AUGUST - 2019



BY: Roger Callow; 34 year target in the employeescasecanada.ca

REFERENCE: NATIONAL POST  Aug. 03-19  pg 1 'Intrusion' key in fight against fed carbon tax'

ALBERTA Province to focus on jurisdiction, factum shows.


1) The same contumely which the provinces would bestow on this target battling the imposed BILL 35 (B.C. 1985) is currently being levied on the Tory controlled provinces against the Carbon Tax; quite successfully so by the feds in SK and ON with MB,NB, and now AB to follow based on Statute Law as there are no precedents revealing the perfidy of how the feds are ruling by fiat law in this and no doubt all future government actions.

2) The reason BILL 35 does not serve as a precedent is due to the provincial courts under the aegis of the Chief Justices with the full knowledge (and presumably consent) of the Premiers  thwarting  any resolution of the unresolved lay-off for economic reasons of senior West Vancouver teacher, Roger Callow, in June of 1985. No compensation has been paid - even under the terms of BILL 35 - due to the perfidy of over 50 judges including 4 unheard appeals to the Supreme Court of Canada. I am left sailing on a perpetual sea of red tape never to put into the port of judgment. A national media boycott keeps the public from being informed on this legal matter which has led to the implosion of JUSTICE CANADA.

3) And what if I do get a judgment before an Employer who denies that the courts have oversight powers over imposed legislation? Or, in terms of abuse by the feds with the imposed carbon tax, what recourse is there for any Province? There isn't any. In the U.S. the President's powers  are limited by the courts and Congress but due to our linear form of government (residual powers lie with the central gov't  in Canada with the exact opposite in the U.S.) The feds with the above action, in other words, have effectively eliminated our 'quasi-federation' powers as epitomized by Sections 91 (federal) and 92 (provincial). Even here, precedents have long since reduced these powers with the Canadian Charter of Rights (1982) with its focus on the individual riding paramount although my legal excerpts from this document are all tied up with the ribbon of merely being 'frivolous & vexatious'; a badly abused law by courts ducking out of central issues such as the Employee's Case. In brief, individual rights are a non-starter.

4) Unless the Premiers plan to leave suitcases of money in the private pocket of the presiding justices as per the Employee's Case which I don't, they have lost their respective cases even before they walk into court: PLACARDS (2004)  A) STAY OUT OF A CANADIAN COURTROOM UNLESS YOU FIRST BUY THE JUDGE  B) THE LAW IS BROKEN YET PLENTY FIXED AS IT IS. It must be ignominious for SK and ON lose to their own provincial judges let alone the Supreme Court of Canada Appeals coming up which is firmly under fed control. Hence Appeals are like the fellow hitting his head against the wall being asked 'why' only to reply that he wanted to know what it would feel like when he stopped.


5) Alberta, the laundering capital of Canada, is an apt setting for this most recent challenge to the feds over the carbon tax. Currently a class civil action has been filed against judges in various provinces for 'kiting' judgments to be heard in Edmonton. I declined to join due to my AB connection from Saskatoon recently which has wound up as a fraud suit in N.B. against the B.C. law firm of Harris & Co., the long time representative of the West Vancouver School Board and 'related personnel from Saskatoon courts'. Some fast buck lawyers along with affected clients can expect to enrich themselves on this account with taxpayer dollars. My point is that these judges should have been disbarred and charged criminally but don't expect that story known to Premier Kenney to ever surface beyond this account.


6) AB is following on the SK and MB Appeals for their losing cases. While I don't have the details, the argument would be that the feds were obliged to 'cost their program'; no doubt on figures which the provinces have no intention of divulging. The judges just walked around that point giving the feds the win on the 'peace, order and good government' clause usually reserved for war time...President Trump would recognize that ploy with his trade agreements but, as noted earlier, he is constrained by Congress and the courts; not so Canada.


7) Alberta is foolishly focusing on #91 and #92 of the Constitution although they are correct in noting that 'the carbon tax constitutes federal overreach, labeling it an unwarranted and unprincipled intrusion into provincial jurisdiction that undermines the basic structure of our constitutional system'. The BNA ACT of 1867 by which Canada became a country is an anachronism. There is no mention of advanced transportation and communication such as the role of automobiles, planes, telephone, internet, income tax (temporary measure to pay for WWI - yeah, right). In short, these AB lawyers are still in 'short pants' even apart from the total corruption of Justice Canada which the Employee's Case has revealed.

8) So that leaves the court dealing with statute law which is a hodge podge of widely divergent terms permitting a 'hanging judge' to decide what a hanging offense will be. An analogy helps here. Any job description list ends with ...and related duties. Decided by whom? Why the boss, of course. That's why the term 'law and order' has no meaning unless the concept of justice is included and, often as not, it is not included by the Old Boy's Club ruling in the favour of the 'big guy'. Many times, both this plaintiff and the defendant have quoted the same law although  stressing a different sub-point. Both sides have quoted Justice Estey's famous edict, for example, in St.-Anne Nackawic: What must be avoided at all costs, is a fundamental deprivation of justice under the law. This edict finds its way into all democratic legal systems because, it is submitted here, courts of law are routinely 'screwing the pooch.' In Canada's case, we have been reduced to Third World status as one consequence of the unresolved Employee's Case.

9) The crux of AB's argument is likely to be ignored by the court but it is a central point '...It can be used to set whatever standards the federal government deems appropriate from time to time, deeply intruding into many areas of provincial legislation. In short ...and 'related duties' wins the day ...and the country.

10) A note on Premier Pallister whom has an election coming up in early September can also be made as MB have the smartest approach although - due to a compromised judiciary as noted in general - he is unlikely to succeed and, similar to all interests rejecting the imposed Carbon Tax, he must pray for Andrew Scheer to win in October; not a sure thing. Pallister provided an alternative to the Fed's Carbon Tax (oops, fee) which the Feds did not comment on and has launched a case in Federal Court in April (I have dealt with these johnnies before) as a dry run but he needs more. I offered intervener status in the case I have filed against both the Employer and Union in MB but he let it slip. (Other provinces also let that opportunity slip but considering the make-up of the courts, dealing with academic arguments is a waste of time and taxpayer money.)


11) Culturally, Canadians mistakenly sense that they are not a 'Third World Country' because we have 'Law and Order' to which the Wizard of Id comic strip responds...'Sort of...nobody can order the law out of existence, no matter how bad it gets'. In this, the Employee's Case did not create the circumstances which led to the dissolution of Justice Canada; rather it merely exposed a system which is getting progressively worse leaving Canadians - similar to Third World countries - to turn to the streets for recourse...leaving those Tory Premiers to turn up to a gun fight with a knife and where oversight controls have hit the shredder.


http://www.employeescasecanada.ca/2017/February-2017_files/image005.jpgCANADA'S GETTYSBURG ADDRESS - August 10, 2019


BY: Roger Callow  aka 'Outlaw' in an outlaw Canadian Judicial System due to systemic judicial malfeasance in a 34 year unresolved labour case. No compensation has been paid although this case has been before over 50 judges plus 4 approaches to the SC of Canada  employeescasecanada.ca









Wizard of Id: Immigrants: We understand you have liberty and justice here.

                          Sir Rodney: Well, sort of

                          Immigrants: "sort of", What does that mean?

                          Sir Rodney: Nobody has the liberty to oust the Justice Department no matter

                                                 how bad it gets.


REFERENCE: 1) The Appeal Case for civil fraud is currently being set forth in New Brunswick against Vancouver's  HARRIS & COMPANY in league with elements within the Saskatoon Judiciary including two judges (QBG 52 of 2019) with an extension to an Alberta judge currently part of a class civil action in Alberta against other judges as well (which I did not join due to my ethics) for 'kiting' judicial findings. Why should taxpayers enrich the coffers of the judiciary plus litigants at taxpayer expense when the proper course would be to dismiss these judges and try them criminally? But don't expect that story to appear in our myopic media.


2) The Employee's story is significant in that all other proceedings to date are in aid of acquiring disclosure for if fraud can be shown - and there is little question on that point - then everything which follows is null and void. In short, I remain an employee of the West Vancouver School District with 34 years of back salary due. The above case takes a new direction in N.B. but due to legal limitations; an individual cannot lay a criminal charge as that is the prerogative of the Prosecutors and Police. In this, I am not interested in receiving money; rather, I call for justice to be done in this matter. The challenge in this debacle of historical proportions calls for publicity from the following:  NB Premier Brian Higgs / National Post's Christie Blatchford / Justice Minister D. Lametti / Tory Opposition Leader  Andrew Scheer / GG J. Payette   ...and if the above do nothing? Turn it over  to President Trump




AUGUST 18-2019

I earlier wrote to you with this excerpt which shows nothing has changed in the course of the employeescasecanada.ca other than Canada sinks to new lows explaining why the only person in authority I may now report to is Gov.Gen. Julie Payette of whose dismissal I now call for.

JULY 18-2018

TO: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau     FROM: Roger Callow 'The Outlawed Canadian'

       PERSONAL                                                           Ottawa,ON



BY: Roger Callow employeescasecanada.ca


A)'...The question is not whether a justice would uphold and defend the Constitution but whether he would rig the game to benefit one American over another.' U.S. columnist 

my comment: Someone should tell that to the bozos whom run the Canadian Justice System...



1) The authority of the Governor General is titular suggesting that while the Constitution shows her to be the ruler of Canada, in fact, her role is symbolic as reflected in the statement of 'we, the people'. It is in this role that I appealed to GG Payette to reign in the excesses of Canada's judiciary over a 34 year period in an unresolved B.C. Labour matter which is still pertinent today as it involves the constitutional question of imposed legislation (BILL 35-1985) and the ramifications thereto. No compensation has been paid.

2) As the targeted senior teacher lay-off victim in West Vancouver, I was expelled from B.C. for 'reasons best known to a judge' in 2013 forcing me into venues in other provinces basically seeking disclosure by which I had hoped to prove fraud for if proven, everything flowing from that initial action is null and void.

3) Over 50 judges plus 4 approaches to the Supreme Court of Canada has thwarted any attempt to secure this disclosure usually compromising the courts in that process. No oversight body in Justice Canada nor the government will acknowledge my many detailed complaints of judicial malfeasance. They usually dispose of my case for jurisdictional reasons; namely, being frivolous and vexatious.

4) The case in New Brunswick is significantly different in that I have accused the B.C. Law Firm of Harris & Co. - long time Employer representative - with conspiracy with un-named personal in the Saskatoon Court (QBG 52 of 2019) including 3 judges with fraud.

5) The end sought here was for an ethical Premier (Higgs) and his Chief Justice to arrange with the Public Prosecutor for a criminal charge to be laid. That is not happening.

6) It is time to expel GG Payette for non-performance in this central legal matter negatively affecting all Canadians, as it does, and install a new Governor General.


Yours truly,


Roger Callow The Outlawed Canadian in an outlaw Justice System due to systemic malfeasance


cc Governor General J. Payette