By: Roger Callow  The Outlawed Canadian in an outlaw Justice and Government System due to systemic malfeasance


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1) It is not as though my mail-bag was full to over-flowing, but I am no longer available to the general public.

So do not mail me information as it will be disposed without being opened.

2) Nor am I available on the issue proper of the Employee's Case Canada to the media. All correspondence must be in writing. The e-mail contact supplied to media only is still active.

3) The Canadian Justice System is moribund, that is the key message as revealed by the Employee's Case. Nothing is ever going to change that simple fact. Judges as a group are (and always have been) activists.


4) If you wish to contest a dismissal; hire your own lawyer paid by you ($10,000?) to parallel the Union lawyer. Remember, the Union holds the power under the collective bargaining rights to act on your behalf if they so choose. If they don't, you are out of luck (unless you have evidence of fraud and that could be very expensive). If you have not kept a detailed record (i.e. e-mails); don't even bother to protest a dismissal.

5) As teachers have failed to create a web site: PROFESSIONAL TEACHERS AGAINST IMPOSED LEGISLATION, it now remains for any individual to create this site: INDIVIDUALS AGAINST... Can you imagine where any major interest i.e. National Rifle Assoc. (U.S.), Dairy Farmers in Canada, would be if they did not have an organization? As matters stand, it is the government vs the courts except where they collude which is far more often than not with the individual being squeezed out in our democracy in contradiction of the 1982 Charter of Rights & Freedoms.

                                                                                                                                     JULY - 2019

Friedrich Nietzsche Beyond Good and Evil  29. It is the business of the very few to be independent; it is a privilege of the strong. And whoever attempts it, even with the best right, but without being obliged to do so, proves that he is probably not only strong, but also daring beyond measure. He enters into a labyrinth, he multiplies a thousandfold the dangers which life in itself already brings with it; not the least of which is that no one can see how and where he loses his way, becomes isolated, and is torn piecemeal by some minotaur of conscience. Supposing such a one comes to grief, it is so far from the comprehension of men that they neither feel it, nor sympathize with it. And he cannot any longer go back! He cannot even go back again to the sympathy of men! ...nor do I wish to. RC