APRIL - 2018


April 03-2018  Letter to Ottawa Sun columnist, Lorrie Goldstein p.21

'All Smoke & Mirrors'



1) When is the myopic media going to wake up and label 'not a clear mandate' to 'imposed' legislation by which the government may seize control of legislation?

2) Australia went through much the same struggle and gave the boot to the government pushing this illegal agenda.

3) The key is not so much the topic of 'climate' or 'pensions'; rather, it is control over the process. That is why the Carleton U CUPE Union is hanging tough on the pension question. Across the U.S. professional teachers are mired in the same struggle over pension control which, in effect, shifts the liability for losses onto the individual pensioner from the investor. The SEARS bankruptcy is a case in point.

4) B.C.'s BILL 35 (1985) since rescinded after it was used in the Employee's Case (banana republic law) is a case in point. The constitutional question rejected in 2017 for a hearing in Nova Scotia was limited to just this point of imposed legislation whether it be for an individual 'teacher lay-off' or for the imposition of a carbon tax. That was a catastrophic rejection and why I called on President Trump to invoke the Magnitsky Act against Justice Rosinski.

5) Once a government has control of the process; then they may apply virtually any conditions to the legislation. For example, The West Vancouver School Board Employer does not recognize court oversight of imposed legislation making a non-entity of over 50 judges plus the rest of the judiciary redundant in this case. No judge will address that point. That is how the Canadian Justice System collapsed amid an anti-individual national media boycott on the single most important issue in Canadian democracy.


The Outlawed Canadian in an outlaw Justice and Government System due to corrupt government and judicial malfeasance.


APRIL 15-2018


1) Construction of the Kinder Morgan (K.M.) Pipeline in B.C. is a clusterfuck with everyone battling to assert their opinion of this approved pipeline by the previous Christy Clark government. K.M. have already invested one out of the seven billion dollars on this pipeline and were successful in laying a private criminal charge (which the police and court enforced) against protesters including one group of Indigenous B.C. people plus Green Party National Leader, M.P. Elizabeth May. The B.C. courts have delivered the second shot (after the arrest and conviction) by backing the Kinder Morgan interests against the government.

2) There is little sympathy for 'razor-thin MP numbers' B.C. Premier Hogarth whom fears desertion by at least three MPP's to the Green Party and whom campaigned in the last election on stopping the KM pipeline. He is politically vulnerable should he not maintain his stand.

3) Alberta NDP's Premier Notley is also politically vulnerable by being chased at the heels by the Tories and is in danger of certainly losing the next election if she cannot get this pipeline built which the Federal government 'kind of' supports... considering the voting patterns.

4) P.M. Trudeau is looking to the next election and Liberal votes in B.C. with Alberta being a 'write-off' for the Liberal Party. He backed off with the East-West pipeline between AB and the Maritimes with the 'blackmail' of the Montreal mayor in Liberal rich Quebec voters. This East West line, it is submitted here, would be a major asset to the country; KM much less so. Trudeau is being chased by the media in support of KM.

5) I reject the KM line terminating in IOCO, up a fog shrouded inlet and a major shipping threat with which I am familiar. Re-locate the terminus to Robert's Bank Coal terminal in the Gulf of Georgia and I would support it.

6) All eyes are currently looking to the Supreme Court of Canada (SCofC) under their newly appointed Chief Justice whom I had already condemned from his role in the Employee's Case: PLACARD: IMPEACH SC   ofC CHIEF JUSTICE RICHARD WAGNER

7) A second PLACARD; CUPE vs ONTARIO HYDRO / A JUDICIAL FARCE regarding alleged fraud over private interests buying half of ON Hydro was recently rejected for a hearing in Ontario after the usual 5 years of 'billable time' nonsense on the grounds that this matter was a 'political' and not a 'legal' one. In short, the court refused to look at the charges of fraud which pre-empt all other factors and would most certainly have cost the Wynne government the election in June (which she may very well lose in any event with Tory Doug Ford taking full aim at this back door deal). To be sure, Kinder Morgan is a political matter backed by enforcing the laws of contract = another ball of wax from which the SCofC cannot escape just as they did not escape the ramifications of the Employee's Case despite a media boycott of this national story. In short, their credibility is already shot along with that of the anti-employee media.

8) As to the particulars for the need of this KM pipeline? AB is able to ship her oil to B.C. terminals and is doing so...by railroad. In short, AB wants a cheaper route particularly in light of the U.S. heavily discounting AB oil moving south. It's an economic argument fraught with politics.

9) The interests rejecting the KM are as zealous in their endeavours (another 'Oka'?) as I am insisting on a judicial finding in my 'illicit' B.C. teacher lay-off in 1985 in an unresolved legal matter where no compensation (includes pension rights) has been paid due to the malfeasance of both judicial (over 50 judges including 4 trips to the SCofC) and government officials (specifically the B.C. Lieutenant Governor whom recently ducked out of her responsibilities on the Employee's Case = Premier Hogarth 'sucking and blowing at the same time' on legal 'niceties'): PLACARD: CANADA HAS MORALLY COLLAPSED / CORPSE TO FOLLOW. In short, Canada just plumb ran out of rope to hang themselves in both cases....it's a perfect storm....


ADDENDUM: The emergency meeting today held in Ottawa by P.M. Trudeau (sans the Indigenous people) had the expected outcome with B.C. Premier Horgan being the 'odd-man out'. Considering his support of the B.C. Lieutenant Governor in the Employee's Case, the de facto leader is now the sole Green Party MPP, Dr. Andrew Weaver. More on this account in the future.


APRIL 19-2018


POST IN STAFFROOM - e-mail colleagues (ON election-June 7)


SEE employeescasecanada.ca  2018  Constitutional Question (Ontario)


A) web site entitled PROFESSIONAL TEACHERS AGAINST IMPOSED LEGISLATION awaits a creator. Is that you?

B) May 31; last day for teacher dismissal notice. As a target planning a legal challenge; acquire your own lawyer ($10,000?) to parallel union lawyer.


AFFIDAVIT of FACTS (verbatim Form 4D)

I, Roger Callow of the City of Ottawa, in the Province of Ontario, swear and affirm the following is true:

1. I turned 65 on August 24, 2006, which brought into play my pension rights;

2. My pension rights are determined on the basis of contributions to the plan, both mine and the employers;

3. The amount of these contributions is dependent on the date of termination of my employment;

4. Because I was a tenured teacher, my employment could only be determined by a proper legal process;

5. In my case the validity of the termination has never been determined. Technically although I was unable to work and was not paid, I remained a teacher under the employment of the Board;

6.I require that a proper termination date be determined in order to provide me with appropriate compensation which would include pensionable service benefits; No compensation has been paid to date.

7. The recent pension inquiries caused me to examine how I could get compensation or a termination date determined. There is no other remedy I can pursue other than as requested in this petition as a first step towards any resolution. The Employer has successfully obfuscated the issue by declaring that the courts have no oversight over imposed legislation. The courts, to date, have ignored that central argument.

8. Whatever approach is made, disclosure as outlined above is at the root of any successful remedy although that is not asked for here in this petition.

9. This current action is limited to a determination of  the constitutionality of B.C.'s  imposed BILL 35 (School Amendment Act) as a first step in acquiring compensation in other courts, hopefully B.C. courts if an outside agreement cannot be reached.

10. In 2013, the B.C. Courts expelled this litigant 'for reasons best known to a judge' explaining why I turned to other venues. No court would adjudge the propriety of that B.C. Court action (Cullen Creed) although it is noted that a new filing in B.C. under the Horgan government  ignored that injunction.


______________________(signed) Roger Callow - Appellant  APRIL 16-2018


CHALLENGE  FORD, WYNNE, HORWATH on this legal matter at public forums!