RECENT 4 (2018)

FEBRUARY 01-2018  MB 'Legal Apology' Sub-heading. Posted on Jan. 21-2018


JAN.22-2018 Investment Advice: In the years immediately preceding the 2015 downturn, my investment dealer made great returns on my 'big cap' investments from which the Mutual Fund advised him that, considering my senior years, I should trade down to more secure investments along the level of a GIC. I did better than that and placed my funds in a revenue neutral account (no interest) and learned recently that I was better off than the GIC although the Mutual Fund continued to show double digit returns since 2015 to the current date. Interpretation? The Mutual Fund love seniors to either invest on the level of a GIC (or park their funds as I did) because you can bet your bottom dollar that they invested your funds through their own account at the higher rate to reap the profits...oh, the wondrous world of high finance....


JAN.21-2018 A) O.S. pp2-3 Ottawans turn out in droves at the Hill to take part in Women's March In line with world-wide protests leaving male CEO's shaking in their boots, was this counter marcher sign: Men Matter Too. If I had been female, I would have had an instant army with the Employee's Case... chew on that one, Harvey Winsteiners. B) B.C. Premier John Horgan and his Green Party accomplice are being extremely foolish by not putting an end to the Employee's Case as his government is about to go the way of the Canadian Judicial System. The solution? Pay me my settlement fee and include it through an allowance for the amalgamation of West Vancouver School District (the smallest S.D. in the province with 2 high schools) with its much larger neighbor in North Vancouver. Horgan appears distracted by the economy not fully appreciating that "Mexico North" has a substantial investment in the illicit drug trade which does not show on the books. He should read 'For want of a nail' which led from a soldier falling off his horse to losing the battle to losing the war, all for the want of a nail. To be sure, there are some B.C. Teachers whom should be removed from the profession, but which B.C. administrator in his right mind will take that step with the knowledge of the debacle of the Employee's Case? Vulnerable teachers should borrow a leaf from the Kitchener, Waterloo instructor whom taped her meeting with the authorities and carry a secreted tape recorder. If I had done that in 1985, the West Vancouver School District would never have laid me off under the imposed BILL 35 which for 33 years now and counting, remains unresolved with no compensation (includes pension rights) having been paid. I call it 'deferred salary'. Currently the B.C. Attorney General would commit the government to this fraud. No doubt he is boyed up in that regard due to an anti-employee media boycott on this major national story.


JAN.20-2018 A) Canada is in an economic Depression. I will leave the macrocosm to the economists (whom never agree) and instead focus on the microcosm of concern over 'personal debt' which lacks a perspective article. It matters little to the employed person as to whether the economy is booming or busting if his personal debt load sinks him. Currently 1/3 of Canadians cannot pay their debt. An additional 17% = total of 50% cannot live beyond their next paycheck. Why? A Young Sheldon episode has the answer as the parents talk about getting a TANDY computer in the 1990's which the husband claims they can't afford while the wife claims her secret cache would cover the cost. That was then, this is now. 'Your car after 6 years is burnt out, sir, with 2 more years to go on the payments? No problem. We just add $10,000 equity on top of the $35,000 price of a new car and you just pay one convenient charge!' Of course, your style is an expensive SUV to match your neighbor whom is doing the same thing. I have always paid cash for a car whether used or new. The car dealers merely tolerate me as that is not where they make their money. Copy that scenario many times over and one can see that the individual is enslaved to consumerism. When will it end? When the snowball of liquidations outrun the credit sources. It happened in the U.S. in 2008 in housing with the taxpayer having to bail out Goldman Sachs who insured such as Fannie Mae mortgage holders. Canadian banks are vulnerable in this one...and when the avalanche begins....the government starts printing money like crazy. Japan has lived with deflation for decades only recently printing more money to buy their way out of fiscal problems. Brazil did the same thing and has gone bust. The personal answer for the other 50%? Similar to real estate's claim of 'location, location, location' the pattern should be 'liquidity, liquidity, liquidity'. More on this topic when I have more time. B) JUDGE NOT BUYING IT Finds McGuinty's ex-chief of staff guilty in gas plants e-mail scandal O.S. p.3 And I don't buy the courts on this one. Laura Miller, the Deputy chief of staff 'walked' after she arranged access for the computer geek to wipe the hard drives. No mention is made of former Premier McGuinty's responsibility in this criminal matter which parallels another case in QC where the Lac Megantic rail disaster personnel justifiably 'walked' where the corporate personnel responsible - similar to McGuinty - get 'to walk'. Bottom line? Tokenism has replaced Justice in Canada. Why didn't the judge ask the prime witness on Livingstone  whether he reported his findings to McGuinty? Oh, but the ON Liberals will pay in the election is the fatuous media excuse for this travesty. JAN.19-2018 A) O.S. p.6 Workers allege Arts Court partner hasn't paid up / 'Guys want their money. They're not happy at all' (union) An eerie story about a growing problem of Companies ducking their financial obligations reminds me of this classic. In 1958, the B.C. gov't. did not pay the contractors for the completion of the Peace River Dam so the matter went to court for 10 years in which time the B.C. Gov't was able to sell power to California and pay off with 50% 'dollars' as high inflation reduced their debt. My father supplying one contractor saw how stage 6 money was being used to pay for stage 4 completion leaving no money for the final stages and so very wisely ducked out of the game 'by quoting high'...they don't teach that in business school, do they? What crippled him in 1967 was a strike by pattern makers in which companies such as CAE suspended payment while the Union members went on strike to honour the one pattern maker who went to work in Seattle. All companies divested themselves of their pattern makers after that stunt...and with Union support!  B) FRONT PAGE: Premier bracing for big defeat In the spirit of Truman holding up a (pre-written) newspaper declaring Dewey Wins (he lost); I propose for the June 7 ON election this PLACARD: O.S. loses election / stew pot beckons. Winning for the Tories means over 50% which is not on the cards. Word has come down on high to the O.S. that if you lose another election, amalgamation with the Ottawa Citizen is a certainty. The Alliance Party will see an end to the Conservatives under Patrick Brown in such an eventuality who has lost even the support of the right wing Fraser Institute which, if you can believe this, the O.S. has labeled 'non-partisan'. C) p.10 'Ugh' says an 'award winning' porn star of over 150 films with regards to sex with 'The Donald' for which she was later bought off to avoid publication. Question. In how many of those 150 films did she also say 'ugh'? Was that Trump's wife muttering that 'at least while she is saying 'ugh', I don't have to?' My observation is that he is cheap...that is why one pays $50,000 per night for some escorts as what they are buying is 'discretion' which is hardly the bailiwick of this porn star.  D) If the Republicans and Democrats do not take this opportunity of the government shutdown to remove Trump from Office due to mental instability; there is no helping the U.S. political system.


JAN.18-2018 A) 'What Justice Southin saw' in 1987 explaining the rationale behind the missing West Vancouver School Board June 1985 memo notes and which over 50 judges refuse to call for disclosure. I call it 'Walking back the cat'. SEE JANUARY 2018 under this date for a one-of-a-kind story. B) I had the same cognitive test as Trump. It is limited to testing for short term memory consistent with aging and the possibility of Alzheimers. It does not test intelligence nor sanity. C) 'Mistakes'- both politicians and media  SEE this date under JANUARY 2018 for an e-mail to O.S. columnist, Lorrie Goldstein


JAN.17-2018 A) Letter to the B.C. Horton government including Green Party MLA, Dr.Andrew Weaver. SEE this date under JANUARY-2018  B) So alleged terrorist Hassan Diab is back in Ottawa after leaving a French prison with Trudeau saying we will have to change the law on deportation. If anything change the judge, Robert Maranger. The point is that Harper wanted him gone and the ON Chief Justice (works the same in every province where 'Napoleon' has his attack dogs for the purpose) appointed slippery Maranger j., a judge I had the misfortune to encounter. We both had our appeals to Maranger j. on the same day in different courtrooms and both lost to 'rubber-stamp' Appeal Courts. The SCofC refused to hear Diab's case and the authorities whipped him out of the country before you could say 'Jack Robinson'. B) Letter to Editor O.C. p.A7 '...I am horrified at the treatment of Vice-Admiral Mark Norman... Is this how we treat any citizen in our country? (yup. RC) Not told the reasons for the suspension? Not given the chance to defend himself? Not charged with any crime and yet victimized by a government touting its adherence to the law? This sounds like a witch hunt...be thankful Norman (hopefully) doesn't sue the bejesus out of you. Patty Anne Hill my comment: Absolutely, no two ways about it, got it in one, oh my dear yes...and to think that Norman at least gets press coverage while in a much, much bigger issue, I get none... go figure! As to suing, I am cheap as I only ask for an apology in MB courts with a token $1 settlement for the judicial malfeasance over the 33 years of the Employee's Case. Norman at one year is a mere piker.


JAN.16-2018 A) At every hearing outside of B.C., I include the 'document' of Deputy Associate Cullen j. of the B.C. Supreme Court in 2013 refusing me any access to the court in my unresolved labour dispute where no compensation has been paid. No court outside of B.C. would touch that document with the proverbial ten foot pole nor did the Employer make any reference to it in requesting that the various courts should just dismiss the case for being frivolous & vexatious. The point to be made here? The document does not have a file number and therefore does not exist on the judicial record = 'running a court within a court'. Hence the Vancouver Courts are once again trying to tie this case up in the Registry with the full knowledge of B.C. Premier John Horgan.  B)Similarly the challenge in ON is impeded by Registry concerns which Premier Wynne has been apprised in this election year but due to the incompetence of M.P. Yasir Naqvi, whom appears to consider himself as a successor to Wynne, the question reverts to the Opposition. In short, will NDP's Howarth (third time running) and Tories Brown maintain their silence on this all important legal case similar to the last Federal election in 2016 with leaders Harper, Trudeau, Mulcair, and May? Stay tuned. B) The death of a highly ethical (Hindu) dismissed government scientist in 2004 (whistleblowing) was recently announced amid court foul-ups and therefore left unresolved. P.M. Paul Martin of that time - questionable labour practices of his Canadian Steamship concerns - declared, 'I believe Health Canada' = Old Boy's Club at work.  C) Trump's best defense? V.P. Pence considered a dangerous man with such as his anti-abortion stand. C) 'First the punishment, then the crime' in this Alice in Wonderland escapade in which Vice Admiral Mark Norman was dismissed for criminal reasons a year ago...yet no criminal charge has been laid. Why do that when keeping him in limbo has the same effect aka the Employee's Case? The Ottawa Citizen p. 9 hypocritically raises this question: 'Norman himself is being treated unfairly. He is entitled to face the accusations against him....' And after 33 years am I not entitled to face the accusations against my illicit lay-off with an anti-employee media boycott being part of the problem as opposed to the solution? Oh, heal thyself first, oh media gurus!


JAN.15-2018  A) In 1985, Americans were #1 in living standards; today there are 10 countries ahead of them...and Trump expects Norwegians to immigrate to the U.S.???  B) O.S. p.8 'Since 2012, when provincial taxes have been imposed (my underlining) since 2012 on beer at different rates (vary according to province)... What does axethebeertax.ca hope to accomplish by launching the web site?....'. Answer: The same thing that I wished to promote among Canada's professional teachers much to the chagrin of the union leaders in creating a parallel website to the Employee's Case for dealing with imposed legislation over the collective bargaining rules. For example, a tax may not be applied on top of another tax but the beer industry cannot appeal an imposed piece of legislation. My constitutional action on this level recently defeated in Nova Scotia (oh, well, 9 more provinces to go) includes both the collective bargaining processes as well as actions outside that process such as the beer industry with this difference; the beer guys get a two page spread in the anti-employee Ottawa Sun while I get nothing but the bum's rush due to a national media boycott from the 'grandpa news'. C) No PLACARD for dismissed SEARS employees in bankruptcy from me. Here's why. I did have a Placard 'I support Falun Gong' as they did protest at the height of their persecution in 2006 although the most public Canadian support appeared to be two books highlighting the 'body transplant business'. Government workers publicly protested against the Phoenix Program... good for them. Dismissed SEARS employees think the support of the media is sufficient to make a difference which it isn't. Create a website along the lines of the axethebeertax.ca above if a public protest is not feasible. In short, don't be a professional teacher without such a website.


JAN.14-2018 Former U.S. Inmate and now a Canadian columnist, millionaire Conrad Black, introduced a note of reality to CTV's Question Period by claiming that Trump is not racist nor does he have to fall under the influence of anyone else with the disposal of Steve Bannon as he is his own man. I wonder what Black's opinion would be with regards to the national boycott on the Employee's Case...I guess we will never know.... As to shithole countries, the Canadian government has a travel alert to anyone thinking of going to the highly dangerous Haiti.


JAN.13-2018  A) If a certain personage wishes to refer to the 'shithole' Canadian Justice System, there will be no objection here.  B) Where also is that personage willing to stand up in one of Trudeau's town meetings and ask him what he is doing to resolve the 33 year unresolved Employee's Case (Canada)? C) Tory Leader, Andrew Scheer, thinks he can 'suck and blow at the same time'; namely, announce his trip next week to Washington to support NAFTA while, one and at the same time, claim the leader, P.M. Justin Trudeau, is 'non poopis mentis' in that regard. He should go back to school to learn about how to 'hedge a bet'. D) 'Full Disclosure' is the title of former SCofC Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin's book due out in May...yeah, right...her book signing should be done while wearing an orange prison suit considering that it is her cover-up of the role of new SCofC's Chief Justice Richard Wagner whom should never have been given this position. I have called for a re-examination of his role.  E) Man Overboard  'To claim that (Vice Admiral) Mark Norman is the only one with such information(case in legal limbo) is ridiculous. He appears to me to be the designated fall guy' Liberal Senator Colin Kenny O.C. National Post edition  SEE this date under JANUARY-2018


JAN.12-2018 A) Now that the search into the deaths of indigenous women is near collapse...return the $50 million grant!  B) The military Justice System is not trusted by soldiers due to no oversight capabilities; just another failure of our incompetent Justice Minister, Wilson-Raybould who should be fired. C)Another one whom should go is slippery Justice Maranger of the Ottawa Supreme Court. Both myself and University professor Diab whom was ordered released in France today with all charges dropped due to a very flimsy deportation order, had our respective cases heard on Appeal on the same day in different courtrooms. We both lost and the Harper gov't whipped Diab out of the country in defiance of due process. I understand that Diab's 'statecraft' is second to none when he was being followed but it does appear that he was innocent of the 1980 Paris bombing where his 'stolen' passport was used. In his case, he should sue the Canadian government for redress. The media difference between our two cases?...Diab had a support group from Ottawa University faculty...I have nothing in the way of support. D) QC teachers would be wise to set up a web site regarding teachers against imposed legislation without court overview as a PQ win in May could result in one of their promises to rid the province of school boards. E) I would like to add to Trump's 'shithole' countries such as Russia under mass murderer Joseph Stalin or China under the biggest mass murderer of all time -Mao Tse Tung. For that matter their current insidious body transplant system in China ranks right up there with Hitler's concentration camps...so rail ahead Mr. Trump and don't leave anyone out.


JAN.11-2018  A) The Justice System is beginning to crack wide open. An article in today's O.C. (National Post section) outlines how the Canadian and Indian government conspired to deport two Canadians accused of honour killings without 'due process of the law'. I have run into this kind of stunt all the time under various bureaucrats such as Federal Liberal Justice Minister J. Wilson-Raybould whom should be replaced immediately as she is being run 'by the nose' by the eminence gris.  B) While on my protest parade in downtown Ottawa today, one of my regular 'passerby's' expressed confusion on this PLACARD: IMPEACH SCofC CHIEF JUSTICE RICHARD WAGNER. "I know your reservations about the last (SCofC) Chief Justice but this new  appointee just started the job." 'Exactly, I replied, 'It was Wagner' dirty laundry which McLachlin (cj) whitewashed thereby prompting my initial impeachment Placard of her.' SEE JANUARY 2018 'Letter to C. Blatchford, Postmedia legal writer' C) The death at age 84 of a highly ethical government science whistleblower from 2004 after repeatedly denied 'due process' ; similar to the Employee's Case, illustrates the futility of trusting to Canadian judges.


 JAN.10-2018 A) N. Korea's large land-force can only go north to China or south to S. Korea. Are they protecting their flank for future purposes? Consider that they have ties with the old guard in the CCP.  B) The ON Teachers Pension Fund is a powerful investment organization in its own right set up in 1990.

They can currently pay teachers retiring in the future a full pension after 30 years of service. Compare that to the Sears non-union debacle where the government permitted SEARS (many other corporations in the same boat) to underfund their pension scheme by over $300 million so that retirees will get about 20% of their pension. Conclusion? Get unionized.  C) Why doesn't Oprah put her money behind Joe Biden to become President in 2020?  D) Letter to Postmedia's legal specialist, Christy Blatchford, on the question of the validity of precedent law (there isn't any). SEE JANUARY-2018 under this date.


JAN.09-2018 So Britain has publicized the fact that they are no longer going to put up with the bullying of teachers. Does Canada have a similar problem? Not in my day (retired 2004) but a review of some internet sites reveal people crawling out from under the rocks as reflected in the anal retentive media on high security alert. Apparently for a longtime, administrators 'bought off' complaints by running the gambit that 'capable' teachers were able to handle such concerns. Obviously, I was not capable in that regard as I reported serious misdemeanors to the administrators much to the chagrin of about half so concerned. So now everybody - at least in Britain - is paying the price for cover-up.


JAN.08-2018  A) Michael Connelly's best seller Two Kinds of Justice is typical of its genre, all sorts of legal skulduggery anchored by an honest judge, which as the Employee's Case exposes, is far from the truth of the matter regarding judges and, in particular, chief justices. The medical fraternity is even worse as there is no oversight with victims unable to get redress. No Canadian leader in any capacity has a handle on the problem as ethics appears to be a running joke with them. B) So NDP's Nathan Cullen would speak out on the 'public secret' of sexual assault on the Hill...I have another 'public secret' with the Employee's Case which Cullen would remain silent. Hypocritical Green Party's Elizabeth May demands that male MP's speak up when they learn of unacceptable behaviour...why didn't she do so in the past? Certainly silence on the Employee's Case is her stand as well. C) A remnant from the past (2003) with CJ Taylor (North Vancouver) whom understands the effect of imposed legislation. SEE JANUARY - 2018 under this date.


JAN.07-2018  A) I.Q. and Donald Trump SEE JANUARY-2018 under this date.  B) Drug Free Kids Canada (an offshoot of U.S. program) is a consumer program designed to help parents fight against opioid addiction in their children. Another consumer organization for Canadian flight passengers recently announced a court challenge to the bland oversight handling of a major Air Transit problem recently in Ottawa. Compare that with NS teachers who did nothing to fight against imposed legislation which negatively affects all Canadians as well as some provinces e.g. SK carbon tax.  B.C. teachers are once again (they ignored the issue in 1985) in a position to launch a website (no union leaders please) against imposed legislation. If they were to cite the Employee's Case, they would note that the West Vancouver School Trustees have effectively avoided paying compensation in a BILL 35 - 1985 case because they do not recognize court oversight. (The courts quashed the arbitration for failing to show a 'causal factor'; the essence of all justice.) Just because the anti-employee media have a national boycott on this story is no excuse for teachers being MIA...or is that MI 'inaction'?


JAN.06-2018 A) 'Principal charged with test tampering' O.S. p.2 SEE this date under JANUARY-2018  'Cheaten  Ways'  B) The Tim Horton's franchise is not working well under the new overlords from the U.S. Burger King. Burger King knew about the salary increase in ON as of January 01-2018 and apparently did not prepare franchisers with coping strategies falling back, as they do, on corporatese bafflegab. Many decades ago, one coffee franchise owner - not knowing that I had a home security franchise - declaimed to me in confidence...'There is not one good franchise...just name one'. He wasn't far from the truth.


JAN.05-2018  A) Ontario Election (June 2018) ...it's about the unions, stupid....SEE this date under JANUARY 2018  B) When is a duly recorded judgment NOT a judgment? (When it is altered later in the Judicial Registry) Ibid


JAN.02-2018 A) Condemning Pakistan for 'playing both sides of the fence' may be misleading. The border areas around Waziristan are hotbeds for terrorists and not really a part of Pakistan which uses its forces against them.  B) The President Kennedy assassination was in the Canadian news again as we come up to the April release date (or not) of more information. I'm guessing 'not' as the CIA run the show today as they did in 1963. If Kennedy's brain can disappear on Air Force 1 returning to Washington from Dallas, to be sure what brain President Trump has is equally vulnerable to similar treatment.

Ex CIA staffer, Barry Eisler Inside Out 2010 has the closest definition of a second shooter in the building next to Oswald using the same type of gun and administering the killing shot. The point here is that until the U.S. comes clean on this story, there is no going ahead. Similarly, while not quite so dramatic, the Canadian sleeper story of the Employee's Case Canada reveals the same level of bureaucratic cover-up which has already cost us our democracy revealing, as it does, the failure of Canadian oversight bodies under politicians, courts of law, anti-employee media, or union leaders. 'Going ahead' is no longer an option.  C) The world is spinning out of control: a) because of a computer glitch, a passenger on a L.A. to Tokyo flight was found after 4 hours flight time not to have the proper ticket...result, turn the plane around and go back to L.A.  b) As one cannot sue the city of Ottawa, scammers make up for lost time by slipping on apartment block lots and malls. An update on this one is where the sleazy 'you don't pay until we get paid' lawyer files an action on behalf of Rover, the dog, who slipped on ice. Conclusion? We're headed for war however that war is defined.


JAN. 01-2018 A) 'Would the real ON Justice McKinnon please stand up?' SEE JANUARY-2018  B) In light of the Canada-Venezuela 'hissy fit' and the Failure of President Trump to invoke the Magnitsky Act against NS Supreme Court Justice P. Rasinski, perhaps Venezuela can fill the gap considering that Canada invoked the Magnitsky Act against Venezuela's Chief Justice, by tackling Rasinski j. directly.  SEE ibid 'Chrystia Freeland: Canada will not stand by as the gov't of Venezuela robs its people of their fundamental democratic and human rights, and denies them access to basic humanitarian assistance'...now on to China with its body transplant business, eh, Chrystia?  C) '...To say so is not to defend injustice or callous immobility. But constant change (My underlining) is indistinguishable from chaos, and constantly accelerating change indistinguishable from exploitation.' SEE ibid Newsletter: A CANADIAN CATASTROPHE   D)IMPOSED LEGISLATION SEE this topic under JANUARY-2018   E)B.C. Court Fraud Charges SEE sub-heading