November 15-2019

TO: Ottawa Police Chief P. Sloly

474 Elgin St. Ottawa, ON K2P 2E6


College of Physicians and Surgeons - Toronto 'ethics' Division

80 College St. Toronto, ON M5G 2E2


FROM: Roger Callow Plaintiff against the Towngate Family Medicine Clinic (corporate body) 2446 Bank St. Suite 201, Ottawa ON K1V 1A4 t:613-521-1739

19-SC-155235 November 08-2019 Additional Exhibits filed Nov.11-15


In addition to information provided earlier to both institutions above.


1) To suggest that the staff of the Towngate Clinic has a rudimentary knowledge of basic legal processes is an understatement.

2) Today, while serving legal material 'by hand' as per an accepted legal process after which I record the action in the downtown Registry, I was met with a chorus of 'trespassing' in which one Doctor unknown to me assaulted me in the hallway. He was prepared to call the police. He would have been far better off calling a lawyer. Should there be a repeat of this type of harassment, charges will be laid by me.

3) Normally, people and institutions turn a filed action over to their lawyer for a legal response. In this most unusual action, it is possible that neither the Defendant nor this Plaintiff are able to obtain legal help because of a glitch in the Ministry of Transport-Medical rules in which the conjoining of two terms 'psychiatric condition' under the 'Highways Act' precludes of any medical or legal review.

4) If the Clinic in the action where no specific Doctor is named, had requested legal advice, it is unlikely that even the association of the clinic charge without naming any one Doctor, creates major legal challenges.

5) Be that as it may, if the Clinic were able to retain legal Council, there would be no need for me to deliver legal material 'by hand' to the Clinic. Until that happens, I have little choice other than to exercise my right to provide 'by hand' as designated in the legal delivery notice forms.

6) Also, I received my medical record from Dr. A. Jahagirdar (Dr. J.) on Nov. 14 with its pejorative comments on this former client where it is clear she breached patient confidentiality in a significant way. Her redacted information 'to hide the names of my detractors' would suggest that a search of the computer records of sons, Chris Callow in Ottawa, and Greg Callow with POA over their mother would lead to charges of criminality for both brothers. I request that Ottawa Police Chief P. Sloly co-ordinate efforts with the Toronto police (Ministry of Transport) and Guelph (Greg) for the purpose.

7) By declaring herself a separate legal entity, Dr. J. has unwittingly set herself up for legal action to reach in the seven figures. It is a cardinal mistake of amateurs unfamiliar with the legal system. Even rooky lawyers would not make such a gauche error.

8) I believe the College of Physicians and Surgeons have sufficient evidence to immediately suspend the medical license of Dr. J. until this matter is resolved. She should be barred from leaving the country during that appeal.

9) A copy of this letter is being sent by mail to the Towngate Medical Clinic.


Yours truly, Roger Callow


Exhibit D - File No. 19-SC-155235 (Ottawa Small Claims Court)


November 14-2014 (delivered by hand to Defendant corporate body Nov. 15-2014)


Roger Callow (patient of Dr. J. since 2012)

1285 Cahill Drive,

Ottawa, ON #2001


e-mail: rcallow770@ gmail.com

TOPIC: Dr. Anusha Jahagirdar

Towngate Family Health Organization

Suite 201-2446 Bank St.

Ottawa, ON K1V 1A4

t: 613-739-0998 f: 613-739-1485

website: www.mydoctor.ca/towngateatefho



1) After a prolonged delay, I received my medical records from Dr. Jahagirdar (Dr. J.) dated November 11,2019 to which I will give an annotated response.

2)What is clear is that she did not consult a lawyer and has no idea of the legal significance of the service of legal actions 'by hand'. Nov. 11, 2019 cover letter:

'...As you are no longer a patient of the Towngate Family Health Organization, there is no need for you to visit the clinic premises for any reason and we (Is this the royal 'we'?) request that you abstain from doing so...'

3) You would think that Dr. J. was dealing in high espionage with blackened out material in mid-October from which I now learn that she initiated the request to suspend my driver's license. What is not clear is why she notified sons Chris and Greg to notify me of her actions. That is a break in doctor client relationship. As I am involved in a contentious divorce, neither son saw fit to notify me of Dr. J.'s threats. Perhaps if they had, I could have reacted differently. At any rate, she should have sent a letter to me rather than playing 'ducks and drakes' with her desk staff. In brief, she is an embarrassment to everyone. One is left with the modern impression that she is 'just not into this legal thingy'.

4) A second letter with the same date (November 11, 2019) is unconscionable and I call on the College of Physicians and Surgeons to suspend her license to practice medicine immediately:

'Further to your letter dated October 31,2019, I am providing you with a copy of your medical record as per section 52(2) of the Personal Health Information Protection Act. Not included in your copy is the ancillary information that led to the report to the Ministry of Transportation and the identities of the individuals that provided the information in confidence. (The plural suggests our two sons, Chris in Ottawa and Greg in Guelph RC).

Given the nature and content of the information, granting you access to that portion of your medical record may result in a risk of serious harm to your treatment regarding your cognition and mental health (codswallop! RC) and/or may result of harm to another person ( I am non-violent, even towards my former wife whom lives elsewhere and no longer has any physical contact with me. RC) and would lead to his or her identification. (I sincerely hope so! Again, there is a breach of ethics regarding the suggestion of improper discussion of my file with others. RC)...

5) While the medical file for seven years is copious, the key is my cognitive scan at the Bruyere Center in 2016 which did not notice any aberrant cognitive features; certainly nothing psychiatric. The test is recommended every five years for seniors to measure decline and, as noted in the records, that is minimal for a 78 year old. Cognitive reports run by Dr. J's assistant are positive with no suggestion of a psychiatric condition.

6) The 'blacked out' sections are between September 9, and September 24, a good month after my physical examination where there was no hint from Dr.J as to psychiatric difficulties.

Something happened and it appears that the Transport Ministry-Medical decided to capitalize on material which they received from Dr. J. plus other sources bringing into the focus Premier Ford and his tacit approval of the most pernicious legal action ever committed in a democracy by creating this target as a 'stateless person'. On Oct. 15,2019, a note without details reads: Ministry of Transport Medical Condition Report complete plus faxed Received Oct 19,2019 (presumably by the Transport Ministry) Dr. J. insists that it was the Transport Ministry which assigned the term 'psychiatric', not her hence the role of Premier Ford looms large: '...I have clarified with you that it is not my role to determine the status of your license; this is decided by the Ministry....'

7) My letter of Oct. 28-2019 from her file is included here and is reflective of an untenable position, I submit, that Dr. J. could not extract herself from although she has chosen to do so without first seeking legal advice. For example, the action is against the corporate body, Towngate Family Medicine where her personal name was scratched out by the court clerk to make the action suited to filing purposes.

8) It is incumbent that the College of Physicians and Surgeons in Toronto (ethical considerations) co-ordinate their action with Ottawa Police Chief P. Sloly in conjunction with the Guelph police and Toronto police (Ministy of Transport-Medical) to stop the creation of 'stateless individuals' in a conspiracy without equal for any democracy. At any rate, Dr. J. should be prohibited from leaving the country until this legal matter is sorted out.


Yours truly, Roger Callow Plaintiff 19-SC-155235 Ottawa Small Claims Registry


cc Ottawa Police Chief P. Sloley; College of Physicians & Surgeons (Toronto)

incl. copies of letters from the Plaintiff as filed in Dr. J.'s medical file (7) including the Transport suspension.



ADDENDUM: To material sent to Guelph Police, Ottawa Police, and the College of Physicians and Surgeons

OCT. 28-2019


1) Guelph Police Service-Fraud Div.

15 Wyndham St. S

Guelph, ON N1H 4C6

t. (519) 824-1212


2) Ottawa Police - Fraud Division

474 Elgin St. Ottawa, ON K2P 2E6

t. (613) 236-1222


3) College of Physicians and Surgeons

Doctor Ethics Division

770 Echo Drive Ottawa K1S 5N8

t. (613) 730-8177



Roger Callow (husband of estranged wife, Therese)

#2001 - 1285 Cahill Dr. E Ottawa, ON K1V 9A7

t: (613)521-1739 e-mail: rcallow770@gmail.com



At 6:45, Dr. Jahigirdar telephoned me to inform me that the 'psychiatric' appellation on my Ministry of Transport suspension was based on apparent unsolicited material for which she was not prepared to reveal the source nor would she note whether it was from a lawyer. In answer to the question, she is a family Doctor not qualified in psychiatry. I requested that she put tonight's telephone discussion into a letter to which I would arrive at her Office Reception tomorrow to pick up (or not as the case may be) at 9 A.M. She did not appear interested in doing anything which would forestall the suspension date of Oct. 31-2019 of my driver's license. As I have already sent material to the Guelph and Ottawa police plus College of Physicians and Surgeons, I am sending this information as an Addendum to those 3 Parties.   Roger Callow





2446 Bank St. Suite 201,

Ottawa, Ontario t:613-739-0998 f:613-739-1485 GIVEN BY HAND Oct. 31-2019

FROM: Roger Callow 1285 Cahill Drive #2001 Ottawa K1V 9A7

t. 613-521-1739 e-mail: rcallow770@gmail.com


To whom it may concern:

1) Last Friday, I was shocked to receive a letter from the Ministry of Transport - Medical advising me that today is the last day in which I may drive for reasons including psychiatric factors. Apparently this controversial decision was based on a letter from Dr. A. Jahagirdar (Dr. J.) from the Towngate Clinic which neither she nor the Ministry were willing to provide a copy to me. No other clinic asked by me, nor legal counsel for that matter will touch this file. Even Dr. Jahagirdar, as a family Doctor, lacks the necessary qualifications to retest me.

2) I am involved in a contentious divorce where Dr. J. represents both the interests of my wife and myself and therefore is in a position of conflict. (It would appear that members of my family are after my financial resources; a not uncommon feature seen in the courts of law and one in which the courts are forever on the look out.) Dr. J. should have observed that position by remaining aloof from what, in essence, is a domestic dispute. Her current course of action is leading to purported legal action by me against the Doctor plus, if she is still in the employ of Towngate, the Clinic as well. If not employed after today, then I request notification to that extent, so that only Dr. J. will be listed on the action. For that I require her personal address.

3) I have lost faith in the capabilities of Dr. J. as a physician and, as such, request that all her files be transferred to me today (by e-mail) including the material which prompted her action to the Ministry regarding the cancellation of my driver license. It should be noted here that I have a clean abstract and have requested assistance from my insurance provider, Allstate.

4) Let the following advertisement by the Charter Professional Accountants in today's Ottawa Citizen p. A9 be your guiding principle:


Brian David Mulligan, of Nepean, Ontario, is suspended from membership in the Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario. While suspended, Mr. Mulligan is not entitled to us the designation "Chartered Professional Accountant" or the initials "CPA" or "CA".

The Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario suspended the membership of Mr. Mulligan on September 26, 2019 for a period of three months for professional misconduct arising out of Mr. Muilligan's failure to transfer to his client, at the client's request, all of the client's property and the property of the client's Company.


5) Currently two police forces have been notified regarding aberrant family actions on the divorce with the College of Physicians and Surgeons-Ethics Division notified regarding Dr. J.


Yours truly, Roger Callow

cc Allstate Insurance-Blossom Park Mall


OCTOBER 31,2019 URGENT (PART 2 11:30 A.M.)


2446 Bank St. Suite 201,

Ottawa, Ontario t:613-739-0998 f:613-739-1485 GIVEN BY HAND Oct. 31-2019

FROM: Roger Callow 1285 Cahill Drive #2001 Ottawa K1V 9A7

t. 613-521-1739 e-mail: rcallow770@gmail.com

To whom it may concern:

1) After delivering PART 1 of my letter this date, I received a letter from Dr. Jahagirdar (Dr. J.)

2) The written response from Dr. J was due to a request by me relating to the earlier telephone conversation mentioned in PART 1. It is a good thing that I made that request as her self-effacing account is full of half truths and the more egregious lie of the error of omission.

3) I am directing this account to the Towngate Clinic this morning as I believe All the Doctors plus their lawyer should meet after hours today.

4) As I am changing Doctors, my request for my electronic e-mail of all files in her possession to be made today should be ordered by the Towngate Clinic.

5) I was originally scheduled for November 12 before her extended departure to India for a full physical examination including a memory test as known to Dr. J. Whether the message was lost to her counter staff or whether my reply was misconstrued by her is a matter of hearsay.

There was never any question raised by her at any time relating to my ability to drive an automobile where I have a clean abstract with Allstate (Blossom Park Branch). At any rate her suggestion that I declined her request to discuss my cognitive condition on Oct. 3 is a half truth and should have been followed up with a letter if there were other concerns on this level; particularly, as she asserts, information on my mental health was received subsequent to Oct. 3 without mentioning exactly which date she received this material.

6) Which information was brought forth and by whom should be revealed when she returns my medical file as I have requested in order that I may turn it over to the College of Physicians and Surgeons where I have already filed information. Two police forces are also involved in a scam to target my assets by the family.

7) As to the Ministry of Transport which has not seen fit to respond to my requests regarding this suspension, I do not know whether the pejorative term 'psychiatrical disorder' was appended by them or by Dr. J. Hopefully, the College will sort out that matter.

8) Paragraph 3 is completely misleading as the focus of the telephone call, as Dr. J. well knew, related to the fact that no other clinic or lawyer would touch my file due to the use of the above phrase. Even she cannot touch this matter as she revealed to me as requested that she is not a qualified psychiatrist. Even a psychiatric evaluation is mute under the 'Traffic Act'.

9) Under these circumstances, an after hours meeting today of the type suggested above with lawyer should be held in order to determine the Towngate legal position as it is clear that a few years of litigation is in store including legal action against Dr. J. if she remains on staff at Towngate or independently, if she departs.


Yours truly, Roger Callow 'ex-patient'



Mlnistry of Ministere des 96343

Transport Transports


77 Wellesley St. W. Box 589

Toronto, Ontario M7A 1N3

Tel.(416) 235-1773 /1-800-268-1481

Fax (416) 235-3400 /1-800-304-7889

October 21, 2019


2001-1285 CAHILL DRIVE

OTTAWA, Ontario K1V9A7


Please use this Number 001111960 when you call or write this office.


Dear Sir:


The ministry has received a report(s) indicating that you have a condition that affects your ability to drive safely.


Your reported condition(s) is(are):


Cognitive Impairment

Psychiatric Condition


After considering all relevant facts available, the Registrar of Motor Vehicles has decided to suspend your driving privilege under:


Section 47(1) of the Highway Traffic Act


An official notice of suspension will be mailed to you under separate cover. This action is taken for your own safety and that of other road users. Please note that if you do not hold an Ontario driver's licence, this action must be taken in order to prevent you from obtaining or holding a driver's licence. This is to ensure that you are medically fit for the safe operation of a motor vehicle.


What the Ministry requires from you to be reinstated:


Take this letter to your treating physician, specialist or nurse practitioner when your condition improves and have the following information sent to the Medical Review Section:


The enclosed form(s) completed in full and all questions answered


What the Ministry will do when your information is received:

Review the information provided against the national medical standards


NEWSLETTER - POST IN STAFFROOM (e-mail colleagues) NOVEMBER 16-2019




Exhibit B (19-SC-155235 (Ottawa Small Claims Court)


BY: victim and plaintiff Roger Callow, Ottawa, November 16-2019. employeescasecanada.ca 2019 NOV.



cc President Trump / U.S. columnist, Michelle Malkin / Ottawa Police Chief P. Sloly

No copy to Postmedia and columnist Kelly Egan which has committed itself to the conspiracy. Earlier appeals to the CBC and Epoch Times have ignored the Employee's Case but are invited to write on the much bigger 'Mad Doctor' story. Former ON Premier, Kathleen Wynne / Towngate Medical Clinic


BOTTOM LINE: ON Premier Doug Ford must be deprived of all political trappings for condoning the biggest legal scam ever perpetrated over an individual in the creation of a 'stateless person' which negatively impacts all democracies in the world.



1) In 1985, former senior West Vancouver High School Teacher, Roger Callow, was laid-off under the neophyte imposed BILL 35 (reminiscent of the imposed current Carbon Tax) in an unresolved 34 year legal matter where no compensation has been paid (now running $20 million) due to the chicanery of over 50 judges across Canada and the Supreme Court of Canada (4 attempts) whom collectively find this plaintiff's appeals to be frivolous and vexatious.

2) The arbitration favouring the School Board was quashed by the court ruling, in that process, the arbitrator to be patently unreasonable. He had converted 16 new hires to read 16 lay-offs with Callow to be the necessary 17th. Justice Mary Southin recommended rather than ordered the return of employment which the Board declined because they refuse to recognize court oversight of imposed legislation.

3) On June 30,1985, the Union gave notice of challenge in a highly publicized environment. On July 15, Stuart Clyne for the Board met and revised their lay-off terms committing, in that process asserted here, fraud, which Justice Southin covered up by returning all minute notes from that meeting 'because she did not use them'. She noted that the entire Board did not vote in July at this illicit meeting (In June, the vote was only two out of five for the resolution (Chairperson Margo Furk and her successor, Mike Smith). In brief, she covered up a massive fraud and over 50 judges have reinforced that fraud by refusing to call for disclosure; the basic request by the plaintiff of the Employer and Union. In brief, I was caught in a 'sweetheart deal' reinforced by courts since 2013 right across Canada in a bid to cover-up the cover-up:

a) B.C. Chief Justice Hinckson responsible for the Meng court delays should have been dismissed by the Horgan Gov't. for his cupidity where the Employer and Union did not file for an appearance.

b) AB I rejected joining a civil class action against specified judges for ethical reasons ( on which the Premier and the media are strangely quiet) for 'kiting' Decisions. Why should the taxpayer bail out these miscreants when the proper action would be to dismiss them and charge them criminally (no judge has ever been fired in Canada which is not a success story).

c) SK On the second trip to corrupt Saskatoon courts (2016 Regina court also corrupt) involving the Employer's lawyer, Vancouver's Harris & Co., a suit against them plus 3 Saskatoon judges has been laid in NB where it festers awaiting a court date. This is a major charge.

d) MB has the most complete case involving 'Natural Justice' which was narrowed to mere disclosure until Premier Pallister spiked the case through his Registry. (Running 'a court within a court' through Registries is standard to all provinces)

e) ON Premier Ford refuses to assign a date to a legal case laid at the time that he ascended to gov't. which probably accounts for his tacit approval of the 'Mad Doctor' story to be defined below.

f) QC The other provinces are bad but QC is unbelievable with their judicial machinations.

g) PEI Limited to solely disclosure from the Union. The court is dragging its feet assigning a hearing date.

h) NS Butchered the constitutional question in 2017 as to whether Court oversight is to be ignored with imposed legislation. School Boards scrapped as one consequence.




BACKGROUND to the 'Mad Doctor' Story employeescasecanada.ca 2019 RECENT 5 / OCTOBER (end) / NOVEMBER PLACARD: HERMIT KINGDOMS / A) N. KOREA B) CANADA

4) Even the North Koreans could not have devised a more diabolical plot than this one.

5) From 'out of the blue' I received a Ministry of Transport notice suspending my driver's license as of October 31 leaving me to get around by walking, cycling and bussing. The quirk in the notice included the term 'psychiatric condition' under the Highways Act. No Doctor or Clinic or lawyer would act with that conjunction of terms leaving me bereft not only of my driver's license where I have a sterling record but with access to any legalities in society. I can't, for example, get a lawyer or Doctor anywhere in Canada. President Trump has been advised to publicize this scourge for criminal elements could turn society upside down if it is not blocked immediately in Canada. That is why I am appealing for public face book publicity. For me, I am in retirement, but what about working people who depend on a car. People I tell this story to are angry and terrified thus immobilizing them which suits the conspirators admirably.

6) But for every force heading to the hills in terms of individuals and institutions (which is the vast majority) - Postmedia, College of Physicians & Surgeons; there are two medical eye Doctors of mine who are willing to provide 'back-handed' support; a vital asset in this kind of battle.

7) On or about October 15, Towngate Family Medicine young Dr. Jahagirdar (Dr. J., filed an undisclosed driver license suspension with the Ministry of Transport for, she insists, mental reasons (which can be tested) which she won't divulge so I am suing Towngate in a case in which I submit that they will never appear in court. A 'compliant' judge, probably chosen from the 50 plus miscreant judges noted above, will not have either her material or that of the Transport Ministry and hence dismiss the case. It's the perfect storm as now my stateless existence will keep me out of any institution including the courts of law.



8) If Dr. J. was concerned about my mental health, she would have requested a psychiatric examination. She would not think of canceling my driver's license under those circumstances.

9) Hence the request and labeling of 'psychiatric condition' came from the ON Transport Ministry whom knew very well what they were doing with information that they had received, in all likelihood from older son, Ottawa contractor Chris Callow, who is familiar with the significance of a driver license suspension. He has already been involved in one caper improperly using the Ottawa police for which I have asked new Chief Sloly to investigate. He should arrest Dr. J. with a criminal charge to keep her fleeing the country for India.

10) Armed with this information, the Transport Ministry inveigled Dr. J. into co-operating with the suspension of my driver's license. She was in a position of conflict representing both myself and my estranged wife (the family are targeting my money) and would not likely accept a family member's request along these lines directly. However, she would trust to the institution of the Transport Ministry not realizing the scam that they were pulling.

11) The above would have to have the sanction of Premier Ford whom has been sitting on a case of mine for over a year without assigning a court date. That is why he must be driven out of politics as creating 'stateless citizens' is a monstrous crime without equal for any democracy.

12) Public exposure both institutional and individual is all important if Canada and Canadians are to weather the biggest challenge ever wrought to our existence as a democracy.

Yours, in deepest regret, Roger Callow 'stateless Canadian citizen'




eye DOCS Ottawa

1285 Kilborn Ave

Ottawa, ON KIH 6K9

Tel (613) 7334400

Fax (613) 726-3329


8 November 2019


Re: Mr. Roger Callow

DOB: 24 August 1941

Phone: (613) 690-0121

OHIP: 4396970917 GC


Mr. Callow presented for a general eye examination on June 11, 2019. 1 have been asked to make a statement regarding his cognitive state at the time of that examination.

As the nature of the examination and the extent of my expertise relates to vision and eye care, I am not in a position to comment on his cognitive state. If the oculo-visual examination process had been hindered by any type of physical or mental limitations there would have been notes in my records to indicate as such. There are no such notes in my examination records.




Dr. Eric DesGroseilliers