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...We (citizens of Nazi Germany) should have known long ago. Maybe we did know and just didn't care. That was the beginning of our sin. There are those who pull the triggers or release the gas. There are those who write the orders to do it. There are those who turn their backs. Some few of the latter say, 'Yes, kill them!' Others say, 'If you must do it, don't involve me!' The rest say, 'Don't even tell me. I don't want to know!' The Angel of Zin Clifford Irving.

As a nation, Canadians are a passive people, a quality Winston Churchill avoided like the plague. They are a generous people giving of their time and money, but basically incapable of facing up to a crisis such as the phony driver's license scam currently perpetrated by ON Premier Doug Ford which promises to change our 'car' dominated culture in a most significant manner in which perverse governments can hi-jack a driver license in such fashion that access to basic institutional rights are denied the target in perpetuity. Unless this issue goes viral on the internet, it is the end of any democracy as we know it.


DEC. 01-2019


TO: Canadian Human Rights Commission  DEC.10-2019  REVISED TO ONTARIO HRC.

       344 Slater St. 8th Flr.

       Ottawa, ON K1A 1E1


FROM: Roger Callow

              1285 Cahill Drive #2001

              Ottawa, ON

              e-mail: rcallow770@gmail.com



1) As you may see from the enclosures, I am the target of a government conspiracy to deprive me in perpetuity of my driver's license. The entire motoring public in Canada is exposed to this Premier Doug Ford scam should this conspiracy materialize.


2) at root of this conspiracy is attaining the possession of my entire medical file which belongs to me; not the Towngate Family Medicine clinic nor to one of their Doctors, Dr. Jahagirdar. They have only provided me partial return of this file when I dropped her as my medical representative on Nov. 01-2019.


3) What is the Canadian Human Rights Commission prepared to do to ensure that one of a Canadians basic rights is observed by attaining my entire medical file?


Thanking you in advance, I remain  Roger Callow



DEC. 01-2019


November 27, 2019

TO: Mayor Jim Watson                                         FROM: Roger Callow

PERSONAL                                                                            1285 Cahill Dr. #2001

110 Laurier Ave. W.                                                          Ottawa, ON K1V 9A7

Ottawa, ON K1P 1J1                                                         t. 613-521-1739

e-mail: Jim.Watson@Ottawa.ca                                  e-mail:rcallow770@gmail.com

Sent by mail                                    web: employeescasecanada.ca  2019 RECENT 5 plus NOVEMBER

                                                          This Letter will be filed under DECEMBER 01, 2019


1) If you believed that the LRT was going to be the biggest negative in your heritage, I have an even bigger issue to challenge your well-being; namely, the phony driver license expropriation by the Ford gov't. of this targeted individual. All drivers are negatively impacted by this unfolding caper of enormous proportions as illustrated by the enclosed information.

2)From my web site dated NOVEMBER 01-2019, the first day of my driver's license suspension:

October 31

Chris Callow


Good afternoon I wanted to reach and offer you a drive if you would like to your appointments or grocery shopping or wherever else would like to go. Feel free to ask if you need other help as well.

Reply to Chris                    

What do you know about information which was sent to Dr. Jahagirdar which caused her to invoke a psychiatric driving charge against me?  Pop

November 01

Roger Callow <rcallow770@gmail.com>


to Chris, Greg, mmostaccinicole.dionnehttps://mail.google.com/mail/u/1/images/cleardot.gif

 Nov. 01        SECOND REQUEST    10:00 a.m. 

To: Chris Callow <chris@cmcallow.com>, Greg Callow <greg.callow@gmail.com>, <mmostacci@gmail.com>, <nicole.dionne@sympatico.ca>

Chris, I did not receive responses from Greg nor Nicole as to the source of Dr. J.'s 'psychiatric' charge which is all important vis a vis any police investigation of this matter. I am sure the family wish to avoid that alternative.

Would you telephone the above two along with your mother regarding the passing along of this purported specialized material and get back to me immediately. The press is on top of this one.(Kelly Egan ducked out)

Nor did I receive my medical file from the clinic via e-mail as I requested as I will be changing Doctors. If specialized material exists, I have a right to get it that way.

As matters stand, it would appear that I am the target of a hoax by Dr. J. and the Clinic is covering for her. I have asked the MP for Ottawa South, Liberal John Fraser, to raise this issue in the Legislature (never did).

For all the above reasons, it is important that you make those 3 phone calls today and get back to me.(never did)       Pop


3) On November 14, 2019, I received a partial Medical File from Dr. Jahagirdar  (Dr. J.) from Towngate Family Medicine with redacted information to conceal identities as to her sources and connection with the Ministry of Transport-Medical in Toronto which also disclosed unknown messages which they refuse to divulge to me.

4) The key to the underlying fraud perpetrated by the Transport Ministry is the co-joining of the terms 'psychiatric condition' under 'The Highways Act' which makes this term untestable which I submit was the entire point of the Ford government as seen from the enclosed material from this targeted individual. Even my lawyer dropped representation of all issues on my behalf claiming that he did not believe that I could get a lawyer on any level. I became a 'stateless individual' with compromised access to any institution including medical care.

5) On Friday, November 22, I was pole-axed once again by a letter from the Scanning Department at the Hospital reminding me of my Dec. 05-2019 appointment; something of which I had never heard. Apparently, Dr. Jahagirdar compounded her fraudulent activity by not notifying the hospital that as of November 01, she was no longer my doctor. If the College of Physicians & Surgeons - ethics branch (Toronto) had taken decisive action, they would have suspended Dr. J. immediately.

6) Further, if Police Chief Sloly had seen fit to seize the complete file in a timely manner, important information with regards to laying criminal charges would have in all likelihood taken place. As it is, it would appear that currying favour with Postmedia supplants his real task of taking effective police action. As matters now stand, I ask you to arrange to have the pertinent material seized in both Ottawa and Toronto through the offices of the mayor there.

Canadians must feel confident that their complete medical belongs to them. As Mayor, you must convince Ottawa residents of that fact.

7) On Tuesday, November 26, Part II of the Licensing scam (dated November 21-2019) signed by Franco Alulio Deputy Register of Motor Vehicles was mailed where no mention of the word 'psychiatric condition' from the original suspension order is repeated. The implication is that my failure to re-submit clearance of my license suspension is a clear indication of my feeble mental health to such a degree that perhaps my driver's license should be suspended permanently. It is a level of chicanery unequal in the annals of government with the bottom line that any motorist who pisses off the government will be banned in perpetuity. And all this in a car society which can be replicated throughout the world unless Mayor Jim Watson takes concrete action now and obtains my complete medical file. This is gov't. bullying at its worst:

Please note that all requested information must be provided. (So why don't you give me all your information?) Failure to do so will result in a delay in reviewing your file. (for many years) ....

8) So there you have it Mayor Watson. To be sure the Ford gov't. which can conduct a scam like this will have no trouble perverting any court hearing called for the purpose unless Mayor Watson takes those steps now to seize documents from Dr. J. in Ottawa and the Ministry of Transport-Medical in Toronto (through the offices of the mayor there.) I will report your response on my web site (including a nil one, if necessary.


Yours truly,   Roger Callow  The first 'stateless' Canadian citizen


enclosures to Mayor Watson




November 27,2019

TO: A) Prime Minister J. Trudeau - Canada

       B) President D. Trump - USA

       C) cc Ottawa Mayor, Jim Watson  plus materials to all three


FROM: Roger Callow - target of a pernicious ON Premier Doug Ford Driver License scam

               employeescasecanada.ca 2019  DECEMBER 02-2019 - filed Report

               e-mail: rcallow770@gmail.com  t. 613-521-1739  Ottawa, Canada



1) PLACARD: BEHIND EVERY ECONOMIC COLLAPSE LIES A MORAL COLLAPSE. Ontario has the largest sub-debt for any sub-nation but it is not the financial clout that I speak of; rather, the moral collapse which is seen on many fronts in reading the news media; particularly 'Letters to the Editor' although the caper here excels itself

2) We are a car culture. To deprive a motorist of a driver's license in perpetuity by a government for highly specious reasons hits right at the core of our effectiveness as an operating democracy. This is not Saudi Arabia where female drivers are undermined with onerous driving regulations. It is Canada where the most specious legislation ever enacted by the Doug Ford government threatens to change how all democracies operate unless it is nipped in the bud. This is where both the P.M. and U.S President must intervene.

3) The two-page letter to Mayor Watson plus other enclosures details how the target, Roger Callow, has not only been deprived of his driver's license as the ON Transport Ministry - Medical refuses to disclose their correspondence on the topic but also with the medical Doctor disclosing only partial information when I dropped her as my family physician on November 01-2019. Apparently the two still collaborate regarding a scan test  for Dec. 05 which I only learned belatedly from the Ottawa Hospital on Friday Nov. 22. The Ministry compounded this conspiracy with a second letter on Nov. 25 as outlined in the letter to the Mayor.

4) The major drawback to date is the failure of the College of Physicians & Surgeons - Toronto Ethics Division to immediately suspend the Doctor in question plus the abject failure of new Ottawa Police Chief, P. Sloly, to seize my complete Medical File from Towngate Family Medicine in Ottawa forcing me to request Mayor Watson to intervene. (The Toronto Mayor should conduct an equivalent seizure of materials from the Transport Ministry-Medical.)

5) It should be noted that I have never had a psychiatric examination nor ordered to have one. I have a clean automobile abstract. There is no reason to 'steal' my driver's license in perpetuity.

6) Being in retirement, I suppose that I can get around cycling, bus passes, Uber and of course, 'shank's mare' as I am a great walker. But what about those whom depend on a car for their living? Even U.S. workers in Canada are subject to this draconian action of Doug Ford.

7) And it does not stop there as I have become a 'stateless individual' denied institutional help anywhere in Canada. For example, I may not get a medical doctor nor hire a lawyer to represent me on any level.


8) For the Prime Minister to take those steps to quash the most iniquitous piece of legislation ever committed in a Democracy and return my Driver's License. What if every government pillories those it doesn't like with a career ending decision which robs the target of access to other institutions? PLACARD: HERMIT KINGDOMS  1) NORTH KOREA  2) CANADA ...and I do not believe that even North Korea could be so diabolical....


Yours truly,  Roger Callow 'stateless individual'




November 29-2019  (filed on web: DECEMBER 03-2019)


TO: Toronto Mayor John Tory - the 'last authority figure left standing'  2 pages plus encl.

FROM: Roger Callow  1285 Cahill Drive #2001  Ottawa ON K1V 9A7

e-mail: rcallow@gmail.com  t.613-521-1739


QUOTE: '....I spoke slowly and clearly to the recording device. "Lieutenant, once a lie becomes an accepted truth, it's almost impossible to refute, so let's not allow that to happen here." ....'

Fallout Sara Paretsky


enclosures: Plaintiff REPLY 25A to 19-SC-155235 (Ottawa  Small Claims Court- 4 pages) Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson 2-page letter DEC.01;

This letter is being filed under employeescasecanada.ca 2019  DECEMBER 03-2019

cc. P.M. Trudeau / President Trump



1) First a word on the title addressed to you: I am the target of a driver license scam originating with the gov't . of Doug Ford in which no Opposition Party nor media (Postmedia and their cohorts) will speak out. Simply put, unless you act directly to seize material from the Transport Ministry - Medical (File No. 001111960) the entire 'car' democracy of the western world will be distorted beyond comprehension. That's a mouthful, but read on.

2) On October 31,2019, I ceased not only to be a licensed driver but I also became a 'stateless person', the first Canadian and probably the first in the world in our 'car' culture. That happened due to the malfeasance of the Transport Ministry - Medical in conjunction with the Office of my former medical Doctor, Dr. Jahagirdar (Dr. J.), of the Towngate Family Medicine clinic in Ottawa. I dismissed her on November 01, 2019 requesting that the College of Physicians and Surgeons suspend her immediately and forbid her to leave the country. There has been no action from them on that level. I requested my medical file which is my property.

3) On November 14, I finally received my incomplete Medical File from Towngate. The omitted information which Dr. J. redacted related to reasons for her recommending suspension of my driver's license making it impossible for me to have the matter re-tested. I asked the police and later Mayor Jim Watson when the police did not respond, to take steps to acquire the complete record. That 2-page letter to Mayor Watson is included here.

4) Here is where you come in as Toronto Mayor, 'the last authority figure left standing' in this legal matter which, as noted above, has the power to radically change our 'car culture' and hence the entire western world. Both P.M. Trudeau and President Trump have been notified.

Unless you personally take direct steps to obtain the Ministry File on my behalf; the Ford gov't. can expect to be successful as 'fixing' a court outcome is child's play if they can 'fix' the Transport Ministry in the fashion which they have. The Transport Ministry ignores my request for disclosure pretending in a second letter that the fault is mine for not getting retested. The point is that the conjunction of the  term 'psychiatric condition' with 'under the Highways Act' is nontestable as no testing party qualifies under both conditions which they must do for retesting purposes. I have been rejected by a number of clinics for that reason.

5) The issue would normally escape public scrutiny; namely, just some old guy (I'm 78) whom lost his driver's license...happens all the time.... 

6) What doesn't happen at any time is the fact that in the above process, I became a 'stateless individual' which has never happened before anywhere. I explained above why I can't get a medical doctor (until the psychiatric condition is cleared up), but my lawyer also dropped representation on these grounds in any legal matter and, as he added, I don't think you will be able to get any legal counsel in Canada. Hence I must represent myself in the upcoming court case. In brief, I am deprived of institutional access on yet to be known institutions explaining my appeal to P.M. Trudeau to take that necessary action (DEC.02 letter) which would return my driver's license immediately. It is to be noted that I have never been in a psychiatrist's office nor requested to attend one. Even here, such an examination would not return my Driver's license as noted above. It should also be noted that I have a clean driving abstract. My Optometrist, whom I met in June, stated in writing to my request that if he had noted any condition which would have impeded my ability to drive, he would have noted it in his files. There was no such note, he concluded.

7) If you do not get this file on my behalf, what will be sanctioned is the right of the government to control those they consider dissidents from ever driving again in perpetuity.

That's not only unconscionable; it's an act of malfeasance on the highest level just short of anarchy. Every Democracy is threatened on this level.

8) It's up to you Mr. Mayor John Tory, 'the last authority  figure left standing'; will you stop this juggernaut from rolling over our society?


Looking forward to hearing from you on this most urgent request. If you assign this file to an underling; please, please, no more bureaucrats which do not know their feet from their ears.


Yours truly,  Roger Callow


encl. Letter to Mayor Watson (2 pages) / Reply 25A to Towngate Family Medicine attorney (4 pages) 19-SC-155235



December 04-2019  2 pages


REFERENCE: Rebuttal to letter from Dr. Jahagirdar (Dr. J.) of the Towngate Medical Clinic dated Oct. 29-2019 by former patient, Roger Callow, in which I had requested a written follow-up of her telephone call to me on one night that week. She writes well but in fact her letter is a tissue of lies which no doubt confounded the Physicians and Surgeons - Toronto which I had requested to have her immediately suspended. Following is my rebuttal which will be included in my action against Towngate Family Medicine : 19-SC-155235 (Ottawa Small Claims Court) basically seeking my entire Medical File which is the property of the patient; not the Clinic nor the Doctor.



1) The thrust of the phone call relates to the fact which I repeatedly made to her; namely, that the conjoining of the term 'psychiatric disorder' with 'under the Highways Act' in my ad hoc driver's license suspension makes the term non testable. That argument is conspicuous by its absence from Dr. J's account which is what this license suspension caper is all about as, it is submitted here, due to machinations in the Premier Doug Ford government mentioned elsewhere. In that endeavor, Ford has the support of Postmedia and their cohorts.

2) J. ...As I have discussed with you over the phone on October 29/19, I was advised (by whom and when?) of concerns related to your mental health, your cognition, and your judgment which related to your fitness to drive. R. My optometrist, limited to ocular matters and related cognitive disorders therein whom I met in June for my annual test, reported that if he had a concern about my ability to drive, he would have noted such in his file. There was no such note in his file, he concluded. The last time I visited Dr. J's Office was for my annual physical in mid-August with no mention of any psychiatric problems. On or about October 15, something happened to change your perspective which lies in your redacted information in my medical file. That knowledge I insist on having.

3) J. I am not at liberty to elaborate further on the concerns that were brought forth. R. Why not? Anyone re-testing me must have those concerns hence your bias against my interests is made clear explaining why I fired you as my Family Doctor on November 01-2019.

4) J. You declined to have your cognition re-evaluated with me on October 3, 2019, and I received information subsequent to this which led me to fulfill my duty to the Minister of Transport. R. From what I can glean from your partial account, your conversation was with employees for Towngate and my two sons, Chris and Greg, all of whom failed to contact me. Why you would discuss my private file with outsiders is not explained and one of the reasons I called for the College of Physicians & Surgeons to immediately suspend you. Hence I did not decline anything as I had no knowledge of your assertions.

5) J. I have clarified with you that it is not my role to determine the status of your license; this is decided by the Ministry. R. Perhaps in the narrowest sense of the word, you are politically correct. However, you fail miserably by continuing to insist - as does the Transport Ministry  in a second letter to me - that the original suspension is testable when, in fact, it is not as attested to by many clinics on this point. Indeed, even you may not re-test on the grounds that you are not a trained psychiatrist; let alone one trained under the Highways Act of which there are none. And it does not stop there as I point out elsewhere; namely, that I have been made Canada's first 'stateless citizen' barred access to other institutions e.g. legal assistance

6) J. '...I have also referred you to a geriatric team and would recommend participating in an assessment with them for further clarification regarding your fitness to drive. R. I did receive a phone call from the geriatric division which would not identify the source of the request. They had no knowledge of the driver's license suspension nor the terms therein. Again, how can any organization conduct any viable test without full disclosure from Dr. J?

7) Based on Dr. J.'s letter, other than the 'psychiatric' labeling, this whole caper was Dr. J.'s and some family members whom are attempting to capitalize on my estranged relationship with my wife to confiscate all my money. The courts are full of such machinations. Why family Doctor, Dr. J., would break patient confidentiality, only she can answer but it is clear that she is anathema to my personal interests. She should have stayed neutral and, if necessary, referred  me to a new Doctor as opposed to pillorying me in the manner that she has.

8) A copy of this Letter is being sent to the College of Physicians along with Mayor John Tory. The former is asked to 'get their act together' and do what they should have done a month ago; namely, suspend Dr. J. from practicing medicine. The correspondence to Mayor Tory is to obtain the Transport Ministry file which the latter refuses to divulge to me in that they ignore my request. In brief, is there other information which the Transport Ministry received which prompted them to act or was their action based solely on Dr. J's submission? An action is being prepared in the 7 figures against Dr. J. separately with her publication of pejorative comments in that medical file material which she did finally return to me on November 14. It is to be noted that she continued to claim she was my Doctor in November with regards to the Scanning Department at the Ottawa Hospital (unknown to me) regarding a Dec. 05 test. She should be suspended on those grounds alone.

9) Much more could be said about Dr. J.'s casuistry; but I limit myself to the key points of her disingenuous account.


Yours truly,  Roger Callow


cc Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson / Toronto Mayor John Tory / College of Physicians & Surgeons - Toronto / P.M. Trudeau / President Trump (as this caper could apply to the U.S. if not nipped in the bud in Canada...he should choose carefully his ideas on this matter; for if he does not; they will choose him and not very credible ones at that.)


December 04-2019 1 page  Submitted by Roger Callow

REFERENCE: Second Letter from the Deputy Minister of Motor Vehicles, Franco Alulio dated Nov. 21-2019 received Nov. 26-2019 (File # 001111960) in which he makes no reference to the first letter and 'psychiatric disorder' under 'the Highways Act' which makes it effectively non-testable for re-instituting a driver's license. In brief, he leap-frogs from the original letter to a 'clean slate' which of course is the only thing which his lawyer would enter as evidence in court. It is a completely spurious and ambiguous  account on that level explaining why I am enlisting the active support of Mayor Tory considering the silence of the Opposition to the biggest legal caper conducted by the Doug Ford government in Canadian jurisprudence. All Canadian drivers are negatively impacted by this ad hoc lifting of a driver's license in perpetuity which has dire ramifications elsewhere as a photo driver's license is a key identification document in our 'car' society. Unless this matter goes viral or alternatively, President Trump speaks out on this inequity as all Democracies are now 'car based'; civilization will be greatly altered.


REBUTTAL: 'Franco (F) vs Blackened Roger' (R) An Alice in Wonderland Account

1) F. The ministry (meaning yourself) has reviewed your case in light of the subsequent report filed on your behalf. R. Which Report? From whom? The only Report which I filed to the Ministry was to request such information. You never responded. Has there been more scofflaw nonsense? you imply as much which is why I have requested Toronto Mayor, John Tory, to acquire said information on my behalf.

2) F. ...take this letter to your treating physician, specialist or nurse....R. I did that immediately on receiving the suspension in October and they all said the same thing; 'We cannot test for a psychiatric disorder under the Highways Act. See your Doctor. I did but she is not a psychiatrist hence, as you well know, I have been stitched right up only to suffer the ignominy of your second letter which, by omission, would pretend that this term does not exist. An honest gov't. would fire you on the spot for such malfeasance. But that is the whole point. The Doug Ford Gov't is not honest and the Liberals, NDP, and Postmedia are unwilling to call him out in this regard, the biggest caper ever made for a 'car' democracy.

3) F. What the Ministry will do if the information is not (Ministry underlining) received.  R.Notice how the Ministry would hopefully bury this issue without any repercussions:

F. Please Note that all (Ministry underlining) requested information must be provided. R. The underlined 'all' of course, forces me to respond to the 'psychiatric disorder' which they know that I can't. F. Failure to do so will result in a delay in reviewing your file.... R. That is the key. I will never be able to provide all information hence Franco can put this on a back burner in perpetuity thus resolving Doug Ford's problem although at the expense of creating the precedent noted above. Of course he skates out by only recognizing the second letter which, in fact, is a denial of the first letter to me from the Transport Ministry.

4) Readers may now see that the only thing to stop this juggernaut is to make this story go viral on the internet. There is only so much as the authorities well know which I can do in Canada. As such, this matter places an undue load on the back of President Trump as this type of cancer will metabolize throughout the democratic world if he does not speak out.          


cc Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson / Toronto Mayor John Tory / College of Physicians & Surgeons - Toronto / P.M. Trudeau / President Trump



NEWSLETTER - must go 'viral' on the internet to succeed



1) For that answer, I turn to the Quebec Appeal Courts and the interpretation of Lavery de Billy

Dec. 07-2015: p.20  C.A.M. 550-09-025753-153  &  S.C. GATINEAU 550-17-008208-157  

7. hEADS 2, 3 and 4 are what is really at issue here. They seek to go behind the learned arbitrator's decision and ask the court to quash the original decision of the Board to lay-off the petitioner. In addition, they seek orders compelling the Board to reinstate the petitioner and to pay him his salary and other benefits since the date of his dismissal, November 4, 1985.


1) The arbitration was quashed by Supreme Court Justice, Mary Southin, in 1986 with the arbitrator ruled patently unreasonable. She recommended (not 'ordered') that the Board re-employ me. In law a recommendation carries weight. Arbitration was re-ordered by the court when the Board refused to re-employ me.

2) The School Board appealed her decision claiming that the arbitration under the imposed BILL 35 was to be the only operant legal procedure in this case. They lost.

3) When the arbitrator died in what is called a 'frustrated situation' in law (neither side is to be negatively affected by a glitch in the law); The Board did not return to arbitration as ordered by the court; a question raised to them in writing by the arbitrator shortly before his death asking why not? Hence if de Billy's claim that BILL 35 contained everything required in this case including compensation is correct; how was I to access that compensation when the Board did not return to arbitration as so ordered?

4) Accordingly, my lawyer called on the court's power of 'inherent jurisdiction' to resolve this matter which innumerable courts ignored.

5) In 1995, I went before Justice Spencer of the B.C. Supreme Court whom hog tied me further by declaring the matter to come under the collective bargaining rules  with only the Union having the power to represent me. That left me only with a complaint to the B.C. Labour Board (It was a sweetheart deal as they well recognized) under a Section 12 complaint. They rejected my lawyer's argument to hold such a meeting because 'we did not see that the Union had done anything wrong'. Their real fear was that disclosure would reveal that Stuart Clyne Q.C. for the Board committed fraud when he rescinded the original lay-off notice from June and after my registered challenge,. It is that disclosure from both the Board and Union which I have been seeking clear across Canada in a re-convened special meeting on July 15 of which notes Justice Southin called for and then returned 'because she did not use them'. The point is that because Southin did not call out Clyne QC for fraud, he turned around and used that failure to blackmail her. Over 50 judges across Canada have been involved in 'covering up the cover-up'. Premier Doug Ford is augmenting that process with my driver's license suspension not cognizant of the unintended consequences for all drivers; Canada and beyond in a matter which he believes can be limited to just this writer. Not so, explaining my appeal to P.M. Trudeau and President Trump.

6) Eventually, in 2004 I asked to be heard before the Supreme Court of Canada on an unresolved labour case where no compensation had been paid. Their refusal to hear the case prompted my lawyer to say: 'You have exhausted all Remedy under the law'. That's when the Justice System imploded with 'the corpse to follow'; namely, the driver's license suspension.

7) While observing the November 4, 1985 date which is when I received my last pay cheque, what de Billy is doing is to gloss over the original lay-off letter in June pretending that the July 15 private second decision by Clyne QC  is also valid. It is that disclosure which the Board steadfastly refuse to produce and every court steadfastly refuses to order them to produce.

8) In PEI, I have launched a case solely against the Union which purloined my copy of the July 15 illicit Clyne QC hearing for the Board. I have a right to see that copy (which would launch the biggest fraud case ever heard in Canadian Jurisprudence). The Union did not reply so rather than sending the matter up to the court for a decision on disclosure, the Registry is seeking to 'run a court within a court' by disposing of the issue as frivolous & vexatious; an option available to the court but not to a Registry as seen by over 50 judges on this case.

9) When I retired 13 years ago, I sent my retirement notice to the School Board as I had earlier transferred my B.C. retirement package to Ontario as per regulations. But here is the point. If the Employer does not acknowledge your retirement, an employee remains on staff hence the claim for currently 35 years of 'deferred salary' plus interest. I have set the buy-out option for an unprejudiced $20 million...oh, what a tangled web the Board weaved when first they practiced to deceive...

10) Hence the corpse of the Canadian Justice System is currently being served up with ramifications well beyond Canadian borders in terms of the ramifications of the Premier Doug Ford raid on our 'car' culture. P.M. Trudeau is being kept notified of all these events.


11) Turn to the streets for individual justice as the politicians, courts of law, and media plus any number of oversight bodies (i.e. College of Physicians & Surgeons) are moribund. Do not vote nor buy a Canadian Newspaper. N.B. No violence against people, please.


12) As you can see from the above account, Canadians are a passive people who forgot 'to stand on guard for thee' and as such, pose a threat to the U.S. considering that we are their northern flank of defense. In the 50's, we called such people 'weak sisters' but today individual 'sisters' have shown themselves to be anything but weak. Rather we're just a nation without a backbone. Historically such nations never fare well. In Canada's case, it is reflected in the failure of our oversight bodies which do not, in the Employee's Case, even acknowledge such as judicial malfeasance (two such judges are named in the Ontario action which Ford has failed to assign a hearing date for a year and a half).

 Choose carefully your ideas for if you do not, they will choose you and not very credible ones at that. In brief, inform U.S. interests of the risks, both institutional and personal (in terms of the driver's license scam which could have universal application if not nipped in the bud). Ousting Ford from all political connections would send a very clear message that this kind of stunt will not be tolerated in the world's democracies.                               





BY: Roger Callow in the case of the 'purloined driver's license by ON Premier Doug Ford' which not only negatively affects one individual in our 'car Society' but all those societies which depend on an automobile to do business. In brief, A gov't. can steal your driver's license in perpetuity where there is no appeal. That's unconscionable but is happening in Canada right now. Further, it impinges on your access to all other institutions. e.g. legal help.

SEE employeescasecanada.ca 2019 DECEMBER for more details. This letter is filed DEC.6



1) Justin needs your help...again. Last time that you stepped in was to bolster his re-election chances leaving his Opposition fuming.

2) This time the challenge is more tangible for if the above scam materializes, no driver is safe from a vindictive government from using this threat to force individual drivers to do gov't. bidding. That includes the U.S. and beyond.

3) What is required from you, in the absence of any other U.S. interest, is to speak out on this cardinal abuse to our society.

4) Looking forward to hearing from you or your friends in the U.S. speaking out on a matter which is anathema to all modern civilization.


I remain, Roger Callow  targeted whistle blower


Dec. 06-2019


TO: College of Physicians  and Surgeons - Doctor ethics Division

        80 College St. Toronto, ON M5G 2E2  File 1110655  Svetlana Goltsman Investigator

        t. 416-967-2600  f.416-967-2616  1 page sent by fax

FROM: Roger Callow  1285 Cahill Dr. #2001 K1V 9A7 t. 613-521-1739

e-mail: rcallow770@gmail.com  web: employeescasecanada.ca  2019 DECEMBER this date



1) This 2-page 'whitewash job' which the College has a reputation for judging by internet comments was dated November 29,2019 and received on Dec. 05-2019.

2) Right from the outset the College sets their limitation: Re: Complaint Regarding Dr. Anusha Jahagirdar. The outcome is already written in advance. She never used the term psychiatric in her request to have my driver's license suspended; that was an appellation of the Motor Vehicle Ministry- Medical which refuses to divulge any information to me necessitating my appeal to Toronto Mayor, John Tory, to investigate. By conjoining the term under the Highways Act, all retesting facilities say the same thing...we can't touch it, see your Doctor. But here is the point; even Dr. Jahagirdar (Dr. J.) cannot touch it as she is not a licensed psychiatrist and certainly not one licensed under the Highways Act (there aren't any). Presumably, if there were such a figure, they would require all the information which Dr. J. has refused to divulge. (Of interest here is that I have a clean driving abstract and have never been ordered to have a psychiatric examination.)

3) My medical file belongs to me; not the Towngate Family Medicine, which would seek to escape responsibility in an action I have laid by claiming to have no oversight control of the Clinic's operation; that apparently is in the 'amorphous hands' of the doctors. But lawyers are used to running that gambit hoping to latch onto a 'gullible' judge desperate to sidetrack highly political cases. Nor does that complete file belong to the Doctor, it is mine and I have asked the assistance of the Ottawa Mayor and the new police chief of Ottawa in seizing it on my behalf. I have also requested Mayor John Tory to take the necessary action against the Transport Ministry-Medical for their diabolical action which has ramifications far beyond a single individual as the entire driving public is adversely affected in all democracies should this stunt not be nipped in the bud. It is the extension of that suspension which is frightening explaining why, in the absence of action by P.M. Trudeau, I have notified the U.S. President as I am a 'stateless person' without access to other institutions such as legal representation for any issue. Currently, I am writing to the Canadian Psychiatric Association on that level.

4) If the College had seen fit to suspend Dr. J. immediately as I requested- and there is sufficient evidence to justify that action - while this matter was being investigated, there may have been some credibility to the College position to go in for a long drawn-out investigation. As matters stand, I must join the chorus of those labeling the College as a cover-up Organization unless they immediately acquire my complete medical file on my behalf.


Yours, in disappointment, Roger Callow  targeted 'stateless individual'


cc Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson/Toronto Mayor John Tory/P.M. Trudeau/President Trump  


Dec. 07-2019


TO: Canadian Psychiatric Association 

141 Laurier Ave W. Ottawa, ON K1P 5J3  t. 613-234-2815 1 Page plus encl. sent by mail

encl. Letter to College of Physicians and Surgeons dated Dec.06-2019


FROM: Roger Callow  1285 Cahill Dr. #2001 K1V 9A7 t. 613-521-1739

e-mail: rcallow770@gmail.com  web: employeescasecanada.ca  2019 DECEMBER this date

Reference: Driver Suspension #001111960



1) Gee, just like Nazi Germany...and indeed it is. Substitute 'driving public in all democracies' for 'Jews' and make Deputy Transport Minister-Medical Riuttu a candidate for the SS and one can see the parallel.

2) The central point to make here is that the term 'psychiatric' must not be bandied about but that is exactly what is happening under the Premier Doug Ford Government due to an unrelated labour matter which I submit is the origin of this heinous action which, if successful in an upcoming action which I have filed against the Towngate Family Medicine, has the potential to negatively impact all drivers in every democracy.

3) Unfortunately, P.M. Trudeau is not responding to me in rescinding this atrocious action leading to my appeal to the U.S. President as the U.S. is subject to such depredations if this stunt is not nipped in the bud. Regrettably, the Provincial NDP and Liberal Opposition has failed to raise this all important issue in the Legislature forcing me to turn to Toronto Mayor, John Tory, as the 'last authority left standing' to combat the iniquity of Riuttu and Company in forcing a suspended driver into 'statelessness'; a quality they would hope could be limited to just this personage. In short, I am currently, a 'stateless individual' living in Canada.

4) The Psychiatric Association in the above regard must make a direct appeal immediately to P.M. Trudeau to rescind my driver's license suspension under the above conditions outlined in the College letter included above. Nothing less is required to make sure that the term 'psychiatric' is not bandied about to suit political purposes as all the citizens of a country are negatively affected as seen by the Nazi Germany analogy above.

5) In that regard, every effort must be made by the Psychiatric Association to acquire my medical suspension file from Riuttu as well as the entire medical file on me from Dr. Jahagirdar of the Towngate Family Medicine Clinic and turn it over to me.

6) If Doug Ford can fix a Driver's License suspension due to a one and a half years of refusing to give me a court date in an unrelated Labour matter referring to the past malfeasance of two Ontario judges; it would be a 'piece of cake' to have the same 'boys in short pants' deliver a pre-ordained court outcome to the Chief Justice to arrange for 'the necessary outcome' in the upcoming action against Towngate (Dr. J. not named as a party to this particular action as she is to be sued separately for a price tag well into the seven figures).

7) In the event that the presiding justice opens his or her remarks as to 'jurisdiction' and the Towngate abstruse argument that the Corporation does not oversee the operation of the clinic; I will know the outcome immediately and that does not look good for me (and all Canadian drivers).

8) On the other hand, should the judge correctly assign oversight power to the Clinic which is my claim; my medical file is in their possession and should be provided in its entirety to me. My understanding is that Dr. J. is currently travelling in India with a substitute Doctor in control of her files which is reflective of Towngate overview.

9) The central question from the judge, therefore, is to request that my entire medical file be provided me immediately and time allotted for me to study it (2 weeks) before the trial recommences. My guess is that no such retrial will occur as that full file will take me into other venues.

10) The American 'Gettysburg Address' was conspicuous by the fact that no-one paid any attention to it at the time. Similarly, no-one will notice this one hour hearing above and yet it is the single most important judicial case in Canadian jurisprudence with an impact, as mentioned above, in all world democracies for the driving public.

11) U.S. commercial and diplomatic interests would do well to restrict any activity in Ontario until this case 19-SC-155235 is heard sometime in 2020.


Yours truly, I remain, Roger Callow   Canadian-born citizen targeted as a 'stateless person' living in Canada


cc Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson / Toronto Mayor John Tory / P.M. Trudeau / U.S. c/o Embassy


DEC. 10-2019 

TO:  NB Premier Higgs and his courts. Why no response to a case in N.B. tying the Vancouver outfit, Harris & Co. to the malfeasance of 3 judges? (signed) Roger Callow



JUNE 01-2019

BY: Roger Callow Plaintiff employeescasecanada.ca  SEE 2019 JUNE  sub-heading NEW BRUNSWICK (34 year unresolved B.C. labour case where no compensation has been paid due to the 'intricacies' of the imposed BILL 35 (1985) used only against this senior West Vancouver teacher in an alleged lay-off for economic reasons.  e-mail: rcallow770 @gmail.com

Sun, 26 May, 12:44 (3 days ago)



...I am a litigant subject to the vexatious litigant judgment in Ontario. I will be making an application for leave to appeal to the Supreme Court.
I can see from Canlii that Justice Thomas made an order against you on the inherent jurisdiction of the court   Callow v West Vancouver Teacher’s Association (Local School District Number 45), 2019 ABQB 353(CanLII)
Justice Thomas copied this directly form (sic) the order of Justice Corbett in Peoples Trust Company v Atas, 2019 ONCA 359(CanLII) and Peoples Trust Company v Atas, 2018 ONSC 58 (CanLII),
The Alberta Court of Appeal recently granted leave to appeal in  Vuong Van Tai Holding Inc v Alberta (Minister of Justice and Solicitor General), 2019 ABCA 165 (CanLII) and suggested that Makis v Alberta Health Services, 2019 ABCA 23 (CanLII), and Lymer (Re), 2018 ABCA 368 z(CanLII) be heard together.  The NSRLP obtained leave to interven (sic) in Jonsson v Lymer, 2019 ABCA 113 (CanLII)
I spoke with one of the lawyers and they have agreed to have appeals heard together  and the main issue will be the court making vexatious litigant order (sic) on the inherent jurisdiction of the court.
The order that was made against you was also made on the inherent jurisdiction and without the attorney general.

... have attached the decisions to this email in an attachment, Bring an appeal and ask for leave and ask if you can have you (sic) appeal heard together.



1) New Brunswick, due to its challenge to the imposed  Carbon Tax is about to undergo a similar 'whang, bang, thank-you ma'am, performance paralleling other provinces including PEI. In brief, you stand little chance of success if you follow the routine of SK which ignored my legal advice and instead brought a knife to a gun fight. No matter which way their appeal goes, they are tarnished with the lower court conviction in perpetuity. (N.B. has been chosen as this is the first foray by this case into this province raising the question as to which interests control your courts...the Premier or the grey eminence?)

2) While it is an uphill battle, giving this plaintiff Special Status in order to function on 3 levels is required in order to make a constitutional challenge. That was Premier King's role after the abject failure of the Green Party. It would seem now that PEI must go it on their own and SK shows the folly of that course ....

5) I was dumbfounded to find Harris & Co. present on an ad hoc presentation before Konkin j. on April 25 never believing that Konkin j. would ask him to forward his 500 word submission to me for a rebuttal. The material was borrowed from another court and in no way referenced the Saskatoon Court. Konkin j. lied to me on that direct question....

7) The maxim that 'It is a fool whom has himself as a legal client' applies equally to legal firms.

The point here, Harris& Co. is highly unlikely to get any legal firm to represent them in the new forum (New Brunswick). Of course, the original question of disclosure is paramount in a case where I call on the court to act on a one-time without prejudice non-negotiable $20 million dollars to cover all costs from Harris for the three parties which I claim are equally responsible; the Employer, the Union, and the Courts of law. That is, unless Harris & Co. hand over the well-defined disclosure either to me privately or as ordered by the court.



     The Canadian Justice System in its cleverness has permitted large interests to exploit the dichotomy between civil law (a personal matter between litigants with a dollar value attached) and criminal law (controlled by the state and barred to litigants such as myself involved clearly in a criminal matter on both the part of Harris & Co. and the Saskatoon Court (QGB 52 of 2019) ).

     The point here is that if the disclosure called for shows a criminal intent, then everything flowing from it is 'null and void'. That is the calamity facing the Employer in this case. That is the calamity facing Justice Canada by refusing to date to call for disclosure with over 50 judges.

     The employeescasecanada.ca has shown systemic abuse on the part of Justice Canada which goes without investigation negatively impacting all contracts - both private and diplomatic in Canada e.g. NAFTA(2). President Trump has been advised to warn all foreign interests in this regard to boycott Canadian courts until this matter is resolved.


DEC. 10-2019



2446 Bank St. Suite 201,

Ottawa, Ontario t:613-739-0998  f:613-739-1485  


FROM: Roger Callow  1285 Cahill Drive #2001  Ottawa  K1V 9A7

t. 613-521-1739   e-mail: rcallow770@gmail.com


To whom it may concern:

1) Wherever did you get your legal representation...right out of university?

2) I would like to see your Insurance provider as I am sure your coverage is not limited to the 'lease on the building' as you are running a full medical clinic.

3) The upcoming court hearing for 19-SC-155235 (Ottawa Small Debts Court) which I am seeking to hold after January 15-2020 will have two themes:

a) disclosure of my complete medical file from Dr. Jahagirdar (Dr. J.)whom is not named in the above action as I believe the file belongs to that of Towngate as evidenced by the fact that Dr. J.'s replacement would be in possession of those complete files. She or he should not be exposed to litigation from me and will not be if those complete files are forwarded to me immediately.

b) The use of the term psychiatric as it relates to the driving public is very troubling and I enclose a 2-page letter dated Dec. 07-2019 to the Psychiatric Association here in Ottawa. In bottom line language, a driver could find his or her driving license suspended in perpetuity without any Appeal and be reduced to a 'stateless condition' in terms of access to any Canadian institution. That's unconscionable. Whether that term originates with Dr. J. or the Ministry of Transport-Medical cannot be known until I receive my entire medical file.

6) Towngate should do the right thing and forward my entire medical file to me immediately. This time don't even bother consulting with your lawyer who is now thinking in terms of 'billable time nonsense' at the client's expense.


Yours truly,


Roger Callow  Plaintiff


DEC. 11-2019


TO: A) Macdonald Laurier Institute

            323 Chapel St. Ottawa, ON K1N 7Z2

       B) Amnesty International Canada

            312 Laurier Ave E. Ottawa K1N 6P6


FROM: Roger Callow Canada's first native born 'stateless citizen' in a mega story which negatively impacts the driving public in all democracies. I have asked U.S. interests to backstop me and Canada as P.M. Trudeau would 'fiddle while Canada burns'


1) What are the two bodies listed above prepared to do now that the College of Physicians & Surgeons and the new Ottawa Police Chief, P. Sloly, have failed in their duties to seize all the medical files on behalf of the above whom is now the plaintiff in 19-SC-155235 (Ottawa Small Debts Court) against Towngate Family Medicine. While no specific Doctor is named, the one which has conspired with family interests and the Ministry of Transport-Medical to target my assets is Dr. Jahagirdar. (Dr. J.) After 45 years of a good marriage, I now find myself at age 78 estranged from my family. My Optometrist noted in my annual examination in June that I was physically and mentally fit, certainly to drive an automobile. I have a clear abstract with Allstate

2) Apparently the scam with world dimensions for the driving public which would be the envy of even a hermit kingdom such as North Korea originates with Premier Doug Ford in an unrelated labour matter. Here, the conspirators including this Transport Division, Dr. J. and some family members would abuse the word 'psychiatric' to deprive myself of driving capabilities in perpetuity with no effective Appeal. SEE enclosures. Substitute 'driving public' for Jews in Nazi Germany and one pretty much gets the picture. The point is that we are a 'car culture' and anything which impinges on that right has a devastating effect on our way of life.

3) Postmedia has already killed one story on this national disaster: PLACARD / POGO WE HAVE SEEN THE ENEMY AND IT IS POSTMEDIA  This outfit holds undue control over the nation and apparently has even columnists shaking in their boots.

4) The central point to keep in mind is that my complete medical belongs to me; not the Clinic nor an individual Doctor. Without that complete file; particularly under the circumstances of the use of 'psychiatry' by the Transport Ministry conjoined under the Highways Act,  I cannot get another Doctor. Nor can I be retested despite the claim of Dr. J. and the Transport Deputy Minister-Medical whom threatens me in a second letter of side-tracking my status unless I do.

5) And the persecution does not stop there. My lawyer on other matters dropped out representing me due to this suspension sympathetically telling me that I would not likely be able to enjoin any other lawyer (he was right). I must defend 19-SC-155235 in person drawing up the question as to whether Towngate may have legal representation as well.

6) Which other institutional bans will exist against me are unknown...passport?


Yours truly, I remain, Roger Callow ...for the time being, at any rate.






BY: Roger Callow  employeescasecanada.ca  2019 DECEMBER this date


1) At the time of the Civil War in the U.S., President Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address, one of many such speeches which went unnoticed at the time. It's importance grew over time until it became the bedrock of the renewed U.S.

2) Similarly 19-SC-155235 Ottawa Small Debts Court in a one-hour hearing the date yet to be set (possibly January 2020), history will be made in an Ottawa Court room in similar fashion so that the future of the 'driving public' in all countries will be quietly decided.

3) In a scenario right out of Jim Crow law America, came the suspension of the driving rights of the above target, Roger Callow, by the Ontario Transport Ministry - Medical at  the end of October. In part, it suspended Callow's driving license for 'psychiatric reasons' under the Highways Act. By conjoining the two terms, it is impossible to retest as any tester -including a psychiatrist- must qualify under the Highways Act. There aren't any. Clinics for retesting turn me away. The duplicitous Deputy Minister of this Department wrote a second letter in mid-November stating that as I did not seek to renew my license, the Department was going to sidetrack my application (never to be heard).

4) It should be noted that I have never been ordered to have a psychiatric examination and my driving record is impeccable with Allstate.

5) So where did this heinous request come from? Two sources:


a) My former family Doctor who made the request to the Ministry refusing, in that process, to provide me with those letters. Nor will the Ministry divulge same. How, it needs be asked, can anyone be retested under these circumstances? Hence the court case is twofold; to quash this aberrant Ministry action and to provide complete disclosure from the medical Doctor whom I dropped on Nov.1 although she continued to act 'on my behalf' behind the scenes. I am estranged from my wife whom, with others in my family, are seeking to acquire my assets with the family Doctor unwisely breaking her code of patient confidentiality to further their ends.


b) Premier Doug Ford - from the tail off this snake - is behind this caper. In an unrelated labour matter, the ON Supreme Court refuses to assign me a hearing date for a case filed on July 1, 2018 when he took over the gov't. Two ON judges from 2014 are named for their malfeasance which goes unexamined by the Canadian Council of Judges. The Employer lost their ON representative in 2014 and are highly unlikely to get any other Counsel in ON. Hence Doug Ford is at the center of this diabolical connection of these two forces.


6) As to 'unintended consequences', I am Canada's first born 'stateless citizen'. I have no access to another medical Doctor. My apologetic lawyer dropped my divorce proceedings because of this suspension and, as he stated, I don't believe you can  get legal representation elsewhere. (He was right). There are other yet unknown restrictions which destroy the whole concept of the 1982 Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

7) In brief, if a gov't doesn't like you, then they may take your driver's license in perpetuity. In a 'car society' in the world, that is the next step in gov't. totality.

8) Many Organizations have been contacted but none appear to understand the severity of this next step in gov't totalitarianism. Substitute car drivers for Jews in Nazi Germany for one perspective.


POST IN STAFFROOM - email colleagues





December 15-2019

TO: Law Society of Ontario Osgoode Hall, 130 Queen Street West Toronto, Ontario M5H 2N6
General line: 416-947-3315 Toll-free: 1-800-668-7380 Fax: 416-947-5263  3 pages

FROM: Roger Callow self-represented Plaintiff  19-SC-155235 (Ottawa Small Debts Court)

1285 Cahill Drive  Ottawa, ON  K1V 9A7  t.613-521-1739  e-mail:rcallow770@gmail.com


TOPIC: alexander.bissonnette@mannlawyers.com 

11 Holland Avenue Ste. 300 Ottawa  K1Y 4S1  t. 613-722-1500



1) Acknowledgement of a filed response included here received by the Plaintiff on December 13-2019 is made.

2) Surely this representation of Towngate Family Medicine (Towngate)with no Doctor's name mentioned must come under the very hungry lawyer classification.

3) The argument presented is typical boilerplate law class 100 theme: 'It's not our Department' If the Defense Counsel had stuck to his theme of the Family as a corporate entity with only lease holding powers, he may have an argument but not a very strong one under the circumstances.

4) For example, as a retired high school teacher, we were told that official School heading letters were the province of the administrators unless specific permission was granted to a teacher to use the school logo. Here, the Doctors routinely use Towngate Stationery with their address implying Towngate oversight. No other address shows for the Doctors employed there.

5) Further, Towngate must see to the daily operation of the Clinic in terms of salaries for the Office Staff and Supplies. Their Insurance form, which is not included as evidence here, would surely reflect that feature. Whether that insurance includes doctor malpractice insurance is also of interest.

6) As noted elsewhere in court filed materials, the doctors may very well practice as an association including Dr. Jahagirdar (Dr. J.) - although that feature is not common knowledge to their clients - but that association does not supplant the oversight control of Towngate where staff members are a part of the accused transgressions in this issue.

7) In point 6., Towngate has no involvement in the plaintiff's medical care may be correct to a point. However, when Dr. J. and Towngate conspire to keep part of the plaintiff's medical file away from him after he dropped Dr. J. as a family physician on Nov. 01-2019, they make themselves party to a conspiracy. That file in total belongs to me. Not Dr. J. nor Towngate.

8) As Dr. J. is currently travelling in India, a substitute Doctor is now in control of this file. She or he is exposed for if indeed a fraud is shown to exist in these withheld documents, I will pursue that substitute Doctor to the fullest extent of the law. A copy of this letter is being sent to Towngate for the purpose of having above said Doctor to supply me with my complete file before Christmas. It should also be noted that if a conspiracy against this targeted individual exists, I will also pursue Bissonnette personally unless he chooses to drop out of this case by Christmas.

9) As matters now stand, neither  myself nor Towngate can engage legal counsel due to the convolutions of the Ministry of Transport-Medical in suspending my driver's license for psychiatric reasons under the Highways Act; a conjoining of terms which make the retesting virtually impossible as shown elsewhere in my factum. The Ministry has acted in conjunction with Dr. J. and family members seeking my assets; a not uncommon thing in our courts of law. I have never been ordered for psychiatric examination. As well I have a clean driving abstract with Allstate. Older son, Chris Callow, a local contractor along with brother, Greg Callow in Guelph, appear to be in constant contact with Dr. J. even after I dismissed her from representing my interests. Chris would be only too aware of the danger of a license suspension as I do not think Dr. J. would come up with contact with the Ministry of her own volition. I will raise the question of Towngate to have legal counsel in court for 19-SC-155235 as I am denied such access as a 'stateless citizen' due to the Ministry's malfeasance. That Ministry never responds to my enquiries for disclosure but appear to have the support of Premier Doug Ford due to an unrelated labour matter.

10) Losing one's driving privileges in perpetuity in our 'car society' is a devastating blow as our economy would grind to a halt under those conditions. Hence in 7. Towngate denies the plaintiff has suffered any loss or damages is insulting in the microcosm and a blatant lie in the macroscosm. I cannot get another medical Doctor without all my files is a reality. Hence the above case is essentially a bid for disclosure, the bedrock of habeas corpus and thus, all law.

11) By denying me my full medical record, Towngate and Dr. J. are responsible at law. If not them, then who is? Towngate doesn't offer any alternative.

12) Point 10. '...these damages or losses were created or greatly increased by the plaintiff's own actions or omissions.' This unsupported statement gets one coming and going. Which actions are due to my fault? The driver's license suspension over which I had no knowledge nor control? Re-testing which a facile interpretation by Dr. J. and the Ministry know is an impossibility? It would seem that Bissonnette wants to have his cake and eat it too by denying any Towngate involvement but indeed involving Towngate in the most inclusive of ways.

13) Point 11 shows the inexperience of Bissonnette: '...plaintiff...the demand for the quashing of the Doctor's Order, is outside the jurisdiction of the Small Claims Court.' I asked no such thing of Dr. J. as my factum for Towngate is limited to the above mentioned disclosure.

The rest of the Defense is of no consequence until Towngate/Dr. J. provide me with my complete medical records which are necessary for any possible retesting or the acquirement of a new medical Doctor. Everyone living in a 'car society' has a stake in this one hour hearing.




14) For Towngate Family Medicine / Dr. Jahagirdar to produce my complete medical file. (I have 95% of it but lack the necessary correspondence related to the suspension of my driver's license under the Minister of Transport-Medical.) That, in essence, is what 19-SC-155235 is all about; namely disclosure, which will redirect the hearing in a substantial way.


Yours truly,  Roger Callow  employeescasecanada.ca  2019  DECEMBER  this date


encl. to Law Society & Bissonnette

cc P.M. Trudeau / President Trump / Towngate Clinic / A. Bissonnette / Dr. J. replacement



DEC.18-2019 (SEE employeescasecanada.ca 2019 DECEMBER this date




1) A reader asks this central question; why have I been targeted in a scam which negatively impacts every car driving society. Take away a driver's license in perpetuity and most people would find it difficult if not impossible to do their job. For the gov't., they have a new weapon against whistleblowers or, for that matter, anyone they don't like if this scam is not nipped in the bud: PLACARD: OUST PREMIER FORD FROM ALL POLITICS .International interests both diplomatic and commercial are asked to boycott Ontario until Ford is deposed.

2) So why did he do it? When Ford accepted the reigns of gov't. in July of 2018, he inherited an unrelated labour matter with its genesis in B.C. dating from 1985 which has never been resolved with no compensation paid. The usual squeeze play in such employee matters backfired with many judges (over 50 total) being referred to oversight bodies for malfeasance. Those oversight bodies never acknowledge let alone examine these very serious accusations of judicial malfeasance.

3) A recent trip to courts in Saskatoon blew up in the face of the conspirators with an action 'in transit' in N.B. naming the Vancouver law firm of Harris & Co., counsel for the West Vancouver School Board for many decades and three judges.

4) The problem for Ford is that he inherited the Ontario disaster from 2014 in which two Ontario judges are named in an action which, again, was not investigated by the Canadian Council of Judges (both were originally Federal Court appointees). Hicks, Morley,et al for the Employer abandoned their representation and it is highly unlikely that any ON firm will fill that void explaining why Harris & Co. tried to fill the void in Saskatoon which back-fired.

5) For over a year and a half, the Ford gov't. will not give me a court date for my filed case making a mockery of the Justice System.

6) So how did the Ministry of Transport-Medical get involved as family Doctor, Towngate Family Medicine's (Towngate)  Dr. Jahagirdar (Dr. J.) would hardly think on her own to seek Transport Ministry suspension which I believe came from a family member with Ford taking advantage of the situation. (I am estranged from my family after 45 years of a good marriage in which the family would seek to grab my assets). My driving record is clear and I have never been ordered to undergo psychiatric examination.

7) The wording of the suspension would be the envy of North Korea. By conjoining the terms psychiatric under the Highways Act, a re-testing requires someone qualified under both areas... there isn't anyone. Further, as Dr. J. kept back pertinent letters to the Ministry when she returned my medical file on Nov. 14 (I dismissed her as my Doctor on Nov. 1 but she still conducts business with such as the Ottawa Hospital without notifying them of the change as a means of bolstering her case.) Hence the upcoming case 19-SC-155235 Nov. 08 filing date in Ottawa Small Claims Court is basically about disclosure of these documents which is necessary for any re-testing in my request for a new Doctor.



8) Under normal circumstances, there should not be any difficulty acquiring my complete medical file as that file in its entirety belongs to me: not Towngate nor Dr. J. although Towngate is trying to duck out of any corporate oversight responsibilities.

9) But these are not normal circumstances. If Ford can fix the Transport Ministry, he can fix the courts where my suspicions are running high. That is why I want a reputable judge. I do not want a Chief Justice nor Deputy Justice. A copy of this letter is to be included to the court for the purpose.

10) The legal theme of Towngate's Counsel is that they have nothing to do with the operation of the clinic merely being limited to a leasehold arrangement. It's a facile argument carrying no weight  as someone pays the employees and buys supplies. Their insurance policy would reveal the extent of their responsibility  but that is not included in their factum.

11) Nor is the other claim; namely, that the Doctor's form a partnership which would, indeed, define their relationship with Towngate. A few ex parte telephone calls have led Towngate counsel to believe that my case will be disposed of as frivolous & vexatious, a badly over-worked term in law but one used extensively by judges ducking out of their responsibilities. Just give us our 'billable time expenses' they ask.

12) The second aspect of this case; namely, my driver's license suspension, is also tied up in disclosure. I have asked the Law Society to investigate the Ministry of Transport-Medical as this body does not communicate with me. Unfortunately, these oversight bodies, which also includes the College of Physicians & Surgeons are dysfunctional as are most such bodies in Canadian society. Contacting media or politicians is also a waste of time. The only chance in this case is for  this matter to go viral on the internet considering President Trump is not warning U.S. diplomatic and commercial interests to give Ontario a wide berth as they are directly exposed to similar depredations being a 'car society'.

13) The license suspension must be quashed during the hearing otherwise the judge will just be handed a sheath of papers to sign after he departs finishing any attempt to stop this nefarious action. The Charter of Rights and Freedoms (1982) insists on unfettered access to the law for individuals which I do not have. I also cite a case study from ON debunking this suspension.

14) I have to look out for legal stunts. There is no time in a one hour hearing to call witnesses for which I demand prior notice; certainly not Dr.J. I would protest vehemently any such move. The stunt here which I experienced in the 1985 arbitration regarding my illicit teacher lay-off is for the media to absent themselves while individuals with no connection to the case take the stand. The arbitrator - whom was later condemned as patently unreasonable when the arbitration was later quashed by the court - was quoted widely in the media thus destroying my reputation (SEE web: Red Neck Media) making comeback next to impossible in the mind of the reading public.

15) As for Dr. J., she has exposed herself to civil litigation which I will pursue well into the seven figures. In all likelihood, she will be unable to practice medicine in Canada. That will commence over the next two years. I also see fraud charges based on Dr. J.'s withheld letters to be laid against family members complicit in this conspiracy.

16) The internet is the key to exposure of this heinous Doug Ford caper considering the boycott of this national issue by Postmedia and their media cohorts (CBC)



Yours truly , Roger Callow


cc court 19-SC-155235 / Anthony Bissionette esq. for TowngateHighways ActHighwaH  



TO: Daniel Brodsky esq.                           FROM: Roger Callow 35 year plaintiff in an unresolved

       Innocence Canada                                            civil labour matter employeescasecanada.ca

       30 St Clair Avenue West                                  no compensation has been paid

       Ste 103 Toronto ON M4V 3A1                      1285 Cahill Dr. #2001  Ottawa, ON K1A  9A7        

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       e-mail: daniel-brodsky.com  1 page sent by e-mail



1) I read Bonokoski's article on you in today's Ottawa Sun. I have known Mark for years through my comments to him and other columnists mainly focusing on my unresolved civil case dating from 1985. All are prohibited from commenting on this national story.

2) The Innocence Project began in the U.S., as you know, and had tremendous success in having close to 200 Death row inmates freed largely as a result of the introduction of DNA evidence in the 1990's. Hence your Organization has a good reputation...as far as it goes.

3) What about criminal activity in the civil code by the authorities pursuing whistleblowers? Hence your Organization is only telling half the story and yet I am sure you see many of the inequities in details which escape the news media; mainly Postmedia and their media cohorts.

4) In brief, you are dealing with the 'tail of the snake' where you operate within the criminal code while I deal on an extra-legal basis with the 'head of the snake' in a listing of judicial malfeasance from civil courts across Canada which no-one can comprehend but my claims are hardly frivolous. In short, we do not have 'law and order' in Canada; merely 'judges orders' which I have called out many times for judicial malfeasance with the appropriate oversight body. Those bodies never acknowledge the complaints let alone act on them.

5) The 2-page Letter to Premier Ford regarding a driver's license suspension scam (SEE web: 2019 DECEMBER 18) marks a major departure for Justice Canada as to date, 'fixing' law courts has been their domain with over 50 judges claiming my bid to get compensation from my senior teacher lay-off for solely economic reasons in 1985 is merely a frivolous & vexatious action on my part. With Ford's scam, the government has moved from the 'act of omission' to the 'act of commission' which adversely affects everyone in a 'car society'. I have called on President Trump to warn U.S. diplomatic and commercial interests from dealing with Ford's Ontario until my arbitrary driver license suspension is quashed. To date, he has done nothing.

6) The above is to explain why you should not do anything dealing with the civil/criminal law divide which functions much like those diseases which leap the animal-human genome; e.g. flu from pigs and the common cold from horses. In other words stick to what you know.

7) The Appeal here by me is for you to contact your international connections and invite them to get published in an international journal, a pulitzer prize winning article on the above topic of 'what to do with a tyrannical king' or, in this case, 'a tyrannical gov't. and law courts within a democracy'.


Yours truly, Roger Callow (signed)


The 'Outlawed Canadian' in an outlaw 'Justice System' plus gov't. due to systemic judicial malfeasance.


Dec. 20-2019



2446 Bank St. Suite 201, Ottawa, ON K1V 1A4

Ottawa, Ontario t:613-739-0998  f:613-739-1485  


FROM: Roger Callow  1285 Cahill Drive #2001  Ottawa  K1V 9A7

e-mail: rcallow770@gmail.com


REFERENCE: 19-SC-155235 Ottawa Small Debts Court to proceed by Mandamus on Feb. 25-2019


To whom it may concern:

1) By now, you should be in possession of the court's Mandamus material (now there's one for you!) requiring witnesses to give evidence under oath. REVISED: not a trial therefore no oath

2) In the event that your legal representative finds that he is ill-qualified to represent you under these new terms in which the court, heavily under the influence of Premier Doug Ford as it moves 'sideways'; I require the following information: the full names of all Towngate staff and addresses including any administrator plus the replacement for Dr. Jahagirdar (Dr. J.).

3) It would seem that the Transport Ministry would seek to 'shop' innocent Towngate staff in order to save their own rear ends. It won't work, as the charge is fraud and, possibly, perjury, for anyone whom takes the stand. REVISED: meeting in complete secrecy=corruption

4) The alternative is to provide me immediately with information withheld by Dr. J. when my medical file was returned on Nov.14-2019 (I dropped her as a family physician on Nov.01 although she continued to represent my medical interests; e.g. The Ottawa Hospital). That file, in its entirety, belongs to me and the above case is directed solely to produce that disclosure.

5) The choice is yours in December if you act now and not available to you in January 2020 if you do not. Why should innocent staff, the question need be asked, be held accountable for the transgressions of one of  Towngate's doctors?


Yours truly,


Roger Callow (former patient)




BY: Roger Callow  rcallow770@gmail.com  Dec. 20-2019


Latin, We command. A writ or order that is issued from a court of superior jurisdiction that 

commands an inferior tribunal, corporation, MunicipalCorporation, or individual to perform, 

or refrain from performing, a particular act, the performance or omission of which is 

required by law as an obligation.




References in periodicals archive

I am reliably informed by people more knowledgeable about such things that, at the time of Marburymandamus was regarded as a coercive remedy at law (my underlining), R. Where did this request for such a meeting originate? The defendant did not file any such request nor did I...not a form of equitable relief, but still an extraordinary remedy available only when no ordinary remedy will do. R. The entire case is about disclosure of the remaining part of my medical file after I dropped Dr. Jahagirdar (Dr.J.) on Nov. 01-2019 receiving only a partial file on Nov. 14. Without a complete file, I cannot get another medical Doctor. The entire file belongs to me. Not Towngate Family Medicine nor Dr. J. The Defendants could provide me at any time without trial with that disclosure in order for the police to lay criminal charges of fraud. As such, the holding of this Mandamus Court has the opposite effect of elucidating the truth; rather, it is more in the nature of cover-up making the judiciary complicit in this fraud more than it already is.


Mandamus is not a writ of right, it is not consequently granted of course, but only at thediscretion of the court to whom the application

for it is made; and this discretion is not exercised in favor of the applicant,....R. I do not trust to this court as the applicant for good reasons noted above. Again, where did this request originate?

 Generally, the decisions of a lowercourt made in the course of a continuing case will not be  reviewed by higher courts until there is a

 final judgment in the case. On the federal level, for example, 28 U.S.C.A. § 1291 provides that appellate review of lowercourt decisions

 should be postponed until after a final judgment has been made in the lower court. A writ of mandamus offers one exception to this rule. If a party to a case is dissatisfied with some decision of the 

If a party to a case is dissatisfied with some decision of the trial court, the party may appeal the decision to a higher court with a petition for a writ of mandamus before the trial proceeds. R. There has been no lower court Decision as this Order usurps the Judicial process in its entirety. Again, where did this Order originate? The order will be issued only in exceptional circumstances. R. Which 'exceptional circumstances'. This Order does not state any.


From the Superior Court of Justice, Small Claims Court Conference

7. There are many good reasons why parties should try to settle their dispute before going to trial:

a) It saves time; R. How does a one hour hearing become supplanted by a few days of hearing in which the Plaintiff will be dunned for all costs save any time?

b) It saves money;  R. See above

c) It avoids the stresses of a trial; and R. Quite the opposite as should the trial judge of 19-SC-155235 order the production of the said medical material mentioned above; the trial will be over in 5 minutes with the Ottawa Mayor and police backstopping me in retrieving those medical records. The underlying message is that the Towngate Defense is so weak that the court must bolster it with this faux mandamus hearing.

d) It gives you the power to resolve your dispute on your own, rather than have a stranger resolve it for you. R. I trust to strangers far more than this Mandamus Court which the Prime Minister of Canada should abrogate by cancelling my arbitrary driver license suspension by Premier Doug Ford acting through the Ministry of Transport - Medical (Deputy Minister Riuzu connecting link). It is P.M. Trudeau's abysmal lack of action in which a citizen can be deprived of citizenship in all things making the Charter of Rights and Freedoms (1982) for individuals to be a meaningless piece of paper which is at question here. Hopefully President Trump will speak out on a driver license scam which threatens the entire 'car driving' world. U.S. interests are also directly impacted in dealing with Ontario and should be met with a trade embargo until this case is resolved.


cc P.M. Trudeau / President Trump



This writ was introduced to prevent disorders from a failure of justice; therefore it ought to be used upon all occasions where the law 

has established no specific remedy, and where in justice and good government there ought to be one.


Mandamus will not lie where the law has given another specific remedy.


R. Justice, thourt name is disclosure; nothing more nor nothing less in this case


Targeted Judicial victim, I remain, Roger Callow Plaintiff     




TO: Epoch Times

ATTN: Cindy Gu  Publisher

344 Consumers Road

Toronto, ON M2J 1P8

t: 416-298-1933

f. 416-946-1927  Sent by fax


FROM: Roger Callow

1285 Cahill Dr. East #2001

Ottawa, ON K1V 9A7

t/f: 613-521-1739

e-mail: rcallow770@gmail.com

web: employeescasecanada.ca



1) In 1999, one person decided that Falun Dafa was a threat to the existence of the Communist Party which metamorphosed into a persecution which still goes on today as evidenced by 100 live organ transplants per day in China.


2) In 2020, on Feb. 27-2020, one 'Mandamus' Court (see 2 page enclosure) in 19-SC-155235 in which the court would move 'sideways' from a proper determination in open court with written records in Ottawa, will begin the process by which the Doug Ford government through an 'Act of Commission' will establish through a phony driver's license suspension in perpetuity, a scam which targets the entire 'car-driving'  cultures of the world.


3) The secrecy of this Mandamus Court where no records are to be kept- a rare legal manoeuvre reminiscent of the British 'Court of Star Chambers' of which country it has its origin-, promises to be the future of legalities in Canada if the media does not expose their perfidy in the above case. Ford's 'Act of Commission' should be particularly troubling to Canada's oversight bodies. While many have been contacted; none respond in a positive manner to a challenge which threatens the very underpinnings of our society. Will you do what your paper promises to do; namely, to tell the truth which other media (Postmedia and their cohorts (CBC) ) are failing to do in this, the biggest challenge ever mounted to a legal system.


Yours truly,


 Roger Callow






1) Whose tom fool idea was this court anyway, Premier Doug Ford's?

2) The usual operation of the courts which this plaintiff has experienced similar to most individual plaintiffs against corporate entities is for the presiding judge to move the case 'sideways' with his own opinion apart from the laws after he leaves the courtroom so that frivolous & vexatious action on the part of an individual rules the day in what is primarily an Act of Omission under the circumstances. Charter Rights get brushed aside.

3) That is not what is happening under Ford's mandamus court in an Act of Commission with his phony driver license scam which negatively impacts drivers in all 'car societies' explaining why I have called on President Trump to act in the void created by Canadian oversight institutions which should know better.

4) For witnesses, I have called on new Police Chief Peter Sloly personally to attend along with all the staff at Towngate Family Medicine   including Dr. Jahajagirdar  (Dr. J.) with whom an action for $10 million is to be launched in January. The production of discovery regarding the missing medical file notes is a keynote in that case. Indeed, if those remaining records were sent to me now, there would be no need for the action against Towngate.

5) And what could Dr. J. possibly say in the mandamus meeting other than to claim medical confidentiality takes precedence over legal orders. Some newspaper types choose to go to jail rather than divulge their sources. Is this the position of Dr. J? Will the court comply with her?

6) As Towngate's claim is limited to their corporate interest to leasing the property with no evidence provided such as their lease with the Doctors nor the Doctor's so-called partnership  agreement nor insurance coverage defining that relationship, the meeting would be reduced to a definition of corporate responsibility which could just have easily been done in open court where records are kept and witnesses, if any, testify under oath...and there is a right of appeal

7) What appears to be the case is that I am to undergo the type of experience paralleling my failed arbitration in 1985 regarding my senior teacher lay-off in West Vancouver under the imposed BILL 35. The School Board's argument collapsed after an 11 day trial in which the 1/2 hour Union rebuttal argument was that the Board used this legislation for the wrong purpose; a position supported by the court when it later quashed the arbitration leaving me in limbo.

8) What Ford et al would seek to do in this 'Act of Commission' is to 'move sideways' before the mandamus hearing on Feb. 27 and similar to the Employer above, not have to recognize the court oversight which the  School Board refuses to do to the present day. With a mandamus court, there is no Appeal which is why this case is about to bring the Canadian Justice System crashing to the ground while all Canadian institutions 'fiddle'. That is why a direct appeal has been made to President Trump. Surely he will protect U.S. interests in this case of Ford's phony driver license suspension scam.

9) I request that the Towngate lawyer present his witness list for this hearing by Jan. 15-2020.


Yours truly, Roger Callow   

 Dec. 23-2019


Dec. 24-2019



FROM: Roger Callow  employeescase.ca  2019 DECEMBER this date


REFERENCE: PEI Docket S1-GS-28780 Registry: Charlottetown Date: 2019 12 23



1) Whenever a court is in trouble, they bury matters in the holidays. The matter above was e-mailed to me on December 23-2019 and signed by a Justice Cann whom should be removed from the bench although he will probably be made the next Chief Justice raising the question as to where in the hell was the incumbent Chief Justice while this stunt was being played out?

2) Earlier I blasted a court clerk for failing to contact me by telephone/fax or e-mail which was clearly noted on my factum. Here Cann j. merely notes that snail mail did not reach me thus justifying his pre-emptive action and yet the court has no problem e-mailing his illicit Decision.

3) Why is it illicit? He had to assign a docket number first before he could write his diatribe raising the question as to why I was not permitted to address this faulty Decision on those grounds alone.

4) A similar situation happened recently in AB where a justice assigned a docket number in order to 'kite' a judgment borrowed from other venues along with other justices which has led to a civil class action against those judges which I was invited to join. I refused on ethical grounds as I believed those judges should be tried criminally and not be excused 'at taxpayer expense' in a civil trial.

5) detailed objections to Cann j.'s account:

a) (1) Confusion as to whether this plaintiff was proceeding by 'Action' or 'Application'. I have used both forms although now that this case is reduced to disclosure; I have been resorting to Applications. The Registry could have cleared that matter up but the shift was made over their prolonged delay from August 26, 2019.

b) (2) Mr. Callow is deemed  (by whom) to have been provided with notice under paragraph 2.1.01(3) (a) that consideration was being given to dismissal of the Application under Rule 2.1

Response: Does a Registry Clerk in PEI have the same powers as a judge? This is a matter more properly to be handled in a hearing before a Justice; not a Registry clerk.

c) (3) Correct assessment in that I was looking for disclosure from the B.C. Union in an unresolved labour matter where no compensation has been paid in 35 years. Why didn't Cann j. note here that the Defendant Union did not file an appearance hence making my argument in court to be accepted as fact; that is, if a court hearing had indeed been held. Did the Registry contact this Defendant Union? Why or why not as it seems that the court is culpable on that account. As it appears, the non-appearance of the Union tail has wagged this

 judicial dog.

d) (4) There is no allegation of any fact...that occurred at the 1985 arbitration. Response: Of course not as the Defendant Union did not file a Rebuttal. A court hearing which Cann j. would leap-frog would have produced such evidence from this Plaintiff which, now, I am not to have 'in retrospect' due to Cann j.'s inopportune action.

e) (5) Here Cann j. diverts to a case study (Van Sluytman v. Muskoka Municipality) to tar me with the same brush. He should be writing for the media with this type of character assassination: (9) Simply put, the proceedings in question are facially frivolous and vexatious. The appellant's pleadings fail to contain any coherent narrative or a concise statement of the material facts in support of the wrongs sought to be alleged. Instead, they contain rambling discourse, impermissible attachments, grandiose complaints of injury and damage claims, and bald assertions that repeat similar, if not identical, allegations detailed to multiple other proceedings commenced by the appellant.  Response: I have read many such accounts of individuals which seek to challenge corporations.

f) (7) ...ordering dismissal...on the basis that it is frivolous, vexatious and otherwise an abuse of court process. This is one of those "clearest of cases"  (8) The proceeding is dismissed in its entirety. Response: I am no stranger to court rejections but the shenanigans displayed here reflect a province (PEI) without a viable Justice System which I label a 'potato patch mentality'.


Yours truly, Roger Callow Plaintiff with a 'pre-dated' judgment. Alice in Wonderland said it best: First the Punishment and then the Crime.


P.S. Under the above conditions, Canada has no right to call into question the Rule of Law in any country, including China.






QUOTE: A) ...That disaster like this one had human causes. Greed, apathy, hubris - even loyalty -  all demand payment in the end. Storms will always come, and men will always do evil in the shadow of some other word. It's how we respond which defines us. The Bone Tree  Greg Isles

B) ...The sentiment itself is nothing new. Dante described the ninth and deepest ring of the inferno as the realm of betrayers, wherein Satan eternally chews the living corpses of Judas, Brutus, and Cassius in his three sets of jaws.' PLACARD: OUST PREMIER DOUG FORD FROM ALL POLITICS 

C) a nation or civilization that continues to produce soft-minded men purchases its own spiritual death on an installment plan. The Bishop's Pawn Steve Berry 

D) If you must play, decide upon three things at the start: the rules of the game, the stakes, and the quitting time. Everyone Lies A.D. Garrett

E) We need to change attitudes before we change laws. We need to keep talking, and better yet, get mad...unrelated topic


F) Inside every small problem is a big problem struggling to get out. The Science of Murphy's Law  Richard Robinson

G) No-one wants reminders of a problem that officially doesn't exist. Inevitably, corruption combines power and money, without the benefit of law to prevent abuse. The Emperor's Tomb Steve Berry

H) The reality is, in mainstream press, the journalists have been living in this  situation for many years, they understand their society and context, and they know that if an article will never get printed, so they won't write it. EPOCH TIMES

I) No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it. Albert Einstein

J) We design corporations and gov't. structures so that "responsibility' are spread across a lateral plane as that there is no definitive trail of accountability. It nurtures and stimulates the "book of excuses". Sun Going Down Jack Todd


1) Premier Doug Ford and his thugs (sounds like the name for a rock band) never intend to hold a mandamus court on Feb. 27-2019 as no-one is going to show up. And what then? Why nothing, of course, as the mere threat was sufficient to derail 19-SC-155235 case from the regular court docket where oaths and evidence are kept.

2) In bottom line language, the illicit driver license suspension of this writer for all perpetuity without Appeal will hold and will serve as a precedent for like-minded governments throughout the 'car driving societies' of the world.

3) The conspiracy involving the family Doctor and unknown family members plus the Transport Ministry-Medical goes unchecked due to Dr. Jahagirdar's refusal to divulge key correspondence letters which she withheld from my medical file when it was partially returned as I requested when I dropped her on Nov. 01 as my family Doctor. Without that complete file, I cannot get another Doctor. In short, this mandamus court is just as serious a blunder as the driver's suspension scam. In future, expect such as the SNC Lavellin case re-directed to this secretive court as a means of diverting public attention. In short, the Canadian Justice System has been smashed and there is not an oversight body - and I have contacted many - willing to help me do the 'heavy lifting'. In that regard, President Trump becomes a 'Canadian coward' for failing to publicize this two prong attack on Canada with ramifications throughout the civilized world. Maybe the Democrats will fare better.

4) If there is no witness list for this mandamus court by January 15, I will request that the above case be re-assigned to the regular court. The question still lies; whom can I ask as all Canadian institutions have their heads so thoroughly tucked under the deep-piled Canadian carpets which are bursting with secrets.



DEC.- 26, 2019


TO: Mayor Jim Watson                                         FROM: Roger Callow

PERSONAL                                                                            1285 Cahill Dr. #2001

110 Laurier Ave. W.                                                          Ottawa, ON K1V 9A7

Ottawa, ON K1P 1J1                                                         t. 613-521-1739

e-mail: Jim.Watson@Ottawa.ca                                  e-mail:rcallow770@gmail.com

Sent by e-mail plus 1 encl.                                 web: employeescasecanada.ca  2019 RECENT 5

                                                                                    REFERENCE: 19-SC-155235 (Ottawa SDC)


1) As you can see by the one page enclosure DOUG AND HIS THUGS, the Premier is about to take the fateful political step of moving from 'errors of omission' to the more devastating 'acts of commission' negatively impacting all of Canada and beyond to other democracies; particularly the U.S.  Germany took that fateful step when Hitler ordered the round-up of the Jews in the 1930's with those who tried to stop him also being murdered or incarcerated.

2) In the light of the failure of ON MPP's to speak out against Ford's heinous action outlined in the enclosure dated 2019 DECEMBER 24 on the web site above, it befalls you as 'the last person standing' to thwart Doug Ford in enacting his 'acts of commission'; a very dangerous precedent to be sure. The threatened mandamus court is nothing more than totalitarianism.

3) That action consists - as I outlined in an earlier letter to you dated Nov. 27-2019 - to direct new Police Chief Peter Sloly to seize the remainder of my medical file which belongs to me; not Towngate Family Medicine nor Dr. Jahagirdar nor her substitute. As Mayor, you are asked once again under more dire need, to cause the police to seize the remaining file on my behalf.

4) As matters now stand, many institutions which I have contacted and refuse to respond, are complicit in permitting a fraud involving the former family Doctor, the Ministry of Transport-Medical and unknown family members to deprive this writer of his financial assets and in that process creating the first 'stateless Canadian' barred access to other institutions for redress.

5) Receiving disclosure is the focus of the above case to which these remaining medical records hold the key.

6) Let conscience be your guide as all eyes are on you to stop the most iniquitous action of Ford and his cohorts which negatively impacts every Canadian and then some.


A prompt response to this letter is required.


Sincerely yours, Roger Callow


DEC. 27-2019


TO: ON Premier Doug Ford (and his Thugs)

FROM: Roger Callow  employeescasecanada.ca  2019 DECEMBER filing.



1) First the good news for you (not so good for all other Canadians): your mandamous court has had the effect of burying 19-SC-155235 (Ottawa SDC) by 'moving sideways' so that your driver license scam will be entrenched in the legal system (unless Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson gets religion and sends in the police to seize the remainder of my medical file from Towngate Family Medicine without which I cannot get another medical Doctor.)

2) Now the bad news for you. For a year and a half, you-along with the incompetent A.G. Caroline Mulroney, failed to give a hearing date for CV 18000 76950 (Ottawa Superior Court)

which includes the names of two ON judges from 2014 accused of malfeasance which the Canadian Council of Judges did not even acknowledge let alone evaluate. (According to them, no judge has ever been fired in Canada...I believe them!)

3) As a docket number has already been assigned, you cannot go the route of PEI or AB in assigning a docket number only long enough to quash any hearing. PEI inhabitants now know they have no viable Justice System. (SEE web; 2019 DECEMBER for that account)  AB is not quite so sanguine as this stunt there led to a class action in which a number of judges were caught 'kiting' their orders.

4) So why not pull the Saskatoon caper of holding a private 'voir dire' without my knowledge nor consent with the Employer's Harris & Co. which had not filed for an appearance, to 'get off their ass and produce a last minute Defense' of which bungling led to a case against Harris & Co. plus 3 judges for malfeasance in NB. Poor NB Premier Higgs really has his underwear in a knot over this one! He's starting what others have done beforehand...and I am waiting for him.

5) When ON Hicks, Morley et al dropped the Employer School District in 2014, they effectively cut off the 'Saskatoon option' as no legal representation in ON is possible for the Employer.

6) There is nothing I can do about 19-SC-155235 as I am dependent on such actions as those of Mayor Watson; but here is the screw for you: your 'success' here makes no difference to the Superior Court charge which is festering in your Justice System making a mockery of all law in Canada. That is why President Trump - or, if not him, the Democrats - should pillory you along with the province of ON until all these matters are resolved with you being ejected from all politics for introducing 'Acts of Commission'. Canada should not be for sale to the next dictator.


Yours truly


Roger Callow


cc following is a case condemnation of the judiciary in a Letter to President Obama in 2010.


QUOTE: A) 'So is Canada a democracy? It is difficult to reconcile the long-term interests of the nation with the short-term interests of ill-educated, limited-thinking individuals, or of powerful vested interest groups. Perhaps this is the weakness, in reality, of the democratic system. Epoch Times

 B) 'There is nothing precedent setting about this issue nor is it particularly newsworthy ON Labour guru, Howard Levitt (2010) whom may now wish to change his opinion.



(Letter to President Obama Jun.10-2010)


 JUDGE: Mr. Callow, I will not permit you to put the Justice System on trial. If it is the manipulation of the court by co-defenders; that is another question for which you may provide evidence.

REBUTTAL: From one perspective, that is indeed our submission in asking the court to resolve a 25 year legal matter ('inherent jurisdiction') with the concomitant of 'deferred' salary as an intermediate means of facilitating a resolution. This court is asked not to disband until that resolution is found.

Consider the background facts:

1) It was not the Employer, the Union nor myself as the targeted lay-off individual who quashed the 1985 arbitration favouring the West Vancouver School District in 1986; it was the Justice System (J.S.)

2) Again, it was not the three parties listed above who labeled the arbitrator as patently unreasonable; it was the J.S.

3) It was not the three above who recommended that employment be returned to this targeted employee and, when that failed, ordered a re-arbitration; it was the J.S.

4) It was the failure of the J.S. to re-institute salary continuation as per contract until this matter was resolved which is at the heart of this 25 year legal boondoggle which, I submit, would not be the case as the Employer would in all likelihood have gone back to arbitration as so instructed by the court if I had been on salary.

5) It was again the repeated failure of the J.S. to insist on re-arbitration when it appeared that both the Employer and Union showed no intention to act further on this legal matter.

6) It was not the three parties who permitted the Employer and Union to abandon this unresolved case; it was the J.S. ( Labour Board Laura Parkinson Decision B117/2002) which, I submit, forever changed the relationship between a client and his/her respective Union in Canada.

7) It was not the three parties who refused the right of this targeted party to hold in 2008, both the Employer and  Union  responsible for their neglect of this legal matter, and in 2009 with the rejection of the 2008 case, to hold the Union - who, in this case, was declared the sole arbiter of this matter - responsible for their inaction; it was the J.S.

8) The current action is launched due to the failure of the Office of the Prime Minister and Parliament to invoke the 'notwithstanding clause' against the Province of British Columbia in what is obviously a government conspiracy in which the government was  hi-jacked (BILL 35) and the judiciary co-opted to sanction a 'sweetheart deal' in a matter which now negatively impacts every Canadian. In short, until this matter is resolved, a Canadian contract is 'not worth the paper on which it is written'

9) In the Dwyer Case, an Edmonton  judge recently awarded all back pay to a litigant who had been - as is the case here - prematurely cut off from his salary before legalities were concluded. This 'deferred salary' belongs to the plaintiff no matter the outcome of litigation unless there is a specific court order to the contrary.

10) A matter which should never have seen the court room in the first place has metastasized into a kafkaesque legal case before over 30 judges including two inconsequential trips to the Supreme Court of Canada. While not excusing the conspirators, much of that failure is due to judges failing to pursue 'due process of the law'. In short, it would appear as if the individual has no place in a society dominated by institutional interests.

11) A precedent for the above is that some funds have already been paid out on a pension basis in the above unfinished legal case with a transfer to Ontario as per regulations.

12) Both the Employer and  the Union were invited to provide a resolution suggestion to this long outstanding legal situation embarrassing to them. They declined. I can resolve this matter out of court, but only with the leverage of that 'deferred salary'.


To continue, Prez., the above dissertation on page 1 regarding the legalities of the Employee's Case may be seen in many different ways in North America; the Employee's Case merely being the worst case example of systematic legal abuse in Canada. There is no escape from the conundrum in which the authorities find themselves; precedent law in the 21st century will see to that as we move from legislative law to judge-made law to institutional rule.



13) That is exactly what Hitler did in 1930's Germany. Doug Ford has moved into these 'Acts of Commission' with the appointment of a mandamus court to bury his perfidy which negatively affects the entire 'driving culture' of the world and why I have called on President Trump to invoke trade boycotts of Ontario. In brief, Canada imploded with the corpse to follow in 2004 when the Supreme Court of Canada refused to hear the unresolved Employees Case under the Ultimate Remedy provisions in an Act of Omission. Today the corpse is being delivered by Premier Doug Ford with his Act of Commission. Unless Ottawa Mayor Watson causes the Ottawa police to seize the remainder of my medical file without which I cannot get a new Doctor, Ford will get away with the stunt of the century as no individual Canadian nor Institution will call him out on this, the most egregious matter ever encountered by democratic Canada.