JUNE 20-2018




1) I liked President Reagan's message in the 1980's: DON'T DO DRUGS  But that law on enforcement was lost and became counter-productive.

2) On that level, I was prepared to support the decriminalization of drugs in small amounts.

3) My protest placard reads: DON'T HIRE ANYONE REEKING OF MARIJUANA which is not a message to employers but to employees as to the unspoken message as to why they remain unemployed.

4) My new placard reads: DON'T WORK IN MARIJUANA DEPOTS  As the police do not attend (with any alacrity); organized crime make it a habit to hit these dispensaries and grow-ops.

5) Hopefully our non-smoking laws will keep the dopers out of our self-owned condominium (problem lies with rental units) but I fear growing medical or recreational plants will create a serious problem on 4 levels: a) surge in power use (which cost is included) b) the smell c) risk of fire with grow lamps d) mould which the ventilation system will spread. To be sure, the police will not monitor plant growth.

6) The community has a problem too as dopers in Eastern Ontario are congregating in Ottawa. One business cited security concerns as one reason that they are moving out of the touristy Market Place. A news photo showed 4 policemen cycling through the Market Place sending a clear message to everyone...wait until they pass.... Active panhandling is disrupting mall activities elsewhere.

7) It doesn't stop there. In the early 70's my penthouse apartment overlooked a hippy house where the inhabitants were in the habit of yelling 'piggy' when the police were spotted. That ended one night when a group of motorcycle gang types raided the house, stole their drugs and money and raped the women. Maybe it was the 'same 4 cycling policemen' who attended the next day. There were no more chants of 'oh, piggy'.

8) While some U.S. states have legalized marijuana, the U.S. Federal government hasn't condoned the practice. Do not carry marijuana across the border as you can expect to be barred for life. Do not lie to border guards as they access a number of laws to discriminate between applicants. They size up whom they do not want and seek to trap these people lying so that they will be banned for life from the U.S. If you admit to using marijuana, you will be ejected. If you lie about your marijuana use, you will also be ejected for life. So you have to temporize i.e. I may have had a marijuana connection in the past but I do not have one today in front of you. Currently, they do not insist on blood tests.

9) The biggest fear of the effects of marijuana lies in driving as it has a soporific effect. I was nearly T-boned the other day while going through an intersection on a green light with much traffic around. My A-Z training had me looking at all entrances to the intersection including the one with the red light which was about to be blown by a young fellow in a fancy car whom threw on his brakes at the last minute skidding into the intersection. He reversed and a collision was averted.

10) Marijuana is to be made public across the country in 2-3 months. Stories coming out of Colorado, Washington state, and California are not very encouraging but one message is clear: get your rules and enforcement straight. From my personal viewpoint, are Canadians at large capable of 'getting things straight'? No, my experience with the 33 year unresolved  employeesacasecanada.ca has taught me that much.

11) Apparently the average marijuana user is between 30 and 40 and now a Marijuana Anonymous organization exits parallel to Alcoholic Anonymous.