and School Administrators too


A) Washington, D.C.'s commentator, Jack Cafferty  'It's Getting Ugly Out There' (2014)

'...the nonsense that flies out of your mouth during your broadcasts.' Bill

     'Well, Bill, let me put it to you this way: the bottom line is that the country and the Constitution either stand for something or they don't. The ends don't justify the means - ever. You are either a nation of laws and you conduct yourself accordingly, or you are not, in which case you can wipe your ass with the Constitution when it's convenient. But you can't pay lip service to these bedrock values and then not live up to them. That makes us no better than any other two-bit government on the face of the earth...We're in the fight of our lives, and many of us don't even know it ...That said, I think the process of corruption or contamination of the media is sinister and subtle...The bottom line is that our government no longer works for us ...What would slow the decline and maybe help reverse it? The American people have to get pissed off enough to start changing it...Why we don't vote much. We're never told the truth. Certainly not by the politicians, and less and less by the sad wreck we call the media.'

B) Every so often one comes across a reader whom does get it right such as CJ Tyler Retired Sr. Member North Vancouver  Jan. 2003:

     Regardless, you're missing the point when it comes to BILL 22. What it does to Teachers sets a precedent for what the government can do to any contract regulated work place. Notice that I didn't say "unionized", because it doesn't matter whether it's unionized or not. What it effectively means is that any time the government gets involved in a contract dispute (whether because it's the employer or because it has a vested interest), if passed, the precedent set by Bill 22 applies... contracts can simply be ripped up, rewritten, and imposed at unfair and non-negotiated terms.
     That hardly seems democratic, don't you think? Now, once passed, it also means that employers have a piece of law to point to if they feel the need to do the same. It really doesn't matter who the contract applies to, union or non union, passing bill 22 essentially puts ALL contracts up on the chopping block... post negotiation.
     Great for employers who don't want to spend as much... not so great for contractors and employees that thought their payment terms were safe until the next contract negotiation. Good luck challenging it.
     So you see, it's really not about the teachers at all... it's about the rest of us, who'll be potentially put in a serious bind if it goes through. Union, non union... it doesn't matter.


1) A constitutional question regarding the oversight powers of courts over imposed legislation is being instituted in SK which affects the interests of everyone outside of the Federal government or the Provincial Governments when they choose to impose legislation such as over teachers in B.C. (BILL 35 - 1985 in an unresolved senior teacher lay-off where no compensation has been paid) ON and NS in recent years. Even the provinces are victimized such as SK with the imposed carbon tax which newly appointed Premier Scott Moe, a legal neophyte, would challenge with an expensive and foolhardy constitutional question.

2) CUPE in ON in 2017 won a $57 million settlement for its educational workers in one such 5 year constitutional challenge with the Elementary and Secondary Teachers Unions plus Unifor (forestry concerns) acting as all-important interveners. (These challenges can go either way hence it is the list of interveners which determine the day before the judge explaining why I am exhorting SK teachers to create a national website: PROFESSIONAL TEACHERS AGAINST IMPOSED LEGISLATION. Inform all teachers in your school and link with other schools to attract Teacher Unions from other provinces (except B.C where the Union is complicit in the original conspiracy and continues to be so to the present day). This web site is to run independently of my own: employeescasecanada.ca

3) To launch a constitutional challenge, a test case must be used and what better case than  the employee'scasecanada.ca  where the B.C. courts quashed the arbitration supporting the lay-off of senior West Vancouver  teacher, Roger Callow, ruling in that process that the arbitrator had been patently unreasonable for failing to show a causal factor (this crime-this perp) which is the essence of all law. But here is the kicker; the Employer does not recognize court oversight claiming BILL 35 is not subject to court oversight. Even here the Employer has a problem explaining why no compensation has been paid under the conditions of BILL 35.

4) The SK challenge is case neutral in that no action on the B.C. case is requested; that will be done elsewhere outside of SK. The advantage of having such a 'neutral' legal Decision in place is that matters may be settled in the Lower Court avoiding the contentious and expensive route taken by CUPE over 5 years which certainly would not be done for the sake of an individual teacher or any employee for that matter.

5) There is to be only 'one kick at the can' with a SK lower court decision as appeals are counter-productive as illustrated by many court systems including the dubious one in SK (see Web SCofC 26883 2016) so teachers must get it right the first time.


a) Inform all teachers in your school of this letter  b) Correlate with other schools  c) Create national website for Teachers against imposed legislation d) call for intervener support from Teacher Union leaders in SK and beyond (*very important) e) leave the rest to me as I will finance the challenge which will be in the form of an ex parte Application (no defendant similar to NS - see web)  So what's not to love? unless Premier Moe wishes to retain imposed legislation for his own purposes...then all bets are off....but not for want of teachers failing to stand up for the rights of the individual in Canada. So go for it.

'The Outlawed Canadian in an outlaw Justice System due to systematic judicial malfeasance'

...or just 'outlaw' for short.


POST IN STAFFROOM - e-mail colleagues



February 03


QUOTE: '...It's looking less and less like the Russians had much of anything to do with Trump's election, and increasingly that desperate Democrats aided and abetted by the very agencies charged with protecting America's interests were in fact acting against it.' Law agencies 'politicized'  Bombshell memo slaps abuses in Trump Russia probe O.S.  James Wallace VP. Editorial p. 9


DUPLICITY - artifice and the FBI, the Canadian Justice System and the Employee's Case

by Roger Callow ('Outlaw') employeescasecanada.ca


1) Duplicity - oh thou'rt name is the rogue den of conspirators and conspiracies

2) So President Trump is about to enter the minefield which I have been occupying in the Employee's Case for 33 years with this difference; the media is providing a super abundance of coverage to Trump and no coverage to me. Fake News indeed.

3) The first piece of duplicity in my case was the Professional Report(s) on Teacher in 1985, the point being that there were two of them purportedly on the same topic...one marked 'positive' and the other marked 'negative'. I kept everything in writing with this distinction; I provided a timely copy to the principal thus catching him out in much the same way e-mails do today. Remember, in a court of law; 'when did he know it' is as important as 'what did he know'.

4) Use of the imposed BILL 35 in 1985 by the West Vancouver School Trustees was designed to cover-up this transgression by burying this issue under a lay-off for which even here, the Board did not substantiate their need to lay-off any teacher, let alone this senior teacher (for whistleblowing on the school principal concerned). More duplicity. The case remains unresolved to this day.

5) While the web site contains many intervening steps, I will leap to the time when I was expelled from B.C. courts in 2013 'for reasons best known to a judge'. To date, I have had actions or attempted actions in 8 out of 10 provinces with this issue remaining unresolved due to the existence of a grey eminence much akin to the FBI role in the Trump case.

a) If the above U.S. memo release is a 'bombshell'; then the Employee's Case is the equivalent of a hydrogen bomb for destroying, as it does, the credibility of the Canadian Justice System plus the accompanying anti-employee media with their boycott of this national issue. It can't get any worse than that for a democracy.

b) Justice in Canada, as seen in the Employee's Case operates from the 'top down'. For example, former P.M. Harper, under pressure from Israel, had University lecturer, Hassan Diab, deported from Canada to France after a very flimsy case mounted under slippery Ottawa Superior Court justice, Robert Maranger - I experienced this dude too - . Diab recently returned and is currently unfettered to the chagrin of a very embarrassed Canadian judiciary. Trudeau would seem to be sponsoring a similar persecution of former Vice Admiral Mark Norman in which the media has taken up the cudgel for Norman whom has not been charged for one year now. Again, the evidence appears flimsy but Trudeau is prepared to let his reputation ride on this one.

c) The evidence I have against many judges referred to oversight bodies which do not reply is anything but flimsy, but here's the difference with the Trump story - I don't get any press coverage.

d) For example, two ON leaders, Premier Kathleen Wynne and NDP's Susan Howarth would maintain their silence on the Employee's Case. If we get a third female Tory leader (the Maidenform mafia?) will she commit to this current national fraud in the current election? Male contender, Doug Ford of the 'Ford Nation' reputation in Toronto has promised to drain the Tory swamp. Here is his opportunity for if he does nothing, he becomes part of the conspiracy.

6) What exactly is it that reaches right up into the Office of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and has led me to publicly condemn his recent Supreme Court of Canada appointment: Richard Wagner? PLACARD: IMPEACH SCofC CHIEF JUSTICE RICHARD WAGNER.

7) The answer to the above is a matter of 'tripleticity' if I may invent this term as it applies to Ottawa Superior Court Justice, Colin McKinnon (13-59060 April 2014 (first decision) September  2014(second decision before Justice R. Scott) internet (third account) which purportedly are all on the same trial but all differ. There is no reference to the existence between the three accounts. I have not been able to confirm if such a filed response by NS Supreme Court's Justice P. Rosinski (469918 Nov. 29-2017) is similar to my 'strange' copy of his Decision on my ex parte constitutional challenge.

8) McKinnon's turpitude played out in QC (SCofC 26993 -2016) and SK (SCofC 26993-2016) where one version of McKinnon's Order was used in QC and another in SK. Richard Wagner sat on both SCofC tribunals much to my vociferous objections. No hearing was held in both cases.

9) P.M. Trudeau was directly implicated when his incompetent Justice Minister, Jody Raybould-Wilson bungled the matter of dealing with this colossal fraud.

10) Duplicity was also evident in QC (for that matter all the provinces) when the lower court judge in Gatineau obviously balked at being made a part of this conspiracy so a second CJ judge wrote the dismissal of the case without reference to the existence of the primary judge (running a court within a court).

11) From there, the matter of raising a constitutional question went to NS; first under Justice Suzanne Hood (April 2017) where the matter of the McKinnon Decision had been included with the Employer's factum. The NS Barrister's Society had earlier refused to examine that complaint leaving it to Hood j. who also deferred on the question. By taking action of a confusing technical  gambit, she committed the courts in an 'act of commission' a marked change  from the former 'acts of omission' which I was used to getting. That is a major step down the slippery judicial slope to oblivion. To some extent, I see a parallel between what she did and what the FBI did in the Russian investigation.

12) Where does all this end up? Badly to be sure. But the important thing is to fight it all the way down...that's what makes North America great. To that end, I am encouraging SK teachers to set up a website apart from my own: PROFESSIONAL TEACHERS AGAINST IMPOSED LEGISLATION. (Any Canadian teacher or administrator should feel free to act accordingly). I am prepared to finance the case neutral challenge (limited to the constitutional question only as all future case action will take place elsewhere) so that a success would permit a lower court judge to throw out such as the West Vancouver School Trustee's bid to ignore subsequent  court rulings on a faulty arbitration as opposed to a 5 year expensive billable time exercise. The point here is that the Employer in this case refuses to recognize court oversight of arbitration findings claiming the imposed  BILL 35 is exempt from such coverage. They do not address the problem-nor have over 50 of Canada's 'finest judges'-of how I can collect compensation which is a feature of BILL 35 which has evaded the Justice System for 33 years. Technically, I am still an employee of the Board awaiting 'deferred salary'now including deferred pension for the last 10 years.

13) George Bush said it of newly appointed President Obama; 'He doesn't know what he is getting into' (perhaps no U.S. President does until the fateful day.) In like manner, I would offer the same message to President Trump regarding legal finagling. He would enjoy Washington's Jack Cafferty's column "It's getting ugly out there" (2014) (SEE quote above FEBRUARY-2018) in which Cafferty concludes in his prescient observation of the rise of a Trump-like figure: '... The bottom line is that our government no longer works for us ...What would slow the decline and maybe help reverse it? The American people have to get pissed off enough to start changing it...Why we don't vote much. We're never told the truth. Certainly not by the politicians, and less and less by the sad wreck we call the media.'




TO: Andrew Wilkinson Q.C.                                FROM: Roger Callow  -  Ottawa

(new)Leader of the Opposition (B.C.)              self-represented litigant (33 year unresolved case)

by fax: 250-387-6411     



1) Andrew Wilkinson Q.C., the newly anointed leader of the B.C. Liberal-Conservative, etc. Party, is the quintessential member of the Old Boy's Club.

2) His mantra is reflective of J.A. MacDonald's 1890's 'The Old Man ,The Old Party' campaign values: 'We have to build on the past' Not for him any ON Doug Ford Nation whom would drain the swamp as Wilkinson was apparently an incarnate member of 'the swamp' in B.C.

3) Formerly he was Justice critic to the NDP Hogarth government so here's a late petition for him: as the Vancouver Registry is obfuscating the registry of a case by me with the full knowledge of Premier Hogarth and his Green Party accomplice, is Wilkinson willing to supply paralegal assistance to sorting out this matter? A non-response to this request will be considered as Wilkinson having gone over to the other side leaving B.C. voters with this question: Why vote at all?

4) Wilkinson is no doubt up to his eyeballs in the Clark government's refusal to examine very serious allegations against the B.C. Justice System in the past including the expelling of this litigant from B.C. in 2013 'for reasons best known to a judge' in an unresolved labour case tracing back to 1985 and the imposed B.C. government's  BILL 35. The Canadian Justice System collapsed in four other provinces plus the Supreme Court of Canada in the subsequent caper=anarchy. Now I am back to B.C. courts where there is no mention of the 2013 expulsion order.

5) Wilkinson also served as President of the Civil Liberties Association which would explain why that body never responded to serious claims I presented to them.

6) Currently he lives (on his own?) in a house on Dunbar Street in Vancouver to which I used to deliver a newspaper in the 1950's... deja vu?

7) In the event that I am wrong about my assessment, Wilkinson can offer me that paralegal assistance which I request from him if he is to put Premier Hogarth's feet 'to the fire'. It is the least a Q.C. must do.  B.C. voters deserve no less.

8) A copy of this letter will appear on employeescasecanada.ca  FEBRUARY-2018 under this date.


Yours truly (Roger Callow)

The Outlawed Canadian in an outlaw Judicial System due to systematic judicial malfeasance.


cc Christie Blatchford  Postmedia




1) For a few years up to 2015, my investment dealer had me in 'big cap' funds where my income tax payments no doubt had me listed as a big player to be watched for to support such as Justin's money throw-away globetrotting. If I had sold at the beginning of 2018, I would still have had the same results as my earlier success. But that was then, this is now where I pay zilch in taxes as I have parked my money for the last 2-1/2 years in a non-interest account. In fact, by parking my funds, I fared better than if I had a secure Mutual fund heavy in bonds which lost money in that 2-1/2 year time period. While my investment dealer lost his commission, the Firm holding my non-interest funds, to be sure, had them invested for themselves at the top of the market.

2) The above investment story is important mainly because if there is a downturn in the market which invariably hits with a bang as happened recently, the small investor does not have the leeway to ride the storm which the big investor has although they sometimes make mistakes usually turning to the government i.e. us, the taxpayers, to bail them out if necessary.

3) The model for modern day Depressions is the 1929 one which was precipitated by a stock market crash largely due to 'margin spending' which continued into the 1930's with 1933 being at the lowest point. Only WWII brought the economy back in 1939. With 10% margin, an investor could purchase a $1 stock and if it went up 10%, he doubled his money. Of course, if the stock declined 10%, he was wiped out. Frightened investors from this 1929 crash refused to invest in the market precipitating a business slowdown as money was not circulating. Hence finance dealers are always selling confidence which works '-whatever you do, hang in there-'...up to a point where it no longer works such as 2008 in the U.S.

4) Today's Depression, for that is what it is, already exists as the current economy is driven by consumer purchases; mostly on credit which includes mortgages. In Canada, half of Canadians cannot go without one paycheck as they are badly over-extended with their credit. A slight increase in the very low interest rate will drive most of these people into bankruptcy interfering with consumer buying which in turn will lead to a significant economic downturn. Debt will quickly mount up so that even sound institutions such as the Canadian banks will be hard hit.

5) Remedy for individual investors? Get liquid as fast as you can...and that advice is for those Canadians without debt.




Response to O.S. p.13 columnist Lorne Gunter: Keep Trudeau away from Trans Mountain

'...Frankly, I think what B.C. is doing is unconstitutional... Indeed, I suspect both Ottawa and the B.C. government are hoping to drag out the start of the Trans Mountain project long enough that Kinder Morgan gives up and walks away....'


1) The focus in this response is on 'unconstitutional' proceedings, for the above scenario fits my current constitutional challenge to have lower court judges decide on these matters as opposed to 5 year legal billable time exercises.

2) The 33 year unresolved  employeescasecanada.ca illustrates in the microcosm what your article aptly portrays in the macrocosm. My bid to raise a constitutional question to be handled by the lower court  (a Model T challenge if you will) was recently de-railed in Nova Scotia (Halifax #469918 Nov. 29-2017 P. Rosinski j). Where's the legal billable time in that notion when 5 years of litigation, apart from the delay aspect which you astutely note, deprives the legal profession of a virtual cash cow?

3) Almost any powerful source such as government or a major employer can structure a legal claim to include a constitutional challenge which prices their opposition out of the market... just like a poker party where one cannot meet the 'ante'.

4) The stunt pulled by the Employer, the West Vancouver, B.C. School Trustees in the Employee's Case is to (rightfully) claim that without a legal decision, they are not obligated to pay compensation in the 1985 lay-off of senior teacher, Roger Callow, under the conditions of the imposed BILL 35 (lay-off for economic reasons which did not exist v. 'whistleblowing' which did exist). Over 50 judges amid incredible judicial abuse including 4 trips to the Supreme Court of Canada has reinforced that 'non-decision' position. In brief, 'no legal decision' became 'a legal decision' in Canada = anarchy.

5) In 2017, CUPE won $57 million for their educational workers in a 5 year constitutional challenge. To be sure, they would not have launched this very expensive legal challenge for the sake of one individual, no matter how strong a case existed.

6) In the 1985 West Vancouver case, the court quashed the arbitration ruling, in that process, that the arbitrator had been patently unreasonable for failing to show a causal factor i.e. this crime-this perp; the bedrock of all law. That position was supported on Appeal by the Employer but here is the catch; the Employer does not recognize court oversight of the imposed BILL 35. While they have enunciated that claim throughout, no court acknowledges the existence of that argument in their written Decisions. Indeed, the Employer even floated a case in Ontario on that point (13-59060- 3 official versions of that decision by C. McKinnon j. in 2014 referred to the oversight bodies by me which refuse to acknowledge this gross perfidy = collapse of the Canadian Judicial System)

7) Hence the failure in the Employee's Case - while not excusing the original perpetrators - is primarily one of the Justice System of Canada. From that there is no return. The press boycott on this national story condemns  the credibility of the media on the same level.

8) The one thing that the Employer cannot get around is that BILL 35 did include a compensation scheme; a scheme which the courts refuse to access on my behalf. No compensation, which includes pension rights for 10 years now, has been paid. Technically , I am still an employee of the School District awaiting my 'deferred earnings'.

9) The constitutional question for which I have requested professional teachers across Canada to establish a blog (separate and apart from my own blog), follows: PROFESSIONAL TEACHERS AGAINST IMPOSED LEGISLATION (School Administrators and provinces e.g. imposed carbon tax would expect to be major supporters of this blog).

10) I strongly suspect Union leaders are discouraging teachers from any recognition of the Employee's Case:

a) They do not want any interference with the dirty little secret of the sweetheart deal between Employer and Union which I dare say characterizes all dismissals to some degree. Should employees go direct to court (such as I did on Appeal; then the influence of the Union is greatly diminished...and that would never do.... The B.C. Union still holds onto material which belongs to me and could have permitted me to lay a charge of fraud against the Employer in the 1990's. No court would order this disclosure (from the Employer as well) which again, forms the basis of habeas corpus and therefore all 'rule of law'.

b) Union leader (not incorrect) belief which pervades would have it that frightened employees make for stronger membership than self-empowered clients. The case of former CBC employee Jian Ghomeshi is one whom escaped the Union fold until publicity forced the Union to latterly support him at great legal expense for which there was no financial return (he won).

11) In some ways, there is a parallel with the judicial cupidity in the Employee's Case and the current U.S. struggle by the FBI and Justice Department to impose judgment on President Trump. If the above judicial concupiscence is any example - and I believe it is -, and the recent 'memo' release is a case in point; the U.S. suffers from a similar disconnect with its Justice System. Under those conditions, Trump has every right to challenge Mueller.

12) In conclusion, Mr. Gunter, your article has uncovered a monster of unimaginable proportions.


Yours truly (Roger Callow)

The Outlawed Canadian in an outlaw Justice System due to systematic judicial malfeasance


cc  President Trump c/o Kelly Knight Craft Ambassador to Canada f.613-688-3082


February 09-2018


TO: U.S. President Donald Trump        FROM: Roger Callow - Canadian living with a shithole Canadian Justice System


Dear President Trump;

Reference is made to the following letters. Better your response than some shithole Third World entity...your choice.



- o -

January 25-2018

TO: Rt. Hon. Judith Guichon                FROM: Roger Callow    self-represented litigant

B.C. Lieutenant Governor                                          

by fax: 250-387-2078                                        Ottawa, ON K1V 9A7

              and                                                      f. 613-521-1739

Gov. Gen. Julie Payette                                                 

by fax: 613-998-8760                                         WEB: employeescasecanada.ca

                                                       7 pages

cc  C. Blatchford- Postmedia


1) Enclosed is material to the B.C. L.G. requesting that office to invoke the process by which a constitutional question may be lodged in B.C. Supreme Court relating to the 'illicit' lay-off of senior West Vancouver High School teacher, Roger Callow in June of 1985 under the auspices of the imposed  BILL 35 (1985).

2) No finding of the court to justify the payment of compensation (now includes 10 years of pension rights) has left this litigant in a state of limbo where no compensation has been paid. In effect, I am still an employee of the School Board awaiting payment of my 'deferred salary'.

3) At the crux of the matter and the reason for this appeal is that the Employer refuses to recognize the oversight powers of the court which quashed the arbitration in 1986 because it did not show a causal connection. I was left in limbo which over 50 judges have exacerbated with faulty rulings, many of which have been referred to the oversight bodies concerned as GG Payette is well aware. There is never any response creating a crisis of its own.

4) The point to be made here is that whether the matter of compensation falls under BILL 35 (the only document the Employer recognizes); the 'collective bargaining rules' (which since 1995 is the only thing that the B.C. courts recognize) or under some other statute of law regarding employment, compensation must be paid.

5) The entire matter is reduced to this constitutional question recently raised unsuccessfully in Halifax N.S. (469918 Rosinski j. Nov. 29-2017): Does the court have oversight powers over imposed legislation? It is the single most important legal question in Canadian jurisprudence if our democracy is to have any meaning.

6) Regrettably, the Horgan government plus the Green Party's Dr. Weaver, has chosen to 'blow this matter off'. Many, many people are awaiting your response on this key question.


Yours truly, Roger Callow

- 0 -

My Response:

A) When the Premier plus one Green Party member says 'jump'; the L.G. which is the titular head of the B.C. government, asks 'how high'.  L.G. e-mail Feb. 07-2018 '...the L.G. has no direct involvement....' Normally, all my contacts go unacknowledged but the L.G. - in her clerks very best 'hand-writing' - opts out of a concern which is clearly one for the B.C. L.G. whether it is by 'direct' or 'indirect' means.

B) I ask you to invoke the Magnitsky Act (legal and moral turpitude) recently passed by both the U.S. and Canada, against  B.C. Lieutenant Governor, Judith Guichon.

C) No Canadian may use this Act against a Canadian hence the request has to go to another country such as the U.S. which is a signatory. (As an example of Canada's perfidy with this Act, Canada recently invoked the Magnitsky Act against the Chief Justice of Venezuela knowing full well that Venezuela could not 'return the favour' not being a signatory to the Act.)

D) Earlier I had asked you for an application against Nova Scotia Judge, P. Rosinski mentioned above in the L.G. letter. My lawyer was unable to find out if the officially registered Decision was the same as the one received by me. CBC never responded to my request on that level. (In Ontario in 2014, C. McKinnon j. 13-59060 Ontario Supreme Court (Ottawa) created three official Decisions on the same case which the authorities refuse to investigate explaining why no international interest should do business with Canada.)

E) Do I feel bad about appealing internationally on a Canadian matter? Not at all. In 2004, my lawyer volunteered this legal opinion: 'You have exhausted all remedy under the law'. That's when Canada's Justice System imploded in this unresolved B.C. labour case where no compensation has been paid. In brief, we became a Third World 'shithole' Country. Today with the above fiasco, Canada has lost all right to call itself a democracy, no matter how that may be defined. I have proclaimed July 01 to be anti-judge day as Canada no longer deserves a national birthday.

F) In terms you may understand, Mr. President, the Canadian Justice System and now government,  is the 'Mr. Mueller' of your vocabulary.


Yours truly, (Roger Callow)

The Outlawed Canadian in an outlaw Justice System due to systematic judicial and government malfeasance


FEB. 10

Canada's very own  Pyeongchang 'dopes'

(See bottom for the juxtaposed solution)

Reference: O.S. Feb. 10-2018


1)'Russians dance around doping sanctions' Wayne Scanlon  p. 10

     '...It was a bit like the parent (Canadian Olympic Committee) of the bratty kid (Russia) offering a blanket apology at the end of the day, for whatever junior might have said or done to offend anyone....'

     '...the systematic scandal that can't be put to bed....'

     '...Whatever level of trust might have existed before Sochi is gone....'

2) 'IOC's Sorry Spectacle/Canadians shouldn't apologize for calling out dirty deals' Steve Simmons p.8

     '...But one by one, appeal after appeal, ...there were dirty athletes back in the Games, flying under an Olympic flag of sorts....'

     '...And right now, who speaks for the clean athlete...and Russians destroyed so much evidence....'The clean athlete is forced to get back in a system that has no system....'

     '...We are, historically, a polite people - born to say thank-you before we even say mama...And damnit (sic) there's no reason for anyone apologizing here. It's our nature to say sorry. Just not at this time.'

3)' Games' illusion of peace' Christie Blatchford p.6

     '...That's the true spirit of the Olympics: Suspended disbelief.' (regarding two Koreas)


JUXTAPOSITION WITH THE employeescasecanada.ca

A) The Canadian courts of law are the Russians

B) 'Disbelief' is due to the anti-employee media cover-up

C) Level of trust gone by 2004 reducing Canada to Third World status in unresolved labour case in a matter of systematic judicial malfeasance.

D) Apology being sought (Manitoba courts) from the Government plus a $1 token settlement for judicial and -now- government abuse with the latest salvo from the B.C. Lieutenant Governor.

E) No oversight body has held any of the over 50 'dirty' judges to account. 'Clean' individual litigants have no recourse in Canadian law.


F) Cancel July 1st, Canada's Birthday as Canada and Canadians no longer deserve a birthday for failing to 'stand on guard for thee' and rename it 'Anti-Judge Day'. When an individual or a people lose their courage, they have lost the main attribute which makes life bearable.

G) Replace judicial garb for those 'dopey' justices sitting on the bench with the cast off blank uniforms from the Russian Pyeongchang participants which should be available after the games if they don't burn them first.



Ottawa cop turned researcher finds decline in proactive policing O.S.p.3  'juxtaposed' with school hallway monitoring by teachers.

1) The essence of the above story is that 911 calls are obligatory while all others risk FIDO (F*** It, Drive On) For example, one police officer once told me 'Was that an indigenous man standing with a gun to protect his marijuana patch?' FIDO. The repercussions of proactive policing are creating a nation of 'hidey holes' for which we will all pay a price down the road.

2) This tome is based on similar thinking vis a vis teachers on School hallway duty.

3) When I started teaching in a northern B.C. community in 1964, reaction to student pressure amounted to...'I am not here to be liked; I have a duty to fulfill because it is the responsible thing to do.' By and large, all teachers were active in hallway discipline.

4) When I began teaching in West Vancouver in 1969 and was assigned cafeteria duty, one day the cafeteria manager came out to hand me a hamburger because when I was on duty, her proceeds went up by as much as 25%.  But then no-one likes a policeman.

5) I conducted a personal survey and confided to the principal that about half of staff were diligent in hallway monitoring. Some others were quite blunt about it - I close my door on the hallways (FIDO). Interestingly, these were the teachers oftentimes with high blood pressure and were, oh, so happy to retire.

6) As a Supply Teacher in Ottawa Carleton for 16 years mainly at the secondary level - possibly the longest stretch for a Supply Teacher - I saw myriad approaches for which I am hard pressed to say what works and what doesn't. Perhaps an exemption would be administrations for lower economic schools which required strong leadership. Was I supported by administrators? About half of them contended with my 'policeman' approach. The others I just avoided their schools. Teachers liked my approach because when they returned, their supplies had not mysteriously disappeared. On one occasion I held my breath in berating a class for its misbehaviour under a senior teacher only to find in the records that a former Supply Teacher had done the same thing previously! I told him not to ask for me in future.

7) I retired from Supply Teaching in 2004. Would I conduct myself in the same manner today? Probably. But now no-one would call me. The education scene has deteriorated just that much. I can believe such as Britain declaring war on student assaults on teachers. One story that I heard recently about school discipline problems suggests that Canada may not be far behind. One reflection is that men have been staying away in droves from the teaching profession. Why, I don't know.

8) I have no answers to teacher hallway monitoring  just as the authorities in the above police proactive story have no remedies.



  War is a hell which no-one who has not been there (which I haven't) can ever imagine. From the point of military strategy, as explained to me by one former soldier, is to wound the enemy as opposed to killing him. A wounded soldier requires other soldiers to rescue him leaving the front short-changed in man-power. It also requires medical supplies thus diverting money from armaments. Returning badly crippled soldiers to civilian society undermines recruitment challenges (WWI propaganda poster: little girl saying 'My daddy died for me'. Today? 'My daddy is dying for me every single day right before my eyes.') In Philippine Society, bearing children is a basic value which being shot 'in the vagina' undermines female participation in the war. And for equal time...historically, captured male soldiers would rather be shot than to be turned over to the female camp followers.



BY: Roger Callow The Outlawed Canadian in an outlaw Justice System due to systematic judicial and government malfeasance  employeescasecanada.ca  (33 year unresolved 'standing case' legal matter in 'illicit' West Vancouver, B.C. senior teacher lay-off in 1985) now known judicially as ‘the cluster-fuck case’ which has been through 15 different court systems and over 50 judges. No compensation (includes pension rights) has been paid.

cc  President Trump c/o Kelly Knight Craft Ambassador to Canada f.613-688-3082


Description: C:\Users\Roger\Pictures\2011-12-16\2012photo.jpg



WEST VANCOUVER SCHOOL TRUSTEE'S 'FINAL SOLUTION': 'If you do not accept what we offer in settlement,                                                                                                              you will get nothing at all.'

President Trump's authority to act: The Magnitski Act

(moral and legal turpitude) As both Canada and the U.S. are signatories and as Canada has exempted itself from an internal application of this Act, it falls to such as the U.S. to apply this Act against Nova Scotia Justice P. Rosinski (Halifax 469918 Nov. 29-2017)and B.C. Lieutenant Governor Judith Guichon (2018)



Why President Trump should act: Due to a national anti-employee Canadian media boycott, it now appears necessary for an international force to act. In the case of the U.S., surely commercial interests should be warned about the deleterious actions of Canadian courts.        (8 out of 10 provinces plus the Supreme Court of Canada on 4 inconsequential occasions and due to the incompetence of the Minister of Justice, P.M. Trudeau is negatively affected to a catastrophic degree). In brief, it's anarchy. Under those conditions, U.S. commercial interests may wish to re-evaluate their loan confidence for Canada from that of a developed country to that of a 'shithole' country. As President, you have an obligation to warn them accordingly.


In The Land of the Blind, the One-Eyed Man is King

     This novel, written over 50 years ago by a white British administrator to a black African country, has application to the recent Battleford, Saskatchewan case in which an isolated white farmer killed an indigenous person while defending his property. He was exonerated amid coast to coast protest from indigenous peoples prompting P.M. Trudeau to refuse to sanction the process of this provincial trial.



     In the African story, two tribes did not necessarily want to go to war over a dispute between two litigants from different tribes but honour would demand that they do hence both tribes were prepared to subscribe to the intermediary of a white judge. His goal? To do what would keep these two tribes from war which meant sizing up very carefully the two litigants choosing the most malleable one to be the loser. When the decision was given, a dead silence fell over the courtroom as all eyes were on the loser who was only too aware of what would happen if he refused the judgment. After an interminable 'contemplative' time, he tore off his headdress and threw it on the ground laughing. The trial was now over as everyone joined in the laughter. There would be no war.

     The SK situation is akin to isolated white farmers in Zimbabwe trying to eke out a living amid the violence of young people whom, while occupying the land are unable to farm it. Next time in SK, the young people may very well bring their own weapons 'to the party'. The trouble in Canada is that it is not only the indigenous people whom mistrust the Justice System as the Employee's Case has exposed judicial malfeasance on a scale hitherto unknown. It may be paralleled to the challenge President Trump faces against the Justice Department/FBI.

     Much to my regret, I have had firsthand experience with the culpability of SK courts. The Battleford Story has been slyly done, but I submit that it includes malfeasance on all levels. Blind Justin is right not to approve of the legal process but then, he has no alternatives for merely passing new legislation does not reconcile the evil done in either the Battleford Case or the Employee's Case. Canadian Democracy is going down for 'a third time' as the Canadian media attempts to pass this SS Titanic story off as 'a sailing adventure'.

     So, Mr. Trump, are you a one-eyed President? If so, Canada needs your help.



The FBI and the Florida School Massacre

QUOTE: 'If the world has taught us nothing else, it has taught us that any man can be killed.'

Michael Corleone in the Godfather II



1) In the 1990's when I had a franchise installing home alarms, I would tell clients that a professional could get around anything. What you are after are the 90% of 'smash and grab' thieves. Many people believe that alarm systems stop burglaries. They don't for if your alarm is ringing, the burglar is already inside. Your goal is to get him (not usually a her) off the premise as quickly as possible. For isolated rural clients ('Battleford' SK comes to mind), my advice was to get a security gate across the entranceway (to stop the carting off of machinery); a big dog, and to have arrangements with your neighbors. In short, the police must be within 20 minutes of your location for follow-up purposes. Dedicated nut cases such as the Florida massacre individual come under the 'professional' label.

2) Recently in Canada, the RCMP took down a jihadi as he exited his home getting into a taxi with an innocent driver. The police moved in at that point with the jihadi blowing himself up. It was a close call for the taxi driver and attending police. The point? Waiting to catch people in the aftermath is a risky business. Better to call in novelist Lee Child's  Jack Reacher whom leaves no traces. Of course mistakes get made by these CIA type cowboys. That is the kind of society we live in. But then the people at the top always have their scapegoats such as the FBI blaming the Florida FBI for this 'shortcoming' in the massacre.

3) On a much diminished scale, as a Supply teacher over a decade ago, I had to physically separate two Grade 6 girls (turned out that they were friends) pulling hair with one having the other with her neck bent completely back. They were not listening to my order to desist. They were assigned detentions, that is, until a parent complained about my action. I was paid during suspension. The stories of both the girls and myself coincided with the investigative team and the issue was dropped with this difference...the girls never served their detention. According to the Union representative, this matter was poorly handled by the principal.

4) A parallel to the above story are complaints of 'de-policing' in Ottawa, as officers are only committing themselves to 911 calls, and avoid contentious situations by sitting in their cars in mall lots as opposed to patrolling. Bottom line? Citizens are more vulnerable.

5) While major venues such as sporting events are now heavily secured, that is not possible with schools. I saw the gradual security measures increase during the 1990's including 'lock-down'; measures which made much sense for elementary schools with teacher ground duty taken very seriously. While high schools included cameras (with no-one watching them in the office) what good is that when the gunman is already in the school?

6) About a decade ago, I met a former black female teacher from Washington, D.C. whom had retired three years earlier due to stress and still was not able to talk about it. She gazed at me with wondrous eyes (oh,yes) when I asked if there were guns inside schools. I certainly would not teach in such a 'shithole' school system. It's a race to the bottom. And my bet is that a day will come when no-one will (remember the 1953 film with Sidney Poitier, Blackboard Jungle?) That description has morphed across the western world as even Britain is speaking out against teacher assaults. On the last cruise a few years ago, the teacher complaint was not the usual one regarding violence; it was about the administration (L.A.) 'They don't know what they are doing.' 

7) In summary, the new theme is 'How the West was lost'.


 FEB. 19

Florida School Massacre & Canada


1) A retired FBI agent, licensed gun collector and hunter, says that if the adults (Congress) isn't going to do anything, let's turn to the students of the Florida school massacre to make the changes for us. Congress ignored the Sandy Hook School massacre (Democrats) and the Las Vegas massacre (Republicans).

2) The FBI get 2100 calls per day in Florida regarding  dangerous individuals and it would seem someone (or two or three) people messed up. Trump has shifted his ground from the 'mental illness card' (paralleled to Justice Minister Jodi Wilson Raybould's 'racist card' to distract focus on the SK Battleford judicial conspiracy) to 'it's all the FBI's fault'. Sorry, Donald, but you cannot 'suck and blow at the same time' in public and still call yourself a leader.

3) The U.S. is the only nation to have these school massacres so it is a unique U.S. problem. Neanderthals cling to the Second Amendment which was passed at a time when 'bearing arms' related to a single shot musket which was a little like driving the first Model A's: crank the motor, mix the fuel, advance the spark and get stuck in a muddy road listening to people riding by calling out 'get a horse!' Further, the amendment primarily had militia's in mind as of course isolated farmers - such as the one in the Battleford Incident in SK recently - always took the law into their own hands as laws were only for town folk. Still are if my experience with installing alarm systems is any example.

4) The instigator in Canada, in contrast to the U.S. , is not a gun nut; rather an eminence gris nut case whom operates from the top as opposed from the bottom. All he requires is a telephone to contact the Chief Justices to pull someone from Traffic Court and assign him to covering a constitutional question which holds the fate of future Canada i.e. 'Do the courts have oversight powers over imposed Legislation? In the Employee's Case, The West Vancouver School Trustees respond in the negative and refuse to recognize the Court quashing of the arbitration in support of the Employer ruling, as it did, the arbitrator to be patently unreasonable. I have been left in limbo for 33 years (last 10 years in pension)awaiting a court decision (over 50 judges in 8 0ut of 10 provinces plus various legal bodies) so that I may collect my rightful compensation. It is against the law for the Justice System to pick up the ball - as it were - and go home without providing a judgment. That's how Canada collapsed - Justice System, Government, and the anti-employee media with their national boycott.

5) So, tech savvy students, how about it, fill the same gap in Canada which the Florida students would seek to fill; that is, the one without functioning adults....



FEB.22-2018  SEE employeescasecanada.ca FEBRUARY-2018 by 'The Outlawed Canadian' in a 33 year battle to get compensation after being laid-off under the imposed B.C. BILL 35 in June of 1985.

1) I had the fortune or rather misfortune of visiting NS Courts on two  occasions in 2017 in which I had asked for teacher support stripped to a constitutional question which affect all union members (as well as provinces e.g. carbon tax) in Canada. The teacher silence was deafening no doubt due to Union leaders jealous of their little authority. Both cases were referred to the over-sight bodies of Governor McNeil's government whom was kept fully apprised of judicial malfeasance. There was no response. In the case of one judge, I called on President Trump to invoke the Magnitsky Act (legal and moral turpitude) for while Canada was also a signatory, no Canadian many invoke the code within Canada. That treatment above does not bode well for events in Nova Scotia for the teachers today.

2) McNeil has a hidden agenda which includes hiring a 'Fraser Institute' type person to write a Report on Education along the lines of what he wants to hear. While space limits observations on what makes a good school; one thing appears to be certain and that is the need of a strong administration in 'tough' schools, the Fraser Institute bean-counting be damned.  Space also limits problems with this testing formula as I have found the Fraser Institute figures a barometer and not the solution. This type of Report is heavy on measurement and light on almost all other qualitative aspects of what makes a good school. As a 16 year Supply Teacher in the Ottawa Carleton District in all High schools with experience from B.C. when they split the administrators away from the Union in 1988 (due, I suggest, to my case); I have the following observations.

3) First problem, the one including both administrators and teachers in the same Union. B.C. Administrators were increasingly uncomfortable with this association which accounted for a significant source of the Union funds. For example, would teachers strike for the sake of an increase in administrator's allowances? Not likely. Bottom line. If the Union leaders are pushing for a strike on this level, it would seem to be more for the sake of the Union leaders than individual teachers. Legislation will effect that change whether the teachers agree or not.

4) In a dismissal, the Union, contrary to popular belief, does choose sides as they do not want expensive litigation. For example, while touting to all B.C. Teachers in 1985 that the imposed BILL 35 was the battle of all teachers, they talked a half dozen School Boards out of using it leaving only the case in West Vancouver with this senior teacher affected and then proceeded to 'throw' the case until I changed lawyers after which the courts quashed the arbitration ruling, in that process, the arbitrator to be patently unreasonable. I was left in limbo. If I had been returned to teaching, as recommended, not ordered, to be sure action against a corrupt administrator would have followed which the Union would have had to finance. Not a pretty picture.

5) Scrapping English School Boards is really something the School Boards should be 'striking' over of which these management directed people are incapable. The PQ in QC have threatened to do the same thing. Significance? Teachers are dealing directly with 'Big Brother' which in NS, is in the pockets of Premier McNeil. Again, he can get his way with legislation. But what is next? Elimination of senior teacher allowances?

6) As matters stand, this sabre rattling by 80% of NS Teachers may turn out to be pre-mature when the real battle is still ahead of them. Failing to support my two NS cases is beginning to look like a massive mistake.

POST IN STAFFROOM e-mail colleagues


FEB. 24-2018




Reference: James Bagnall O.C. Feb. 24 D1-4 'mega-article'


Quote: 'Optimism, I feel, is the enemy of democracy ...Do we really need to take action? Is there indeed any action that any government can take at any time to arbitrate between truth and lies that won't result in more lies and less truth should the worst government imaginable come to power at the worst time imaginable? columnist Shannon Gormley p. A10  my comment: 'The cure is worse  than the disease'?

Question I once asked a senior sales representative of educational materials: Why is Life Insurance more challenging to sell than educational materials. ANS. Because one is a positive while the other is a negative.

Question: Why have the Falun Gong which have experienced one of the most brutal genocides in modern times been all but ignored? The book Bloody Harvest by a Canadian appears the sum total of public outcry against this heinous crime by the Chinese. Other mass killings are all but ignored although the recent Florida high school massacre has students reacting to government inaction in the past such as at the Sandy Hook massacre. School massacres are peculiar to the U.S. and not found elsewhere.



1) I am coming at this topic of negatively from an analytical point of view.

2) By and large, Canadians are a generous people giving of their time and resources to assist those in need. Ottawa abounds with walk, run, cycle charity events.

3) With that much said, we are a trite people as evidenced by the night after night of vapid reality programs; many flashing guns in the conduct of their cliché story telling. How do we expect our children to mature when the model of the commercial world is hedonistic? Some would say President Trump is the logical extension of this 'game host' mentality.

4) I gave up discussing the Employee's Case with anyone many decades ago including lawyers when my own lawyer declared in 2004 with my second trip to the Supreme Court of Canada (ultimate remedy...there must be compensation for employee lay-off): "You have exhausted all remedy under the law". Now it is 33 years and counting in this kafkaesque nightmare.

5) Most people do not even want to hear these stories...see a lawyer...you did? Well it is a specialized legal matter which exceeds my 'mandate'.(In short, don't bother me.) They do not want to hear about negatives in a life probably already drowning in them - family problems, work problems, debt.

6) Optimism without the tempering effect of negativism, I submit, is the source of wars. That negativism, institutionally speaking, is rooted in the 'oversight bodies': PLACARD: THERE ARE NO OVERSIGHT BODIES My written complaints against serious judicial malfeasance with a number of legal organizations are routinely ignored. Not even an acknowledgment. That's how Canada and its democracy collapsed...corpse to follow.

7) As a teenager growing up in Vancouver with a small industrial wholesale business in the 1950's, business was much more personal although some of the bigger operations suffered from the corporatese found everywhere today. By and large, ethics ruled with the smaller outfits. Consumers did not have unlimited credit and were not permitted to get themselves into intolerable debt. 50% of Canadians cannot go without one paycheck today with their high personal debt load. That is why I do not pay much attention to the financial analysts  as their projections are based on everyone paying their bills. Student loan cancellations are one such example.

8)  Another point with regards to business operation is the 'blame game' high-lighted by the problem in the Phoenix Disaster. My conclusions are different from most on this level for wherever one finds an employee arrogating their position, you will not find a hands-on supervisor. The best Companies were those managed by people with their fingers on the pulse. Corporations due to their size invariably fall into the hands of lawyers...and what do they know about much of anything?

9) A Report on Judicial operations commissioned by the Ontario government reflected broad scale bullyism. To be sure the Office of the Chief Justice is at the centre of such accusations. Registries, in particular, suffer heavily when told to undermine the rules. The Registry in Vancouver Superior Court is so terrorized, that the first Registry letter on an action which I am filing was not signed; the second merely giving the initials. Visits to registries in Ottawa and Gatineau suffer from PTSD.

10) In the 1990's, I had a franchise installing home alarms (a negative which became a positive when one could show that he/she could 'keep up with the Joneses' or if they were victims of a break-in). I would tell people that a professional can get around anything; what you are after is the 90% of smash and grab thieves.

11) At this point, I would like to draw a parallel with the Florida School Massacre. The culprit in this case functions as a 'professional' and as a 'hallway monitor' in high schools in the 1990's as a Supply Teacher, there is no protection against such individuals. The one guard with a gun in the Florida school would be no match for a rapid fire gun. He chose to disappear...and live. Arming teachers is also counter-productive. How many erring husbands returning late at night have been shot by the little lady 'fearing a burglar'=oops, cheap divorce. The opportunities for abuse are extensive plus these guns would give everyone a false sense of security. I always warned clientele against having guns as burglar control...'Oh, they are not loaded'. Even if they are, few people without specialized training (including police) are capable of shooting someone. More than likely, that weapon will be used against the homeowner.

12) So what to do? First consider the problem. Over a 100 years ago, people were asked as to whether or not they were putting a lock on their door (for the very small fraction of people burglarizing a premise). It did not stop burglaries, rather burglars went to homes without locks. Today all homes have locks so those same self-same burglars go to homes without alarm systems. Cameras sending out images in real time to a smart phone (our older son, a licensed gun collector, has such an arrangement) elevate the protection but it does not resolve the problem of burglaries. The problem is merely shifted.

13) The focus in the U.S. should be to eliminate rapid fire guns. I saw a photo of one gun warehouse with pile upon pile of rapid fire guns for sale. Not 21? No problem. The perp merely needs to follow the gun purchaser home and steal the weapon at pain of threatening the family.

14) The 1774 Second Amendment was written about single shot muskets and designed primarily for militia powers (every frontiersman had a gun and knew how to use it and invariably did without question). Rewriting the U.S. Constitution is considered a negative and not likely to gain much support. I have suggested re-writing the Canadian Justice System which no-one has apparently envisaged: PLACARD: WHY OBEY THE LAWS?...JUDGES DON'T....

15) POGO (bastardization): 'We have seen the enemy and he is 'fat-headed' thinking'  First step on the road to recovery? Eliminate cliché-ridden politicians...just don't talk or listen to them as they usually do all the talking; now that would get their goat!.... Walk out of meetings proclaiming  'Say no to cliché talk' or just yell out CLICHÉ SPEAKER!