ministry of Transport, which I do not name in this action, has failed to respond to me. That is a sin of another order.



4) It is imperative that Dr. J. produce herself in court and that a transcript be kept for future reference as a number of legal cases are expected to grow from this one. The court, in reasons as noted above, should confine her to Canada until this case is heard.

5) The ideal solution regarding the driver's license suspension ,would be for the court to sanction an agreement from the Towngate Clinic in league with the Ministry of Transport to withdraw the notice so that the license may be returned to the Plaintiff without further ado. As matters stand, the conjunction of the psychiatric charge under the Highways Act has robbed the Plaintiff of access to such things as acquiring a medical Doctor as no doctor in this position will accept the joined charge as there is no tribunal available for the purpose. The Plaintiff's entire future is at stake under these conditions which is a denial of the basic tenets of the 1982 Charter of Rights and Freedoms with its focus on Natural Justice. Should the Defendant not have such an agreement between the Clinic and the Ministry before they arrive in court; then this option is null and void.

6) The judges authority to act would come under the 'inherent jurisdiction' of the court.

7) Depending on the evidence provided by Dr. J., she should be sanctioned up to the fullest extent of the law. In this case, the Small Debts Court is limited to $25,000. No other fees are requested although the court may assign sums to cover for the Plaintiff's inconvenience which has been considerable.

8) I do not plan to call any witnesses. If the Defense wish to call witnesses, I should be contacted directly with a witness list at least one day before as I am prepared to concede many things thus shortening the enquiry. Interesting question...can Towngate Medical Clinic get legal counsel under the above conditions? It would have to be a very hungry law firm which will star prominently on my Protest Placards.


Yours truly,Roger CallowPlaintiff 19-SC-155235



MESSAGE: NOVEMBER 11 - REMEMBRANCE DAY by Roger Callow(sent by e-mail to family members) and to President Trump via the U.S. Embassy (Canada) plus MPD. McGuinty


1) It seems very clear to this writer that the designation of psychiatric disorder to suspend my driver's license (clear abstract with Allstate) plus I have never been examined by a psychiatrist, was deliberately selected by the Ministry of Transport-Medical in league with Dr. Jahagirdar (The Mad Doctor & the suspended driver license Case) as either a 'patsy' or a willing conspirator. As she won't divulge her Order of Oct. 15 nor where the Order originated - indeed, even if one exists - the court case I laid on Friday is bent on getting this all-important disclosure. Presumably, Towngate Medical will have the same problem attracting a lawyer as I do as the combination of the above term under the Highways Act cannot be re-tested as no doctor or lawyer will touch it. Ramification? This type of case could put the legal profession out of business as Dr. J. and myself have to represent ourselves in a court appearance (not such a bad idea but I digress). Organized Crime or a large commercial enterprise like SNC Lavelin could blackmail opponents without fearing repercussions. For me, I can get around on bus passes, but what about working people with automobiles, a question I put to the CAA and Ottawa South MPP, John Fraser both being MIA. Now I am taxing MP David McGuinty of Ottawa South considering the last two Justice Ministers were MIA on this issue as well leaving P.M. Trudeau as the recipient of my legal material to date. 

2) The Ministry has no idea of the unintended consequences of this action as it becomes the lead legal action not only for Canada, but for every Democracy in the World. As matters now stand, I have no legal standing to get medical or legal help anywhere in Canada. People I tell this story to are outraged with Postmedia killing Kelly Egan's investigation: PLACARD: COWARDICE / POSTMEDIA / KELLY EGAN. Perhaps CBC and the Epoch Times  to which I subscribe have a different perspective. I hope so.

3) If someone in the family knows that the information did not derive from within the family; for heavens sake speak up now as I have two police forces investigating this matter. Once charges are laid, it is too late no matter what the outcome. If a family member out of cowardice is exposing others, then again, this is the last time to speak up.

4) To what extent the Ministry of Transport is complicit in this conspiracy with other elements in the Ford government is also at question as a legal case registered last July on another matter when the Ford government came into power, has refused a hearing date for over a year now. Is this some sort of payback? If Kelly Egan had pursued this matter negatively affecting all Canadians making any judicial finding in Canada questionable; Canadians would have some answers.

5) Due to the seriousness of this issue, a copy of a letter being comprised to MP David McGuinty of Ottawa South is being provided to President Trump whom might establish a temporary private tribunal in the U.S. for any U.S. commercial interest or otherwise dealing with Canadian courts of law until this matter is resolved. Whatever McGuinty writes (one week please) will be published on my web site: employeescasecanada.ca  2019 RECENT 5 and NOVEMBER-2019.


Roger Callow  estranged husband of Therese Callow




(in apologia: this form does not translate well on the internet version)

Mlnistry of†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Ministere des†††††††††††† †††††††††††††††96343

Transport†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Transports

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Ontario

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††77Wellesley St.W. Box†† 589

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Toronto, OntarioM7A 1N3

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Tel.(416)235-1773†† /1-800-268-1481

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Fax (416)235-3400††† /1-800-304-7889


†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† October††† 21,†† 2019


2001-1285 CAHILL DRIVE

OTTAWA, Ontario K1V9A7


Please use this Number001111960 when you call or write thisoffice.




Theministryhas received a report(s) indicating that you have a conditionthat affects your ability to drive safely.


Yourreported condition(s) is(are):


ē††† Cognitive†† Impairment

ē††† PsychiatricCondition


After considering allrelevant facts available, the Registrar of Motor Vehicles has†† decided to suspendyour drivingprivilege under:


†††† Section†† 47(1) of theHighway††† TrafficAct


An officialnotice of suspension will be mailed to you under separatecover. Thisaction is taken for your own safety and that of other road users. Pleasenotethat if youdo not hold an Ontario driver'slicence,(sic)( this action must be taken in order to prevent you from obtaining or holdinga driver'slicence.(sic) Thisis to ensure that you are medically fit for the safe operation of a motor vehicle.


WhattheMinistryrequires from you to bereinstated:


Takethis letter to your treatingphysician, specialist or nurse practitioner when your condition improves and have the followinginformationsent to the Medical Review Section:


†††† The enclosed form(s) completed in full and all questions answered


What the Ministry will do when your information is received:


ē††† Reviewthe informationprovidedagainstthe national medical standards


NOV. 22-2019



BY: ROGER CALLOWemployeescasecanada.cae-mail: rcallow770@gmail.com




1) While recognizing the busy schedule of a U.S. President, nonetheless, the issue defined here is of paramount importance to all democracies in the world and, as such, deserves your immediate attention. Tweet on it in the middle of the night, if you like.

2) Let's start at the head of the snake first, namely Ontario Premier Doug Ford: PLACARD: OUST DOUG FORD FROM ALL POLITICAL CONNECTIONS. A labour action filed in court as of July 01-2019 by this plaintiff goes without a court date for well over a year now which has been pointed out to Premier Ford numerous times. Obviously, Ford does not feel comfortable with the naming of two Ontario Court judges for malfeasance dating back to 2014. The Canadian Council of Judgesis the oversight body concerned with these two. They never acknowledged the complaint. So how to drive this Plaintiff out of all courts was their problem in this 34 year unresolved legal matter? Enter the 'boys in short pants' and a scheme which eclipses any legal skulduggery to date for any democratic government.

3) Now for the tail of the snake. If you have a medical doctor and a driver's license, you can be 'excommunicated' in such fashion that you may never drive again. There is no appeal. This target, for example, is the first 'stateless individual' denied not only medical help, but other institutional assistance as well. My lawyer dropped out from representing me in anything so I must attend in person to a scheduled court hearing on this matter as, presumably, do the Defendants. That's preposterous and hence must be nipped in the bud before Organized Crime exploit this aberrant Ford action everywhere. The media is complicit in this scam: PLACARD: POGO / WE HAVE SEEN THE ENEMY AND IT IS POSTMEDIA



4) At the end of October, I received out of the blue, a letter from the Ministry of Transport-Medical suspending my license 'for reasons best known to themselves' and the family Doctor whom also refuses to provide the necessary disclosure. (I have a clean driving record and have never been ordered psychiatric evaluation.) The web site above details those depredations; the key of which is by co-joining the terms psychiatric concern with under the Highways Act which together is untestable. For me, a retiree, presumably I can get around Ottawa on a bus pass. But what about anyone - particularly rural dwellers - whom depend on an automobile for their livelihood?That's unconscionable.



5) The U.S. should set up a tribunal in the U.S. for any U.S. commercial enterprise dealing with the Canadian legal system. Diplomats should put Canada on watch i.e. ratifying USMCA

6) All Canadians have a vested interest in this case. I do not have a Facebook connection but everything possible should be done by anyone to make this case go viral.


POST IN STAFFROOM - e-mail colleagues




TO: A) College of Physicians and Surgeons - Toronto

†††††† B)Ottawa Police Chief P. Sloly

†††††† C)Ottawa Hospital Scanning Dept.

†††††† D)Dr. Jahagirdar / Ministry of Transport-Medical


Written by Roger Callow former patient of Dr. Jahagirdar


1)This prospective approach to Dr. _________, a licensed Psychologist was not held due to a letter received today from the Ottawa Hospital Scanning Department for a scan scheduled for December 05-2019 from Dr. Jahagirdar well after she knew that I had dropped her as my Doctor. She returned an incomplete medical portfolio on November 14-2019 to me. What is clear is that she did not make this appointment around October 15 when she decided to consult with the ministry about canceling my driver's license. She obviously made no attempt to notify the Scanning Dept. of her subsequent lack of status as my family doctor. It would further appear that she is trying to justify the cognitive disorder which is, indeed, testable under the Highways Act; the psychiatric condition not being testable under that Act. She is also assuming the outcome of the scan to justify her earlier cognitive scanning assessment.


2) Proposed statement from the Psychologist: (qualifications stating that she is not competent to evaluate psychiatric situations; even under the Highways Act even if that were possible which does not seem to be the case here.

a) Most of this information from Mr. Callow is hearsay as he is not able to deliver the necessary disclosure from either the Ministry of Transport which does not reply to him nor Dr. Jahagirdar whose returned medical file is incomplete, according to him.

b) Without that key information, the cognitive test I ran on Mr. Callow exists apart from his suspension and must be judged by others; the Ministry of Transport-Medical or a court of law as Mr. Callow informs me orally of the existence of two extant court cases.

c) The evidence of Eye Docs Dr. DesGroseilliers is telling in that he saw Mr. Callow in June 2019 and did not note any cognitive disorders.

d) The separate test which I ran would confirm the Optometrist's observation in that Mr. Callow is very fit; physically, mentally, and emotionally. If I felt he should not be driving a car, I would have noted it in my folder. Similar to the optometrist, I made no such note.


3) a)The blame for the above inaction on this file rests, I submit, squarely on the College of Physicians and Surgeons for failing to immediately suspend Dr. Jahagirdar and forbid her to leave the country. The scanning appointment in that regard appears designed by her 'to buy time' for her scheduled departure.

b) I also blame Ottawa Police Chief, P. Sloly for failing to seize documents in Ottawa and causing police in Toronto (Transport Ministry) and Guelph (home of younger son, Greg, with POA over his mother from whom I am estranged). Currying favour with Postmedia and dissing his own force would appear to be paramount for him to dealing strictly with police matters.


Yours truly,


Roger Callow 'target' of fraud.



November 26-2019

TO: Supreme Court of PEISIGS 28780†††††††† FROM: Roger CallowPlaintiff

ATTN: D/Registrar P.O. Box 2000†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† 1285 Cahill Drive #2001

Charlottetown, PEI††††††††††† C1A 7N8†† †††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† ††Ottawa, ON K1V 9A7


REFERENCE: employeescasecanada.ca 2019 MAY PEI GREEN PARTY


Dear Court Services Manager, Kerrilee D. MacConnell whom feels she must sign her name 'Yours very truly' reflective of her pretentiousness.

1) I laid this action against the Teachers Union (West Vancouver, B.C.) on May 02-2019...and you are just getting back to me on November 25 (received date)!!! Be glad that I am not your immediate Supervisor as you would be looking for new work...Oh, wait a minute, the error is all mine as the mailing information on my forms is so incomplete according to you....For God's sake, woman person, contact information is all over my documents but you would prefer to place the blame on ME for your idiocy. I call it 'potato patch mentality' as all your political party leaders would approve of such atrocious nonsense since 2016. Why does PEI even vote?


2) The case above differs from all the others in that a Union is being challenged which has never replied to a legal challenge such as this 'sweetheart deal'. The Employer, whom does not recognize court oversight due to imposed legislation (BILL 35 B.C. 1985 parallels the imposed Carbon Tax), do file Defenses. It is to be noted that the case in New Brunswick is significantly different in that B.C.'sHarris & Co. along with 3 judges (SK & AB) are charged with fraud with little hope of obtaining any legal Counsel in that province. But I digress.


3) The point here is that after I challenged my lay-off in June of 1985, Stuart Clyne for the Employer met on July 15, and rescinded the original lay-off notice and replaced it with one of his own, catching Justice Mary Southin off-guard. She decided to cover-up this apparent fraud and the next 34 years were a litany of over 50 judges covering the cover-up with the unending claim of this plaintiff being frivolous and vexatious in this unresolved labour case where no compensation has been paid.


4) The significance of demanding disclosure from the Union is different from that of the Employer in that I am a Union client. They purloined the meeting notes from that July 15-1985 meeting from under my nose, otherwise we wouldn't be here today.

5) The vexing part for the court is that due to no Defense being mounted, my assertions must be taken as fact; that indeed I was the target of a fraud by the Employer and Union.

6) The Registry has no right to usurp the role of the court in ruling this matter frivolous & vexatious. That's called 'running a court within a court' which is anathema to all law practice.

7) While recognizing basic procedures have changed in recent months i.e. Ontario, the PEI Court is remiss by not notifying me much, much earlier as to those changes.


Yours truly, Roger Callow(no 'very' although the PEI account pisses me off)


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