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TO: the incoming Minister of Justice with a copy to the Prime Minister (sent by fax)

FROM: Roger Callow aka the Outlawed Canadian in an outlaw Government and Judicial System due to systemic government malfeasance over a 34 year period in an unresolved B.C. labour matter where no compensation has been paid due to the culpability of over 50 judges.

This unique case shows how imposed legislation (BILL 35-1985) has been used to obliterate our democracy. Justice Canada imploded in 2004 with the rejection of this issue by the Supreme Court of Canada (Chief Justice-B. McLachlin) under the heading of 'ultimate remedy'.


The events outlined below with reference to the above web site details events since that time; particularly after - as the affected party - this senior laid-off teacher was expelled from B.C. Courts in 2013 ("Cullen Creed") for 'reasons best known to a judge' forcing me into Federal Court and Provincial Courts in every province (except NL) where the issues continue to be active to some degree or other in each province.


1) B.C. SEE web: 2019 SEPTEMBER Sub-heading: THE VANCOUVER SUN regarding the malfeasance of Chief Justice Hinckson and the failure of A.G. Eby to use his oversight powers.

No-one in B.C. can trust to the courts until this calamity is sorted out.

2) AB I refused to join a civil class action against judges accused of fraud for ethical reasons. These judges, it is submitted here, should be fired and charged criminally; not be excused with taxpayer money. No media is telling this astounding story. No-one in Canada should trust to the courts anywhere on this one.

3) SK Recent actions in Saskatoon have repercussions in AB (see above) and New Brunswick where the courts are dragging their feet in an action for fraud against the B.C. legal firm of Harris & Co. and three named judges; two from Saskatoon; the third from AB. This case threatens anything believed about the law courts in Canada today.

4) MB The most complete case against the B.C. Employer, the West Vancouver School Board, and the B.C. Teachers Union is developed here as it includes extensive reference to 'natural justice' as opposed to the 'letter of the law' used by the courts to evade their responsibilities in the Employee's Case.

5) ON The Ford government inherited this file on the last day of the Liberal tenure in 2018 and to date refuse to give a court hearing date. This type of Registry obfuscation is common in most provinces and is counter-productive to any credible belief in our courts of law. ON is home to the McKinnon-Scott  capers (2014) underlying all other subsequent legal actions (both originally Federal Court appointees = Canadian Council of Judges oversight which, like all oversight bodies, does not respond to these very serious complaints against judges).

6) QC I am still waiting for the Gatineau Lower Court Judge to deliver his Decision from a few years back as the Chief Justice usurped the system eventually claiming such names as the incumbent Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Richard Wagner, in the fraud charge there.

7) PEI The case here is limited to requesting disclosure from the Union for, as a client, I have a direct right to receive such material. Of course that action would lead to a criminal charge with a successful outcome leading to the entire case against this personage being thrown out rubbing, as it were, the nose of the entire Justice System with doo, doo...and that would never do.... All three Parties are involved in the obfuscation in PEI.


8) NB SEE above in other provinces, particularly SK.


9) NS The only province to see this issue shorn of its particulars of the labour case to focus on the constitutional question in 2017. This unsuccessful bid raises the Employer's question claiming that the courts of law or other judicial functions have no oversight powers with imposed legislation. (Even here, BILL 35, ostensibly for teacher lay-off for economic reasons included compensatory measures but, once again, no judge will address that major issue.)


DISCLOSURE  known in law as habeas corpus, the bedrock of any legal system - democratic or otherwise.

10) In June of 1985, the School Board of West Vancouver sanctioned the lay-off of senior teacher, Roger Callow, for economic reasons under the neophyte imposed BILL 35; the only B.C. teacher laid off that year even though the lay-off figures plus testimony of Assistant Superintendent Bill May showed no need to lay off any teacher. After I changed from the Union lawyer, the court on appeal, quashed the arbitration favouring the Board ruling the arbitrator to be patently unreasonable. I was left in limbo where I remain 34 years later.

11) In 2004, under the Freedom of Information rules, I received the minutes of the June School Board meeting which showed only two of the five Board members supported the motion; Chairperson Margo Furk and her successor, Mike Smith. By this time, even the Supreme Court of Canada, as noted above, was unwilling to litigate this unresolved case.

12) THE ABOVE ARE NOT THE MINUTE NOTES WHICH I AM REQUESTING. On July 15, 1985, Stuart Clyne QC for the School Board, after seeing that I was contesting my dismissal, held a second meeting in which the original dismissal was rescinded and a second one instituted and handed to Justice Mary Southin of the B.C. Supreme Court in 1986 at her request. No doubt seeing the fraud inherent in these documents which could have sent Clyne and Superintendent Ed Carlin to jail, she unwisely chose to return them 'because she did not use them' noting, in that process, that the entire Board was not present at that July 15-1985 meeting. She recommended (not 'ordered') that employment be returned to this writer which the Employer refused to do and has successfully blackmailed the Justice System ever since on that account. The story is not unlike the recent Boeing crash disaster in which reams of evidence was provided by Boeing without including the key contrarian piece of evidence from the test pilot. In the Employee's Case, it is the July 15 meeting notes.

13) All cases in this matter before the courts now request disclosure on an a priori basis with the courts being given my permission to handle all other aspects - perjury, etc. according to the wishes of the court. Everything hinges on the production of those July 15 meeting notes mentioned above.



14) As the new Canadian Attorney General, you may wish that you had never taken the oath of Office under these circumstances. Perhaps the Prime Minister will bail you out; perhaps not. All civil cases must come with a price tag attached and the current one here is for $20 Million. Leaving this case to fester leaves Justice Canada and the validity of all other Canadian legal proceedings in limbo; both civil and criminal cases. That's an indictment no ethical Minister of Justice should ever be asked to entertain.


Respectfully submitted,



Roger Callow


P.S. Maybe the NB RCMP officers have got it right; sue the AG of Canada directly.